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Apr. 2013 Fall 2014

Apr. 2013 Fall 2014

FALL 2014

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9 48 77

Refuge in the Rock The Rewards of the Jehova Jirah: How God
Father Stays Our Hands With
God is our refuge whenever His
we need comfort. This article God LOVES to reward His
describes how to take comfort in children for their obedience! God will provide. God meets all
the Lord through times of trial. Find out how you can receive of our needs. God cares about
you, and wants to meet all of
16 His favor! your wants and desires. We
are not to live a life of defeat,
I’m Listening... 54 but one of victory! Find out how
He can meet yours needs, and
God is our counsellor and will What Did Jesus Do On abundantly!
guide our steps. How can we Yom Kippur?
hear God’s voice and what 88
role does the trinity play as our Ever wonder what Jesus did
counsellor? on Yom Kippur? Gain deeper Adonai: The Good News
insight into what Jesus did and and Bad News About the
27 why on this very important day. Lord our Master

The Annointing 63 The Lord is our master. God
wants to be in charge of your life
God annointing allows us to do Yahweh Shalom but often we are too busy doing
and excel in many things. Read things on our own strength.
about what the annointing is and God is our prince of peace. Find When God is in charge, all things
looks like in a Christian’s life. out how to attain that peace that are possible. How can you let
surpasses all understanding in a God be the master of your life?
38 world of chaos. After all, He DID create you!

Ocean of Grace 64 94

Grace isn’t just about He Calls Me Friend The Origins of Halloween
forgiveness for sins, it extends
into a different meaning than We are God’s friends. We Where did halloween come from?
most of us are aware of. are called to have an intimate What is the symbolism behind
relationship with God the Father. the icons of the day? Is anything
41 about this “holiday” Christian?
71 Find out how halloween came to
Holey Jeans be and whether there is anything
The Difference of One worth celebrating. Formulate
Ever judge a book by its cover? your own opinion.
Unfortunately, too many of us Can one person truly make a
have. Appearances can be difference in another person’s
deceiving! life? We were called to witness
to the lost.


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Debra Price: Passionate ATTENTION: The Pastor Jon Weece:
About “Daddy” God and War Against Sexual Spreading God’s Love
Music Immorality Begins With
You Pastor Jon Weece talks openly
Debra so loves her “daddy” God about his new book, Jesus
that He guides her in all ways. Irv Woolf from the National Prom, and about God’s love for
Read about her passion for Coalition of Purity shares his His children.
Christ and how He has lead her views on what should matter
into greatness from defeat. most in our marriages, with our 85
children, and in our churches.
19 LoveCollide
Raggamuffin: The Man LoveCollide consists of two
and His Music Graphic Art That Steps Up sisters who sing of a sold out
to the Plate love of Christ. What motivates
Also known as the biography them to write so deeply?
of Rich Mullins as told by his Art Ayris discusses his company,
brother Dave. Fascinating story! Kingstone Comics which 96
contains graphic novels for
31 people of all ages. The Identical: Interview
with Blake Rayne
Interview with Tim Chey 66
Meet Blake Rayne- musician
“Epic” is the only word that The Persecuted Movie: turned actor- making his debut
can be used to describe this Interview with Gretchen in the movie, The Identical.
interview! Take a look at the Carlson
man who wrote and directed IN EVERY ISSUE
the up coming movie David and Gretchen Carlson has had a
Goliath. very successful career, and 56
now adds an acting debut to her
34 long list of achievements in The Review: Endless Light by
Persecuted. Waken
Can Christian Music of
Today “Waken” Us To A 75 Do you enjoy the 80’s synth-pop/
Relationship With God? electric sound? You will love
Colton Dixon: Pushing Waken’s new brand of corporate
Waken is a group of College Boundaries in Music worship.
students desiring to impact
Christians with their own brand Many of you voted for him in 79
of corporate worship music. American Idol, but do you know
Their songs are brief, but leave a him as a person? Faith Filled Review: Capitol Kids Hits
long lasting impact to those who Family talks to Colton about Idol,
listen. family, and music. Top 40 hits sung by kids, for kids.
Parents will LOVE this trilogy of
music designed to supercharge
your children to praise God!


and many more. I would like to dedicate this issue to God,
my immediate and extended family who has supported
me throughout this journey and its rapid growth. A special
dedication goes to my mom who made more of an impact that
she even realized. It is because of her and my grandfather
that I grew up knowing that one person CAN make a difference
in the lives of many.

Understanding the personality of God is one step closer to an
intimate relationship with Him.
But who is our Creator? Do we even know? What do all of
the various names mean in scripture?
He knows us intimately because He created us, but can we
say that we truly know Him. God has many names, and they
all mean different things. Find out the multifaceted personality
of God.
Isn’t it time that you got to know Him?
Be Blessed!
Michelle Danko
Faith Filled Family Magazine

Refuge in the God often communicated
with us through parables and
By Jana Letterman metaphors. He must have known
for some reason we tend to relate
better to such communication.
It allows us to compare and
contrast, somehow touch the
words and become part of them
instead of merely reading and
digesting them.

This is true in the words God
chose to describe himself. A few
such examples include water
of life (John 4:14), bread of life
(John 6:35), light of the world
(John 8:12) and in nearly 50
instances he was illustrated as a
refuge and nearly 70 as a rock.

What was God trying to convey
to us by using the examples of a
rock and a refuge? What was God
trying to explain to the Israelites
and to those who walked with
Jesus? What was God telling

“Jehovah, is my Rock, my
fortress, and my deliverer; My
God, my rock in whom I will take
refuge; my shield, and the horn
of my salvation, and my high

tower,” Psalm 18:2.

What is he telling us today?

In 2014, are people looking for a
rock or a refuge? Whether people
are actively seeking a refuge
could be debated but it’s safe to
say we need one. Numbers and
statistics prove we live in a broken
world full of physical, mental and
plain sadistic pain and despair.

In the United States our bodies
are often riddled with disease.
Diseases often attributed to
stress, anxiety and heartache.
In 2010 the Center for Disease
control reported the following

diseases result in the most deaths per year in the assault each year6.
U.S. Simply stated, Americans are overworked,

Heart Disease: 596,577 spiritually unnourished, walking health grenades,
Cancer: 576,691 victims of evil and operating in stress induced a
Alzheimer’s: 84,974 comas! But, is it our own fault?
Diabetes: 73,8311
We’ve bought into the lie that we are in control
We need both a refuge and rock to avoid these of our destinies. We do not lean on God, our rock.
diseases and to deal with them. The Center for We do not allow him to provide shelter for us and
Disease control further documents that another depend on him to lead our way. Instead we believe
126,438 deaths are caused by accidents and big is better, we must do it all on our own and that
39,518 by suicide2. earthly desires lead to our happiness. Do you
Often we allow our minds and hearts to travel down believe God intended your life to be this way?
roads of despair, doubt, tragedy and utter ravage
which could easily be mitigated by or completely If you truly use God as your refuge and your
avoided by leaning on the Rock. The Anxiety & strength then you have help in times of trouble
Depression Association of America reported that and there is no reason to fear anything. Fear of
anxiety disorders are the most common mental physical disease, mental illness, earthly evil and
illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults age daily stresses will diminish.
18 and older3.
While our mental and physical health are sending “God is our refuge and strength, a very present
out warning signals to us we often make them help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear…”
even worse by depending too much on ourselves Psalm 46:1-2 KJV.
to make decisions. These decisions are often
wrong, misguided and lead to even more stress What would life look like if you trusted God as your
and despair. refuge and leaned on him as a solid rock? Would
life be without fear? Would you make decisions
In the US the basic architecture of the family has knowing that God’s fortress is thick, surrounding
decayed leading many to seek a refuge from other you and protecting you? Would you take chances
sources. According to National KIDS COUNT, a and lean on your faith more knowing that God, just
project of the Annie E. Casey Foundation and the as an umbrella protects you from the rain, gives
premier source for data on child and family well- you shelter from harm?
being, in 2012 there were 24,725,000 children
living in single-parent homes4. How do you get to the place where you fully trust
God and lean on him? It’s not as if God will appear
The families face countless trials and increased to you as a rock such as he did with Moses. How
stress and demands including being away from the do you fully seek his refuge? David is a good
home and overworked. According to G.E. Miller example. You can easily relate to the numerous
in “The U.S. is the Most Overworked Developed trials he faced throughout his life.
Nation in the World – When do we Draw the Line,”
Americans work more hours during the year than He faced giant obstacles.
any other country racking up one hundred thirty His friends became his enemies.
seven more hours than Japanese workers, 260 He suffered from depression.
more hours than British workers and 499 more He faced impending battles.
hours than French workers. He fled and feared for his life.
In addition to daily stresses and dealing with what
we might consider day-to-day trials and “normal” Just to name a few!
life, evil exists in our world. The only way to deal
with such evil is to rely on God as our one and No matter the trial David found refuge in God,
only refuge. For example, according to RAINN “My salvation and my honor depend on God; he
(Rape Abuse & Incest National Network) there is is my mighty rock, my refuge. Trust in him at all
an average of 237,868 victims of rape and sexual times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for
God is our refuge” Psalm 62:7–8.

David’s life was full of mistakes, U-turns and bad

decisions. It was full of heartache, physical pain, only his refuge can give, give him your burdens
mental illness and the effects of an evil world. and live your life by faith.
David’s trials are not far from our own.
1. Center for Disease. (April 5, 2013). Deaths and
David found shade and comfort in the rock of Mortality. Retrieved from
God. He found relief and strength in his refuge. fastats/deaths.htm
He is a mighty example of the power of trust in the 2. Center for Disease. (April 5, 2013). Deaths and
Lord, Mortality. Retrieved from
“I will love You, O Lord, my strength. The 3. The Anxiety & Depression Association of
Lord is my rock and my fortress and my America Facts & Statistics. Retrieved from http://
deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will
trust; my shield and the horn of my salvation, my statistics
4. National KIDS COUNT (2014). 2014 Data
stronghold,” Psalm 18:1-2. Book State Trends in Child Well Being. Retrieved
So when faced with physical trials, emotional 2014kidscountdatabook-2014.pdf?utm_source=
hardship, or worldly suffering take David’s life to FES+KIDS+COUNT+Press+Release&utm_cam
heart. Find comfort in the Lord. Be thankful God paign=KIDS+COUNT+Press+Release&utm_
wants to be your refuge. Until you are in heaven medium=email
where there are no tears or pain, give God your 5. Miller, G. E. (September 9, 2014).The U.S. is
agony, worries and sorrow. Just as a rock provides the Most Overworked Developed Nation in the
strength, shelter and shade depend on God for World – When do we Draw the Line. Retrieved
your power, your sustenance and your needs. from
In Hebrews 13:5, God promises he will never leave hours-worked-productivity-vacation/
nor forsake you. You can face each trial knowing 6RAINN (Rape Abuse & Incest National Network).
he is in control and he will fulfill his promises. This (2008-2012). Retrieved from https://www.rainn.
covenant should cause you to run to the comfort org/get-information/statistics/frequency-of-sexual-

About the Author
Jana Letterman is the author of The D Diary – The
Story of a Girl’s Struggle Through Depression and
God’s Transforming Power, available on Amazon
and soon to be published Claim Your Crown. She
is a speaker, owner of
and the creator of a retail line.

Through The D Diary and her website she shares her expertise
and personal journey with depression. Having
both grandfathers succumb to suicide, multiple
family members who deal with depression and her
own struggle she offers a one-of-a-kind testimony
to the wrath of the disease and the love of God.

Jana’s motto is no matter what you’ve been
through or no matter the bad choices you’ve made
you have an opportunity to bring a little light to
the world. Her ability to share her very raw story
leaves audiences shivering with excitement to do
the same.

More Than a Bookstore!

Located in Boone, Iowa, we are a community and church based
bookstore with a family friendly Christian environment.
In addition to DVD’s, Bibles, books, music, t-shirts, cards, and gift
items, we offer:
x Piano, guitar and violin lessons
x Brewed beverages
x A safe place for kids to play!

Visit our website at

Debra Price:

Passionate About “Daddy” God and

By Koos Stenger

Today, I am meeting with recording artist

and songwriter Debra Price, a young dynamic
musician and a fervent Christian. Blessed with
a beautiful, clear voice, Debra brings a soulful,
upbeat jazzy worship blend of inspiring songs
and it has won her several awards already.
She has recorded different albums and it looks
like Debra, (and her husband, who is also a
gifted musician) is here to stay.
Music is her passion. When she sings she
feels she is fulfilling her destiny. Singing is her
life, and yet there’s more to life than music.
There is still a greater passion than music. Her
greatest passion is Jesus, whom she refers to
as ‘Daddy God’.
Her eyes light up as she talks about Daddy.
Debra Price, with her wavy, half-long hair and
endearing smile, can’t wait to talk about her
two great passions in life: Jesus and music.
“It’s my mission to please my Father,” she
says. “I want to be a good steward over the
gifts, talents and people He trusts me to
encourage. That’s why I sing. Music is uplifting,
encouraging, anointed, soothing and real. It can be a testimony of your life story.”
Debra started singing at a very young age with her siblings, although in those days she wasn’t too
sure about faith and religion, and she only became a real believer later in life.
She smiles and says: “Before I knew Jesus, I was a real mess. I would describe myself as angry,
distrusting, bitter and depressed. No one is a Christian by birth. We all have to give our hearts to
Jesus. It’s the only way. After all, we are all sinners.”
“What made you decide to give your heart fully to Jesus?”
She thinks for awhile. “I really believe that Daddy GOD chose me. Once I started reading the Word
for myself, things started to change. A verse that especially spoke to me was the one in Jeremiah
29:11. It states there that Daddy has thoughts of peace for me and wishes no evil for my life. I
believe the Word of God is inspired by Him. His Word is alive. It changes you.”
“How does it do that?”

“When you really think about what Jesus says, who had hardly any hope for her daughter Miracle.
you realize we are all sinners. Nobody is good “Ha…Leave it up to Daddy God. The doctors felt
enough to go to Heaven. Before, I sort of thought
I was a pretty good person, but compared to God that because she was so premature and in her
I am nothing. My heart wasn’t right with God and incubator for so long she may have brain damage
I repented.” and would not develop as well as other children.
I was told that she may not be able to finish high
When I mention that life is not a playground, and school or that she wouldn’t be able to hold a job.
that although we have a promised, safe arrival, Well that was twenty years ago and Miracle gradu-
there are a lot of lessons to learn along the way, ated with her class and is employed. She is a true
Debra wholeheartedly agrees. Miracle from Daddy God. My Lord; Satan sure
tried to steal, kill and destroy, but he’s no match
“I’ve had my share of battles. In 1993 I was 6
months pregnant with for my Daddy God.”
my precious twin girls, I suggest that God
Miracle and Angel
Crowe, but then I went has taken good care of
into premature labor. her, in spite of some of
Can you believe it? the hardships and Debra
My babies were only wholeheartedly agrees.
a little over a pound
and obviously in very “He sure did. My first
critical condition.” marriage wasn’t the
blessing I thought it
It is clear that even would be and as a result
after so many years, I was very depressed
the emotions are still and confused about my
fresh for Debra. She situation, but everything
continued: changed for the better. I
still have my two precious
“My daughter Angel children here on earth,
lived only three days Eddy and Miracle, and
and went home to be Angel in Heaven. In
with Daddy 2009 I remarried and life
God and it seemed looks very different now.”
my daughter Miracle
wouldn’t live either. I I ask her how she looks
was a mess myself, back at her time in the
and because I was so shelter, as it seems to
weak, I never got to be a place most people
see my baby Angel.” would like to stay away
“After I was finally
released from the “Obviously, nobody
hospital, I had to live wants to live in a shelter
in a shelter for battered women, with my son Eddy, for battered women, but in many ways it was a
who was then five, and we buried Angel.” good time for me. Of course being away from the
abuse was a blessing in itself. But while living there
“I couldn’t go home for obvious reasons, so I had I found that I was not alone in this test. When we
to stay in the shelter. From there I had to take the are going through breakings in life, it is not always
bus every day to visit Miracle in the hospital. It easy to see how to count it as joy, as the Bible
was a tough time, as the doctors were so nega- exhorts us to do, but I learned a lot from the ladies
tive. But Daddy God never let me down. I was no at the shelter. Here I began to trust again and to
longer abused and mistreated and I slowly started love people. It was here I started to see again that
to climb up.” yes, I can do all things through Christ Jesus.”
“What does prayer mean to you?”
Debra smiles brightly, when she recalls how God
showed He is more powerful than the doctors,

“Ha… I believe that healing, deliverance, prosperity “Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance; even if song
is still for today. Prayer is the way to communicate writing comes sort of natural for you. You don’t
with Daddy God. It is through prayer that He has want to just write a hit song that has no meaning. I
kept us in our right minds. He keeps us safe from would say, in order to write a good song, your true
dangers we see and dangers we don’t see. I am desire should be to bless and bring glory to your
so grateful for eyes to see, ears to hear, a mouth to Father. Then your songs can touch the hearts of
speak & sing, and being able to walk and go to the others.
bathroom by myself. After all there are so many Has she always been a musician?
people who can’t do these things that we take for “Yes, for as long as I can remember. My mother
granted everyday. I’m thanking Daddy God for life, Lady Mary really pushed singing on me and my
siblings; I was always the one to lead a song. I
health and strength; all through prayer.”
For Debra, Daddy God is a subject she doesn’t have brothers who play instruments and sisters
seem to get tired of. It’s why she has chosen the who can sing and write music.”
profession she has, as she believes through her “Music was what I knew, and I believe my Mother
music she can make a difference in this world. And saw something in me that others at the time
it does seem God is helping to make this dream couldn’t see. At first I was singing for my Mother’s
come true. She has received rave reviews by The approval, but as I became an adult I started to
Urban Inspirational Awards and The Inferno Urban search for answers from a Loving Father myself.”
Music Society as one of the best Rhythm and I wonder if being such a talented artist and having
Praise artists. Her “Set Me Free” album received a relation with God is causing problems in the
two awards and she was named as the “Rhythm music industry at times. After all; the world has
& Praise Artist” and “Best Praise Banger”. Since a very different standard from a godly musician.
What are the pitfalls in the music industry?
then she got remarried; in 2009.
Debra is also performing with her husband, She thinks for awhile and then says:
who goes by the name T-WON, or ‘the Gospel “There are all types of people in our world, some
Godfatha’. They sing songs that deal with a lot who are out to help and some who are out to only
of issues the average gospel artists do not sing help themselves. I haven’t signed any deals that
or rap about. Their love for God as well as their I am ashamed of, thanks to Daddy. Some people
determination to be used by their heavenly father try to tell me, ‘Deb it’s about who you know in the
as living testimonies has only increased their industry,’ but that’s not true in God’s eyes. I know
passion to be true ministers in the body of Christ. the best producer there is. I know God, the Father,
“It hasn’t always been easy,” says Debra with and He knows who else works in the industry and
a smile. “But what is? We had to endure many which persons I am supposed to connect with. It’s
obstacles along the way, but God is guiding us.” just my job to walk in obedience to His voice.”
Does she write her own songs? I wonder how How do you think Jesus sees music?
“How Jesus sees the music? I believe it is beautiful
Debra gets her music.
“I may be doing things differently than others, but to Him, because doesn’t Luke 2:13-14 say, “And
I don’t just sit in the studio and then start to think, suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of
‘what shall I write about today?’. It doesn’t work the heavenly host praising God and saying, ‘Glory
that way for me. I really depend on the help from to God in the highest, and on earth peace among
the Holy Spirit. I just started writing for myself last those with whom he is pleased!’ I believe Heaven
year. I had writers to help before. I would tell them is full of music.”
what I would like to sing about, and give them some Do you have any last words?
ideas and a few suggestions, and then they wrote My prayer is that people believe that there is
something that I would sing. But in 2013 songs Hope in Jesus. Don’t “try Him” but believe in Him
started to come to me in the spirit, and that’s how I and stand on the fact that His blood has already
operate at the moment. I really hope this is helpful redeemed you from all curses.”
“Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity
for someone.”
“Have you any advice for any aspiring Christian to speak and share my heart & soul with the world.
Please for ever stay encouraged.”

Her answer is clear.


The term “counselor” to describe

God and the trinity has been used
in a vast capacity throughout
scripture, and means different things
depending on what part of the trinity
you are referencing. All are equally
magnificent; however each reference
works differently in the believer’s
life. However, it is when you examine
the word itself, the meaning and the
reference that you truly understand the
splendor of the personality of God.

The Holy Spirit as Our Counselor
Have you ever had a check in your

Spirit just as you were about to do
something? Maybe it was an unsettled
feeling that something wasn’t quite
right. Some people describe it as a “gut
feeling”, but it is God bearing witness
with us through the Holy Spirit which
resides in us. The Holy Spirit has no
authority, but speaks what He hears
from God (John 16:13) and can tell you
of things that are happening/about to
The Holy Spirit will give you knowledge,

m Listening...

By Michelle C. Danko

and give you guidance in times of trial. You which in ancient Israel meant someone who was
can count on hearing that still, peaceful, quiet like a wise king giving guidance, you get different
voice if you listen closely, and have an intimate insight.
relationship with God. Relationships with God are
never one-sided, nor should they be. The Holy “This also comes from the LORD of hosts; he is
Spirit will also speak to you through the Word wonderful in counsel and excellent in wisdom.”
(John 14:26), and will teach you the ways in which
you should go. This type of counsel (revelation) Isaiah 28:29
is special because it speaks to the believer, often
can change meaning, and can minister to us. Counsel from Jesus was different than anything
people had seen before because Jesus knew
Jesus as Our Counselor people intimately. God knows us intimately
Isaiah 9:6 describes the upcoming messiah as a because He created us. Jesus states that He
“wonderful counselor”. To examine how he was a could do nothing apart from the Father, and had
wonderful counselor, we must examine each word an intimate relationship with God. This same
for it has a different meaning than what we may intimate relationship and the fact that He was
think. Normally, we would interpret wonderful to the Son of God allowed Jesus to really know the
mean enjoyable, likable, or pleasant. Wonderful people who He was in contact with. Therefore
used in this context, however, is used to describe when He counseled with people, it was backed
events that would take place that are undeniably with supernatural wisdom because He knew them
God, and that we would be in awe of them (and intimately. He knew the sins they had committed,
subsequently Him). Examples of this “wonderful” their weaknesses, their struggles, and God’s
are a virgin birth, Jesus’ ability to heal people, to design for them. He was a wonderful counselor
cast out demons, leading a perfect life without sin, because He had information that no one but God
word of knowledge, etc. These are things that we knew, or could know. When He spoke, it was
cannot explain scientifically because they only always accurate. It exceeded understanding,
exist supernaturally. They defy comprehension. and there was no confusion that it was God was
When you combine this with the word counselor, speaking.
What does this mean for today’s believer?

It means that we can seek guidance from the Lord is not from God. That is like telling God that He is
in any situation and He will help us. He will guide verbally abusive to His children. Is that really what
us on the right path because He knows us, and you want to say to Him?
wants what is best for His children. He will give
us peace (comfort) in times of trail, and strength In this situation, not only can God not help you
to endure. because in addition to not treating your spouse in
an honoring fashion, you are being disobedient
God as Our Counselor (telling God no, I won’t do it), and then lying to
God has always been there as our counselor, God that it is His fault that you behave the way
you do. The truth is that if you exercise self-
however not many people know how to fully control (fruit of the Spirit), you can overcome the
receive counsel from the Lord. It isn’t just a one- temptation to yell. This is a godly solution, and
sided relationship with Him wherein all we do is how God wants us to resolve our differences. It
talk through prayer, but it is listening to Him as may not be easy, and may take discipline, but it
well because through that, we will receive the is possible. However, it is all up to you. You can
counsel that we need. God always speaks in choose to take the counsel of the Lord and better
a still quiet voice if only we would listen. Some your relationship or you can destroy it. Sadly,
people mistake it for our “conscience”, but it really most often people ignore God’s counsel, get into
is God directing your steps. trouble, endure the pain of their decision, and then
call out to God for advice through their tears. They
Receiving victory in life is really simple, and boils could have avoided the entire situation by listening
down to counseling with the Lord. Why? to God and obeying in the first place.

1.He wants what is best for His children because But remember, it was just too hard (laziness/
He loves them. procrastination) in the first place. They ended up
2.He knows the outcome, and all of the people reaping the pain for their decision.
involved. Who better to ask for advice?
3.You can’t fail. God loves us and wants what is Different parts of the trinity have had different
best for us, and He will lead you into victory. functions in terms of being a counselor, yet they
are very intricately entwined because while they
So why don’t we listen more to God if it is so are separate components, they are very much
simple, and a win is guaranteed? one. Jesus counseled people as He taught about
the Father. He had supernatural knowledge and
Sometimes we don’t like what He is saying knew people intimately because He knew through
because it could be that we have to give something God how they were created and their thoughts.
up, or because we perceive what He’s asking us He could minister to them at the deepest, most
to do is too hard. The core of it is that we just honest level possible. God does much the same.
don’t want to. God may ask you to stop yelling He ministers to us through the Holy Spirit who will
at your spouse all the time because if you don’t, bear witness to us in a time of need. The Holy
you marriage will be ruined by your own tongue. Spirit will counsel us and direct our steps. He
Instead, God tells you to speak to them in love will lead us with that still quiet voice and through
and with kindness about the things that bother revelation in the Bible. He brings us into a deeper
you. This, He says, will enhance your marriage relationship with Christ. God wants to guide us,
and create deeper intimacy. and to counsel us. All He asks is that we obey
and listen, but often we may find it challenging
However, you moan, and tell God that it is just because the flesh rises up. The road may not
too hard to control your tongue. You have a bad always be easy, but neither is the pain resulting
temper, and you were just “made that way”. In from disobedience. We need to come to a place
reality, you just don’t want to obey what God has where as a believer we trust that God always
told you to do. The perception of it being too hard wants the best for us, and that victory is always
isn’t true because God will give you the grace to guaranteed. If we choose to follow God’s counsel,
overcome the temptation to yell. He will help you. we will always end up ahead, and the only thing
The phrase “you were made that way” is a lie, too. that will be hurting is our flesh (and Satan).
God didn’t make you that way. Scripture says we
were made in His image, and that type of anger

Raggamuffin: (Interview with David Mullins)
The Man and His music
The Ragamuffin Gospel was written by author and speaker Brennan
By Lisa Carter Manning who was convinced that “…no evil can resist grace forever.”
His revelation of God’s love and grace brought hope to millions who
were broken and felt unworthy, including Rich Mullins. Rich heard the
message of grace through Brennan Manning, and he heard it loud and

In September of 1997, the world mourned an incredibly gifted singer,
songwriter and musician by the name of Richard Mullins aka Rich.
Rich is known for his inspirational and uplifting musical lyrics that he so
lovingly and purposefully shared with a world that was just as broken
and in search of God’s love as he was. Songs like “Awesome God” and
“Sing Your Praise to The Lord” are songs with power to lift the spirit
and remind us why we’re here – to praise and honor God with our lives.

Rich’s younger brother, David, is a minister and wears many hats
including speaker, writer, and the producer of Ragamuffin, a film
documenting his brother’s remarkable life. David has spent many years

in ministry including directing The Legacy of a Kid the more of the typical sibling growing up together
Brother of St. Frank on the reservations, a vision thing. Then my other brother is two years older
started by Rich. David shares with Faith Filled than me, so he was the same as me as far as
Family how the Ragamuffin story came to be, and growing up with Rich.
why it is a story we all need to hear, because every
one of us is in need of God’s grace and love. Faith Filled Family: In the movie, Rich briefly
mentions the baby brother who died in infancy. Is
Faith Filled Family: Mr. Mullins, whose idea was there anything you can share about that?
it to do the story of your brother’s life? David Mullins: Yeah, when he was six months
David Mullins: It was David Schultz. He directed old, he got Meningitis and went from being a
the movie, and was one of the key writers. It was completely healthy six month old, to dying in I think
his project from the start to the finish. about 24 hours. It was 10 years before I was born.
It was a really difficult time for obviously my mom
Faith Filled Family: Tell me about your relationship and dad and the oldest three of my siblings.
with your brother, Rich. Was he close to you and
your siblings growing up? Faith Filled Family: One of the hardest things
David Mullins: My relationship with him was a
little different than a lot of the siblings growing to watch in the movie is the way the father, John,
up because he was 12 years older than me.
By the time I was six years old, he was leaving to was so negative toward Rich when he was
go to college. So we didn’t spend the typical kind
of growing up together. Now my older sisters, they young, with his words especially. It seemed
were two and four years apart so they had
like he just couldn’t do anything right. Was he like

that with you and your other siblings?

David Mullins: A fair amount, yeah. I think my

dad’s approach to a lot of things was, “If I have

to tell you I love you, then I’ve failed.” It wasn’t

something that was never said. The way he

addressed most things was, “Face what’s wrong.

If you don’t hear from me, then you know

you’re okay.” But he could be pretty harsh. I think

some of it too, like those scenes you see in the

movie with Rich, we grew up on farms and when

you are not mechanical and mess up tractors and

such like you see in the movie, life depends on it.

Where we lived, if it doesn’t work, then we’re in

trouble. It created quite a bit of stress. So yeah

he could be harsh, but I don’t think he was a bad


Faith Filled Family: Did Rich ever share with you
about how he felt about his father?
David Mullins: Sure. I think a lot of the things you
hear him saying in the movie like, “My dad
was the hardest working man I ever saw.” He
was just unable to do some of things that Rich
needed for him to be able to do. That was always
there, but I think there was a lot of love there. It
just was a love that never quite connected right.

Faith Filled Family: That brings me to my next
point of how Rich wrestled with the question,
“Does God really love me?” Do you believe he
ever found the answer?

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