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Joey's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere on his way to work and he is late.

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Published by Ken Angkeleto, 2019-05-08 09:29:18

Joeys Weirdest Day Ever

Joey's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere on his way to work and he is late.

Joey’s Weirdest Day Ever 

By Ken Angkeleto P1 



Joey was just on his way to work and he was feeling awesome until 
something happened. His car broke down in the middle of nowhere. The 
problem was he had to walk all the way to work. He tried to repair it but 
nothing would work. He collected all his stuff and started walking.


”Hey, will you please stop for a guy who lost his car and is 
late to work?” Joey screamed at cars that passed by.


However, there was one car that stopped and then Joey looked at 
the driver and tried to flirt but then it was a guy. The guy beat up Joey 
and drove away. Then he started crying like a little baby but then 
another car stopped and opened the door. 

He hopped in the car, and he glanced in the mirror. It was the hair that 
gave it away. It was one of the workers that hated him. His name was 
Steve. He would always be mean to Joey by ripping his important papers, 

spilling coffee on him, and many more.  

Joey said, “Hi, I am Joey”, but then Steve kicked him out. Now he 

had to walk all the way to work. He was as lonely as a wolf. He was 
walking and then he thought about a wolf as big as a dinosaur and if it 
would eat him up and then he got hungry. Good thing he remembered to 
pack some food. So then he stopped and ate his food but then he 
encountered an evil duck. It almost ate him, but all he wanted was some 
of his food. So then he gave him some food, and he let Joey ride him to 
work. When he got there, he was nervous to talk to his boss.   



He entered the room and he saw his boss looking like he was 
expecting him because he was!  

“I am so sorry Mr.Ronald.” There are so many things that 
happened today.” Oh please forgive me,” Joey said.  

“You hope I will give you a second chance and why would I do 
that”? Mr. Ronald said. “Instead I’m gonna say “YOUR FIRED!” “ 
Now get out of my office!” 

When he was walking out, his friends were saying bye to him. He called 
his duck and then they flew back home. He ate dinner and then went to 
his office.  


”This is so dumb!” 


He got mad and started ripping papers, breaking things, and way more 
stuff. His papers were everywhere, there were dents in the wall. It was 



His wife came in and told him to stop but then he was so mad that 

he yelled at her and the kids and then he just ran away to his grandmas 

house and he ate some cookies and slept at her house.  





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