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Published by mrsthomas, 2016-09-30 04:13:30

bulletin 30.09.16

bulletin 30.09.16



30TH SEPT 2016


Where are they now?

I hope you saw the article in the Rugby Advertiser last week. If not here is a link so you can spread the

Miss Gale and Mr Evans, both teachers in our school are past pupils of Bilton C of E Junior School and
have fond memories of the school as pupils. I had an idea in the summer holidays when I was on the
back of my husbands motorbike, travelling through France! I thought how amazing it would be to
inspire our pupils by finding out where past pupils have gone and how they felt about BJS, looking

I have already had some amazing emails with inspiring stories from actors, marine biologists, chefs,
nurses, doctors, community volunteers and lots more. I will share some of them over the coming
weeks. If you were a past pupil and have a great story to tell about how BJS was part of your journey,
please use the following email address.

[email protected]

Inspire I am passionate about giving our children something to aspire to, a goal to aim for to achieve their full
potential. Please contact us if you can.

Challenge Big Umbrella
Last week we welcomed Daksha from the MIND organisation back into our
school. She also brought along her colleague Lisa who is working with her to deliver
the 'Big Umbrella' project to local schools.

Their first job was to deliver a whole school assembly during which they talked to
children about the importance of maintaining good mental health. They then
delivered workshops to our year 6 pupils.

As part of the service MIND offer we are going to be seeing a lot more of Lisa as she has been
allocated to us for a few weeks so she can work more closely with some of our year 6 children to
support them in developing/maintaining strategies to help them tackle the exciting year ahead of

You can learn more about the Big Umbrella Project and the work MIND do via their
website at

If you have concerns you wish to share with school about your child, please feel free to contact our
Home/School Support Worker Mrs Hodgson ([email protected])

Lunch Time Top Table Punctuality

Every week Mrs.

RESPONSIBILITY PEACE Reeves-Brown awards Congratulations to Chestnut house who won the Time Keep-
children for
Grace N - 4JE Tom C - 6AL er's Award this week with only 2 late marks. Thank you all for
Brooke B - 4JE Thomas M - 6AL demonstrating our
Maddy E -4JE Zaki Y - 6AL your efforts in getting to school on time this week. We have
Harpriya T - 4SV Christian values
WISDOM seen a great improvement on last week with Sycamore re-
SERVICE during lunch time,
Max S - 3ED cording 3 late marks and Oak recording 6 (3 of those were in
Austin T - 3ED Lucy H - 5SS the nominated
Ayesha B - 3ED Luke W - 6KC 5SS).
children get an
Well done to 3ED, 4SV, 5BG and 6CC who all got to school on
invitation to join the
time this week.
top table on the

Friday of that week. Earrings

Excellence Awards Pupils are responsible for removing their own earrings
and keeping them safe during PE lessons but if unable
to do so they must bring in their own tape to tape their

ears during the lesson.

This week’s Excellence Awards were presented to the following Parent Feedback
children during Thursday’s assembly:
Please help us by completing a parent survey on how
3FR—Sianne C for always being ready to earn and producing we are doing to satisfy you... our loyal customers!
high quality work
The survey will help us to pick up on things you say and
3ED—Olivia D for fantastic contributions to all our learning help us to improve our practice. Please feel free to offer
us any written tips on how me might improve things for
3AT—Evie S for beautiful presentation and pride in her work you and your child.

4SV—Savannah W for her enthusiastic participation in our
learning Italian session on EDL
We will shortly be surveying the children too :-)
4BY—Sophie N for thoughtful contributions to our science
learning Parking

4JE—Owen W for high quality artwork to create beautiful fruit I realise that you may well be getting a bit fed up of us
and veg continually mentioning parking but I make no apology for
it. It has come to my attention that some parents/carers
5FM—Moreblessing W for trying hard in her learning and her are parking on yellow lines and zig-zags and are displaying
improving confidence in answering questions out loud
blue badges for people who are not in the car at the
5BG—Ethan W for having a positive attitude to all aspects of time. This is a criminal offence and it may cause you to
scholl life and for being a fantastic learning ambassador have your badge revoked. Please can I ask parents to
check using the link below on the regulations for their use.
5SS—Finlay R for his fantastic work in Maths and also being a
kind friend and including everyone in the team

6AL—Lucy W for always applying herself to her class learning Mrs Norton
and producing good standard work
Netball match Report
6CC—Ruby S for a fantastic self-initiated piece of home learn-
ing: a shoe box trench inspired by our trip—Well done! On Wednesday (28th September) there were 2 fantastic
netball matches against Crescent taking place on our
6KC—Arthur M for a massive improvement in his learning lovely new playground. On one court there was a fantastic
team goal by BJS however the match ended in defeat. On
MFL—Ella R (6KC) for modelling German pronunciation in this the other, it was a close fought match. Crescent scoring in
weeks lesson so well the final minutes to seal a narrow 5-4 victory. There was
amazing sportsmanship shown by both teams. A special
Josh H (5FM) for being a great Spanish teacher this week mention to Eric C and Jasmine S - both scoring 2 goals
each. Well done BJS!

Invitation to all Parents of pupils Always Child
currently in Yr. 2 Every month the teachers nominate children that
always go above and beyond, the children have an
afternoon tea in the Burrow with Mrs Norton
Headteacher – Mrs Alex Norton Alexa H (3AT)—Always works hard, always polite and helpful
Katie H (3FR) - Always listening, always producing high quality work and
The Governors, Staff and Pupils warmly invite prospective parents always considerate and polite
and their children to visit our school. Lowan MCG (3ED)—Always ready to learn, helpful and focused!
Grace N (4JE) - Always in early and ready to learn
OPEN EVENING 6.30 – 8.00 pm Seth S (4BY) - Always listening, focused and ready, a calm and polite boy.
Ruby C (4SV) - Always has an excellent attitude towards school and learning
Thursday 6th October 2016
Aoife McC (5BG) - For being a fabulous example to all, she is always helpful,
OPEN MORNINGS at 9.00 am to 11.30 am positive and always ready to learn
Robyn (5FM) - for super listening and for always following instructions
Tuesday 11th October and Thursday 13th October 2016 Evie C (5SS) - for always following the instructions immediately, she is
amazing too.
Parents and children are also very welcome, by Sriram C (6AL) for settling in well into a new school and being a great
appointment, at other times. Please contact the school office. example to the class
Lorna M (6CC) for always being on task and following instructions
Purple for Polio Levente B (6KC) - Outstanding effort and brilliant application during his first
week at our school
We have been invited to join in the Purple for Polio
campaign by coming along to the Hospital of St Cross on
Saturday 8th October at 10:00. It would be great to get as many
children/parents/grandparents to help as we can! We will meet in
the first car park after the Myton Hospice entrance. Please dress
appropriately for the event and bring your own trowel/spade!

Polio is a crippling disease and for over 30 years, Rotary and its
members have been committed to fighting to eradicate polio
across the world. The amount of polio from 125 to just two
(Pakistan and Afghanistan) thanks to the help of Rotary. With
eradication now closer than ever, Rotary International in Great
Britain and Ireland’s latest campaign, Purple4Polio, is designed to
unite communities to engage in activities as part of the final push
to eradicate polio for good.

We would like to give this joint venture some publicity both after
the planting and when the bulbs show. Could I ask that if any
parents do not wish their children or themselves to be in any
photos then let us know on the day. See you there :-)

What are they watching?

Year 6 parents - need help with completing Home Learning We would like to remind parents/carers of the importance of
activities! monitoring the use of any games consoles and mobile communication
devices, especially those with internet access.
A great opportunity is available for
children in Year 6 to aid their We are hearing comments from children about them being allowed
learning of WWI by visiting our to access age inappropriate games/videos, often in bedrooms when
local Rugby Art Gallery & Museum they are unsupervised and late at night when they should be asleep.
where the exhibition 'Lady
Dorothie's War' is showing till the Any access to the internet should be done in the shared areas of
29th October 2016. Children that home where you as the adults can know exactly what they are
have already attended the exhibi- looking at.
tion have thought it very fascinating
and informative to their learning. If you need support around parental controls for devices or on line
safety advice, please see our on line safety page on the school's

Parent Governor Needed!

School Governors are one of the largest volunteer forces in the country and have an important part to play in raising school
standards. The role of the governing body is key to the effectiveness of a school. Time and time again, Ofsted has noted that the most
effective schools demonstrate effective leadership and management - including by the governing board.

An important part of the role of a governor is to both support and challenge the school and to help investigate how it’s doing to
ensure high standards for achievement for all children in the school.

We are currently looking for two Parent Governors and would be delighted to hear from anyone who has:

• an open and enquiring mind
• an interest in the performance of the school
• the ability to look at issues objectively
• the confidence to ask questions and join in debate
• a willingness to listen and make informed judgements
• the ability to work well with others
• time to spare!

In order to perform the role well, a governor is expected to attend full governing body meetings four times a
year and become a member of one the Governing Body committees which meet three times a year.

It is also important that you are able to get to know the school by visiting the school School—Diary Dates
occasionally during school hours in order to gain a good understanding of the school’s
strengths and weaknesses. Monday 24th October - 28th October 2016—half
term week
School governors come from all backgrounds reflecting different cultures,
communities, work skills and life experiences. No prior knowledge is required as Friday 16th December 2016—school closes at
training and support is provided. 3.30pm

If you are interested in the position and would like any more information then Wednesday 4th January 2017- School opens
please contact Kate Browning (Joint Chair of Governors) through the school office.
You can also reads more about the role by going onto the National Governors’ Monday 20th February to Friday 24th February
Association web site 2017 —Half Term
For nomination please contact [email protected]
Friday 7th April 2017—School closes 3.30pm for the
Easter break

Healthy Snacks for mid-morning break PTA NEWS Monday 24th April 2017—School opens

Please can you send your children with The PTA AGM will be held at school Monday 1st May 2017—Bank Holiday—School
healthy snacks for mid-morning break, on Wednesday 5th October, 7pm. closed
such as fruit and cereal bars. We are
increasingly seeing crisps and chocolate Roles of committee members will be Friday 26th May 2017—Teacher Training Day—
bars at break time. agreed on the evening. School closed

The school kitchen offer a snack bar We hope to see you there, all welcome! Monday 29th May to Friday 2nd June—Half Term
where children can purchase toast, fruit,
milkshakes etc. Thursday 20th July—School closes at 3.30pm

Friday 21st July—Teacher
Training day

Bilton Junior School To report your child absent please use:
[email protected]
Plantagenet Drive, Rugby To arrange an appointment to see your child’s class teacher use:
Warwickshire, CV22 5RU [email protected]
CV22 6LB To get a message passed onto your child’s class teacher use:
Phone: 01788 810675 [email protected]
E-mail: [email protected]

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