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The elephant and the Cat

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The elephant and the Cat

Keywords: Children Story

The Elephant and The Cat

A very Good Morning to the honorable judges, loyal time keepers,
teachers and my dear friends. Today I’m going to tell you a story entitled
“The elephant and the cat”.

A cat was warming himself in the sun. He says, “Oh, how good it feels to
be out here!”

An elephant passes by the place. The elephant sees the cat. He lifts
his trunk high in the air and says, “You are such a small animal. Tell me,
what can you do at all?”

The cat says humbly, “Elephant, do not look down on me. I may be
small but sometimes small animals can be helpful to big animals!”

The elephant laughs loudly and says, “You are small, you are not
strong. Do not compare yourself with me!”

The elephant then proudly walks away. He dos not want to be friend
with the little cat. The cat continues to warm himself in the sun.

A few days later, the elephant is resting under a tree. It is warm. He
swims his tail back and forth.

Suddenly, a rat runs towards the elephant. The rat runs up to the
elephant’s back. The elephant is shocked.

He quickly gets up. He shakes his body to make the rat fall off. But
the rat does not fall off.

The rat runs up and down the elephant’s back. Then he runs down
the elephant’s tail. The elephant angrily swings his tail back and forth.

The elephant shakes every part of his body. He tries hard till he
starts to sweat and pant. He was very tired.

The rat carries on running up and down the elephant’s back. He
seems to be enjoying it. The elephant tries to think of a way to get rid of
the rat.

The elephant is getting angrier. He stretches his truck towards the
rat to catch him. The rat suddenly jumps onto the elephant’s trunk. He
moves towards the opening of the elephant’s trunk.

“No, don’t!” screamed the elephant. He is very scared that the rat
may go inside his trunk. He feels helpless against this small animal.

Suddenly the elephant sees the cat he had met earlier. The cat
jumps out of the bushes onto the elephant’s back. The cat catches the rat
for his meal.

The elephant thanks the cat. He adds, “Luckily for me you came at
the right time. I could have got into a lot of trouble.”

The cat meows and says, “well, I am glad I could help.”

The elephant does not look down on small animals any more. He
becomes good friend with the cat.

Dear friends, the moral of this story is we must not look down on someone
who seems smaller and weaker than us.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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