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bulletin 23.09.16

bulletin 23.09.16



23RD SEPT 2016


Inspire Dear Parents,
Achieve I thought you might like to know our School Priorities for this next year and how you can help us to
achieve further success!

We have made good progress since our last Ofsted visit in 2014. We have had various external
reviews to verify this. Our BJS vision centres around excellence for children, and so our key areas for
improvement this year are:

 Improving progress in all areas, especially in Maths and Writing;

 Further reducing the achievement gap for disadvantaged pupils;

 Improving teachers’ use of a range of assessment tools in order get a full picture of where
children are in their learning, identify gaps and move them forward;

 Embedding and ensuring accuracy in our own bespoke assessment system and data analysis

 Exploring pupils’ ability and opportunity to acquire mastery across the curriculum.

So what can you do to continue to work with us to achieve these goals?

 Support your children with Home Learning. Help them by giving them quiet working spaces
and helping to instil good learning behaviours. Home learning is something that they are go-
ing to need to do until they leave school...the sooner they understand that it is non negotia-
ble the better. (Easier said than done...I know!)

 Read with them and to them. Read for pleasure but also talk about what your child is reading
to see that they have understood the plot. At year three the expectation is that they can read
fluently with understanding 90 words per minute!

 Work with us to help your children have excellent behaviour in and out of school! If you need
support in this area, we can help.

 Read the bulletin and keep abreast of things happening in school. Come along to events, we
have various workshops planned for this year to explain 'mastery' and 'Grammar'. There will
be other events/workshops available to support you and your child.

 Reply to surveys to help give your opinion on the school. (One coming out soon...) Let me
know areas where we can improve. If you do not like what we are doing, tell us. If you do, tell

Thanks for your continued support, it really makes a difference.

Lunch Time Top Table Punctuality

Every week Mrs. Congratulations to Oak House who won the Time Keeper's

RESPONSIBILITY SERVICE Reeves-Brown awards Award for the best punctuality in weeks 1 and 2 of this half
children for
Izzy F - 4BY Isaac S - 6CC term. A huge well done to year 3 who all recorded perfect
Shayni M - 4BY Ismey K - 5SS demonstrating our
Connie Mc - 3AT Ivy F - 4JE time keeping over the first two weeks and won the Golden
Amy G - 3AT Christian values
Evie S - 3AT WISDOM Pocket Watch award along with some leaves for their trees in
Fynn W - 5FM during lunch time,
Joe D - 3ED the entrance area!
COMPASSION the nominated
Elyssa D - 5SS children get an This week Sycamore won Time Keeper's with 3 late
Joshua M - 3FR
invitation to join the marks, Oak recorded 7 late marks (2 from year 3 children)

top table on the and Chestnut came last with a very disappointing 11 late

Friday of that week. marks with 7 of those late arrivals being children from 5BG.

Please remember our gates open at 8.40a.m and school
starts at 8.50. Any child arriving after this time is late and

Excellence Awards will be entering their classroom after everyone else is settled
and working. Please respect our timetable.
This week’s Excellence Awards were presented to the following
children during Thursday’s assembly: End of the School Day—Late pick up

3FR—Elizabeth B for always being polite and ready to learn We are aware that several parents are regularly late
collecting children from school and the after school
3AT—Axel M-H for always being ready to learn activity clubs held here.

3ED—Haider K for focus and really enjoying his learning School finishes at 3.30p.m. If you have an
emergency situation and you are likely to be late,
4SV—Freya B for an excellent attitude towards learning and please contact the office and let them know who will
school be collecting your child in your absence.

4BY—Jake P for working hard in Maths, a good start to the year Please also make sure that the contact details you
have provided us with are still correct, as if you are
4JE—Max T for excellent effort in his maths this week late we shall call all the other contacts in your child's
5BG—Kamil R for being helpful during PE and showing excel-
lent sportsmanlike conduct Once the day's learning has finished at 3.30p.m our
staff are in meetings and running clubs. They are not
5FM—Liron for always being ready to learn and listening care- in a position to look after children who have not been
fully to all instructions collected.

5SS—Grace F for her fantastic writing about Combe Abbey Please remember there is child care available via The
Wild Club for those who cannot be at school for
6AL—Finlay U for being very prompt in submitting Home Learn- 3.30p.m.
Junior Leadership Team
6CC– Matthew P for successfully using the strategies we’ve
learnt in his writing across the curriculum We are pleased to announce that we have a brand new
JLT Team. Their three priorities are going to be working
6KC—Carys N for fantastic all round effort on a Healthy Snack Policy, monitoring Learning behav-
iours and raising money for our chosen charity...yet to be
French Thomas M (5SS) for being an excellent role model and decided!
always being ready to learn—Bravo!
Thomas C, Carys N, George W, Martha TK, Grace F,
William C, Amelie B, Reuben B, Jack W, Lauren G, Amy G
and Lowan M.

They met with me last year and I know they will be a
great team. Mrs N

Invitation to all Parents of pupils currently in Yr. 2

Tel: 01788 810675 Fax: 01788 522576

Email: [email protected]
Headteacher – Mrs Alex Norton

The Governors, Staff and Pupils warmly invite prospective parents and their
children to visit our school.

OPEN EVENING 6.30 – 8.00 pm
Thursday 6th October 2016

OPEN MORNINGS at 9.00 am to 11.30 am
Tuesday 11th October and Thursday 13th October 2016
Parents and children are also very welcome, by appointment, at other times.

Please contact the school office.

Parking and Traffic outside school

Our plea in last weeks bulletin does not seem to have worked, the below cars were reported to us. They have either parked on zig
zags, over a dropped curb or on double yellow lines

We Have Many Children
But None to Spare
Please Drive Carefully

As published in last weeks bulletin, Warwickshire Police will issue fixed penalty notices of £30 should you be causing an obstruction.
Please do not put our community and pupils lives at risk.

Parent Partnership Evenings

It is that time of year when you get to meet your child's Class Teacher. We actively encourage you to bring your child with you to
discuss how they have settled, their progress and their behaviour. As a school we very much value the partnership between home
and school to aid your child to be the best they can be. We look forward to seeing you on either 11th October or 12th October.
Please follow the link to make an appointment. If for any reason, you cannot do this then please feel free to telephone the office and
they would be happy to assist you to make an appointment.

Home/School Support:
Our Home/School Support worker Mrs Hodgson will be in school for our parents evening sessions so if you feel there is anything she
might be able to do to support you and your child with please do come and see her.
Mrs Hodgson can offer support/advice around parenting, emotional support and Young Carers amongst other subjects and you do
not need to book an appointment to speak with her on these two nights.
If you would like to meet with her away from parents evening, please either call the school office on 01788 810675 or email her
on [email protected]

Community News

Invite to Year 5 & 6 parents /carers School—Diary Dates

At King Henry VIII School we are gearing up for our Open House Monday 24th October - 28th October 2016—half
on Friday 14th October and for our exciting Open Morning on term week
Saturday 15th October. The Open House is a chance for parents
to visit the school on a normal working day, while the Open Friday 16th December 2016—school closes at
Morning is a fun-filled morning with a variety of educational 3.30pm
activities for children to take part in.
King Henry VIII School, Warwick Road, Coventry, CV3 6AQ Wednesday 4th January 2017- School opens
Tel: 02476 271111 Email: [email protected]
Monday 20th February to Friday 24th February
Class Teacher 2017 —Half Term

Key Stage 2 Class Teacher Vacancy from January 2017 Friday 7th April 2017—School closes 3.30pm for the
Easter break
Closing Date: 12 noon Monday 10th October 2016
Monday 24th April 2017—School opens
Salary range: TMS
Monday 1st May 2017—Bank Holiday—School
For more information please view the job on the school closed
website or visit WMJobs
Friday 26th May 2017—Teacher Training Day—
Mid-day Play Leader Vacancy School closed

We have a vacancy for a mid-day Play Leader at BJS. Monday 29th May to Friday 2nd June—Half Term
The hours are 12 pm to 1.30pm—Monday to Friday
You will be required to supervise groups of children in the dining hall, playground Thursday 20th July—School closes at 3.30pm
and in the school building to ensure a safe and happy lunchtime for the pupils in
Friday 21st July—Teacher
your care. Training day
For an application form please see the school office or download it from the school


Senior Caretaker Vacancy at BJS
Responsibility for managing caretaking services to all buildings forming the school

site, ensuring a safe and secure environment. Undertaking minor or temporary
maintenance and repairs and managing school caretaking staff.
Salary £13,565—£14,701
31 hours per week

For more information please view the job on the school website or visit

Bilton Junior School To report your child absent please use:
[email protected]
Plantagenet Drive, Rugby To arrange an appointment to see your child’s class teacher use:
Warwickshire, CV22 5RU [email protected]
CV22 6LB To get a message passed onto your child’s class teacher use:
[email protected]
Phone: 01788 810675
E-mail: [email protected]

Lend a Hand Day—Cemex

Cemex volunteers came to school this week as part as of their ‘Lend a Hand Day’. And we cannot thank them enough!

The team spent the day moving the outside classroom (known as the quiet area) to 2 new locations, it was an enormous task and the
expertise and the determination from the team was incredible! It was great to hear the children say how much better the area will
be and the fact they now have 2 areas they can go to. The linked area between the main building and Chestnut has been
transformed as it feels so much lighter and bigger. We hope to get some more seating in the area and the PTA hope to contribute
towards this.

Not only did they bring enough manpower to move the wooden shelter, they also brought a team of 4 who worked effortlessly in
the allotment. The allotment had been neglected over the 6 weeks holiday so it was in need of a big overhaul, with weeding and
pruning being carried out.

The re-erection

The removal

The amazing team by one of the finished areas

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