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Caroline Tira

Anastasia Njeri Alek Manyok Ethan Karanja

Annaya Maina Abigail Kimathi Adrian Pertet

Zuri Wangia Joel Swaka Zayne Maina

Joseph Peter Thanthwe Ochieng Zoey Kihia

Daniel Chege Tukuza Waka Kian Sambu

Immanuel Mutiso Peter Wahome Jaala Kisamwa

Joshua Ngayua Naisula Mkala Christian Njuguna

Keziah Adoga Samuel Luate Zoey Mumo


first biRthday







+254 77 220 6543 [email protected]

Every day when I walk into Kidspace, I feel a sense of an understanding of the interests and abilities of the
honour, delight and a sacred responsibility. The children young child.
we serve are in the most formative period of growth
and development in their lives! To be able to touch their We see Kidspace as a place for the entire family to learn
development at such a fundamental level is something and grow and our commitment is to support the parents
we take very seriously – in a fun and enticing way!  in their role as their child’s first and most important
At the same time, it must be balanced so the children
leave Kidspace every day with the feeling that they It is a privilege to serve the families and children in
love learning – and it is something they want to our community. We are grateful for the acceptance and
continue doing. enthusiastic participation that has been and continues
  to be given by the families in this community!
To accomplish this requires love for these amazing  
little people, forethought, flexibility, creativity and Gladys Mwanzia – Director

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