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Land and Liveaboard
Sachika - Best of the Central Atolls
Kuredu Island Resort
14 night itinerary
19 October 2018 departure
form £3190

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Published by The Scuba Place, 2018-01-19 12:51:41

Maldives : Come Dive with Us : Sept 2018

Land and Liveaboard
Sachika - Best of the Central Atolls
Kuredu Island Resort
14 night itinerary
19 October 2018 departure
form £3190




© THE SCUBA PLACE by Nigel Wade

To get the best out of a diving holiday to
the Maldives we suggest one of our
recommended liveaboards. Diving from a
traditional Dhoni is extraordinary!


Widely regarded as one of the world's most fascinating scuba diving destinations with
hundreds of unique diving sites for enthusiastic scuba divers to explore; The Maldives offer a
myriad of possibilities for amazing scuba diving holidays. There are so many dive sites to
explore that even divers who live here full-time never get to see all the underwater marvels
of the Maldives, so those visiting these magical islands hungry for varied scuba diving
experiences, will never be disappointed.
The Maldives Have some outstandingly beautiful coral reefs, but its the abundance and
colourfulness of fish life that can be found throughout the atolls that sets these blessed
islands apart from other scuba diving destinations in the world. And it is due to the myriad
channels and passages between the atolls, that the currents sweep and play throughout the
island chain so that nutrients for colourful species are always on the move. This accounts for
the vast numbers of fish enjoying the passing feast and divers can expect to spot Napoleon
wrasse, parrotfish, snappers, barracudas, jacks and sweetlips in every site where the water
In the channels there are caves, caverns and overhangs to explore, all teeming with soft
corals, and there is a riot of colourful sponges, invertebrates and gorgonian fans all profiting
from the nutrient-rich water. There are also plenty of cleaning stations where cleaning
wrasses and shrimps service the larger marine species. Inside the atoll lagoons one can often
find pinnacles of rock vaulting up almost to the surface. These are known locally as 'Thilas'
and are often bejewelled with sessile life forms. These formations bring water up from the

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ocean floor against their walls, feeding the sponges and soft corals that cling to its sides as
well as creating an environment that supports a plethora of crustaceans and schools of
resident fish.
Slightly removed away from the reefs, divers are likely to encounter the pelagics that
frequent the Maldives, including manta rays, eagle rays and a variety of sharks including the
mighty whale shark. Wherever you look there is likely to be something of interest going on
and for many it is in the shallows where the best of the action takes place. Here the clear
water, brightly illuminated by the sun's rays and playing host to great numbers of fish,
provides an ideal environment both for photographers and scuba divers alike.
For scuba diving there are two distinct seasons in the Maldives, the North East Monsoon
which runs from December through to April during the Maldivian summer and the South
West Monsoon which runs from May to December and during which the focus is shifted to
diving on the western side of the atolls. Both seasons offer equally amazing and different
diving opportunities. On both seasons water temperatures remain fairly consistent and warm
at a temperature of around 25° - 28° C.

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The Sachika is a luxury live board based in the Maldives offering itineraries in the Central
and North Atolls. Ten spacious cabins, all ensuite with individual air conditioning and a mini-
bar can accommodate 22 guests. Meals are served buffet style on the main deck with
coffee, tea and bottled mineral water available at all times.

Sachika is a fully equipped cruiser with a large salon, spacious sun deck with a jacuzzi,
lounge area at the bow and on the Captain’s deck, a lounge bar with panoramic views. A
professional massage therapist is also on board.
Diving takes place from a traditional Maldivian Dhoni providing ample space for divers. Your
dive kit and compressors are kept on board the dhoni, making the diving easy and keeping
the noise at a minimum.


This itinerary is an exciting mix between submerged landscapes and breath-taking views. At
the centre of this long archipelago, which is situated from east to west,lie three of the most
famous atolls of Maldives: North Male, South Male and Ari.
The cruise sets out to the south, letting divers get used to the comfortable water
temperatures with the exploration of a trawler which sank over 30 years ago and turned into
a house for the typical micro fauna of these waters. You’ll find needle fish and scorpion fish
inhabiting the outside decks along with clefts full of glassfish.
The fishermen island of Gurahidoo is surrounded by dive sites that have rivers of currents in
the pass, which in turn bring large predators like white tip and grey reef sharks. It is not
unusual to encounter large napoleons and green turtles between the protrusions of
Kandooma Thila.
The crossing to the west of South Ari atoll is often accompanied by large groups of dolphins.
These waters are characterised by rowley shoals dives. They are unique because of the
abundance of fish and both hard and soft coral gardens. In fact, the area is famous for its
spectacular dive sites such as Five Rocks with its blue sea fans and Kuda Thila Raa with its
schools of squirrelfish and yellow striped blue snappers, soft corals and long black coral
Before sailing back to the central areas is a must to look for, in true “safari” style, the great
lord of this area, the whale shark.
In the western part of the atoll, when dry winds blow from the northeast, there are several
points where you might meet the great manta rays that come close to the reef to enjoy the
many cleaning stations that are rich with plankton.


Kuredu Island Resort is one of the larger resorts in the Lhaviyani Atoll, an area famous for its
abundant fish life. Situated 80 miles north of the International Airport and 35 minutes by
seaplane, Kuredu Island is protected by one of the best house reefs in the country and has
more than 3km of white beaches and lagoons. With a glorious setting and a range of
facilities there is something for everyone.

Kuredu ProDivers operates a dedicated dive centre offering a full range of daily excursions
and courses catering to beginners and experienced divers and snorkelers alike.  With almost
50 dive sites on offer, variety is the key theme. Whether it’s a calm and relaxed shallow dive,
or an adrenalin fuelled drift dive or channel crossing, Kuredu ProDivers caters to your every
wish. They also have access to the only dive site in the Maldives with two shipwrecks at the
same site.  Independent diving is available at the house reef and night dives can be done
every night.  

[email protected] | 020 7644 8252 |


© THE SCUBA PLACE by Nigel Wade


14 NIGHT ITINERARY : Friday 19 October to Saturday 3 November 2018


- Return airfare London Gatwick to Male via Dubai on Emirates
- 7 nights aboard Sachika liveaboard : Beset of Central Atolls itinerary : full board with 3 dives

daily and night diving where permitted

- 7 nights Kuredu Island Resort : all inclusive in Garden Bungalow - room upgrades available
- Airport and local transfers

£3190 Sachika and Kuredu Garden Bungalow
£3250 Sachika and Kuredu Beach Bungalow
£3500 Sachika and Kuredu Beach Villa
*prices per person based on double occupancy

£500 non-refundable deposit per person
balance due 13 weeks prior to departure
please review all Booking Conditions here
Friday 19 October 2018 : Emirates Airlines 16

departing : London Gatwick at 14:25
arriving : Dubai at 00:15 (GMT+4/next day)
Saturday 20 October 2018 : Emirates Airlines 658
departing : Dubai at 03:25 (GMT+4)
arriving : Male at 08:30 (GMT+5)
details : economy seating, 30kg checked baggage plus 7kg hand baggage allowance

Saturday 3 November 2018 : Emirates Airlines 661
departing : Male at 18:20 (GMT+5)
arriving : Dubai at 21:35 (GMT+4)

Sunday 4 November 2018 : Emirates Airlines 11
departing : Dubai at 02:50 (GMT+3)
arriving : London Gatwick at 06:40
details : economy seating, 30kg checked baggage plus 7kg hand baggage allowance



Sachika Liveaboard : Male, Maldives

check in : Saturday 20 October 2018
check out : Saturday 27 October 2018
details : twin cabin, full board basis (buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Sachika Liveaboard : Male, Maldives
details : 6 days with 3 dives each day plus night diving
Kurdedu Island Resort : Lhaviyani Atoll, Maldives
check in : Saturday 27 October 2018
check out : Saturday 4 November 2018
details : all inclusive in a selected accommodation
airline upgrades : we can arrange for higher class seating and/or extra baggage, please contact us for
up to date pricing
Maldivian Green and Bed taxes : $25 USD payable locally
liveaboard extras : equipment rental, massages, wifi, alcoholic drinks, tips (at your discretion - £35 per
diver is recommended)
resort diving : Providers Kuredu operates a 5 star ADI dive centre with daily excursions available.
Please contact us for pricing and arrangements.
To book this trip please contact us 020 7644 8252 or at [email protected]
Any change in pricing due to flight availability or other circumstances will be disclosed and discussed
at time of booking.
Tickets and full travel documentation for group travel will be issued to all passengers 2 weeks prior to
departure. All passengers will receive confirmation of their booking and receipt for deposit or any
payment immediately after processing along with an ATOL certificate.
Passenger names as listed on passport, together with passport number and expiry date, date of birth
and nationality is required for each passenger travelling before final documents can be distributed.
Travel and Diving Insurance are mandatory.
The liveaboard will accept $USD or MasterCard and VISA with a 4% fee
Please review all Booking Conditions here
Thank you!
John Spencer-Ades
The Scuba Place

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