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Medical Systems 2020 Code Book Catalog

2020 Code Book Catalog

2020 Coding Resources

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Coders’Desk Reference

CDR20 2020 Coders’Desk Reference for Procedures
Softbound List Price $139.95 Our Price $99.95

ITDR20 2020 Coders’Desk Reference for Diagnoses CPT/HCPCS
Softbound List Price $139.95 Our Price $99.95

CDRH20 2020 Coders’Desk Reference for HCPCS BCE20 2020 Current Procedural Coding Expert
Spiral List Price $108.95 Our Price $78.95
Softbound List Price $139.95 Our Price $99.95

MDFR20 2020 Optum Learning - Understanding Modifiers BHS20 2020 HCPCS Level II Expert Our Price $75.95
List Price $95.95 Our Price $68.95 Spiral List Price $104.95

DRG20 2020 DRG Expert (2 volume set) HB20 2020 HCPCS Level II Professional Our Price $58.95
List Price $139.95 Softbound List Price $79.95
Our Price $99.95

DDR20 2020 DRG Desk Reference Our Price $169.95 RBRC20 2020 The Essential RBRVS Our Price $164.95
List Price $219.95 List Price $229.95

Expected Availability Dec. 2019 Available December 2019

Cross Coders

SCC20 2020 Surgical Cross Coder
ACC20 2020 Anesthesia Cross Coder
PCC20 2020 Procedural Cross Coder

2020 Coding Companions List Price: $174.95 Our Price: $134.95

ATCR20 2020 Cardiology/Cardiothoracic Surgery/Vascular Surgery Available December 2019
AENT20 2020 ENT/Allergy/Pulmonology
AGEN20 2020 General Surgery/Gastroenterology Coding & Payment Guides
ATNN20 2020 Neurosurgery/Neurology
ATOB20 2020 OB-GYN SAP20 2020 Anesthesia Services
ATHO20 2020 Oncology/Hematology SYCH20 2020 Behavioral Health Services
ATEY20 2020 Ophthalmology CGDS20 2020 Dental Services
ATLE20 2020 Orthopaedics- Lower: Hips & Below SLAB20 2020 Laboratory Services
ATUE20 2020 Orthopaedics- Upper: Spine & Above SPT20 2020 Physical Therapist
ATPR20 2020 Plastics/Dermatology SMOH20 2020 Medical Oncology/Hematology
APOD20 2020 Podiatry SRA20 2020 Radiology Services
ASPC20 2020 Primary Care/Pediatrics/Emergency Medicine
ASRA20 2020 Radiology List Price: $179.95 Our Price: $134.95
ATUN20 2020 Urology/Nephrology

Spiral List Price: $199.95 Our Price: $149.95 SOMS20 2020 Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Our Price: $149.95
List Price: $199.95

Expected Availability Dec. 2019 Available December 2019

ICD-10 Resources

Item # List Price Our Price

ICD-10-CM BGITPS20 $114.95 $82.95
2020 ICD-10-CM Expert (Spiral) GITPB20 $109.95 $78.95
2020 ICD-10-CM Professional (Softbound) BGITHS20 $114.95 $82.95
2020 ICD--10-CM Expert for Hospital (Spiral) PEGITPB20 $109.95 $82.95
2020 ICD-10-CM for Physician (e-Book)
Available September/October 2019 BITPCS20 $114.95 $82.95

ICD-10-PCS CDI20 $139.95 $99.95
2020 ICD-10-PCS Expert (Spiral) ITEC20 $139.95 $99.95
ITEP20 $139.95 $99.95
ICD-10-Training and Coding Essentials BGITHA20 $179.95 $128.95
2020 ICD-10-CM Clinical Documentation PEGITHA20 $179.95 $128.95
2020 ICD-10-CM Essentials - Diagnosis
2020-ICD-10-PCS Essentials - PCS
2020 ICD-10 Expert for Home Health & Hospice
2020 ICD-10 for Home Health & Hospice (e-Book)

Available October/November 2019

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EP054120 CPT Professional Edition 2020
Our Price: $89.95
OP512920 CPT Changes 2020
Our Price: $84.95


OP231520 HCPCS Level II
Our Price: $83.95

OP168020 ICD-10-CM Documentation $105.95
OP201420 ICD-10-CM 2020 Code Set $89.95
OP201120 ICD-10-PCS 2020 Code Set $89.95


OP501016 Principles of CPT Coding 9th Ed. $59.95
OP590420 Coding for Pediatrics 2020 $129.95
Nursing Drug Handbook
OP059620 Medicare RBRVS2020 $44.95

[email protected] | 256-539-7320

Coding Essentials

CPT® Coding Essentials optimizes both CPT and ICD-10 code selection with helpful
CPT-to-ICD-10-CM crosswalks and detailed explanations of anatomy, physiology
and documentation. Other than the AMA CPT® Professional Edition codebook, this
is the only book on the market with verbatim CPT-panel–approved guidelines and
parenthetical information.

This is the ideal daily companion featuring useful, definitive specialty-specific
coding information beyond what is provided in a full procedural codebook.

List $179.95 Our Price $154.95

OP259820 CPT Coding Essentials for Anesthesiology/Pain Management
OP258620 CPT Coding Essentials for Cardiology
OP258820 CPT Coding Essentials for General Surgery & Gastroenterology
OP259020 CPT Coding Essentials for Obstetrics & Gynecology
OP259220 CPT Coding Essentials for Ophthalmology
OP259420 CPT Coding Essentials for Orthopaedics Lower
OP259620 CPT Coding Essentials for Orthopaedics Upper and Spine
OP260020 CPT Coding Essentials for Urology/Nephrology
OP260420 CPT Coding Essentials for Neurology & Neurosurgery
OP260820 CPT Coding Essentials for Plastics & Dermatology

Risk Adjustment
Documentation & Coding

Risk Adjustment Documentation & Coding provides:

• Risk adjustment parameters to improve documentation related to severity of illness and
chronic diseases.

• Code abstraction designed to improve diagnostic coding accuracy without causing
financial harm to the practice or health facility. The impact of risk adjustment coding—
also called hierarchical condition category (HCC) coding—on a practice should not be
• More than 75 million Americans are enrolled in risk-adjusted insurance plans. This
population represents more than 20% of those insured in the United States.
• Insurance risk pools under the Affordable Care Act include risk adjustment.

• CMS has proposed expanding audits on risk adjustment coding. Meticulous diagnostic
documentation and coding is key to accurate risk-adjustment reporting. This book will
help align the industry though an objective compilation and presentation of risk
adjustment documentation and coding issues, guidance, and federal resources.

OP287018 List $74.95 Our Price $69.95

[email protected] | 256-539-7320

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WCCPClaaaMismcSek115o20o-0PfCKf2S5-1502000 - $34.95 SAMPLE
- $68.95


Prices subject to changeAPPROVED OMB-0938-1197 FORM 1500 (02-12)
Patient Sign-in Cla2i5m6.5F39o.7r3m20sMedical Systems Laser 1 Part CMS [email protected]

HIPPA Compliant 1 Pack (500) $36.95
125 sheets (3125 Sign-ins) 1 Case (2500) $74.95

Transcription Labels

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