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Published by Khaizuran Akmal, 2019-06-11 07:14:53

It assignment


The apps for facebook so familiar for all country. I choose facebook because
this app so famous at worldwide. Facebook is a social networking service.
This app can be connect all friend, family or someone have long distance.
At July 2003 this app calling Facemash but later changing to The Facebook
on February 4, 2004. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his college
roomate and fellow Harvard University Student Eduardo Saverin. The
website membership was initially limited by the founders to Harvard
student, but was expanded to other colleges in the Boston area, the ivy
League and gradually most universities un the United States and Canada
corporation and by September 2006 to everyone with a valid email address
along with an age requirement of being 13 and older.

- Facebook can connect with family, friends, work colleagues and can meet new

- Facebook also can do for business, can be a good relationship with customer,
sell, promote a product, and give service.

- Facebook can also be used as a video chat tool.
- This app also can be used for news and information. Major news usually goes

viral on facebook and most brands use it to announce important things
regarding their product.
- Facebook also can watch the movie, and play the games

- Privates status published publicly, and the stalker can find more information
on you.

- Fake profile or scam do this for bother, lying and do the fake business to get
easy money.

- This app also wasting your time because you just play the games and do not
mingle with family and friends.

- Make the new privacy and behave for share something at social media .
- Always check the profile who want to follow, for want to business always check

feedback, and the profile .
- The family always check your children and do not always give the phone to

your children

- This app can add more function for camera.
- Make sure to filter public information that wanted to be posted

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