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American Academy of Ophthalmology 2016 leaflet

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Ophthalmology 2016

American Academy of Ophthalmology 2016 leaflet

Keywords: ophthalmology




Section 10: Glaucoma

Jun 2016 261pp, images, 8 videos
9781615257379 Paperback + Online video access


Section 11: Lens and Cataract

Jun 2016 256pp, images, 13 videos
9781615257386 Paperback + Online video access

Keep your ophthalmic knowledge current with Section 1: Update on General Medicine VIDEO
the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s
2016-2017 Basic and Clinical Science Course Jun 2016 368pp, images Section 12: Retina and Vitreous
(BCSC). The cornerstone of clinical ophthalmic 9781615257287 Paperback US$165.00
knowledge, BCSC is the most extensive Jun 2016 422pp, images, 10 videos
compilation of ophthalmic scientific research Section 2: Fundamentals and Principles 9781615257393 Paperback + Online video access
and clinical experience. This unparalleled, of Ophthalmology US$165.00
all-encompassing 13-volume set enhances
clinical knowledge with numerous images, Jun 2016 430pp, images Section 13: Refractive Surgery
videos and self-assessment questions. 9781615257294 Paperback US$165.00
Jun 2016 257pp, images
Continually assessed by a faculty of more than Section 3: Clinical Optics 9781615257409 Paperback US$165.00
80 expert ophthalmologists, every year the
entire BCSC is updated and a number of sections Jun 2016 386pp, images BUY THE COMPLETE PRINT SET
undergo a major revision. For 2016-2017, these 9781615257300 Paperback US$165.00 OR RESIDENCY PRINT SET AND
revised sections are: SAVE OVER 20%
• S ection 4: Ophthalmic Pathology and BCSC Complete Print Set
Intraocular Tumors Section 4: Ophthalmic Pathology and
Intraocular Tumors Jun 2016 4,800pp, images
• Section 10: Glaucoma 9781615257706 Paperbacks + Online video access
Jun 2016 372pp, images, four videos US$1665.00
• Section 11: Lens and Cataract 9781615257317 Paperback + Online video access
US$165.00 BCSC Residency Print Set
BCSC Complete Print Set
Section 5: Neuro-Ophthalmology Jun 2016 6,056pp, images
Comprises thirteen individual sections plus Master 9781615257683 Paperbacks, free ebook + Online video access
Index. The individual sections are each available for Jun 2016 408pp, images US$1805.00
purchase separately. 9781615257324 Paperback US$165.00
The American Academy of Ophthalmology
BCSC Residency Print Set VIDEO and the European Board of Ophthalmology
(EBO) have partnered to make BCSC
Comprises BCSC Complete Print Set and three additional Section 6: Pediatric Ophthalmology the standard text for all European
books: and Strabismus ophthalmology training programmes.
Basic Principles of Ophthalmic Surgery, Third Edition The EBO recommends BCSC as the primary
Basic Techniques of Ophthalmic Surgery, Second Edition Jun 2016 475pp, images, 12 videos educational resource for European trainees
The Profession of Ophthalmology, Second Edition (ebook – 9781615257331 Paperback + Online video access and ophthalmologists studying for the
instructions on how to download this is supplied with the US$165.00 annual EBO Diploma Exam.
Residency Print Set) As each BCSC section undergoes major
VIDEO revision, an EBO peer review committee
VIDEO will advise the Academy on content
Section 7: Orbit, Eyelids, and needed to make the book relevant for
Sections 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11 and 12 all now include access Lacrimal System European readership.
to online video demonstrations of clinical and surgical
techniques. The videos can be viewed by scanning the QR Jun 2016 335pp, images, 6 videos ebooks
codes which are clearly indicated within the books. 9781615257348 Paperback + Online video access
US$165.00 For more information about
2016-2017 BCSC ebooks please contact
Section 8: External Disease and Cornea [email protected]

Jun 2016 492pp, images
9781615257355 Paperback US$165.00


Section 9: Intraocular Inflammation
and Uveitis

Jun 2016 359pp, images, 4 videos
9781615257362 Paperback + Online video access


Basic Techniques of Basic Principles of Ophthalmic Medical Assisting
Ophthalmic Surgery Ophthalmic Surgery
An Independent Study Course, Fifth Edition
Second Edition Third Edition Edited by Emanuel Newmark & Mary A. O’Hara
Edited by Jean Hausheer Edited by Ayman Naseri
Jun 2015 608pp, Jun 2015 296pp,
2012 380pp, 300+ images
500+ images & 175 videos 200+ images & 4 videos 9781615251537 Paperback US$120.00

9781615256174 9781615256181 Online Exam

Paperback + Online video access Paperback + Online video access 2012
9781615251520 Card with online licence key
US$169.00 US$169.00 US$68.00

More than 80 of the This new edition has been Textbook + Online Exam
most common surgical procedures performed by expanded to include discussion of requirements for
ophthalmologists are described step-by-step in this medical training and four new clinical chapters. Chapter 2012 380pp, 300+ images
comprehensive textbook. Concise text and more than highlights include key points, suggested reading, self- 9781615252879 Paperback + Card with online licence key
500 images illustrate the procedures and skills needed for assessment questions, and more than 200 images, plus US$160.00
surgical proficiency. This fully-updated second edition is four new videos. The videos can be viewed by scanning
intended to improve surgical training in ophthalmology the QR codes within the book. This book lays the A comprehensive course for beginning ophthalmic allied
residency programmes. It is also designed to serve foundation for the 80+ surgical procedures covered in health professionals that covers all topics in both the US
as a review for more senior residents and beginning the companion volume, Basic Techniques of Ophthalmic and international curricula. This self-study course includes:
ophthalmic surgeons. The new edition features 175 Surgery, Second Edition.
video vignettes which illustrate key points or alternative • N ew chapters on ocular motility, low vision, ethics, legal
techniques. The videos can be viewed by scanning Practical and regulatory issues, and community health eye care.
the QR codes within the book. This book is a practical Ophthalmology
complement to the concepts and environments covered • D etailed descriptions of 44 procedures
in the companion volume, Basic Principles of Ophthalmic A Manual for Beginning incorporating evidence-based information and
Surgery, Third Edition. Residents, Seventh Edition ground-breaking technologies.
Edited by Preston H. Blomquist
Basic Ophthalmology • More than 300 photographs and illustrations.
Oct 2015 352pp, images
Ninth Edition • Learning aids throughout chapters, including self-
Edited by Richard A. Harper 9781615256132 Paperback assessment questions, and suggested activities
and resources.
2010 240pp, images US$150.00
Fundamentals of Ophthalmic
9781615251230 Paperback This updated essential text Medical Assisting
helps ophthalmology residents
US$54.00 gain confidence while becoming skilled practitioners. Second Edition
Highlights include coverage of a thorough ophthalmic Lindreth Grannis DuBois
Features practical information examination, discussion of ophthalmic emergencies
on the diagnosis, management and common ocular medications. Step-by-step 2009
and referral of common ocular instructions for 57 specific examination and testing 9781560559931 DVD US$115.00
disorders and summarises techniques are available for quick access. The “Pitfalls and
important ophthalmic concepts, techniques and facts Pointers” sections present tips for avoiding or resolving Provides step-by-step instruction for the various procedures
with annotated resources for additional information. common problems. an ophthalmic medical assistant needs to perform, and
demonstrates how to use equipment and execute many
of the diagnostic tests described in Ophthalmic Medical


Color Atlas of Gonioscopy Focal Points 2015 Complete Set

Second Edition American Academy of Ophthalmology
Wallace L.M. Alward & Reid A. Longmuir Mar 2016 200pp, images + videos
9781615257218 Loose-leaf + Online video access
2008 128pp, images US$300.00
9781560558965 Paperback + DVD
US$89.00 With Focal Points 2015 Complete Set, you will receive
all 12 print issues from 2015. Each issue focuses on
A comprehensive introduction to gonioscopic a specific ophthalmic topic, with practical, hands-on
techniques and a vital manual for clinicians wishing discussions of diagnosis, treatment and the latest
to be proficient in examining the anterior segment of research. It allows you to fill knowledge gaps and stay up
the eye. to date on unfamiliar topics; learn from straightforward,
peer-reviewed information written by Academy-selected
ProVision Series 5 experts; refer to useful tables, diagrams, photos and
surgical videos.
Ophthalmic Multiple-Choice Questions
With Discussions If you are a teaching academic or course leader
Edited by Stephen R. Russell & Edward J. Rockwood you may request up to three titles as FREE
inspection copies to consider as textbooks for
2012 492pp, images students on your course. For further details
9781615253210 Paperback US$265.00 please visit:

Multiple-choice questions cover all 11 subspeciality
areas, with detailed discussions of the preferred
responses. It includes numerous photos and figures.


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