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bulletin 20.10.17

bulletin 20.10.17

BJS Bulletin


Plantagenet Drive, Rugby, CV22 6LB



REMINDER - Flu Dear Parents/Carers,
Immunisation -
It has been a really fun packed half term, with lots of visits and special events within school. PGL was a
2 November
Year 3 & 4 great success. Please see the attached news bulletin from the PTA who have also hosted events for you
consent forms
should be sent and your children enabling us to purchase some great additional items to make our school the best it can
back into school
asap, spare be!
forms available
from the office. Something else we are excited about is that children in school have been commissioned by the Junior

School Leadership Team (JLT) to create a BJS bucket list of things they would like to have accomplished, with
Photo’s will
take place on school, by the time they leave us in Yr6, adding to their enjoyment whilst equipping them further, setting
Monday 6th
and Tuesday them up for the next part to their educational/life journey.
7th November.
Here are just a few examples that are part of the 100 strong list and they are not in order of importance!
Performances at St. 1. Swim in a lake or the sea
2. Create a three course meal and serve it
Mark’s Church at 6. Visit the theatre
6pm 8. Learn an instrument
15. Forage for food
Tuesday 21. Grasp an opportunity to make the world a better place
12th December—Oak 22. Find out about people and explore cultures that are different than our own
26. Grow a pound for charity!
Wednesday 13th 27. Traverse a zip wire
December— 30. Set a camp fire and toast marshmallows
Sycamore 33. Feed a hedgehog
Thursday 14th 35. Drive a car
42. Bath a baby
December—Chestnut 43. Master a martial art
44. Produce an item of clothing
45. Enjoy a classic novel
50. Produce a mini film
52. Organise a tea party/afternoon tea for grown ups
59. Fly a kite
61. Watch something being born
66. Pen a prayer
67. Visit a place of worship from another faith
71. Fail so you can improve on your mistakes
78. Hunt for fossils and bones
79. Watch the sun go up or down
83. Abseil down a tower or cliff
85. Scribe a letter to someone who you want to find out about or to thank someone
89. Go back in time!
91. Create a masterpiece from clay, on paper or through sculpture
93. Be a brilliant mentor to someone younger
94. Visit a university

If you have anything that you think might go on the list let us know:-)
Blessings, Mrs Norton

Lunch Time Top Table Punctuality

SERVICE RESPONSIBILITY Every week Mrs. HUGE congratulations go to Oak House this
Daisy R—4BR Sinead T—6KC Reeves-Brown and her week for only 3 late marks across the whole house. We know
GENEROSITY PEACE team awards children as half term approaches children and parents get tired but Oak
Megan B - 4DB Alex N - 3ED for demonstrating our
Reuben B - 5JE Faris H - 3ED Christian values during have not let this cause them to miss any of their learning.
Owen S - 5JE WISDOM lunch time, the
Jake P - 5JE Evelyn J—5JB nominated children get Chestnut and Sycamore recorded 17 late marks between
Madison E—5JB an invitation to join the them which is a lot of missed learning.
top table on the Friday
of that week. Well done to 3SV and 5JE for perfect time keeping this week.

As you will know from the constant reminders we put in the

ExcellenSScoarfeiaaBF—A—33wFFSSards bulletin, SCHOOL STARTS AT 8.50am. This means we expect
your children to be sat down in class and ready to learn at
this time. You would not expect our staff to arrive to class

Excellence Awards late. We do not expect your children to. Please support their
learning by making sure they get to school on time.

This week’s Excellence Awards were presented to the following children Online Safety
during Thursday’s assembly:

3ED—Maia H for consistently hard work and pride in presentation, When used safely the internet can be a great tool for
especially in science children. Unfortunately we now live in an age where use of the
internet and electronic devices is becoming an addiction for some
3FS– Daisy M for creating a great ‘trucks’ picture and enthusiastic and, at times, we know this has led to children
reading exposing themselves to danger. Please make sure you are aware of
what your children are doing on line. Our school website has a very
3SV—George M for consistent effort across all lessons helpful On Line safety page with links to external agencies who are
expert in the internet world and on line safety. Please have a look or
4DB—Daisy S for always working hard and making very useful speak with staff in school if you feel you need further help .
contributions in lessons
Please see the attached Poster
4BR—Katie-Jane C for working really hard on her story

4AT—Freya C for an all round consistent effort

French—5SS—Freya B for outstanding writing all about herself using a PPF- Parent Partnership Forum
model French—Superbe!
Thank you so much to those of you who
5JE—Zak M for great persistence in all his work—keep persevering contacted me about PPF and wanting to support the school in
this very special way. We now have a representative from
5JB—All for an excellent Water Cycle explanation most of the classes. Still waiting for someone from 4AT and 5JB
to come forward! Our first meeting is on Monday 6th
5SS—To 5SS for their outstanding behaviour and the sheer determina- November and each class rep will be given a school email
tion and perseverance demonstrated at PGL—They were a pleasure to address for you to be able to contact them directly. If you have
spend time with any issues, before then, that you would like us to discuss then
please email me directly on [email protected]
6KC—Joseph R for consistently good work in all subjects

6CC—Lilly-M for excellent writing in English this week

6AL—Evie C for being an all round dedicated student

School Dinners New Menu on the 6th November

The price of a school meal for Junior School pupils will be £2.20 per day during the second half of the Autumn Term and the cost of
meals is estimated

5 day week £11.00

1/2 term payment (40 days) £88.00

(Monday 30 October 2017 – Friday 22 December 2017 incl)

Please ensure that payment for school meals is made on the first day the child requires a meal, as we do not wish to upset children by
repeatedly asking them for payment. The option to pay online using our Agora payment system is the preferred option & is possible
after you have requested details from the office who will give you a registration code which will enable you to make payments online. In
the meantime you can pay by cheque making it payable to BILTON JUNIOR SCHOOL or if paying by cash please send in the correct
amount. Thank you

This week in school the BJS Birds (New name for
choir) sang at a special celebration assembly to
thank Rev. Hugh, Rev.Joy and Rev. Tim for all they
do for our community. They were delighted and
honoured to be part of the special assembly.

Thank you to the parent who donated the winter flowering
plants and a big thank you to Mrs Gibson and her green
figured friends who planted them for planters at the front of

school. They look beautiful.

This year we are T4U again. Annually we get Important notice: Safeguarding
together with many other schools and faith
based organisations to try to make a Safeguarding the children in BJS is of the utmost
difference to children other than our own! importance to us but that role is not just down to staff
Over many years many of you have created a and volunteers in school: It is the responsibility of all
shoebox to give to a vulnerable child or family adults, both inside and outside of school.
to bring joy and excitement into an often bleak
existence. Find out more by following this link: If you have any concerns about a child at BJS, please speak with one of the school's Designated Safeguarding
Leads (DSLs), Mrs Norton, Mrs Webb or Mrs Hodgson.
Follow these steps to donate a shoebox
Alternatively call the Warwickshire Multi Agency
Find an old shoebox Safeguarding Hub (MASH) (tel 01926 414144, out of
If you don’t have one at home, you can always pop into a local shoe hours 01926 886922 or in the case of emergency 999)
shop and speak with a member of their staff.

Wrap it with Christmas paper Thank you for supporting us in keeping the children in
Please wrap the box and lid separately our school community safe.

Fill it with useful gifts
You can get some inspiration from the list below &/or watch our
Shoebox Guide videos on our YouTube Channel

Print off and fill in a donation slip and label
You can download a donation slip from here and a boy or girl
label here

Attach a cheque or some cash
Please include £2.50 in the envelope provided with the leaflet and
attach to the underside of the box or you can donate online here. If
you are eligible for gift aid please tick the box on the donation slip as
this will increase your donation to £3.12

Drop off your box
Drop your box off at the nearest distribution centre. Please check
your local area for their collection dates.

We will be collecting the shoe boxes from you in the week beginning
6th November ready to send to where they need to go. Look out for

leaflets this week sent home from class.

Inspire Challenge Achieve

Chess Set Donations & Chess Club THURSDAY 2nd NOVEMBER 2017

We are interested in starting up a chess club in school, if you have
any new or pre-loved chess sets that you could donate to school we
would really appreciate it.

We are also looking for parent volunteers to help us run a chess
club, please get in touch If you can help.

Benefits of Playing Chess with Children

1. Chess helps you Concentrate

It’s a reasonably long and involved game.

Children love it so much, they get so involved. You can see the gears
whirring, the cogs ticking. The brain being exercised.

2.Chess Develops Problems Solving Skills

What happens if you put your pawn there?

Am I likely to take it with my queen? How do you get to your
ultimate goal of getting rid of
the king?

Children are good at attacking!

3. Chess Improves Your Memory

Just remembering how all the pieces move is enough to stretch my In partnership with Bawnmore Infants and Bilton Infants
memory. There are lots of other moves that you can read up on as
well. Please support your school by attending this great event, order forms have
been sent home with your child, spare copies available at the school office.
4.Playing Chess Uses both sides of Your Brain

Chess is a great 3D game and exercises both parts of your brain. As
we get older we focus more on one side, the left side and let our
right side of the brain get lazy. The more we use both sides of the
brain, the better. Brains need to be used and exercised to function
at their maximum capacity.

School Information School—Diary Dates

 School gates open at 8.30am, doors open at 8.40am 2017/2018
 School starts at 8.50a.m - Any child arriving after this time is late and will be marked
Monday 23rd October to Friday 27th October
as such. 2017—Half Term
 School finishes at 3.30p.m Monday 25th December to 5th January 2018—
 If your child is ill and going to be absent please either telephone us on 01788 810675 Christmas Holiday
Monday 19th February to 23rd February 2018—
(you can leave a voice mail if the office is closed or busy) or email us Half term
on [email protected] Friday 30th March 2018 to 13th April 2018—Easter
 If you feel you need to meet with a teacher face to face please email the school Holiday
office [email protected] Monday 7th May 2018—School Closed Bank Holi-
 If you need to talk with a teacher over the phone or have a general enquiry for them day
please email [email protected] Our teachers are busy with your Friday 25th May 2018—Teacher Training Day
children in the classrooms all day however they will get back to you as soon as Monday 28th May to 1st June 2018—Half Term
possible. Friday 20th July 2018—Teacher training Day
 If you would like to share concerns or contact Mrs Hodgson our Home/School
Support worker, please call the office, pop into school or email her directly
on [email protected]

Inspire Challenge Achieve

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