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Animals give off carbon dioxide which plants need to make food and take in oxygen which they need to breathe.
Plants cells have cell walls and other structures differ from those of animals. Animal cells do not have cell walls
and have different structures than plant cells.

The weather in the desert

Deserts can get really hot during the day with the sun beating down,but dont hold the
heat overnight.Some deserts can reach temperatures of well over 100 degrees F during
the day and then drop below freezing (32 degrees F )during the night.


Location is like when you go to this app and you can see
your house and other peoples houses to

Animals and plants in the Deserts

● Desert fox, Chile. Now for the cool animals; the Addax antelope found in the Sahara Desert is one of the most beautiful
antelopes in the world. ...

● Addax antelope. ...
● Deathstalker scorpion. ...
● Camel. ...
● Armadillo lizard. ...
● Thorny Devil. ...
● Rockhopper penguin

Animal adaptation

Many animals have physical adaptations that serve as a disguise. They can hide out in
the open because they blend into their environment. The adaptation that allows some
animals to blend into their surroundings iscamouflage . Color, patterns, and body shape are

adaptations that help camouflage both predators and prey.


A quiz is like when you answer qusetions and stuff like on a
test you answer question

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