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bulletin 26.05.17

bulletin 26.05.17



26TH MAY 2017



Reminder: Thanks to County Caterers who had a very successful
School is closed afternoon food tasting event last Thursday to let us
on Friday 26th know about their new menu. About 100 children and
May for Teacher adults turned up and enjoyed Spaghetti Bolognese,
chicken curry and Quorn noodles. There was a delicious
Training Day crumble and loads of yummy sweet treats too. They
offer packed lunches with a selection of sandwiches for
Please pay for school children not keen on the hot selection. The feed back
dinners via SIMS Agora given included: 'Very nice, amazing taste', 'The crumble was awesome', Lemon cake and noodles
were the best!' and simply 'YUM!'. Thank you to Mrs Morgan in the kitchen for providing us with
the session. We have had an uptake in children requesting a school meal and at any point please
ring us to find out more about what we offer.

At the same time Miss Watkins and some other colleagues held a
book sale in aid of Library funds. It was great to see so many
people supporting the school in such a practical way, thanks Miss
W. Tilly and Evie S sold cards in aid of toilet twinning
with help from Mum. At one point the girls nipped
off to food tasting leaving Mum selling their wares.
You just cannot be in two places at once! £52.14
raised :-) A big thank you to lots of other children
including Alexa, Holly, Annabel, Alice, Connie, Thomas, Finley, Leah, Amani and
Georgina to name a few more. After half term there are lots more little activities
planned and we should be ready to twin our next set of toilets.

I wish you all an amazing half term holiday. I hope we are blessed with some good weather as we
have work going on along the path and in the boiler room!

Lots to look forward to when we return after half term. There is an 'Art's week', France for some
Yr.6 and Activity Week planned for the children who remain here with Me, Mrs Thomas and Miss
Cartmel. We also have Sports Day, Induction Day and lots more besides.

Thank you for all the amazing donations to the foodbank on behalf of Mimi and her family. She is
still very poorly but is being looked after by all the wonderful staff at Walsgrave. Please keep her
and her family in your prayers.

See you back at school on Monday 5th June

Emergency Plans in school Grammar/reading meeting

I’m sure you are aware and shocked by the recent sad events in Want to help your child improve their grammar or reading
Manchester. We would like to assure parents that we remain but don't know how? This workshop is for you! This hour
committed to safeguarding your children. We do have emergency session will provide you with all you need to know in order
procedures in school should we need to go into 'lock down ' and to support your child successfully during their time at BJS. It
should the need arise we would contact you with updates at the will include details on the National Curriculum
earliest opportunity. expectations, an outline of how we teach these aspects of
English in school, how you can
We will be discussing the procedure with children. help your child at home and an
overview of KS2 SATs tests.
I’m sure like myself you are keeping the people affected in your
thoughts and prayers. The session will run on
Tuesday 20th June at 9:30am
Mrs Norton and 5:30pm.

Excellence Awards

This week’s Excellence Awards were presented to the FDS
following children during Thursday’s assembly:
FDS Holiday Club will be running here during half term,
3AT—Finley W for making a huge effort with the quanti- details on their website.
ty and quality of his work
After school FDS start Monday 5 June. Forms went to class
3FR—Harlen W for putting 100% effort into his work— this week, spare available from the office.
well done!

3ED—Orlaith D for perseverance in maths

4SV—Kai B for fantastic home learning—well done! Punctuality
4BY—Thomas C—great ideas from his Roman mystery
story Well done again to Oak House who recorded only 2 late
marks this week! Sycamore were two behind with 4 and
4JE—Noah K for great maths explanations this week Chestnut were 2 behind them with 6!
5FM—Lucy K for always being responsible in her learning
and for setting a good example to others Thank you to 4SV, 4JE, 5FM, 6KC and 6AL who all arrived at
5BG—Oliver S for an engaging Mayan myth—well done! school on time this week.
5SS—Edward M for his continued positive attitude
towards his learning Last but not least congratulations to 4SV, 6KC and 6AL for
being the only classes to arrive on time for four out of the
6AL—Thomas E for always working hard in lessons
6KC—Poppy K for showing a mature attitude five weeks this half term!

Next half term may be the last one for this academic year
however it is just as important as all the others so please make

sure you are in school each day and on time!

6CC—James P for working really hard to up level his Lateness = Lost Learning
writing—well done. Is your child getting to school on time? Did you know?

French—roll over. 5 minutes late every day = 15 hours a year = 3 days of learning
10 minutes late every day = 30 hours a year = 6 days of learning
15 minutes late every day = 45 hours a year = 9 days of learning
20 minutes late every day = 60 hours a year = 12 days of learning
25 minutes late every day = 75 hours a year = 15 days of learning

Inspire Challenge Achieve

Following meetings with staff, parents and
governors we have now launched our ‘No
Outsiders’ initiative across the school. Children
have had assemblies and also worked in their
classes using some of the picture books as a
starting point. Please ask your children to
explain ‘No Outsiders' to you and have a look
at our updated notice board which is half way

down the school path.

Warwickshire County Caterers

The price of a school meal for Junior School pupils will be £2.10 per day during the last half of Summer Term.

School opens on Monday 5 June and the cost of meals is estimated as follows:-

5 day week £10.50 * Yr 6 deduct 5 days for France if applicable
1 day Hike
1/2 term payment (34 days) * £71.40* 1 day secondary school

(Monday 5 June– Thursday 20 July)

A new menu started on Monday 15th May & we will be starting a COLD DELI BAG option

which will be available from Monday 5June
copies available from the school office or on County Caterers & BJS websites

Please ensure that payment for school meals is made on the first day the child requires a meal, as we do not wish to
upset children by repeatedly asking them to bring in their money. It also saves valuable administration time if we can

balance the books on Monday. Where possible please pay by using the Agora online payment system.

If you have not signed up to use SIMS Agora already, please contact the school office so they can reissue your unique reference
number for you to create an account.

Donations Children’s University
Huge well done to Harvey N,
Does any one have any cuttings of 'grasses' and 'ferns' Tristan B, Sinead T, Katie H and Olivia D for achieving
we could have for our school gardens? We also more awards from Children's University!
need 'pea gravel' next half term. If you know anyone in
the trade who could donate to us or offer it to as a re- All five have now received their pin badges and Bronze
duced rate, please let Mrs Norton know Awards. Sinead has also received her Silver Award.
on [email protected]
Olivia is the first pupil at BJS to exceed 100 stamps in her
She would be eternally grateful :-) passport which means not only will she graduate in
November, but she will also receive the Bronze
Forest School—This weeks reflection by Lily C Certificate which is the next level of awards after
On Monday, a group of children went to Cock Robin Woods
with Mr Evans. When lunch time had finished we all walked Being part of Children's University has been a great
down the road to the woods. After we had arrived we walked privilege and the amount of effort some of our pupils
through the other half of the wood. After we did that we went have put into achieving their stamps has been inspiring.
to our camp to play some games. We decided to play sardines.
We then split into 3 groups. The first group went with Mr Evans Unfortunately we are currently having to review our
to whittle the outside layer of a stick to make a spear. The other membership due to the high cost involved. We shall
2 groups went to find their sticks. Once we had all finished keep you posted as to whether or not we shall continue
whittling we went to build our own dens. A bit later on we to be a Learning Destination as soon as we know more
watched some of the boys climb up trees and jump back down information.
again before writing our reflections. Finally, we walked out of
the woods and back to school (ready for home time). Please do continue to collect your stamps as we shall still
be stamping passports until we break up for summer so
there is still plenty of opportunity for more awards to be

Harris C of E Academy Sports

Bikeability Training over May
Half Term

Level 2—Year 5&6 pupils (£20 per person)

Tues 30th May and Weds 31st May 9.15
am to 12.30pm

Level 1—Year 3,4 &5 pupils (£12 per

Thurs 1st June 9.30 am to 11.45am

Please contact Debbie on 01788 812549
ext 304 for more info or email


We hope you will support your PTA in the following
events, please pop them in the diary so you don’t
miss out on all the fun.

Friday 30th June 2017 -Summer BBQ/Talent
Friday 14th July 2017—Leavers Disco
Unfortunately there will be no school disco in
May due to a change in the disco provider.
Rest assured though, it will be back by popular
demand in the Autumn Term!

[email protected]

School Information School—Diary Dates

 School gates open at 8.40a.m Friday 26th May 2017—Teacher Training
 School starts at 8.50a.m - Any child arriving after this time is late Day—School closed
Monday 29th May to Friday 2nd June—Half Term
and will be marked as such. Tuesday 4th July—Sports Day—am
 School finishes at 3.30p.m Tuesday 11th July—Induction day—new classes
 If your child is ill and going to be absent please either telephone us on 01788 810675 Thursday 20th July—School closes at 3.30pm
Friday 21st July—Teacher Training day
(you can leave a voice mail if the office is closed or busy) or email us 2017/2018
on [email protected] Term starts Tuesday 5th September 2017
 If you feel you need to meet with a teacher face to face please Monday 23rd October to Friday 27th October
email [email protected] 2017—Half Term
 If you need to talk with a teacher over the phone or have a general enquiry for them
please email [email protected] Our teachers are busy with your
children in the classrooms all day however they will get back to you as soon as
 If you would like to share concerns or contact Mrs Hodgson our Home/School
Support worker, please call the office, pop into school or email her directly
on [email protected]

Inspire Challenge Achieve

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