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bulletin 27.01.17

bulletin 27.01.17






Parents Evening What's new this week?... Our brand new area called 'The Nook'. It is a reflective
space created for children to use in Oak. The plan is to create more spaces like this
7th and 8th February around the school. It houses our Reflection Diary that children can write comments
about assemblies linked to our theme. It has a number of lovely books about the
Please book your Christian faith but also has books dedicated to other religions. If you have any
appointment to visit lovely picture books/ children's prayer books/children's bibles that you would like
to donate to put in the area then send them in. All the classrooms have their own
your child’s class reflection board related to our half term value.
In the business of our lives we feel it is really important to give our children time and space in the
https:// school day to sit quietly and read with a friend or to be by themselves.
iors.parentseveningsy Some quotes, I came across - 'We live in a very tense society. We are pulled apart… and we all need to learn how to pull ourselves together…. I think that at least part of the answer lies in quiet time.' –
Helen Hayes
Drop in sessions will
be available with 'The good and the wise lead quiet lives.' – Euripides

Madame Mulley on 'True silence is the rest of the mind, and is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and
Weds 8th Feb refreshment.' – William Penn

between 3.30 and Have a lovely, calm and peaceful weekend... I will after the fun and excitement of school discos!
5pm and Mrs
Chesney (SEND PPF - We have the next meeting
of our Parent Partnership forum
Specialist Teacher) on Tuesday next week. If you have any
will be available on issues that you feel would be good to
discuss about any aspect of school life
both evenings them please let me know. This time we are
between 3.30 and discussing Parent Partnership Evenings and
Parent Workshops.
Act of kindness
Please note the 8th
February meetings I have just collected my son Liam from school, he waits for me on the corner of Bawnmore Road and
with Mrs Micallef Plantagenet. I was running late today due to traffic and I noticed he was with another boy. When he
have been cancelled, got in the car I asked him who he was talking to and it turned out this other boy had seen him and
parents of children in was making sure he was ok. He also told my son to make sure he didn't go off with any strangers. I
5SM please rebook thought that was a really lovely thing for him to do and thought he should be recognised for it.
on the evening of the
*we have found out who who the child was and he was rewarded for his actions during our
13th Feb Thursday commendation assembly :-) Thank you Bryce. If any parents/carers see any of our children
sharing any of the values we hold dear, please let us know as we love to celebrate it!


You should have all received your information pack on how to Child Protection
register for our online payment system—please register before your
unique code expires. Please can we remind children, parents and carers that no
child attending our school is old enough to watch a film rat-
From Monday the 27th February you will be able to pay for school ed 15 or above?
dinners online, please support us by paying this way.
This week we have heard of 3 children accessing
inappropriate material by watching 15 rated films at home.

The content of films is rated for sound reasons. Please can
we ask for your support in ensuring children are not viewing
material which is not suitable for them?

Thank you

On line Safety

Any social networking site has potential for good and
bad – it’s the privacy settings and behaviour of the
individual which are more important. Parents need to
monitor all social media and more importantly talk to
their children about safe use.

Internet Matters covers all and is the latest
of a long line of popular apps.

There are some videos here which promote safe use
and highlight how children can keep themselves safe
when they are interacting with them.

NSPCC Number Day—Friday 3rd February Contacting the police or reporting via CEOP Report
Abuse is essential if it is suspected that an adult is
On Friday 3rd February we will be taking part in Number day to raise attempting to befriend, groom etc. https://
money for the NSPCC. We invite all pupils to ‘Dress up for Digits’
non uniform day and wear an item of clothing that they already own
with a number on (football shirt, cap, hoodie etc.). Please do not buy By Jane Key
new outfits for your child; you can be creative with just paper or
material to create numbers. To help raise money for the NSPCC, we Join Our Lunch Time Team—First Aider
are asking for a small donation as we’d like everyone in the school to
take part in this special event. We are looking for a new member of staff to join the
lunchtime team at BJS. This person would take on the First
It all adds up! Aid during our busy lunchtime, experience or a
qualification in First Aid would be desirable but not
essential as training will be provided

We are certainly going to go nutty with numbers on Number Day! All If you are interested in this position please contact
pupils will be taking part in special maths activities in class. Your the school office for further details.

support is much appreciated as the money we raise at Bilton Junior
School will help change the lives of children.

Lunch Time Top Table Every week Mrs. Punctuality
Reeves-Brown and
SERVICE RESPONSIBILITY her team awards Well done to Chestnut House again this week for
children for winning the Time Keeper's award with 7 late marks. Sycamore
Sophie N - 4B Emreet S - 5F demonstrating our were close behind with 8, however Oak had a disappointing 12
Pranajaa S - 4BY Myia D - 5FM- Christian values with 8 of those late marks coming from children in 3AT and 6AL.
Rebecca E - 4B Phoebe C - 5FM during lunch time,
Eric I - 6AL Connie T - 5FM the nominated School starts at 8.50a.m. If you have a problem getting your
children get an child to school on time please speak with Mrs Hodgson who can
COMPASSION GENEROSITY invitation to join
the top table on the be contacted via the school office (01788 810675) or via her
Dylan D-J - 4SV Amelie B - 3AT Friday of that week. email address:
Samuel S - 4BY-
Sinead T - 5FM [email protected]

Thank you BJS…

Excellence Awards Same as everyone, I attend teacher-parent consultations at school
regularly. I discuss with the teacher on how my son has been
This week’s Excellence Awards were presented to the doing, thank them for their support, come home happy &
following children during Thursday’s assembly: sometimes reward my son with a little treat for doing well.

3ED—Oliver Y for trying hard with all his work this week This has always been the process until recently, as a parent
governor, I had the chance to do a school monitoring visit. This
3FR—Julia R for always putting in 100% effort in everything enabled me to see a much fuller picture of the school life from the
she does teaching staffs’ point of view. It amazed me, the time & effort that
goes in to planning the school term and daily lessons and to keep
3AT—Sariah E for improved effort, concentration and quality 35 kids in the classroom amused, focused and constantly
of work produced challenged. What my kid brings home with him is the fruit of this
relentless effort by the team at BJS.
4SV—Dylan D-J for trying really hard to be neat in his books—
keep it up Dylan This visit opened my eyes to a whole plethora of complexities that
the teaching staff and the school management have to go through
4BY—Holly U for always presenting work beautifully on a daily basis. Having been involved in the discussions on the
learning improvement plans and school performance evaluations on
4JE—Oliver G—an excellent role model and leader of the class a regular basis, I am so content and very much assured on the
commitment and the focus on kids and the effort that is being put
5BG—Lilly Mae N for a fantastic effort with her English work— to shape up our kids learning. This focus is so much individualised,
keep it up! yet so discrete so that it is not visible to the kids in the classroom.
They only see themselves developing to be great young
5FM—Finley D for always being good mannered, and hard- individuals. Thanks BJS!
working even if he finds it a challenge
I came home thinking that we don’t appreciate enough the
5SM—Jack P for his positive attitude towards his learning and commitment & the dedication of the staff at BJS. I am now fully
his ability to focus on set tasks assured that my kid is being looked after well & the school is really
his second home where his future is being shaped with great care.
6AL—Conor B for his focused approach to his studies—
working really hard across the board I am now determined to get more involved in school activities and
offer my support. I kindly invite you to get involved if you aren’t
6KC—Luke W for his super WW2 costume for Holdenby already, and see for yourselves how hard BJS staff works behind
House. the scene to greet our kids in the morning with plans for the day &
ensure our kids have a great day, every school day. If you do this,
6CC—roll over believe me, you will be inspired! I know I was…

French—Harriet G (3FR) for consistently excellent effort and Then you will, like me…every time you see your kid’s class
achievement in French—magnifique! teacher, the staff or the head teacher, tell them how much you
appreciate their efforts, thank them and offer your support in any
way you can…

Mr. Hingulage

Parent Governor

Inspire Challenge Achieve

Coming soon...enter PTA NEWS [email protected]
the Royal Mail
competition for a We hope you will support your PTA in the
Christmas Stamp following events, please pop them in the diary so
design for 2017. More you don’t miss out on all the fun.
details to follow next
week :-) Friday 27th January 2017 - School Disco
Friday 10th February 2017 - Quiz Night
Friday 31st March 2017— Family Bingo Night
Friday 12th May 2017—School Disco
Friday 30th June 2017 -Summer BBQ/Talent
Friday 14th July 2017—Leavers Disco

Any suggestions to the PTA can be emailed to
[email protected]


A resident of Bawnmore Road rang to say one of our
parents in a red car registration number: AE14 PFO parked
across her drive. Please be respectful and refrain from
parking across driveways.

School Information School—Diary Dates

 School gates open at 8.40a.m Monday 20th February to Friday 24th
February 2017 —Half Term
 School starts at 8.50a.m - Any child arriving after this time is late and will
marked as such. Friday 7th April 2017—School closes 3.30pm for the
Easter break
 School finishes at 3.30p.m
Monday 24th April 2017—School opens
 If your child is ill and going to be absent please either telephone us on
01788 810675 (you can leave a voice mail if the office is closed or busy) or Monday 1st May 2017—Bank Holiday—School
email us on [email protected] closed

 If you feel you need to meet with a teacher face to face please Friday 26th May 2017—Teacher Training Day—
email [email protected] School closed

 If you need to talk with a teacher over the phone or have a general Monday 29th May to Friday 2nd June—Half Term
enquiry for them please email [email protected] Our
teachers are busy with your children in the classrooms all day however Thursday 20th July—School closes at 3.30pm
they will get back to you as soon as possible.
Friday 21st July—Teacher Training day
 If you would like to share concerns or contact Mrs Hodgson our Home/
School Support worker, please call the office, pop into school or email her 2017/2018
directly on [email protected]
Term starts Tuesday 5th September 2017

Monday 23rd October to Friday 27th October
2017—Half Term

Inspire Challenge Achieve

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