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Published by Peyton Kenee, 2019-11-22 10:43:33

Press Start


Keywords: Press Start Video Game

Press Start

By Peyton Kenee


Hey. My name is Grayson Eaton. I am a 13-year-old video game geek. I have blue
eyes and silky brown hair. Of course, I have a family, but they don’t really matter. Only
me! No one else! Well, getting back to the point, I play video games for a living. I have a
Youtube channel that makes tons of money. Every day was normal; wake up, eat
breakfast, brush my teeth, go to school, come home, and play video games. I had this
routine every day until something terrible happened. Here is my story about what

Part One: Press Start

I came home from school. My mom asked me how my day was, and I said boring,
like usual. I went up to my room and sat in my gaming chair. I loaded the game Paraton
and hit the play button. When I did that, a weird electrical current ran through my body
and I was suddenly teleported to endless black space. It was a flat area with nothing in it,
just me. I saw a dim light in the distance, and I ran to it. It said the words “Press Start”. I
pressed it and a world of gloominess and despair appeared before my eyes. It looked
exactly like the world of Paraton. I thought that it totally could’ve been a dream.

While I was slapping myself to try to wake up, a tiny little monster with steel
spikes coming out of its body, appeared. When I saw it, I knew what it was immediately. It
was a fire imp, a monster in Paraton. I swiftly grasped a metal pipe and smashed the imp
until it was dead. A little bar popped up above my head. It was an Experience bar, or you
could call it an XP bar. Green stuff appeared in the bar, but just a tiny amount of it. This is
when I realized that it was real life, not a dream. I was actually in the video game! My
vision started to blur, and before I knew it, I passed out.

Part Two: Free for All

I had already woken up and I had to face the fact that I was stuck, and I had to
beat the final boss to get out of the game. After thinking for a while, I set out to do some
grinding in the fields. By the time I was done, I was level ten and I had gotten a
broadsword. I could now slice through mechanical slugs with ease. Those mechanical
slugs only had one hundred health, while the boss, named Paraton, had ten thousand. I
would have to become level seventy to beat it. I kept grinding on and on to get XP for a
fully upgraded Excalibur, which I had found earlier that day. I was only level thirty at that
time, but with that sword, I could defeat any opponent. There wasn’t much to do in that
game, except for buying weapons, fighting with them, and upgrading them until it was
overpowered. But I needed to grind more so my health would increase. So I did exactly
that. I walked out to the big field, and lots of mechanical slugs spawned. I went slashing
away at them, killing them one by one. I then saw a glowing red light in the distance, and
I sprinted toward it, probably what most people would do. There was a huge cave with a
red glow deep inside. I slowly walked in being cautious of where I stepped. I heard a
whoosh above me, and before I knew it I was teleported to a room with a huge
mechanical robot-dragon thing. I was in the dungeon of Paraton, the final boss.

Part 3: Final Boss

This was it. The thing that would get me out of here. All I had to do was kill it and I
would be back on Earth. It had teeth the size of a banana and it was at least thirty feet
tall. It could also exhale mustard gas, and if I inhaled it, I would instantly fall asleep. This
would be tough. I had heard something somewhere that it had ten thousand health. That
was a lot, comparing it to the mechanical slugs. A strange fog had filled the room, and I
assumed that it was the gas. Luckily, I had found a gas mask just sitting inside a
broken-down building. I quickly equipped it and ran straight for the boss. I came to a stop
when a giant, window-like wall appeared in front of it. It had a little caption on the wall
that said I had to go into my menu and press, “Boss Battle Start”. I pressed it and the wall
shattered into tiny pieces, and Paraton Naruto-ran towards me, attacking with its huge
claws. I darted away, dodging all of Paraton’s attacks. After reaching the barriers in the
battlefield, I quickly turned around and slashed it’s hand off. It screamed in agony and it
got right back up. It slashed at me with its claws again, and that time, it connected. I felt a
sharp pain in my arm, but I had to fight it. I kept slashing relentlessly, not stopping for
anything. Finally, it was at one hundred health, one slash until I could go home. I
screamed and slashed, wanting to get back to the real world. It’s health bar depleted
Paraton disintegrated and a blue aura formed around me. It said, “You Win!” The blue
aura kept getting thicker and thicker, until I couldn’t see anything. Then suddenly I was
teleported to my gaming chair. I was finally home.

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