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This book is about Maddie's bad day at her work.

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Published by Hallie Helgeson, 2019-05-08 11:58:34

Maddie's Horrible Day

This book is about Maddie's bad day at her work.

​ Maddie’s Horrible Day
Written by: H​ allie Helgeson 

Have you ever had a bad day and
you are late for work? Well, I'm going to
tell you what my bad day was like.

Hi, my name is Maddie, and I'm 25. I have blond hair.
I'm 5’10’’ and tall as a horse, and I have blue eyes. I will tell
you a little about my family. I have a husband named
Joe,and he’s 26. We have two dogs, and they are both
yellow labs. They are 5 months old. I have a 2-year-old
daughter, and her name is Mia. My family and I reside in
Florida, same as my Mom and dad, and we are neighbors. I
love to bake, teach basketball, be with family, and be at the
lake. I'm going to tell you about a bad day that I had.

I woke up from my soft comfy bed and got ready. I
sipped my cold apple juice and ate my warm chocolate
donut for breakfast and then I left my house.

I started driving down Highway 7. I'm was driving
my black Ford Escape down the highway to work at the
Middle School in Florida at 7:30 AM. I was 4 miles away
from the school at 7:58 AM when I heard a thunking noise,
and so I pulled over and looked and saw that I was out of

I yelled, ¨Noooo this can't be happening right now.

I quickly picked up my iPhone and typed in my
husband, Joe’s, phone number, and he did not pick up,so
I called the home phone and then he picked up. I asked
him to come to pick me up.

¨I'm standing on the side of the road, and my car
is out of gas,¨ I said to Joe. I’m going to start strolling to
the gas station up ahead, pull my car behind your truck
come pick me up at the gas station please and try to
make it fast.

J​ ack said he wanted me to come back that night
and grab all my stuff and he wanted it all gone by the
next morning at 8:30 am. I skipped out of the school,
and I called my husband, Joe, and asked him to come
to pick me up, and I told him I got fired. I sat on the
bench and waited for Joe to come. When we got
home, I looked on Facebook, and I saw that they
needed a 2nd-grade teacher, and I started to get teary
because that was my job.

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