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Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) has granted the Hamengku Buwono IX Award to Public Works and Settlement NEWSLETTER
Minister, Basuki Hadimuljono. The award was presented at the summit of UGM’s 69th anniversary celebrations in
Grha Sabha Pramana (GSP) UGM on Wednesday (19/12). Rector of UGM, Prof.Ir. Panut Mulyono, M.Eng., D.Eng., REFLECTION OF UGM IDENTITY IN NITILAKU 2018
said Basuki Hadimuljono had been selected to be the recipient of the HB IX Award for his services in infrastructure
planning and development in Indonesia. “UGM grants the HB IX Award to Basuki Hadimuljono for his tremendous services
with ideas and infrastructure development for the nation,” said the Rector.

SPOTLIGHT “Nitilaku reminds us to not forget where we came from,” said Ganjar Pranowo,
chairman of UGM Alumni Association (Kagama) in his speech when releasing
Public Works Minister participants of Nitilaku 2018 event on Sunday (16/12) at the courtyard of the Palace
Basuki Receives of Yogyakarta (Kraton).
HB IX Award
About 2,500 people were gathering at the north square of Kraton to take part in the
Aveo Shoes Bring event which is one of events to mark UGM 69th anniversary. The participants came from
Home Awards from diverse groups, UGM academics community, alumni, and Yogyakarta people as well as
South Korea to those from various regions in Indonesia. They were wearing many different outfits and
UGM Students various traditional costumes.

MAPAGAMA UGM Ganjar who is also Governor of Central Java added that this event reminded us that the
Nature Enthusiasts Kraton was the witness of UGM first students taking their courses. Keraton became the
Beat Franklin River, witness of the spirit and commitment initiated by UGM when it was first established 69
Australia years ago.

Basuki Hadimuljono who is alumnus of UGM’s Geological Engineering department was considered as deserving the award “By marching along villages in Yogya during this event, we can reflect on the intellectual
because in his work, he had followed the examples of Sri Sultan HB IX who was simple, democratic, charismatic, close to and community service spirit that is sustained by UGM to this day,” he said.
people, and with unconditional services for the nation’s welfare and glory. “In addition, he has high integrity both as a
person and public official,” he said. Rector of UGM, Prof. Ir. Panut Mulyono, M.Eng., D.Eng., said this moment reminded
UGM to always feel grateful to Keraton for the opportunity to grow. Hence, through the
Basuki extended his appreciation to UGM that had conferred the HB IX Award to him. “I would make this award as a point event, UGM works with various groups to advance education in Indonesia.
to always give good services and be a good role model for the next generation, especially at the Public Works and
Settlement Ministry,” he said.

He said the award was not apart from the role of the Ministry which had supported him in providing public works facilities.
“I would like to dedicate the award to the big family of Public Works and Settlement Ministry who have worked hard
willingly to make good infrastructures that can unite the nation and achieve social justice for all Indonesian people,” he

“would make this award as a point to always give

good services and be a good role model for the next generation,
especially at the Public Works and Settlement Ministry,

King of Yogyakarta Sri Sultan HB X hoped with the Nitilaku event, UGM would not change in terms of commitment and MAPAGAMA UGM NATURE ENTHUSIASTS BEAT
spirit from when it was established. “I hope UGM would continue to dedicate itself to the state, not discriminating FRANKLIN RIVER, AUSTRALIA
those in need,” he closed his remarks which also marked the start of the march.

The participants began the march of nationhood heading towards Ghra Sabha Pramana UGM where they were offered
traditional culinary delights and entertained with performances by artists from UGM and outside. Nitilaku 2018 was
closed with the handover of faculty flags carried from Keraton to the Rector and Deans.


Shoes made by UGM students that can prevent ankle contracture in people who suffer from paralysis have won Nature enthusiasts group of UGM (Mapagama) has successfully beaten the strong stream of Franklin River in
silver medals in the Seoul International Invention Fair 2018 and Special Award from King Abdulaziz University, held Tasmania, Australia, in an expedition named as Pristine Wild Rivers at the end of November 2018.
from 6-9 Desember in Seoul, South Korea.
The eight-days trip in the 125-Km river during the UGM International Expedition (UIE) 5 involved seven students. They
The Aveo shoes were designed by a students team consisting of Muhammad Fahmi Husaen and Widiyanto (Computer were: Irfan Hafiyyansah (Law), Lutfi Perdana (Philosophy), Rais Kun Fajar PS (Engineering), Iqbal Setya Nugraha
and Information Systems), Naufal Gugus Priambadha (Mechanical Engineering), Septia Dini Rahayu and Danang Ma’ruf (Psychology), and Vocational School students: Suryo Abdi Pangestu, Laily Adhliya, and Dimas Satria W.
(Instrumentation Technology), Danar Aulia Hasan and Danar Aulia Husnan (Metrology and Instrumentation), and
supervising lecturer, Budi Sumanto, S.Si. M.Eng. Expedition chairman, Irfan Hafiyyansah, said the Mapagama team departed for Australia on 14 November and arrived
home on 30 November 2018. They had chosen the Franklin River for its natural sceneries and river component
Muhammad Fahmi Husaen, team chairman, said Aveo was aimed to prevent ankle contracture and to move the legs characteristics.
according to physiotherapy standards using automatic control mechanism through smartphones via bluetooth. “The Aveo
system has been developed based on microcontroller and installed with servo motor that is programmed in accordance “Those things cannot be found in rivers in Indonesia,” he said on Thursday (6/12) at UGM.
with ankle physiotherapy,” said Fahmi to journalists on Wednesday (26/12).
He said Franklin River that lies in the Franklin-Godon National Park, Tasmania, had high humidity and cold temperature
He said Aveo was also installed with Mechanomyogram (MMG) to measure the level of muscle stiffness when the shoes at night.
were moved to estimate the shoe motions. “Testing without sensor has proved that Aveo shoes can move the ankle and
function as a physiotherapy substitute,” he said. “During the journey, the team faced with hard condition different from the situation at home. These were humid and
cold condition in addition to the unavailability of access to the outside world for eight days,” he explained.
Meanwhile, Seoul International Invention Fair is the forum to acknowledge innovative works from around the world. The
event was followed by 633 innovators from 30 countries while Indonesia sent 40 innovators to the event. Irfan said Franklin River was cleaner than the rivers he had explored in Indonesia. The clean environment, he said, was
very protected by the Tasmanian local people. They were aware that the river can actually give plenty of benefits to life

“There were several prohibitions to be adhered to while in Franklin River. All kinds of waste including human waste, had to Bambang said the the machine was a Combine Harvester Kioti type which is a full seeding combine harvester of 73HP
be taken away, campfire is forbidden, no washing in the river, and more. The National Park would give you a big fine if you power and has 2 m cutter length.
violate the rules,” he said.
“The machine can improve the work performance during harvesting such as reaping, cleaning, sorting and packing,” he
He expIained the expedition in Franklin River in Australia had given them a new experience and positive impacts to the said.
adventurous journey of the Mapagama team at the international level. It also added to their knowledge on how to
manage the river well. Meanwhile, the tractors on display were 45HP powered Kioti DK45 for rice cultivation, also Kioti RX72 for sugar cane.

UGM COLLABORATING WITH SOUTH KOREA INTRODUCE He hoped the socialisation and demo would improve the knowledge and skills of the farmers and in the future benefit
AGRICULTURE MACHINES TO FARMERS them and withdraw the attention of the young people to work in agricultural areas.

Facilities Section Head of the Madiun Agriculture and Fisheries Agency, Isna Handayani, welcomed the event "This event
can give additional insight and knowledge to the Madiun farmers for advancing the local agriculture,” said Isna.

The Madiun area has been chosen as the first area in East Java for the programme after Yogyakarta in Prambanan, Bantul,
and Kulonprogo areas in November.


Agricultural Engineering and Biosystem Department of Faculty of Agricultural Technology UGM once again As many as 20 Engineering students of Universitas Gadjah Mada have been on a student exchange programme in
introduced a modern agricultural machine to the farmers of Palur village in Kebonsari district, Madiun regency, Ehime University, Japan. The programme ran from 21 October to 19 November 2018 in Matsuyama, Ehime.
East Java.
The students were Civil Engineering students: Meilani Adriyati, Reynaldo Daniel Ruma Sondi, Karinka Indah Renata, Aqmal
Department Chairman, Prof. Dr. Bambang Purwantana, M.Agr., said the machine was a product from South Korean Nugrarizky Kusuma, and Vicco Tanady; Chemical Engineering students: Dhimas Agung Kurniawan, Mayella Sherly Winesia,
company, AGM S&E that affiliates with Seoul National University (SNU) and Daedong Co., which have been collaborating Addo Hernando, Mukmin Sapto Pamungkas, Stefanus Wiharsanto Sandiwan, and Laurentius Damar Parthasiwi; Electrical
with the Department for the past two years. and Information Technology students: Rifka Khairani Anisa, Yusuf Kurnia Badriawan, and Banun Aryani; Mechanical
Engineering students: Ahmad Arju Robbani, Reggie Johanes, Muhammad Djabbar Yulianto, Ahmad Taufiqur Rohman,
“The programme is a means to introduce some agricultural machines, namely tractors and rice combine harvesters, to Ridho Yan Pramanda, and Praberta Ardi Wibowo.
give an alternative to the farmers and improve their agricultural productivity and welfare,” he said alongside the demo
event on Saturday (1/12) in Madiun.

The socialisation and demo were part of the community service projects of the Department in cooperation with
Agricultural and Fisheries Agency of Madiun. As many as 130 farmers attended the event, also Prof. Kyeong Uk Kim, main
researcher from AGM S&E, and Seoul National University, and Mr. In-Cheol Yeo from Daedong Co.

“ The programme consists of joint laboratory activities He added that KAGAMACare had done a fundraising event among UGM alumni on social media. The funds will be sent to
and research with professors and students, visits to KAGAMA Lampung for distribution.
ISEKI Company and Kanogawa Dam
KAGAMACare also partnered with others from international links, namely Global Medical Canada and Indopeduli
Meilani Adriyati said the programme had run well between Faculty of Engineering UGM and Ehime University, sponsored Adelaide. They will send volunteers and equipment to the area. In addition, KAGAMACare teamed up with UGM Disaster
by Japan Science Technology Agency and Ehime University. The programme aimed to introduce research being done in Response Unit (DERU) to send more volunteers there.
Ehime University and Matsuyama area. Sulastama said this was a form of solidarity of UGM alumni as part of Indonesian nation. He hoped the humanitarian aid
“The programme consists of joint laboratory activities and research with professors and students, visits to ISEKI Company would help the survivors to be reawakened.
and Kanogawa Dam,” said Meilani Adriyati on UGM campus on Monday (3/12).
Meilani added the visit to Kanogawa Dam had added to the insight of the UGM students related to dam structure, “Hopefully the people who survive remain strong and resilient in the post-disaster events. The government and
function, and purpose as well as the watergate mechanism. During the visit to ISEKI Company, the UGM students were volunteers will work as hard as they can to help and enlighten their burden. We want them not to lose hope,” he said.
introduced to the machine components to raise their knowledge on agricultural tool manufacture.
Meilani said in the lab the engineering students could explore matters related to their own research topic, guided by “Hopefully the people who survive remain strong and
mentors and professors. They had also an opportunity to observe the tests being conducted by other lab staff.
At the end of the programme, several participants had the chance to present their research to the professors as well as resilient in the post-disaster events. The government and volunteers
presentation of Certificate of Completion event by Dean of Engineering Faculty of Ehime University, Hideaki Yasuhara. will work as hard as they can to help and enlighten their burden.
We want them not to lose hope

A tsunami following the eruption of Mt. Anak Krakatau on the Sunda Strait has hit Banten and Lampung coastal
areas on Saturday (22/12). The two meter high waves has killed at least 429 people and injured 1,485 others. As
many as 16,082 people have been displaced as a result.
To respond to that disaster, KAGAMACare came to the site to give aid like they had done to Lombok and Palu recently.
Sulastama Raharja, KAGAMACare representative, said a team of assessment consisting of 5 volunteers had come to check
the condition in South Lampung.
“This team will prepare the aid station, work programme, and logistics distribution on the site,” he said.

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