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Published by mrsthomas, 2017-06-30 09:19:35

bulletin 30.06.17

bulletin 30.06.17



30TH JUNE 2017



Sports Day— Dear All,
Tuesday 4th July It has been a fabulous week here at BJS. Our Arts Week has been really wonderful.
Children have been focused on a most interesting painting which Mrs McKee talks
9.20 am to about a little later on in the bulletin. Each year group have taken a slightly different
12.20pm slant on it. Please enjoy some of the images :-) In year five we have had the pleasure
of an artist working with the this space for our collective artwork to
be displayed.

Open Evening— I had a fabulous day at 'the big sing' with a 40
Tuesday 11th July children from Yr5 and 6 on Thursday. It is their
3.30pm—come and 450th anniversary...I wonder if BJS will still be
meet your child’s here in 450 years time! I am always so proud of
new class teacher the children when I am out with them. Their be-
haviour was exemplary as usual. The performance
and work at the end of the day was wonderful and many par-
throughout the ents joined us for the occasion.

year I am writing this bulletin hoping for good weather for today, our Summer Fayre. I
hope you come and enjoy the fun. We are also looking forward to good weather next
Tuesday for Sports Day. All are welcome from 9:20am onwards to cheer on the

Have a blessed weekend,

See you Mrs Norton

at the


Haua Party The Big Sing

Tonight Forest School—This weeks reflection by Joseph

5.30pm to At Forest School on the 26/06/2017 we did some art for art week. It was a
8.30pm at challenge because we only had some recourses like sticks, green leaves,
brown leaves and string. We were going to make parts of ‘Penelope with the
school suitors’ fresco. It was painted by Pintoricchio. Firstly we made an outline
exactly the same size as the fresco in the ground.
Come and
join in the Some of the children were tied to a tree just like Odysseus with mast and we took
some photographs to support.
fun and After that we marked and coloured the picture like the floor in the real painting. We
support did that by gathering green and brown leaves and placing them in squares we made
your PTA out of sticks. We covered the whole painting with leaves.

At the end of the day we tried to make red paint by squashing red berries, but it
didn’t work that well.

Lunch Time Top Table Punctuality

HUMILITY SERVICE Every week Mrs. ell done this week to Chestnut House who won the Time
Rosie C—4SV Amaani H—6AL Reeves-Brown Keeper's Award with only 2 late marks.
Casey D– 4SV Keiran M—6AL and her team
Stephanie W—3AT Ellie W—3AT awards children Congratulations to year 6 who were all awarded the Golden
Eden C—3AT Tatum C—5SS for demonstrating Pocket Watch Award as every child in the year group arrived
Amelie B—3AT Amelia S—5SS our Christian
Ruby C—4SV PERSEVERANCE values during on time!
Evie C—5SS George G—4BY lunch time, the
nominated Punctuality has improved this week with the school total be-
children get an ing 11. Oak House came 2nd with 3 late marks, (2 of those
invitation to join were from one child in 3AT) and Sycamore recorded 6, with 3
the top table on
the Friday of that of those coming from one child in 5FM.

Excellence Awards Well done to 6AL who are holding the school lead with class
attendance at 97.9%! Unfortunately 3ED remain behind
This week’s Excellence Awards were presented to the with an average class attendance of 95.7%.
following children during Thursday’s assembly:
If you have any concerns around attendance or time keeping
3AT—Neha S for developing confidence in class or feel school should be aware of certain issues which affect

3FR—Charlie N for working so hard on his handwriting and your child's ability to attend school regularly and on time,
presentation please make contact with Mrs Hodgson as we may be able to

offer support.

3ED—Mariam Y for making a fantastic start at BJS

4SV—Lily C for her superb attitude to learning and enthusiasm Year 6 Leavers Disco
for school. Well Done!
PTA are funding this event, no money required for the
4BY—Liam F for a mature and sensible approach—a good role evening

4JE—Oliver F for all his help with PE organising and tidying

5FM—Sinead T for listening well during the soundscape and
creating a full sketchbook page

5BG—Kai S-R for excellent group work when writing our diary
entries, he has had a superb week so far!

5SS—Wordsworth, Keats and Auden have nothing on this Poet
Laureate!—an amazing piece of poetry by Tevez—well done!

6AL—Thomas B for working really well and developing his role
in the play

6CC—Yasmine S for brilliant effort in play rehearsals so far

6KC—Josh E for his unselfish behaviour and care for others

French—Anya D (6CC) for a superb piece of ‘cut out’ artwork
inspired by Henri Matisse

Inspire Challenge Achieve

Toilet Twinning—Latest News

Thank you for twinning your toilet and helping flush away poverty! Your gift of £603 will be used to
help some of the world's poorest people gain access to safe sanitation, clean water and hygiene
education. Toilet Twinning raises funds to support water and sanitation work in some of the
poorest countries on earth. By supporting Toilet Twinning's vital mission, you're helping to do
something about the fact that 2.4 billion people don't have somewhere safe and hygienic to go to
the loo.

How our latest donation has been spent:

Latrine in Burora, Mbitsi Burora, Masisi Territory, Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa- £60
Latrine in Chaguital, Guatemala, Americas—£60
School Block in Nawabgonj, Dinajpur, Bangladesh, Asia—£240
School Block in Port Loko District , Sierra Leone, Africa—£240

A special mention for Akshita and Navaya for the money raised from the raffle. They raised £44!
Well done girls :-)

Well, it’s that

time of year

again. Following

the success of

last year the

Summer Games


returned and

hopefully- so has

the weather! As you all aware it is our annual sports day

next Tuesday (4/6/17) where you are invited to join us

cheering the children on from 9.20 until 12:20

Bilton Junior Schools summer games morning has the aim Two Year 6 pupils are organising the event to
of all children taking part in as much sport as possible; raise money for their friend who has Cystic
keeping active and therefore having fun. Children will be
placed into mixed age group teams within their houses to Fibrosis
promote good team spirit between Oak, Sycamore and
Chestnut. The teams will attempt to score as many points PTA NEWS
as they can for both the games and for their team work
across the 12 stations. As we start to wind things down for this academic year
we are already thinking about next years events, if you
Please can you ensure your child comes in their BJS P.E. have any suggestions please email:
kit: Black or white plain cotton/nylon shorts (not cycling [email protected]
shorts), Plain white T-shirt and trainers. Your child may
wish to bring a navy/black jumper or coat if the weather PTA are already planning the annual
does not look favourable. A water bottle is also firework event on Thursday 2nd November
highly recommended. Also if it is sunny please ensure you 2017
child comes in with sun cream and possibly a cap.

Your child will also need to bring with them their normal
school uniform which they will need for the afternoon.

Thank you for all your support,

Mr Evans and Mr Cantillon

Take One Picture

Children across the school have been having great fun exploring and digging deeper into the artist Pintoricchio and his
fresco 'Penelope with the Suitors' (circa 1509), which is based on the adventures of Odysseus, the Greek hero.

Year 3

"I have enjoyed drawing Odysseus. I like him because he is brave, cunning and adventurous." (Joseph)

Year 4

"I have been enjoying learning about Penelope. We have written a summary of the story. It's been pretty fun!" (Izzy)

Year 5

"We had an artist come in who taught us that blue was an expensive and important pigment. This was the colour of Penelope's
silk dress in the fresco. It was called Lapis Lazuli and it came from underground in Asia. We made thumb-press, stoneware clay
pots that will soon contain blue glass. These will be fired in a kiln at Kate's home, where the blue glass will melt. I have enjoyed
Art week so far and am looking forward to the rest of the fun activities." (William)

Year 6

Year 6 linked their current topic to Art Week. They have been creating and designing badges that Odysseus may have given to
Penelope as a parting gift before he left for the Trojan wars. They got their idea from the fact that soldiers in WWI/WWII left
their wives these sorts of mementos.

Forest School

See the front page
As the week draws to a close I will be busy collating photos, copies of work and
pieces of the art work completed by each class ready to present to The National
Gallery, London. We'll keep you updated with more news, next year if they decide
to showcase our work in an exhibition next Summer!

Bilton Ajax JFC are a family friendly local football club run by Rugby Borough Council have a packed programme of
volunteers. We pride ourselves on developing young players in a sporting activities for you this summer, please download
footballing sense but also socially. Promoting Respect, helpfulness the brochure here
and confidence. summersport
We have 11 teams from various age groups playing in the
Northampton and District leagues. Some of the activities include: Tennis, Kickboxing,
Trampolining, Basketball, Sailing, Fishing, Golf, Athletics,
At the moment we are looking to complete 2 new year 3 teams and a Horse riding
year 4 team.

If you are interested in playing please contact Matt on 07796 696 837
or Simon on 07979 548 981 or email [email protected]

EVERY SATURDAY 10.30 –12.00



School Information School—Diary Dates

 School gates open at 8.40a.m Tuesday 4th July—Sports Day—am
 School starts at 8.50a.m - Any child arriving after this time is late Tuesday 11th July—Induction day—new
and will be marked as such. Thursday 20th July—School closes at 3.30pm
 School finishes at 3.30p.m Friday 21st July—Teacher Training day
 If your child is ill and going to be absent please either telephone us on 01788 810675 2017/2018
Term starts Tuesday 5th September 2017
(you can leave a voice mail if the office is closed or busy) or email us Monday 23rd October to Friday 27th October
on [email protected] 2017—Half Term
 If you feel you need to meet with a teacher face to face please Friday 22nd December—school closes at 3.30pm
email [email protected] Monday 25th Dec to 5th January 2018—Christmas
 If you need to talk with a teacher over the phone or have a general enquiry for them Holiday
please email info[email protected] Our teachers are busy with your
children in the classrooms all day however they will get back to you as soon as
 If you would like to share concerns or contact Mrs Hodgson our Home/School
Support worker, please call the office, pop into school or email her directly
on [email protected]

Inspire Challenge Achieve

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