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Published by mrsthomas, 2019-11-29 12:25:55

29th Nov BJS Bulletin

29th Nov BJS Bulletin

"Happiness is the key to success. If you
love what you are doing, you will be
successful.”– Albert Schweitzer

B U L L E T I NThe weekly newsletter to keep you updated with the highlights of

Headlinesthe school week
29th November 2019

Dear All,

PoIninttesreosft I don't think I have been so excited for ages! A huge well done to Mrs Strefford who has
managed to secure a staggering £12,000 towards our SOLARDOME Sanctuary project from
a Warwickshire County Council Committee with a project under the heading of " Year of
Wellbeing Community Assets Development for Mental Health."

For those of you who are not aware we have been planning to build a multipurpose
outdoor space, which will enhance our provision for the wellbeing of all in our school
community and beyond. So far we have raised a staggering £19,436.37, which has been
received from Bilton Poor Lands, the class of 2019 and from other fundraising which has
already taken place.

ChriSsa1tm0tuaaNrmsdoaFv-aye1ymp3rm0ebtehr.of Our marketing manager, Mrs Bates and Mrs Strefford are continuing to work hard to
secure more money from private businesses and charitable foundations.

FoodSbtaadAonrofdtnksDvaRMeeteicnooevrtnnemedcsrbaesgieyervrae2. tdnAe!ldflully As well as using the space for outdoor learning and giving us more much needed space
we wish to to provide a calm place, away from the hustle and bustle of the main school.
The geodesic dome will create a light and airy environment with its own unique feel. The
dome will be 8m in diameter. It will serve as a tranquil space for nurture groups, quiet
time, circle time and even as a retreat for staff to be able to reflect away from the main
school. The dome will create a versatile, secure, eco-friendly, long lasting and virtually
maintenance free area.

As you know, we pride ourselves here at BJS on providing not just educational support,
but also pastoral care, during our last Ofsted visit it was identified that these are areas
where the school excels. “Pupils’ excellent personal development is at the heartbeat of the
school”, with the Inspector noting that “pupils are caring and kind and have inclusive
views about the world”. All these factors impact on the culture and the overall nature of
the school. Having an additional dedicated space to support this would add value to our
sense of community and will enhance the pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural

If you as an individual would like to donate for our SOLARDOME Sanctuary space or maybe
your company feels like they can sponsor us please get in touch with Mrs Bates or Mrs
Strefford, through the school office or on their email
addresses: [email protected] or [email protected]

Kind regards

Plantagenet Drive, Rugby, CV 22 6LB Mrs Norton

[email protected]

Notices Friday Morning Prayer


Each Friday morning a group of
parents meet to pray for the

school. If you have the time to
spare and would

like to be involved please come
along on a Friday Morning from

We look forward to seeing you.

With the success of their last competition they are giving us the
opportunity to win £500 for 2 local schools, to use the funds for
whatever the school requires. Watch the video to see how to enter.
The more times BJS is mentioned the higher the chance of winning.

Remember to like their
page, share this post and name our school. The competition will run

Christmas and the winners will receive their cheques in the new year.

Best of luck to everyone.

To read more about why they are doing this please see their website

The Family Nurturing

The Family Nurturing Programme is a 10 week course to
encourage parents and carers to enjoy bringing up children and

get the best out of family life. It helps us understand how
emotions influence our actions, and offers many positive,
practical ways of guiding children so they learn how to handle

both their feelings and their behaviour.

Sessions are every Wednesday from 8th January to 25th March.
There will be no session during the February half term

Please note, there will be no creche facilities available at these

Location: Oakfield Primary Academy
Oakfield Road
CV22 6AU


I have the freedom and choice to be
ambitious for my future


FDS times are a changing!
After 22 years supporting the school in
providing after school football training with
his company FDS, Ian Weaving has let us know
he is retiring! The news comes with a mixture
of sadness but also of wishing him joy for his
well earned retirement. We would like to buy
Ian a gift as a school and if you wish to
contribute please send any monies in an
envelope clearly marked 'FDS gift' Thank you

in advance.

Understanding the gaming

The overwhelming majority
of children (93 percent) in
the UK play video games1.
Yet despite its popularity,
the culture of ‘gaming’- its
rules and its rituals, the
varying profiles of players,
the risks they face.
This report gives an insight into the gaming
landscape and children's experiences of gaming.
It can be accessed either on the school website or

I have the freedom and choice to be
ambitious for my future


Star reader of Mathematician of
the week the week

3SV Isla E for super reading. 3SV Meghynn D for trying hard with maths, keep it up!
3ES Harvey C for great quizzing. 3ES Frankie D for great maths work this week.
3ED Fraser for great AR quizzing. 3ED Dylan C for great maths.

4FM Dexter M for enthusiastic quizzing. 4FM Rollover.
4AT Emme W for great use of AR. 4AT Jake G for super Mathletics.
4MB Xavier P for showing perseverance and 4MB Ellie B for super contributions to maths lessons.
5AL Gabriel S for always completing his Mathletics.
5AL Archie K for continued great reading and quizzing. 5SS Joseph Mc for great explanation of commutative
5SS Sybilla U for making a great effort with her reading. law in maths.
5JE Adam E for a superb amount of quizzing 5JE Gopal A for super Mathletics homework every
6KC Eden C for excellent effort in all her reading.
6CC Rudi K for excellent effort in reading comprehension. 6KC Axel H for excellent maths all round.
6JB Freya C for making a great effort in reading. 6CC Charlotte F for working hard in maths this week.
6JB Orlaith D for making fantastic progress with

Excellence awards Top Table Every week Mr. Wilson and
his team awards children
3SV Mya B for always working hard at Friendship for demonstrating our
everything she does. William T-K 3ED Christian values during
3ED Ella F for always working hard and doing Zebastian H 3ED lunch time, the
her best. nominated children get
3ES Frankie D for trying his best all week. Service an invitation to join the
Harvey C 3ES top table on the Friday of
4FM Gabriel O for great vocabulary in guided Henry G 3ES that week
reading. Eve T 4MB
4MB Ethan K for a positive, enthusiastic Erika M 4MB
approach to learning.
4AT Rollover. Punctuality

5JE Sean W for always having a fantastic We are concerned by the increase
learning attitude. in the number of children arriving
5SS The whole class for making such a positive after the gates have closed and the day's
and lasting impression at Rugby school. learning has started.
5AL The whole class for working really well
with Rugby school and doing a performance Please support your children to make sure they
they were impressed with. are in school ready for the start of the day by
6JB Isabel D for working hard and being
supportive to others. If this is a problem for you then please contact
6CC Megan B for excellent effort in singing. Mrs Hodgson either via the school office or on
6KC Eden C for great effort in maths. email: [email protected]

This week's individual award goes to Frank in
3ED for perfect time keeping since he joined us.
Well done Frank!


It was great to be at St Mark's Church on Sunday the 24th November
to share our International Cross of Nails (ICON) journey with them
and thank them for buying our cross. Being an ICON school means a
great deal to us as a C of E School. We work hard on the three stands
of ICON which are celebrating diversity, promoting peace and
understanding reconciliation in our community and beyond.
Elizabeth B, one of our Year 6 children, wrote this amazing poem
about what ICON means to her. She shared it beautifully with the St
Mark's congregation.
I shared that we had a fantastic picnic event where our children and
parents ate together to celebrate the honour of receiving our Cross
of Nails, which made us truly part of the ICON community in June. We
shared news of how we have recently been working on a joint project
with Blue Coat C of E School in Coventry. This project took the theme
of 'bridges' as part of INTERFAITH week and both schools created a
gift of artwork for each other. Blue Coat's message to share was that
we should 'treat others as we wish to be treated' and our message
was 'Blessed are the peacemakers' from Matthew 5:9.

At the end of the presentation I asked the congregation
if they could pray for three things, if you wish to do the same we
would really appreciate your help:

Pray for our diverse and amazing world.
Pray for peace in a time of unrest both here and across the world.
Pray for reconciliation, a joining together with each other in Christ.

I also invited anyone from St Mark's to come and have a look around our school so they could feel ICON for

As you know 'All are welcome':-)

I have the freedom and choice to be
ambitious for my future


Time to celebrate...Mrs Thomas! With over 20 years of service to BJS, Mrs Thomas is
one of our 'go to' members of staff. Kind, generous, thoughtful, fun and dependable
are just a few words that describe Mrs Thomas to perfection. She teaches, organises

medical issues, runs craft club, is our website manager amongst so many other
things. Thank you Mrs T you are amazing!

I have the freedom and choice to be
ambitious for my future

Activities and Events

The Sound of Music is Rugby theatre’s
70th Anniversary production.

Tickets are available from the theatre

One of our very own BJS pupils,
Evangeline will be starring as little ‘Gretl Von Trapp’ on

the 7th, 8th, 12th and 14th December

Inspire ~ Challenge~ Achieve

Dates and Contact Details

Fundraising Update

We would like to say a
huge thank you to:

We have raised £9.90 for the school so far. David Gilkes Removals for sponsoring
our lucky dip at the Christmas Fayre
this year, we really appreciate your
support! Come and have a go
tomorrow! See what you can win!

Special thanks also to Karen F for
planning and organising all of the
amazing business stall holders for our
Christmas Fayre, an incredible job as
always! Lots of treats to buy
tomorrow, come along and see :-)

Inspire ~ Challenge~ Achieve

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