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In Person Meeting of the 5th Manhattan District Association

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Published by Fifth Manhattan District, 2021-05-05 10:31:22

May 10th District Meeting

In Person Meeting of the 5th Manhattan District Association

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The Fifth Manhattan District
Association Bulletin

Meeting Notice Of

5th Masonic District Association
5th District Endowment Fund

5th District Camp Fund for Underprivileged Children
5th District Purple Circle Relief Fund

May 10th 2021 7:00pm
Corinthian Room Grand Lodge Building
Also Online Zoom Meeting

Register Here Registration Required

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District Officers

President W. Miguel Feliz (917) 541-3960
1st Vice President
2nd Vice President ([email protected])
Corresponding Secretary W. Anthony Librizzi (973)-402-1009
Recording Secretary
([email protected])

W. Steve Shapiro (917)-414-7289

([email protected])

R:.W:. Richard Bateman (212) 337-6637

([email protected])

Wor. Greg Feldman 516-242-1072

[email protected]

R:.W:. Martin Richards (917) 709-7703

([email protected])

Meeting Agenda

Call to Order 7:00pm
Pledge of Allegiance
Remarks of Committees
Remarks from the Members
Remarks from the Staff Officer & District Deputy Grand Master
Benediction & Closing

From the President

Dear Brother,

Hope this message reaches you and your loved ones in optimal health and spirit.
Although the weather pattern has been unpredictable, it appears we are headed for
warmer weather and longer days. Tree limbs begin to show their vibrant colors, symbol
of the beauty that lies ahead. As we move toward longer days, please remember to take
time to recover, recharge and replenish. Not just physically, but, mentally and

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spiritually. Our world's narrative has changed. But, within, we can refine our stability
and health, which can bring new meaning and purpose...

These last two months have been challenging for our Craft. We have lost a number
of friends, Brethren and ladies of Freemasonry, whom have departed too soon. Each,
special to us, in their own unique way. While their departure comes at a cost to our
Brotherhood, their time with us was priceless. I am recalling the loss of our beloved
R.W. Brother Michael P. Winkler, R.W. Brother Louis H. Jeurs and R.W. Brother Marlon
Thomas. I knew each of these exemplary men and their work in the Craft will live on,
forever. We extend our heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of all whom we
have lost.

As we move towards the Summer months, I hope you take time to enjoy building
stronger bonds with friends and family. Continue to care for your health and keep an
eye on your neighbors. Bask in the rays of the sun during its presence and find peace
when it is absent. Keep those less fortunate in your prayers and goodwill, always. And,
thank all of the men and women who serve and/or protect our nation, while at home or

We will be having our first in-person meeting of the District. We will be in session
May 10th, 2021 at 7pm in the Corinthian Room of the Grand Lodge Building. We hope to
see you there. Until then, take good care and be well...

Yours, in Brotherhood,
Miguel Feliz, Jr.
President, Fifth Manhattan District
(917) 541-3950

From the District Deputy Grand Master

Greetings Brethren of the Fifth Manhattan Masonic District:

As always, we hope that this communication finds you and your families all well and
enjoying the Spring Season.

Since our last communication in March, we have seen a robust movement towards
being able to gather together again, albeit with appropriate restrictions in place.
Several Lodges in our District have already accomplished Degree work, as well as
holding Stated Communications at our Lodge’s. That is a wonderful accomplishment,
and truly rewarding to all the Brethren who are making these efforts in bringing good

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work forward again.

We recently completed our DDGM Official Visit’s, though held virtually, and enjoyed a
good turnout for both sessions that were held. The pleasure to see all the Brethren
together was greatly appreciated, as well as hearing our Grand Master’s message for the
past year.

We must continue to be dutiful in our business of the Lodge’s, and be sure to have
our Per-Capita and additional Lodge information sent to the Grand Lodge. If your Lodge
has received a notice of missing information, please be sure to follow up on what is
required (990’s, etc.), or reach out to me for assistance.

As we are now settling into May, the Lodge’s perhaps will be looking to move new
Master’s into the East, while others have decided to maintain the current line due to the
pandemic; this giving the Master’s the ability to hopefully look forward to having
meetings at the Lodge and conducting Degrees. Either way, we are here to continue to
support you in with all of your Lodge activities, and assist with any meeting or Degree
work that may be needed.

Additionally, as the summer months approach, we encourage all Lodges of our
District to continue with outreach and programs for the Brethren and their families.
Please be sure to send out those events to all in the District, and that we be able to
participate when we can, and safely.

The past three years as DDGM have truly been remarkable, and to the Team that
has continued with the journey - RW Rafael Preza, VW Gregg Feldman and VW
Tarantino Smith – I thank you all for your continued efforts. We have been meeting
regularly and will still be looking to equally continue with programs throughout the
summer. Please keep a lookout for the announcements.

Lastly, I thank you all throughout the District for your support and labors during our
tenure. As we eventually move toward a change in leadership, we know that you will
steadily, as always, look to support our new DDGM, Staff Officer and AGL’s.

May you all have an amazing summer ahead, and may the GAOTU continue to watch
over you, your families and friends.

Sincerely and fraternally,
R∴W∴ Chad Benton Ploth
District Deputy Grand Master
2018 – 2020

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From the Grand Sword Bearer

Greetings Brethren

Hope that by the time you receive this message things have gotten better than when
the last time you received it. The pandemic year, March 2020 - present time, has
definitely been one for the books. We all have experienced many things, some tragic,
some revealing and some altering. The constant has been our craft. Yes we have not
met in person until recently but this pandemic has definitely taught us all that Masonry
never stops. Thanks to technology we have had the opportunity to continue with our

It was great seeing all you Brothers at our virtual DDGM visits. A first of its kind and
hopefully the last, not because I didn’t enjoy it but because I do truly miss being in the
presence of all you Brothers. My Brothers I truly hope that you have taken the time to
continue building that temple. Remember that the temple we are building is symbolic in
nature, built in the mental, physical and spiritual. Our work in the temple is never
complete as we are always working to better ourselves.

I want to thank all the Brothers that have participated with me in building that
temple by participating in the Masonic courses. We have completed the Master’s Chair
and the Masonic Development Courses. I know we are about to go dark but remember
that Masonry never stops. In the month of May be ready to take The Road to the East,
the information will be sent by the end of this week.

Sincerely & Fraternally
R∴ W∴ Rafael Preza
Grand Sword Bearer
Fifth Manhattan District 2018 - 2021

From the District Advisor

Dear Brethren:

Assuming that the creek of the pandemic has subsided and does not rise any higher,
each of the eight Lodges that comprise the Fabulous Fifth Manhattan District will hold
their respective Summoned Stated Communications to nominate and elect the officers
for the fiscal year 2021 to 2022. On that same evening or another specially designated
evening before June 30th, each Lodge will conduct the solemn ceremony of Installation.
At which time, the Master-elect transitions into the Worshipful Master, which the

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brother who recently held that esteemed office, retains the title of Worshipful Brother,
but yields to his duly elected and installed successor all the rights and privileges
pertaining to that Chair.

This is a time tested process that we as brother Masons do willingly, wholeheartedly
and amicably, it demonstrates our loyalty and respect of the beloved institution known
as Freemasonry. Freemasonry is in fact a democratic organization, even though we are
obligated to observe strict obedience toward the Worshipful Master of our Lodges, we
embrace each individual brother with due deference and brotherly love. We are taught
to never disregard the side-liners of the Craft, who are equally protected by the
Constitutions and the Ancient Charges. Remember, the Worshipful Master is likened to
the rudder of a boat, keeping it on an even keel while giving the boat direction and
guiding it through rough and calm waters. Yet, the side-liners and members of the Craft
are likened to the oars of the boat that give it power, so that the boat may move

The life-force of democracy found in the Masonic order can be summed up in the
closing ceremony of the Lodge, when the Worshipful Master inquires of the Senior
Warden, "How should Masons meet?" Indicative of the principle of equality represented
by the answer to that question, each officer steps upon the level of the floor. Similarly,
the Masonic funeral service focuses on this principle of equality by causing brothers of
all ranks and stations to wear the plain white apron. For in the eyes of our Heavenly
Father, we are all created equal upon the level.

Going back more than half a century ago, our late Past Grand Master and Past Grand
Secretary, M.W. Charles H. Johnson once aptly wrote, "What this fraternity needs is
more Masonry in men, rather than more men in Masonry." It is very important to come
to the realization that no one alive today founded Freemasonry, let alone your
individual Lodge. The philosophy and the institution of Freemasonry, like your mother
Lodge, was given to you by a previous generation, who received it from a series of
earlier generations. You may ask, what keeps it alive and going forward? It is caring,
steadfast and loyal brothers like you who remain active and true to our teachings and
learn from our history.

Freemasonry is in fact a living, and breathing entity that requires constant nurturing,
protection and preservation continuing it to have a future. Do not relax your guard, or it
can be quickly extinguished or canceled by our critics and detractors like the candles
surrounding the sacred altars of our Lodges. As Masons we are taught through the
charges of our degrees and the ceremony of installation to be good and upright citizens,
who are devoted and trustworthy to our country and always reverent and faithful to our
Heavenly Father. The majority of those men who framed our country's Declaration of
Independence were God fearing men and Masons, and as such it comes as no surprise
that their Masonic beliefs were indeed a guiding influence on that esteemed document.

With that thought in mind, let us stand together equally under God as Americans and
as Masons to rededicate ourselves toward the core principles and tenets of freedom,
religion and liberty found in the Declaration of Independence and the Ancient Charges

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of Freemasonry. In the light of the upcoming holidays of Memorial Day, Flag Day and
Independence Day, let us celebrate all of our men and women who serve in good faith
this great country of ours.

Lest I be remiss, in keeping with our biblical teachings we must always bring due
honor and respect to those principle pillars of our much-loved families, our Mothers and
Fathers. Both of whom, we honor on the holidays of Sunday, May 9th dedicated to our
Mothers and on Sunday, June 20th dedicated to our Fathers. God bless our Mothers and

With kindest fraternal regards

Richard W. Bateman
District Advisor

From the Purple Circle Relief Fund

Dear Brethren,

It has been just over a year now since the COVID-19 pandemic struck full force. The
pandemic has caused significant disruption and hardship in nearly every aspect of our
lives. Looking back, we knew this would be difficult. But we didn’t know how difficult. I
think most of us are wondering what the future will hold and how this pandemic will
change the way we do things, but I feel there is no way to escape the change in
perspective that it will bring. Probably the most difficult part of this journey for most
people is being separated from their friends and family. But Life goes on! Get
vaccinated, and you can go back to the Lodge for in-person meetings. Hopefully, back to
the way, we were before.

After a year of hibernation, I had the great pleasure of participating in the conferral
of EA degree at the Amity Lodge No323. I would like to congratulate the officers and
Brethren of Amity for their dedication and diligence.

I also like to thank the Directors of the Fifth Manhattan Endowment Fund for their
generous donation to the Purple Circle Relief Fund of $5000. The Endowment Fund is a
charitable organization to serve the educational needs of children, grandchildren, and
Masons in good standing members of the Fifth Manhattan District. The Fund grants
interest-free tuition loans to qualified students.

Dear Brethren, every donation, big or small, makes a huge difference to a distressed

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worthy Master Mason, their widows, and orphans.

Please mail your tax-deductible donation to :

Purple Circle Relief Fund
Attention: Ed Weigert
443 Beach 131 St,
BellHarbor, NY11694

Sincerely and Fraternally,
R.W. Arto Vandian
President PCRF

From the Underprivileged Children’s Camp Fund

My Dear Brothers,

This has been a year of pain, hardship, challenges and loss. We have done what we
could do as Masons and men. We have taken the task put before us and pushed on.
There were some victories along the way and we must try to focus on them. We will
move forward and we will prevail. This we will do together.

I must report with a heavy heart the our Camp Fund Treasurer, the Right
Worshipful Michael Winkler has laid down the working tools of life. Many of you may
know of Mike’s hard work, his large voice and even larger presence. His work with and
for the Camp Fund, has helped make it a success and allowed many children to attend
camp that may not have had the chance to enjoy. His work behind the scenes of the
fund raising and as the MC, left us with many fond memories. He will be greatly missed.
May the G.A.O.T.U. welcome him.

The season for Camp Turk is approaching. We invite the children and grandchildren
of our Brothers to apply for assistance in attending the camp. We also open this
invitation to children of your community that you believe could benefit from time in the
great outdoors. While we have funds available, they are limited so please let us know as
early as possible. Contact us through the

Warmest Fraternal Regards
RW Ed Weigert

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From the Masters & Wardens Association

Greetings Brethren from the Masters and Wardens Association.
As we look forward to the up coming elections and installation of new Masters and

lodge officers, we will be taking part In ritual that has lasted for centuries. The passing of
the gavel, aprons, and jewels to the new leadership will be a great chance to rebuild our
lodges and district, I look forward to working with all the Masters and Wardens in the
coming year and can’t wait to hear about all the great new ideas and Lodge events that
will be brought forward by the new Masters. We as an association are here to assist and
support all the Lodges in the district, this is only possible if we know what your lodge
activities and events are. So please reach out to us and we will promote and support this
new line of leadership
Sincerely & Fraternally
Bro. Rich Yates
Masters and Wardens Association 2021
Email: [email protected]
Direct # (516) 234-3522

Follow us on:

From the Assistant Grand Lecturers

The degrees of Freemasonry are among the most beautiful ceremonies of the world.
The conducting of the degrees should be inspiring, uplifting, heartening, and beautiful to

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hear. George Washington said these same words over 267 years ago as well as Ben
Franklin, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Houdini, Adm Byrd, Truman, Dewey, Edwin Booth and
the list goes on. Both Lodge and Master owe service to those elected to receive the
degrees. The elected candidate has signed his petition, answered the questions, paid his
fees, stood his investigation, came when called, and submitted to proper preparation.
Now his brethren to-be are going to induct him into the mysteries that he desires with
all his heart, to become "a good and faithful Brother among us. “We believe that he is
entitled to a degree which will impress him; he has a right to hear our Ritual spoken in a
manner in which it will make a deep and lasting impression on his heart and mind. What
he sees and hears should convince him of the age, the dignity, the importance, the
solemnity of our Ancient Craft. And that is why we are here for all of you. To assist each
Lodge, in giving a lasting and memorable degree to the foundational corner stones of
your Lodges. Call on us and let us know how, where and when we can help. May the
Great Architect of the Universe protect you all, until we can see each other in the
Quarries again.

V∴W∴ Bro. Greg Feldman V∴W∴ Bro. Tarantino Smith
516-242-1072 646-298-6252
[email protected] [email protected]

Dates to Remember


I will post any and all messages on the DDGM site including Lodge updates and
virtual meetings. Please send them to me at [email protected]

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