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▪ Key Skill: Speed and strategy
• Equipment: 5-7 small-medium rubber balls
• Space Requirement: Half the basketball court or outside
• Time Requirement: 10-20 minutes
• Objective: The team with the most members standing at the end of the period wins or the team to get

all members on the opposing team out wins.
Instructions: Divide into two even groups, but each team will include a “Lifeguard”. The lifeguard is
responsible for tagging teammates back into the game. If the lifeguard is hit, its team loses, and the game
restarts. If anyone who is not a lifeguard is hit, must immediately sit where at and wait for the lifeguard
to tag back into the game.
Rules: The balls will be placed in the center of the court, when the whistle blows, each team will race to
the middle to get the balls before the other team.
Catching a ball thrown at you gets the thrower out and you’re able to bring one of your team members
back into the game. If the ball bounces before you are hit or catch it, no one is out.

• Key Skill: Strength, Balance, Speed Control.
• Equipment: None
• Space Requirement: Gym Floor
• Time Requirement: 10-20 minutes
• Objective: First team to successfully make it down and back wins.

Instructions: Line students in a row and pair the two immediately next to each other ie. 1-2-
Pair. Once everyone has a partner line them up on one side of the gym. One partner is made into
the wheelbarrow (puts hands on floor and legs or feet in their partners hands) The Person
steering will have to direct their partner to the other side of the gym. Once on the other side they
will switch positions and the other player now becomes the wheelbarrow racing back to the finish
Rules: Player that is the wheelbarrow must keep both hands on the floor and stay inside their
lane. No crawling or running.

• Key Skill: Speed, team work, strategizing, and verbal skills
• Equipment: None
• Space Requirement: Half the basketball court or outside
• Time Requirement: 10-20 minutes
• Objective: Last 2 players to remain win

Instructions: Everyone will stand in a circle and take ten steps away from each other. A number will be
called and players have to group in that number by the time the whistle blows. The game starts with the
instructor shouting out a number and everyone is racing to form a group of that number, anyone not in a
group or a group that doesn’t have the correct number is out. For example, if the instructor shouts 6 the
participants have to make a group of six members, if there are 13 participants there should be two groups
with 1 person left out and that person is out. If there is a group of 5, that whole group is out because it’s
not a group of 6 the same applies if there is a group of 7.
Rule: Once the whistle blows you cannot join a group or drop a group member.

• Key Skill: Motor Skills, Eye- Hand Coordination, Catching
• Equipment: Tennis Ball
• Space Requirements: Gym floor or field
• Time Requirement: 10-20 minutes
• Objective: Last player that does not touch “hot potato” wins
Instructions: Gather players in a circle and toss around a tennis ball or beanbag to each other while
music plays. The player who is holding the "hot potato" when the music stops is out. Play continues until
only one player is left. The game can also be played without music where there is a designated leader who
shouts out "hot!" and the player holding the object is eliminated.

• Key Skill: Coordination, motor skills, memorization
• Equipment: None
• Space Requirement: Gym floor
• Time Requirement: 10-20 minutes
• Objective: Last player to not get tagged wins

Instructions: Similar to freeze tag except the players can avoid being frozen for 5 seconds at a time by
squatting/sitting down and shouting out a cartoon character. Each cartoon character may only be used
once and that it only grants you 5 seconds of immunity or not being touched. After your 5 seconds is up
you must stand up and rejoin the game.

•Key Skill: Locomotor skills and ball skills

•Equipment: Basketball and post

•Space Requirement: Half court

•Time Requirement: 15 minutes

•Objective: To be the first one finished around the world

•The first player will shoot their shot at the given spots by the instructor
•The player will move to the next spot if the shot is made
•If the player misses the shot, they player can either stay on their spot and let the next person go or
chance it and shot the ball again
•If the player makes the ball after misses it they can move to the next spot but if the player misses it again
they go to the end of the line to start over
•The first person to finish all five given shots wins the game

• Key Skill: Motor, Physical, Coordination
• Equipment: Balloons, jersey for Martians
• Space Requirement: Half the Gym
• Time Requirement: 10-15 minutes depending on how long it takes for the Martians to steal the astronaut’s air.
• Objective: The last Astronaut standing wins

• Line everyone up on the Red line. Count 1-5. Every #5 is a Martian
• The rest of the students are the Astronauts (they will be given a balloon as their air supply)
• They can carry their balloon or tie it to their shoes
• Martians will chase after the Astronauts trying to pop their balloons so they are out of “air”. But, no

hitting, and no putting the balloons inside of clothes!!!!!
• Astronauts who are out of “air” are out and will sit on the red line.

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