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An annual publication from Lakeview Academy listing the yearly accomplishments, alumni news and giving. It also recaps the accomplishments and college acceptances of our graduating class.

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Published by Lakeview Academy Communication, 2019-08-06 15:05:00

Lakeview Academy Annual Report and Magazine (2018-19)

An annual publication from Lakeview Academy listing the yearly accomplishments, alumni news and giving. It also recaps the accomplishments and college acceptances of our graduating class.

Keywords: college prep; giving; alumni; private school

Volume 33 // 2018–2019 Annual Report & Magazine


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33


In late May I was invited back to campus by Dr. Kennedy to
BOARD OF TRUSTEES participate in giving an award to a graduating student on Senior
Night. Everyone has always been very gracious in making me feel
On behalf of the Board of Trustees, welcome, and I appreciate the opportunity to visit from time
the administration, faculty, and to time. Why am I writing about this particular event? After
staff, I want to personally thank attending this most recent program, I feel compelled to share my
everyone who has supported unique perspective about the change I observed.
Lakeview Academy this year. As you
will see throughout this magazine, I was “blown away” by the breadth and depth of the senior class
this past year was another amazing and the progress Lakeview has made since I left fourteen years ago. Due to my background and
year of accomplishments for our experience, there are nuances I see that others may miss.
school and our students.
For example, the presentations by the faculty spoke volumes to me. They were precise, short and
Following is an open letter from focused on the achievements of the students and absent of self-promotion. Dr. Kennedy and the
Ferrell Singleton, who served as leadership team have made great hires and have set high expectations that are clear and positive. I
Headmaster of Lakeview for 26 am impressed.
years. Following his retirement
from Lakeview in 2005, Mr. Singleton The accomplishments of this graduating class exceed the norm. When I took time to focus on the
continued work as a leadership number and types of awards, progress in depth and breadth of the academic and extra-curricular
and strategic planning consultant programs during the past several years is amazing. Watching the students' reactions when different
including serving as interim head classmates received awards demonstrated to me their respect for one another and pride in being a
of school for four independent Lakeview graduate. The rich diversity seen in this class tells me that the reputation of Lakeview is
schools. His words perfectly reflect strong throughout the community, and the environment at Lakeview is one of acceptance. When I
what Lakeview Academy means to whispered questions to Dr. Kennedy about various students receiving awards, he shared in-depth
so many of us. And, as we move into knowledge about each one, which told me that the caring for each student at Lakeview still persists.
the next season at Lakeview, I am
confident we are fully prepared to The list of colleges and universities from which students received acceptance is most impressive
continue the impressive result for for a class this size. The list of acceptances were diverse and demonstrated the individual focus that
our children. had to be given to each student about his or her interest and talents. My post Lakeview experience
with other schools and their programs of college counseling reflect very positively on Lakeview’s
college counseling office. Particularly impressive is the high success rate in acceptances from the
University of Georgia. The acceptance percentage would be a source of envy from other high schools.

I close by expressing pride in seeing that “my school” is doing so well.


H. Ferrell Singleton
Retired Former Head of Lakeview Academy


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33

John Kennedy FAREWELL TO
Clay Eubanks, Chair 07
Jay Kilroy, Chair -elect
RK Whitehead, Treasurer RECOGNITION
Sheetal Mangalat, Secretary
Athletics | Fine Arts | Literary
Jonathan Collins, Gary Davis, Technology | Teaching Awards | Recognition
Dana Gay, Jennifer Gottsman,
Fran Bonner Habeeb, Rob Harris, 23
Jane Hemmer, Randy Homer,
John Lovell, Rena Millwood, CLASS OF 2019
Martha Nesbitt, Kathy Oates ’74,
Jeff Payne, Josh Schlieman, Class Stats | Crayons to Commencement
Mack Vinton, Christina White ’94, Cabooses

Trey Wood ‘04 26

John Simpson ATTENTION ALUMNI: Spotlight | Events | Notes
Carolyn Bagwell, Alumni & Special Events Officer 37
Brent Drury [email protected] FINANCIALS
or go to
Darlene Snyder and complete the electronic form.
Beth McElwee Annual Fund | Booster | GA GOAL | Auction

ATHLETIC DIRECTOR Lakeview Annual Report & Magazine is published annually by
Deuce Roark Lakeview Academy for its parents, faculty, alumni and friends. It is
produced by the Offices of Alumni Relations, Communication, and
DIRECTOR Development.
Sondra Berry
Lakeview Academy is an equal opportunity school and does not
DEVELOPMENT & discriminate based on race, color, or national or ethnic origin.

DeAnna Browne

Tammy Skinner

Lynn Zottnick


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33

“Mr. McCann was and is beloved by
so many students because of his kind,

gentle, empathic, yet challenging,
nature and teaching style.”


written by: Lydia Miller, '04

If you have ever spent time in and even puppetry (along with teaching regular state and AP
Lakeview’s Upper School building, requirements for history curriculum). In addition to his classroom
you have likely met Michael McCann. responsibilities, Mr. McCann also served as the History Department
Often found with a book in his hand and Chair, Coordinator of Assemblies, Coordinator of the Service
a bow tie around his neck, Mr. McCann Curriculum Requirement, and Faculty Advisor to the Honor Council.
has become one of Lakeview’s most
beloved teachers. Dubbed everything He fosters a love of poetry among his students, hosting a Poetry
from “my teacher, mentor, and friend” Club luncheon weekly, and from 1990-2018, has taken a group of
to “probably an actual wizard,” there students to the Dodge Poetry Festival in New Jersey, the largest
is no doubt that something magical poetry event in North America. Over the years, he has shared
happened during the 38 years Mr. his talent with the Lakeview Fine Arts Department, appearing in
McCann spent within the walls of numerous productions,
Lakeview Academy. including the 2019 spring
play Bright Star. In his spare
Michael McCann, who initially came time during school days,
to Gainesville to work as the Assistant he enjoys taking a trip to
Rector at Grace Episcopal Church, began the Lower School library to
his Lakeview career in January 1981. read to students (under the
He began teaching part-time before direction of Ms. Thomas,
becoming a full-time teacher in the fall of course). The highlight
of 1987. During his tenure at Lakeview, of his week is the Upper
he taught English and history, covering School teachers’ tradition
topics such as: Biblical History, the of having a weekly
Theatre of the Absurd, Shakespeare, potluck, “Soup Day,” each
Ancient Greek and Roman History, Wednesday. Mr. McCann’s


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33

dedication to Lakeview is best the Honor Council and is seen it. I had the pleasure of taking one
summed up by former Lakeview thoroughly in his classroom. history class with Mr. McCann
Headmaster Ferrell Singleton Claire Graff (‘11), remembers his as well as his poetry seminar
who said “Michael [McCann]’s passion for education, literature, my senior year (despite all my
involvement with other activities and lifelong learning. “Mr. previous declarations that I did
of the school is an example of the McCann was and is beloved by not actually enjoy poetry - I just
depth and breadth of his impact so many students because of wanted to spend another class
on the life of the school.” his kind, gentle, empathic, yet period with Mr. McCann). I was
challenging, nature and teaching one of five students in the seminar
Mr. McCann, with the enthusiastic style," she highlighted. "He that year, and I will forever be
encouragement of Kelsey Zottnick encouraged deep thinking and grateful for his patience for my
(‘07), created the Lakeview Honor discernment in his classroom, dislike of any structured style
Council in 2006. With its first while also creating a safe space of poetry and his willingness
plans created in a notebook for critical conversations and to introduce me to other styles
labeled “Lakeview Pottery Club,” growth and between chapters and that I soon began to appreciate. I
the Honor Council is a group of components of his syllabus. Mr. ended that class with a newfound
students who help uphold the McCann told great stories.” enjoyment of something that
Lakeview Honor Code, which is had previously been confusing
signed by every student upon The encouragement Mr. to me and with two new books
beginning their Upper School McCann provided to students of free verse poetry, courtesy of
careers. Of the creation of this has inspired many to follow their Mr. McCann. I remember leaving
organization, Zottnick said, “Mr. dreams, including Shelley Bennett Lakeview in the spring of 2014
McCann helped guide me and a (‘14), who remembers a time when with the promise to come back
group of students to crystallize he was particularly supportive and learn more of Mr. McCann’s
Lakeview’s commitment to of her passion. “He told me I was life story (something I had been
educational integrity and a good poet and should continue begging him to enlighten us on
responsibility.” Beyond the writing,” Bennett recalls. “It since I first met him on Upper
significance of the Honor Council was one of the most meaningful School Drop-In Day only three
on the Lakeview community, things a teacher has ever said to years prior).
Zottnick mentioned how Mr. me. Getting that support from
McCann’s thoughtful guidance someone I respected gave me the “Getting that support
greatly contributed to building confidence to follow my dreams from someone I respected
and maintaining the critical role and study creative writing in gave me the confidence
of the Honor Council in reflecting college.” As a side note, she is also to follow my dreams
Lakeview’s values of honesty and among the group of students who and study creative
respect in all aspects of our lives. continue to believe Mr. McCann writing in college.”
just might be a wizard. “He is this
The impact Mr. McCann has sage man with a grey beard who continued on page 6 >
had on students goes beyond always magically had just the
right book.” This suspicion was
especially supported when one
Halloween during her high school
career, Mr. McCann dressed up as
a wizard to read a poem during

My personal experiences with
Mr. McCann were shorter than
most students. I returned to
Lakeview in the 10th grade, but
I was quickly entranced by the
classroom lined with bookshelves
and the stories being told within


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33

Beloved by his students, Mr. McCann returns it in “His love for his students and his
kind. One of his favorite parts about Lakeview, other dedication to fostering friendships
than his paycheck (he said - his signature McCann
smile beaming), has been the friendships - the ongoing with them beyond graduation is
company of teacher friends as well as students who what has led so many to consider
grow up and become friends and continue learning Michael McCann to be the epitome
through sharing books, stories, questions, wonderings,
and tales. Students are the heart of his career. He of a passionate educator.”
credits the family atmosphere at Lakeview and his
clergy background with this ability to truly invest in He did mention that his Maltipoo puppies (much
his students. In fact, Mr. McCann shared a story about beloved by the McCanns and Lakeview students
one of his students calling him “father” to which Mr. alike), Molly and Finn, are the ones with plans
McCann responded by calling him “son.” His love for to take advantage of him no longer having to go
his students and his dedication to fostering friendships to school early every morning. “I can see [these
with them beyond graduation is what has led so many plans] in their dear eyes,” he said. He also hopes
to consider Michael McCann to be the epitome of a to continue visiting Lakeview to assist in the
passionate educator. library, to read to Lower School students, to meet
with students over lunch to talk about poetry, or
When asked about his plans following the conclusion whatever else Beth McElwee might want or ask,
of the school year, he laughed, stating, “I’ve got none!” and to take part on Soup Day, of course.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR At the conclusion of this overview of one of
the most impactful educators I have ever had
Lydia Miller graduated from Lakeview in 2014. She the pleasure of learning from, I wanted to say
went on to receive her bachelor's degree in history and thank you to Mr. McCann. Thank you for the
humanities from Wofford College (Spartanburg, SC) in years of education, book recommendations,
May of 2018. She currently resides in Washington D.C. laughs, friendship, and sharing your kindness
where she is pursuing a career in the museum field. and wisdom with every member of the Lakeview
community. My thoughts are wrapped up best in
the conclusion of my conversation with Kelsey
Zottnick (‘07) - with Mr. McCann’s retirement,
Lakeview says farewell to a legend.


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33


01 02

01. 05.
McCann Family
02. present and
Mr. McCann past: Tina
welcomes Peggy Thomas and
and Rudy Hampton Kitty Brooks

03. 06.
Michael with Linda
and Ferrell Singleton Ruth and Ben


Shelley Bennett
'14 and Matthew
03 04 05 06 Sartor '16


Elif Alyanak '08 Emilie Cisco '09 Marissa Hewatt Stephens '09 Janice and Travis Rogers
Loree Anne Paradise '07 The Coopers, Jonah Hooper '95 Anna Rogers '14
Marissa Baer '13 Rene Iglesias Mills Rogers '11
Natalie Baer '16 Walter, Angie, John Carter, and Luke Kimberly Johnson '06 Matthew Sartor '16
Kristi and Joe Baer Kim and Todd Cottrell Lynn Kennedy Johnson '94 Darlene and Darrell Snyder
Carolyn and Harry Bagwell '80 Mary Hemmer Demmler '95 Caro and John Landers Shonda and Mark Sosebee
Suzanne Bagwell '07 Matthew Dubnik '99 Margaret K. Lindler Tina and Mike Thomas
James Bagwell '11 Randy Duncan '83 Sara Beth Little ’09 Darby Thompson '09
Kim Baldwin Embry Family Wangou Lu Cynthia Vander Ven
Shannon and David Ball Pat and Russell England Clare Marshall '05 Craig Waddell
Shelley Bennett '14 Eubanks Family Kuepper '19, Mckenna '19, and Ari Mikels AnneRyan Waller
Sondra Berry Sibylle Freiermuth '07 Liz Moore '90 Hayden, Hattie, and Hamilton White
Jenna and Adam Blackwell Helena and Bernhard Freiermuth The Mundy Family: Lori and Paul White
Terri and Howard Bradley Evelyne Freiermuth '05 Whitehead Family
John Bradley '04 Dana and Tommy Gay Tom, AliceAnn, Camper '90, and Matt '96 Philip Wilheit Jr. '95
Harrison Bradley '10 Gottsman Family Tripp Norton '06 Pamela and Simon Williams
Kaye and Chip Branch Crystal and Rusty Gravitt Sehoon Oh Kelsey L Zottnick '07
Dianna Briggs '05 Salah Joseph Haddad Thomas H. Paris IV '13 Sean Zottnick '09
Sherry Brock Paul L. Hallock Partin Family Katie Zottnick '12
Brock Family Lily and Jones Harris Nekhil Patel '09 Nathan Zottnick '14
DeAnna and Daniel Browne '98 Layne and Justin Hayes ‘90 Ana Patino Keith Zottnick '17
Brooke Burt The Harrison Girls: Sydney Fleming Phillips '15 Lynn and Kerry Zottnick
Jennifer and Bob Calderhead Abbe Piccolo '19
St. James Episcopal Church Jordan '08, Taylor '10, Dorothy and Don Price
and Kelly Holt '14 Jennifer and Deuce Roark
Cameron Hewatt


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33



What an incredible year our athletics program had:

FIVE teams were named region champions: Varsity 01
Baseball, Varsity Boys Basketball, Varsity Girls
Basketball, Varsity Volleyball and JV Volleyball. 01.
The girls’ soccer team made school history by HALL CO. & REGION VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS
winning a state playoff game for the first time. Lakeview’s varsity volleyball team won its first Hall County
Three athletes from the Class of 2019 will play at Championship and won the Area 8-A Private region title! At the
the collegiate level next year. 8-A Private Championship Tournament, Sadie Thrailkill was
named Tournament MVP and Madison Dowdy and Anna Wylie
02 03 were named All Tournament.

04 Sadie Thrailkill and Anna Wylie were also selected to play in the
North/South All-Star Volleyball Classic.

Lakeview’s varsity boys and girls teams were the Region 8A
Basketball Champions. Two Lions – Eliza Snyder and Adam
Cottrell, were Times Athlete of the Week for their efforts and
both achieved their 1,000 career-point. The girls’ team had a 25-5
record and ended the season voted 5th best in the state! Both
teams made it to the Elite 8 in state playoffs.

Jackie Allen, Adam Cottrell, Blake McIntyre and Eliza Snyder
were chosen to play in the North Georgia All-Star Classic
Basketball Game where Blake McIntyre was the Game MVP.

Lakeview’s varsity baseball team finished the season with an
overall record of 19-4 and 10-0 in the region. In addition, players
Ian Echols and Campbell Melson along with Coach Roark
participated in the FCA All Star Baseball Tournament.

Lakeview’s JV volleyball team won the region volleyball
tournament for the second year in a row!



Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33


Lakeview Lions pitcher, Andrew
Estes, was named the Region 8A
Baseball Player of the Year. He was
also announced as an All-State First
Team (Class A-Private) short stop
selection by the Georgia Dugout
Preview Magazine. Lakeview’s varsity
baseball coach Deuce Roark was
named the Coach of the Year. Holden
Cooper, KJ Millwood, Sam Stewart,
Ian Echols and Jordan Thomas made
All-Area Baseball teams.

03. 01 02 03
Lakeview Lioness, Eliza Snyder, was
the Region 8A girls Basketball Player
of the Year. She was also named to the
2018-19 Basketball All-State Team,
the Atlanta Journal & Constitution
All-State Class A Basketball Team,
Lanierland Tournament Team, was
invited to the GACA North-South
Junior-Senior Basketball Classic and
was the WDUN Athlete of the Week

Jackie Allen, Adam Cottrell, Sadie
Thrailkill and Arturo Varela made
All-Region Basketball teams.

04.-05. 04 05
Anna Wylie was named the Region 8A OF 2019 WILL PLAY AT THE COLLEGE LEVEL.
Volleyball Player of the Year. Varsity
volleyball coach, Clyde Wylie, was
named the Region 8A Volleyball
Coach of the Year. Ana also made
the All-State 1st Volleyball Team.

Making the All-Area volleyball teams
were Madison Dowdy, Sadie Thrailkill
and Garrett Green.

Lakeview’s varsity girls’ soccer team REINHARDT OXFORD COLLEGE OF GEORGIA
made school history by winning a UNIVERSITY EMORY UNIVERSITY COLLEGE
state playoff game for the first time.
The team went on to play in the Elite 8 Basketball Basketball Volleyball
state playoffs and Palmer Ferguson,
Millie Filson, Sara Nivens, Isabella
Rojas-Alban and Sadie Thrailkill were
named to the All-Area 3 Soccer Teams.


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33




Once again, Lakeview Academy won the Region One Act Play
competition; this year with “Mamma Mia.” In addition,
Lakeview had several individual region champions: Best
Actress - Grace Abee, Best Supporting Actress - Lainie
Ewers; All Star Cast - Hannah Hicks and Hendrix Coates; and Best Run
Crew. Grace Abee and Lainie Ewers made the All-Star Cast at the state
competition. Lakeview Academy’s other One-Act region wins include
"The Wedding Singer" in 2013, the "The Addams Family" in 2014, "Catch
Me If You Can" in 2015, "13, the Musical" in 2016 and “9 to 5” in 2017.

Lakeview Academy was nominated for Best Musical Direction (Gretchen Plummer) and Best
Sound (Mikhail Lovell, James Lynden & Esther Suen) at the 2019 Shuler Hensley Georgia High
School Musical Theatre Awards for “Bright Star.” Lakeview also received Honorable Mentions
for Best Overall Production, Best Performance by a Supporting Actress (Hannah Hicks), Best
Performance by a Supporting Actor (Michael Lynden), Best Performance by a Featured Performer
(Matthew Jue), Best Lighting Design (Cece Conrath, Grant Key & Marc Seay) and Best Technical
Execution (Cece Conrath, Joe Harris, Mikhail Lovell, Mckenna Mikels & Kuepper Mikels).

Lakeview’s Reed Butler won 1st Place at the 2019 Congressional Art Competition for the 9th Congressional District for his artwork, “Reading Bear.”
He was recognized at an award ceremony in Washington D.C., and his artwork will be displayed at the U.S. Capitol for one year.

Sophia Coker's digital art "Stoned Ground" and Jack Kennedy's pen drawing "Audacity" were selected for the 2019 All State Art
Symposium held at Columbus State University.


These seniors received fine arts acceptances to perform/study at the college level:




Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33



Lakeview Academy won the Region 8A and State
A-Private Literary Championship again this
past year. Lakeview has been the state literary
champion 13 times since 2004 and the region
champion 15 times since 2002! The literary
competition includes dramatic interpretation,
essays and vocals. This year’s state winners
included: Rocco Russo for Argumentative
Essay; Nanditha Rajini for International
Extemporaneous Speaking; Lainie Ewers for
Girls’ Solo; and Lainie Ewers, Mckenna Mikels,
Abbe Piccolo for Girls’ Trio.

Lakeview Academy’s State Literary team included Grace
Abee, Joe Ball, Lainie Ewers, Brock Harris, Michael
Lynden, Mckenna Mikels, Abbe Piccolo, Nanditha Rajini,
and Rocco Russo.


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33



Lakeview’s Upper School Robotics Team competed in the North
Georgia Alliance League meet, winning 1st place in the 12-team
league. The team also helped to set the League's new high score
At the Northern Georgia League Tournament, the team received
the Think Award (for best Engineering Notebook) and was captain
of the winning alliance at the tournament. In addition, the team
was 2nd runner-up for the Inspire award, which is the most
prestigious award in the competition. Team members, William
Beard and Kalen Oliveira, were selected as Dean’s List semi-
finalists, the highest honor for individuals on an FTC team.


Lakeview's Middle School FLL (First Lego League) Robotics
Team advanced to the Super Regionals where the team won
the Best Robot Design Award.

At the First Tech Challenge (FTC) state competition in CODING CHAMPIONS!
February, Mikhail Lovell, Lakeview’s Upper School
Technology Teacher and Robotics Coach, received the Lakeview's Upper School Coding Team competed at
Compass Award. This award recognized Mr. Lovell for Lockheed Martin for the annual Code Quest programming
his outstanding guidance and leadership to the team competition. The advanced group (Alice Gao, William
throughout the year as well as during the competition Beard, and Nicholas Mazzaferro) won 1st place with the
season. The team was also awarded a grant for recycling the highest score out of more than 50 teams, and the novice
most aluminum during the 2018-2019 competition season. level group (Max Pethel, Sara Laine, and Garv Gaur)
placed 4th out of 20+ novice groups.

Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33


Cristina Leek (Lower School) Gina Tipton (Middle School) Mikhail Lovell (Upper School)


The annual Beth Grindle Excellence in Teaching Award honors Beth Grindle who wore many
hats while at Lakeview. The award is presented annually to a teacher from each division
who is not only an excellent teacher but is also active in professional development
and a cooperative and contributing colleague. Congratulations to this year's recipients.


Congratulations to Kelsey Marcero, one of eight educators Janell Myers was selected as Lakeview Academy’s Teacher
honored with this year's Featherbone Masters in Teaching award. Assistant of the Year. Janell has been a teaching assistant
The program honors educators from local colleges, school systems at Lakeview Academy for a combined nine years and most
and private schools, and Mrs. Marcero was selected for her work recently assisted Mrs. Lindler with her kindergarten class.
in helping Upper School students find the right fit for college,
navigate the college application process and find scholarships.


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33


ALL SCHOOL LAKEVIEW ACADEMY Lakeview Academy, “Mayan 5th Grade
HOMECOMING QUEEN Steps”, wood sculpture 1st – Jacob Gayton
DAR NOMINEE & COURT 6th Grade – 1st: Niko Benz, 2nd – Maddox Garcia
Daughters of the American Lakeview Academy, “Untitled” 3rd – Ava Siemon
Revolution, the DAR, honors an Linda Geib was this year’s acrylic drawing 4th – Bella Caplan
Outstanding Student of American Homecoming Queen. Her court
History at the chapter, state, and was composed of seniors Sophia TOME SOCIETY AWARDS DIRECTOR’S FITNESS
national levels. Each year, DAR Coker and Esther Suen; juniors The mission of the Tome Student 2nd Grade: Lucas Chittaro, Claire
chapters across the country select Abigail Child and Maddy Child; Literacy Society is to promote Hornor, Nolan Idol, Campbell
a local American history student sophomores Grace Baldwin and multiple literacies among 4th- Johnson, Alex Prince, Luke
to nominate for the award. The Jenna Dave; and freshmen 12th grade students across the Robertson, Jordan Sharp, Mary
student must have the ability Maggie Abboud and Millie Filson. United States through service; Evan Simpson, Brady Taylor &
to foster the spirit of American collaboration; competition- Evan Wallace
patriotism and loyal support of LAKEVIEW ACADEMY based club activities; and clean, 3rd Grade: Wynne Billingsly,
our country and constitutional M AY DAY QU EEN & entertaining, encouraging Morgan Borrow, James Dubnik,
government and must demonstrate COURT literature. Students were Olivia Goetz, Rose Grover,
the ability to relate this to subjects challenged with literary and digital Miriam Haddad, William McGee,
concerning current events. The Claire Walton was this year’s projects which were submitted for Robert Owenby, Bora Ozcelik,
student must always have high May Day Queen. Her court was competition. Sierra Piper, Colton Smith
academic standards requiring composed of seniors Ansley 1st Place It List Book Review Blog 4th Grade: Kaydee Adams, Addi
excellence. Gomez, Bryce Blackwell, Mary Article Competition, 7th Grade – Bales, Jonathan Day, Zachary
Sophia Coker (12th grade) Keys Payne, Jack Kennedy, & Luka Wolf Dupont, Delaney Garlich, Caden
Luke Harris (8th grade) KJ Millwood; juniors Catherine 2nd Place Infographic Competition, Idol, Kendall Mathis, Jacob
Henderson, Sam Stewart, Lindy 6th Grade – Leyla Ozcelik Norton, Harper Rios, Sarah
EXTENDED LEARNING Kanaday & Satchel Sumner; 2nd Place Book Talk Competition, Roark & Ashley Scott
Lakeview Academy’s K3 and K4 sophomores Anna Grace 5th Grade – Sadie Leek 5th Grade: Bonnie Calvert, Bella
program along with the Extended Marshall, Jack Kubiak, Emma Caplan, Benji Chastain, Walker
Learning program continued to Trip & Jack Williams; freshmen LOWER SCHOOL Davis, Carter Johnson, Bryce
earn perfect scores in their annual Taylor Erickson, Luke Bornhorst, Pittman, Ames Roberts & Anna
state licensing inspections. Halle Galyean & Jones Harris; STUDENT COUNCIL Kate Westmoreland
8th graders McClarin Garmon, OFFICERS
HALL COUNTY OPTIMIST Dylan Mulka, Ella Martin & Bella Caplan – President H E A D O F S C H O OL’S
ESSAY CONTE ST Henry Stewart; 7th graders Addie Parker White – Vice-President PHYSICAL
Lakeview Academy swept the Gilmer, Stuart Daniel, Helen Ethan Cook – Secretary FITNESS AWARDS
contest! Park & Levi Grover; and 6th Anna Lauzon – Publicist 2nd Grade: Gabby Jones, Olivia
1st Place - Garv Guar graders Mercy Rico, James Cobb, George Coyle, Eden Gonzalez & Martin, Allizah Schlieman, Jay
2nd Place - Kate Gottsman Mei-Mei Shen & Palmer White. Carter Johnson – Representatives Siemon
3rd Place - Adeline Bryant The Kindergarten attendants were 3th Grade: Dante Bulos, Brooks
4th Place - Maggie Abboud the flower girl, Maggie Stewart, LAKEVIEW PRIDE KIDS’ Farmer, Hicks Garlich, Brody
5th Place - Hannah Perkins and the ring bearer, Henry Griffin. CHOIR LEADERSHIP Galyean †, Nathaniel Hill †, Arya
AWA R D S Mangalat
THE GAINESVILLE QUINLAN AND Presented to the students who 4th Grade: Carter Causey ‡, Alex
ROTARY CLUB STUDENT KIWANIS ARTS & MUSIC best exemplify PRIDE (polite, Schlieman ‡, Hayden Silcox
OF THE MONTH COMPETITION/CHARLES respectful, important, dedicated, 5th Grade: Addison Farmer ‡,
Students selected are positive J. THURMOND YOUTH and enthusiastic). Alyssa Gay, Jacob Gayton, Kaleb
representatives of their ART SCHOLARSHIP 3rd Grade: Dante Bulos Ginn †, Cole Grover §, Lauren
schools. In addition to academic AWA R D S & Avanthi Katkoori Hemmer, Kate Hornor ‡, Emma
achievement, selected students 4th Grade: Eliza Norton Claire Johnson, Anna Lauzon †,
also display characteristics of good This competition involves all & Jacob Norton Sadie Leek §, Zane Loggins, Ava
citizenship and school/community schools in Hall County. 5th Grade: Alyssa Gay Sieman ‡, Parker White ‡
involvement. Vocals: 1st and Scholarship – & Joseph Loyd
Bianca Colllins Lainie Ewers † indicates second year of
Best in Show – 2nd: Max Pethel, M AY DAY A RT S H O W achievement; ‡ indicates third
GISA SPELLING BEE Lakeview Academy, “Predator”, AWA R D S year, § indicates fourth year
Lakeview Academy’s representatives etching 4th Grade
for this year’s Spelling Bee were: 12th Grade – Honorable Mention: 1st – Olivia Postell READING COUNTS
1st Place – Luka Wolf Jack Kennedy, Lakeview Academy, 2nd – Delaney Garlich Top three students in each grade
Alternate – Pavani Reddy “Womb”, pen 3rd – Parish Byrd are listed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place
Luka advanced to Round 3 of the 11th Grade – 1st: Max Pethel, 4th – Ford Dempsey respectively.
GISA Spelling Bee. Lakeview Academy, “Predator”, 1st Grade: Bobby Cunningham,
etching Walt Kizziah, Ben Chester
10th Grade – 2nd: Salah Haddad,
Lakeview Academy, “Mush”,
9th Grade – 1st: Bennett Hylton,


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33

2nd Grade: Lorenzo Rojas-Alban, Department of Education to who in academic courses have the Levi Grover
Anya Sachdeva, Evan Wallace recognize and honor outstanding three highest grade point averages William Harrison
3rd Grade: Colton Smith, Morgan educational achievement. To be for the academic year as of the Emilia Horton
Borrow, Sierra Piper eligible, students are to earn a third interim report of the Adam Lauzon
4th Grade: Hayden Silcox, grade point average of 90 or higher second semester. Madi Loggins
Delaney Garlich, Caden Idol on a 100-point scale, and students 8th Grade Shay Mangalat
5th Grade: Sam Robertson, Bella must achieve in the 85th percentile 1st – Caroline Gottsman Genevieve Matus
Caplan, Anna Lauzon or higher in math or reading. 2nd – Juliet Blehm Annie Nivens
5th Grade: Bonnie Calvert, 3rd – Henry Stewart Karissa Nguyen
TOP TEN READING Bella Caplan, Ethan Cook, 7th Grade Lara Oliveira
COUNTS READERS IN George Coyle, Callie Daniel, 1st – Pavani Reddy Caroline Pope
LOWER SCHOOL Walker Davis, Kaleb Ginn, Eden 2nd –Levi Grover Pavani Reddy
(in order 1st-10th) Hayden Silcox, Gonzalez, David Haddad, Anna 3rd – Adam Lauzon and Shay Scott Rivenbark
Colton Smith, Morgan Borrow, Lauzon, Zane Loggins, Easton Mangalat Caroline Williams
Lorenzo Rojas-Alban, Sierra McNair, Sam Robertson, Ava 6th Grade Luka Wolf
Piper, Hicks Garlich, Anya Siemon, Macie Sotomayor, Anna 1st – Leyla Ozcelik and Mercy Evan Yaskulka
Sachdeva, Evan Wallace, Audrey Kate Westmoreland & Parker Rico
Konzelman & Dante Bulos White 2nd – Emma Johnson Duke TIP’s Summer Studies
3rd – Palmer White Program is for high-achieving
CITIZENSHIP AWARD PRESIDENT’S AWARD young scholars in grades seven
This award is presented to the FOR EDUCATIONAL ATHLETICS – CROSS through ten who qualify based
Lower School student who has ACHIEVEMENT COUNTRY on ACT or SAT scores. Two levels
demonstrated leadership, service, Recognizes students who show are offered: Academy and Center.
courtesy, and consideration outstanding educational growth, Hall County Middle School Cross Those students who qualified for
to members of the faculty, improvement, commitment, or Country Meet eStudies and/or the Academy for
administration, and student body. intellectual development in their 3rd – Lakeview Academy Middle Summer Studies are:
This award is determined by a vote academic subjects, but do not meet School team Cannon Deringer
of the Lower School faculty. the criteria for the President’s Grace Fisher
Bianca Collins & Easton McNair Award for Educational Excellence. DEPARTMENTAL AWARDS Penelope Garlich
This award is meant to encourage Emilia Horton
COR E VALUE AWA R D and reward students who work Art – Ella Martin Shay Mangalat
5th grade students who have hard and give their best effort Drama – Luke Harris Karissa Nguyen
displayed Core Essential values are in school. English – Caroline Gottsman Pavani Reddy
eligible for this award. 5th Grade: Nolan Barford, Bianca History – Luke Lindler Luka Wolf
Saxon Stephens Collins, Alyssa Gay, Emma Claire Mathematics – Luke Harris
Johnson, Sadie Leek, Sarah Ann Music – Juliet Blehm Students who qualified for state
FACULTY AWARD Reeves & Saxon Stephens Physical Education – Cailyn Sneed recognition by earning scores that
The Faculty Award is given & Isaiah Rico are approximately equal to the
annually to the most outstanding MIDDLE SCHOOL Public speaking – Christopher 50th national percentile rank for
5th grade student. The Lower Hake college-bound seniors taking the
School Faculty nominate STUDENT COUNCIL Science – McClairin Garmon tests are:
candidates and vote on the OFFICERS Spanish – Wyn Woodworth Pavani Reddy
final selection. Candidates must Technology – Dylan Mulka Luka Wolf
have consistently demonstrated Will Landers – President
outstanding qualities in the areas Stuart Daniel, Quinn Davis & DUKE TIP ELEANOR H. HORNOR
of scholarship, leadership, and Emilia Horton – Vice-Presidents ACADEMIC
service for a period of two or more Shelby Nottingham – Treasurer The Duke Talent Identification ACHIEVEMENT AWARD
years as a Lakeview student. Leyla Ozcelik – Parliamentarian Program identifies academically
Anna Lauzon & Parker White Representatives: talented 7th graders based upon The Eleanor H. Hornor Academic
8th Grade: Thomas Berry & standardized test scores achieved Achievement Award is given to
LAKEVIEW LION AWARD William Fisher while attending middle school. To the rising 9th grade student who
This award is given to a 5th grade 7th Grade: Miller Jones & Noah qualify for an invitation into the has achieved the highest academic
student who has demonstrated the Vetter program, a seventh grader must GPA for this academic year and is
most school spirit throughout his 6th Grade: Andre Blackwell score in the 95th percentile on enrolled in the Lakeview Upper
or her tenure as a Lower School the standardized test. Identified School for the following school
student. 8TH GRADE PROMOTION students are then invited to take year.
George Coyle SPEAKER the SAT or the ACT as 7th graders, Caroline Gottsman
The 8th grade promotion speaker which allows them greater insight
PRESIDENT’S AWARD is chosen by his or her fellow into their academic abilities. The FIRST LEGO LEAGUE (FLL)
FOR EDUCATIONAL classmates. 7th graders who were identified – ROBOTICS
EXCELLENCE William Gayton this year:
The President’s Award for Damian Beisner Lakeview’s Middle School robotics
Educational Excellence was ACADEMIC Stuart Daniel team competed at the Regional and
established by the United States ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS Quinn Davis Super Regional competitions and
Presented to students in grades 6-8 Cannon Deringer won the 2019 Robot Design Award
Riley Dupont at Super Regional. The robotics
Grace Fisher team members were:
Penelope Garlich Amanda Allenbach, Hank Brock,
Vanessa Gay McClairin Garmin, Jacob Duke,
Makena Ginn Adam Lauzon, Dylan Mulka,


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33

Jacbo Parker, Pavani Reddy, Ramsey, Pavani Reddy, Scott MERIT AWARDS PRESIDENT’S AWARD
Scott Rivenbark & Luka Wolf Rivenbark, Grey Vetter, Noah This is a faculty selected award for FOR EDUCATIONAL
Vetter, Luka Wolf & Evan the student in each grade who has EXCELLENCE
FIRST LEGO LEAGUE (FLL) Yaskulka shown noteworthy improvement,
SUPER REGIONAL positive attitude, and/or The President’s Award for
Best Robot Design Award – 1st – MATH LEAGUE faithful effort. Educational Excellence was
Lakeview Academy Winners of Lakeview Academy’s 8th – Emily Ligon established by the United States
Math League competition: 7th – Bethany Bennett Department of Education to
JUNIOR BETA CLUB 8th Grade 6th – Isabel Sanchez recognize and honor outstanding
The Junior Beta Club promotes the 1st place – Luke Harris educational achievement. To be
ideals of academic achievement, 2nd place – Thomas Berry MIDDLE SCHOOL eligible, students are to earn a
character, service, and leadership. 3rd place – Nicholas Slattery CITIZENSHIP AWARD grade point average of 90 or higher
Students are required to have an 7th Grade This award is presented to the on a 100-point scale, and students
academic average of 90 or higher 1st place – Luka Wolf Middle School student who has must achieve in the 85th percentile
for two semesters. Officers are: 2nd place – Stuart Daniel demonstrated leadership, service, or higher in math or reading. This
Juliet Blehm, Alex Borrow, Luke 3rd place – William Harrison courtesy, and consideration year our recipients are:
Harris, Andrew Kilroy, Nicholas 6th Grade to members of the faculty, 8th grade: Thomas Berry, Juliet
Slattery, Anniston Smathers & 1st place – Callan Blehm administration, and student body. Blehm, Alex Borrow, Caroline
Henry Stewart 2nd place – Abby McMahan This award is determined by a vote Gottsman, Christopher Hake,
3rd place – Harrison Slattery of the Middle School faculty. Luke Harris, Bennett Kilroy,
New members are: Henry Stewart Isaac Marcero, Dylan Mulka,
8th Grade: Sophia Busser, METRO WATER Nicholas Slattery & Henry
McClairin Garmon, Christopher DISTRICT’S MIDDLE MIKE SMITH MIDDLE Stewart
7th Grade: Jack Bornhorst, Gabby One of sixteen essays chosen out of The Mike Smith Scholarship is UPPER SCHOOL
Conner, Stuart Daniel, Quinn 12,000 entries from around Georgia given to a rising 9th grade student
Davis, Cannon Deringer, Grace regarding storm water pollution. or students whom the Mike Smith VA L E D I C TO R I A N
Fisher, Penelope Garlich, Addie Hall County 1st Place – Caroline Scholarship Committee deems
Gilmer, Riley Dupont, Makena Gottsman worthy of this honor based on The distinction earned by the
Ginn, William Harrison, Charlie character and school involvement, senior with the highest weighted
Kirchner, Adam Lauzon, Shay and who best represents the academic cumulative grade point
Mangalat, Annie Nivens, Lara interest and ideals of Mike Smith. average for grades 9 through 12.
Oliveira, Jacob Parker, Bryan Henry Stewart Adam Cottrell


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33

S A L U TAT O R I A N C R AYON S TO and seniors, which offers students Nguyen, Mary Keys Payne, Abbe
The distinction earned by the COMMENCEMENT the opportunity to work with Piccolo, Nanditha Rajini, Emma
senior with the second highest adult leaders in their community Romberg, Rocco Russo, Paxton
weighted academic cumulative Graduating seniors who have been through day-long seminars, Smathers, Esther Suen, Arturo
grade point average for grades 9 at Lakeview for 12 or more years which focus on leadership skills, Varela & Arantxa Villa
through 12. are: successful teamwork, community
Rocco Russo Spencer Allen, Bryce Blackwell, awareness, diversity, and business COMPUTER SCIENCE
Lanie Clark, Natalie Clark, and social etiquette. HONOR SOCIETY
STUDENT COUNCIL Sophia Coker, Linda Geib, 2018-2019 Representatives: Bryce
OFFICERS Clayton Henderson, Hannah Blackwell, Sophia Coker, Adam Members of the Computer Science
Adam Cottrell - President Hicks, Briley Johnakin, Reece Cottrell, Jack Kennedy, Mary Honor Society must have a B or
Linda Geib - Vice President Johnson, Jettie Jones, Sadie Keys Payne, Abbe Piccolo, & higher in all their technology
Esther Suen - Secretary Matus, Kuepper Mikels, Nanditha Rajini classes which must include at least
Grey Myers - Treasurer Mckenna Mikels, KJ Millwood, one semester in an AP Computer
Sidney Nguyen - Public Relations Reese Myers, Mary Keys Payne, JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT Science course. Students must
Director Abbe Piccolo, Paxton Smathers, INSPIRE AND ROTARY also complete 10 service hours per
Esther Sadie Thrailkill, Arantxa CLUB PROGRAM year to maintain membership. The
CLASS OFFICERS & Villa, Claire Walton & Harrison seniors who are members of the
STUDENT COUNCIL Wheeler Junior Achievement (JA) Inspire honor society are:
R E P R E S E N TAT I V E S and Rotary Club of Gainesville Sophia Coker, Alice Gao,
Class of 2019 HONOR COUNCIL program is a high school Cameron Gay, Josie Jiang,
Jack Kennedy - President career-based event designed Candler Jones, Reese Myers,
Abbe Piccolo - Vice President In 2006, student representatives to inspire students to identify Nanditha Rajini, Emma
Savannah Kinsey - Secretary wrote and submitted the Honor a post high school pathway Romberg, Paxton Smathers &
Bryce Blackwell - Treasurer Code which was approved as and to shape students’ positive Esther Suen
Mckenna Mikels - Public school policy. Students in the attitudes about their academic or
Relations Director Upper School agree to abide by the professional futures increasing I N T E R N AT I O N A L
Lanie Clark - Representative Honor Code, which states, “The their understanding of real-world THESPIAN SOCIETY
Sophia Coker - Representative Lakeview student will not lie, cheat workforce readiness skills.
Kuepper Mikels - Representative or steal or approve of those who Lakeview Participants: Ashton To become a member of the
Nanditha Rajini - Representative do.” The Honor Council educates Blehm, Abigail Child, Paxton International Thespian Society,
the student body and, when Smathers and Delaney Vetter one must accumulate at least 300
Class of 2020 necessary, tries cases. hours of work in theater, and
Elise Roark - Co-President 2018-2019 Honor Council members: MEDICAL SCHOLARS therefore, also qualify for the
Brock Harris - Vice President 12th Grade: Co-Presidents: Jack GRADUATE PROGRAM International Thespian Society
Lindy Kanaday - Secretary Kennedy & Abbe Piccolo Certificate of Recognition. To
Abigail Child - Treasurer 11th Grade: Brock Harris & Elise Throughout the school year, the become an International Honor
Matthew Jue - Public Relations Roark Brenau University program gives Thespian, one must accumulate
Director 10th Grade: Drew Grabau & high school students a more in- at least 180 points, equaling 1,800
Lily Harris - Representative Hannah Perkins depth look at potential medical hours of work in theater and
Jessica Starke - Representative 9th Grade: Maggie Abboud & careers through once-a-month performance. The seniors who
Maddy Towles - Representative Noah Caplan experiences that immerse the are members of the International
students in different healthcare Thespian Honor Society:
Class of 2021 F E AT H E R B O N E modules. Grace Abee, Spencer Allen,
Grace Baldwin - Co-President COMMUNIVERSITY 2018-2019 Graduates: Brock Lainie Ewers, Ansley Gomez,
Hanna Oldroyd - Vice President LEADERSHIP PROGRAM Harris, Adeline Horton, Lindy Hannah Hicks, Jack Kennedy,
James Lynden - Secretary Kanaday, Sarah Miguel, Emma Catie Long, Kuepper Mikels,
Hayden White - Treasurer Sponsored by the late Gus Whalen Kate Park, Elise Roark, Sam Mckenna Mikels, Mary Keys
Delaney Vetter - Public Relations and Featherbone Communiversity, Stewart & Jessica Starke Payne, Abbe Piccolo, Nanditha
Director the objective of this program for Rajini & Esther Suen
Bodie Blackwell - Representative high school students is to discover HONOR GRADUATES
James Michael Harrison - future community builders and NATIONAL ART
Representative to encourage “giving back” to the Honor graduates achieved a HONOR SOCIETY
Olivia Kempker - Representative community. 90-cumulative academic weighted
2018-19 Graduates: GPA for 9th grade through the first The students who have been
Class of 2022 Lainie Clark, Natalie Clark, semester in 12th grade. members for two consecutive
Maggie Abboud - Co-President Madison Dowdy, Ian Echols, Bryce Blackwell, Reed Butler, years and maintained an average
Noah Caplan - Vice President Clayton Henderson, Briley Lannie Clark, Natalie Clark, of 85 or above in their art classes
Chloe Echols - Secretary Johnakin, Jettie Jones, Savannah Sophia Coker, Adam Cottrell, and fulfilled the requirements
Angela Lynden - Treasurer Kinsey, Michael Lynden, Sidney Will Dennard, Madison Dowdy, of five community service hours
Celia Wilson-Patino - Public Nguyen, Kennedy Payne, Max Lainie Ewers, Palmer Ferguson, that pertain to art. Those seniors
Relations Director Pethel Mani Reddy, Georgia Alice Gao, Cameron Gay, Linda graduating as members:
Garv Gaur - Representative Shipley, Claire Walton & Arantxa Geib, Ansley Gomez, Clayton Reed Butler, Lanie Clark, Natalie
Cameron Hewatt - Representative Villa Henderson, Josie Jiang, Briley Clark, Sophia Coker, Linda Geib,
Johnakin, Reece Johnson, Tyler Grabau, Garrett Green,
HALL COUNTY YOUTH Candler Jones, Emma Jones, Brooks Hylton, Reece Johnson,
LEADERSHIP PROGRAM Jack Kennedy, Blake McIntyre, Jettie Jones, Jack Kennedy,
R E P R E S E N TAT I V E S Mckenna Mikels, Chris Mills, KJ Savannah Kinsey, Catie Long,
Millwood, Reese Myers, Sidney Sadie Matus, Kuepper Mikels,
Youth Leadership Hall is a
program for high school juniors


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33

Sidney Nguyen, Brauch Owens, Lanie Clark, Natalie Clark, 2nd Team – Ian Echols & Jordan GACA NORTH-SOUTH JR-
Kennedy Payne, Emma Romberg, Sophia Coker, Adam Cottrell, Thomas SR BASKETBALL CLASSIC
Esther Suen, Arantxa Villa & Will Dennard, Madison Dowdy, Honorable Mention – Parker Eliza Snyder (one of only 12
Claire Walton Lainie Ewers, Palmer Ferguson, Allen, Campbell Melson & Skyler juniors selected in the state)
Alice Gao, Linda Geib, Clayton Thellman
NATIONAL MATH Henderson, Josie Jiang, Briley LANIERLAND
MU ALPHA THETA Candler Jones, Emma Jones, (CL A S S A P R I VAT E ) Eliza Snyder
Jettie Jones, Jack Kennedy, Andrew Estes
An honor society that promotes Arturo Valera, Blake McIntyre, NORTH GEORGIA
the enjoyment of mathematics Kuepper Mikels, Mckenna FCA ALL STAR ALL-STAR CLASSIC
and recognizes achievement in Mikels, Chris Mills, KJ Millwood, BASEBALL TEAM BASKETBALL GAME
mathematics. Senior members Reese Myers, Mary Keys Payne, Players – Ian Echols & Campbell Game MVP – Blake McIntyre
who have achieved an average of Andrew Peck, Abbe Piccolo, Melson Adam Cottrell, Blake McIntyre,
85 or above in the previous 2 years Nanditha Rajini, Lilac Ren, Coach – Deuce Roark Jackie Allen & Eliza Snyder were
of mathematics and who have Emma Romberg, Rocco Russo, chosen to play
completed 4 documented hours of Paxton Smathers, Esther Suen, BASKETBALL
community service to Lakeview Sadie Thrailkill, & Arantxa Villa REGION 8A BASKETBALL GAINESVILLE TIMES
annually in the form of peer CHAMPIONS! ATHLETE OF THE WEEK
tutorials are: Bryce Blackwell, SPANISH HONOR 1st – LA Varsity boys basketball Eliza Snyder (week of Feb. 4, 2019)
Reed Butler, Lanie Clark, Natalie SOCIETY team Adam Cottrell (week of Feb. 12,
Clark, Sophia Coker, Adam Students who are inducted are 1st – LA Varsity girls basketball 2019) – Adam also reached his
Cottrell, Will Dennard, Madison required to maintain a 90% average team – the team was voted 5th 1,000 Career Point during region
Dowdy, Lainie Ewers, Palmer in Spanish for the last three or best in the state with a 25-5 record! semifinals
Ferguson, Alice Gao, Cameron more consecutive semesters and
Gay, Linda Geib, Ansley Gomez, be currently enrolled in a Spanish Both Lakeview teams made it to ACCESSWDUN
Jessi Groth, Clayton Henderson, course. Those seniors graduating the Elite 8 in state playoffs ATHLETE OF THE WEEK
Josie Jiang, Briley Johnakin, as members: Adam Cottrell, Eliza Snyder (week of Feb. 4, 2019)
Reece Johnson, Candler Jones, Natalie Clark, Lanie Clark, REGION 8 A
Emma Jones, Jettie Jones, Jack Clayton Henderson, Emma Girls Basketball Player of the Year FOOTBALL
Kennedy, Savannah Kinsey, Jones, Catie Long, KJ Millwood & Eliza Snyder who also scored ALL-REGION 8 A
Blake McIntyre, Kuepper Mikels, Arantxa Villa her 1,000-Career Point during the FOOTBALL TEAM
Mckenna Mikels, Chris Mills, KJ season 2nd Team – Ian Echols, Palmer
Millwood, Reese Myers, Sidney ATHLETIC AWARDS Ferguson, KJ Millwood & Jordan
Nguyen, Kennedy Payne, Mary A L L- R E G I O N Thomas
Keys Payne, Andrew Peck, These seniors received athletic BASKETBALL TEAM Honorable Mention – Bryce
Abbe Piccolo, Nanditha Rajini, scholarships to play college Boys Team – Adam Cottrell & Blackwell & Campbell Melson
Lilac Ren, Rocco Russo, Paxton athletics: Blake McIntyre
Smathers, Esther Suen, Arturo Blake McIntyre, basketball, Boys Honorable Mention – KJ FCA EAST/WEST ALL STAR
Valera, Arantxa Villa & Harrison Reinhardt University Millwood & Arturo Varela FOOTBALL TEAM
Wheeler Arturo Varela, basketball, Oxford Girls 1st Team – Jackie Allen Team – Ian Echols & Campbell
College of Emory University Girls 2nd Team – Sadie Thrailkill Melson
NATIONAL MUSIC Anna Wylie, volleyball, Georgia Girls Honorable Mention –
HONOR SOCIETY College Savannah Kinsey, Joelle Snyder SOCCER
& Maddy Towles Lakeview’s Varsity girls soccer
Students who have met the BASEBALL team made school history when
requirements for active REGION 8A BASEBALL GHSA 2018-19 they won their first state playoffs.
membership in Tri-M, have been CHAMPIONS! PRESEASON BASKETBALL They went on to play in the Elite 8
involved in musical activities 1st – LA Varsity boys baseball ALL-STATE TEAM state playoffs.
outside of the classroom, have team finished the season with a 8A Girls 2nd Team – Eliza Snyder
exhibited dedication to the music 19-4 record and 10-0 region record. ALL-AREA 3
program at Lakeview Academy, GHSA 2018-19 BASKETBALL SOCCER TEAM
and who will continue the study of REGION 8 A ALL-STATE TEAM 1st Team (girls) – Millie Filson,
music in their college experience. Baseball Player of the Year 8A Girls 2nd Team – Eliza Snyder Sara Nivens, Isabella Rojas-Alban
Those seniors graduating as a Andrew Estes 8A Boys Honorable Mention – & Sadie Thrailkill
member: Spencer Allen, Lainie Blake McIntyre 1st Team (boys) – Palmer
Ewers, Catie Long, Mckenna REGION 8 A Ferguson
Mikels, Abbe Piccolo & Nanditha Baseball Coach of the Year THE ATLANTA JOURNAL Honorable Mention – Abigail
Rajini Deuce Roark & CONSTITUTION ALL- Child, Hannah Perkins, Lauren
S TAT E C L A S S A ( P R I VAT E ) Scott & Maddy Towles
BASEBALL TEAM Girls 2nd Team – Eliza Snyder
Students are invited to join 1st Team – Holden Cooper, KJ
Senior Beta Club if they have an Millwood & Sam Stewart
academic average of 85 or better
for two consecutive semesters
and all A’s and B’s in academic
subjects and good conduct. Those
seniors graduating as members:
Bryce Blackwell, Reed Butler,


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33

UNITED SOCCER 8 -A PR I VAT E Nanditha Rajini, multi-troupe, LITERARY
To be qualified, the composite Tournament MVP – Sadie CLASS A STATE CLASS A STATE LITERARY
team grade point average must be Thrailkill O N E AC T P L AY CHAMPIONS!
at least 3.25 (on a 4.0 scale) for all All Tournament – Madison Dowdy All-Star Cast – Grace Abee &
team members for the season. & Anna Wylie Lainie Ewers (14 TIMES SINCE 2004)
2017-2018 LA Varsity girls soccer 4th Place – Lakeview Academy, 1st Place – Lakeview Academy
team NORTH/SOUTH ALL-STAR “Mamma Mia” Essay-Argumentative
ALL REGION FCA EAST/ Sadie Thrailkill & Anna Wylie REGION 8A-AREA 2 ONE Girls Solo
Palmer Ferguson - goalie ES S AY AWARD S 1st Place – Lakeview Academy, Girls Trio
“Mamma Mia” 1st – Lainie Ewers, Mckenna
SWIMMING ROTARY CLUB LAWS OF Best Actress – Grace Abee Mikels & Abbe Piccolo
SWIMMING HALL COUNTY L I F E ESSAY C ON T E S T Best Supporting Actress – Lainie Extemporaneous Speaking-
SWIM CHAMPIONSHIP 1st – Celia Wilson-Patino Ewers International
1st Girls Breaststroke – Lily Harris Honorable Mention – Arwa Sharif All Star Cast – Hannah Hicks & 1st – Nanditha Rajini
1st Girls Freestyle – Aranxta Villa & Alicia Wylie Hendrix Coates Oral Interpretation-Humorous
2nd Girls 50 Free – Lily Harris Best Run Crew – Lakeview 2nd – Joe Ball
FINE ARTS Academy Oral Interpretation-Dramatic
VOLLEYBALL AWA R D S 2nd – Michael Lynden
Lakeview Academy’s Varsity GEORGIA HIGH SCHOOL Oral Interpretation-Duo
volleyball team won their first Hall These seniors received fine arts MUSICAL THEATER 4th – Grace Abee & Joe Ball
County Championship and also acceptances to perform/study at AWARDS - SHULER
won the Area 8-A Private title! the college level: HENSLEY AWARDS REGION 8A LITERARY –
Grace Abee, Samford University Best Musical Direction Nomination CHAMPIONS!
REGION 8A VOLLEYBALL Lainie Ewers, Brenau University – Gretchen Plummer (16 TIMES SINCE 2002)
CHAMPIONS! Hannah Hicks, Samford Best Sound Nomination – Mikhail 1st Place – Lakeview Academy
1st – LA Varsity Volleyball team University Lovell, James Lynden & Esther Essay-Argumentative
Suen 1st – Rocco Russo
JV REGION VOLLEYBALL MUSIC Best Overall Production Honorable Extemporaneous Speaking-
TOURNAMENT GMEA ALL-STATE CHORUS Mention – Lakeview Academy, Domestic
CHAMPIONS The All-State Chorus is comprised “Bright Star” 1st – Brock Harris
1st – LA JV Volleyball team – of about 200 students from Best Performance by a Supporting Girls Solo
second year in-a-row Georgia. Students must pass a Actress Honorable Mention – 1st – Lainie Ewers
regional audition that consists of Hannah Hicks Oral Interpretation-Dramatic
HALL COUNTY a solo, sight reading, scales, and a Best Performance by a Supporting 1st – Michael Lynden
VOLLEYBALL music theory exam. The following Actor Honorable Mention – Oral Interpretation-Humorous
CHAMPIONS! student was a member of this Michael Lynden 1st – Joe Ball
1st – LA Varsity Volleyball team year’s Chorus: Garv Gaur Best Performance by a Featured Extemporaneous Speaking-
Performer Honorable Mention – International
A L L- S TAT E GMEA ALL-STATE Matthew Jue 2nd – Nanditha Rajini
VOLLEYBALL TEAM READING CHORUS Best Lighting Design Honorable Girls Trio
1st Team – Anna Wylie The All-State Reading Chorus is Mention – Cece Conrath, Grant 2nd – Lainie Ewers, Mckenna
a select honor ensemble that is Key & Marc Seay Mikels & Abbe Piccolo
REGION 8 A geared toward students who have Best Technical Execution Oral Interpretation-Duo
Volleyball Player of the Year a high reading ability and interest. Honorable Mention – Cece 2nd – Grace Abee & Joe Ball
Anna Wylie The following student was a Conrath, Joe Harris, Mikhail Boys Solo
member of this year’s Chorus: Lovell, Mckenna Mikels & 3rd – Garv Gaur
REGION 8 A Garv Gaur Kuepper Mikels Boys Quartet
Volleyball Coach of the Year 3rd – Noah Caplan, Garv Gaur,
Clyde Wylie PERFORMING ARTS VISUAL ARTS Ari Mikels & Satchel Sumner
A L L- A R E A All State Opening Number – Sophia Coker, digital art, “Stoned M AT H E M AT I C S
VOLLEYBALL TEAM Performers: Hannah Hicks Ground
1st Team – Madison Dowdy & I.E. Competition – Lainie Ewers, Jack Kennedy, pen drawing, CLEMSON CALCULUS
Sadie Thrailkill Catie Long & Michael Lynden “Audacity” CHALLENGE
2nd Team – Garrett Green Closing Showcase – Nanditha
Honorable Mention – Maddy Rajini, solo, “If You Knew My CONGRESSIONAL ART Lakeview Academy – 1st Place
Towles & Maddy Child Story”; Grace Abee, Joe Ball, COMPETITION Team Division
Brock Harris, Hannah Hicks, 1st – Reed Butler, “Reading Bear” Lakeview Academy – 2nd Place
Michael Lynden, Anna Price & Overall
Team members: William Beard,
Sophia Coker, Alice Gao, Cameron
Gay, Brock Harris, Nicholas
Mazzaferro, Reese Myers &
Hongjia Ren.


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33

TECHNOLOGY Brauch Owens – 12th For the 2017-2018 school year, program through participation,
AWA R D S AnneRyan Waller – 11th grades 10 and 11 were announced achievement, leadership, and
Hannah Oldroyd – 10th in September ‘18 and were: attitude. The recipients are chosen
GA FIRST TECH Davison Filson – 9th For 9th grade: Parker Allen, by vote of the varsity coaches.
CHALLENGE (FTC) STATE Bodie Blackwell, Diego Bulos, KJ Millwood & Sadie Thrailkill
Compass Award for outstanding AWA R D Vetter, Ellie Kate Madonna, Max FACULTY CUP
guidance and leadership – Pethel & Maddie Towles The Faculty Cup recognizes
Mikhail Lovell The Academic Excellence Award For 10th grade: Holden Cooper significant achievement in
is presented to the student who academics and extra-curricular
(FTC) NORTH GEORGIA has earned the highest weighted LAKEVIEW SEAL OF activities, as well as a caring and
LEAGUE TOURNAMENT academic GPA in his or her class BILITERACY cooperative spirit with peers and
Think Award (Best Engineering for the entire current, academic adults.
Notebook) – 1st – Lakeview year for students in grades 9, Those students who have Adam Cottrell
Academy 10, and 11, or through the third completed English Language Arts
Inspire Award – 2nd – Lakeview quarter of the current academic requirements for graduation FINE ARTS CUP
Academy year for seniors. The presentation with a GPA of 3.0 or higher in The Fine Arts Cup recognizes
Dean’s List Semi-Finalists – is made at the fall honors assembly those classes and completed the a cooperative spirit in the Fine
William Beard & Kalen Oliveira for students in grade 10 or 11 and AP Spanish Exam by the end of Arts program exhibited through
during Senior Awards Night for their junior year with a score of dedication, leadership, and
NORTH GEORGIA seniors. 4 or higher receive the Seal of presentation/performance skills
ALLIANCE LEAGUE Adam Cottrell – 12th Biliteracy on their diploma. Grace Abee & Lainie Ewers
1st – Lakeview Academy For the 2017-2018 school year, H E A D O F S C H O OL’S
grades 9-10 were announced in PAT ENGLAND SERVICE COMMENDATION (CUP)
LOCKHEED MARTIN September ‘18 and were: DISTINCTION AWARDS Recognition for continuous hard
CODING COMPETITION Manideep Reddy – (for previous work, positive spirit, and inspiring
1st (Advanced) – Lakeview year in 10th) Named in honor of Pat England leadership.
Academy: William Beard, Alice Hannah Perkins – (for previous who worked at Lakeview for 27 Alice Gao & Nanditha Rajini
Gao & Nicholas Mazzaferro year in 9th) years and served the community in
4th (Novice) – Lakeview Academy: an outstanding manner, this award H. FERRELL
Garv Gaur, Sara Laine & Max G I N A S. B R YA N T FI N E is awarded to graduating seniors SINGLETON CUP
Pethel ARTS SCHOLARSHIP who have been at Lakeview for two The Singleton Cup recognizes the
or more years of high school, and student who best demonstrates
O U T S TA N D I N G The Gina S. Bryant Fine Arts through the third quarter of their the desired traits of a Lakeview
RECOGNITION Scholarship was established in senior year, have accumulated graduate. These sixteen traits were
AWA R D S 2010 to honor the many years twice the number of service hours compiled in a meeting of the entire
of service of Mrs. Gina Bryant, required for graduation. They have faculty and staff in August of 2005:
Each year the Upper School Lakeview Academy’s long time the Service Distinction seal affixed articulate, civic-minded, confident,
Departments choose one student Fine Arts Director and Theater to their diplomas. All approved cooperative, courageous, creative,
to honor for recognition of Teacher. The scholarship will be service hours are used in this curious, determined, disciplined,
outstanding achievement. awarded to one rising junior or calculation, whether the service healthy, honorable, independent,
senior at Lakeview Academy who is was performed at Lakeview or in kind, open-minded, resourceful,
English – Abbe Piccolo returning to Lakeview to complete an approved off-campus activity. and respectful.
Fine Arts: Drama – Hannah Hicks & his/her high school education and Grace Abee, Bryce Blackwell, Linda Geib
Nanditha Rajini who embodies Mrs. Bryant’s love Reed Butler, Lanie Clark,
Fine Arts: Music – Lainie Ewers of the Arts, sense of humor, work Natalie Clark, Sophia Coker, LEGACY LION CUP
Fine Arts: Visual Art – Jack ethic and high ideals. Adam Cottrell, Will Dennard, Legacy Lions are current students
Kennedy Adeline Bryant Madison Dowdy, Ian Echols, who have a parent who graduated
Foreign Language – Adam Cottrell Palmer Ferguson, Alice Gao, from Lakeview Academy. This
History – Nanditha Rajini GOLDEN LION AWARD Linda Geib, Ansley Gomez, Tyler year’s senior Legacy Lions:
Math – Josie Jiang & Chris Mills Grabau, Hannah Hicks, Brooks Mary Keys Payne & Jettie Jones
P.E. Award – Ian Echols & Jasmine The Golden Lion Award recognizes Hylton, Briley Johnakin, Reece
Howard Upper School students who made Johnson, Candler Jones, Emma MICHAEL MCCANN
Science – Adam Cottrell one of the honor rolls (either Jones, Jettie Jones, Jack Kennedy, SERVICE CUP
Technology – Alice Gao the Director’s List or the Head of Savannah Kinsey, Catie Long, KJ Named in honor of Upper School
School’s List) for both semesters Millwood, Reese Myers, Kennedy teacher, Michael McCann, for his
ACADEMIC MERIT AWARD and who participated in a varsity Payne, Mary Keys Payne, Lilac service to students, faculty and
The Academic Merit plaque is sport each athletic season (fall, Ren, Emma Romberg, Paxton families and to honor his legacy,
awarded to a student at each grade winter and spring). Seniors who Smathers, Esther Suen, Arturo The Michael McCann Service Cup
level to recognize improvement, received the Golden Lion Award for Varela & Arantxa Villa recognizes unselfish service to
academic progress, positive the 2018-2019 school year were: Lakeview and the community.
attitude, and faithful effort. This Bryce Blackwell LAKEVIEW Bryce Blackwell
award is determined by a vote of Palmer Ferguson ACADEMY CUPS
the Upper School faculty. Alice Gao
Clayton Henderson
KJ Millwood The Athletic Cup recognizes
Reese Myers contributions to the athletic
Sadie Thrailkill


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33

AP SCHOLAR WITH their communities; and who on the junior year PSAT. From WELLESLEY COLLEGE
DISTINCTION have assumed active roles that pool, 34,000 are recognized as BOOK AWARD
in extracurricular activities Commended Students; from those,
Students scoring an average score sponsored by their schools. 16,000 go on to be designated The Atlanta Wellesley Club
of 3.5 or higher on all AP exams Adam Cottrell Semifinalist; and finally, from that sponsors this award and is from a
taken and scores of 3 or higher on pool, only 8,300 are recognized as women’s college with history of
five or more of these exams receive GOVERNOR’S HONORS National Merit Scholars. Students academic excellence and concern
this recognition. This year’s AP PROGRAM recognized in the program for women’s education. It is
Scholar with Distinction are: The Governor’s Honors Program is represent the top 5% of seniors in presented to a female student in
Sophia Coker, Adam Cottrell & a six-week summer instructional the country. the Junior Class who has shown
Rocco Russo program designed to provide Adam Cottrell, Finalist and herself to be an outstanding
intellectually gifted and artistically Scholar student and an active participant
AP SCHOLAR talented high school students Chris Mills, Commended Student in her community.
WITH HONOR challenging and enriching Rocco Russo, Commended Student Adeline Bryant
educational opportunities. Over
Students scoring an average score 3,000 students apply, but only 654 STAR STUDENT
of 3.25 or higher on all AP exams finalists were chosen.
taken and scores of 3 or higher William Beard, Finalist – Math The Student Teacher Achievement
on four or more of these exams Kalen Oliveira, Finalist – Recognition program honors high
receive this recognition. This Engineering school seniors and the teachers
year’s AP Scholar with Honor are: they choose as having been most
William Beard, Ashton Blehm, H A R VA R D B OOK instrumental to their lives. To
Alice Gao, Linda Geib, Reece PRIZE (BOOK) obtain the STAR nomination, high
Johnson, Nicholas Mazzaferro, The Harvard Club of Georgia, an school seniors must have the top
Chris Mills, Max Pethel, Abbe Alumni Association of Harvard SAT score in their school and be in
Piccolo & Nanditha Rajini University, awards the the top 10% of their class.
Harvard Book Prize to students Chris Mills – STAR Student
AP SCHOLARS who “display excellence in Chris chose Craig Waddell as his
scholarship and high character, STAR Teacher.
Students scoring an average score combined with achievement
of 3.0 or higher on three or more in other fields.” The winners
AP exams receive this recognition. of this award, through their
This year’s AP Scholars are: intelligence and variety of
Will Dennard, Cameron achievement, exemplify
Gay, Brock Harris, Clayton Harvard’s commitment to
Henderson, Emma Jones, Jack excellence.”
Kennedy, Kalen Oliveira, Reese Sam Stewart
Myers, Connor Pendarvis,
Manideep Reddy, Elise Roark,
Emma Romberg, Paxton
Smathers & Sam Stewart

OF MERIT LEADERSHIP (HOBY) partnerships to help clients
as they work towards building wealth,
Awarded to students in the upper Founded in 1958 by veteran protecting their legacies and
5% of their class during the actor Hugh O’Brian, HOBY’s pursuing their life goals.
junior year. Selection is based on mission is to provide lifelong We are proud
cumulative weighted academic leadership development to support
GPA. opportunities that empower Lakeview
William Beard, Mani Reddy individuals to achieve their our
& Elise Roark highest potential, and to help
young people make a difference Lions!
GEORGIA SCHOLAR and become positive catalysts
for change – in the home, school, 641 Spring Street SE | Gainesville, GA 30501
The Georgia Scholar program workplace, and community. The (678)-780-3200 |
identifies and honors high school program is for students in the
seniors who have achieved tenth grade. A Registered Investment Advisor. Member FINRA/SIPC.
excellence in school and Hannah Perkins
community life. Georgia Scholars
are students who have carried NATIONAL MERIT
exemplary course loads during SCHOLARSHIP
their four years of high school; PROGRAM
who performed excellently in
all courses; who successfully Each year 1.5 million students
participated in interscholastic compete for awards based on the
events at their schools and in highest Selection Index Scores


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33


The Head of School’s List and Director’s List are compiled from achievement for each semester.
Students qualify for the Director’s List by maintaining a GPA of at least an 85 and having no grade below 80.

The Head of School’s List is earned by having a GPA of at least 90 and no grade below 85.

Middle School Honor Roll Upper School Honor Roll

Jason Appel D1, H2 Adam Lauzon H1, H2 Maggie Abboud H1, H2 Eliza Hamby D1, D2 Hannah Oldroyd D1, H2
Andrew Bales D1, D2 Lacey Lea H1, H2 Arshaq Ali H1, D2 Brock Harris H1, H2 Kalen Oliveira H1, H2
Damian Beisner H2 Luke Lindler D1, D2 Parker Allen H1, H2 Jones Harris H1, H2 Brauch Owens H1, D2
Bethany Bennett D1, H2 Madi Loggins H1, H2 Spencer Allen D2 Lily Harris H1, H2 Lucy Park D1, D2
Niko Benz D1, D2 Akhil Mangalat H1, H2 Andrew Baker D1 James Michael Harrison H1, H2 Aryan Patel H1, H2
Thomas Berry H1, H2 Shay Mangalat H1, H2 Grace Baldwin D1 Catherine Henderson D1, H2 Elizabeth Payne H1, H2
Callan Blehm H1, H2 Isaac Marcero H1, H2 Joseph Ball H1, H2 Clayton Henderson H1, H2 Kennedy Payne D1, H2
Juliet Blehm H1, H2 Max Marshall D1 William Beard H1, H2 Cameron Hewatt H1, H2 Mary Keys Payne H1, H2
McRee Booth H1, H2 Ella Martin D1, D2 Bodie Blackwell H1, H2 Hannah Hicks H1, H2 Andrew Peck H1
Jack Bornhorst H1, H2 Bishop Matus H1, H2 Bryce Blackwell H1, H2 Fin Ho H2 Tyler Peck D1, D2
Alex Borrow H1, H2 Tessa Mazzaferro D1, H2 Ashton Blehm H1, H2 Adeline Horton H1, H2 Hannah Perkins H1, H2
Sophia Busser D1, H2 Abby McMahan H1, H2 Kiara Booker H1, H2 Jasmine Howard D1, H2 Samuel Perrott H1, H2
Natalie Butler D2 Dylan Mulka H1, H2 Luke Bornhorst H2 Bennett Hylton H1, H2 Max Pethel H1, H2
Sebby Castillo H1, H2 Annie Nivens H1, H2 Griffin Brock H1, Brooks Hylton D1, H2 Abbe Piccolo H1, H2
James Cobb H1, H2 Shelby Nottingham D1, D2 Adeline Bryant H1, H2 Josie Jiang H1, H2 Andrew Pope D2
Jack Collins H1, H2 Max Oh H1, H2 Diego Bulos H1, H2 Briley Johnakin H1, H2 Benjamin Puckett H1, H2
Gabriella Conner H1, D2 Lara Oliveira H1, D2 Reed Butler H1, H2 Reece Johnson H1, H2 Nanditha Rajini H1, H2
Luke Cooper D2 Kinley Owenby D1, H2 Mary Michael Callahan H1, H2 Sophie Johnson H1, H2 Manideep Reddy H1, H2
Ethan Croft H1, H2 Leyla Ozcelik H1, H2 Noah Caplan H1, H2 Candler Jones H1, H2 Savannah Regnier H1, H2
Stuart Daniel H1, H2 Amelia Park D1, D2 Sam Carter D1, D2 Emma Jones H1, H2 Hongjia Ren H2
Quinn Davis H1, H2 Helen Park D2 Olivia Chapman D1, D2 Jettie Jones H1 Diego Reyes-Zuniga H1, H2
Cannon Deringer D1, D2 Jacob Parker D1, H2 Abigail Child H1, H2 Matthew Jue H1, H2 Elise Roark H1, H2
Drake Dobbs H1, H2 Victoria Payne, H2 Maddy Child H1, H2 Lindy Kanaday H1, H2 Isabella Rojas-Alban H1, H2
Jakob Duke D1 Caroline Pope D1, D2 Lanie Clark H1, H2 Mokshitha Katkoori H1 Emma Romberg H1, H2
Riley Dupont H1, H2 Ellie Prince H1, H2 Natalie Clark H1, H2 Olivia Kempker H1, D2 Rocco Russo H1, H2
Emmie Finley D1, D2 Dynesty Putman D1 Virginia Cobb H1, H2 Jack Kennedy H1, H2 Maggie Scroggs H1, H2
Grace Fisher H1, D2 Bryan Ramsey H1, H2 Sophia Coker H1, H2 Reagan Kilroy H1, H2 Marc Seay H1, H2
Andrew Freeman D1 Pavani Reddy H1, H2 Carol Cook H1, H2 Savannah Kinsey H2 Arwa Sharif H1, H2
Penelope Garlich H1, H2 Annesley Redeker H2 John Carter Cooper D2 Julia Laine H1, H2 Paxton Smathers H1, H2
McClairin Garmon H1, H2 Isaiah Rico D1, D2 Adam Cottrell H1, H2 Sara Laine D1, H2 Eliza Snyder H1, H2
Vanessa Gay D2 Mercy Rico H1, H2 Lewis Coyle H1, H2 Ella Grace Leek H1, H2 Joelle Snyder H1, H2
Will Gayton D1, D2 Scott Rivenbark H1, H2 Whit Coyle H1, H2 Louisa Leimbach H1, H2 Jessica Starke H1, H2
Addie Gilmer H1, H2 Nobi Roberts D1, D2 Jenna Dave H1 Grace Liu H1, H2 Wyatt Starke H1, H2
Makena Ginn H1, H2 Maggie Rogers D2 Will Dennard H1, H2 Catie Long D2 Sam Stewart H1, H2
Caroline Gottsman H1, H2 Jayan Sachdeva D1, D2 Madison Dowdy H1, H2 Maeve Lovell H1 Esther Suen H1, H2
Levi Grover H1, H2 Isabel Sanchez H2 Ian Echols D2 Sean Lupczynski H1, H2 Satchel Sumner H1, H2
Kerrigan Gruhn D1 Mei-Mei Shen D1, D2 Andrew Estes D1 Angela Lynden H1, H2 Anna Sundin H1, D2
Christopher Hake H1, H2 Harrison Slattery H1, H2 Lainie Ewers H1, H2 James Lynden H1, H2 Jonathan Suo H2
William Hake H1, H2 Nicholas Slattery H1, H2 Palmer Ferguson H1, H2 Michael Lynden H1, H2 Riley Taylor D1
Luke Harris H1, H2 Anniston Smathers H1, H2 Davison Filson H2 Ellie Kate Madonna H1, H2 Casey Jordan Thomas H1, H2
William Harrison H1, H2 Henry Stewart H1, H2 Millie Filson H1, H2 Anna Grace Marshall D1 Ryan Thompson D1, D2
Emilia Horton D1 Nathan Suo D1 Felicitas Fink D1, D2 John-Christopher Matus H1, H2 Sadie Thrailkill H1, H2
Emma Johnson H1, H2 Grey Vetter D1, D2 Halle Galyean H1, D2 Sadie Matus H2 Maddy Towles H1, H2
Thomas Johnson H1, D2 Noah Vetter D1, D2 Alice Gao H1, H2 Nicholas Mazzaferro H1, H2 Emma Trip H1, D2
Isabella Johnston D1 Mackay Vinton D1, D2 Garv Gaur H1, H2 Kate McCamy H1, H2 Arturo Varela H1, H2
Andrew Kilroy D1, D2 Palmer White H1, H2 Cameron Gay H1 Blake McIntyre H1, H2 Delaney Vetter H1, H2
Bennett Kilroy H1, H2 Avery Williams D2 Linda Geib H1, H2 Campbell Melson D1, D2 Alexa Villa H1, H2
Charlie Kirchner H1, H2 Lilly Winston H1, H2 Caleb Giles H1, H2 Ari Mikels H1, H2 Arantxa Villa H1, H2
Sam Kirchner D1, D2 Luka Wolf H1, H2 Trenton Glover H1, H2 Kuepper Mikels H1, H2 Claire Walton D1
Will Landers D1, D2 Evan Yaskulka H1, H2 Ansley Gomez H1, H2 Mckenna Mikels H1, H2 Sam Weaver H1
Kate Gottsman H1, H2 Chris Mills H1, H2 Harrison Wheeler D1, D2
Drew Grabau H2 K.J. Millwood H1, H2 Jack Williams H1, D2
Tyler Grabau D2 Claire Morgan H1, H2 Celia Wilson-Patino H1, H2
LillieMae Gress H1, H2 Grey Myers D1 Roman Yaskulka H1, H2
Jessi Groth D1, H2 Reese Myers H1, H2
Salah Haddad H1, H2 Sidney Nguyen H1, H2
Ashlee Hall D1, D2 Sara Nivens H1, H2

H1 = Head of School's List 1st Semester H2 = Head of School's List 2nd Semester D1 = Director's List 1st Semester D2 = Director's List 2nd Semester


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33


59 11 30 3 3


28Admission from schools in states plus Washington, D.C.

including 24 different colleges in Georgia.

63% of the students in the class of 2019 will stay

in the state of Georgia at 12 different colleges &
universities. 21 students will be going out of state to 18
different colleges & institutions with more than half
traveling 200 or more miles from their Lakeview home.

280 total offers
of admission

$4.3 MILLION in non-HOPE scholarships

Together, 361 applications were submitted. Not including the HOPE or Zell Miller Scholarships, the Class of 2019 was offered $4,289,992 million

in non-HOPE scholarships. “In addition to recognizing the outstanding academic talent that this class possesses, these scholarships rewarded the
extraordinary athletic, artistic and leadership abilities of this group of students.” -Kelsey Marcero, Lakeview Academy College Counselor


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33



to these 24 graduates who attended Lakeview for twelve or more years.
Their desire and commitment to achieve this accomplishment is tremendous.

Back row (L-R) Sadie Thrailkill, KJ Millwood, Jettie Jones, Linda Geib, Abbe Piccolo, Esther Suen, Reese
Myers, Briley Johnakin, Claire Walton and Spencer Allen. In the front are: (L-R) Bryce Blackwell, Clayton
Henderson, Arantxa Villa, Hannah Hicks, Sophia Coker, Mary Keys Payne, Natalie Clark, Lanie Clark, Reece

Johnson, Harrison Wheeler, Paxton Smathers, Kuepper Mikels, Mckenna Mikels and Sadie Matus.


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33


These members of the Class of 2019 are their families’ youngest
and last Lakeview graduates.

siblings Jerrod Abee’15 and David Abee ‘17 sibling Fallon Johnakin ‘13

siblings Rachel Cottrell ’15 and Drew Cottrell ‘18 siblings Cece Jones ’17 and Frannie Jones ‘15

sibling Carli Echols ‘15 sibling Hayes Kennedy ‘17

siblings Addison Hicks ’15 and Ben Hicks ‘10 sibling Shan Yu Suen ‘15

Members of the Class of 2019 who have two or more alumni siblings are
shown here with their Lakeview alumni siblings.



Jerrod Abee’15, Grace Abee Rachel Cottrell ’15, Adam Addison Hicks ’15, Hannah Cece Jones ’17, Jettie Jones
and David Abee ‘17 Cottrell and Drew Cottrell ‘18 Hicks and Ben Hicks ‘10 and Frannie Jones ‘15


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33



international approach to life since her graduation INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS AND GETTING A
from Lakeview in 2013. Setting her sights on the MASTER'S DEGREE IN CONFLICT RESOLUTION?
prestigious University of St. Andrews in Scotland,
she graduated in 2017 with an honorary MA in In 2009, I went to Egypt on a trip with former Lakeview
international relations and recently received a Middle School history teacher Carol Vaughan Weschler,
Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution in Divided who sadly recently passed away. While we were there, we
Societies at Kings College in London, England. observed socio-political differences driven by history. This
She currently works at Source Global Research has driven my interests academically and personally.
and specializes in producing reports on the
professional services industry in various countries FAVORITE THINGS ABOUT LIVING IN LONDON?
across the globe. We recently caught up with
Marett about her life across the pond. I love all of the things there are to do in London. Whether
it is seeing shows in the West End, attending polo matches,
WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO GO TO ST. or going to talks at the British Museum- I am always
ANDREWS? keeping busy!

I decided to go to St. Andrews after visiting the ANY ROYAL SIGHTINGS?
university during spring break. I really fell in love The first royal I saw was Princess Anne as she drove
with the town, the high quality of academics, and
the intimate feel of the seminars. I was very lucky past my old flat. I saw the Queen and Prince Phillip twice
that in my first year, we celebrated St. Andrews’ last year at the Queen's Cup polo tournament and the
600th anniversary. The Papal Bull for the university Royal Ascot. I also saw the Queen in June at the Epsom
was sent off in 1411 and returned with the Pope’s Derby.
seal in 1413. I am also very excited that St. Andrews
ranked above Oxford this year in the Guardian FAVORITE LAKEVIEW CLASS OR TEACHER?
rankings, making it the second-best university in
the UK and the best in Scotland! The recently retired Mr. McCann has been and continues
to be a mentor of mine. He has been a very valuable resource
in sharing his experiences, knowledge, and advice.


Of course, I miss my family, sweet tea, and proper fried
chicken, but these things just make coming back for
Christmas much sweeter.


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33



Legacy Lions are current students who had
a parent or grandparent graduate or attend
Lakeview Academy. This year we have 39 Legacy
Lion students! Two events were held to honor these
students and their alumni parents – Homecoming
and the Legacy Lion Luncheon.

The Legacy Lion Luncheon was held in April in
the Bagwell Media Center. Parents and students
enjoyed a special meal and reminisced about their
time at Lakeview. Jettie Jones and Mary Keys Payne
were recognized as graduating Legacy Seniors.

02 03 04
Holly Vandiver Bales ’99 with son
Andrew ’24 and daughter Addi ‘27

Lisa McMahan Boland ’02 and daughter
Abby McMahan ‘25

Mark Turner ’77 and grandson Maddox
Hammons ‘33

Taylor Hein Kizziah ’04 and son Walt ‘30

Group picture


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33



Homecoming festivities were held September 21, 2018
at Jock Hornor Field. There was a great crowd to cheer
on the Lions, and our Legacy Lions were recognized
before the game. This year, we celebrated our first
third generation Legacy Lion Kent Crumley! Kent’s
father Don graduated in 2006, and grandmother Ginny
Weigand Crumley attended Lakeview in the 70s.



03 04 05

Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33


06 08


06. Former Varsity Basketball Coach Seth 08. The class of 2009 celebrated their 10th reunion 2009 10 YEARS
Vining, Knox Roberts ’12, Thomas Paris ’13 and Saturday, May 11 with a tailgate at the Jeffery Gay 1999 20 YEARS
Derek Fadool ’12. Memorial Golf Tournament followed by dinner at 1994 25 YEARS
Mellow Mushroom in Gainesville. 1989 30 YEARS
07. Group shot (L-R) : David Abee ’15, Jerrod 1979 40 YEARS
Abee ’17, Evan Pitts ’18, Alec Bornhorst ’18, Josh Front (L-R) Brianna Holcomb Biggers, Brie Amsden,
Randolph ’17, Thomas Paris ’13, Rob Collison’16, Darby Thompson, Mary London Carswell Goshert
Derek Fadool ’12, Zach Buckner ’07, James Francis
’05, Don Crumley ’06, Knox Roberts ’12 and David Back (L-R) Sean Zottnick, Meagan Cole, Josh
Fadool ‘14 Wilkins, Sarah Beth Little, Liz Clark, Brittany
Moore Dibble, Emilie Norton Cisco, Nekhil Patel,
Our Alumni Basketball game continues to be Nick Saye, Haughton Carswell, Charlie Parks.
a popular – and exciting – event. This year’s
game was no exception! After a dominating 01. Drew Cottrell, Will Drury, Coleman Pethel,
performance by the Blue team in the first half, Ginny Weigand Crumley with son Jackson Baldwin, Thomas Gay, Evan Pitts
the White team charged back in the second half Don ’06 and grandson Kent ‘32 and Alex Partin.
to tie it up and send the game into two overtimes.
With under 45 seconds on the clock Thomas 02. 04.
Paris ’13 sent the white team ahead. Then with Legacy Lions were presented Oliver Whitehead ‘18, Tre Gober ’17, Tyler
2 seconds left on the board Don Crumley ’06 shot Lakeview pennants before kickoff Gerhart ‘18, Gabe McConnell ‘16, Sean Suen
a 3 pointer that swished in at the buzzer to give ‘15, Matthew Lacey, Madison Smith ‘16 and
the Blue team the victory! 03. Kate Brooks ‘18 catch up with Dr. Kennedy.
A great crew from the Class of 2018
returned for the homecoming game: 05.
(L-R) Jenna Thomas, Daniel Bulos, Daniel Bulos ’18 and Jenna Thomas ’18


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33


The Young Alumni Board is comprised of alumni from the
most current 10 years of college graduates. They act as a Congratulations to the Crumley brothers, Nathan ’02,
point person for their class to help publicize news and events, Will ’04, and Don ’06! M&R Rentals was recently named
Small Business of the Year at the Gainesville-Hall
encourage young alumni participation and help with County Chamber of Commerce Gala. Founded in 1967
Lakeview fundraising efforts. by Billy Hood, Nathan purchased the business in 2008,
and Will and Don soon jumped on board. The company
JENNY WELLS WILSON MORGAN BLACK WHYTE provides a wide variety of equipment rentals -
2005 2010 servicing everyone from large construction companies
to weekend warriors working around the house
2006 2011

2007 2012

2008 2013

2009 2014



Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33

ALUMNI 1978 John Bradley was recently promoted
NOTES This summer, Richard Moore is off in a to Tax manager at Mercedes – Benz
travel trailer on a driving adventure to USA and works at the company’s new
SEND ALUMNI NOTES TO: Alaska and Canada. He plans on stopping US headquarters located in Sandy
Carolyn Bagwell, in 24 national parks as well as many other Springs, Georgia. There, he manages tax
Alumni & Special Events Officer state and Canadian national parks. Along compliance for all US manufacturing,
[email protected] or go to the way, he plans to include visits to the sales and R&D divisions. John lives in Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, the Roswell with his wife of five years and
Redwood Forest, Painted Desert, Grand their puppy, Mowgli. In their spare time,
Tetons, Yellowstone and much more. they enjoy motorsport, traveling and
spending time on Lake Lanier. John earned
1995 his undergraduate degree from the
Last fall, Phip Wilheit was appointed University of North Georgia, a master’s in
by Governor Nathan Deal to serve on accounting from Georgia State University
the Georgia Ports Authority Board of and maintains an active CPA license.
Directors. He previously served over
seven years on the Georgia Department
of Natural Resources Board of Directors.
Phip lives in Gainesville, Georgia with
wife Addie and Legacy Lion sons Turner
’29 and Archer ’33.

1977 1998 Jessica Moses Ruello and husband Trey
Michael Cleveland is teaching theatre proudly announce the birth of their
Shelly and Mark Turner are excited and performance at The University of daughter Adelaide Isla. Born on November
to announce the birth of their Texas at Dallas and is also the associate 21, 2018 she weighed 6lbs 12.8oz and was
granddaughter Turner Estelle Hammons Artistic Director and Technical Director 19 inches long. The family resides in San
on May 13, 2019. Proud parents are Clay of 'Artstillery,' an arts advocacy group Francisco, California.
and Blythe Hammons of Gainesville, Ga. based in West Dallas.
Turner is shown with Legacy Lion big 2005
brothers Maddox ’33 and Jax who will 2004 Hannah Bennett Little and JB Little’04
start Lakeview this fall. Kyle Addison married Di Wu on April 27, welcomed their second son into the
2019 at his family’s home in Clermont, world on February 17, 2019. Jesse Virgle
Georgia. Kyle is employed as an IT Systems Little weighed 7lbs 8oz and was 21 1/4 in
Manager at Primerica in Duluth and Di is a long. Jesse was also happily welcomed by
Controller for Strata Worldwide in Sandy 3-year-old big brother, Luke.
Springs. They reside in Decatur, Georgia.


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33

Erica Breedlove Chitwood and husband Loretta Claire Paradise made an early Hilton Head, South Carolina was the
Ryan are excited to announce the birth entrance into this world on November 18, destination September 8, 2018 for a large
of their son Walker Roscoe Chitwood on 2018. Weighing 3lbs 14oz she spent a few Lakeview crew to celebrate the wedding
June 3, 2019. Walker joins big sister Austin weeks in the NIC unit but is now a happy of Caitlin Wells to Ben Wolfe. The Wolfes
Lynn (4 ½). The family resides in Gillsville, and healthy baby girl. Proud parents reside in Atlanta, Georgia.
Georgia. are Scott and Loree Anne Thompson
Paradise. The family lives in Atlanta,
Georgia where Scott owns his own political
consulting firm and, beginning in August,
Loree Anne will be working for Lieutenant
Governor Geoff Duncan.

2007 2008 Shown L-R are Jordan Chastain ’10, James
Suzanne Bagwell has been named Bagwell ’11, Kelsey Bagwell Chastain
Assistant Controller at Cottrell Trailers in Jordan Harrison and Will Newman ’08, Jordan Harrison ’08, Lindsay Brown
Gainesville, Georgia. She currently lives were married in Gainesville, Georgia on Taunton ’08, Liz Presley Dawkins ’08,
in Brookhaven, Georgia and serves on the December 8, 2018 which also happened Caitlin Wells Wolfe ’08, Jenny Wells Wilson
Lakeview Young Alumni Board. to be Will’s birthday! Jordan is a Brand ’05, Allie Stephens ’08, Spencer Hughes ’08,
Strategist at Lewis Communications Jackson Wells ’11 and Suzanne Bagwell ’07.
Jorden and Ben Hamilton received a and Will is an accountant with Confor
special Valentines gift this year in the Southern Pine. The couple live in sunny 2009
birth of their son Hudson Jacob. Arriving Mobile, Alabama with their precious dog Emilie Norton Cisco and husband
six weeks early, he is now doing very well. Hattie. Patrick announce the birth of their son
The family resides in Oakwood, Georgia Cooper Theodore on October 30, 2018.
where Jorden works for the Hall County Proud grandparents are Nancy and
Schools as a Special Education para-pro Frank Norton ’76. The couple resides in
at Martin Elementary and Ben works for Gainesville, Georgia where Emilie has
Lanny Dunagan’s Welding Service. joined the Norton Agency as the Director
of Brand Management and E Commerce
Strategist. She is the 4th generation to
work for the business.


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33

Thomas King married Melissa Meyer Ralph Brooks graduated from Young
on May 18, 2019 at Flint Hill in Norcross, Harris College in 2016. He currently lives
Georgia. Serving as best man was in Dallas, Texas where he is a territory
fellow ’11 classmate Jackson Beck, who manager for Mohawk Industries.
introduced the two. They live in San
Francisco, California with their cat, Emmy Carswell married Chris Hobbs
Penny. Thomas works for Lockheed on October 20, 2018 in Birmingham,
Martin Corporation as an Engineer and Alabama. The couple currently reside
Melissa is an Environmental Engineer in Birmingham where Chris is a job
with the City of San Francisco. recruiter for Snelling and Emmy works for
Wildsparq doing leadership development
2010 with companies.

Tom Drury married Lauren O’Leary in
Charlottesville, Virginia on May 4, 2019 at
Keswick Vineyard. The couple currently
resides in Maitland, Florida.

2011 Jackson Wells accepted a position with
Amplify Snack Brands as a Senior Analyst
James Bagwell currently resides in Salt in Sales and Marketing. He lives in Austin,
Lake City, Utah. He was promoted to TX.
Team Leader for Cavalry Logistics' newly
opened branch in Layton, Utah. 2012
Lindsey Brock married Ethan Latty
on March 9, 2019 at Cloverleaf Farm in Knox Roberts has accepted a position as a
Arnoldsville, Georgia. Currently, Lindsey purchasing agent with Wilheit Packaging
is at YMCA Camp High Harbour on Company in Gainesville, Ga.
Lake Burton serving as the Leadership
Director, and Ethan is the Associate Ginny Trice, stepdaughter of former
Executive Director. They have recently Head of School Dr. Jim Robison, married
purchased a house in Augusta, GA., Zach Olario on June 1, 2019 at the Quinlan
where Lyndsey will start Dental School at Visual Arts Center in Gainesville, Georgia.
The Dental College of Georgia in the Fall. Among the bridesmaids were Kristin
Ethan plans to remain with Camp High LaCount ’12 (L) and Megan Cole ’09 (Far
Harbour. Right). Ginny is a 5th grade teacher at
Daves Elementary in Cumming, Georgia.

Claire Graff was named School (Shown with Lindsey and Ethan are
Professional of the Year for River Trail Lindsey’s siblings R-L Mary Brock ’18,
Middle School in Johns Creek, Georgia Sara Grace Brock’14 and Martin Brock ’22)
where she is a 6th Grade Guidance
Counselor. She currently lives in Duluth,
Georgia and serves on the Lakeview
Young Alumni Board.


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33

2013 Kyle Lewis finished his first year of his 2014
Walker Adams is in his third year with master’s degree in music composition at Hannah Ackerman graduated from
NAI Brannen Goddard as part of their Stony Brook University. He was also invited Montana State University in May with a
Industrial Real Estate Division. He lives in back this year as a featured composer of Bachelor of Science in nursing. She will
Atlanta, Georgia the New Music on the Bayou festival where move to Washington, D.C. this summer
they played a larger chamber work of his. and begin a Neuro/Ortho/Trauma ICU
Lillie Evans graduated from Georgia You can keep up with news and listen to residency program at George Washington
Southern University in May 2019 some of his work at: University Hospital in August.
with a BA in interdisciplinary studies
(concentrations in physical science and Austin Montgomery graduated summa After graduating from the University of
writing, IT minor). cum laude from Dixie State University South Carolina in December 2018, 2nd
where he was the first student in the Lieutenant Leah Anderson commissioned
Nicholas Henderson graduated from the history of the school to graduate with Active Duty into the Army Medical Service
Georgia Institute of Technology, receiving a degree in bioinformatics. He also Corps. She is currently stationed at Fort
a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical completed his collegiate basketball Rucker as an Aeromedical Evacuations
engineering. During his final semester, career. Austin spent last summer at Officer (67J), piloting UH-60 "Black Hawks."
Nick worked with members of the Georgia Stanford University where he completed
Tech Cycling Team to design an adjustable a cancer genome research internship.
suspension system for mountain bikes for
his senior design project. Nick’s team was He has accepted a job focusing on drug
awarded best mechanical engineering addiction research at the University of
project in his senior design class, and Utah. Future plans include applying to
he and his team are pursuing a patent medical school or PHD program.
for their invention. Nick completed four
semesters of co-op with Jordan & Skala
Engineers, a mechanical, electrical and
plumbing engineering consulting firm
headquartered in Norcross, Ga. Nick was
offered a position with JSE and now serves
as a Sustainability Consultant in the
Energy Services division of the company.

Sara Pethel will begin clinical rotations Drake Hollander graduated from
this fall as part of the graduate Virginia Tech with a degree in fisheries
assistant’s physician’s program at the and wildlife. He currently works as a
Medical College in Augusta, Georgia. Her fishing guide in Three Forks Ranch,
rotations will include pediatric surgery Colorado.
at Scottish Rite in Atlanta, Georgia.


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33

J.T. McClung graduated from Auburn Katie Gay graduated from the University Lauren Sartor graduated from University
University’s Samuel Ginn School of of Georgia with a degree in Public Health. of Georgia with a BS in agriculture and
Engineering this past December with an She will be working at St. Thomas Health will be attending the UGA College of
electrical engineering degree. He works Care in Nashville, Tennessee and plans to Veterinary Medicine in the fall of this
for Allison Smith as a project engineer. He attend PA school in the future. year.
resides in Decatur, Georgia.

Anna Rogers lives in Chattanooga,
Tennessee where she works in marketing
for Reliance Partners and teaches LesMills
Bodypump and Bodyattack fitness classes.
She is also coaching a nutrition & fitness
online program called The FASTer Way To
Fat Loss.

2015 Alyx Kanaday graduated from the 2016
Charlie Adams graduated with a BBA University of North Georgia in Dahlonega Alexis Gorecki will graduate summa
in real estate from the Terry College of with a BS in biology. She plans to apply to cum laude this summer from Liberty
Business at the University of Georgia. He PA school this fall. University with an undergraduate degree
has accepted a position in the commercial in religion with two cognates in biblical
real estate firm, Newark Knight Frank in Reagan Leimbach continues her studies and theological studies. She recently
Atlanta, Georgia. at the University of Arizona in physics, published a book titled Unseen, Unheard,
astronomy and dance. For the past two & Unknown that is available for purchase
In May, Lewis Brooks graduated from years, she has worked on a research on Amazon in a paperback and Kindle
Hampden – Sydney in Farmville, Virginia. project about red shift galaxies. This year version. Future plans include moving to
He currently works for State Farm she received a NASA grant for her work. Denver, Colorado next spring for graduate
Insurance in Gainesville, Georgia as a She also was able to complete her full studies.
sales agent. Pilates certification. Plans this summer
include dancing for four weeks at State Larissa Penha is attending the University
Street Ballet in Santa Barbara, California of Georgia where she is majoring in
as well as working in Ohio with a dance financial planning. Last summer she
company. spent three months in Brazil completing
an internship with ZF Brazil. She will
Sydney Phillips graduated from the soon complete a six month internship
University of Georgia with a bachelor's with ZF Transmissions Gray Court LC in
degree in risk management and Greenville, South Carolina.
insurance and certificates in legal studies
and entrepreneurship. She is pursuing a
career in employee benefits with Lockton
Companies in Atlanta, Ga.


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33

Anna Pethel earned the distinction of the university. After earning his personal Bryce Kimball has been named to the
Faculty Honors for spring 2019 at the trainer certification, Josh interned as President's List at Clemson University
Georgia Institute of Technology. This a strength and conditioning coach for for the fall 2018 semester where he is
designation is awarded to students who Mercer’s Division 1 football program majoring in Biological Sciences. To be
have a 4.0 academic average. last spring and will work as a Resident named to the President's List, a student
Anna will spend the first part of her Assistant at Mercer during his junior year. must achieve a 4.0 grade-point average.
summer studying abroad in Seville, Spain. Josh is currently interning as a quality
When she returns, she plans to volunteer control engineer with Kubota. Coleman Pethel earned the distinction
for Shepard Spinal Center in Atlanta, of Faculty Honors at the Georgia Institute
Georgia and will be back on the field this Congratulations to Sam Simonton who of Technology for having a 4.0 academic
fall to cheer on the Jackets! competed in the USA Shooting Spring average for the year. He is majoring in
Selection. After fierce competition she aerospace engineering and is a member
Matthew Sartor was accepted for the earned a spot on the USA's Women’s World of the Rambling Rocket Club. His team is
UGA Isakson Public Policy Fellowship. It is Skeet Team. In July of this year, the team getting ready to launch Georgia Tech's
a semester long internship in Washington, earned a gold medal at the Shotgun World first-ever submission to the Spaceport
D.C. working for Senator Johnny Isakson's Championship in Lonato, Italy! She will America Cup Competition in Las Cruces,
office where he will be working on policy also head to World Cup competitions in New Mexico. The two-staged rocket they
issues with the legislative staff, focusing Mexico, South Korea and Finland as part built is powered by two Cesaroni motors,
on foreign affairs and military issues. of the Women’s World Travel Team. is 13.5 feet long, weighs 110 pounds, and
will fly to 30,000 feet.
Connor Sosebee is a rising senior at
Clemson University and studying abroad Small World
in Australia this summer. It really is a small world! While visiting
London, Mona Abboud ’18 and Lanie Ewers
’19 spied each other in line to view the
Crown Jewels!

2017 2018

Joshua Henderson is entering his third Drew Cottrell played 14 games as a
year at Mercer University where he is true freshman for the Wofford Terriers
pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree basketball team. The Terriers had an
in mechanical engineering. Josh has exciting season, winning the Southern
received the distinction of President's List Basketball Championship and playing in
each semester that he has attended the NCAA Basketball tournament where
they lost to the University of Kentucky by
six points in the second round.


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33


CHERYL BROWN, former Lower School teacher and mom
to Neel Brown '89 and Meredith Brown Tye '92 passed away
July 2019. She was instrumental in bringing the Wilson
Reading program to Lakeview and is remembered fondly by
her many students for being a devoted and patient teacher.

former Lower School Special Studies teacher who taught
at Lakeview until her retirement in 2012, passed away in
September 2018. Education and reading, both for enjoyment and

for advancement, were particular passions of Da Anne.

DON WADE, who served as assistant
headmaster during Lakeview’s first years
and was also head of school for a time,
passed in October 2018. He will also be
remembered by many as the man in
red who handed out two dollar bills at
Longstreet Cafe to Lakeview students.


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33


TAMMY SKINNER, mom of Charlie GIFTS IN MEMORY OF Peggy Kitchens
Skinner '08 and AnnaLee Skinner '16, TAMMY SKINNER TO Caro and John Landers
teacher, fine arts director, director of FINE ARTS Adam Langston
Grandparents Day, Candlelight and May Magaret K. Lindler
Day for the past 11 years, and part-time Roula and Elia Abboud Brittany Chandler Lord '09
mama to many students at Lakeview, Rajinikanth Ayyathurai
passed away in March 2019. Carolyn and Harry Bagwell '80 and Austin Lord
James Bagwell '11 Mikhail Lovell
Rosemary and Mike Bagwell Donna McDonald
Suzanne Bagwell '07 Toni McElroy
Kim and Floyd Baldwin Beth and Bobby McElwee
Shannon and David Ball Jeannie and Kenneth Mercier
Dawn Barry Julie and Tony Mikels
Jenna and Adam Blackwell Sherry Moore
Bob Brazier Amy and Barry Munn
Sherry Brock Teresa and Wesley Murphey
DeAnna and Daniel Browne '98 Rebecca and Philip Nail
Jennifer and Bob Calderhead Wyoma and Ray Newman
Sarah Campbell '18 Jessica and Sehoon Oh
Susan and Steve Campbell Dorothy and Don Price
Marie and Boyd Chandler Abirami Rajinkanth
Kelsey Bagwell Chastain '08 Sally B. Rhoden
James Rhoden
and Jordan Chastain '10 Joseph Saturna
Kim and Todd Cottrell Crystal and Josh Schlieman
Linda and James Davis Henry Shen
Mark Davis Cristie Smathers
Johnny Dillon '12 Darlene and Darrell Snyder
Laura and Brent Drury Shonda and Mark Sosebee
Leanne Edwards Penny and James Stanley
Anne Elliott Stanley Family
Debbie and Dexter Ray Floyd Hyeseon and David Suen
Forest Sales Corporation Bonnie Sykes
Susan Gerhart Lindsay Brown Taunton '08
Kendall and Matthew Gruhn Lisa and Allen Tucker
Jane Holley Michelle and Ted Versteeg
Beth and Thomas Horton Beth, Ed and AnneRyan Waller
Teresa Hughes Lisa Wilkins
Lois Kemp Pamela Williams


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33

Smith '92 and Vaughan Smith '95 and former OF C A ROL VAU G H A N Sherry Dubose
teacher affectionately known as “Mama C” who WESCHLER TO MAMA Mark Fowler
shared her passions of history, travel, all things 'C' AND MIKE SMITH Wendy Glasbrenner
Disney and even a little Elvis Presley with hundreds FUND Tori Glover '18
of Lakeview students, passed away in May 2019. Trenton Glover '20
Loveanne and John Addison Julia K. Greene '95
Deborah and Garry Ames Suzanne Greene
Margaret Andrade '95 Karen Hall
Carolyn and Harry Bagwell '80 Danita Hamilton
James Bagwell '11 Peggy and Rudy Hampton
Rosemary and Mike Bagwell Jane and John Hemmer
Suzanne Bagwell '07 Joyce and Jock Hornor
Sarah Eriandson Barge Becca Johnsen
Elizabeth Bell Patti and Randy Little
Julie Cochran Bingham '97 Joanne and Philip McDonald
Kaye and Chip Branch Alice Ann and Tom Mundy
Carolyn and George Brinson Connie and Mike Murphy
DeAnna and Daniel Browne '98 Angela and Rafael Pascual
Amanda Cain Lisa and Johnny Prickett
Blanche and Charles Chamberlin Charlotte Proctor
Kelsey Bagwell Chastain '08 Kathleen Ruesseger
Baris Savas '89
and Jordan Chastain '10 Karen and Jeff Skorich
Chattahoochee Mens Golf Association Ashley Tobias
Regina and Broughton Cochran Patricia and Michael Waycaster
Elizabeth W. Cunningham Christina Cochran White '94
Curt's (Sharon Lance Hutchins)
Mary Hemmer Demmler '95 and Palmer and Parker White
Ginger Dixon Beckly L. Whitton
Mary Belle and John Donaldson


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33


FINANCIAL SUMMARY................................................. 37
2019-2019 GIVING......................................................... 38-41
2018-2019 BOOSTER
CLUB MEMBERS............................................................. 41
SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM........................................... 42
2019 AUCTION............................................................... 43


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33


AS OF 6/30/2018
INCOME $9,906,241 97% $4,000,000 $3,321,000
Tuition and Fees $327,374 3% $3,500,000 $3,103,000
Unrestricted Contributions $10,233,615 100% $3,000,000
Total Unrestricted Income $2,500,000 $2,879,000
$2,000,000 $2,649,265
$1,500,000 $2,412,908

EXPENSES $1,000,000
Compensation and Benefits
Instruction and Student Support $7,168,463 72% $500,000
Physical Plant and Maintenance $1,020,326 10%
Auxiliary Operations $232,743 2% $0
$383,766 4%
(Food & Transportation Svc) 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
General Administrative and Other
Long Term Debt and Depreciation $565,086 6% UNRESTRICTED NET ASSETS $11,461,125
$783,240 8% $10,950,000
Total Expenses $9,903,624 100% $12,000,000

$10,000,000 $7,882,000 $8,006,000 $8,148,000



UNRESTRICTED NET INCOME $129,991 $2,000,000

2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

ALLEN TUCKER, BUSINESS DIRECTOR 770-531-2650 OR [email protected]
*Long-term Debt does not include indebtedness related to the Forward Capital Campaign which will be paid primarily by donor pledges.


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33

THE ANNUAL FUND: To make a gift to the 2019-2020
Annual Fund, please visit
2018-2019 GIVING
Total Raised = $510,000
Unrestricted = $327,000 | Restricted = $190,000

1970 FOUNDERS' SOCIETY Matthey and Rob Harris Caryl and Joe Roark
($10,000+) Amanda and Taylor Jones Kelly and Rob Robinson
Milton Martin Honda Maria and German Rojas
Heather and Mark Beverly Crystal and Josh Schlieman Judy and Mike Sewell
Jerry Coker Nasrin and Mustafa Sharif Josie and Sam Siemon
Allison and Drew Dupont Cindy and Stephen Starke Tammy and Bill Skinner
Caro and Tom Feagin Laura and RK Whitehead Shonda and Mark Sosebee
Denise and Barkley Geib John Thomas
Crystal and Rusty Gravitt LION'S PRIDE CIRCLE Lisa and Allen Tucker
Bushra and Sinan Haddad ($1,000-$2,499) Charles Turner
Mar-jac Poultry (Pam and Joel Williams) Clare and Aden Wade
Kevin Millwood Anonymous Pat and Co Woody
Meg and Allen Nivens Cindi and J. Alexander Dancy and Charlie Wynne
Cathy Finch and Scot Stewart Christine and Carson Allen
Sandra and Walter Stewart Marion and Terry Barford BLUE AND ORANGE CIRCLE
Peggy and Jim Walters Nicole and Michael Bennink ($500-$999)
Stephanie Braselton Williams '91 Sara and Jacob Billingsley
Jenna and Adam Blackwell Anonymous
and Jason Williams Karen and Frank Booth Amazon Smile
Kristy and Scott Bowling Robin and Benjamin Baker
HEAD OF SCHOO L'S C OU N C I L Julie and Steven Brock Kim and Floyd Baldwin
($5,000-$9,999) Sherry Brock Sondra and Tom Berry
Diana Browne Esa and Paul Booker
Anonymous Deanna and Daniel Browne '98 Dawn and Christopher Chapman
Erin and Ian Barford Jeannine and Michael Callahan Jonathan Collins
Suzanne and Jarl Echols Maria and Randy Caplan Cece and Wally Conrath
Gainesville Motor Sports Amber and Chris Carter Cadie and Jay Cooper
Shirley and Armando Castillo Rebecca Couch
(Debbie and Jimmy Westray) Marie and Boyd Chandler Katie and Matt Dubnik '99
Sara and Erik Grover Kristin and Brian Daniel Tammy and Jonathan Duke
Amy and Jim Harrison Kathryn and Mohak Dave The Hughes Family Foundation
Jamieson Allen and Ken Lewis Emily and Puya Davoodi Kelly and Jerry Garmon
Pep Matus Karen and Jonathan Elliott Kerry and Tad Gomez
Lesley and Dwight Melson Nancy and Charles Finch Jane and John Hemmer
Rena Millwood Jack Freeman Beth and Lee Hemmer
Lindsey and Chris Perkins Swati and Abhishek Gaur Joyce and Jock Hornor
Pruitt Foundation Jennifer and Michael Gottsman Lois Kemp
E. Frances Rees Joan and Eric Grabau Shelia and Ron Loggins
Staci and Mack Vinton Melissa Hake Veronica and William Nelson
Morgan and Trey Wood '04 Jim Hardman Cindy and John Nivens
Randy Homer Kathy Kirkpatrick Oates '74
TRUSTEES' CIRCLE ($2,500-$4,999) Beth and Thomas Horton
Natalie and Ashley Johnson and Richard Oates
Mary Ann and Ralph Black Amy and Jay Kilroy Dorothy and Donald Price
Beth and Brent Booker Jennifer and Brent Loggins Wendy and Ben Puckett
Amy and Mark Borrow Sheetal and Dev Mangalat Cindy and Strother Randolph
Amy and James Brock Krista and Tommy Martin Lisette and Jose Rodriguez
Carmina and Honorio Bulos Martha and Pete Nesbitt Marci and John Russo
Kimberly and Colby Chastain Amanda and Bob Norton Stacy and Dustin Snyder
Shelley and Gary Davis Amy and John Pope Brooke and Rees Sumerford
Betsy and Clay Eubanks Jennifer and Deuce Roark Gerran and James Syfan
Betty and Tommy Talbot


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33

Elizabeth and Glen Walton Laura and Brent Drury Maggy and Adam Lindler
Michelle and Geoffrey Weidner Sheila and Craig Ebel Martha and John Lipold
Addie and Philip Wilheit Jr. '95 Ian Echols '19 Catherine Long '19
Pamela and Simon Williams Leanne and David Edwards Kathleen and Mikhail Lovell
Gabriele Erickson Carol and Mark Lynden
FRIENDS OF LAKEVIEW Hannah and Gabriel Espinoza Kelsey and Jason Marcero
($499 AND BELOW) Lainie Ewers '19 Lucas Martin
Palmer Ferguson '19 Sadie Matus '19
Anonymous (3) Elina and Rafael Fernandez Candy and Michael McCann
Spencer Allen '19 Ruiyi Gao '19 Beth and Bobby McElwee
Kristi and Joe Baer Barbara and Tony Garrett Marsha and John McFall
Carolyn and Harry Bagwell '80 Cameron Gay '19 Heather and Ross McGee
Rosemary and Michael Bagwell Linda Geib '19 Amanda and Eric McNair
Holly Vandiver Bales '99 and Andrew Bales Rosario Gerhardt Campbell Melson '19
Shannon and David Ball Christine Thomas Gilbert '04 Jeannie and Kenneth Mercier
Dawn and Kevin Barry Lydia and Jeremiah Mercier
Charlotte and Chelsea Bartenfeld and John Gilbert Dianne and Avalee Miguel
Rosa and Ryman Beard Stacy and Kenneth Giles Julie and Tony Mikels
Susannah Bearinger Taylor and Jeromie Gilmer Kuepper Mikels '19
Patricia and Gary Becker Tori Glover '18 Mckenna Mikels '19
Melissa and Russ Belflower Ansley Gomez '19 Greg Mikkelsen
Arlene Bell Tyler Grabau '19 Chase and Nate Miller
Bryce Blackwell '19 Garrett Green '19 Donna and Bruce Miller
Donna and William Blalock Kathy and Mike Grizzle K.J. Millwood '19
Melody and Wayne Blankenship Trista and Brad Grizzle Nichole Mingo
Lisa Boland Jessica Groth '19 Austin Montgomery
Angela Bradley Kendall and Matthew Gruhn Liz Moore '90
Abby Brewer Russell Grunch Amy and Barry Munn
Aletha and Joe Britte Fran Bonner Habeeb Janell and Ed Myers
Joseph Britte '14 Laura and Todd Hall Joanne and Patrick Nelson
Nancy and Michael Brooks Marty Jones-Harr Wyoma and Ray Newman
Anna Brooks '18 Joe Harris Elaine and Charles Newman
Janet Browning Sally and Brent Hatcher Sidney Nguyen '19
Cindy and David Bryant Lisa and Craig Henderson Kimberly and John Nottingham
Brooke and Preston Burt Hannah Hicks '19 Jessica and Sehoon Oh
Jennifer and Bob Calderhead Aliyah and Nathaniel Hill Amy and James Park
Heather and Ted Calvert Christi and Steven Hill Ellen and William Partin
Peggy and John Carrick Erin and Jason Hornor '93 Hart Wilheit Payne '90 and Jeff Payne
Katie and Haughton Carswell '09 Jasmine Howard '19 Kennedy Payne '19
Debbie and Wayne Caston Ethel and Rene Iglesias Mary Keys Payne '19
Tammy and Bill Chalmers Blake McIntyre '19 Andressa and Wilen Penha
Heather and Christopher Chandler Constance and A.J. Tallman Russell Phillips
Miriam and Edmond Cheramie Anna and Jay Jacobs '79 Melissa Piccolo
Katie and Steve Chester Xi Jiang '19 Gladys and Derek Piper
Jennifer and Philip Chittaro Briley Johnakin '19 Gretchen Plummer
Natalie Clark '19 Laura and Chad Johnson Angela and Greg Presley
Lanie Clark '19 Anne Bleakley Jones Janel and David Prince
Nancy and Marvin Clarke Candler Jones '19 Nanditha Rajini '19
Ashley Collins Jettie Jones '19 Leslie Reed
Alaina and Christopher Conner Lisa and Donald Jue Hongjia Ren '19
Angie and Walter Cooper Dana and Randall Kanaday Tiffiney and Robert Renfroe
Kim and Todd Cottrell Sandra and Thomas Kimbrell Holly Ann and Rick Pratt
Adam Cottrell '19 Savannah Kinsey '19 Rebekah and Joab Rico
Angela and Khoi Couch Shrikrishna Kulkarni Rose Roark
Ginny Weigand Crumley '76 Leena and Andrew Lake Tina and Tim Roberts
Amanda and Chris Lammers Lori and Mike Roberts
and Alan Crumley Jennifer and Martin Lauzon Morgan Clark Rochester '07
Lacey and Donald Crumley '06 Rachel and Mike Lawley
Tracy Lovell and Robert Cunningham Elizabeth and Randy Lee and Deke Rochester '06
Mary and Duane Davis Cristina and Craig Leek Emma Romberg '19
Elizabeth and Robert Davis Lois Leek Pat and Joe Schuebert
Vicki and John Dillon Amanda and Steve Lewallen Kara and Jonathan Scroggs
Madison Dowdy '19 Matthew Linder David Sewell


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33

David Sewell Wendy and Benjamin Puckett The Demmler, Andrade, and Hemmer
Shure Legendary Performance Jennifer and Deuce Roark Families in honor of Vaughan Smith '95
Shelby and Casey Silcox Rose Roark
Ashley and John Simpson Cindy and Stephen Starke Hannah Espinoza in honor of Betty
Christie and John Smathers Sandra and Walter Stewart and John Mansfield
Christina and Brian Smith Cathy Finch and Scot Stewart
Doris and Anthony Smith Morgan and Trey Wood '04 Caro and Tom Feagin in honor of Penelope,
Darlene and Darrell Snyder Delaney and Hicks Garlich
T.O. Sosebee '18 Christine and Carson Allen Rosario Gerhardt in honor
Leh and Hyeseon Suen Peggy and John Carrick of Imogen Lovell
Esther Suen '19 Denise and Barkley Geib
Claudette and Johan Sundin Dana and Randall Kanaday Frances Rees in honor of Taylor Erickson
Erin Hayes Taylor '96 and Richard Taylor Stacy and Dustin Snyder and Gavin Bennink
Carletta and Samson Teklemariam Cathy Finch and Scot Stewart
Mollie and Isaac Thomas Amy and James Thrailkill Betty and Thomas Talbot in honor
Tina and Mike Thomas of Brock and Luke Harris
Amy and James Thrailkill ANNUAL FUND - DRAMA
Sadie Thrailkill '19 Shure Legendary Performance Clare and Aden Wade in honor
Gina and Todd Tipton of Emmie Finley
Karen and Jeff Towles ANNUAL FUND -
Meredith Tucker '18 EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING Kelsey Zottnick '07 in honor of Lynn
Susanne and Robert Turner Lois Kemp and Kerry Zottnick
Melissa and Franklin Turner
Craig Waddell Robin and Benjamin Baker
Katie and Nathan Wallace Lisette and Jose Rodriguez Debbie and Wayne Caston in memory
Beth and Ed Waller Christina and Brian Smith of Charles Caston
Claire Walton '19 Pamela and Simon Williams
Heather and Joshua Westmoreland Maggy and Adam Lindler in memory
Cheryl and Troy Wheeler ANNUAL FUND - LOWER of Archer D. Smith III
Christina Cochran White '94 SCHOOL SCIENCE
Lori and Paul White Allison and Drew Dupont Kelly and Rob Robinson in memory
Lauryn and Sam White of Joyce and Dewey Robinson
Megan and Andy White ANNUAL FUND - MIDDLE
Garrett Wiley SCHOOL SCIENCE Garrett Wiley in memory of Kelly Nash '08
Lisa and Woody Wilkins Allison and Drew Dupont
Stephen Williams IN-KIND DONORS
Ana Patino-Osorno and Trey Wilson ANNUAL FUND - SOCCER
Deena and Robert Woodworth Shelia and Ron Loggins 2Dog
Celita and Clyde Wylie Alexander, Almand & Bangs, LLP
Anna Wylie '19 G I N A B R YA N T S C H O L A R S H I P Angela and Jeremy Ewers
Renay and Brian Zimmel Rosemary and Michael Bagwell Atlas Metal Industries
Lynn and Kerry Zottnick Jennifer and Bob Calderhead Barbara Hicks
Kelsey Zottnick '07 Cece and Wally Conrath Barkley Geib
Debra and John Zwald Tammy and Bill Skinner BGW Dental
Brenau University
North Georgia Medical Transport Clay Bryant
Kristin and Brian Daniel The Fudgery Debbie Hendrix
Denise and Barkley Geib The Heart Center of Northeast Forum Communications
Gainesville Theatre Alliance
ANNUAL FUND-BASEBALL Georgia Medical Center Georgia’s Own Credit Union
Halski Systems
Jenna and Adam Blackwell IN HONOR OF Hart Wilheit Payne ‘90 and Jeff Payne
Suzanne and Jarl Echols Mary Ann and Ralph Black in honor Henry Shen
Nancy and Charles Finch Holly Ann and Rick Pratt
Crystal and Rusty Gravitt of Ella Black Jaemor Farms
Amy and Jim Harrison Brooke Burt in honor of Michael McCann Jamieson Allen and Ken Lewis
Jamieson Allen and Ken Lewis Jeannine and Michael Callahan in honor John Lewis
Lesley and Dwight Melson Lesley Melson
Kevin Millwood of Mary Michael Callahan Karen Davis Interiors
Milton Martin Honda Kelly Garmon
Legacy Machinery, Inc.
Milton Martin Honda
Milton Martin Toyota
Pep Matus


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33

2018-19 Specializing in
corrugated packaging

PRESIDENTS: CATHY FINCH folding cartons, and
Meg and Allen Nivens
Caryl and Joe Roark Wilheit Packaging, LLC
Gabriele Erickson 1527 May Drive
Lynn Jarrett
Stacy and Dustin Snyder Gainesville, GA 30507
Stephanie Braselton Williams '91 toll-free (800) 727-4421
phone (770) 532-4421
and Jason Williams
Cathy Finch and Scot Stewart fax (770) 532-8956
Joan and Eric Grabau
Beth and Lee Hemmer
Sheetal and Dev Mangalat
Veronica and Louis Albanese BUSINESS • HOME
Michelle and Tom Child AUTO • LIFE
Rena Millwood
Cadie and Jay Cooper GROUP MEDICAL
Jenna and Adam Blackwell
Heidi and Todd Ferguson 770-536-0161
Shirley and Armando Castillo
Hart Wilheit Payne '90 100 Brenau Avenue
Gainesville, GA 30501
and Jeff Payne
Amy and Jim Harrison
Kelli and Mike Bornhorst

N AVY $ 2 0 0
Lisa Jue
Sally and Karry Kirchner
Beth and Thomas Horton
Peggy and John Carrick

Dorothy and Don Price


Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33

Wendy and Edward Abell Katie and Matt Dubnik '99 Beth and Thomas Horton Catherine and Bill Saye
Veronica and Louis Albanese Allison and Drew Dupont Clare Marshall Crystal and Josh Schlieman
Cindi and J. Alexander Louise and David Evans Kristen and Doug Mathis Alice and Karl Schultz
Cindy and Gust Askounis Heidi and Todd Ferguson Pep Matus Judy and Mike Sewell
Jenna and Adam Blackwell Kellye and Christopher Garcia Lesley and Dwight Melson Josie and Sam Siemon
Nancy and Mike Brooks David Garrison Mencom Corporation Doris Smith
Amber and Chris Carter Swati and Abhishek Gaur Joan and Gregory Mikkelsen Mary and George Smith
Shirley and Armando Castillo Bobbi and Dallas Gay Rena Millwood Takeuchi
Patti and Robert Chambers Dana and Tommy Gay Tanya and Steven Mulka Julia and John Tyson
Nancy Chen Renee and Paul Groth Martha and John Nesbitt Elizabeth and Glen Walton
Regina and Broughton Cochran Sara and Erik Grover Meg and Allen Nivens Christina Cochran White '94
Kate and Matthew Cook Laura and Todd Hall Becky and Matt Nix Laura and RK Whitehead
Jim Coyle Winifred and Craig Harris Amy and Jonathan Pope Kay and Christian Wolf
Tracy Lovell and Robert Amy and Jim Harrison Holly Ann and Rick Pratt Morgan and Trey Wood '04
Carrie Hatfield Marcia and Kevin Price Lynn and Kerry Zottnick
Cunningham Jane and John Hemmer Sandra and Robert Rice
Kristin and Brian Daniel Ron Henry Darla and Ross Robertson
Kathryn and Mohak Dave Joyce and Jock Hornor Marci and John Russo
Emily and Puta Davoodi

Lakeview Academy is grateful for the support of its alumni, families and friends. The information in this section is prepared by the Development Office and represents
unaudited numbers and includes gifts received between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019. Despite our best efforts, there may be inaccuracies in this report.
Please let us know by contacting the Development Office at 770-531-2604 and accept our sincere apologies.

Proud to Support
Lakeview Academy



Lakeview • 2018-2019 Annual Report & Magazine • Volume 33



Thank you to this year's Tri-Chairs, Gerran PLATINUM SPONSORS The Williams Family
Syfan, Shelby Silcox and Kerri Prince, who, Vail Metal Systems
along with their auction committee, made The Bowling Family Willis Investment Counsel
the 2019 auction a huge success. Gainesville Mechanical

GOLD SPONSORS Arlene & Bryan Bell
Abernathy Cochran Group
Carroll Daniel Construction Boating Atlanta
Duplicating Products Cook Law Group
Halski Systems The Cooper Family
Lanier Flight Center Daniel's Educational Tours
Regions Bank Filson and Harrison Realtors
The Billingsley Family Fortified Fence Group
Sullivan & Schlieman Wealth G-4 Development
Gwinnett Swim
Management, LLC Harrison Oil & Tire
Turner Wood & Smith Jackson EMC
Janice Braselton
Insurance The Johnson Family
Wilheit Packaging Lanier Periodontics
Lawson Air Conditioning
& Plumbing
Alexander, Almand Lee Dempsey - State Farm
& Bangs, LLP
Capstone Property Group, LLC Limestone Shirt Factory
Dominguez & Jones Wealth Peach State Bank
Rochester & Associates Inc.
Management Group The Slattery Family
Georgia Emergency South State Bank
State Representative
Department Services, PC
Georgia's Own Credit Union Matt Dubnik
Guilford Immediate Care Syfan Logistics
Hobbs Sporting Goods The Syfan Family
Liberty Utilities Takeuchi
Longstreet Vascular & Vein The Norton Agency Insurance
Town of Braselton
Specialists The Vetter Family
M&R Rental White Sulphur Farms
Northeast Georgia Whitehead Die Casting

Diagnostic Clinic
Pruitt Foundation
Rena Millwood
The Bennink Family
The Renfroe Family


796 Lakeview Drive PRSRT STD
Gainesville, GA 30501 U.S.POSTAGE
770-532-4383 |
Parents of Alumni: If this issue is addressed PERMIT #47
to your child who no longer maintains a GAINESVILLE GA
permanent address at your home, please
notify the Alumni Office of the new mailing
address at [email protected]

Lakeview Academy’s Class of 2019

wearing t-shirts representing the colleges the students are attending this fall.
The Class of 2019 earned $4.29 MILLION in non-HOPE scholarships!

Lakeview Academy is committed to excellence in the personal growth and academic development of the
college-bound student through a partnership of school, family, and community.

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