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Published by qqquanyong, 2021-03-22 15:20:21

ARTS289_Project01_QuanYong Chen

ARTS289_Project01_QuanYong Chen


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Air pollution

Air pollution is the presence of substanc-
es in the atmosphere that are harmful
to the health of humans and other living
beings, or cause damage to the climate or
to materials.

Food waste

The causes of food waste or loss are numerous
and occur throughout the food system

Water poliution

Water pollution is any change in the
physical, chemical or biological properties
of water that will have a detrimental
consequence of any living organism.


clearcutting is the removal of a forest
or stand of trees from land that is then
converted to non-forest use. clearing
the land for agriculture or grazing, or
using the timber for fuel, construction
or manufacturing.

Resource Depletion

Resource depletion is the consumption
of a resource faster than it can be
replenished. Natural resources are
commonly divided between renewable
resources and non-renewable resources.

Plastic Pollution

Plastics and their ingredients are
pervading our oceans and waterways,
invading the bodies of humans and


Overpopulation is associated with
negative environmental and economic
outcomes ranging from the impacts of
over-farming, deforestation, and water
pollution to eutrophication and global

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