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Shoe Desig2n020

As a company we strive to not only teach our clients About Us
about the industry within fashion, footwear, Handbags
and accessories, but we assist along the way of creating What we do
your very own brand and we offer brand designing

Style Architects teaches, consults and manufactures, for
all our clients and students – we have various factories in
the country that we develop brands in.

We are also focusing on developing our retail strategy for
all our clients – to develop their brands and then
immediately place them in suitable retail markets, as well
as selling their brands on our online store.

We are developing our boutiques – first starting online,
then moving into a retail chain.

Style Architects is one of the very few companies in South
Africa to offer Footwear & Handbag Design Courses; and
still provide you with mentorship to assist you in starting
your dream…realistically.

We strive ourselves in assisting our students to become
the very best they can be, and assist them on the best
possible path, that suits their needs and goals – because
at the end of the day, it’s not actually About Us – but
About You!

Why Choose Us…

Reasons  We Offer a wide range of courses – by industry
To Choose Us professionals

 We offer manufacturing assistance and advice

 We Manufacture locally, for a Proudly South African

 We work with local community projects that promote
job creation and skill development

 We supply components from machinery, tools, and

 We have convenient supply chain logistics, to deliver
anything you require, straight to your door

 We offer advice and training on starting your very own
Footwear or Footwear factory at home

 We offer brand management services – from graphic
design to marketing your brand

 We offer Post – Certificate assistance

 We offer after sale service, with selling your products
and brands with our own Online Boutique.

We offer a wide range of courses, within the fashion and
design industry. Our courses are taught by industry

We strictly keep our classes to specific low numbers, this
ensures each student will get the best assistance and
guidance throughout each course. Each class is strictly
capped at 10 students per class.

Complete Footwear Design & Making Course

 3 Month - Full Time (Weekday)
 6 Month - Part Time (Saturdays)
 Includes Design, Pattern Making & 3 Day


Footwear Sketching Course Start a Career in…

 5 Week - Sketching & Presentation Shoe Designing

Make-A-Shoe Workshops

 7 Day - Footwear Workshop
 5 Day - Custom Workshop

Comprehensive Courses

Study Footwear Our Shoe Design Short Course is fantastic for
About Our Courses beginners. Each student will have a taste of what is
needed to become a shoe designer.

Design, Pattern Engineering and Shoemaking is all
included in or courses. Once a student has
completed this all rounded course, each student
will see what their strengths are, and can then
specialize in that field of study, in the future, or within
their business.

Our Footwear Design Course is intensive, but was still
designed for beginners – the course is packed with
all the vital information to start your very own basic
shoe business from home or becoming the shoe
designer for your very own brand.

As a beginners course you will learn how to do
design a shoe from the very start, as well as learn
about all the styles of footwear and basic shoe
manufacture – Design a shoe from concept to
pattern – bring your most exciting ideas in your mind
to life, with this exciting footwear design course.


Creative Design & Pattern Engineering Practical Shoemaking 5 Day Skills Workshop &
Business & Paper Sampling 3 Day Workshop Machinery Use

Creative Design focuses on the This is the Core Module in our We add shoemaking to our design The 5 Day Footwear Making skills
sketching and presentation of course – and one of the most course, as this module ties everything course can be added to our complete
Footwear. This subject will assist valuable modules the student will learnt in the course together. Without shoe design course. This module can
with creative understanding, learn. Without the knowledge and some knowledge of shoemaking, the be learnt as a separate module, but
overcoming creative blocks, understanding of footwear application of pattern engineering will we recommend taking the module
proportions of bags, as well as Pattern Engineering, one cannot be vague. Learn the art of closed toe with all other modules, to obtain a full
client presentation. This subject take their Footwear design career and open toe. This module is vital for scope of knowledge. This workshop
brings out your true inner to the next level. Learn basic students who don’t have the capital to focuses on using industrial sewing
designer, converting the ideas styles, which are the foundation to spend on machinery. machines, different styles of shoes, and
in your head, onto paper. We most shoes. Footwear hardware, as well as
teach you how to draw using  Footwear Materials & Leather inserting stiffeners and interfacings.
simple and comprehensive  Pattern Cutting Basics  Understanding Footwear
techniques.  Creating Master Patterns  Footwear Materials & Leather
 Industry Standard Seams Factory Processes  Understanding Footwear
 Footwear Anatomy  Footwear Sewing Techniques
 History of the All and Edge Treatments in  The Art of Cutting leather and Factory Processes with
Footwear machinery
Footwear  Pattern Cutting Basics Tracing patterns accurately  Understanding Footwear
 Basic Art & Drawing  Creating Master Patterns  Understanding leather tools Factory Machinery
 Industry Standard Seams  Shoemaking Techniques –  How to sew with a sewing
Techniques and Edge Treatments in machine
 Understanding Design Footwear Stuck On Construction  3 Different styles of Footwear
 Ladies Pumps (flat & High  Setting up your own Footwear  Understanding interfacings
Elements & Principles heel), Ladies Sandal (Flat and process of application
 Designing Footwear & High Heel) Studio  Setting up your own Footwear
 The Gibson | Sneaker  Developing your Brand Studio
and Styling (Ladies & Men’s)  How to liaise with a factory
 Design Presentation &  The Loafer | Ankle Boot Business Outline  Manufacturers & Suppliers in
 Factory Specification SA
Mood Boards Writing Subjects
 Client Presentation  Paper Sampling
 Business Presentation
 Understanding & Course Breakdown

Identifying your target
 Trend Analysis
 Developing a Brand

The Complete The Footwear Online Distance
Footwear Design & Sketching & Design Learning Footwear
3 Day Making Course Course Courses

This 3 Month Course consists of This 4 week course, is a All our online courses are

Footwear Design, sketching, fantastic add on course for based on the same syllabus

range development, Business presentation skills. The as the campus courses. Our
Branding techniques, pattern Complete course includes Online courses are different
engineering and includes a 7 sketching and presentation; to other courses, as we
day workshop focused just on but this course focuses on provide private one on one
Footwear making. Learn how the subject in more detail. lessons with our students via
to use industrial sewing Learn how to draw in more Skype, as though they were
machines, learn how to use depth, sketch and render in class with us. Each lesson is
shoemaking tools. Make ideas professionally. 2 hours, and students can
closed toe shoes, as well as Learn how to develop chat with a lecturer for full
sandals and more. This is a professional mood boards, understanding. All stationery
recommended course if you range boards for Footwear

wish to start your own business collections. Learn different and items needed for the

of making and selling techniques of sketching by course, are couriered straight
Payment Planshandcrafted shoes. hand and using different to the student’s doorstep.
All mediums (pencil, paint,
stationery and books are  MODULE 1
included in the course.  MODULE 1



Course Tuition  MODULE 2


The Complete Footwear Course 3 Months 2 Lessons per week Mon. & Tues. R6 500 R6 700 x2 R19 900
The Complete Footwear Course 6 Months 1 Lesson per week Saturdays R 5000 R3000 x5 R20 000

The Online Footwear Design 6 Months 1 Lesson per week On Request R4 500 R2 000 x5 R14 500
Footwear Sketching Course 4 weeks 2 Lessons per week On Request ------ ------- R4 950

Online Footwear Sketching 8 weeks 1 lesson per week On Request R2 750 R2 750 x1 R5 500

Shoemaking Workshop (Module 4) 5 Days 2 Lessons per week On Request ------ R4250 x1 R4 250
Single Shoemaking Workshop – 1 Day 1 Weekday Lesson On Request ------ ------ R 990
Simple *

Single Shoemaking Workshop – 1 Day 1 Weekday Lesson On Request ------ ------ R1 350

Choose from the Following Time Slots on Mondays & Tuesdays Choose from the Following Time Slots on Saturdays
07:00 – 09:00 | 09:00 – 11:00 | 11:00 – 13:00 | 18:00 – 20:00 08:00 – 10:00 | 10:00 – 12:00 | 12:00 – 14:00 ( )t&c’s Apply
( )t&c’s Apply


We would

To hear from you!

Our head office is based in Modderfontein, Gauteng. We do
offer courses in Pretoria. Durban and Cape Town Bi-annually,

but only if demand permits.

Please book an appointment to come through to see us!

Contact us for more information –
We love to hear from people who adore fashion and beauty

as much as we do!

Our Details…

Email [email protected]
Whatsapp +27 72 595 1661

Contact Us Look us up on Facebook – Style Architects – to see what
For more information our students are up to

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