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Learn how to use Microsoft OneNote.
You may able to contact me.

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Learn how to use Microsoft OneNote.
You may able to contact me.

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Published by:
Curriculum & Instructional Technology
Department (CITeD), Faculty of
Education, Universiti Malaya

Curriculum & Instructional Technology
Department (CITeD), Faculty of
Education, Universiti Malaya.

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about onenote |  part 1


features |  part 2


work with onenote| part 3




STEP 1 | About OneNote Learning Overvie

To know what is Microsoft OneNote
To know the benefits
To know the device that compatible

STEP 2 | how to start?

Get to know the features.
Quick start guide
Create a Quick Notes

STEP 3| Work with OneNote
Create & Manage Notebook Pages
Type or Write Notes
Insert media and files
Create & Manage Section
Tags notes
Create password

STEP 4 | Draw & Ink to text & math

Draw & Sketch
Know how to use Ink to text
Know how to use Ink to math


Welcome to all beginner! This Efficient Way For
Learning (Microsoft OneNote) module has been
designed so you can read it from the beginning to
learn about how to make and manage your notes
using Microsoft OneNote. After that, you can build
your skills as you learn to perform in your study

Hope you enjoy to learn step by step!

Learning Outcome

To know what is Microsoft
To know the benefits
To know the device that



Microsoft that help you to write,

draw and share notes. It was

developed in 2003. You able to

use it anytime and anywhere.

Especially for you to have an

efficient way to manage your

study notes.

It is a single place to store and

access information about

school, work, and your

personal life. It takes just a few

minutes to create a new

OneNote notebook with tabbed

sections and pages.


Enables collaboration in


Already built-in Secures Private

the Windows 10 information

Improves Workflow and It's FREE!
Daily Organization

Can use it OFFLINE Automatic Save, Never
Lose Information


You can type notes or record audio at
your laptop.
You can sketch or write ideas
Able to add picture and other media.
Find notes instantly.
Freely move notes around the page.
Organize those pages into sections.
Share your notebooks with others so you
can all view and contribute at the same


Available in:

Dekstop , Tablet, Phone

Apple, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Watch
Tablet, Phone, Ware

All devices, Chromebook


Learning Outcome

Get to know the features.
Quick start
Create a Quick Notes


Ribbon sections help

Notebooks list search


Customize your text using the features in home.
You also can create tags and go to email page.

Easily cut, copy and Change Font, color of Change text style Make tags for every notes to
paste the notes text, bold, underline, To Do, Important, Questions
text format and delete.

Easily create table, insert media, attach link, record
audio and video, create time stamp, add page
templates and symbols.

Add table. File Printout- Add Printout of file in Easily record audio
You also can the notes and video. The
press Tab key File attachment- Add file as recording will continue
to create table. attachment until you click stop.
Spreadsheet- Add image of excel

Add spacing Screen Clipping- Take Attach link from web
between notes. Click snapshot of your screen
and put in the notes. Add today's date, day
and drag down for Pictures- Add pictures and current time.
more space. from folders
Online pictures - Search
pictures from web and

Add equation and


Easily draw and highlight your notes. You also able to
convert the drawing into text.

Select by Customize the drawing Add shapes
drawing the a tools.


Select text Convert the drawing to text
or object

Drag the page using
planning hand and you also
can erase the drawing/ text

using eraser.

Search the recent edited notes, find author and recycle

Mark pages as View/ empty the
read/unread. recycle bin

Find the recent edited

Search notebook sort
by author


You can check spelling, translates, add password and
linked notes.

Check your spelling. Search your words Add password to
Click hot key F7. in dictionary protect this section

Translate to different Take notes that
language. automatically link to
Words, PowerPoint or


You can search/ explore
something further
using this features.

Personalize the way to view the notes.

Normal View Full page view
Dock to dekstop

Change page color, add Zoom in and out New quick note
rule lines, hide page titles
and change paper size

2 ways to start?

1. Click the Window and choose


2. Press this key type

OneNote and then press the Enter



Creating Quick notes Creating Quick notes
while using OneNote while not using OneNote

Move your cursor to +N
new quick note
You also can click Click windows key
ctrl +shift + M and N key

Quick note will

come out

You can write in the
quick notes


Find back the quick notes in the
OneNote. The quick note is at
the bottom of notebooks.


Learning Outcome

Create & Manage Section
Create & Manage Notebook
Type or Write Notes Pages

Add multimedia & files
Tags notes

Create password


What is "Sections"?

Put yourself in the real way you organized
your notes in your notebook. You will
organize it into sections by tabbed dividers
that each can be labeled by different subject
or topic. In OneNote you can divide your
notes using sections.

Devide your notes to different sections


Step to create Section

Move your cursor on the section tab.
Left-click the + icon on the tab.

Another way to create Sections is

1.Move your cursor to the section tab.
2.Right-Click and the choices of new section

and new section group will appear.
3.Choose New Section to open new.
4.Choose New Section Group to open

grouping section.


Section group
In section group you can create new section.


You can delete the sections.

1.Move the cursor to the sections and
click Right-Click.

2.Choose DELETE and click.

3. This command box will pop-up and
you need to choose YES to delete or NO
to cancel.


As notebooks grow in size, you
might want to change the order of
the section tabs.



This is the quickly step to move the section tab in
current notebooks:

At the top of the current page, click and drag a
section tab to the left or right. A small triangle
appears to indicate the new location.

Dragging and dropping section tabs is the easiest way
to arrange all of your section tabs in alphabetical or
numeric order and any other order that you want.

Easy right!


You also can move section from the current
notebook to a folder / to another notebook.

1. At the top of the current page, Right-Click
the section tab that you want to move, and
then click Move or Copy on the shortcut

2. In the Move or Copy
Section dialog box,
select the notebook or
location you want to
move the section to.


You can rename your section with
name that you want.

Way 1

Right-click the tab of the section that you want to
rename, and then click Rename on the shortcut menu.

Type a new name for the
section, and then press

Way 2

You also can DOUBLE-CLICK the tab to RENAME.


Page contain notes, images, links, and
other elements you capture and
create to help you with the work.
When you open notebook/ create
notebook the page will be
automatically created. You can
rename and also delete the pages.
Besides you also can create

subpages. Let's learn!

This is PAGE


Basically PAGE will automatically created
when you open new notebooks or sections.
This step is to add new page. There are 3
ways to create new page.


Move your cursor to the right
notebook and click Add Page.

You also can use shortcut key Ctrl + N at your

keyboard 26


Another way when you move your
cursor to the right notebook and the

icon tag and + will appear.

Next, you can click the tag and new
page will be created.


1.Move your cursor to the right

2.Click Right-Click of your mouse
3.Text box Add New Page will pop-up.
4.Click it and you add new page.


You can add Subpage from the main page.
Subpage is an additional page whose tabs
are smaller than primary pages

1. Add a new page, then
right click on that page

2.Click "Make Subpage"
and the page will
become subpage.


Rename You able to rename the page
with name that you want.

Another way is:
1.Move your cursor to the right
notebook and Right-Click the
untittled page.
2.Choose Rename and write your
preferred name.

Move page

Simply drag and
drop the page you
want to move.
Click the page and
drag the page up
and down.

Delete You able to delete the page.

1.Move your cursor to the right screen and locate
the page you want to delete.

2.Right click and select delete.
3.The entire page will be deleted.


Text box In OneNote you can type
and write same as you
write in the Microsoft Word.
But the best thing when
write in OneNote, the text
will be appear in text box.
You can resize, drag, and
drop these text boxes

Customize by
clicking the Home.

Font style Size Customize the text
by selecting the text
and the
customization box
will appear. Now you
can change the font
and text size.

Bullet and numbering


Italic Highlight & text color

Underline 31

When you write a notes you
want to add some image,
song, video or any files so
that your notes become
more attractive. Using
OneNote you able to add
media and attach file from
folders easily.

Add Picture from Folder

1.Click Insert on the

2. Move your cursor to
Pictures and left-click.


3. Insert Picture box will
pop-up. Navigate to and
select the picture file.
4. After that click Open and the
picture will appear in the page.

To reposition the
picture after you have
inserted it, click, drag
and release the object
to move it to a new

You also able resize the picture
by click the edge of picture and
drag it without release the
mouse click.


Add Online Picture

You also can add picture from online sources.

1.Navigate to Online Pictures and click.

2. Insert pictures box will pop-up. Insert the
pictures name in the Search Bing box.

Choose the picture that
you want. Than, Double
click it or click Insert.


Attach Files/Audio/Video

1.Click File Attachment and click.

2. Insert file box will pop-up. You need to
choose the file and click Insert.

3. After that you need to choose Attach
File or Insert Printout. For audio and video
you need to choose attach file.

Insert printout is for text files. Look picture at the next

page to know the different between attach files and insert

printout. 35


.selif eht fo egap
eht htiw tuo emoc lliw selif tuotnirp ehT

.ylno noci eht htiw tuoemoc lliw selif hcattA

Differences between files printout and attach files

When you write a notes, you need to tag
the notes for categorize and prioritize it.
Tags are one of the ways to organize
your notes in OneNote effectively and
intelligently. With tags, you can quickly
return to important items, remind
yourself about action items, or filter on
notes you’d like to share with others.

Example of tags

Tag as To Do Will view all tags

You can choose and customize your
own tag.


Add Tags

1.Move the cursor to the beginning of the
line of text you want to tag.

2.Click Home > Tags. Click the icon of the
tag you want to apply.

You can see more tags when
you click scroll down button on

the tags.


Remove Tags

To remove a single
tag, Right-click the
tags, and click
Remove Tag.

You also can use CTRL+0 on your
keyboard to remove tags.


Try to make assignment to do
list using tags. Try by your own.

Good Luck!


Privacy is important. OneNote allow
you to protect your notes by

creating password. Let's learn how
to protect your notebooks.

1. Move cursor to the Section tab
and Right-click it.

Click Here

2. The Password
Protection pane displays
on the right side of the
OneNote window.
Click Set Password.


3. The Password Protection
dialog box will pop-up.
Enter the password you
want to use twice and then
click “OK”.

REMEMBER!! That section is
not automatically locked right
away when you apply
password. To lock all sections
you’ve protected with a
password, click Lock All.

This information will be shown
after you click Lock All.


Learning Outcome

Draw & Sketch
Know how to use Ink to

Know how to use Ink to


OneNote let you to draw and
sketch in the pages. You also
can choose shape that you
want. Use your finger or digital
pen to write.

Step to Draw

1. Move cursor the the ribbon and click the
Draw tab.

2. Click any of the pens or highlighters on the
ribbon. Use the mouse to draw or sketch
notes on the page.

3. If you want to cancel drawing mode,
press the Esc key on your keyboard, or
click the Type button on the Draw tab.


Step to Draw a Shape

1.Move your cursor to the
Draw tab and select an
item in the Shapes
gallery. After that, select
on the page and the
shapes will appear.
2. You can select and
drag to resize and
transform the shape.
3. To delete just select
the shape and click
Delete on the keyboard.


Do you know the OneNote able to help you

to convert your handwritten to text in the

pages? This is how to do that.

1.On page that contains handwritten notes,
click or tap the Draw tab.

2. Click Ink to Text icon and the words will
automatically convert to text.
3. You also can use Lasso Select to select the
certain words. Than, click ink to text.


OneNote also can help you to make equation

and convert uour handwritten to math

equation. This is how to do that.

1.On page that contains handwritten notes,
click or tap the Draw tab.

2. First you need to select the
handwritten using Lasso Select
or Type.


3. Click Ink to Math on the Draw
ribbon and a Insert Ink
Equation box will pop-up.
4. You need to edit the
equation until the equation is

5. Lastly, click Insert.


You now at the end of the modules. Are you
already able to use OneNote to make your study

more efficient ?

Please Contact Me:
Miss Nora

[email protected]

Thank You!


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