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2018 History of the Americas

Eurospan's latest titles on the history of the Americas





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KENNEDY How a Blockbuster
Musical Is
First Lady of the Restaging
New Frontier America’s Past
Barbara A. Perry Edited by
Renee C. Romano &
Claire Bond Potter

In a mere one thousand Brings together a collection of scholars to explain
days, Jacqueline Bouvier the Hamilton phenomenon and explore what it
Kennedy created an entrancing public persona that might mean for our understanding of America’s
has remained intact for nearly forty years. Yet, while history. The contributors examine what the musical
innumerable books have focused on the legends and got right, what it got wrong, and why it matters.
gossip surrounding this charismatic figure, Barbara These short and lively essays examine why Hamilton
Perry’s is the first to focus largely on Kennedy’s became an Obama-era sensation and consider its
White House years, portraying a First Lady far more continued relevance in the age of Trump.
complex and enigmatic than previously perceived. Rutgers University Press
University Press of Kansas
The Rise
Hollywood, and Fall of a
Communism, and Bad Generation
the Cold War Marc Mappen
Bernard F. Dick

Explores Hollywood’s Master story teller Marc
ambivalence toward the Mappen applies a generational perspective to the
former Soviet Union before, during, and after the gangsters of the Prohibition era - men born in the
Cold War. Today the threat is no longer the Soviet quarter century span from 1880 to 1905 - who
Union, but international terrorism. Bernard F. Dick came to power with the Eighteenth Amendment.
argues, however, that the Soviet Union has not lost Mappen strips way the many myths and legends
its appeal, as evident from the popular and critically from television and movies to describe the lives these
acclaimed television series The Americans. More than gangsters lived and the battles they fought.
eighty years later, the screen is still red.
Rutgers University Press
University Press of Mississippi


The University of Alabama Press MAKING HISTORY

THE ROAD SOUTH A Personal Approach to Modern American
History, Second Edition
Personal Stories of the Freedom Riders Bruce Olav Solheim
B.J. Hollars
Feb 2018 340pp
May 2018 200pp, 10 b&w figures 9781516529186 Paperback £62.95 / €71.00
9780817319809 Hardback £23.95 / €27.00
While much has been written on the Freedom Rides, far This unique text takes a personal approach to American
less has been published about the individual riders. In this history to get readers excited about their own roles in
volume B.J. Hollars sets out on his own journey to meet making history and empower them to make changes for the
them, retracing the historic route and learning the stories of betterment of their country. With its non-traditional take on
as many surviving riders as he could. Throughout the book events and their impacts, Making History is a fresh alternative
these civil rights veterans’poignant, personal stories offer for survey courses in American history and historiography.
timely insights into America’s racial past and hopeful future.
University Press of Florida
Baraka Books
Preserving NASA’s Apollo Sites
The FBI’s Secret War Lisa Westwood, Beth O’Leary & Milford
Against the World’s Wayne Donaldson
Most Famous Scientist,
Second Edition Apr 2018 208pp, 77 b&w illustrations, 2 maps
Fred Jerome 9780813064741 Paperback £23.95 / €27.00

May 2018 380pp Across the American landscape and on the lunar surface,
9781771861304 Paperback many facilities and landing sites linked to the Apollo
£24.50 / €28.00 program remain unprotected. Some have already crumbled
Einstein arrived in the US in to ruins-silent and abandoned. The Final Mission explores
1933, the year the Nazis rose to these key locations, reframes the footprints and items left
power in Germany. From that on the moon as cultural resources, and calls for the urgent
moment until he died in 1955, J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI collected preservation of this space heritage.
“derogatory information”to undermine the renowned
scientist’s influence and destroy his reputation. With material KNOWN FOR MY WORK
accessed under the Freedom of Information Act, Fred
Jerome reveals the depth of, and the reasons for, this massive African American Ethics from Slavery
anti-Einstein campaign. to Freedom
Lynda J. Morgan
Cognella Academic Publishing
Jun 2018 208pp
CAPTURING HISTORY 9780813064697 Paperback £20.95 / €24.00

Brief Readings on America from Discovery Looks beyond slavery’s legacy of racial and economic
to 1877 inequality and counters the idea that slaves were unprepared
Ryan Jordan for freedom. By examining African American social and
intellectual thought, Lynda Morgan highlights how slaves
Feb 2018 228pp built an ethos of “honest labour”and collective humanism.
9781516522941 Paperback £62.95 / €71.00
Combines primary source documents with historical THE PRESIDENT AND AMERICAN
narrative to give readers an engaging account of early CAPITALISM SINCE 1945
American history. A range of writing styles and methods are
featured in 150 small document excerpts on topics ranging Edited by Mark H. Rose & Roger Biles
from demography to economics, politics to foreign policy. Aug 2017 336pp, 10 b&w illustrations
9780813056524 Hardback £80.95 / €91.00

Tracing the development of the US presidency since Harry S.
Truman took office in 1945, this volume describes the many
ways the president’s actions have affected the development
of capitalism in the post-World War II era.


THE SEEDTIME, THE WORK, AND The University of Georgia Press
New Perspectives on the Black Freedom WASHINGTON
Struggle in America
Edited by Jeffrey L. Littlejohn, Reginald K. Ellis & Visions for the National Capital in the
Peter B. Levy Early American Republic
Adam Costanzo
Dec 2017 240pp
9780813056678 Hardback £76.50 / €86.00 Apr 2018 272pp, 25 b&w images
9780820353890 Paperback £26.50 / €30.00
Expands the chronology and geography of the black 9780820352855 Hardback £66.50 / €74.00
freedom struggle beyond the traditional emphasis on the old Early American Places Series
South and the years between 1954 and 1968. Beginning as
far back as the nineteenth century, and analysing case studies Traces the history of the development, abandonment, and
from southern, northern, and border states, these essays eventual revival of George Washington’s original vision for a
incorporate communities and topics not usually linked to the grand national capital on the Potomac. George Washington’s
African American civil rights movement. Washington is not simply a history of the city during the first
president’s life but a history of his vision for the national
THE SHADOW OF SELMA capital and of the local and national conflicts surrounding
this vision’s implementation.
Edited by Joe Street & Henry Knight Lozano
9780813056692 Hardback £69.95 / €79.00 THE SUN

Provides a comprehensive assessment of the 1965 civil rights Hernando de Soto and the South’s
campaign, the historical memory of the marches, and the Ancient Chiefdoms
continuing relevance of and challenges to the Voting Rights Charles M. Hudson
Act. These essays consider Selma not just as a keystone
event but, much like Ferguson today, a transformative place: Jan 2018 584pp, 91 b&w photos and illustrations
a supposedly unimportant location that became the focal 9780820351605 Paperback £35.50 / €40.00
point of epochal historical events.
Between 1539 and 1542 Hernando de Soto led a small
WINNING WHILE LOSING army on a journey of exploration of almost four thousand
miles across the US Southeast. Until the 1998 publication
Civil Rights, The Conservative Movement of Charles M. Hudson’s Knights of Spain,Warriors of the
and the Presidency from Nixon to Obama Sun, De Soto’s path had been a mystery. With this book,
Edited by Kenneth Osgood & Derrick E. White anthropologist Hudson offers a solution to the question,
“Where did de Soto go?
Aug 2017 298pp
9780813064536 Paperback £23.95 / €27.00 MAKING BLACK HISTORY

This pioneering collection of essays explores the paradoxical The Color Line, Culture, and Race in the
nature of civil rights politics in the years following the 1960s Age of Jim Crow
civil rights movement by chronicling the ways in which Jeffrey Aaron Snyder
presidential politics both advanced and constrained the
quest for racial equality in the United States. Aug 2017 264pp, 7 b&w images
9780820352831 Paperback £23.95 / €27.00
9780820351834 Hardback £76.95 / €86.00

In the Jim Crow era, along with black churches, schools, and
newspapers, African Americans also had their own history.
Making Black History focuses on the engine behind the
early black history movement, Carter G. Woodson and his
Association for the Study of Negro Life and History (ASNLH).


How 400 Years of Riot,
Rebellion, Uprising, How America’s
and Revolution Shaped Adversaries Have
a City Manipulated
Edited by Neil Smith & Progressives for
Don Mitchell a Century
Paul Kengor
Apr 2018 362pp, 90 b&w images
9780820352824 Paperback May 2018 640pp
£26.50 / €30.00 9781610171465 Paperback
9780820352817 Hardback £83.95 / €94.00 £15.95 / €18.00
Geographies of Justice and Social Transformation Series,
Vol. 38 In this startling, intensively
researched book, bestselling
From the earliest European colonization to the present, New historian Paul Kengor shines light on a deeply troubling
Yorkers have been revolting. Hard hitting, revealing, and aspect of American history: the prominent role of the
insightful, Revolting New York tells the story of New York’s “dupe”. Based on never-before-published FBI files, Soviet
evolution through revolution, a story of near-continuous archives, and other primary sources, Dupes exposes the
popular (and sometimes not-so-popular) uprising. legions of liberals who have furthered the objectives of
America’s adversaries.
University Press of Kansas
American Catholics and American Presidents,
Lawrence J. McAndrews
Creating the Modern First Lady
Mar 2018 520pp Lewis L. Gould
9780820353869 Paperback £30.95 / €35.00
Feb 2018 182pp
Roman Catholics constitute the most populous religious 9780700626519 Paperback £23.95 / €27.00
denomination in the United States. With the election of John
F. Kennedy as president in 1960, they attained a political Few first ladies have enjoyed a better reputation among
prominence to match their rapidly ascending socioeconomic historians than Edith Kermit Roosevelt. Her admirers say
and cultural profile. What They Wished For traces the role of that she never slipped in carrying out her duties as hostess,
American Catholics in presidential policies and politics from mother, and adviser to her husband. Lewis Gould’s path-
1960 until 2004. breaking study, however, presents a more complex and
interesting figure than the somewhat secularized saint Edith
Independent Institute Roosevelt has become.

Settler Colonialism and the Foundations of
Promises vs. Results Modern Democratic Thought
in Achieving Adam Dahl
Limited Government
Ivan Eland Apr 2018 272pp
9780700626076 Paperback £23.95 / €27.00
Jan 2018 384pp 9780700626069 Hardback £42.95 / €49.00
9781598133066 Hardback
£21.95 / €25.00 Examines the ideological development of American
democratic thought in the context of settler colonialism, a
The American president is one distinct form of colonialism aimed at the appropriation of
of the most powerful people Native land rather than the exploitation of Native labour.
in the world. But to understand the presidency today we In its focus on the disavowal of Native dispossession in
often have to learn from the past. Ivan Eland offers a new democratic thought, the book provides a new perspective on
perspective in Eleven Presidents on the evolution of the the problematic relationship between race and democracy.
executive office by exploring the policies of eleven key
presidents who held office over the last one hundred years.


JACQUELINE KENNEDY The Kent State University Press

First Lady of the New Frontier WOMEN AND THE AMERICAN
Barbara A. Perry CIVIL WAR

Mar 2018 288pp North-South Counterpoints
9780700626502 Paperback £25.95 / €29.00 Edited by Judith Giesberg & Randall M. Miller

For full details of this title, see page 1. Jul 2018 368pp
9781606353400 Paperback £47.50 / €54.00
The scholarship on women’s experiences in the US Civil War
Public Relations and the is rich and deep, but much of it remains regionally specific
Culture of Secrecy or subsumed in more general treatments. In this volume,
David S. McCarthy scholars examine women’s comparable experiences across
the regions, focusing particularly on women’s politics,
Jun 2018 232pp wartime mobilization, emancipation, wartime relief, women
9780700626427 Hardback and families, religion, reconstruction, and Civil War memory.
£28.50 / €32.00
The University Press of Kentucky
Dubbed the “Year of
Intelligence”, 1975 was not THE CHICAGO FREEDOM MOVEMENT
a good year for the Central
Intelligence Agency (CIA). Martin Luther King Jr. and Civil Rights
Caught spying on American Activism in the North
citizens, the agency was under investigation, indicted in Edited by Mary Lou Finley et al
shocking headlines, its future covert operations at risk. Like so
many others caught up in public scandal, the CIA turned to Feb 2018 528pp, 19 b&w photos, 3 maps, 3 figures
public relations. This book tells what happened next. 9780813175003 Paperback £28.95 / €33.00
Civil Rights and the Struggle for Black Equality in the
TRAUMATIC DEFEAT Twentieth Century

POWs, MIAs, and National Mythmaking Offers an alternative assessment of the Chicago Freedom
Patrick Gallagher Movement’s impact on race relations and social justice, both
in the city and across the nation. Building upon recent works,
May 2018 200pp the contributors reexamine the movement and illuminate
9780700626441 Hardback £28.50 / €32.00 its lasting contributions in order to challenge conventional
perceptions that have underestimated its impressive legacy.
War breeds myths, especially those made up by the
vanquished to explain their loss. Occasionally the myths of THE CIVIL WAR GUERRILLA
the defeated centre on prisoners of war (POWs) and those
missing in action (MIAs). Traumatic Defeat takes a close, Unfolding the Black Flag in History, Memory,
comparative look at two cases of this kind of mythmaking and Myth
- in West Germany in the wake of World War II and in the US Edited by Joseph M. Beilein Jr. & Matthew C. Hulbert
after the Vietnam War.
Mar 2018 258pp, 9 b&w photos, 4 maps
THE U.S. CONSTITUTION 9780813175768 Paperback £28.95 / €33.00
AND SECESSION New Directions in Southern History

A Documentary Anthology of Slavery and In this richly diverse volume, Joseph M. Beilein Jr. and
White Supremacy Matthew C. Hulbert assemble a team of both rising and
Dwight T. Pitcaithley eminent scholars to examine guerrilla warfare in the South
during the US Civil War. Together, they discuss irregular
Apr 2018 400pp combat as practiced by various communities in multiple
9780700626267 Paperback £23.95 / €27.00 contexts. They also explore how the Civil War guerrilla has
9780700626250 Hardback £42.95 / €49.00 been mythologized in history, literature, and folklore.

Five months after the election of Abraham Lincoln, which
had revealed the fracturing state of the nation, Confederates
fired on Fort Sumter and the fight for the Union began in
earnest. This documentary reader offers a firsthand look at
the constitutional debates that consumed the country in
those fraught five months.



Conspiracy, Terror, and the Assassination of Directions for Research
America’s Greatest President Paul D. Escott
Kathryn Canavan
Apr 2018 186pp
Mar 2018 248pp, 48 b&w photos, 1 map 9780813175355 Hardback £47.95 / €54.00
9780813175263 Paperback £19.50 / €22.00 New Directions in Southern History

When John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Abraham Arguably, no event since the American Revolution has had a
Lincoln, he set in motion a series of dramatic consequences greater impact on US history than the Civil War. In this timely
that would upend the lives of ordinary Washingtonians and thoughtful book, Paul D. Escott surveys the current state
and Americans alike. In Lincoln’s Final Hours, author Kathryn of Civil War studies and explores the latest developments in
Canavan takes a magnifying glass to the last moments of the research and interpretation.
president’s life and to the impact his assassination had on a
country still reeling from a bloody civil war. University of Massachusetts Press

The Polygraph and the American Cold War
Edited by Neil Roberts John Philipp Baesler
Jun 2018 444pp, 4 b&w photos
9780813175621 Hardback £76.50 / €86.00 Jun 2018 296pp
Political Companions to Great American Authors 9781625343253 Paperback £29.50 / €34.00
9781625343130 Hardback £85.95 / €97.00
Frederick Douglass was a prolific writer and public speaker Culture and Politics in the Cold War and Beyond
whose impact on American literature and history has been
long studied by historians and literary critics. Yet Douglass’s In this first comprehensive history of the polygraph as a
profound influence on Afro-modern and American political tool and symbol of American Cold War policies, John Philipp
thought has often been undervalued. In an effort to fill this Baesler tells the story of a technology with weak scientific
gap, this volume illuminates Douglass’genius for analysing credentials that was nevertheless celebrated as a device that
and articulating core American ideals. could expose both internal and external enemies.

Twentieth-Century U.S. Social Movements
Edited by Nick Bromell and Collective Memory
Mar 2018 346pp Lara Leigh Kelland
9780813174907 Hardback £76.50 / €86.00
Political Companions to Great American Authors Jul 2018 216pp, 8 b&w photos
9781625343437 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00
Literary scholars and historians have long considered W.E.B. 9781625343420 Hardback £85.95 / €97.00
Du Bois (1868-1963) an extremely influential writer and Public History in Historical Perspective
a powerful cultural critic. In A Political Companion to W.E.B.
Du Bois, Nick Bromell assembles essays from both new and What happens when marginalized communities do not find
established scholars from a variety of disciplines to explore their history in dominant narratives? How do they create a
Du Bois’s contributions to American political thought. useable past to bind their political communities together
and challenge their exclusion? Lara Leigh Kelland investigates
REAGAN AND THE WORLD these questions by examining 1960s and 1970s social
movements comprised of historically marginalized peoples.
Leadership and National Security, 1981-1989
Edited by Bradley Lynn Coleman & Kyle Longley

May 2018 324pp, 8 b&w photos
9780813175546 Paperback £28.95 / €33.00
Studies in Conflict, Diplomacy, and Peace

Leading scholars and national security professionals offer
fresh interpretations of the fortieth president’s influence on
American foreign policy. This balanced and sophisticated
examination reveals the complexity of Reagan’s foreign
policy, clarifies the importance of other international actors
of the period, and provides new perspectives on the final
decade of the Cold War.



Black Attitudes, Activism, and Advancement THE LOYALIST CONSCIENCE
in Obama’s America
Lessie B. Branch Principled Opposition to the
American Revolution
Apr 2018 168pp Chaim M. Rosenberg
9781625343277 Paperback £23.95 / €27.00
9781625343260 Hardback £85.95 / €97.00 Mar 2018 163pp
9781476672458 Paperback £47.50 / €54.00
In the wake of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential victory,
most Americans believed that race relations would improve. Freedom of speech was restricted during the Revolutionary
Lessie B. Branch confronts the tension between black War. In the struggle for independence, those who remained
Americans’economic realities and the hope many felt for loyal to Britain were persecuted. Loyalist Americans were
the future, looking at survey data alongside the rhetoric of branded as traitors and enemies of the people. By the end
leading black figures, including President Obama. of the war, 80,000 had fled their homeland to face a dismal
exile from which few returned - outcasts of a new republic
THE SOULS OF BLACK FOLK based on democratic values of liberty, equality and justice.

Essays and Sketches ROOSEVELT’S REVOLT
W.E.B. Du Bois
The 1912 Republican Convention and the
Mar 2018 312pp Launch of the Bull Moose Party
9781625343338 Paperback £15.50 / €18.00 John C. Skipper
9781625343321 Hardback £85.95 / €97.00
Mar 2018 169pp
In honour of the 150th anniversary of W.E.B. Du Bois’s 9781476667010 Paperback £42.95 / €49.00
birth in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, the University of
Massachusetts Library has prepared a new edition of Du The 1912 presidential election is the only one in American
Bois’s classic, The Souls of Black Folk. Originally published in history in which candidates included a president, a former
1903, Souls introduced a number of now-canonical terms president and a future president. This volume offers an
into the American conversation about race. analysis of this historic election campaign.

Literature and Citizenship from Revolution
to Reconstruction Diplomatic Relations with Nationalist
Benjamin Cooper Dictatorships Between the World Wars
Lawrence E. Gelfand & John Day Tully
May 2018 232pp, 8 b&w illustrations
9781625343314 Paperback £26.95 / €30.00 Jun 2018 174pp
9781625343307 Hardback £85.95 / €97.00 9780786476923 Paperback £42.95 / €49.00
In the 1920s and ’30s, dictatorships, also eager to maintain
In this literary history of early American veterans, political order and create economic growth, looked to
Benjamin Cooper reveals how soldiers and sailors from the American corporations for investment to modernize their
Revolutionary War to the Civil War demanded, through their nation’s infrastructure and economy. In turn, American
writing, that their value as American citizens and authors be bankers and investors invested heavily in these areas.
recognised. Relying on an archive of veteran authors, Cooper Through an examination of consular records, this book
situates their perspective against a civilian monopoly in examines the logistics and consequences of this decision.
defining American citizenship and literature.


University of Michigan Press MONSTERS IN THE MACHINE

REMAKING THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY Science Fiction Film and the Militarization of
America After World War II
Lyndon B. Johnson as a Native-Son Steffen Hantke
Presidential Candidate
Pearl K. Ford Dowe et al Apr 2018 240pp
9781496818263 Paperback £26.50 / €30.00
Feb 2018 440pp, 39 tables, 18 figures, 18 halftones
9780472037056 Paperback £42.95 / €48.00 During the 1950s and early 1960s, the American film
industry produced a distinct cycle of films situated on the
A continuation of Hanes Walton’s work on Southern boundary between horror and science fiction. Steffen Hantke
Democratic presidents, Remaking the Democratic Party argues that these films have long been understood as
analyses the congressional and presidential elections of allegories of the Cold War. Setting out to question, expand,
Lyndon Baines Johnson. This study builds on the general and correct this critical argument, Hantke follows shifts and
theory of the native-son phenomenon to demonstrate adjustments prompted by recent scholarly work.
that a Southern native-son can win the presidency without
the localism evident in the elections of Bill Clinton and NO SMALL THING
Jimmy Carter.
The 1963 Mississippi Freedom Vote
Apr 2018 208pp
The First Modern Civil Rights Convictions 9781496818195 Paperback £26.50 / €30.00
James P. Turner 9781496816351 Hardback £78.50 / €88.00
Margaret Walker Alexander Series in African
Dec 2017 146pp, 22 photos American Studies
9780472073740 Hardback £61.95 / €70.00
Through speeches, photographs, media coverage, and
In 1965 the drive for black voting rights culminated in the campaign materials, William H. Lawson examines the
Selma to Montgomery Freedom March. Troops under federal rhetoric and methods of the Mississippi Freedom Vote.
court order lined the route as the march finally made its Lawson looks at the vote itself rather than the already
way to the State Capitol. But within hours klan terror struck, much-studied events surrounding it, an emphasis new
claiming the life of Viola Liuzzo. Turner offers an insider’s view in scholarship.
of the three trials that took place over the following months -
finally resulting in the conviction of the killers. THE SCREEN IS RED

University Press of Mississippi Hollywood, Communism, and the Cold War
Bernard F. Dick
Dec 2017 308pp
Robert F. Kennedy 9781496814937 Paperback £26.50 / €30.00
in Mississippi
Ellen B. Meacham For full details of this title, see page 1.

Apr 2018 352pp University of Missouri Press
9781496817457 Hardback

Tells the story of Robert From the Sketch-Book of a
Kennedy’s visit to the Mississippi German Nobleman
Delta, while also examining the Francis J. Grund
forces of history, economics, and Edited by Armin Mattes
politics that shaped the lives of
the children he met in Mississippi in 1967 and the decades Jun 2018 394pp
that followed. The book includes thirty-seven powerful 9780826221568 Hardback £38.50 / €43.00
photographs, a dozen published here for the first time.
Francis J. Grund, a German emigrant, was one of the most
influential journalists in America in the three decades
preceding the Civil War. He also wrote several books,
including Aristocracy in America (1839). In his introduction
to this long out-of-print work, Armin Mattes provides a
thorough account of Grund’s dynamic engagement in
American political life.


The Creation of the Nation’s Ideals During
Lincoln and the Movement for the Revolutionary Era
Black Resettlement Craig Bruce Smith
Phillip W. Magness & Sebastian N. Page
Apr 2018 384pp
Feb 2018 178pp 9781469638836 Hardback £33.50 / €38.00
9780826221490 Paperback £23.95 / €27.00
The American Revolution was not only a revolution for
Explores the previously unknown truth about Lincoln’s liberty and freedom. It was also a revolution of ethics,
attitude toward colonization and exposes what history reshaping what colonial Americans understood as “honour”
has neglected to reveal - that Lincoln continued to pursue and “virtue”. As Craig Bruce Smith demonstrates, these
colonisation for close to a year after emancipation. The concepts were crucial aspects of Revolutionary Americans’
authors’research even shows that Lincoln may have ideological break from Europe and shared by all ranks
been attempting to revive this policy at the time of of society.
his assassination.
Spanish Hero of the American Revolution
What Really Happened in Virginia Gonzalo Maria Quintero Saravia
and Bermuda?
Virginia Bernhard Apr 2018 576pp
9781469640792 Hardback £36.50 / €41.00
Feb 2018 232pp, 4 illustrations
9780826221452 Paperback £25.95 / €29.00 A man of both empire and the Enlightenment, as viceroy of
New Spain (1785-86), Bernardo de Galvez was also pivotal
Bernhard links Virginia and Bermuda in a series of in the design and implementation of Spanish colonial
unintended consequences resulting from natural disaster, reforms. Extensively researched through Spanish, Mexican,
ignorance of native cultures, diplomatic intrigues, and the and US archives, Quintero Saravia’s portrait of Galvez reveals
fateful arrival of the first Africans in both colonies. him as central to the histories of the Revolution and late
eighteenth-century America.
The University of North Carolina Press
America’s Prophet
Pearls and the Nature of Empire, 1492-1700 D.H. Dilbeck
Molly A. Warsh
Dec 2017 208pp, 7 halftones
Apr 2018 296pp, 13 colour plates, 30 halftones, 6 maps 9781469636184 Hardback £26.95 / €30.00
9781469638973 Hardback £38.50 / €43.00
From his enslavement to freedom, Frederick Douglass was
Pearls have enthralled global consumers since antiquity, one of America’s most extraordinary champions of liberty
and the Spanish monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella explicitly and equality. Throughout his long life, Douglass was also
charged Columbus with finding pearls, as well as gold and a man of profound religious conviction. In this concise
silver, when he sailed westward in 1492. American Baroque and original biography, D.H. Dilbeck offers a provocative
charts Spain’s exploitation of Caribbean pearl fisheries to interpretation of Douglass’s life through the lens of his faith.
trace the genesis of its maritime empire.
Omohundro Institute GEORGE MASON,

Jeff Broadwater
Oct 2017 352pp
9781469642512 Paperback £26.95 / €30.00

George Mason (1725-92) is often omitted from the small
circle of founding fathers celebrated today, but in his service
to America he was, in the words of Thomas Jefferson, “of
the first order of greatness.”Jeff Broadwater provides a
comprehensive account of Mason’s life at the centre of the
momentous events of eighteenth-century America.



Traitors, Slaves, and the Remaking of Anticommunist Internationalism and
Citizenship in Civil War America Paramilitary Warfare in the Cold War
Erik Mathisen Kyle Burke

Mar 2018 256pp, 4 halftones, 1 map Jun 2018 368pp
9781469636320 Hardback £33.50 / €38.00 9781469640730 Hardback £33.50 / €38.00
Civil War America The New Cold War History

Tells the story of how Americans attempted to define what Freedom fighters. Guerilla warriors. Soldiers of fortune.
it meant to be a citizen of the United States, at a moment The many civil wars and rebellions against communist
of fracture in the republic’s history. As Erik Mathisen governments drew heavily from this cast of characters.
demonstrates, prior to the Civil War, American national Tacking between the US and other countries, Burke offers
citizenship amounted to little more than a vague bundle of an international history not only of the paramilitaries who
rights. But during the conflict, citizenship was transformed. started and waged small wars in the second half of the
twentieth century but of conservatism in the Cold War era.
A History of the Black National Anthem
Imani Perry The Conservative Think Tank in American
Political Culture Since 1945
Feb 2018 280pp, 2 halftones Jason Stahl
9781469638607 Hardback £24.95 / €28.00
The John Hope Franklin Series in African American History Aug 2018 264pp
and Culture 9781469646350 Paperback £26.95 / €30.00

The twin acts of singing and fighting for freedom have been From the middle of the twentieth century, think tanks have
inseparable in African American history. In this rich, poignant, played an indelible role in the rise of American conservatism.
and readable work, Imani Perry tells the story of the Black Yet, in spite of the formative influence these institutions
National Anthem as it travelled from South to North, have had on the media and public opinion, little has
from civil rights to black power, and from countless family been written about their history. Here, Jason Stahl offers
reunions to Carnegie Hall and the Oval Office. the first sustained investigation of the rise and historical
development of the conservative think tank.
Surviving Slave Ships, Detention, and
Dislocation in the Final Years of the The United States and the Islamic World,
Slave Trade 1821-1921
Sharla M. Fett Karine V. Walther

Aug 2018 312pp, 17 illustrations Aug 2018 480pp, 16 halftones
9781469645513 Paperback £26.95 / €30.00 9781469645582 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00

In the years just before the Civil War, during the most Examines the history of American Islamophobia, showing
intensive phase of American slave-trade suppression, the how negative perceptions of Islam and Muslims shaped US
US Navy seized roughly 2,000 enslaved Africans from illegal foreign relations from the Early Republic to the end of World
slave ships and brought them into temporary camps at Key War I. This is a vital exploration of the crucial role the United
West and Charleston. In this study, Sharla Fett reconstructs States played in the Islamic world during the long nineteenth
the social world of these “recaptives”and recounts the century - an interaction that shaped a historical legacy that
relationships they built to survive. remains with us today.


THE SCIENCE AND POLITICS OF RACE University of Notre Dame Press

Karin Alejandra Rosemblatt Informal Diplomacy and the Rise of
Apr 2018 272pp, 8 halftones United States-China Trade, 1972–1980
9781469636405 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00 Christian Talley
9781469636399 Hardback £85.95 / €97.00
Mar 2018 282pp, 3 Tables, 1 Illustration
In this history of the social and human sciences in Mexico 9780268102975 Hardback £38.50 / €43.00
and the United States, Karin Alejandra Rosemblatt reveals The trading relationship between the United States
intricate connections among the development of science, and China, though now robust, was a recent and hardly
the concept of race, and policies toward indigenous peoples. inevitable development. Forgotten Vanguard not only reveals
globalization’s contingent path but also exposes the hidden
SHOWBIZ POLITICS importance of informal trade diplomacy in building the
modern US-China relationship.
Hollywood in American Political Life
Kathryn Cramer Brownell University of Pittsburgh Press

Dec 2017 328pp, 11 halftones DAUGHTER OF THE COLD WAR
9781469642246 Paperback £26.95 / €30.00
Grace Kennan Warnecke
Takes readers behind the camera to explore the negotiations Feb 2018 212pp, 38 b&w photos
and relationships that developed between key Hollywood 9780822945208 Hardback £23.95 / €27.00
insiders and presidential candidates from Dwight Eisenhower Pitt Series in Russian and East European Studies
to Bill Clinton, analysing how entertainment replaced party Grace Kennan Warnecke, daughter of famed US diplomat
spectacle as a strategy to raise money, win votes, and secure and historian George F. Kennan, offers a telling memoir of her
success for all those involved. father and her family life lived throughout the tumultuous
Cold War era and beyond. She presents an insider’s
STRATEGIC SISTERHOOD perspective on important events during the twentieth
century, and keenly recounts life as an American living in the
The National Council of Negro Women in Soviet Union at a time of great political uncertainty.
the Black Freedom Struggle
Rebecca Tuuri Rutgers University Press

May 2018 328pp, 12 illustrations HISTORIANS ON HAMILTON
9781469638904 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00
9781469638898 Hardback £85.95 / €97.00 How a Blockbuster Musical Is Restaging
America’s Past
Offering a sweeping view of the National Council of Negro Edited by Renee C. Romano & Claire Bond Potter
Women’s (NCNW) behind-the-scenes efforts to fight racism,
poverty, and sexism in the late twentieth century, Rebecca Mar 2018 288pp, 25 colour and 6 b&w illustrations
Tuuri examines how the group teamed with US presidents, 9780813590295 Paperback £18.95 / €22.00
foundations, and grassroots activists alike to implement 9780813590301 Hardback £56.95 / €65.00
a number of important domestic development and For full details of this title, see page 1.
international aid projects.

The Rise and Fall of a Bad Generation
Marc Mappen

Mar 2018 256pp, 16 illustrations
9780813594279 Paperback £13.95 / €16.00
For full details of this title, see page 1.


Southern Illinois University Press Stephen F. Austin State University Press

Edited by Milton S. Jordan & Dan K. Utley
The Civil Rights Act of 1866 from Feb 2018 158pp
Reconstruction to Today 9781622881789 Paperback £19.50 / €22.00
Edited by Christian G. Samito
Includes thirteen of the original sixteen presidential
Apr 2018 296pp addresses, with some modifications, documentation, and
9780809336524 Paperback £42.95 / €49.00 enhancements for publication purposes. One additional
paper represents a contemporaneous article the editors
Examines the Civil Rights Act of 1866, the first federal civil chose to include in lieu of the presidential address, which is
rights statute in American history. The act declared that all no longer available.
persons born in the United States were citizens without
regard to race, colour, or previous condition of slavery. Essays Syracuse University Press
examine the history and legal ramifications of the act and
highlight competing impulses within it. RESPECTABILITY AND REFORM

LINCOLN AND THE ABOLITIONISTS Irish American Women’s Activism,
Stanley Harrold Tara M. McCarthy
Apr 2018 160pp, 10 illustrations
9780809336418 Hardback £23.95 / €27.00 Apr 2018 320pp, 6 b&w illustrations
9780815635888 Paperback £33.50 / €38.00
Abraham Lincoln was not among those Americans 9780815635703 Hardback £61.95 / €70.00
who, decades before the Civil War, favoured immediate Irish Studies
emancipation of all slaves inside the US. Those who
did were the abolitionists - the men and women who Explores the contributions of a small group of Irish American
sought freedom and equal rights for all African Americans. women in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era who emerged
Stanley Harrold traces how, despite Lincoln’s political as leaders, organisers, and activists. Profiles of these women
distance from abolitionists, they influenced his evolving suggest not only that Irish American women had a political
political orientation. tradition of their own but also that the diversity of the Irish
American community fostered a range of priorities and
VICENTE XIMENES, LBJ’S GREAT approaches to activism.
CIVIL RIGHTS RHETORIC Texas A&M University Press

Dec 2017 352pp, 20 illustrations
9780809336395 Paperback £38.50 / €43.00 Histories of Exclusion and Resistance
Edited by Kenyon Zimmer & Cristina Salinas
One of the most influential government representatives of
Mexican American issues in recent history, Vicente Ximenes Jul 2018 277pp, 16 b&w photos
succeeded largely because he could adapt his rhetoric for 9781623496593 Hardback £42.95 / €49.00
different audiences in his speeches and writings. Michelle Hall Walter Prescott Webb Memorial Lectures
Kells elucidates Ximenes’s achievement through a rhetorical
history of his career as an activist. Presents seven essays, adapted from the Walter Prescott
Webb Memorial Lecture Series, that consider deportation
policy in the Americas and its global effects. These
thoughtful pieces significantly contribute to a growing
historiography on deportation within immigration studies
- a field that usually focuses on arriving immigrants and
their adaptation.


Texas Christian University Press University of Virginia Press

DIARY, 1751-52
Cultural Drift and Change Along the United
States-Mexico Border from the Spanish George Washington
Conquest to the Present Edited by Alicia K. Anderson & Lynn A. Price
Thomas Torrans May 2018 176pp, 31 illustrations
9780813941370 Hardback £33.50 / €38.00
Apr 2018 368pp, 33 b&w photos, map
9780875656984 Paperback £23.95 / €27.00 In the autumn of 1751, at the age of nineteen, George
Washington sailed with his older half-brother Lawrence
The border region between Mexico and the United States from Virginia to the Caribbean island of Barbados - the
is more dynamic than ever since its transition into a sort of one and only time that the future Revolutionary War hero
Mexamerica - a world fueled by corporate colonialism, the and president would leave the shores of continental North
North American Free Trade Agreement and contraband America. This is the most comprehensive and authoritative
of every stripe. Forging the Tortilla Curtain reveals how the edition of Washington’s diaries of the journey yet published.
borderlands got to be that way.
Vanderbilt University Press ON DISPLAY

BREACH OF PEACE Attire, Etiquette, and
the Art of Presentation
Portraits of the 1961 Mississippi Gaye S. Wilson
Freedom Riders
Eric Etheridge Jun 2018 288pp, 65 colour
Feb 2018 265pp 9780813941295 Hardback
9780826521903 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00 £28.50 / €32.00
Jeffersonian America
A photo-history told in images old and new. The book
includes the mug shots of all 328 Freedom Riders arrested in When we think of Thomas
Jackson, Mississippi, along with contemporary portraits of 98 Jefferson, a certain picture comes
Riders, supplemented by interviews and brief bios. to mind for some of us, combining his physical appearance
with our perception of his character. During Jefferson’s
THE PROHIBITION lifetime this image was already taking shape. In this volume,
ERA AND POLICING G.S. Wilson draws on a broad array of sources to show
how Jefferson fashioned his public persona to promote his
A Legacy political agenda
of Misregulation

Feb 2018 288pp The Compromise of 1850 and the Ideological
9780826521880 Paperback Foundations of the American Civil War
£26.95 / €30.00 Stephen E. Maizlish
9780826521873 Hardback
£66.95 / €75.00 Jun 2018 346pp, 11 b&w illustrations, 10 charts
9780813941196 Hardback £42.95 / €49.00
Argues that intrusive searches A Nation Divided: Studies in the Civil War Era
for alcohol during Prohibition destroyed middle-class
Americans’faith in the police and ushered in a new basis The Compromise of 1850 attempted to defuse
for controlling police conduct. Courts in the 1920s began confrontation between slave and free states on the status
to exclude perfectly reliable evidence obtained in an illegal of territories acquired during the Mexican-American War.
search. Then, a presidential commission awakened the public This volume tells the cultural and intellectual history of this
to torture in interrogation rooms, prompting courts to pivotal political event through the lens of language, revealing
exclude coerced confessions. the complex context of northern and southern ideological
opposition within which the Civil War occurred a decade later.


Wayne State University Press EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY

BROAD SYMPATHIES IN A Society, Politics, and Culture
NARROW WORLD Edited by Christopher A. Cameron

The Legacy of W.E.B. Du Bois 2014 286pp
Sandra Staton-Taiwo 9781626612792 Paperback £51.50 / €58.00

Dec 2017 90pp Featuring a wide variety of written matter including
9780940713260 Paperback £19.50 / €22.00 newspaper articles, constitutional documents, and letters,
Presents a collection of poetic reflections on the public and the book exposes students to those both great and humble
private life of an American intellectual giant. Staton-Taiwo’s who chronicled the life and times of a new nation.
poems celebrate the greatness of W.E.B. Dubois’s political
vision and engagement, while intuiting the unhappy lives of IN LIBERATING STRIFE
the women who lived in his shadow.
Broadside Lotus Press An American History Reader
Vikki Deakin
Jan 2017 438pp
African Americans and the Enduring Impact 9781516502998 Paperback £120.00 / €137.00
of Slavery
Edited by Rochelle Riley Developed specifically for survey courses in United States
history, this book features scholarly yet accessible articles and
Feb 2018 200pp, 2 B&w images book chapters on a variety of topics.
9780814345146 Hardback £25.95 / €29.00
Examines the continued emotional, economic, and cultural PROBLEMS IN U.S. HISTORY
enslavement of African Americans in the twenty-first
century. The Burden, edited by award-winning Detroit Jim Cook
newspaper columnist Rochelle Riley, is a powerful collection 2016 176pp
of essays that create a chorus of evidence that the burden 9781516506446 Paperback £51.95 / €59.00
is real.
The readings in this book represent diverse issues and
BESTSELLERS interests. These selections give students the opportunity
to experience the perspectives of different historians and
Cognella Academic Publishing become familiar with what they have written about their
respective areas of specialization.
The Era of American Independence,
1763-1791 Times of Change and Challenge
Ryan Jordan Peter Tsahiridis

2014 114pp 2016 322pp
9781621315735 Paperback £39.50 / €46.00 9781634875172 Paperback £89.95 / €146.00
Provides an updated, incisive narrative of the period from
the 1760s to the 1790s. The text covers the background to The selected writings included here encourage students
the revolutionary crisis, the course of the Revolutionary War, to analyse and interpret controversial events in American
and the development of the federal Constitution and new history. Each event played a part - positive or negative - in
state governments. shaping the country.


SINCE 1877
America After Reconstruction
Ronald K Huch MAKING
2014 102pp
9781621317050 Paperback £38.50 / €44.00 How the West
Explores significant events in United States’culture, politics, Indies Shaped the
and society since the Civil War, and encourages students to United States
explore and reflect on important themes. Debbie Jacob

The University of Georgia Press Provides a surprising,
vivacious account of the
WHY THE SOUTH LOST THE CIVIL WAR West Indian influence in the United States, beginning
in the 17th century. From renowned West Indians
Richard E. Beringer et al such as Alexander Hamilton, Oscar de la Renta, Bob
1991 608pp, 2 maps, 38 illustrations Marley and Sidney Poitier, to famous Americans such
9780820313962 Paperback £27.95 / €31.00 as George Washington and John Hancock, stories of
Four historians consider the popularly held explanations for island power emerge.
Southern defeat in the US Civil War - state-rights disputes, Ian Randle Publishers
inadequate military supply and strategy, and the Union
blockade - supporting their discussion with a chronological
account of the war’s progress.

University Press of Kansas

Second Edition
James N. Giglio Essays on History
and Politics
2006 376pp, 22 photos Leslie Bethell

9780700614578 Paperback £19.50 / €22.00 Institute of Latin
American Presidency Series American Studies
This volume is the first
A book on John F Kennedy’s White House years. It shows collected compendium
Kennedy to be the most medicated, one of the most of the work of Professor Leslie Bethell and consists of
courageous, and perhaps the most self-absorbed of seven essays on major themes in modern Brazilian
American presidents. history and politics. The essays are new, but draw
from his classic published works: book chapters and
journal articles, and public lectures delivered in the
ten years since his retirement.
Brookings Institution Press


The University of Alabama Press LAURA MÉNDEZ DE CUENCA

FACES OF RESISTANCE Mexican Feminist, 1853-1928
Mílada Bazant
Maya Heroes, Power, and Identity
Edited by S. Ashley Kistler Mar 2018 240pp, 31 b&w illustrations
9780816537631 Paperback £30.50 / €35.00
Jun 2018 256pp
9780817319878 Hardback £52.50 / €59.00 Laura Mundez de Cuenca - poet, teacher, editor, writer, and
feminist - dared to bypass the cultural traditions of her time.
Fosters a holistic understanding of the roles of Maya heroic Now, for the first time in English, Milada Bazant shares with
figures as cornerstones of cultural identity and political us the trajectory of a leading Mexican thinker who applied
resistance and power. Faces of Resistance explores the the power of the pen to human feeling, suffering, striving,
importance of heroes through the analyses of heroic figures, and achievement.
some controversial and alternative, from the Maya area.
Brookings Institution Press
The University of Arizona Press
Essays on History and Politics
Destabilizing the Indigenous Other in Mexico Leslie Bethell
Paula Lopez Caballero & Ariadna Acevedo-Rodrigo
May 2018 250pp
Apr 2018 304pp, 2 b&w illustrations, 2 tables 9781908857545 Paperback £22.95 / €26.00
9780816535460 Hardback £52.50 / €59.00 Institute of Latin American Studies
For full details of this title, see page 15.
The concept of “Indigenous”has been entwined with
notions of exoticism and alterity throughout Mexico’s A NICARAGUAN EXCEPTIONALISM?
history. In Beyond Alterity, authors from across disciplines
question the persistent association between indigenous Debating the Legacy of the
people and radical difference, and demonstrate that alterity is Sandinista Revolution
often the product of specific political contexts. Edited by Hilary Francis

BIG WATER Nov 2018 250pp
9781908857576 Paperback £22.95 / €26.00
The Making of the Borderlands Between
Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay The present Nicaraguan government has promulgated
Edited by Jacob Blanc & Frederico Freitas a discourse of Nicaraguan exceptionalism, arguing that
Nicaragua is unique thanks to heritage of the 1979
Apr 2018 336pp, 23 b&w illustrations Sandinista revolution. This volume critically interrogates
9780816537143 Hardback £52.50 / €59.00 that claim, asking whether the legacy of the revolution is
truly exceptional.
Explores four centuries of the overlapping histories of Institute of Latin American Studies
Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay (the Triple Frontier), and the
colonies that preceded them. Examining an important area University Press of Florida
that includes some of the first national parks established in
Latin America and one of the world’s largest hydroelectric CUBAN CULTURAL HERITAGE
dams, this transnational approach illustrates how three
nation-states have interacted over time. A Rebel Past for a Revolutionary Nation
Pablo Alonso Gonzalez
Nov 2017 320pp, 54 b&w illustrations, 6 maps
Saga of a Legendary Border City 9780813056630 Hardback £80.95 / €91.00
Oscar J. Martinez Cultural Heritage Studies
Offers a detailed look at the function and place of cultural
Mar 2018 360pp, 51 b&w illustrations, 14 tables heritage under socialist states, and explores the role that
9780816537228 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00 cultural heritage and museums played in the construction of
9780816537211 Hardback £85.95 / €97.00 a national identity in postcolonial Cuba.

Provides a historical overview of the economic and social
evolution of this famous transnational urban centre from
the 1848 creation of the international boundary between
Mexico and the United States to the present, emphasizing
the city’s deep ties to the United States. Oscar J. Martinez also
explores major aspects of the social history of the city.


Spanish Explorations in the Caribbean and
the United States, 1492-1570 Edward L. Cleary
Edited by Jerald T. Milanich & Susan Milbrath Aug 2018 324pp
9780813064765 Paperback £25.95 / €29.00
Nov 2017 232pp
9781947372665 Paperback £25.95 / €29.00 Much has been made of the dramatic rise of Protestantism
Florida and the Caribbean Open Books Series in Latin America. Overlooked by journalists and scholars
has been the parallel growth of Charismatic, or Pentecostal,
Describes the period of early Spanish contact with New Catholicism in the region. Edward Cleary offers the first
World peoples. This series of essays reports original research comprehensive treatment of this movement, revealing its
mounted over the last ten years, a decade of remarkable importance to the Catholic Church as well as the people of
breakthroughs in knowledge about significant events in the Latin America.
first decades after 1492. 
New Directions in Haitian and
Anarchism in Latin American History Dominican Studies
Edited by Geoffroy de Laforcade & Kirwin R. Shaffer Edited by April J. Mayes & Kiran C. Jayaram

Aug 2017 388pp Jul 2018 272pp
9780813064543 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00 9781683400387 Hardback £85.95 / €96.00

In this groundbreaking collection of essays, anarchism An edited volume that seeks to elaborate new
in Latin America becomes much more than a prelude to methodologies and forge new questions in research about
populist and socialist movements. The contributors illustrate Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
a much more vast, differentiated, and active anarchist
presence in the region that evolved on simultaneous - VOICES FROM MARIEL
transnational, national, regional, and local - fronts.
Oral Histories of the 1980 Cuban Boatlift
KEY TO THE NEW WORLD Jose Manuel Garcia

A History of Early Colonial Cuba Dec 2017 192pp
Luis Martínez-Fernández 9780813056661 Hardback £23.95 / €27.00

Feb 2018 192pp Between April and September 1980, more than 125,000
9781683400325 Hardback £71.50 / €80.00 Cuban refugees fled their homeland, seeking freedom
from Fidel Castro’s dictatorship. Told in the words of the
Scholarly and popular attention tends to focus heavily on immigrants themselves, the stories in Voices from Mariel
Cuba’s recent history: its notoriety as the world’s largest offer an up-close view of this international crisis, the largest
exporter of sugar and the Western hemisphere’s first socialist oversea mass migration in Latin American history.
nation. Key to the New World fills the gap in our knowledge
of the island before 1700, examining Cuba’s formative The University of Georgia Press
centuries in depth.
Gender, Race, and Power in the
Race, Technology, and the Body in Revolutionary Atlantic
Post-Revolutionary Mexico Kit Candlin & Cassandra Pybus
David S. Dalton
Mar 2018 256pp
Aug 2018 240pp 9780820353876 Paperback £23.95 / €27.00
9781683400394 Hardback £80.95 / €91.00 Race in the Atlantic World, 1700-1900 Series
Reframing Media, Technology, and Culture in
Latin/o America As the microbiographies in this book reveal, free women
of colour in Britain’s Caribbean colonies were not merely
After the end of the Mexican Revolution in 1917, post- the dependent concubines of the white male elite, as is
revolutionary leaders hoped to assimilate the country’s commonly assumed. In the capricious world of the slave
racially diverse population into one official mixed-race colonies during the age of revolutions, some of them were
identity - the mestizo. This book shows that as part of this able to rise to dizzying heights of success.
vision, the Mexican government believed it could modernize
“primitive”indigenous peoples through education, modern
medicine, industrial agriculture, and factory work.


Ian Randle Publishers University of New Mexico Press


How the West Indies Shaped the Gender, Regionalism, and Political
United States Subjectivity in Porto Alegre, Brazil
Debbie Jacob Benjamin Junge

Oct 2017 340pp May 2018 288pp
9789766379544 Paperback £16.50 / €19.00 9780826359445 Hardback £61.95 / €70.00

For full details of this title, see page 15. This anthropological study of grassroots community leaders
in Porto Alegre, Brazil’s leftist hotspot, focuses on gender,
University Press of Mississippi politics, and regionalism during the early 2000s, when
the Workers’Party was in power. The author explores the
CARIBBEAN MASALA ways community leaders make sense of official notions of
citizenship and how gender, politics, and regional identities
Indian Identity in Guyana and Trinidad shape these interpretations.
Dave Ramsaran & Linden F. Lewis
Jul 2018 144pp
9781496818041 Hardback £60.95 / €69.00 Violence, Factions, and the Law
Caribbean Studies Series Mark W. Lentz

In 1833, the abolition of slavery in the British Empire led to Feb 2018 256pp
the import of exploited South Asian indentured workers 9780826359612 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00
in the Caribbean. Dave Ramsaran and Linden F. Lewis 9780826359605 Hardback £90.50 / €102.00
concentrate on the Indian descendants’processes of mixing, Dialogos Series
assimilating, and adapting while trying desperately to hold
on to that which marks a group of people as distinct. During the summer of 1792, a man wearing the rough
garb of a vaquero stepped out of the night shadows of
THE INDIAN CARIBBEAN Mérida, Yucatan, and murdered the province’s top royal
official, don Lucas de Gálvez. This book recounts the mystery
Migration and Identity in the Diaspora of the Gálvez murder and its resolution, an event that
Lomarsh Roopnarine captured contemporaries’imaginations throughout the
Hispanic world.
Nov 2017 160pp
9781496814388 Hardback £56.50 / €64.00 SOCIAL SKINS OF THE HEAD
Caribbean Studies Series
Body Beliefs and Ritual in Ancient
Tells a distinct story of Indians in the Caribbean - one Mesoamerica and the Andes
concentrated not only on archival records and institutions, Edited by Vera Tiesler & Maria Cecilia Lozada
but also on the voices of the people and the ways in which
they define themselves and the world around them. May 2018 288pp
9780826359636 Hardback £80.95 / €91.00

The meanings of ritualized head treatments among ancient
Mesoamerican and Andean peoples is the subject of this
book. Heads are sources of power that protect, impersonate,
emulate sacred forces, distinguish, or acquire identity within
the native world. The essays in this book examine these
themes in a wide array of indigenous head treatments.

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University of Notre Dame Press University of Pittsburgh Press


Revolution and Electoral Politics in Edited by Alejandro de la Fuente
El Salvador Feb 2018 416pp, 58 b&w illustrations
Ralph Sprenkals 9780822945123 Hardback £47.95 / €54.00
Pittsburgh Cuban Studies
Apr 2018 492pp, 5 tables, 16 figures
9780268103255 Hardback £47.95 / €54.00 The preeminent journal for scholarly work on Cuba. Cuban
Studies 46 includes a critical dossier on poet Lourdes Casal,
El Salvador’s 2009 presidential elections marked a historical with individual essays viewing the issues of race, feminism,
feat: Frente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional and diaspora in her work.
(FMLN) became the first former Latin American guerrilla
movement to win the ballot after failing to take power MODERNITY AT GUNPOINT
by means of armed struggle. After Insurgency focuses on
the development of El Salvador’s FMLN into a strong and Firearms, Politics, and Culture in Mexico and
competitive political party. Central America
Sophie Esch
May 2018 296pp, 7 b&w illustrations
The Justice Complex in Latin America 9780822965381 Paperback £27.95 / €31.00
Edited by Matthew C. Ingram & Diana Kapiszewski Pitt Illuminations

Feb 2018 344pp, 14 line drawings, 23 tables, 2 maps Provides the first study of the political and cultural
9780268102814 Hardback £52.50 / €59.00 significance of weaponry in the context of major armed
Helen Kellogg Institute for International Studies conflicts in Mexico and Central America. In this original
study, Sophie Esch approaches political violence through its
A much-needed volume that will make a significant most direct and symbolic tool: the firearm. Esch grounds her
contribution to the growing fields of comparative law and analysis in important re-readings of canonical texts by Nellie
politics and Latin American legal institutions. The book Campobello, Omar Cabezas, Gioconda Belli, and others.
offers theoretically and conceptually rich empirical analyses
of a set of critical supranational, national, and subnational POLITICS IN UNIFORM
justice sector institutions that are generally neglected in
the literature. Military Officers and Dictatorship in Brazil,
May 2018 280pp, 10 b&w Illustrations
Historical and Ethnographic Perspectives 9780822965374 Paperback £27.95 / €31.00
Edited by Alan Durston Pitt Latin American Series

May 2018 278pp, 4 Tables Between 1964 and 1985, Brazil lived under the control
9780268103699 Hardback £52.50 / €59.00 of a repressive, anticommunist regime, where generals
maintained all power. Despite these circumstances, dozens of
Offers a vital and original contribution to a topic that lies young captains, majors, and colonels believed that they too
at the intersection of the fields of history, anthropology, deserved to participate in the exercise of power. This book
and linguistics. The book is the first to consider indigenous tells their story. It is history viewed from below, that pays
languages as vehicles of political orders in Latin America from attention to the origins of these actors.
the sixteenth century to the present, across regional and
national contexts.


RESHAPING THE The University of Utah Press

From Resisting A Five-Hundred-Year Journey of Discovery
Neoliberalism to the Richard Francaviglia
Second Incorporation
Edited by Eduardo Silva & May 2018 336pp, 115 colour illustrations
Federico Rossi 9781607816102 Hardback £28.50 / €32.00

Feb 2018 360pp Widely regarded as the driest place on earth, the seemingly
9780822965121 Paperback desolate Atacama Desert of Chile is a place steeped in
£31.50 / €36.00 intrigue and haunted by collective memories. This book,
Pitt Latin American Series based on archival research and field work, brings together the
work of geographers, historians, anthropologists, botanists,
Examines the role played in the second wave of geologists, astronomers, novelists, and others to offer a
incorporation by political parties, trade unions, and social nuanced understanding of this complex desert landscape.
movements in five cases: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador,
and Venezuela. The cases shed new light on a subject critical Vanderbilt University Press
to understanding the change in the distribution of political
power related to popular sectors and their interests - a key NO LIMITS TO
issue in the study of post-neoliberalism. THEIR SWAY

VOICES OF CHANGE IN CUBA FROM Cartagena’s Privateers
THE NON-STATE SECTOR and the Masterless
Caribbean in the Age
Edited by Carmelo Mesa-Lago of Revolutions
Feb 2018 176pp Edgardo Perez Morales
9780822965091 Paperback £26.95 / €30.00
Pitt Latin American Series Feb 2018 265pp, 8 halftones
9780826521927 Paperback
More than one million Cubans, representing thirty percent £26.95 / €30.00
of the country’s labour force, currently comprise the 9780826521910 Hardback
non-state sector. Based on eighty in-depth interviews £57.50 / €64.00
recently conducted in Cuba, this book captures actual
voices from this evolving economic sector. The book offers In 1811, the important port town of Cartagena rejected
fascinating insights into today’s Cuban economy from the Spanish authority, and declared independence. Independent
non-state sector. Cartagena opened its doors to privateers of colour from
the French Caribbean. Based on handwritten and printed
The University of South Carolina Press sources, this book tells the story of Cartagena’s multinational
and multicultural seafarers, revealing the trans-Atlantic and
THE TORRID ZONE maritime dimensions of South American independence.

Caribbean Colonization and Cultural
Interaction in the Long Seventeenth Century
Edited by L.H. Roper

May 2018 264pp
9781611178906 Hardback £47.95 / €54.00
The Carolina Lowcountry and the Atlantic World

Brimming with new perspectives and cutting edge research,
the essays collected in this volume explore colonization and
cultural interaction in the Caribbean from the late 1600s to
the early 1800s - a period known as the “long”seventeenth
century - a time when these encounters varied widely and
the diverse actors were not yet fully enmeshed in the culture
and power dynamics of master-slave relations.


The University of the West Indies Press Wayne State University Press


The Construction of a Caribbean City, In Search of an Identity
1888–1962 Victor A. Mirelman
Stephen Stuempfle
Dec 2017 300pp, 14 b&w Images
Oct 2018 600pp 9780814344576 Paperback £21.95 / €25.00
9789766406639 Paperback £76.50 / €86.00
Examines the changing facade of the Argentinean Jewish
In this wide-ranging study, Stephen Stuempfle explores the community from the beginning of mass Jewish immigration
transformation of the landscape (material environment) in 1890 to its decline in 1930. Based on research in the
of Port of Spain from the cocoa boom era at the turn of Argentine archives. Jewish Buenos Aires, 1890-1930 describes
the twentieth century through Trinidad and Tobago’s the immigration and settlement process, studies the
independence from Britain in 1962. first generation of Argentine-born Jews, and provides an
understanding of assimilation and acculturation.
AND TOBAGO The University of Wisconsin Press

Portrait of an Ethnic Minority BREAD, JUSTICE, AND LIBERTY
Jo-Anne S. Ferreira
Grassroots Activism and Human Rights in
Aug 2018 168pp Pinochet’s Chile
9789766406608 Paperback £28.95 / €33.00 Alison Bruey

Traditionally a navigating and migratory people, Portuguese Jul 2018 312pp, 5 maps
settlers came to the Caribbean as early as the seventeenth 9780299316105 Hardback £69.50 / €78.00
century. Though few in number, the Portuguese Critical Human Rights
contribution to their adopted homeland is of a significance
beyond the small size of the community. The tale of the In Santiago’s urban shantytowns, a searing history of poverty
Madeirans in Trinidad and Tobago and Luso-Trinidadians and Chilean state violence have prompted grassroots
and Tobagonians has gone untold. This is an attempt to tell resistance movements among the poor and working class
their story. from the 1940s to the present. Underscoring this complex
continuity, Alison J. Bruey offers a compelling history of the
struggle for social justice and democracy during the Pinochet
dictatorship and its aftermath.



Complicity and Complacency in Chile Ian Randle Publishers
Since Pinochet

May 2018 256pp, 9 b&w photos Phillips Sherlock & Hazel Bennett
9780299317201 Hardback £69.50 / €78.00 1998 448pp
Critical Human Rights 9789768100306 Paperback £19.95 / €23.00
The first general history of Jamaica to be written in almost 40
Argues that today’s Chile is a product of both complicity and years. It differs significantly from earlier “imperial”histories
complacency. Combining historical analysis with deft literary, which have been written from the perspective of the
political, and cultural critique, Michael J. Lazzara scrutinizes coloniser and which have relegated Jamaicans to an inferior
the post-Pinochet rationalizations made by politicians, and passive role.
artists, intellectuals, bystanders, former revolutionaries-
turned-neoliberals, and common citizens. The University of North Carolina Press


Military Cultural Interventions and the Thomas Thistlewood and His Slaves in the
Human Rights Era in Peru Anglo-Jamaican World
Cynthia E. Milton Trevor Burnard

Dec 2017 296pp, 26 b&w illustrations 2004 336pp
9780299315009 Hardback £69.50 / €78.00 9780807855256 Paperback £35.95 / €41.00
Critical Human Rights Trevor Burnard provides unparalleled insight into Jamaica’s
vibrant but harsh African and European cultures with a
Peru has moved from the 1980s-90s conflict between its comprehensive examination of the diary of plantation owner
armed forces and Shining Path militants into an era of open Thomas Thistlewood.
democracy, transitional justice, and truth and reconciliation
commissions. Cynthia Milton reveals how Peru’s military has THE ORIGINS OF THE CUBAN
engaged in a tactical cultural campaign - via books, films, REVOLUTION RECONSIDERED
museums - to shift public opinion, debate, and memories
about the nation’s violent recent past and its part in it. Samuel Farber
2006 230pp
9780807856734 Paperback £30.95 / €35.00
Envisioning Cuba
Analysing the crucial period of the Cuban Revolution from
1959 to 1961, this book challenges scholarly views of the
revolution’s sources, shape, and historical trajectory.

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