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Harcourts Property Centre
307 Old Cleveland Road
Coorparoo QLD 4151

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Welcome to Harcourts Property Centre

Harcourts Property Centre
307 Old Cleveland Road
Coorparoo QLD 4151

Keywords: Property Management

City to the bay.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide service to you.
We are thrilled with the opportunity to offer our
thoughts and recommendations in relation to your
property management needs.
You can be certain the strength and experience of
Harcourts Property Centre will ensure you a very
successful outcome.


Expect Excellence


Welcome What We Promise

Welcome to Harcourts Property Centre. We 01A reliable partnership
understand the decision to lease your property can 02The highest possible rental price
be time consuming and stressful. We want to make
sure you are well informed of the whole leasing 03Open communication
process and know exactly what you can expect from 04A smooth sale process
us every step of the way. 05Local knowledge

Harcourts Property Centre are the premier residential 3
specialists in Brisbane’s Southside and we are confident in our
capability to lease your property for the highest possible rental
price. Our specialist property management team has already
represented many vendors locally and nationally.
Most importantly, when we lease your property you will
receive the benefit of our proven strategy, exceptional media
buying power and real teamwork amongst our expert
residential agents.
With Harcourts Property Centre’s strong track record of
delivering results over and above expectations, you can
rest assured your property will be marketed with flawless
presentation and keen attention to detail.
There are many things to consider when leasing your
property; the following information will help you to decide
what is best for you.
(07) 3397 4280
[email protected]
307 Old Cleveland Rd, Coorparoo Q 4151

Professional, friendly advice.

About Dimitri

Dimitri Loukaras has worked within the Real Estate industry for
over 7 years, and now holds the integral role of Business
Development Manager at Harcourts Property Centre.
Dimitri is well known for his high level of professionalism and
dedication to his past, present and future clients.

As a keen sportsman, Dimitri developed avid leadership and
communication skills through captaining teams in the Bris-
bane area. His family background is in the hospitality industry,
and through developing relationships with a plethora of
demographics, Dimitri’s communication and interpersonal
skills are unrivalled.

Dimitri possesses a strong knowledge in both residential and
commercial real-estate, further supported through his
university study of property economics and keen interest in
current market trends.

[email protected]
0439 089 194 | (07) 3397 4280


At Our First Meeting

What to expect when you sit down with Dimitri

With your permission, when we meet, I would like to:
01 Tour your property to enable me to take detailed notes.
02 Discuss your needs and expectations and determine
how we can help.
03 Answer any questions you may have about Harcourts
Property Centre, your Property Manager, the service we will
provide and any other real estate matters.
04 Provide you with accurate market research and discuss
a suitable marketing programme to attract and secure the
most suitable tenant.
05 Enquire about recent maintenance of the property,
any current warranties which may apply and your current
insurance cover.
06 Walk through our Management Agreement and
discuss our working partnership.

What We Do

We assist in optimising your income potential.

This simple statement covers an often property can gain massive exposure. Our Before this machine is activated,
challenging & complicated process. Of course comprehensive databases enable us to we determine achievable rent, and
the care of your property and optimising your match tenants with properties. specifically tailor marketing and
return is what’s important - and Harcourts We connect with your audience of potential letting techniques. No two properties
utilises some unique strengths to accomplish tenants. In our media saturated society are the same - so each marketing and
this. the average consumer is bombarded with letting proposal must be considered
We ensure our people consistently operate hundreds of advertising messages every day. individually. We then move seamlessly
above and beyond our competitors. It’s a Your investment property needs to stand out. into the ongoing care and management
precise service based mindset that only the Harcourts have redefined the role of property of your investment asset.
best property management practitioners can management within the real estate office -
deliver consistently. from a back office activity to a streamlined,
We use sophisticated systems and systemised, customer focussed machine that
technology to make certain your today’s market requires.



Dimitri is a great communicator, is very
personable and has a winning style.

01Dimitri from Harcourts provided a great 02I am writing to thank Dimitri Loukaras at 03I engaged Dimitri from Harcourts Property Centre

experience in leasing my property. He was very Harcourts for his outstanding efforts in securing to lease my property and I wasn’t disappointed.
thorough with the applications, had very good a tenant for my rental property. I found Dimitri With a difficult property to lease, Dimitri delivered
and clear communication skills when keeping very dynamic and highly communicative great service and negotiated a quality result. I
me updated with the situation. Would highly with clear goals of achieving the best results. was very happy with the tenants he secured and
recommend Dimitri from Harcourts. Additionally, Dimitri is easy to deal with highly recommend him to anyone looking at
coupled with excellent listening skills that renting their property out.
many professionals lack to possess. I will not
hesitate in future to appoint him as my Business
Development Executive should the situation
arise. Keep up the good work!




Consider this...

People first...
Doing the right thing...

We are specialists Our offices are We accelerate Our business
in Property supported by a team of the renting of your philsophy is based on
Property Managers who are property to the right
Management, experts in their field & whose tenant through our “creating success”
our people sole role is to support, train & focussed marketing and four specific
problem solve whilst keeping & tenant screening values that are
are dedicated up to date with the latest communicated
professionals. innovations in the world of process. throughout the
Property Management. organisation...
We offer a wide
Our local range of value added
knowledge is services to further
backed by your investment.
our global

Being courageous...
Fun and laughter...


Harcourts unrivalled Harcourts Property Our properties attract Harcourts Property
network of offices Centre is Queensland’s over 4 million views Centre, on average, sells a
every week online. property every 12 hours.
exposes your property to #1 agency by sales
potential buyers across 8 volume.



Your Team of Property Management Experts

Janelle’s love and interest in property led her to chase a career in real estate. Straight out of school in 2001 she started out as a Train-
ee. Janelle used this time to watch, learn and understand real estate. The choice was clear very quickly for her - Property Management
was where her passion lied. Janelle worked hard as a Property Manager and was fast tracked to Senior Property Manager and has
held this position for the last 6 years.
Janelle has a simple but precise approach to her business and has a clear focus on her client’s needs. Her simple approach and client
appreciation assures that no situation is too big or small for her to resolve. Janelle understands the importance of the relationships
she holds with clients, attention to detail, and the need for continual review of each property. Janelle’s focus is on maintaining a high
level of service and professionalism for her portfolio.
Dedicated to providing a standout level of customer service, Property Manager Julie Hohenhaus is an invaluable member Harcourts
Property Centre Team. She is a Property Management professional of the highest calibre possessing a positive attitude, innate
attention to detail and six years plus of industry experience. With her thorough understanding of the rental market and meticulous
attention to detail, landlords can expect an honest, transparent approach and comprehensive market advice, enabling them to
maximise the value of their property assets, while achieving outstanding results with peace of mind.
Wholly committed to achieving the desired result for all parties, Julie endeavours to build a sociable rapport with every client. She
believes that relating well to both owners and tenants, and treating them with the respect they deserve, is the key to building lasting
Specialising as an advisor for investors and new landlords with over 6 years experience in residential property market. There’s two
massive factors as a Property Manager that Sharna truly believe’s in; experienced property managers are very hard to find and you
are only as strong as your team. So when it comes to investors relying on her guidance Sharna stands to ensure their investments
and tenants are handed to an experienced team. Being a property manager herself for 5 years Sharna has an extreme passion of
delivering 110% to all of her clients continuously, which is why she can confidently say that when working within a team and as their
representation to residential property to be the best you must surround yourself with the best.


A firm believer in making sure both her landlords and tenants have a positive, rewarding experience, Assistant Property Manager
Krysten Bozoky ensures her clients feel important and cared for by treating them with respect and integrity. Self motivated and a
woman of her word, she prides herself on great communication and total professionalism when it comes to properties leased in the
Inner City area. She is very detailed and meticulous, promptly acknowledging every message and email while quickly addressing the
issues at hand. Dedicated to her position within the Harcourts Property Centre Team, she loves that her role allows her to meet such
an interesting and diverse array of people and help tenants find the perfect place to call home. It’s exceptionally important to her
to have consistent, effective interaction with her landlords. Krysten makes sure they feel comfortable that she is looking after their
precious asset, maximising their investment and securing the best tenants.
Rebecca Tavendale is a career driven Assistant Property Manager and licensed agent with a taste for success. Supporting the
Property Managers with there diverse portfolios, Rebecca ensures that tenants and landlords receive her best attention. Rebecca
has strong community connections and solid local insight. Rebecca specialised role includes scheduling repairs and maintenance,
conducting routine inspections and coordinating accounts. She enjoys the frenetic nature of real estate where each day presents
new challenges to overcome. Rebecca is a relatable and dependable individual to contact regarding your management or rental

Having previously worked as an Administrative Assistant for a building company for five years, Katie understands the importance
of being the first point of contact for a business, and strives to build strong and lasting relationships with all of her clients. The Real
Estate Industry appealed to Katie as it provided her with the opportunity to be challenged, develop her skills in a new and refreshing
environment, and interact with new people on a daily basis. She has lived in the local area her entire life and is excited to work in
such a vibrant community, and brings with her an abundance of knowledge about the local area. Katie believes the key to enjoying
your job is having a can-do attitude, and being a positive and proactive member of the team. She always strives to exceed people’s
expectations and is eager to forge a career for herself in the Real Estate Industry.


your Exclusive Service Plan

Our commitment to delivering an exceptional level
of service.

Our mission is to create clients for life. To achieve this, we commit
to Our Promise; a written assurance that we will deliver you an
exceptional level of service and, most importantly, deliver on your
primary objective - to achieve the best possible result for your

Our promise is made up of essential services that you, our
clients, need from us so that you’re confident in the process
we use to market your property. Our promise is your absolute

assurance of how seriously we take our responsibilities on


Proactive Communication We will condut regular and thorough inspections
From the commencement of the management, we throughout the tenancy. Full reports including
aim to provide you with an exceptional Property photos will be sent to you along with any
Management service. This relies heavily on our maintenance recommendations within 24 hours of
communication with you as the owner, as well as the completed inspection.
your tenant. Maximise Return on Investment

We will notify your tenant the next working day of a Our ultimate goal is to assist you in maximising the
late rental payment. returns on your investment property.

We will inform you of all actions taken until the rent We will prepare and send you an annual
is no longer in arrears. Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) on your property.

We will notify you within 24 hours of your tenant We will discuss with you what we consider to be
giving notice to vacate the property. the optimal rental charge for your investment in the
current market.
We will commence a proactive marketing campaign
the next business day to minimise your vacancy rate. We will send you a comprehensive property
statement annually for tax purposes.
Minimise Risk
We will regularly review the surrounding market and
With our strict policies and procedures, all risk to inform you of any recommended improvements that
your property is minimised. may increase the value of your property.

We will qualify all applications for their financial
ability to pay rent, prior to being put forward to you
as a potential tenant.

We will check all applicants previous rental history
to ensure we place only the best tenants in your

We will complete a full comprehensive report with
photos, prior to any tenant moving into the property
to avoid any disagreements at the end of the


Why Appoint a
Property Manager

Industry Understanding • Do you understand a Landlords’ obligation your having to reissue a notice which may
It’s important to ask yourself “Do I have a under other acts affecting a tenancy? result in a financial loss and also a claim
thorough understanding of the Residential Discrimination, consumer protection, from a tenant that their rights have been
Tenancies Act and other associated statutes?” building and other statutes all impact a breached with an associated claim for
This is a highly specialised aspect of real estate tenancy. compensation.
and is fraught with the danger of litigatino in • Are you confident that you know enough • Do you have a concise knowledge of the
almost every task you undertake. A competent about the tenant selection process to ensure Residential Tenancies Act to effectively
Property Manager not only possesses a strong that you ask the right questinos and r eceive represent yourself in Court? The procedure
understanding of their role, they continually the right answers before you place a tenant must be precise. If you are ill prepared with
increase their knowledge of insurance in your most valuable asset? This can save non-compliant documenation, invalid notice
requirements, changes to legislation and untold heartach and frustration for you. periods or lack of evidence, justice may not
industry market trends to ensure all clients • As a private landlord you may not have fall on your side. Minor mistakes may cost
acheive the highest level of service at all times. the appropriate access to credit control you dearly!
Agents are often engaged to pick up the pieces databases and run the risk of putting a • Do you know the correct procedure when
of poorly self-managed properties after it has tenant into a property without knowing the tenant has absconded and abandoned
cost the owner countless hours in trying to their full credit history. Often we find that goods remain at the property? The
resolve conflicts with their tenant, not to tenants without a good credit history apply Residential Tenancies Act has a range of
mention the monetary cost. for properties that are privately managed as procedures that must be followed when
Considering managing yourself? they know they can hide their past problems. goods are left at the property. Additionally,
If you are at all considering managing your • Do you know how to lodge your tenants’ if you enter the property when possession
own investment property then it’s wise to bond money in accordance with the has not been handed back you risk any
consider the following points: Residential Tenancies Act requirements compensation you may have been entitled
• Do you posess a thorough within the required timeframe? If you do not to; not to mention any penalties that may be
understanding and knowledge of the lodge the bond appropriately you may be imposed due to the breach of the Residential
Residential liable for heavy penalties. Tenancies Act.
Tenancies Act in order to maintain a fair and • Do you know the right procedure when
professional relationship with your tenant? dealing with rental payment arrears? It is
The tenant may be entitled to compensation if vital that the correct notices and service
you inadvertently breach their rights. periods are used to prevent a notice from
being compromised which would result in


The Services

Management Fees - 8.5% + GST
»» Rent collecting and receipting
»» Visual routine inspection reports
»» Maintenance: All repairs are received in writing to our office and all

maintenance required are reported to our landlords prior to commencing any
work. Fully insured, professional, licensed and trusted tradespeopel are used.
»» Arrears processing: arrears are promplty processed daily and action in
accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act will be taken
»» Payment of Accounts: including council rates, Urban Utilities, Body Corporate
fees and insurance renewals.
»» Water charges: at the commencement of the tenancy a water reading is
taken, during the tenancy if your property is water efficient, we will invoice the
tenants accodringly for water consumption.
»» Rental Review: we conduct rental reviews each time we renew your tenants
lease or when your tenant vacates the property.
Administration Fee - $5 + GST
»» End of month statement - emailed or posted
»» End of financial year statement - emailed or posted
»» Disbursement into your bank account
»» Phone calls, faxes, emailing and postage


Letting Fee - First Weeks’ Rent + GST
»» Showing your property to prospective tenants
»» Processing applications and tenancy database checks
»» Tenancy sign ups, making your tenants aware from the

commencement of the tenancy what our expectations are during
their tenancy
»» Lodging rental bonds with the Rental Tenancy Authority
»» Ingoing and outgoing inspection: full visual entry and exit
condition reports
»» Report conducted when your tenant moves into the property and
vacates the property

Lease Renewal - $55
»» 3 months prior to your tenants lease expiring we will do a current

market analysis of your investment property and ensure that the
property is in line with the current rental market
»» We will negotiate a new lease on your behalf ensuring that the new
lease ends in peak times so that should your tenant vacate, the
property is being marketed when the property rental market is at
its best, ensuring you get a high rental return and have a selection
of good quality tenants.
»» When negotiating the new lease, justifying to the tenants on your
behalf the reason for the rent increase and negotiating the best
possible price and length of lease on your behalf.


Fees & Charges

Fee Schedule

Management fee......................................................................................................................................8.5% + GST
Letting fee.................................................................................................................................... 1 week rent + GST
Administration fee.............................................................................................................................$5.50 / month
Lease renewal fee...........................................................................................................................................$55.00
National tenancy database TICA (reference Check) ..........................................................................$8 per let
Tribunal attendance fee....................................................................$100 per appearance + lodgement fees
Title search if required...................................................................................................................................$22.95
*Rental appraisal is free of charge.


Advertising Package

Professional photography x 8 images
Online Advertising: (highlight listing for the price of a basic listing), Domain, REIQ,
Harcourts Website
Large professional signboard
*Additional marketing material: Advertising in rental Open Home Booklets, Just Listed & Just Leased
letters and property brochures handed out at Open Homes.

Package total $350

*Package total is $250 if professional photos are not required


Preparing Your
Home For Lease


Declutter Repairs Tips for open homes and
The first time is the simplest. Before the photographer Make any aesthetic repairs well before inspections. »» Open all curtains to ensure
arrives, take a walk through your home and remove Leaking taps and blown bulbs will stand out to
any clutter. It is important for tenants to be able to potential tenants, so it is best to have these attended there is an abundance of
imagine themselves in your property. Removing to. Items such as curtains and older fixtures and natural light.
unneccessary furniture and personal items will help the fittings may only cost a small amount to update, but »» Turn on lamps and lighting to
property appear tidy and spacious. could make a huge difference to the overall feel of the create a welcoming atmosphere
Freshen Up property. during the day.
Do your best to get rid of any cigarette smoke or pet Street Appeal »» Turn on heaters / air-
odours. Any bad smells will affect the potential tenants Ensure your property looks inviting from the outside. conditioners to create a nice
first impressions of the property. Keeping the lawns mowed, gardens tidy and driveway temperature inside.
Cleaning clean throughout the letting of your property is »» Turn off the TV, but have some
It is a good idea to give your property a thorough important, as your tenant may take several drives past soft music playing in the
clean before you start inspections. Important items to your home before inspecting. background.
remember are windows, light fittings and an outside Pets »» Use candles to create
wash if needed. Be sure to take away the spider webs We recommend removing pets while inspections on a welcoming fragrance
and remove any mould that may have developed as your property are taking place. You never know if your throughought the home, but
these things will significantly stand out to the tenants. tenant is going to be a dog or cat lover. Secondly, make sure they are subtle.
Furniture and Staging pets can react to strange visitors on your property. »» Make sure all members of the
If you think your furniture challenges the style of your Please also clear the yard of any surprises prior to each household have left the home
home, then it might be worth employing a staging inspection. during an inspection. This will
specialist to help style your property before marketing Shed ensure prospective tenants
commences. If your property is empty, the same applies If your property has a shed, tenants will want to inspect can inspect freely and openly
for setting a few rooms in the house with furniture. It it. Make sure you spend time cleaning it out and tidying communicate their thoughts on
will make all the difference to your photographs and it. Tenants will want to be able to walk inside, so they the home.
help the property feel more like a home when potential should be able to freely move past the door. »» Don’t have the candles and
tenants inspect. music? Don’t worry, we’ll take
care of it!


Put Your Property
On A Pedastal


At Harcourts Property Centre, we understand that preparing your property
for rent is much more than putting a sign out the front. We have put
together a comprehensive set of tools which we will use to find your tenant.

Signboards Open Homes
Signboards are an incredibly important part of the Open homes are a critical part of the marketing
marketing mix. Most tenants frequent areas of interest process. Allowing tenants to inspect your home in
and signboards provide both local and out of area clusters creates competition amongst prospective
parties immediate access to what is available. tenants. It also limits the disruption to you if your home
Professional Photography is popular with the marketplace.
Capturing the luxury, landscape, tones and finishes
behind a home is what sells it. Every home has a Social Media
story to tell and the photographer will work hard to Adding and boosting your property on social media
showcase the home to the desired audience with proactively targets tenants living in and around
engaging images. your area, showcasing your listing in their Facebook
Internet Marketing newsfeed. Did you know, the average user would spend
When it comes to online marketing, bigger really around 12.5 hours per week on Facebook?
is better! That is why we have secured you the best Video
available rate for premiere placement on realestate. Video is an outstanding marketing tool, whether you choose a short 30 second video or a two minute video
which thoroughly showcases the property’s finer
features. A professional video invites the tenant into
your home and gives them a taste of the lifestyle on


Professional Photography & Video


Superior Signage lease Property Portals

Sharna Gifkins REA Example
M 0414 170 141
Harcourts Property Centre 27



Trade Phone Email

Electrician - Helix Electrical 0409 266 297 [email protected]
Locksmith - Armour Lock & Security 0401 310 505 [email protected]
Plumber - Nicoll Plumbing 07 3224 1117 [email protected]
Handyman - Fix it Chicks 0400 577 577 [email protected]
Lawn/Garden - Jims’ Mowing 0423 771 492 [email protected]
Cleaners - Bond Clean Specialists 0424 576 102 [email protected]
Carpet Cleaning - A Clean Scene 07 3801 4588 [email protected]
Roofers - Jason Wilson 0421 460 580 [email protected]
Pest Control - A Clean Scene 07 3801 4588 [email protected]
Pest Control - Trusted Pest Management 1800 201 223
Termite Inspection - Trusted Pest 1800 201 223 [email protected]
Appliance Repair - Brisbane Aftersales 07 3846 7777
Pool Maintenance - Swimart Camp Hill 07 3395 3022 [email protected]
Garage Doors - GT Garage Doors 07 3272 4816
Pool Inspections - Pool Compliance Australia 1300 552 661 [email protected]
Air Conditioning - Excel Air Con 0412 747 576 [email protected]
Air Conditioning - H&H Air Conditioning 07 3276 1800 [email protected]
Security Screens - K&B Security Doors 07 3386 0555 [email protected]
Glass Repair - ASAP Glass 1300 734 584
Possums & Rats - Peter the Possum Man 07 3250 1133 [email protected]
Tax Depreciation - Real Property Matters 0419 938 444 [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]


Our Team


Our Team

Aaron Brooks Sam Devlin
Director Director


Our Team

Adam Duffus Alex Stassen Allysha Ockers Anna Dunne Ann-Marie Best
Sales Consultant Sales Consultant Sales Consultant Sales Consultant Sales Consultant

Brad Johnston Carrie Stevenson Cherie Best Chris Bagley Clair Evans
Sales Consultant Personal Assistant Sales Consultant Sales Consultant Sales Associate

Our Team

Cola Curry Dave Lynch Dayne Evans Dimitri Loukaras Emma De Marco
Office Manager Sales Consultant Sales Consultant Business Development Manager Sales Consultant

Fraser Bearcroft Isabella Kelly Janelle Bagley Jewlie Halliday Julie Hohenhaus
Sales Associate Administrator Head of Property Management Sales Associate Property Manager

Our Team

Keryn Ellmers Lachlan Tanzer Lisa Manson Louise Newell Melissa Connolly
Sales Consultant Sales Consultant Sales Associate Sales Consultant Sales Associate

Melissa Laidlaw Michael Jackson Patrick Ivey Paul Johns Rebecca Tavendale
Administrator Sales Consultant Sales Consultant Sales Consultant Leasing Consultant

Our Team

Renee White Ross Bischoff Rowena Gill Samuel Battel Sharna Gifkins
Sales Associate Sales Consultant Sales Consultant Sales Consultant Property Manager

Sophia Neighbour Sue Ward Trent Powles Victoria Devlin
Sales Associate Sales Consultant Sales Consultant Sales Consultant



Canada China/Hong Kong
1 office 41 offices

United States United Arab Emirates
38 offices 1 office

3 offices

33 offices

South Africa New Zealand
148 offices 193 offices

392 offices


The Harcourts Difference

Our vision when starting Harcourts Property Centre was to create a
real estate agency that presented world-class service from the City to
the Bay. And today, that vision is becoming a reality.
We truly believe Harcourts Property Centre has the best people in
the industry who are all committed to delivering world-class real
estate experience to our clients. I invite you to experience our ‘positively
different’ approach.
We sincerely hope this starts our journey together as ‘clients for life.’

Aaron Brooks Sam Devlin

Business Owner Principal & Auctioneer


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