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Phonograph Jesus,Jacob,Ben

Phonograph Jesus,Jacob,Ben


Jesus,Jacob, Ben


The phonograph was made in 1878 .


It was created by a new jersey laboratory by Thomas Alva Edison for both sound and play it
back and gain his creator a U.S patent.

Invention and innovation

A device that reproduces audible sounds from the grooves on
phonograph records.


Is made of several basic parts: a tone arm, a revolving turntable, a
pickup cartridge that transfer forms mechanical from a needle in the
groove into electrical oscillations, an amplifier that boosts the
volume of those oscillations, and a loudspeaker that broadcasts
them as sounds.It lead to helping with making a new type of phone.


The phonograph change the way we hear music and paved the way for radios mp3 players
phone and boom boxes and it lets people hear whatever music you wanted at anytime you
wanted to hear it.


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