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Published by chloye7665, 2019-05-08 13:21:03

Color Project

Color Project

Table of ContentsTable of contents

1. Inspiration/Goal

1. Inspiration

22.. TThheebBegeigninnniningg

3. The Process
4. The Process

35.. THihgehlPigrohctiensgs & Filler

4. Gray coverage & color correction

5. Color Correction

6. Platinum card

7. Toning

8. Final product

Inspiration & Goal-

My inspiration was drawn from the russian instagram colorist, __snegga__. Her looks are always breathtaking and
unique, and what really stands out to me is her peekaboo colormelts. My goal was to make


The Beginning-The Beginning-

At first, the manikin was four very different colors and textures.

To start the process, i started with a manikin with four different hair colors and textures.
I had to reach the same level of blonde on all four sections



For the third quad, we had to start off with highlights.
I used 20 Volume developer with my bleach with a weaving
technique to create these light and sporadic babylights.


The second quad was supposed to go from a light
blonde to a natural, warm brown.
On this quAD I USED A Demi permanent, lEVEL 5n
AND a 5Gb, which came out more ash and green
3 than warm.

GIrnasy pCoivraertaigoe-n-

InMoyridnesrptoiracotivoenr twheaswhdorlaewsenctifroonmofthgreayruhsaisri,ain instagram colorist, __snegga__. Her looks are always
ubserdeaa tphertamkainnegnat,nldevueln5iqNuGei ,anadnd7Nwtohahtelrpecarlelaytestands out to me is her peekaboo colormelts.
a 6NN, with 20 volume developer.

Demi Permanent Color Correction

For this color correction quad, i used a demi permanent,
Level 5NCr color, with 10 developer to deposit. It didnt
go as dark as intended, and probably could have used a 7N
as well to cut the intensity of the copper.


Color correction-

To start the color correction process, i started off with a bleach soap cap for about ten minutes.
Results: ¾ quadrants lifted very nicely. The only one that almost didnt lift at all was the highlighted quad. So, i went
in with a platinum card on that quad.


Platinum Card

To get started on my desired color, i did a platinum card over all four quadrants.i used 20 volume
developer on ¾ of the manikin; on the front right quad i used 30 volume developer because i knew
how fast that left over color would lift.

Toning To try and have the whole head achieve a similar color all over, i
toned after the platinum card with 1 oz of 9G & 1 oz of 9Nb, along
with 2 oz of processing solution. I wanted a soft, sandy blonde all
over just to have uniform and singularity, and achieved that.


Final Product

To achieve this final product, i started with the peekaboos.
The peekaboo process consisted of colormelt and sectioning with Arctic fox color in “Aquamarine” and “Virgin Pink,” and
mixing the two together to create the purple.
I let them sit for about an hour since this color is a depositing, no developer color. Basically, just a semi-permanent stain.
AFter that, i toned with a shades EQ, silver green pastel toner to help contribute to that cool but ashy/ titanium look i was
going for.
I had to cut off a decent amount of hair, but decided a blunt cut would suit the color and look best, and give a better peekaboo
8 result.

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