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Political Theory & Ideologies 2017

Eurospan's catalogue of latest titles in political theory and ideologies










Islam, Immigration, and Identity
Akbar Ahmed

Dec 2017 600pp

9780815727583 Hardback £34.50 / €39.00

Offers a richly detailed and clear-eyed exploration of Islam in Europe and the place of
Islam in European history and civilization. Along with an analysis of what has gone
wrong and why, this urgent, unprecedented study features recommendations for
promoting integration and pluralism in the twenty-first century.

Brookings Institution Press



A Social Analysis of Peacebuilding
Catherine Goetze

Mar 2017 288pp, 13 figures, 4 tables
9780472053414 Paperback £43.95 / €51.00
9780472073412 Hardback £82.50 / €95.00
Configurations: Critical Studies of World Politics

“Peacebuilding” serves as a catch-all term to describe efforts by an array of international
organizations, nongovernmental organizations, and agencies of foreign states to restore
or construct a peaceful society in the wake - or even in the midst - of conflict. Despite
this variety, practitioners consider themselves members of a global profession. In The
Distinction of Peace, Catherine Goetze investigates the genesis of peacebuilding as a
professional field of expertise since the 1960s, its increasing influence, and the ways it reflects global power structures.

Goetze describes how the peacebuilding field came into being, how it defines who belongs to it and who does not,
and what kind of group culture it has generated. Using an innovative methodology, she investigates the motivations
of individuals who become peacebuilders, their professional trajectories and networks, and the “good peacebuilder” as
an ideal..

University of Michigan Press


The University of Alabama Press EXCEPTIONS TO THE RULE

WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE The Politics of Filibuster Limitations in
the U.S. Senate
The Rhetoric of Social Movements and Molly E. Reynolds
Edited by Christina R. Foust & Amy Pason Jun 2017 233pp

May 2017 296pp, 3 b&w figures 9780815729969 Paperback £26.95 / €32.00
9780817358938 Paperback £39.50 / €46.00
Albma Rhetoric Culture and Social Critique Series Most people believe that the filibuster prevents the Senate
from acting on all but the least controversial matters. But
A compelling and timely collection which combines two that knowledge is not exactly correct. Reynolds argues that
distinct but related theories in rhetoric and communication these procedures represent a key instrument of majority
studies, while also exploring theories and ideas espoused party power in the Senate. They allow the majority to
by those in sociology, political science, and cultural produce policies that will improve its future electoral
studies. This work is an attempt to foster a more coherent prospects.
understanding of social change among scholars of rhetoric
and communication studies. IN DEFENSE OF ISRAEL

The University of Arizona Press A Memoir
Moshe Arens
Dec 2017 266pp
Hunger Strikes, Spectacular Speech, and
the Struggle for Dignity 9780815731412 Hardback £24.50 / €28.00
Ralph Armbruster-Sandoval
The revealing memoir of one of Israeli’s most respected
Jan 2017 320pp, 16 b&w illustrations statesmen. This work vividly recounts the many battles
9780816532582 Hardback £60.50 / €70.00 Moshe Arens fought in the political arena, sometimes
successfully, sometimes not. The latter included his strong
Social movement scholars have raised the question of why opposition to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s withdrawal
some people risk their lives to create a better world. In this from Gaza and parts of the West Bank - an action that led
work, Ralph Armbruster-Sandoval uses interviews and to the takeover of Gaza by Hamas.
archival material to examine people’s willingness to make
the extreme sacrifice and give their lives in order to create a THE FUTURE OF ISIS
more just society.
Regional and International Implications
Brookings Institution Press Edited by Sumit Ganguly & Feisal A. R. Al-Istrabadi

BEYOND SNOWDEN Nov 2017 300pp

Privacy, Mass Surveillance, and the Struggle 9780815732167 Paperback £36.95 / €42.00
to Reform the NSA
Timothy H. Edgar Examines how ISIS will affect not only the Middle East but
the global order. Specific chapters deal with such questions
May 2017 166pp as whether and how ISIS benefited from intelligence
9780815730637 Hardback £20.95 / €24.00 failures and what can be done to correct any such failures;
and how to confront the alarmingly broad appeal of Islamic
America’s mass surveillance programmes, once secret, can State ideology.
no longer be ignored. While Edward Snowden began the
process in 2013 with his leaks of top secret documents,
the Obama administration’s own reforms have also helped
bring the National Security Agency and its programmes of
signals intelligence collection out of the shadows. The real
question is: What should we do about mass surveillance?


Studies of Modern Advocacy and Propaganda
The Challenge of Local Governance in an Christopher C. Harmon & Randall G. Bowdish
Age of Disorder
Vanda Felbab-Brown, Shadi Hamid & Harold Trinkunas Oct 2017 325pp
9780815732181 Paperback £36.95 / €42.00
Nov 2017 220pp
Traces how armed groups and terrorists around the globe
9780815731894 Hardback £33.95 / €39.00 have honed their messages for maximum impact, both on
the communities they hope to persuade to support them
Takes the reader around the world to areas where national and on the official state organs they hope to overthrow.
governance has broken down - or never really existed. The Whatever the ideas or methodology, all are intended to use
vacuum has been filled by insurgent and terrorist groups, the power of ideas, along with force, to project an image
local gangs, militias, and warlords, some with ideological and to communicate - not merely intimidate.
agendas and others focused primarily on economic gain.
The Chinese University Press
America and the World
Stewart Patrick The Origin and Development of the Yanan
Rectification Movement, 1930-1945
Sep 2017 330pp Gao Hua

9780815731597 Hardback £25.50 / €29.00 Jun 2017 800pp
9789629968229 Hardback £76.95 / €89.00
A look at protecting sovereignty while advancing American
interests in the global age. This work is intended to help Offers the most comprehensive account of the origin and
today’s policymakers think more clearly about what is consequences of the Yan’an Rectification Movement from
actually at stake in the sovereignty debate and to provide 1942 to 1945. The author argues that this campaign
some criteria for determining when it is appropriate to emancipated the Chinese Communist Party from Soviet-
make bargains over sovereignty-and how to make them. infleunced dogmatism and unified the Party, preparing it
for the final victory against the Nationalist Party in 1949.
TRANSNATIONAL University Press of Florida
States, Markets, and
Citizens - and the Case Right-Wing Women, Grassroots Activism, and
for Hybrid Governance the Baby Boom Generation
Bruce D. Jones June Melby Benowitz

Jun 2017 160pp Jul 2017 336pp, 11 b&w photos
9780813054704 Paperback £28.50 / €33.00
9780815732488 Paperback
£20.50 / €24.00 In the mid-twentieth century, a grassroots movement of
women sought to shape the political, cultural, and social
The second decade of the twenty-first century has dawned ideologies of the baby boomers in what they perceived as
with new threats that are testing not only the international a world poisoned by communism. June Melby Benowitz
architecture that has preserved the peace since the end of draws on a wide variety of primary sources to highlight the
the World War II but also the sovereignty of the nation- connections between the women of the Old Right, the
state. Here, the author surveys this new landscape and the New Right, and today’s Tea Party.
threats that confront it and offers a solution that harnesses
the power of centralized states and their citizenry to form a
hybrid governance system to tackle the transnational issues
confronting the globe today.


The University of Georgia Press Hoover Institution Press


Grassroots Black Politics in the Deep South Selections from The Collected Works of
after the Civil War Milton Friedman
Justin Behrend Edited by Robert Leeson & Charles G. Palm

Jan 2017 376pp, 7 b&w photos Apr 2017 240pp
9780820351421 Paperback £33.95 / €39.00 9780817920340 Hardback £25.50 / €29.00

Historians have long noted the role of African American Offers a collection of Milton Friedman’s best works on
slaves in the fight for their emancipation, yet they freedom. The selection represents only 1% of the 1,500
have given surprisingly little attention to the system of works by Friedman that Robert Leeson and Charles Palm
governance that freed people helped to fashion. Justin have put online in a user-friendly format. This book and the
Behrend argues that freed people created a new democracy larger online collection are sorely needed and deserve to be
in the Reconstruction era, replacing the oligarchic rule read by generation after generation.
of slaveholders and Confederates with a grassroots
democracy. RUGGED
Dead or Alive?
Making Political Space for Food Sovereignty David Davenport &
Amy Trauger Gordon Lloyd

Jan 2017 172pp, 7 b&w images Mar 2017 136pp
9780820350288 Paperback £25.50 / €32.00 9780817920241 Hardback
9780820350271 Hardback £76.95 / €88.00 £20.50 / €23.00
Geographies of Justice and Social Transformation Series,
Vol. 33 Today, American “rugged
individualism” is in a fight for its
Explores the current boundaries of radical approaches life on two battlegrounds: in the
to food sovereignty - a concept that expresses the policy realm and in the intellectual world of ideas that may
universal right to food. Amy Trauger’s research combines lead to new policies. In this book, the authors look at the
ethnography, observation, field notes, and interviews to political context in which rugged individualism flourishes
help us understand the material and definitional struggles or declines and offer a balanced assessment of its future
surrounding the decommodification of food and the prospects.
transformation of the global food system’s political-
economic foundations. IGI Global

Edited by Rocci Luppicini & Rachel Baarda
The Secret Operations of the Yodog Exiles Jun 2017 260pp
Kji Takazawa 9781522524632 Hardback £200.00 / €225.00
Advances in Electronic Government, Digital Divide, and
Jul 2017 416pp, 32 b&w illustrations, 1 map Regional Development
9780824872793 Paperback £27.50 / €32.00
9780824872786 Hardback £76.95 / €89.00 Provides a comprehensive examination of the latest
methods and trends used to engage citizens with
An example of superb investigative journalism, this work the political world through new information and
offers KōjiTakazawa’s powerful story of how he exposed communication technologies. This volume highlights
theYodogō group’s involvement in the kidnapping innovative practices and applications across a variety of
and luring of several young Japanese to North Korea. areas such as technoethics, civic literacy, virtual reality, and
Takazawa’s careful research was validated in 2002, when social networking.
the North Korean government publicly acknowledged it
had kidnapped thirteen Japanese citizens during the 1970s
and 1980s, including three people whomTakazawa had
connected to theYodogō hijackers.



Edited by Önder Çakrta Edited by Yasmin Ibrahim
Jun 2017 295pp Mar 2017 274pp
9781522523918 Hardback £175.00 / €195.00 9781522518624 Hardback £180.00 / €205.00
Advances in Public Policy and Administration Advances in Electronic Government, Digital Divide, and
Regional Development
Provides a study of how contemporary political messages
are portrayed and interpreted via the written word. This Presents emerging scholarly perspectives on the use of
is an in-depth analysis that is suitable for academics, new media technology to engage people in socially-
students, professionals, and researchers interested in and politically-oriented conversations, and examines
political messages and their effects on society. communication trends in these virtual environments. This
book highlights relevant coverage across topics such as
MUSIC AS A PLATFORM FOR online free expression, political campaigning, and online

Edited by Uche Onyebadi Information Age Publishing
Apr 2017 290pp
9781522519867 Hardback £195.00 / €220.00 THE LUSO-ANARCHIST READER
Advances in Media, Entertainment, and the Arts
The Origins of Anarchism in Portugal and
Presents the latest scholarly perspectives on delivering Brazil
political messages to society through musical platforms Edited by Plínio de Góes Jr.
and venues. Highlighting innovative research topics on
an international scale, such as electron campaigns, social Nov 2016 180pp
justice, and protests, this book is designed for academics, 9781681237183 Paperback £50.50 / €58.00
professionals, practitioners, students, and researchers. 9781681237190 Hardback £94.50 / €110.00
Critical Constructions: Studies on Education and Society
AND LEGITIMACY IN THE AGE OF No book has ever presented a selection of writings of
SOCIAL MEDIA anarchists from the Portuguese speaking world to an
English speaking audience. In The Luso-Anarchist Reader,
Edited by Kamil Demirhan & Derya Çakır-Demirhan writings by feminist radicals such as Maria Lacerda de
Apr 2017 259pp Moura and anarchist communists such as Neno Vasco are
9781522520191 Hardback £190.00 / €215.00 made available in English for the first time.
Advances in Social Networking and Online Communities
ISI Books
Presents the latest information on national and
international political propaganda and opinions spread by THE FALSE PROMISE OF
technological forums. This publication features expansive BIG GOVERNMENT
coverage on a number of relevant topics and perspectives,
such as environmental justice, alternative ideology, and How Washington Helps the Rich and
information and communication technologies. Hurts the Poor
Patrick M. Garry

Jun 2017 112pp
9781610171441 Paperback £10.50 / €12.00

Why have opponents of big government so rarely made
political headway? Because they fail to address the
fundamental issue. Patrick M. Garry changes that in this
short, powerful book. Garry reveals six ways in which big
government hurts the very people its purports to help: the
poor, the working class, and the middle class.


A POPE AND A PRESIDENT Lynne Rienner Publishers

John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, and the CRISIS IN AUTOCRATIC REGIMES
Extraordinary Untold Story of the 20th
Century Edited by Johannes Gerschewski & Christoph H. Stefes
Paul Kengor Sep 2017 265pp
9781626376731 Hardback £88.95 / €105.00
Apr 2017 624pp
9781610171434 Hardback £30.50 / €35.00 What makes autocratic regimes vulnerable? Why, in times
of crisis, do some of these regimes break down while others
In this fascinating new book, Paul Kengor tells the untold weather the storm? This is the puzzle addressed in this
story of the partnership between Pope John Paul II and book.
President Ronald Reagan and how together they changed
the course of world history. Kengor shows that the bonds ISLAMISM
between the pope and the president ran deeper than
anyone has suspected, and that these bonds drove them to A New Totalitarianism
confront what they saw as the great evil of the twentieth Mehdi Mozaffari
century: Soviet communism.
Apr 2017 352pp
University Press of Kansas 9781626376557 Paperback
£36.95 / €42.00
AMERICAN BURKE 9781626376540 Hardback
£96.50 / €110.00
The Uncommon Liberalism of
Daniel Patrick Moynihan What exactly does Islamism
Greg Weiner mean? And what explains its
violent expansion? Are there
Jul 2016 208pp similarities between Islamism and classical totalitarian
9780700623495 Paperback £22.95 / €26.00 regimes and ideologies? Will it fail, or can it adapt to
American Political Thought changing realities? Addressing these questions, Mehdi
Mozaffari provides an important new framework for
Daniel Patrick Moynihan (1927-2003) may be best known understanding the full impact of Islamism in the Middle
as a statesman, but he was also an intellectual of the first East and beyond.
order. This book traces Moynihan’s development through
the broad sweep of his writings and career. Weiner’s work is WHEN DEMOCRACIES CHOOSE WAR
a thorough intellectual exploration of one of the US’s most
important politicians of the twentieth century, and a timely Politics, Public Opinion, and the Marketplace
prescription for the healing of a broken system. of Ideas
Andrew Z. Katz
Jul 2017 250pp
Public Service, Private Influence, and the 9781626376465 Hardback £84.95 / €97.00
Unequal Representation of Interests
Timothy M. LaPira & Herschel F. Thomas What is going on domestically when democracies choose
war? Why do some wars of choice generate political
Jun 2017 240pp, 58 charts and tables opposition while others don’t? Is there an internal
9780700624508 Hardback £45.50 / €52.00 mechanism that constrains the behaviour of democracies
Studies in Government and Public Policy when it comes to war? To answer these questions, Andrew
Katz explores the relationship between public support for
An original and controversial research based argument wars of choice and democratic norms in the marketplace
that the revolving door in the lobbying profession is of ideas.
simply special interests seeking access to those in power is


McFarland University of Missouri Press


A Biography of Paul R. DeHart
Ronnie Lee, Founder May 2017 312pp, 5 illustrations
of the Animal 9780826221308 Paperback £43.95 / €51.00
Liberation Front
Jon Hochschartner The US Constitution provides a framework for US laws,
but what does it have to say about morality? Paul DeHart
Mar 2017 216pp, 32 illustrations ferrets out that document’s implicit moral assumptions,
9781476668185 Paperback demonstrating that the Constitution presupposes a
£38.50 / €45.00 natural law to which human law must conform. His
argument works toward resolving current debates over the
Founded in the 1970s and today Constitution’s normative framework.
active in more than 40 countries, the Animal Liberation
Front has in recent years been considered a domestic Northwestern University Press
terrorist group by the FBI. With unprecedented access by
the author, this book tells the story of Ronnie Lee, the THE WORKER
unassuming British activist who launched an extremist
movement that continues to use intimidation and Dominion and Form
economic sabotage to advance its cause. Ernst Jünger

University of Michigan Press Nov 2017 216pp
9780810136175 Paperback £38.50 / €45.00
THE DISTINCTION OF PEACE 9780810136182 Hardback £110.00 / €130.00

A Social Analysis of Peacebuilding This work is an important contribution to debates on work,
Catherine Goetze technology, and politics by one of the most controversial
German intellectuals of the twentieth century. Not merely
Mar 2017 288pp, 13 figures, 4 tables of historical interest, the book carries a vital message for
9780472053414 Paperback £43.95 / €51.00 contemporary debates about world economy, political
9780472073412 Hardback £82.50 / €95.00 stability, and equality in our own age, one marked by
Configurations: Critical Studies of World Politics unsettling parallels to the 1930s.

For full details of this title, see page 17. WRITING AGAINST WAR

INTERPRETIVE QUANTIFICATION Literature, Activism, and the British Peace
Methodological Explorations for Critical and Charles Andrews
Constructivist IR
J. Samuel Barkin & Laura Sjoberg May 2017 240pp
9780810134980 Paperback £38.50 / €45.00
Mar 2017 320pp, 7 tables, 25 figures 9780810134997 Hardback £110.00 / €130.00
9780472053391 Paperback £43.95 / €51.00 Cultural Expressions
9780472073399 Hardback £87.95 / €105.00
The British Peace Movement’s failure to halt the rise of
Ten highly regarded scholars in the field of International fascism and the Second World War continues to cast a
Relations apply quantitative methods and formal models shadow over contemporary pacifist movements. This work
to specific constructivist and critical research questions. will fascinate scholars of peace studies and literature, and
In this way, each chapter serves not only as evidence that offers valuable insights for current-day peace activists and
methods can productively be applied across paradigms, but artists who seek to integrate creativity with activism.
also as a guide as to how this may be done.


The University of North Carolina Press University of Pittsburgh Press


The Vital Centre of The Logics of State Weakness in Eurasia
American Politics, From Edited by John Heathershaw & Edward Schatz
the Founding to Today
David S. Brown Jun 2017 344pp
9780822964414 Paperback £36.50 / €42.00
Jan 2017 328pp Central Eurasia in Context
9781469629230 Hardback
£38.50 / €45.00 “State weakness” is typically characterised by widespread
corruption, unrestrained power of oligarchs, ineffectual
Beginning with John Adams services, poor protection for human rights or even basic
and including such key figures policing. This volume tackles this fundamental concept in
as Abraham Lincoln, Theodore political theory in an important regional context, but with
Roosevelt, Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., and Bill Clinton, Brown the meaningful inclusion of a wider context.
charts the vital if uneven progress of centrism through the
centuries Rutgers University Press


On Resistance and Quitting Politics How Unethical Conduct Undermines Good
Jennet Kirkpatrick Government and What To Do About It
William E. Schluter
Nov 2017 200pp
9781469635392 Paperback £27.50 / €32.00 Feb 2017 296pp, 5 figures, 3 tables
9781469635385 Hardback £93.50 / €110.00 9780813586175 Hardback £31.50 / €37.00
Rivergate Regionals Collection
Exit is often thought of as purely instinctual, a part of the
human “fight or flight” response, or motivated by an anti- Addresses five areas of soft corruption: campaign financing,
participatory, self-centred impulse. However, in this eye- lobbying, conflict of interest, patronage, and the electoral
opening book, Jennet Kirkpatrick argues that the concept process. Throughout the book, we see the serious
of exit deserves closer scrutiny. She not only explores what consequences of soft corruption, such as higher cost of
happens when people make the decision to exit, but also government and reduced public faith in its operations.
expands our understanding of exit as a political act. With impressive detail, Schluter concludes by outlining a
platform for reform.
NUS Press
The University of South Carolina Press
Thinking the State in 20th-Century
Philippines Transforming China and Its People
Lisandro E. Claudio Xing Lu

Aug 2017 240pp, 17 b&w photos May 2017 272pp
9789814722520 Paperback £26.50 / €31.00 9781611177527 Hardback £54.95 / €63.00
Kyoto-CSEAS Series on Asian Studies Studies in Rhetoric/Communication

Extricating liberalism from the haze of anti-modernist and Analyses Mao Zedong’s speeches and writings over a span
anti-European caricature, this book traces the role of liberal of sixty years, tracing the sources and evolution of Mao’s
philosophy in the building of a new nation. It examines the discourse, analysing his skills as a rhetor and mythmaker,
role of toleration, rights, and mediation in the postcolony. and assessing his symbolic power and continuing presence
Through the biographies of four Filipino scholar- in contemporary China. Lu observes that Mao’s rhetorical
bureaucrats, the author argues that liberal thought served legacy has been commoditized, culturally consumed, and
as the grammar of Filipino democracy in the 20th century. politically appropriated since his death.


Syracuse University Press UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF
Dignity and Justice for All
Security in Middle East Peace Process United Nations Department of Public Information
Anthony Wanis-St John
Feb 2017 96pp, English/French/Spanish/Arabic/Chinese/Russian
Jan 2017 352pp Edition
9780815635239 Paperback £33.95 / €39.00 9789211013498 Hardback £11.50 / €13.00
Syracuse Studies on Peace and Conflict Resolution
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is the
Takes on the question of whether the complex and often first international agreement setting out freedoms, rights
perilous, secret negotiations between mediating parties and entitlements for all humanity to claim. It emphasizes
prove to be an instrumental path to reconciliation or rather the inextricable relationship between fundamental
one that disrupts the process. Using the Palestinian-Israeli freedoms and social justice, and their connection with
peace process as a framew­ ork, the author focuses on the peace and security. This edition presents the Universal
uses and misuses of “back channel” negotiations. Declaration of Human Rights in all six official UN languages.

Tilde Publishing and Distribution Vanderbilt University Press


Better Government, Better Decisions and The Invisible Role of Staffers in Countering
Stronger Communities Corporate Lobbies
Peter Demediuk Michael Pertschuk

Jul 2017 280pp Sep 2017 224pp
9780734612618 Paperback £70.50 / €80.00 9780826521668 Hardback £27.50 / €32.00

Explores the forces, form and function of community Tells the behind-the-scenes contribution of entrepreneurial
engagement initiatives by local governments. While the Congressional staff, who planted the seeds of public
value of community engagement is a well-established interest bills in their bosses’ minds and manoeuvred
principle, there are gaps in our understanding of how it can to counteract the influence of lobbyists to pass laws in
be successfully applied in practice. This book contributes consumer protection, public health, and other policy
to closing these gaps through insights gained from nine arenas. This insider account draws on interviews and the
in-depth case studies of initiatives at local governments in author’s fifteen years serving on the Senate Commerce
Sweden. Committee.
TUP Research
Wits University Press
United Nations Publications
Left Thought Under Apartheid
E-Government in Support of Sustainable Edited by Edward Webster & Karin Pampallis
United Nations Department for Economic and Mar 2017 336pp
Social Affairs 9781776140220 Paperback £35.50 / €40.00

Mar 2017 277pp Examines the way in which various strands of left thought
9789211232059 Paperback £56.95 / €65.00 have addressed the National Question, especially during
the apartheid years, and goes on to discuss its relevance
Now in its ninth edition, this survey provides an analysis for South Africa today and in the future. Contributors have
of emerging public administration trends and issues, and defined the question as they believe appropriate, which
of how e-government can support the realization of the has resulted in a rich tapestry of interweaving perceptions
internationally agreed development agenda and goals. about the unresolved National Question.
The Survey offers insights about common challenges,
broad trends and different strategies in e-government
development among regions and across countries.


BESTSELLERS Lynne Rienner Publishers

Brookings Institution Press EXPLORING INTERNATIONAL
Essential Readings
Emerging Concepts and Practices Edited by Rhonda L. Callaway & Julie Harrelson-Stephens
Edited by G. Shabbir Cheema & Dennis A. Rondinelli
2007 300pp, illustrations
2007 326pp 9781588264374 Paperback £29.50 / €34.00
9780815713890 Paperback £29.50 / €34.00 Critical Connections: Studies in Peace, Democracy, and
Innovative Governance in the 21st Century Human Rights

The trend towards greater decentralisation of governance Presents a range of philosophical debates, policy analyses,
activities, now accepted as commonplace in the West, and first-hand accounts. This book offers a comprehensive
has become a worldwide movement. This international set of readings on the major themes and issues in the field
development - largely a product of globalisation and of international human rights.
democratisation - is clearly one of the key factors reshaping
economic, political, and social conditions throughout the THE NATION-STATE AND
Ash Center
An Historical Introduction to Contemporary
THE DEMOCRACY PROMOTION Politics, Second Edition
PARADOX Walter C. Opello & Stephen J. Rosow

Lincoln A. Mitchell 2004 320pp, maps
2016 200pp 9781588262899 Paperback £19.95 / €26.00
9780815727026 Paperback £25.50 / €29.00
Opello and Rosow argue that the current neo-liberal
Examines the numerous inconsistencies and paradoxes state does not represent a new form, but is an attempt
that lie at the heart of the theory and practice of democracy to reconstitute the managerial state in the context of
promotion. globalisation.

The Big Tradeoff
Arthur M. Okun International Organizations in an
Interdependent World, Fifth Edition
1975 124pp Edited by Brian Frederking & Paul F. Diehl
9780815764755 Hardback £16.95 / €19.00
2015 450pp
Explores the conflicts that arise when society’s desire 9781626372320 Paperback £21.50 / €28.00
to reduce inequality would impair economic efficiency,
confronting policymakers with “the big tradeoff”. Covering decision making processes, peace and security
affairs, and economic, social, and humanitarian issues, The
THE PUZZLE OF NON-WESTERN Politics of Global Governance helps students of international
DEMOCRACY organisations to understand the major themes, theories,
and approaches central to the subject.
Richard Youngs
9780870034282 Paperback £19.50 / €23.00 IDENTITY IN IR THEORY

Examines what it is about Western democracy that non- Edited by Yosef Lapid & Friedrich Kratochwil
Westerners react negatively to and whether critics often are 1996 253pp
equating a dislike for certain Western social or economic 9781555877279 Paperback £28.50 / €33.00
features with an aversion to Western political systems. Critical Perspectives on World Politics
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Addresses a series of questions covering topics such as the
lack of interest in culture and identity in IR theory, and the
case for rethinking the contemporary theoretical reach of
the concepts.


The Theory of International Politics
Juan J. Linz R.Harrison Wagner
2000 275pp, bibliography
9781555878900 Paperback £27.95 / €32.00 2007 360pp, 6 figures
9780472069811 Paperback £31.95 / €37.00
This analysis develops the fundamental destinction
between totalitarian and authoritarian systems. It Demonstrates that any understanding of international
emphasizes the personalistic, lawless, non-ideological politics must be part of the more general study of the
type of authoritarian rule the author calls the “sultanistic relationship between political order and organised violence
regime”. - as it was in the intellectual tradition from which modern-
day Realism was derived.
University of Michigan Press
University of Pittsburgh Press

The Merits and Limits of Rational
Religion and Politics in the Muslim World Choice Theory
Mohammed Ayoob Andre Blais

2007 232pp 2000 208pp
9780472069712 Paperback £29.95 / €34.00 9780822957348 Paperback £29.50 / €34.00

Analysts and pundits from across the American political Blais addresses the question “What makes people decide to
spectrum describe Islamic fundamentalism as one of the vote?”. He examines the factors that increase or decrease
greatest threats to modern, Western-style democracy. This turnout and considers what affects people’s decisions to
work describes the myriad manifestations of this rising vote or to abstain.
ideology and analyses its impact on global relations.
Foundations and Guidelines
Derek Beach & Rasmus Brun Pedersen America, the Cold War, and the Roots of Terror
Mahmood Mamdani
2013 248pp, 9 tables, 21 figures
9780472051892 Paperback £40.95 / €47.00 Jul 1998 318pp
9782869781344 Paperback £20.50 / €24.00
Introduces a refined definition of process tracing,
differentiating it into three distinct variants and explaining The author does not attempt to explain away either
the applications for and limitations of each. political ethnicity or political Islam as the result of a Cold
War American conspiracy, and sees political Islam, like the
UNDERTAKING DISCOURSE ANALYSIS thinking that champions ’tribalism’, as more a domestic
FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH product than a foreign import.

Kevin C. Dunn & Iver B. Neumann
2016 160pp, 2 figures
9780472053117 Paperback £32.95 / €38.00

Offers a concise, accessible introduction to discourse
analysis in the social sciences.This work combines a
theoretical and conceptual review with a “how-to” guide
for using the method.



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