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Published by saiselva.raj86, 2019-04-20 08:45:47



A very good morning to honoured judges, respected timekeepers,
teachers and my dear friends. Today I would like to talk about how sea
life awareness .

Sea are deliberated as earth’s most important, significant and valuable
natural resource. They are home to most of the life on earth, which
includes algae, blue whale where latter is considered as the largest
mammal on the planet. Sea is considered to be an end point as small
streams flow into the river; river leads to the sea while the entire sea
water accumulates into the sea.

Waste like chemicals, garbage, sewage and debris from construction
factories or human habitations being dumped into the sea which is lethal
for marine biodiversity. Sea dumping is also termed as Marine Pollution
in which pollutants that are pre disposed from land like pesticides,
fertilizers etc. are inevitably discarded into the sea. Marine life is
threatened not only by toxic waste but also through various sources of

Plastic is a common element which is found in enormous quantities in sea
and seas. Though it is considered harmful for the environment as it
cannot be recycled and reused, but marine animals confuse plastic with
their food which is even more disastrous as it is indirectly connected to
humans. There are innumerable numbers of people who follow a
non-vegetarian diet which even includes eating fish. In this manner the
plastic that we cast off in the sea is in turn dangerous for our health

While observing the estimates, you cannot neglect the fact that every
year millions of sea birds are killed by pollution. Countless number of
dolphins die each year as a consequence of becoming entangled in
discarded fishing

Large number of whales, mammals, and dolphins communicate with the
other aquatic animals through sound waves. You might have often
wondered why fishes produce bubbles while they are moving. The ultimate
reason behind this aspect is that they produce sound in order to navigate
their route sand depth in the sea water. This kind of navigation and



communication is disturbed by the pollutants, which ultimately harms as
well kills marine species.

Oil spill is the most harmful event especially for birds and mammals which
gives them a slow and painful death. It is far more harmful than sewage
and trash and is also regarded as the deepest cause of marine pollution.
Oil spills are an impact of drainage from land which suffocates marine
animals and those which survive experience behavioral changes and
breakdown in thermal insulation i.e. it destroys the reproduction growth
in aquatic animals.

The oil dumped in the sea by several tankers and ships clog the
respiratory tract and grills of marine creatures which stops oxygen
present under water to reach their organs. It also restricts their
activities like producing food, reproduction process and sores down their
body temperature. The causes of sea dumping are very well similar to its

When these toxic pollutants are prevalent in the seaic water and are
digested by creatures, it impacts humans too as they consume these sea
creatures in their diet. This leads to detrimental diseases which include
hepatitis, cancer and disruption of central nervous system.

The effects of sea pollution that we observe in recent times are on a
reduced scale, but if we collectively do not end polluting our own mother
earth, various other effects are bound to occur with time. Global
Warming is the biggest alarm to our senses, if we do not take note of
this, then our future generation will suffer.

By working together, our choices can help save animals and the sea they
live in. Our actions can keep plastic trash out of the sea. Thank you.



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