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Published by Samira Price, 2019-11-21 13:38:36

Scarlet Letter Alphabet Book

Scarlet Letter Alphabet Book

Scarlet Letter Alphabet Book

By: Samira Price


The letter A is for the letter that
Pearl made when she was
pretending to be a mermaid. Pearl
noticed that Hester was wearing
the letter A on her chest so she
made one to look just like her


The letter B is for when Hester
walks out of the prison doors
holding a baby in her arms.
Hester thought that
Chillingworth was dead so she
thought that there would be no
consequences with sleeping
with someone else.


The letter C is for Caretaker,
Hester felt that if she could at
least take care of her child
the people would see the
good in her and forget about
what she had done. She did
not like being the outcast.


The letter D is for Devil,
Pearl was playing in the
graveyard and referred to
“black man.” The black
man she was talking
about is the Devil.


The letter E is for Europe.
Pearl, Dimmesdale, and
Hester decided to move to
Europe together to make a
new life and become a


The letter F is for father, in the
beginning Hester did not tell
who Pearl’s father was
because she was guilty of
adultery. Hester did not tell
who the father of her child
was because he is the
minister. She did not want to
ruin his reputation.


The letter G is for garden, Pearl
and Hester met the Governor and
Mistress Hibbins in. When they
met those people in the garden a
series of events happened after
that. Each person that Pearl and
Hester met in the garden had an
effect on their future.


The letter H is for husband,
Roger Chillingworth was Hester’s
husband. Over time Chillingworth
became very deformed because
he was basically in the middle of
everything. He did not find out
who the father was until later in
the book.


The letter I is for isolated, Hester and
Pearl were isolated from everyone
because all that the Puritans saw in
Hester was the sin she committed.
She did not do it purposely, she
thought that her husband was dead
because he went missing. He was
taken by the Indians.


The letter J is for Judged, when Hester
first arrived she was judged by
everyone in the town. They knew that
Hester’s husband had been missing for
a while so they knew that she had
committed a sin. They also frowned
upon divorce so either way the town
people saw it as a sin.


The letter K is for knowledge, Hester
knew exactly what to do to take care
of Pearl for as long as she lived.
Hester was protecting Pearl from a
lot of things. She raised Pearl as a
normal child because Hester felt that
Pearl still had a chance to be
accepted in the community.


The letter L is for love, Dimmesdale
was questioning if Pearl would love
him like she loves Hester. Pearl was
a very mysterious girl, no one knew
her as much as her mother did so
Dimmesdale had a conversation
with Hester about if Pearl would
accept him in her life.


The letter M is for misshapen, Chillingworth
became very misshapen and deformed
throughout the book. He became that way
because he felt betrayed. For the longest
time he was living with Dimmesdale
because he did not want anyone to know
that he was no longer missing due to the
fact that Hester had a baby.


The letter N is for Neglect,
Hester felt neglected because
when she was sent to prison
everyone in the town did not
care for her anymore due to
the fact that she committed


The letter O is for outcast,
Hester committed a sin and
from then on no one would
communicate with her except for
a very few select people.


The letter P is for Prison, Hester spent
most of her time in prison when the
townspeople first saw her there holding
a baby. They all thought that she had
committed the sin on purpose but
under the circumstances she was in, it
was proven that she had no idea that
her husband was still alive.


The letter Q is for questions, Pearl
asks many questions throughout the
book. She is a very smart girl so she
started asking questions about
Dimmesdale always holding his


The letter R is for risk, Hester
knew the risk she was taking
before she had the affair.
She knew that the
punishment for adultery was
death and she decided to do
it anyway.


The letter S is for short-lived,
the characters in the book did
not end up living for a long time.
All of the main characters died
except for Pearl.


The letter T is for tribulations, Hester
and Pearl had many tribulations to go
through. At one point in the book they
were invited to a witch gathering. Witch
craft was frowned upon by the Puritans.
Not only was Hester frowned upon for
adultery, Hester and Pearl were also
about to be a part of witchcraft.


The letter U is for unusual, Pearl
was a very unusual little girl. She
would say and do things that a
normal child would not do. Pearl
played in the graveyard and said
things that referred to the Devil.


The letter V is for Vague,
things are not always
how they appear. Hester
thought that her husband
was dead but he was not.
He came back and did a
weird gesture.


The letter W is for weary, Dimmesdale
let his guilt from sin he committed take
over his thoughts and made him grow
weary. He did not get much sleep and
he punished himself in very disturbing


The letter X is for eXile,
Hester and Pearl were
kicked out of their
community because
Hester committed


The letter Y is for
young, Pearl is a
young girl that has a
future a head of her.
Eventually in the book
she will get married.


The letter Z is for amaZed,
when Hester and Pearl were
walking through the woods
they noticed that the sun
only shines on Pearl. The
sun was dodging Pearl.

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