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Published by mrsthomas, 2019-01-28 06:45:48

TaR PPyr5 (1)

TaR PPyr5 (1)

Mission Statement: “I have the freedom
and choice to be ambitious for my future”

To inspire all, through learning experiences which enrich, excite and engage.
To be happy confident, caring and resilient learners, ready to embrace challenge.
To make consistently strong progress across the curriculum and achieve our very


*TaR will help us to:
*Be a healthier learning environment
*Create a more positive learning environment
*Take responsibility for our own behaviour
*Strengthen and repair relationships
*Understand the impact we have on others



Coco and Eden have been happily playing with
tennis racquets and a ball. Another child,
Simone, approaches and wants to play. Eden
unkindly says no and swings the bat and hurts
Simone. There has been some problems between
them in the past. Simone is very upset and runs
to tell Mrs Court. Coco and Eden continue to
play even though Coco is now feeling a bit sad
for Simone. Eden is still feeling angry.

Adult or mentor, requests a HUDDLE (Everyone involved to group
together) and she checks that the person who has been hurt is not in
need of first aid.

Super 7
1. What happened?
2. How were you feeling?
3.What happened after?
4. Who else was involved and what were their feelings?
5. Who else was impacted on by the incident but not directly involved?
6.What have you learned and What could you do differently?
7. How can we repair the situation?


*Be thoughtful and kind to others
*Be patient when there is a problem
*Learn to disagree well
*Use the language of TaR in circle time/class

time/mentor time so that it can form part of
our everyday language

*Your thoughts….


Dear Lord,

This is our prayer to you.
Help us to enjoy our school while we learn.
Teach us to respect ourselves and each other.
Show everyone how to care for each other as you care for us.
Give us the skills to use our talents wisely for the good of
ourselves and others.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord,


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