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Amjad's Learning Journey

Amjad's Learning Journey

Amjad’s Learning


Elderbank Early Years

Settling back into Early Years and having fun, welcome back Amjad

Amjad likes
to play

outside on
the bikes

Date: September 2020

and paint


Amjad is in
the Stars


Child’s Plan

I am learning to take responsibility for and
begin to plan my own learning. As part of my
PLP targets I identified that I wanted to make


I love your
drawings Amjad,

great job!

Posted on Seesaw.

Date: September 2020

Bundle 11/3 Amjad enjoyed throwing and catching a beanbag with Charlie.
Amjad is learning to throw and catch a ball with both hands,
Date: September 2020
he had fun rolling and catching the ball.

We went for a lovely walk outside to listen for some
Bundle 2/1

Amjad is learning to listen and discriminate sounds in the

Date: September 2020

Amjad enjoyed creating stripes with the play-
dough tool.

Then he copied the zebra stripes.

creating stripes and circles with a pen.
Bundle 7/1

Amjad is learning to become aware of patterns such as dots,
stripes and animal prints.

Date: October 2020

Amjad is the Star Helper

Amjad is
counting his


Date: September 2020

Amjad’s Interests

Amjad had fun Amjad enjoys mark making using a
sticking some variety of media he has very good fine
straws in the play
dough to make a motor control.


Date: September 2020

Amjad’s Interests

Date: September 2020 Amjad loves to create pictures to take
home. He had fun mark making in the
shaving foam.

Building relationships

Date: October 2020

Playing co-operatively and sharing with others

When we go down to the woods...

Amjad had fun Date: October 2020
mud painting and
Amjad loves climbing trees and collecting Autumn
climbing. leaves.

He enjoyed having his snack under the shelter ☔

October 2020 And dookin for
Amjad had fun
scooping out the
seeds from the


Fantastic friends

Amjad enjoyed 2020
opening the
calendar to Making a
reveal the Christmas bauble

chocolate from decoration.
the Advent

Amjad had fun at his
Christmas Party. He
enjoyed all the party

food and then he
opened his present

from Santa.

80.61 Evaluation of Learning

Amjad has settled back into nursery happily
this term. He is accessing a wide range of

experiences in the playroom and particularly
enjoys mark making and copying patterns to

create lovely pictures. Amjad really enjoys
accessing outdoor play and walks to our

extended wooded area.


Shared on seesaw Date: January 2021

Child’s Plan

I am learning to take responsibility for and
begin to plan my own learning. As part of my
PLP targets I identified that I wanted to play


11.1.2021 Amjad really enjoys outdoor learning
experiences. He especially likes playing on the
Shared on Seesaw.
bikes and little car.

Date: January 2021

Bundle 11/5 Amjad can manage his
Amjad is learning to manage fastenings independently when fastenings and put on
his outdoor shoes and
getting ready for outdoor play. wellies independently.

Well done Amjad

Date: February 2021

Amjad can draw a person with a head, body, arms and Well done Amjad.
legs. He enjoys drawing his family.
Bundle 13/3 Date: March 2021

Amjad is learning to draw faces and adding arms and legs.

Amjad could show me the correct number using
his fingers. Well done Amjad

Bundle 2/2
Amjad is learning to explore dot patterns.

Date: February 2021

Amjad’s Interests

Amjad likes to be
creative and he
especially enjoys

outdoor play.

Date: February 2021

Outdoor Learning Amjad really
enjoys our
Date: February
2021 outdoor

He loves to
explore his
and climb the


First we And we went a
went on an lovely walk to
Easter Egg the play park.
Hunt to find
an egg with
our names.

Then we
had loads

of fun
rolling our
eggs down

the hill.

Evaluation of Learning


Learning plan extended due to lockdown
restrictions. Amjad attended his hub

placement at the start of this term and he
enjoyed spending time at the mark making
table creating lovely pictures to take home.
Amjad is happy to be back at nursery and he
really enjoys outdoor learning experiences
especially our wooded area. He is exploring a
variety of puzzles and he especially likes to

complete the number train jigsaw.
Amjad can manage his fastenings and get
ready for outdoor play independently. Well

done Amjad ⭐

May 2021 Date: May 2021
Shared on Seesaw. May 2021

Bundle 17 Date: May 2021
Amjad is learning about plants and how to care for them.
He had fun helping to plant some sunflower seeds and
also some potatoes that we are growing in our garden.

Bundle 9/4 Amjad pointed to the ‘A’ to identify the initial letter sound in
Amjad is learning to recognise the initial letter and sound of his name. Well done Amjad ⭐

his own name. Date: May 2021

Amjad really enjoys completing the train
number jigsaw. Well done Amjad ⭐

Bundle 2/3
Amjad is learning to recognise numbers to 10. He can point
to most numbers when asked and is becoming more confident

in number recognition. ⭐

Date: May 2021

Fun at the Park. Learning to cross the road

Date: May 2021

Amjad enjoyed visiting
primary one and he
met his new class
teacher Miss Millen.

Well done Amjad ⭐

Working hard and having fun at Elderbank Early Years. ⭐

Evaluation of Learning Good Luck and enjoy the
next chapter of your
Amjad is enjoying outdoor learning learning journey into
especially our walk to the woods every primary 1 Amjad. ⭐
week, he likes to play on the tree swing
and climb the trees. He is learning about

plants and how to look after them and he
has planted some sunflower seeds to

take home.
Amjad is learning to recognise the initial

letter/sound of his own name and can
point to the first letter in his name. He is
learning to recognise numbers to 10 and

he enjoys completing the train number

Amjad enjoyed visiting his new class
teacher Miss Millen and the Primary 1
environment as part of his transition.
Amjad has worked so hard during a very
challenging and different year due to
Covid restrictions. I will miss him in our

Stars Group, good luck Amjad ⭐

Date: June 2021

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