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Blue's Book of Traditions and Life by the Sea

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Blue's Book of Traditions and Life by the Sea

Blue's Book of Traditions and Life by the Sea

Book 4:
A collection of seafood recipes, keeping in mind sustainable fishing:

Blue’s Big Book of Traditions & Life by the sea

Blue’s Museum collection

Cultural heritage in visited countries.

Esapolis Padua Italy … to study biodiversity

Malta - Maritime Museum

The Malta Maritime Museum is
set within the Old Naval bakery
on the Birgu (Vittoriosa)
waterfront. Within it, artefacts
and exhibits take you on a 7,000
year journey through Malta’s
maritime history, showing how
this history and the ties with the
Mediterranean sea influenced
Maltese people and the island in

Malta - Fort St. Angelo & maritime Museum

Our students from Saint
Thomas More Middle School
Tarxien learnt about how Malta,
has supported other countries
and for a lot of time was a
“hospital” of the Mediterranean
due to its geographical

Malta has been also a very
important port, making it a
desirable island to conquer and
rule. Hence, the Maltese people
have been exposed to a vast
amount of cultures.

Malta - Fort St. Angelo & maritime Museum

Fort Saint Angelo, is situatied a
the centre of the Grand Harbour
in Birgu, one of the three cities.
It was built by the Knights of
St.John between 1530 and the
1560s having a major role in the
Great Siege of 1565, making it
of significant importance for the

Students learnt that this fort,
has been restored recently since
it was neglected in previous
years. They were made aware
how important it is to safeguard
our cultural heritage.

Greece-averof maritime museum of Athens -1rst junior high school of Markopoulo

Averof Maritime museum in Athens

Italy- maritime museum Located in the heart of the
charming island of Ortigia, the
Sea Museum of Syracuse
holds a vast repertoire of
equipment, models and
documents that reconstruct the
rich memory and vast maritime
tradition of the city.
It is the first and only museum
in Sicily and throughout the
southern Mediterranean where
it was rebuilt the entire chain of
naval carpentry, from the
design and initial project to final
implementation of the boats.

Maritime Museum -Italy The Museum tells the ancient
history of Syracuse and what the
sea has represented for it:
landscape, memory, craft, culture
and tradition.
It houses a priceless tangible and
intangible heritage, preserves and
displays objects, works, artifacts,
written testimonies, images and
documents that describe the
relationship between the city and
the sea and it provides insight into
the maritime culture and history of
the area.

PORTUGAL - Lisbon Story Center

Students from Almada
travelled across the sea to
visit the Lisbon Story

They learnt how the sea
has always connected us
to other cultures
throughout our history and
left us a rich legacy.

PORTUGAL - Jerónimos Monastery Our students visited the
Jeróninos Monastery in
Lisbon in search of sea
traces in its architectural
style known as Manueline
(after King Manuel I)

The sculptural themes
incorporate maritime
elements and objects from
the sea.

It is a UNESCO World
Heritage Site.

Greece-visit to oceanos museum (2nd primary school of giannitsa)

Blue’s Traditions

Cultural heritage in visited countries.

Cultural Traditions in malta

A village feast in August the fishing village of Marsaxlokk.
The patron saint is Our Lady of Pompei.

Vravrona-1rst junior high schhol of Markopoulo

Ancient church dedicated to Artemis in Vravrona city in Athens. You see
Erasinos river near church. Vravrona is a city for swimming near mediteranian

Cultural Traditions in Portugal

Arte-Xávega, an ancestral coastal fishing art that passed from generation to
generation in the village of Costa da Caparica.

Cultural Traditions in Portugal

The Cacilhas procession in honour of Our Lady of Good Success who
saved the village from the 1755 earthquake and tsunami.

Let’s explore

Villages by the sea

With Blue.

Sightseeing in Malta

Filfla, a little rock hosting indigenous plants and Saltpans in Marsaskala
creatures off the Zurrieq coast in the South

A fishermen’s village in Portugal

Coata da Caparica a fishermen’s villa near Almada.
It is famous for its beautiful beaches, surf, music festivals, fossil cliffs,
marine life, and the traditional fishing craft called Arte-Xávega.

Ireland - Views of Bantry Bay


Links to videos and presentations about villages and their customs
Vilanova i la Geltrú Powtoon Presentation
Vilanova i la Geltrú: A Mediterranean City
Our city: Vilanova i la Geltrú
Vilanova i la Geltrú
Vilanova i la Geltrú, Barcelona
Sightseeing Vilanova i la Geltrú
Vilanova i la Geltrú, Spain


Vilanova i la Geltrú Presentation
Presentation on Vilanova i la Geltrú
Vilanova i la Geltrú: Join us

Sightseeing in greece-THESSALONIKI (2nd primary school of giannitsa)

Rafina in Athens-1rst junior high svhool of Markopoulo

Rafina is city in Athens. In this Rafina’s Port
is famous and you can go to Myconos island

in Athens.

Help us keep

Our seas and Beaches,

CLEAN for Blue and our sea friends.

Keeping the sea clean around us

Keep the sea clean
1rst Junior high
school of Markopoulo,

1rst junior high school of Markopoulo,Greece

Keeping the sea clean around us

Keep the sea clean

Agrupamento de Escolas
Anselmo de Andrade,
Almada, Portugal

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