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The little Flower child, by Allanah Morgan

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Published by allanahchloemariemorgan, 2019-12-04 15:23:28

The little Flower child

The little Flower child, by Allanah Morgan

Keywords: Flower Child

The little
Flower child

By Allanah Morgan

This is Gary, the little flower child.

He gets teased at school for being a boy and liking flowers,

He wants to make new friends but everyone does not like

One day the little flower child was walking around,
Then suddenly he found the Amazing flower
It was sparkling all around
He though “This must be a magic flower!”

And surely he was right!
This flower was magic,
But in what way?

The next day Gary went to school to show everyone that he
found a magic flower,

But they told gary that there are no such things as magic


This made Gary really sad;
So he decided to go home..

As he was walking home, we wished and he wished onto
that flower

That sometime will go right..

Something happened,
The flower started to glow!

Gary was surprised to see what came out!
It was.. A Girl!?

The girl looked at the little flower boy and said
“I've been watching you from a afar, and decided that you
are worthy of
Becoming the flower prince”

Gary was so happy.

So together the children lived as the flower prince and

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