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Arts & Humanities 2018

Eurospan's latest titles in arts and humanities (for UK & Europe)


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COOKING Demos Health

University Press of Florida STRONGER AFTER STROKE
Your Roadmap to Recovery, Third Edition
Peter G. Levine
Heather McPherson
Feb 2018 296pp
Mar 2018 64pp 9780826124135 Paperback £20.95 / €23.00
9780942084870 Paperback £13.50 / €15.00
In easy-to-read sections, Stronger After Stroke
Celebrate the mojito! This book spotlights a favourite introduces readers to leading-edge stroke recovery
Caribbean cocktail that has won a place in bars information while simplifying the process to attain
and eateries across the globe. Food writer Heather specific benchmarks. Also included is a sample recovery
McPherson details everything you need to know to make schedule, a helpful glossary of frequently used stroke
mojito masterpieces, plus flavour-packed variations for recovery terms, and a list of resources for readers to
every occasion. research emerging stroke recovery options.

Seaside Publishing Magination Press

The University of Wisconsin Press LITTLE WORLDS

Illustrated by Sébastien Chebret
How to Decipher the Menu, Know the Market Feb 2018 32pp, colour illustrations
Foods & Embark on a Tasting Adventure 9781433828195 Paperback £16.50 / €19.00

Ronnie Hess & Joan Peterson Everybody has their own little world... Pablo likes singing
with the birds up in his treehouse, Frank and Melvin
Dec 2017 160pp, illustrations build fantastic mystery machines, and Clara dreams of
9781938489112 Paperback £13.95 faraway planets and galaxies...

Portuguese country-style home cooking and Michelin- Where is your little world? Includes a Note to Parents and
rated restaurants receive equal treatment in this newest Caregivers with tools to spark your child’s imagination,
addition to the Eat Smart series of culinary travel encourage free play and creativity, and foster empathy
guidebooks. Eat Smart in Portugal connects menus and for others.
markets to geography, history, and regional pride.


Arts & Humanities

University of Virginia Press Brookings Institution Press


Michael Nelson Sergey Aleksashenko

Jan 2018 192pp Jul 2018 220pp
9780813941448 Paperback £20.95 / €23.00 9780815732761 Paperback £31.50 / €36.00
Miller Center Studies on the Presidency
During his nearly twenty years at the centre of Russian
Donald Trump took office in January 2017 under political power, Vladimir Putin has transformed the vast
mostly favourable conditions. He inherited neither country in many ways, not all of them for the better.
a war nor an economic depression, and his party The near-chaos of the early post-Soviet years has been
controlled both houses of Congress. He leveraged replaced by an increasingly rigid authoritarianism,
this successfully in some ways by delivering on resembling a hard-fisted monarchy more than the
his campaign promises to roll back regulations on previous communist dictatorship. Putin’s early years in
business, and he saw his nominee for the Supreme power saw rapid economic growth, averaging nearly 7
Court, Neil Gorsuch, approved swiftly and with little percent annually, and the rise of Moscow as a vibrant
controversy. Many more actions, however, have European-style city. But a slowdown during the second
been perceived as failures or even threats to a safe, half of Putin’s administration, since 2009, has resulted
functional democracy, from immigration policies in the stagnation of the economy, especially in the
defied by state and local governments and volatile hinterlands, with few signs of a possible turnaround.
dealings with North Korea to unsuccessful attempts
to pass major legislation. What accounted for these changes in Russia? Sergey
Aleksashenko, a former top Russian finance official and
In Trump’s First Year, Michael Nelson provides a then private businessman, lays the blame squarely on
thorough account and scholarly assessment of Putin himself, even more than external factors such
Donald Trump’s first year as president, starting as the sharp fall in oil prices or Western sanctions after
with his election and transition in 2016. The Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014.
analysis is grounded in the modern history of the
presidency as well as in the larger constitutional In his relentless drive to consolidate power in his own
and political order. Nelson considers the dramatic hands, Aleksashenko writes, Putin has destroyed the very
election itself, the forming and reforming of the idea of competition for political power. He has done so by
administration, congressional relations, executive systematically undercutting basic political institutions of
actions, bureaucratic politics, judicial appointments the post-Soviet Russian state, including independent power
and decisions, media relations and public centres such as the parliament, the judiciary, and a free
communications, and public opinion. Nelson’s media. In the economic realm, Putin effectively undermined
book offers the most complete and up-to-date Russia’s still-emerging and very fragile system for protecting
assessment of this still-unfolding story. property rights—the basis of all economic activity.

34 Highlights

Lynne Rienner Publishers Broadview Press

Second Edition The Age of Romanticism, Third Edition

Edited by Michael L. Bressler Joseph Black et al

May 2018 450pp Jan 2018 1100pp
9781626377110 Paperback £22.50 / €31.00 9781554813117 Paperback £56.50 / €63.00

Russia today is in many ways different from the For the third edition of this volume a number of
country portrayed a decade ago in the first edition changes have been made. Author entries for James
of this textbook. With an upsurge of both national Macpherson and Thomas Moore have been added
pride – despite a struggling economy – and civil to the bound book, as have additional poems by
society activism, that puts Putin in the headlines Anna Laetitia Barbauld, Charlotte Smith, Robert
almost daily, contradictions and complexities Burns, Joanna Baillie, Mary Robinson, Felicia
abound. These contradictions, complexities, and Hemans, Lord Byron, John Clare, and several others.
much more are captured in this new edition. Blake’s Songs of Innocence and of Experience is now
included in its entirety, as is Coleridge’s On the
The authors provide sophisticated yet accessible Slave Trade. Also new to the anthology are Maria
introductions to the country’s history, domestic Edgeworth’s Castle Rackrent, selections from Mary
politics, economy, foreign policy, society, and Wollstonecraft’s Letters Written During a Short
culture. The result is a well-grounded exploration of Residence in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, and Lord
the realities of contemporary Russia. Byron’s The Giaour. The third edition also features
a new Contexts section on the Gothic, including
“A solid and insightful introduction to Russia.... selections by Horace Walpole, Ann Radcliffe,
thoughtful and balanced....[It is] a valuable addition Matthew Lewis, and many others.
to Russian studies.”
- The Russian Review There are several additions to the website
component as well - including a Contexts section
on disability and a Contexts section on religion
in the Romantic period. Other notable additions
to the website include Sir Walter Scott’s Two
Drovers, Byron’s Manfred, and new author entries
for Hannah More, Robert Southey, Jane Cave,
Emma Lyon, Leigh Hunt, and Sydney Owenson,
Lady Morgan.

H ighlights

Rutgers University Press University of Michigan Press

Third Edition Creativity and the Expert Drummer

Wheeler Winston Dixon & Gwendolyn Audrey Foster Bill Bruford

Mar 2018 496pp, 250 images Mar 2018 296pp, 6 figures, 2 tables
9780813595122 Paperback £28.95 / €33.00 9780472053780 Paperback £30.95 / €35.00
Tracking Pop
With more than 250 images, new information on
international cinema - especially Polish, Chinese, Offers a study of creativity in the context of expert
Russian, Canadian, and Iranian filmmakers - an popular music instrumental performance. What do
expanded section on African-American filmmakers, expert drummers do? Why do they do it? Is there
updated discussions of new works by major anything creative about it? If so, how might that
American directors, and a new section on the rise of creativity inform their practice and that of others in
comic book movies and computer generated special related artistic spheres?
effects, this is the most up to date resource for film
history courses in the twenty-first century. Applying ideas from cultural psychology to findings
from research into the creative behaviours of a
“With the goal of offering ‘a fast paced tour’ of specific subset of popular music instrumentalists,
movie history, Dixon and Foster have produced Bill Bruford demonstrates the ways in which
a study in the tradition of Paul Rotha’s The Film expert drummers experience creativity in music
till Now. The authors touch all the bases - they performance and offers fresh insights into in-
address new trends in international moviemaking, the-moment interactional processes in music.
technologies, and critical theory and the emergence An expert practitioner himself, Dr. Bruford draws
of new national and ethnic cinemas - and relate on the perceptions of a cohort of internationally
film history to social history. Each new technique, renowned, peak-career professionals and his own
style, school, trend, and newly visible ethnic or experience to introduce and guide the reader
feminist group takes its place in the larger history, through the many dimensions of creativity in
and Dixon and Foster make it all accessible to the drummer performance.
neophyte reader without ever breaking the pace.
Uncommonly well-reproduced stills and a topically
organized bibliography enhance the discussion.
Highly recommended.”
– Choice

36 Art, Photography & Architecture

ART, PHOTOGRAPHY & The University of North Carolina Press
The University of Arkansas Press Art in Paris, 1888-1889

BECOMING JOHN MARIN Gretchen K. McKay, Nicolas W. Proctor & Michael A. Marlais
Modernist at Work
Mar 2018 58pp, 2 colour plates
Ann Prentice Wagner 9781469641263 Paperback £30.95 / €35.00

Feb 2018 440pp, 300+ images Considers questions surrounding artistic developments
9781682260586 Hardback £51.50 / €57.00 at the end of the nineteenth century in Paris. Students
will debate principles of artistic design in the context
John Marin was a major figure among the cutting-edge of the revolutionary changes that began shaking the
circle of American modernist artists who showed his French art world in 1888-1889. Images from the 1888
work in Alfred Stieglitz’s New York galleries from 1909 Salon and the tumultuous year that followed provide
until 1950. A new collection of the artist’s work at the some of the “texts” that form the intellectual heart of
Arkansas Arts Center, given by Marin’s daughter-in-law, every reacting game.
forms the basis of this first book of essays and images
to concentrate on Marin’s drawings in the context of his Reacting Consortium Press
life, his watercolours, and his etchings.
University of Virginia Press
University of Michigan Press
ROMAN ARTISTS, PATRONS, AND Architecture, Politics, and Science in
Familiar Works Reconsidered
Avigail Sachs
Brenda Longfellow & Ellen Perry
May 2018 192pp, 46 halftones
Jan 2018 288pp, 45 figures, 19 plates, 2 tables 9780813941271 Hardback £40.95 / €46.00
9780472130658 Hardback £77.50 / €86.00 Midcentury: Architecture, Landscape, Urbanism, and Design

The work gathered in Roman Artists, Patrons, and Inspired by Lewis Mumford’s 1932 challenge enjoining
Public Consumption displays the breadth and depth of architects to go beyond visual experimentation and
scholarship in the field. The first five essays approach create complete human environments, Environmental
individual objects and artistic tropes, as well as their Design details the rise of modernist ideas in the
cultural contexts and functions, from fresh and dynamic architectural disciplines within the novel context of
angles. The latter essays focus on case studies in sociopolitical rather than aesthetic responsibilities.
The University of Wisconsin Press
University of New Mexico Press
Mina Loy and Avant-Garde Artisthood
Alexandar Mihailovic
Sarah Hayden
Feb 2018 216pp, 15 b&w illustrations
Apr 2018 360pp 9780299314903 Hardback £82.50 / €92.00
9780826359322 Hardback £87.50 / €97.00
Recencies Series: Research and Recovery in Twentieth-Century During the late Soviet period, the collective known as
American Poetics the Mitki emerged in Leningrad. Producing satirical
poetry and prose, music, cinema, and conceptual
For full details of this title, see page 28. performance art, this group fashioned a playful,
emphatically countercultural identity. More broadly,
Alexandar Mihailovic shows, the Mitki pioneered a
form of political protest art that has since become a
centerpiece of activism in post-Soviet Russia.

H istory

Baraka Books
Edited by Mark H. Rose & Roger Biles
The FBI’s Secret War Agains the World’s Most Aug 2017 336pp, 10 b&w illustrations
Famous Scientist, Second Edition 9780813056524 Hardback £87.50 / €97.00

Fred Jerome Tracing the development of the US presidency since
Harry S. Truman took office in 1945, this volume
May 2018 380pp describes the many ways the president’s actions have
9781771861304 Paperback £26.50 / €29.00 affected the development of capitalism in the post-
World War II era. Contributors show how the American
Einstein arrived in the US in 1933, the year the Nazis “Consumer-in-Chief” has exerted a decisive hand as well
rose to power in Germany. From that moment until he as behind-the-scenes influence on the national economy
died in 1955, J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI collected “derogatory and everyday American life.
information” to undermine the renowned scientist’s
influence and destroy his reputation. With material THE SEEDTIME, THE WORK, AND
accessed under the Freedom of Information Act, Fred THE HARVEST
Jerome reveals the depth of, and the reasons for, this New Perspectives on the Black Freedom
massive anti-Einstein campaign. Struggle in America

PATRIOTS, TRAITORS AND EMPIRES Edited by Jeffrey L. Littlejohn, Reginald K. Ellis & Peter B. Levy
The Story of Korea’s Struggle for Freedom
Feb 2018 240pp
Stephen Gowans 9780813056678 Hardback £82.50 / €92.00

Jun 2018 290pp Expands the chronology and geography of the black
9781771861359 Paperback £23.50 / €26.00 freedom struggle beyond the traditional emphasis on
the old South and the years between 1954 and 1968.
Offers an account of modern Korean history, written Beginning as far back as the nineteenth century, and
from the point of view of those who fought to free analysing case studies from southern, northern, and
their country from the domination of foreign empires. border states, these essays incorporate communities and
It traces the history of Korea’s struggle for freedom from topics not usually linked to the African American civil
opposition to Japanese colonialism starting in 1905 rights movement.
to North Korea’s current efforts to deter the threat of
invasion by the United States or anybody else by having The University of Georgia Press
nuclear weapons.
University Press of Florida Ida B. Wells, Lynching, and Transatlantic
African American Ethics from Slavery to Sarah L. Silkey
Mar 2018 224pp
Lynda J. Morgan 9780820353784 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00

Jun 2018 208pp During the early 1890s, a series of lynchings brought
9780813064697 Paperback £22.95 / €26.00 international attention to American mob violence.
This interest created an opportunity for Ida B. Wells,
Looks beyond slavery’s legacy of racial and economic an African American journalist and civil rights activist,
inequality and counters the idea that slaves were to travel to England to cultivate moral indignation
unprepared for freedom. By examining African American against lynching. This title explores Wells’s anti-lynching
social and intellectual thought, Lynda Morgan highlights campaigns within the contexts of nineteenth-century
how slaves built an ethos of “honest labour” and transatlantic reform.
collective humanism.

38 History

ENTERPRISING WOMEN University of Hawai’i Press
Gender, Race, and Power in the Revolutionary
Women and Tea Culture in Edo and Meiji Japan
Kit Candlin & Cassandra Pybus
Rebecca Corbett
Mar 2018 256pp
9780820353876 Paperback £25.95 / €29.00 Mar 2018 208pp, 10 b&w illustrations, 3 colour plates
Race in the Atlantic World, 1700-1900 Series 9780824872076 Hardback £69.95 / €78.00

As the microbiographies in this book reveal, free women The overwhelming majority of tea practitioners in
of colour in Britain’s Caribbean colonies were not merely contemporary Japan are women, but there has been
the dependent concubines of the white male elite, as is little discussion on their historical role in tea culture
commonly assumed. In the capricious world of the slave (chanoyu). In Cultivating Femininity, Rebecca Corbett
colonies during the age of revolutions, some of them writes women back into this history and shows how tea
were able to rise to dizzying heights of success. practice for women was understood, articulated, and
promoted in the Edo (1603–1868) and Meiji (1868–
MAKING BLACK 1912) periods.
Culture, and Race in
the Age of Jim Crow James L. Huffman

Jeffrey Aaron Snyder Apr 2018 472pp, 24 b&w illustrations
9780824872915 Hardback £69.95 / €78.00
Aug 2017 264pp, 7 b&w images
9780820352831 Paperback A sweeping work of original scholarship, Down and Out in
£25.95 / €29.00 Late Meiji Japan examines the daily lives of Japan’s hinmin
(poor people), particularly urban slum-dwellers, in the
In the Jim Crow era, along late 1800s and early 1900s. James Huffman draws on
with black churches, newspaper articles, official surveys, and reminiscences
schools, and newspapers, to recreate for readers life as experienced by the poor
African Americans also had themselves.
their own history. Making
Black History focuses on the engine behind the early SEOUL
black history movement, Carter G. Woodson and his Memory, Reinvention, and the Korean Wave
Association for the Study of Negro Life and History.
Ross King
NEW YORK Feb 2018 336pp, 60 b&w illustrations
How 400 Years of Riot, 9780824872052 Hardback £60.95 / €68.00
Rebellion, Uprising,
and Revolution Interrogates the contested history and physical remnants
Shaped a City of Seoul, tacking between the city’s historiography and
architecture, with attention to monuments, streets,
Edited by Neil Smith & and other urban spaces. The book’s structuring device
Don Mitchell is the dichotomy of erasure and memory as necessary
preconditions for reinvention.
Apr 2018 362pp, 90 b&w images
9780820352824 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00 Independent Institute
Geographies of Justice and Social Transformation Series, Vol. 38
From the earliest European colonization to the present, Promises vs. Results in Achieving Limited
New Yorkers have been revolting. Hard hitting, revealing, Government
and insightful, Revolting New York tells the story of New
York’s evolution through revolution, a story of near- Ivan Eland
continuous popular (and sometimes not-so-popular)
uprising. Jan 2018 384pp
9781598133066 Hardback £23.50 / €26.00

For full details of this title, see page 48.

H istory

University Press of Kansas University of Massachusetts Press

First Lady of the New Frontier Objects, Identity, and the National Museum

Barbara A. Perry Alima Bucciantini

Mar 2018 288pp Aug 2018 392pp, 9 b&w photos
9780700626502 Paperback £27.95 / €31.00 9781625343291 Paperback £39.50 / €44.00

In a mere one thousand days, Jacqueline Bouvier Public History in Historical Perspective
Kennedy created an entrancing public persona that
has remained intact for nearly forty years. Even now, a To preserve Scotland’s unique antiquities and natural
decade after her death, she remains a figure of enduring specimens, a Scottish earl founded the Society of
- and endearing - interest. Yet, while innumerable books Antiquaries of Scotland in 1780. Now numbering twelve
have focused on the legends and gossip surrounding million objects, these collections formed the foundation
this charismatic figure, Barbara Perry’s is the first to focus for what eventually became the National Museum of
largely on Kennedy’s White House years, portraying Scotland. Alima Bucciantini traces how these collections
a First Lady far more complex and enigmatic than have helped tell the changing stories of this country for
previously perceived. centuries.

The University Press of Kentucky McFarland

Conspiracy, Terror, and the Assassination of Life, Work and Culture in the Communist Era
America’s Greatest President
Thomas Murphy
Kathryn Canavan
Mar 2018 170pp
Mar 2018 248pp, 48 b&w photos, 1 map 9781476672809 Paperback £51.50 / €57.00
9780813175263 Paperback £20.95 / €23.00
During the Cold War, the West tended to paint
When John Wilkes Booth assassinated President communism with a broad brush. Yet culture and
Abraham Lincoln, he set in motion a series of dramatic geography contributed to different forms of communist
consequences that would upend the lives of ordinary society in different places. Drawing on interviews with
Washingtonians and Americans alike. In Lincoln’s Final nearly 100 former citizens, this book describes day-to-
Hours, author Kathryn Canavan takes a magnifying glass day life in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. Their
to the last moments of the president’s life and to the recollections paint a more complex picture of the life on
impact his assassination had on a country still reeling the other side of the Iron Curtain.
from a bloody civil war.
REAGAN AND THE WORLD The Costs of Betrayal
Leadership and National Security, 1981-1989
Angela Duffy
Edited by Bradley Lynn Coleman & Kyle Longley
Foreword by Jack Matlock Jr. Apr 2018 220pp
9781476673295 Paperback £56.95 / €63.00
May 2018 324pp, 8 b&w photos
9780813175546 Paperback £30.95 / €35.00 Informers have been a characteristic of all the periods
Studies in Conflict, Diplomacy, and Peace of unrest in Ireland, but, apart from Tudor times, were
never really an organised phenomenon until the 20th
Leading scholars and national security professionals century. This account provides a history of the gradual
offer fresh interpretations of the fortieth president’s development of informing via a series of case studies,
influence on American foreign policy. This balanced and illustrating differing events across the span of both the
sophisticated examination reveals the complexity of century and the country.
Reagan’s foreign policy, clarifies the importance of other
international actors of the period, and provides new
perspectives on the final decade of the Cold War.

40 History

REALITY Traditions of Reform in Eighteenth-Century
What He Actually Did and Said Islamic Thought

Richard M. Langworth Ahmad S. Dallal

Jan 2018 256pp, 34 photos Jun 2018 424pp
9781476674605 Paperback £30.95 / €35.00 9781469641409 Paperback £35.95 / €40.00
Islamic Civilization and Muslim Networks
Drawing on the author’s fifty years of research and
writing on Churchill, this book uncovers scores of myths For full details of this title, see page 53.
surrounding him - the popular and the obscure - to
reveal what he really said and did about many issues. NEW IN PAPERBACK

University Press of Mississippi THE LIVES OF CHANG AND ENG 
Siam’s Twins in Nineteenth-Century America
Hollywood, Communism, and the Cold War Joseph Andrew Orser

Bernard F. Dick Feb 2018 272pp, 10 halftones
9781469642338 Paperback £28.95 / €32.00
Feb 2018 308pp
9781496814937 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00 Connected at the chest by a band of flesh, Chang and
Eng Bunker toured the US and the world from the
For full details of this title, see page 38. 1820s to the 1870s, placing themselves and their
bodies on exhibit. Joseph Andrew Orser chronicles the
The University of North Carolina Press twins’ history, their sometimes raucous journey through
antebellum America, their domestic lives, and what their
fame revealed about the changing racial and cultural
landscape of the United States.

AMERICAN HONOR Rutgers University Press
The Creation of the Nation’s Ideals During
the Revolutionary Era DESTRUCTIVE SUBLIME
World War II in American Film and Media
Craig Bruce Smith
Tanine Allison
Apr 2018 384pp
9781469638836 Hardback £36.50 / €40.00 May 2018 250pp, 11 colour & 30 b&w illustrations
9780813597485 Paperback £24.95 / €28.00
The American Revolution was not only a revolution War Culture
for liberty and freedom. It was also a revolution of
ethics, reshaping what colonial Americans understood For full details of this title, see page 39.
as “honour” and “virtue”. As Craig Bruce Smith
demonstrates, these concepts were crucial aspects of HISTORIANS ON HAMILTON
Revolutionary Americans’ ideological break from Europe How a Blockbuster Musical is Restaging
and shared by all ranks of society. America’s Past

GEORGE MASON, FORGOTTEN FOUNDER Edited by Renee C. Romano & Claire Bond Potter

Jeff Broadwater Mar 2018 288pp, 25 colour and 6 b&w illustrations
9780813590295 Paperback £20.50 / €24.00
Feb 2018 352pp
9781469642512 Paperback £28.95 / €32.00 For full details of this title, see page 43.

George Mason (1725-92) is often omitted from the Receive regular up-to-date information about
small circle of founding fathers celebrated today, our new titles by registering for e-alerts at:
but in his service to America he was, in the words of
Thomas Jefferson, “of the first order of greatness.”
Jeff Broadwater provides a comprehensive account of
Mason’s life at the centre of the momentous events of
eighteenth-century America.

H istory

Genocide in the Geopolitical Discourse of A Political Handbook
the Cold War
Mehrzad Boroujerdi & Kourosh Rahimkhani
Anton Weiss-Wendt
Foreword by Douglas Irvin-Erickson Jun 2018 277pp, 22 figures
9780815635741 Hardback £71.95 / €80.00
Mar 2018 246pp
9780813594651 Paperback £28.95 / €33.00 Provides the most comprehensive collection of data
Genocide, Political Violence, Human Rights on political life in post-revolutionary Iran, including
coverage of 36 national elections, more than 400 legal
The Genocide Convention was drafted by the UN in the and outlawed political organisations, and family ties
late 1940s, as a response to the horrors of the Second among the elite. It provides biographical sketches of
World War. But was it truly effective at achieving its more than 2,300 political personalities ranging from
humanitarian aims, or did it merely exacerbate the cabinet ministers to clerical, judicial, and military leaders.
divisive rhetoric of Cold War geopolitics? A Rhetorical
Crime shows how genocide morphed from a legal Vanderbilt University Press
concept into a political discourse used in propaganda
battles between the US and the Soviet Union. THE RISE OF EUROSKEPTICISM
Europe and Its Critics in Spanish Culture
Southern Illinois University Press
Luis Martin-Estudillo
Feb 2018 264pp
Stanley Harrold 9780826521941 Hardback £36.50 / €40.00

Apr 2018 160pp, 10 illustrations Covering the period from 1915 to the present, this
9780809336418 Hardback £25.95 / €29.00 book deals with the role that artists and intellectuals
have played regarding projects of European integration.
Abraham Lincoln was not among those Americans Consciously or not, they partake of a tradition of
who, decades before the Civil War, favoured immediate Euroskepticism. Because Euroskepticism is often
emancipation of all slaves inside the US. Those who associated with the discourse of political elites, its
did were the abolitionists - the men and women literary and artistic expressions have gone largely
who sought freedom and equal rights for all African unnoticed. This book addresses that gap.
Americans. Stanley Harrold traces how, despite Lincoln’s
political distance from abolitionists, they influenced his University of Virginia Press
evolving political orientation.

Syracuse University Press IN THE RED AND IN THE BLACK
Debt, Dishonor, and the Law in France
JEWISH LIBYA Between Revolutions
Memory and Identity in Text and Image
Erika Vause
Edited by Jacques Roumani, Judith Roumani &
David Meghnagi Aug 2018 264pp, 12 b&w illustrations, 7 tables
9780813941417 Hardback £46.50 / €52.00
May 2018 360pp
9780815635802 Paperback £25.95 / €29.00 Arguing that French Revolutionary and Napoleonic
Modern Jewish History legislation created a conception of commercial identity
that tied together the debtor’s social, moral, and physical
In June 2017, the Jews of Libya commemorated the person, In the Red and in the Black examines the history
jubilee of their complete exodus from this North African of debt imprisonment and bankruptcy as a means of
land in 1967, which began with a mass migration to understanding the changing logic of commercial debt.
Israel in 1948-49. Jewish Libya collects the work of
scholars who explore the community›s history, its
literature and dialect, topography and cuisine, and the
difficult negotiation of trauma and memory.

42 History

Wayne State University Press The University of Wisconsin Press

Jewish Immigrant Life in Yiddish Song and A Lost Story of the Illegal Slave Trade and Its
Verse, London 1884-1914 Global Legacy

Vivi Lachs Emma Christopher

Jun 2018 312pp, 40 b&w images Jun 2018 256pp, 7 b&w illustrations, 1 map
9780814343555 Paperback £33.95 / €38.00 9780299316204 Hardback £28.50 / €32.00

Archive material from the London Yiddish press, By 1808, both Britain and the US had passed laws
songbooks, and satirical writing offers a window into an outlawing the transatlantic slave trade. Yet the trade
untold cultural life of the Yiddish East End. Whitechapel covertly carried on. In the summer of 1813, in what is
Noise by Vivi Lachs positions London’s Yiddish popular now Liberia, a compound of slave pens was bursting
culture in historical perspective within Anglo-Jewish with sick and anguished captives, guarded by other
history, English socialist aesthetics, and music-hall African slaves. As a British patrol swooped down on the
culture, and shows its relationship to the transnational illicit barracoon, the slavers burned the premises to the
Yiddish-speaking world. ground, hoping to destroy evidence. This story can be
told because of an exceptional trove of court documents
The University of the West Indies Press that provides unparalleled insight into one small link in
the great, horrific chain of slavery.

Portrait of an Ethnic Minority Programmed Plunder in Italy and Yugoslavia

Jo-Anne S. Ferreira James Dow

Aug 2018 168pp May 2018 208pp, 20 b&w illustrations
9789766406608 Paperback £30.95 / €35.00 9780299316501 Hardback £74.95 / €83.00

Traditionally a navigating and migratory people, Under the direction of Heinrich Himmler’s SS-
Portuguese settlers came to the Caribbean as early as Ahnenerbe (Ancestral Inheritance), folklore became
the seventeenth century. Though few in number, the a tool for constructing a unified German realm and a
Portuguese contribution to their adopted homeland is of manufactured lineage from ancient and “pure” Germanic
a significance beyond the small size of the community. and Nordic blood. Drawing on extensive research in
The tale of the Madeirans in Trinidad and Tobago and public and private archives and interviews with family
Luso-Trinidadians and Tobagonians has gone untold. members of fieldworkers, James R. Dow uncovers both
This is an attempt to tell their story. details of the SS cultural commissions’ work and the
continuing vestiges of the materials they assembled.
Playing Their Way to Virtue TITO AND HIS COMRADES

Peter A. Roberts Joe Pirjevec
Foreword by Emily Greble
Feb 2018 400pp
9789766406578 Paperback £41.50 / €46.00 May 2018 544pp, 20 b&w illustrations
9780299317706 Hardback £42.50 / €47.00
Addresses the dilemma that the enslaved Africans
(mostly young people) faced and how they dealt with it. This landmark biography reveals the life of one of the
Peter Roberts examines the critical role of play in human most powerful figures of the Cold War era. Josip Broz
existence as the basis for its role in their response to (1892-1980), nicknamed Tito, led Yugoslavia for nearly
enslavement and suggests that in a world today where four decades with charisma, cunning, and an iron fist.
people resort to catastrophic acts of suicide to win their Joe Pirjevec employs impressive research from archives
struggles, the choices of the enslaved present a viable in eight languages to offer this illuminating, definitive
alternative. portrait of a complex man in turbulent times.

H istory


Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press The People of the
Ancient Near East
IDEOLOGY IN Megan A. Perry Edited by
COLONIAL Mar 2018 226pp, 22 b&w photos,
ARCHAEOLOGY 15 illustrations
Vocabulary, Symbols, 9780813064789 Paperback
and Legacy £25.95 / €29.00
Edited by Bonnie Effros & Interpretations of the Human
Guolong Lai Past: Local, Regional, and Global

Apr 2018 400pp While mortuary ruins
9781938770135 Paperback have long fascinated
£87.50 / €97.00 archaeologists and art historians interested in the cultures
Ideas, Debates, and Perspectives, of the Near East and eastern Mediterranean, the human
Vol. 8 skeletal remains contained in the tombs of this region
have garnered less attention. In this volume, Megan Perry
Spanning the globe with case studies from East Asia, presents a collection of essays that aim a spotlight on the
Siberia, Australia, the Americas, Europe, and Africa, investigation of the ancient inhabitants of the circum-
contributions written by archaeologists, art historians, Mediterranean area.
and historians offer unusual breadth and depth in the
assessment of various claims to patrimonial heritage, BRITISH FORTS AND
contextualized by the imperial and colonial ventures of THEIR
the last two centuries and their postcolonial legacy. COMMUNITIES
University Press of Florida and Historical
Edited by
THE ANCIENT Christopher R.DeCorse &
URBAN MAYA Zachary J.M.Beier
Inequality, and Mar 2018 304pp
Built Form 9780813056753 Hardback
£87.50 / €97.00
Scott R. Hutson
While the military features of
Apr 2018 280pp, historic forts usually receive
33 b&w illustrations the most attention from researchers, this volume focuses
9780813064796 Paperback on the people who met and interacted in these sites.
£25.95 / €29.00 Contributors to British Forts and Their Communities look
Ancient Cities of the New World beyond the defensive architecture, physical landscapes, and
armed conflicts to explore the complex social diversity that
Ancient cities were arose in the outposts of the British Empire.
complex social, political, and economic entities, but
they also suffered from inequality, poor sanitation, and EDIBLE INSECTS AND HUMAN EVOLUTION
disease - often more than rural areas. In The Ancient
Urban Maya, Scott Hutson examines ancient Maya cities Julie J. Lesnik
and argues that, despite the hazards of urban life, these
places continued to lure people for many centuries. Aug 2018 272pp
9780813056999 Hardback £82.50 / €92.00

Researchers who study ancient human diets tend to focus on
meat eating, since the practice of butchery is very apparent in
the archaeological record. In this volume, Julie Lesnik brings
a different food source into view, tracing evidence that
humans and their hominin ancestors also consumed insects
throughout the entire course of human evolution.

H istory

The Bioarchaeology of Mass Burials at Body Beliefs and Ritual in Ancient
Kilkenny Union Workhouse Mesoamerica and the Andes

Jonny Geber Edited by Vera Tiesler & Maria Cecilia Lozada

Mar 2018 312pp Jun 2018 288pp
9780813064673 Paperback £25.95 / €29.00 9780826359636 Hardback £87.50 / €97.00
Bioarchaeological Interpretations of the Human Past: Local,
Regional, and Global Perspectives The meanings of ritualized head treatments among
ancient Mesoamerican and Andean peoples is the
By examining the physical conditions of inmates that subject of this book. Heads are sources of power that
might have contributed to their institutionalization, protect, impersonate, emulate sacred forces, distinguish,
as well as to the resulting health consequences, Jonny or acquire identity within the native world. The essays
Geber sheds new and unprecedented light on Ireland’s in this book examine these themes in a wide array of
Great Hunger. indigenous head treatments.

University of Michigan Press SPOOKY
Familiar Works Reconsidered
Jeb J. Card
Brenda Longfellow & Ellen Perry
Jun 2018 360pp
Jan 2018 288pp, 45 figures, 19 plates, 2 tables 9780826359650 Hardback
9780472130658 Hardback £77.50 / €86.00 £77.50 / €86.00

For full details of this title, see page 10. Follows a trail of clues
left by adventurers and
University of New Mexico Press professional archaeologists
that guides the reader
ISLAND, RIVER, through haunted museums,
AND FIELD mysterious hieroglyphic
Landscape inscriptions, fragments of a lost continent that never
Archaeology in the existed, and deep into an investigation of magic and
Llanos de Mojos murder. Jeb Card unveils how and why archaeology
continues to mystify and why there is an ongoing
John H. Walker fascination with exotic artifacts and eerie practices.

May 2018 232pp The University of North Carolina Press
9780826359469 Hardback
Archaeologies of Landscape in The 300-Year Voyage of Queen Anne’s Revenge
the Americas Series
Mark U. Wilde-Ramsing & Linda F. Carnes-McNaughton
Archaeologists have
long associated the Jun 2018 288pp, 181 colour plates, 27 halftones, 14 maps, 3 graphs, 4 tables
development of agriculture 9781469640525 Paperback £28.95 / €32.00
with the rise of the state. But the archaeology of the
Amazon Basin, revealing traces of agriculture but lacking In 1717, the pirate Blackbeard captured a French slaving
evidence of statehood, confounds their assumptions. vessel off the coast of Martinique and renamed it Queen
This study of the Bolivian Amazon addresses this Anne’s Revenge. But in June 1718 Blackbeard reportedly
contradiction, examining the agricultural landscape ran the ship aground off the coast of North Carolina.
and analysing the earthworks from an archaeological When divers discovered the wreck in 1996, it was heralded
perspective. as a major find in maritime archaeology. Now the story of
Queen Anne’s Revenge is revealed in full detail.

H istory



University of Michigan Press Eve Rabinoff

MAKING MEN Feb 2018 176pp
RIDICULOUS 9780810136427 Paperback £35.95 / €40.00
Juvenal and the
Anxieties of the Demonstrates that living an ethical life requires a mode
Individual of perception that is best called ethical perception.
Specifically, drawing primarily on Aristotle’s accounts of
Christopher Nappa perception and ethics in De anima and Nicomachean Ethics,
Eve Rabinoff argues that the faculty of perception, which
Feb 2018 236pp is often thought to be an entirely physical phenomenon,
9780472130665 Hardback is informed by intellect and has an ethical dimension.
£77.50 / €86.00
Parmenides Publishing
Writing during the reign
of emperors Trajan and PLOTINUS ENNEAD
Hadrian, Juvenal drew VI.8
on Roman legend and On the Voluntary and
the history of preceding on the
imperial dynasties as a means of scrutinizing cultural Free Will of the One
upheavals in the Rome of his day. This book locates
Juvenal’s targets among the matrices of birth, wealth, Kevin Corrigan &
class, gender, and ethnicity and walks through a number John D. Turner
of his most arresting vignettes in order to show not only
what, but how, he satirizes. Jan 2018 501pp
9781930972391 Paperback
Northwestern University Press £42.50 / €47.00
The Enneads of Plotinus

For full details of this title,
see page 45.

THE IPHIGENIA PLAYS The University of Wisconsin Press
New Verse Translations
Euripides Agamemnon,
Libation Bearers, and
Translated by Rachel Hadas The Holy Goddesses

Jun 2018 184pp Aeschylus
9780810137233 Paperback £19.50 / €22.00 Translated by David Mulroy

At the heart of Iphigenia’s enduring story are an Apr 2018 192pp
ambitious, opportunistic, and indecisive leader and the 9780299315641 Paperback
daughter whose life he is willing to sacrifice. Poet Rachel £18.95 / €21.00
Hadas offers a new generation of readers a graceful, Wisconsin Studies in Classics
clear, and powerful translation of Euripides’s two
spellbinding plays drawn from this legend: Iphigenia in An important historical
Aulis and Iphigenia Among the Taurians. document as well as
gripping entertainment,
The Oresteia conveys
beliefs and values of the
ancient Athenians as they established the world’s first
great democracy. David Mulroy’s fluid, accessible English
translation with its rhyming choral songs does full justice
to the meaning and theatricality of the ancient Greek.
In an introduction and appendixes, he provides cultural
background for modern readers, actors, and students.




Rutgers University Press MAGIC IN BRITAIN
A History of Medieval and Earlier Practices
The Youngest Remnant and the American Robin Melrose
Apr 2018 190pp
Beth B. Cohen 9781476674001 Paperback £41.50 / €46.00

Mar 2018 230pp, 5 illustrations Magic, which is probably as old as humanity, is a way
9780813596525 Paperback £32.95 / €37.00 of achieving goals through supernatural means, either
benevolent (white magic) or harmful (black magic). It
The majority of European Jewish children alive in 1939 has been used in Britain since at least the Iron Age (800
were murdered during the Holocaust. Estimates suggest BC- AD 43). The this volume offers an examination of its
only 150,000 survived. In the aftermath of the Shoah, history.
efforts by American Jews brought several thousand of
these survivors to the US. In this volume, historian Beth MILITARY HISTORY
B. Cohen weaves together survivor testimonies and
archival documents to bring their story to light. The University of Alabama Press

Confederate Ironclads and Steam Engineering
University of Hawai’i Press in the American Civil War

The Estate System in Medieval Japan
Aug 2018 272pp, 45 b&w figures
Edited by Janet R. Goodwin, Joan R. Piggott & 9780817319861 Hardback £61.95 / €69.00
Kristina Buhrman
Historians have paid little attention to the engineering
Jul 2018 464pp, 62 illustrations, 29 in colour of Confederate ironclads, although the Confederacy was
9780824872939 Hardback £74.50 / €83.00 often quite creative in building and obtaining marine
power plants. Engines of Rebellion focuses exclusively on
From the tenth to sixteenth centuries, landed estates served ships with American built machinery, offering a detailed
as sites of de facto government, trade network nodes, look at marine steam-engineering practices in both
developing agricultural technology, and centres of religious northern and southern industry prior to and during the
practice in Japan. This volume examines the system from Civil War.
three perspectives: the land itself; the power derived from
and exerted over the land; and the religious institutions and University of Hawai’i Press
individuals involved in landholding practices.
An Interpretive History

Ang Cheng Guan

Feb 2018 320pp
9780824872571 Hardback £69.95 / €78.00

The historiography of the Cold War has long been
dominated by American motivations and concerns, with
Southeast Asian perspectives largely confined to the
Indochina wars and Indonesia under Sukarno. Southeast
Asia’s Cold War corrects this situation by examining the
international politics of the region from within rather
than without.

H istory


OCCUPIED-FRANCE Mervyn Edwin Roberts III
Tyranny and Resistance
Feb 2018 432pp
Stephen P. Halbrook 9780700625833 Hardback £41.50 / €46.00

Jun 2018 256pp Fully explores the most sustained, intensive use of
9781598133073 Hardback £27.50 / €30.00 psychological operations (PSYOP) in American history.
Informed by the author’s firsthand experience of such
Nazi Germany invaded France in 1940. In every occupied operations elsewhere, this account of the battle for
town, Nazi soldiers demanded that civilians surrender “hearts and minds” in Vietnam offers rare insight into
their firearms or else be shot. Despite the consequences, the art and science of propaganda as a military tool in
many French citizens refused to comply with the order. the twentieth century.
In Gun Control in Nazi-Occupied France, Stephen Halbrook
tells this story of Nazi repression and the brave French THE TURN OF THE TIDE IN THE
men and women who refused to surrender to it. PACIFIC WAR
Strategic Initiative, Intelligence, and
University Press of Kansas Command, 1941-1943

1871-1918 Edited by Jonathan M. House

Daniel J. Hughes & Richard L. DiNardo Mar 2018 296pp
9780700625987 Hardback £35.95 / €40.00
Apr 2018 752pp
9780700626007 Hardback £41.50 / €46.00 Midway through 1942, Japanese and Allied forces found
themselves fighting on two fronts - in New Guinea
An in-depth, finely detailed portrait of the German Army and the Solomon Islands. These concurrent campaigns
from its greatest victory in 1871 to its final collapse proved a critical turning point in the war being waged
in 1918, this volume offers the most comprehensive in the Pacific, as the advantage definitively shifted from
account ever given of one of the critical pillars of the the Japanese to the Americans. Key to this shift was the
German Empire - and a chief architect of the military and Allies seizing of the strategic initiative - a concept that
political realities of late nineteenth-century Europe. Sean Judge examines in this book, particularly in the
context of the Pacific War.

OPERATION DON’S MAIN ATTACK The University Press of Kentucky
The Soviet Southern Front’s Advance on
Rostov, January-February 1943 RETHINKING THE CIVIL WAR ERA
Directions for Research
David M. Glantz
Paul D. Escott
Mar 2018 912pp
9780700625260 Hardback £41.50 / €46.00 Apr 2018 186pp
9780813175355 Hardback £51.50 / €57.00
With the defeat and destruction of German Sixth Army New Directions in Southern History
at Stalingrad all but certain at the end of 1942, the
war on the Eastern Front took a definitive turn as the Arguably, no event since the American Revolution has
Germans struggled to erect a new defensive front to halt had a greater impact on US history than the Civil War. In
the Soviet juggernaut driving west. Operation Don’s Main this timely and thoughtful book, Paul D. Escott surveys
Attack is the first detailed study of the dramatic clash the current state of Civil War studies and explores the
of armies that followed, unfolding inexorably over the latest developments in research and interpretation.
course of two months across an expanse of more than
1,600 kilometres.

H istory

The Super-Explosive that Helped Win The Last Naval Hero: An Intimate
World War II Biography

Colin F. Baxter Stephen Roskill & Eric Grove

Apr 2018 180pp, 25 b&w photos May 2018 432pp
9780813175287 Hardback £46.50 / €52.00 9781526706553 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00

Documents the journey of the super-explosive RDX Stephen Roskill’s magnificent biography explains
from conceptualization at Woolwich Arsenal in England why Admiral Beatty has come to be seen as Britain’s
to mass production at Holston Ordnance Works in east last naval hero. Access to new material at the time of
Tennessee. Colin Baxter examines the debates between writing has allowed Roskill to write a balanced and
RDX advocates and their opponents and explores the wholly credible account of an extraordinary life, and
use of the explosive in the bomber war over Germany, in this wonderfully readable and “intimate” biography
the naval war in the Atlantic, and as a key element in the will appeal to a whole new generation of readers.
trigger device of the atomic bomb.

A New History of America’s Greatest Battle OLD WORLD
The United States Navy in European and
Douglas V. Mastriano Near Eastern Waters, 1865-1917

May 2018 430pp, 85 b&w photos, 28 maps William N. Still Jr
9780813175553 Hardback £35.95 / €40.00
Battles and Campaigns May 2018 304pp
9781591146186 Paperback £23.50 / €26.00
Offers the most comprehensive account of the legendary
Argonne campaign to date. Not only does the author Studies the deployment of US naval vessels in European
provide American, French, and British perspectives and Near Eastern waters from the end of the American Civil
on the offensive, but he also offers - for the first time War until the United States declared war in April 1917.
in English - the German view. Mastriano presents a
balanced analysis of successes and failures at all levels of THE BATTLE FOR IWO JIMA
command, examining the leadership of the principals Raising the Flag, February-March 1945
while also illuminating acts of heroism.
Marc Khan
Naval Institute Press
Jul 2018 160pp
21ST CENTURY POWER 9781848324497 Paperback £27.50 / €30.00
Strategic Superiority for the Modern Era
The capture of Iwo Jima, revealed here through a
Brent D. Ziarnick remarkable collection of archive images, was declared
complete on the morning of 26 March 1945. The battle
Apr 2018 192pp also resulted in one of the most iconic images to emerge
9781682473139 Paperback £20.95 / €23.00 from World War II - the raising of the American flag on
21st Century Foundations Series the summit of Mount Suribachi. The Battle of Iwo Jima
features images from the initial landings through the
Uses the 21st Century Foundations Series format to bitter fighting that followed for each yard of the island.
re-introduce to the military community the writings
of General Thomas S. Power, the third Commander in-
Chief of the Strategic Air Command. His unappreciated
works contain many insights into military topics such as
technology and arms races, the nature of deterrence, the
military utility of space, and others.

H istory


BEYOND THE BEACH The University of North Carolina Press
The Allied War Against France
Stephen Alan Bourque The Military Conflict Between China and
Vietnam, 1979-1991
Apr 2018 352pp
9781612518732 Hardback £32.95 / €37.00 Xiaoming Zhang
History of Military Aviation
Feb 2018 296pp, 16 halftones, 5 maps
Examines the Allied air war against France, especially 9781469642345 Paperback £28.95 / €32.00
from April through June 1944. During this period, General The New Cold War History
Dwight David Eisenhower, as Allied Supreme Commander,
took control of all American, British, and Canadian air The surprise Chinese invasion of Vietnam in 1979
units, including the heavy bombers of RAF Bomber shocked the international community. In this
Command and the United States Army Strategic Air Forces groundbreaking book, Xiaoming Zhang traces the roots
of the conflict to the historic relationship between the
COMBAT AT CLOSE QUARTERS peoples of China and Vietnam, the ongoing Sino-Soviet
An Illustrated History of the U.S. Navy in dispute, and Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping’s desire to
the Vietnam War modernize his country.

Edward J. Marolda Rutgers University Press

Apr 2018 336pp AT WAR
9781682471951 Hardback £37.50 / €42.00 The Military and
American Culture
Presents the work of five renowned historians who in the Twentieth
describe and interpret the US Navy’s major combat Century and Beyond
operations in Southeast Asia, including the Rolling
Thunder and Linebacker strikes against North Vietnam, Edited by David Kieran &
the river war in South Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, and the Edwin A. Martini
intelligence campaign. This concise, eminently readable
test is complemented with over 200 images. Feb 2018 256pp,
19 colour images,12 b&w photos
THE DECLINE OF EUROPEAN 9780813584300 Paperback
NAVAL FORCES £28.95 / €33.00
Challenges to Sea Power in an Age of Fiscal War Culture
Austerity and Political Uncertainty
Offers short, accessible
Jeremy Stöhs essays addressing the
central issues in the new military history - ranging
Mar 2018 320pp from diplomacy and the history of imperialism to the
9781682473085 Hardback £34.95 / €39.00 environmental issues that war raises and the ways that
war shapes and is shaped by discourses of identity, to
Provides insight into the development of Europe’s questions of who serves in the US military and why and
naval forces since the end of the Cold War. In order to how US wars have been represented in the media and in
comprehend the drastic changes the majority of European popular culture.
navies have undergone over the last twenty five years,
the defense policies and naval strategies of eleven CULTURES OF WAR IN GRAPHIC NOVELS
European states as well as the evolution, deployment,and Violence, Trauma, and Memory
capabilities of their respective naval forces are analysed.
Edietd by Tatiana Prorokova & Nimrod Tal
The Life of Germany’s Highest Scoring Mar 2018 230pp, 33 colour photos
U-Boat Commander 9780813590950 Paperback £24.95 / €28.00

Lawrence Patterson Examines the representation of small-scale and often
less acknowledged conflicts from around the world and
May 2018 288pp throughout history. The book explores the multi-layered
9781784381929 Hardback £37.50 / €42.00 relation between the graphic novel as a popular medium
and war as a pivotal recurring experience in human history.
Otto Kretschmer was only in combat from September
1939 until March 1941 but was Germany’s highest-
scoring U-boat commander sinking 47 ships totaling
274,333 tons. This definitive work details his personal
story and the political backdrop from his earliest days.

50 Library Studies


American Library Association CHANGING THE SCOPE OF LIBRARY
Second Edition Edietd by Swati Bhattacharyya & K. Rama Patnaik

Kyle Banerjee & Terry Reese Jr. Jan 2018 275pp
9781522528029 Hardback £156.00 / €174.00
Apr 2018 208pp
9780838916353 Paperback £87.50 / €97.00 Provides emerging information on data visualization
tools, creating effective instructions, and instructional
Whether you’re embarking on the challenge of building design in library sciences. While highlighting the
a digital collection from scratch, or simply need to challenges of effectively training new and seasoned
understand the conceptual and technical challenges of librarians in these various aspects of data technology
constructing a digital library, this top-to-bottom resource and teaching methods, readers will learn the importance
is the ideal guidebook to keep at your side, especially in of giving librarians the tools they need to complete their
this thoroughly updated and reworked edition. new responsibilities.

Connecting Communities of Knowledge Edited by Anna Kaushik

Edietd by Merrilee Proffitt Jan 2018 300pp
9781522551461 Hardback £165.00 / €184.00
Apr 2018 240pp
9780838916322 Paperback £69.95 / €78.00 Explores the ideas on how library and information
science professionals implement the use of massive open
Libraries need not see Wikipedia as competition; rather, online courses in the library and information science
failing to leverage its omnipresence in the online world domain. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics,
constitutes a missed opportunity. This book will inspire such as distance learning, technology enhanced learning,
libraries to get involved in the Wikipedia community and online learning, this book is aimed at academics,
through programs and activities such as hosting librarians, and researchers seeking current research.
editathons; contributing content; working with the
Wikipedia education community; and engaging with
Wikipedians as allies.

ALA Editions

L iterature


The University of Alabama Press Edited by Chester N. Scoville

INTERRUPTIONS Jan 2018 120pp
The Fragmentary 9781554814237 Paperback £14.95 / €17.00
Aesthetic in Modern
Literature Few medieval plays in English have attracted as much
contemporary interest as the Digby Mary Magdalene, an
Gerald L. Bruns early-fifteenth-century drama that, as Chester Scoville
puts it, is “probably the most spectacular of the late
Apr 2018 168pp, 7 b&w figures medieval English plays.” This new edition presents a
9780817359065 Paperback modernized text of the play, with extensive annotation,
£35.95 / €40.00 an insightful introduction, and background contextual
Modern & Contemporary Poetics materials.

Explores the effects of THE ELEMENTS OF ARGUMENTS
parataxis, or fragmentary An Introduction to Critical Thinking and Logic
writing as a device
in modern literature. Phillip Turetzky
Gerald L. Bruns focuses
on texts that refuse to follow the traditional logic of Jun 2018 340pp
sequential narrative. He explores numerous examples 9781554814077 Paperback £37.50 / €42.00
of self-interrupting composition, starting with Friedrich
Schlegel’s inaugural theory and practice of the fragment Examines such central critical thinking topics as
as an assertion of the autonomy of words. informal fallacies, the difference between validity and
truth, basic formal propositional logic, and how to
LACAN IN PUBLIC extract arguments from texts. Turetzky aims to prevent
Psychoanalysis and the Science of Rhetoric common confusions by clearly explaining a number
of important distinctions, including: propositions vs.
Christian Lundberg propositional attitudes, propositions vs. states of affairs,
and logic vs. rhetoric vs. psychology.
Feb 2018 248pp, 10 b&w figures
9780817359201 Paperback £30.95 / €35.00 IN A GLASS DARKLY 
Alabama Rhetoric Culture and Social Critique Series
Sheridan Le Fanu
For full details of this title, see page 81. Edited by Elizabeth Tilley

Broadview Press Mar 2018 400pp, 10 b&w illustrations
9781554812998 Paperback £14.95 / €17.00
BRITISH LITERATURE, VOLUME 4  The five stories in In a Glass Darkly reflect a profound
The Age of Romanticism, Third Edition and deeply disturbing uncertainty about the nature of
humanity and its relationship with spirituality. Originally
Edited by Joseph Black et al published separately in magazines, the stories are framed
and linked in this collection as cases in the papers of the
Jan 2018 1100pp fictional Dr. Hesselius.
9781554813117 Paperback £56.50 / €63.00
For full details of this title, see page 8. Text and Translation

Edited by Claire M. Waters

Jan 2018 424pp
9781554810826 Paperback £16.95 / €19.00

Composed in French in twelfth-century England, these
twelve brief verse narratives centre on the joys, sorrows,
and complications of love affairs in a context that
blends the courtly culture of tournaments and hunting
and otherworldly elements such as self-steering boats,
shape-shifting lovers, and talking animals. This new
edition provides a complete facing-page edition with the
original text alongside a new modern English translation.

52 Literature

University Press of Florida University of Hawai’i Press

Women, Sexuality, and Memory in
Polyvocal Explorations of Finnegans Wake
Immanuel Kim
Edited by Kimberly J. Devlin & Christine Smedley
Apr 2018 232pp
Jun 2018 344pp 9780824872632 Hardback £69.95 / €78.00
9780813064819 Paperback £25.95 / €29.00
Florida James Joyce North Korea is firmly fixed in the Western imagination as
a “rogue” nation that refuses to abide by international
This is the first Finnegans Wake guide to focus exclusively norms. It is seen as belligerent and oppressive, a poor
on the multiple meanings and voices in Joyce’s notoriously nation bent on depriving its citizens of their basic human
intricate diction. Rather than levelling the text it illuminates rights. Even the North’s literary output is stigmatized
many layers of puns, wordplay, and portmanteaus, and dismissed. Immanuel Kim’s book confronts these
celebrating the Wake’s central experimental technique. stereotypes, offering a more complex portrayal.

ULYSSES UNBOUND University of Iowa Press
A Reader’s Companion to James Joyce’s Ulysses
Terence Killeen How Virginia Stephen Became Virginia Woolf

Feb 2018 272pp Rosalind Brackenbury
9780813064727 Paperback £28.95 / €32.00
The Florida James Joyce Series Mar 2018 118pp
9781609385514 Paperback £20.95 / €23.00
Ideal for readers new to Ulysses and written with a depth Muse Books
of knowledge invaluable to scholars, Ulysses Unbound
is a clear and comprehensive guide to James Joyce’s During the years leading up to her marriage with
masterpiece from one of the foremost Dublin-based Leonard Woolf in 1912, the year in which she finished
Joyce experts. The Voyage Out, the future Virginia Woolf was teaching
herself how to be a writer. Miss Stephen’s Apprenticeship
VIRGINIA WOOLF, THE WAR WITHOUT, delves into Virginia Woolf ’s letters and diaries, seeking
THE WAR WITHIN to understand how she covered the distance from the
Her Final Diaries and the Diaries She Read wistful “I only wish I could write”, to the almost casual
statement, “the novels are finished”.
Barbara Lounsberry
The University Press of Kentucky
Aug 2018 416pp
9780813056937 Hardback £82.50 / €92.00 A POLITICAL COMPANION TO
In her third and final volume on Virginia Woolf’s diaries,
Barbara Lounsberry reveals new insights about the Edited by Nick Bromell
courageous last years of the modernist writer’s life, from
1929 until Woolf’s suicide in 1941. Mar 2018 346pp
9780813174907 Hardback £82.50 / €92.00
Political Companions to Great American Authors

Literary scholars and historians have long considered
W.E.B. Du Bois (1868-1963) an extremely influential
writer and a powerful cultural critic. In A Political
Companion to W.E.B. Du Bois, Nick Bromell assembles
essays from both new and established scholars from a
variety of disciplines to explore Du Bois’s contributions
to American political thought.

L iterature

University of Massachusetts Press MODERN SCIENCE FICTION:
HERMAN MELVILLE The Seminal 1952 Thesis, with a New
Among the Magazines Introduction and Commentary

Graham Thompson Edited by James Gunn & Michael R. Page

Feb 2018 272pp Apr 2018 185pp
9781625343246 Paperback £33.95 / €38.00 9781476673196 Paperback £41.50 / €46.00

Examines Herman Melville’s magazine work in its Acknowledged as one of the founding figures of science
original publication context, including stories that fiction scholarship, and one of the genre’s leading
became classics, such as Bartelby, the Scrivener and Benito writers, James Gunn in 1951 wrote what is likely the
Cereno, alongside lesser-known work. Using a concept first master’s thesis on modern science fiction, Modern
he calls “embedded authorship”, Thompson explores Science Fiction: A Critical Analysis. Appearing for the first
what it meant to be a magazine writer in the 1850s and time in book form, this early critical work is an important
discovers a new Melville. historical addition to the field of science fiction studies.

McFarland University of Michigan Press

An Introduction to the Poetry German Literature Before and Beyond the
Greg Mattingly
Todd Kontje
Apr 2018 174pp
9781476666556 Paperback £41.50 / €46.00 May 2018 352pp
9780472130788 Hardback £87.50 / €97.00
Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) wrote in 19th century Social History, Popular Culture, and Politics in Germany
American English and referenced long-vanished
cultural contexts. A “private poet,” she created her own Explores ways in which writers from late antiquity
vocabulary, and many of her poems have quite specific to the present have imagined communities before
local and personal connections. Promoting a richer and beyond the nation-state. It takes as its point of
appreciation of Dickinson’s work for a modern audience, departure challenges to the discrete nation-state posed
this book explores unfamiliar aspects of her language by globalization, migration, and European integration
and her world. today, but then circles back to the beginnings of
European history after the fall of the Roman Empire.
Essays on Fandom and the Expanding Politics of Language, Identity, and Ownership
Mukoma Wa Ngugi
Amanda Firestone Edited by|Leisa A. Clark Edited by
Mar 2018 272pp
Feb 2018 191pp 9780472053681 Paperback £25.95 / €29.00
9781476672076 Paperback £41.50 / €46.00 African Perspectives

Since the publication of the first Harry Potter novel, the Situates South African and African-language literature
“Potterverse” has seen the addition of feature films, of the late 1880s through the early 1940s in relation to
the creation of the fan-interactive Pottermore website, the literature of decolonization that spanned the 1950s
the release of myriad video games, the construction through the 1980s, and the contemporary generation
of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, several of established and emerging continental and diaspora
companion books, critical essays and analyses. This African writers of international renown.
volume examines the role of convergence culture in the
construction of fan identity.

54 Literature

Theatre and Reality OF THE AMERICAS

Marvin Carlson Edited by Jay Watson & James G. Thomas

Apr 2018 160pp Jul 2018 320pp
9780472037247 Paperback £20.95 / €23.00 9781496818393 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00
Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha Series
For full details of this title, see page 43.
Places William Faulkner’s literary oeuvre in dialogue with
UNCLE TOM’S CABINS a hemispheric canon of black writing from the United
The Transnational History of America’s States and the Caribbean. The volume’s seventeen
Most Mutable Book essays and poetry selections chart lines of engagement,
dialogue, and reciprocal resonance between Faulkner
Edited by Tracy C. Davis & Stefka Mihaylova and his black precursors, contemporaries, and successors
in the Americas.
Mar 2018 464pp, 25 illustrations
9780472037087 Hardback £92.95 / €103.00 MOTHERS IN
Tells thirteen variants of Uncle Tom’s journey, explicating YOUNG ADULT
the novel’s significance for Canadian abolitionists; LITERATURE
nineteenth-century French theatregoers; liberal Cuban, From the Eighteenth
Romanian, and Spanish intellectuals; Dutch colonizers Century to
and Filipino nationalists; Eastern European Cold War Postfeminism
communists; Muslim readers and spectators in the
Middle East; Brazilian TV audiences; and German Edited by Lisa Rowe
holidaymakers. Fraustino & Karen Coats

German Appropriation of Black 9781496818430 Paperback
Popular Culture £28.50 / €32.00
Children’s Literature Association
Priscilla Dionne Layne Series

Apr 2018 280pp, 3 illustrations Given the vital role literary mothers play in books for
9780472130801 Hardback £77.50 / €86.00 young readers, it is remarkable how little scholarly
Social History, Popular Culture, and Politics in Germany attention has been paid to the representation of
mothers outside of fairy tales and beyond studies of
For full details of this title, see page 55. gender stereotypes. This collection of thirteen essays
begins to fill a critical gap by bringing together a range of
University Press of Mississippi theoretical perspectives by a rich mix of senior scholars
and new voices.
EDWIDGE DANTICAT University of New Mexico Press

Edited by Maxine Lavon Montgomery CURIOUS DISCIPLINES
Mina Loy and Avant-Garde Artisthood
May 2018 224pp
9781496818409 Paperback £23.50 / €26.00 Sarah Hayden
Literary Conversations Series
Apr 2018 360pp
Sheds a much-needed light on Edwidge Danticat and 9780826359322 Hardback £87.50 / €97.00
her ability to depict timely issues in sparkling prose Recencies Series: Research and Recovery in Twentieth-Century
that delves deep into the borderlands, an uncharted American Poetics
in-between space located outside fixed geographic,
cultural, and ideological bounds. Prevalent throughout The transnational modernist Mina Loy (1882-1966)
is Danticat’s expressed determination to make Haiti’s embodied the avant-garde in many literary and artistic
nuanced culture and its vibrant traditions accessible to a media. This book positions her as a theorist of the avant-
wide audience. garde and of what it means to be an artist.

L iterature

Northwestern University Press THE GERMAN EPIC IN THE COLD WAR
Peter Weiss, Uwe Johnson, and
Ethical Thinking in Twentieth-Century
European Literature Matthew D. Miller

Corina Stan Jul 2018 272pp, 10 b&w images
9780810137325 Paperback £35.95 / €40.00
Apr 2018 280pp
9780810136854 Paperback £35.95 / €40.00 Explores the literary evolution of the modern epic in
postwar German literature. Examining works by Peter
Identifies an insistent preoccupation with interpersonal Weiss, Uwe Johnson, and Alexander Kluge, Matthew
distance in a strand of twentieth-century European Miller illustrates imaginative artistic responses in German
and Anglophone literature that includes the work fiction to the physical and ideological division of post-
of George Orwell, Elias Canetti, Iris Murdoch, Walter World War II Germany.
Benjamin, Günter Grass, and Damon Galgut. Corina
Stan demonstrates that these authors reimagined how HALLAJ
people can live together and provided alternative ways Poems of a Sufi Martyr
of thinking about community.
Husayn ibn Mansur Hallaj
WRITING Jul 2018 216pp
Irish Literature, 9780810137356 Paperback
Neutrality, and the £19.50 / €22.00
Second World War
Offers the first
Anna Teekell authoritative translation
of the Arabic poetry of
Jun 2018 280pp, 3 b&w images Husayn ibn Mansur al-
9780810137257 Paperback Hallaj, an early Sufi mystic.
£41.50 / €46.00 Despite his execution in
Cultural Expressions Baghdad in 922 and the
subsequent suppression
Taking seriously Ireland’s of his work, Hallaj left an enduring literary and spiritual
euphemism for World War legacy that continues to inspire readers around the
II, “the Emergency”, Anna world. Carl W. Ernst offers a definitive collection of 117
Teekell’s Emergency Writing asks both what happens to of Hallaj’s poems for contemporary readers.
literature written during a state of emergency and what
it means for writing to be a response to an emergency. HARVESTER OF
FRANZ KAFKA, Motherhood
THE ETERNAL SON Under the Sign of
A Biography Frankenstein

Peter-Andre Alt Rachel Feder

Jul 2018 704pp, 38 b&w images Aug 2018 152pp
9780810126077 Paperback 9780810137523 Paperback
£46.50 / €52.00 £35.95 / €40.00

Franz Kafka remains one of Explores how Mary Shelley’s
the most influential writers exchanges with her children
of the twentieth century. - in utero, in birth, in life,
His novels, stories, and and in death - infuse her
letters are still regarded literary creations. Drawing
today as the epitome of the on the archives of feminist scholarship, Rachel Feder
dark, fascinating, and uncanny, a model of the modernist theorizes “elective affinities”, a term she borrows from
aesthetic. Peter-André Alt’s landmark biography recounts Goethe to interrogate how the personal attachments of
and explores Kafka’s life and literary work throughout literary critics shape our sense of literary history.
the cultural and political upheavals of central Europe.

56 Literature

KAFKA’S OTHER PRAGUE Syracuse University Press
Writings from the Czechoslovak Republic

Jun 2018 208pp, 13 b&w images Kathleen Costello-Sullivan
9780810137202 Paperback £35.95 / €40.00
May 2018 200pp
Examines Kafka’s late writings from the perspective of 9780815635857 Paperback £25.95 / €29.00
the author’s changing relationship with Czech language, Irish Studies
culture, and literature. This study juxtaposes Kafka’s
German-language work with Czechoslovak Prague’s Considers the ways in which the Irish canon not only
language politics, intellectual currents, and print culture represents an ongoing awareness of trauma as a literary
and shows how this changed cultural and linguistic and cultural force, but also how this representation has
landscape transformed one of the great literary minds of shifted since the end of the twentieth and beginning of
the last century. the twenty-first century.

NABOKOV AND INDETERMINACY University of Tennessee Press
The Case of The Real Life of Sebastian Knight
Priscilla Meyer DESTINIES
The Poetics of Determinism and Fatalism
Aug 2018 200pp, 2 b&w images
9780810137431 Paperback £41.50 / €46.00 Edited by Brad Bannon & John Vanderheide

Shows how Vladimir Nabokov’s early novel The Real Mar 2018 277pp
Life of Sebastian Knight illuminates his later work. Meyer 9781621903826 Hardback £61.95 / €69.00
argues that the dialogue Nabokov constructs among
subtexts explores his central concern: the continued Cormac McCarthy’s characters, plots, and sometimes
existence of the spirit beyond bodily death. forbidding settings have captivated the attention of
readers while exploring deep philosophical problems,
THE SUBLIME SOUTH including that of human agency and free will. This
Andalusia, Orientalism, and the Making of volume places the full range of his novels in historical,
Modern Spain literary, and cultural contexts and shifts the focus of
critical engagement to questions of determinism,
Jose Luis Venegas fatalism, and free will.

Jul 2018 240pp, 12 b&w images FROM ALICE TO ALGERNON
9780810137295 Paperback £35.95 / €40.00 The Evolution of Child Consciousness
in the Novel
Presents the first systematic study of cultural images of
Andalusia as Spain’s “Orient” and the impact they have Holly Blackford
had on nation-building and modernization. José Luis
Venegas deftly explores Spain’s shifting engagements with Apr 2018 277pp
oriental identity and otherness by looking at a territory 9781621903994 Hardback £51.50 / €57.00
that is institutionally embedded in the nation-state while
symbolically placed between inclusion and abjection. Traces the influence of Darwin’s pioneering work on
developmental psychology and evolution. Child Study
1871-1911 created an enormous shift in the intellectual
and artistic method of the modern novel, which is used
to analyse the work of writers such as Lewis Carroll,
Mark Twain, Henry James, J. M. Barrie, Oscar Wilde, Willa
Cather and Mark Haddon.

L iterature

University of Virginia Press Wayne State University Press

A Stroll Through French Literature The Adaptation of Harry Potter in the
Transmedia Age
Evelyne Bloch-Dano
Edited by John Alberti & P. Andrew Miller
Transalted by Teresa Lavender Fagan
Jun 2018 224pp, 15 b&w images
Foreword by Alice Kaplan 9780814342862 Paperback £28.95 / €32.00

Apr 2018 224pp Contemporary Approaches to Film and Media Series
9780813940250 Hardback £25.95 / €29.00
Looks at how the cinematic versions of the seven Harry
From Jean-Jacques Rousseau to Marcel Proust, from Potter novels represent an unprecedented cultural
Marguerite Duras to George Sand, from Colette event in the history of cinematic adaptation. This books
to Patrick Modiano, gardens appear in novels as gathers scholars who explore and examine the cultural,
representations of the real world, but also as reflections political, aesthetic, and pedagogical dimensions of this
of the imagination. In Paper Gardens: A Stroll Through pop culture phenomenon and how it has changed the
French Literature, Evelyne Bloch-Dano contemplates the reception of both the fi lms and books.
role of the garden in the work of great prose writers.

SHAKESPEARE’S OCEAN The University of Wisconsin Press
An Ecocritical Exploration
Dan Brayton
Eberhard Alsen
Mar 2018 280pp, 16 b&w illustrations
9780813941240 Paperback £36.50 / €40.00 Apr 2018 176pp, 24 b&w illustrations
Under the Sign of Nature 9780299315702 Hardback £23.50 / €26.00

Study of the sea - both in terms of human interaction Before J.D. Salinger became famous for his 1951 novel
with it and its literary representation - has been largely The Catcher in the Rye and infamous as a literary recluse,
ignored by ecocritics. In Shakespeare’s Ocean, Dan Brayton he was a soldier in World War II. While serving in the
foregrounds the maritime dimension of a writer whose U.S. Army’s Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) in Europe,
plays and poems have had an enormous impact on Salinger wrote more than twenty short stories. Eberhard
literary notions of nature and, in so doing, plots a new Alsen, through meticulous archival research and
course for ecocritical scholarship. careful analysis of the literary record, corrects mistaken
assumptions about the young writer’s war years and
WOMEN WRITERS OF THE BEAT ERA their repercussions.
Autobiograhy and Intertextuality

Mary Paniccia Carden

Apr 2018 234pp, 13 colour illustrations
9780813941226 Paperback £30.50 / €34.00
Cultural Frames, Framing Culture

The Beat Generation defined an experimental zeitgeist
that endures to today. Yet left out of this picture are the
Beat women, who produced a large body of writing from
the 1950s through the 1970s and beyond. In Women
Writers of the Beat Era, Mary Paniccia Carden gives voice
to these female writers and demonstrates how their
work redefines our understanding of “Beat”.

L iterature

The Good Grief of Modern Life
University Press of Mississippi
Edited by Jared Gardner & Ian Gordon
Comic Books, Propaganda, and World War II Apr 2018 234pp
9781496818478 Paperback £23.50 / €26.00
Edited by Trischa Goodnow & James J. Kimble Critical Approaches to Comics Artists Series

Apr 2018 240pp Collects new essays on the work of the creator of
9781496818485 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00 the immensely popular Peanuts comic strip. Despite
Schulz’s celebrity, few scholarly books on his work and
One of the most overlooked aspects of the Allied war career have been published. This collection serves as a
effort involved a surprising initiative - comic book foundation for future study not only of Charles Schulz
propaganda. Comic book superheroes and everyday (1922-2000) but, more broadly, of the under-studied
characters modelled positive behaviours and encouraged medium of newspaper comics.
readers to keep scrapping. The 10 Cent War presents a
riveting analysis of how different types of comic books NEW IN PAPERBACK
and comic book characters supplied reasons and means
to support the war. THE COMICS OF
BEN KATCHOR When the Lines Are
Conversations Not So Clear

Edited by Ian Gordon Edited by Joe Sutliff Sanders

Feb 2018 192pp Mar 2018 192pp
9781496815811 Hardback 9781496818492 Paperback
£46.95 / €52.00 £28.50 / €32.00
Conversations with Comic Critical Approaches to Comics
Artists Series Artists Series

Author Michael Chabon As the creator of Tintin,
described Ben Katchor (b. Hergé remains one of the most important and
1951) as “the creator of influential figures in the history of comics. While his
the last great American style popularized what became known as the “clear line”
comic strip.” Katchor’s work in cartooning, this volume shows how his life and art
is often described as zany turned out much more complicated than his method.
or bizarre, and author Douglas Wolk has characterized With contributors from five continents, this volume’s
his work as “one or two notches too far” beyond an range will shape the study of Hergé for years to come.
absurdist reality. And yet the work resonates with its
audience because absurdity was the reality. GARY LARSON AND THE FAR SIDE


Edited by Benoit Mitaine, David Roche & Aug 2018 224pp
Isabelle Schmitt-Pitiot 9781496817631 Paperback £23.50 / €26.00
Transalted by Aarnoud Rommens Great Comics Artists Series

Aug 2018 240pp Kerry D. Soper reminds us of The Far Side’s
9781496803375 Hardback £65.95 / €73.00 groundbreaking qualities and cultural significance in this
book. In this first full study of Larson’s art, Soper follows
Both comics studies and adaptation studies have grown the arc of the cartoonist’s life and career, describing the
separately over the past twenty years. Yet there are aesthetic and comedic qualities of his work, probing the
few in-depth studies of comic books and adaptations business side of his success, and exploring how The Far
together. Available for the first time in English, this Side connected with its core readers
collection pores over the phenomenon of comic books
and adaptation, sifting through comics as both sources
and results of adaptation.

L iterature


YOUNG ADULTS Mirrors, Masks,
A Collection of and Mazes in the
Critical Essays Autobiographical
Graphic Novel
Edited by Michelle Ann Abate
& Gwen Athene Tarbox Michael A. Chaney

Apr 2018 372pp May 2018 192pp
9781496818447 Paperback 9781496818508 Paperback
£28.50 / €32.00 £28.50 / €32.00

Children’s Literature Association Literary scholar Michael A.
Series Chaney examines graphic
novels to illustrate that
Offers a critical examination in form and function
of children’s and YA comics. they inform readers on how they ought to be read. His
The anthology is divided into five sections - structure and arguments result in an innovative analysis of the various
narration; transmedia; pedagogy; gender and sexuality; knowledges that comics produce and the methods
and identity - that reflect crucial issues and recurring topics artists and writers employ to convey them.
in comics scholarship during the twenty-first century.

Conversations Class Conflict and Populist Politics in Comics

Edited by Jason Sacks, Eric Hoffman & Dominick Grace Edited by Marc DiPaolo

Jul 2018 252pp May 2018 240pp
9781496818461 Paperback £23.50 / €26.00 9781496818188 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00

Conversations with Comic Artists Series In comic books, superhero stories often depict working-
class characters who struggle to make ends meet, lead
As an American comic book writer, editor, and businessman, fulfilling lives, and remain faithful to themselves and
Jim Shooter (b. 1951) remains among the most important their own personal code of ethics. Working-Class Comic
figures in the history of the medium. Interviews collected Book Heroes examines working-class superheroes and
in this book span Shooter’s career. Included here is a 1969 other protagonists who populate heroic narratives in
interview that shows a restless teenager; the 1973 interview serialized comic books.
that returned Shooter to comics; and a discussion from
1980 during his pinnacle at Marvel.

PETER KUPER Rutgers University Press
Edited by Kent Worcester IN GRAPHIC NOVELS
Violence, Trauma,
Jun 2018 240pp and Memory
9781496818454 Paperback
£23.50 / €26.00 Edited by Tatiana Prorokova
& Nimrod Tal
Conversations with Comic
Artists Series Mar 2018 230pp, 33 colour photos
9780813590950 Paperback
Peter Kuper (b. 1958), £24.95 / €28.00
one of America’s leading
cartoonists, has created Examines the
work recognised around representation of small-
the world. Along with two scale and often less
dozen images, this volume acknowledged conflicts
features ten lively, informative interviews with Kuper. The from around the world and
book also includes a quartet of revealing interviews with throughout history. The book explores the multi-layered
underground comix legends R. Crumb and Vaughn Bodé, relation between the graphic novel as a popular medium
Mad magazine publisher William Gaines, and Jack Kirby. and war as a pivotal recurring experience in human history.


60 Media & Communication · MYTHOLOGY & FOLKLORE


University of Iowa Press McFarland

Transitions, Endings, and Resurrections Why Modern Vampire Stories Suck Us In
in Fan Cultures
Amy Williams Wilson
Edited by Rebecca Williams
Jan 2018 235pp
May 2018 260pp 9781476666136 Paperback £51.50 / €57.00
9781609385637 Paperback £82.50 / €92.00
This analysis of vampire stories explores the benefits of
Examining how fans respond to and cope with the bonding experiences of breastfeeding and Christian
transitions, endings, or resurrections in everything from and vampire narratives, arguing that modern readers and
band breakups (R.E.M.) to show cancellations (Hannibal) viewers are drawn to this genre because of our innate
to closing down popular amusement park rides, this fascination with the relationship between human and
collection brings together an eclectic mix of scholars to maker.
analyse the various ways fans respond to change.
GAMING MASCULINITY A History of Medieval and Earlier Practices
Trolls, Fake Geeks, and the Gendered Battle for
Online Culture Robin Melrose

Megan Condis Apr 2018 190pp
9781476674001 Paperback £41.50 / €46.00
May 2018 160pp, 8 figures
9781609385651 Paperback £66.95 / €75.00 Magic, which is probably as old as humanity, is a way
of achieving goals through supernatural means, either
Explains how the term “gamer” has been constructed by benevolent (white magic) or harmful (black magic). It
a core group of male online users in an attempt to shore has been used in Britain since at least the Iron Age (800
up an embattled form of geeky masculinity. Paying close BC- AD 43). The volume offers an examination of its
attention to the online practices of trolling and making history.
memes, Megan Condis demonstrates that, despite
the supposedly disembodied nature of life online,
performances of masculinity are still afforded privileged
status in gamer culture.


P eDrAfNoCrEm·iFnI LgMA&rtT sV


DANCE University Press of Florida

University Press of Florida DIRTY HARRY’S AMERICA 
Clint Eastwood, Harry Callahan, and the
DANCE AND GENDER Conservative Backlash
An Evidence-Based Approach
Joe Street
Edited by Wendy Oliver & Doug Risner
Mar 2018 280pp, 23 b&w images
May 2018 224pp 9780813064710 Paperback £25.95 / €29.00
9780813064680 Paperback £25.95 / €29.00
Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry became the prototype for a
Driven by exacting methods and hard data, this volume new kind of movie cop - an antihero in pursuit of his own
reveals gender dynamics within the dance world in vision of justice. In Dirty Harry’s America, Joe Street argues
the twenty-first century. It provides concrete evidence that the movies shed critical light on the culture and
about how gender impacts the daily lives of dancers, politics of the post-1960s era and locates San Francisco as
choreographers, directors, educators, and students the symbolic cultural battleground of the time.
through surveys, interviews, analyses of data from
institutional sources, and action research studies. University of Hawai’i Press

Politics, Postmodernism, and World Cinema
Collective Creation Through Dance Movement Gina Marchetti
Mar 2018 248pp, 46 b&w illustrations
Brigitta Herrmann & Manfred Fischbeck 9780824866570 Hardback £69.95 / €78.00
Critical Interventions
Mar 2018 120pp
9781476672786 Paperback £41.50 / €46.00 Explores the role film plays in creating a common
ground for the exchange of political and aesthetic ideas
Reflects 50 years of co-creation between dancers, between China and the rest of the world. Gina Marchetti
choreographers, teachers Brigitta Herrmann and highlights China’s position within global film culture,
Manfred Fischbeck, along with the participation of examining how cinematic quotations link current films
thousands of dancers, musicians, videographers and to past political movements and unresolved social issues
people around the world. Part memoire, part guidebook, in a continuing multidirectional conversation.
part philosophy of art treatise, the book can be read for
its stories, for its games, for inspiration. The University Press of Kentucky

Conversations, Teaching, and Theory

Edited by M. Elise Marubbio & Eric L. Buffalohead

Mar 2018 398pp, 34 b&w photos
9780813175799 Paperback £30.95 / €35.00

Draws inspiration from the Indigenous film movement,
bringing filmmakers into an intertextual conversation with
academics from a variety of disciplines. The resulting dialogue
opens a myriad of possibilities for engaging students with
ongoing debates: What is Indigenous film? Who is an
Indigenous filmmaker? What are Native filmmakers saying
about Indigenous film and their own work?

Performing Arts
62 FILM & TV

Critical Essays
What the Responses of 1920s Critics Reveal Edited by Scott F. Stoddart

Wes D. Gehring Feb 2018 184pp
9780786476886 Paperback £41.50 / €46.00
Feb 2018 177pp
9781476666808 Paperback £41.50 / €46.00 The BBC television series Downton Abbey (2010-2016)
developed and produced by Academy Award winner
If you thought you knew Buster Keaton’s silent features, Julian Fellowes, became a cultural barometer with
think again. By keying on 1920 period texts one sees American viewers harkening back to the days when
how a popular but yet cult star (yes, cult star ) is now televised serial dramas ruled the airwaves.
on a par with Charlie Chaplin. Why? Because his dark
comedy anticipation of the Theater of the Absurd speaks GALE STORM
to a modern audience like no other silent comedian. A Biography and Career Record

Essays on Classical Music Biopics
Apr 2018 161pp
Paul Fryer 9781476671772 Paperback £41.50 / €46.00

Mar 2018 205pp This extensively researched survey of Gale Storm’s life
9780786499656 Paperback £56.95 / €63.00 and career, featuring interviews with family, friends, and
colleagues, offers previously unpublished details of her
Explores the many and varied ways in which composers upbringing, personal joys and challenges, and later years
have been depicted on the cinema screen. Beginning with out of the Hollywood spotlight. This is a well-rounded
some of the very earliest silent films examples, these essays portrait of a woman whose charisma and talent won the
range in subject from the 12th century abbess, Hildegard hearts of audiences from the 1940s to the present.
of Bingen, through the great classical and romantic eras of
Verdi, Wagner, Berlioz and Strauss, up to the 20th century, HOLLYWOOD HEYDAY
and Elgar, Delius, Gershwin and Blitzstein. 75 Movie Legends Discuss Their
Golden Age Careers
POPULAR CULTURE David A. Fantle & Tom Johnson

Joshua K. Wright Apr 2018 205pp
9781476668055 Paperback £41.50 / €46.00
Apr 2018 219pp
9781476673677 Paperback £41.50 / €46.00 What audacity!” exclaimed Robert Wagner when he
heard about the authors’ adolescent exploits in nabbing
Analyses the multifaceted issues presented in Empire’s interviews with celebrities of Hollywood’s Golden Age.
first three seasons from an interdisciplinary perspective. Published for the first time and with exclusive photos,
It assesses Empire’s role in the evolution of black images this selection of 75 interviews chronicles the authors’
on television and other mediums of popular culture by 40-year quest for wisdom, insights and anecdotes
examining past and present diverse bodies of literature and from iconic artists who defined 20th century American
media, analytical data, and discussions on respectability. popular culture.

Performing Arts


MARVEL CINEMATIC Social Protest and Gender in Undead Cinema
UNIVERSE and Television
Essays on the
Social, Cultural and Elizabeth Aiossa
Geopolitical Domains
Mar 2018 151pp
Edited by Julian C. Chambliss 9781476666730 Paperback £41.50 / €46.00
& William L. Svitavsky
Zombie stories are continually shifting and evolving to
Mar 2018 217pp meet fan demands, to challenge genre expectations,
9781476664187 Paperback and to raise critical questions. This volume explores
£41.50 / €46.00 these critical inquires and more, through the close
examination of classic and current screen narratives and
Despite the recent success their often radical representations of the living and the
of Marvel Studios and undead, with the support of leading theories from film,
the rising academic genre, and zombie studies.
interest in superheroes, there has not previously been
a comprehensive examination of the Marvel Cinematic WHEN WOMEN
Universe: the films and other media connected to WROTE HOLLYWOOD
the studio’s films. This collection of essays examines Essays on Female
the ways the Marvel Cinematic Universe represents, Screenwriters in the
constructs, and distorts American culture. Early Film Industry

Essays on Gender, Trauma and Addiction in
the Netflix Series May 2018 152pp
9781476668871 Paperback
Edited by Tim Rayborn & Abigail Keyes £41.50 / €46.00

Mar 2018 207pp Presents a collection of
9781476666846 Paperback £36.50 / €40.00 23 essays on the lives
of female screenwriters
Jessica Jones barged onto our TV and computer screens from early Hollywood,
in November 2015, courtesy of Marvel and Netflix, whose bold, brash, brilliant words have enhanced our
presenting a hard-drinking female protagonist who film experiences, but whose names have been left out
wrestles with her own inner (and outer) demons. This of most film history textbooks. These essays explore
collection of new essays offers insight into Jessica Jones’s the themes of their writing and the trajectories of each
complex themes and story lines. woman’s career.

MAVERICKS OF ITALIAN CINEMA University Press of Mississippi
Eight Unorthodox Filmmakers, 1940s-2000s
Roberto Curti Interviews

May 2018 140pp Holly Willis Edited by
9781476672427 Paperback £46.50 / €52.00
Aug 2018 240pp
Besides the great and renowned auteurs, the history 9781496818218 Paperback £23.50 / €26.00
of Italian cinema also includes a number of peculiar, Conversations with Filmmakers Series
lesser-known but very interesting filmmakers. This book
examines eight Italian “mavericks” who were active from David O. Russell boasts a diverse body of work as a writer
the late 1940s onwards: Pier Carpi, Alberto Cavallone, and director, spanning multiple genres and featuring
Riccardo Ghione, Giulio Questi, Brunello Rondi, Paolo radically differing aesthetic styles. This career-spanning
Spinola, Augusto Tretti, and Nello Vegezzi. volume features conversations with scholars and
journalists as well as filmmakers, revealing Russell’s
evolving writing and directing process, and opening his life
to reveal how a remarkable body of work has come to be.

Performing Arts
64 FILM & TV

Edited by Gabriella Oldham Interviews

Jul 2018 196pp Edited by Margaret Barton-Fumo
9781496818270 Paperback £23.50 / €26.00
Conversations with Filmmakers Series Jun 2018 256pp
9781496818287 Paperback £23.50 / €26.00
American filmmaker John Cassavetes (1929-1989) Conversations with Filmmakers Series
made only nine independent films during a quarter
century, but those films affected the cinema culture of After a robust career in the Netherlands as the
the 1960s to the 1980s in unprecedented ways. With a country’s most successful director, Paul Verhoeven
close nucleus of actors and crew members on his team, built an impressive career in America with controversial
Cassavetes created films that explored the gritty side of blockbusters. Paul Verhoeven: Interviews covers every phase
human relationships. of the director’s career, beginning with Dutch newspaper
interviews dating back to 1968 and ending with previously
MONSTERS IN THE unpublished interviews dedicated to his most recent work.
Science Fiction Film THE SCREEN IS RED 
and the Militarization Hollywood, Communism, and the Cold War
of America After
World War II Bernard F. Dick

Steffen Hantke Feb 2018 308pp
9781496814937 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00
Apr 2018 240pp
9781496818263 Paperback Explores Hollywood’s ambivalence toward the former
£28.50 / €32.00 Soviet Union before, during, and after the Cold War. Today
the threat is no longer the Soviet Union, but international
During the 1950s and terrorism. Bernard F. Dick argues, however, that the Soviet
early 1960s, the American Union has not lost its appeal, as evident from the popular
film industry produced and critically acclaimed television series The Americans.
a distinct cycle of films More than eighty years later, the screen is still red.
situated on the boundary between horror and science
fiction. Steffen Hantke argues that these films have THAT WAS ENTERTAINMENT
long been understood as allegories of the Cold War. The Golden Age of the MGM Musical
Setting out to question, expand, and correct this critical
argument, Hantke follows shifts and adjustments Bernard F. Dick
prompted by recent scholarly work.
Jun 2018 312pp
MUSIC IN DISNEY’S 9781496817334 Hardback £32.95 / €37.00
FEATURES races the development of the MGM musical from The
Snow White and the Broadway Melody (1929) through its heyday in the
Seven Dwarfs to 1940s and 1950s and its decline in the 1960s. That Was
The Jungle Book Entertainment uniquely reconstructs the life of Arthur
Freed, whose unit at MGM became the gold standard
James Bohn against which the musicals of other studios were measured.
Foreword by Jeff Kurtti

Mar 2018 318pp
9781496818331 Paperback
£28.50 / €32.00

Investigates how music
functions in Disney
animated films and identifies several vanguard
techniques used in them. In addition, James Bohn also
presents a history of music in Disney animated films, as
well as biographical information on several of the Walt
Disney Studios’ seminal composers.

Performing Arts


University of New Mexico Press Rutgers University Press

Critical Perspectives
Blair Davis
Edited by Matt Wanat & Leonard Engel
Mar 2018 200pp
May 2018 272pp 9780813588773 Paperback £14.95 / €17.00
9780826359520 Hardback £77.50 / €86.00 Quick Takes: Movies and Popular Culture

The indefatigable Clint Eastwood, the great old man Explores how this genre serves as a source for modern-
of American film, is still controversial after all these day myths, sometimes even incorporating ancient
years. Many of the critical essays in this collection focus mythic figures like Thor and Wonder Woman’s Amazons,
on Eastwood’s 2014 American Sniper, a particularly while engaging with the questions that haunt a post-
controversial film and a devastating personal account of 9/11 world: How do we define heroism and morality
the horrors of war. Additional essays address his films that today? How far are we willing to go when fighting
deserve more recognition than they have received to date. terror? How can we resist a dystopian state?

The University of North Carolina Press DESTRUCTIVE
Hollywood in American Film and
American Political Life Media

Kathryn Cramer Brownell Tanine Allison

Feb 2018 328pp, 11 halftones May 2018 250pp, 11 colour,
9781469642246 Paperback 30 b&w illustrations
£28.95 / €32.00 9780813597485 Paperback
£24.95 / €28.00
For full details of this title,
see page 50. War Culture

Traces a new aesthetic
history of the World War II
combat genre by looking
back at it through the lens of contemporary video
games. Tanine Allison locates some of video games’
glorification of violence, disruptive audiovisual style,
and bodily sensation in even the most canonical and
seemingly conservative films of the genre.

Northwestern University Press GLOBAL CINEMA NETWORKS

GODARD AND THE ESSAY FILM Edited by Elena Gorfinkel & Tami Williams
A Form That Thinks
Jun 2018 278pp, 50 b&w photos
Rick Warner 9780813592725 Paperback £24.95 / €28.00
Media Matters
Jul 2018 288pp, 49 b&w images
9780810137370 Paperback £35.95 / €40.00 Investigates the evolving aesthetic forms, technological and
industrial conditions, and social impacts of cinema in the
Offers a history and analysis of the essay film, one of the twenty-first century. Contributors excavate sites of global
most significant forms of intellectual filmmaking since filmmaking in an era of digital reproduction and amidst
the end of World War II. Warner incisively reconsiders the new modes of circulation and aesthetic convergence,
defining traits and legacies of this still-evolving genre focusing primarily on recent films made across Europe,
through a groundbreaking examination of the vast and Africa, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East.
formidable oeuvre of Jean-Luc Godard.

Performing Arts
66 FILM & TV

Case Studies in the Critically Constructed New York Jewish Intellectual
New Hollywood
Nathan Abrams
Nicholas Godfrey
Mar 2018 296pp, 20 photos
Feb 2018 274pp, 30 b&w photos 9780813587103 Hardback £28.95 / €33.00
9780813589152 Hardback £78.50 / €88.00
Reexamines Stanley Kubrick’s work in the context of his
The New Hollywood era of the late 1960s and early ethnic and cultural origins. Focusing on several of Kubrick’s
1970s has become one of the most romanticized periods key themes - including masculinity, ethical responsibility,
in motion picture history, celebrated for its stylistic and the nature of evil - it demonstrates how his films
boldness, thematic complexity, and the unshackling of were in conversation with contemporary New York Jewish
directorial ambition. The Limits of Auteurism aims to intellectuals who grappled with the same concerns.
challenge many of these assumptions.
MONSTER CINEMA New Perspectives on the Films of
Clint Eastwood
Barry Keith Grant
Edited by Lester D. Friedman & David Desser
Mar 2018 200pp
9780813588803 Paperback £14.95 / €17.00 May 2018 231pp, 40 images
Quick Takes: Movies and Popular Culture 9780813586014 Paperback £23.95 / €27.00

Introduces readers to a vast menagerie of movie Throughout his lengthy career as both an actor and a
monsters. Armed with an encyclopaedic knowledge director, Clint Eastwood has appeared in virtually every
of film history, Grant presents us with an eclectic array major film genre and, at this point in his career, has
of monster movies, from Nosferatu to Get Out. As he emerged as one of America’s most popular, recognisable,
discovers, although monster movies might claim to be and respected filmmakers. Tough Ain’t Enough offers
about “Them!”, they are really about the capacity for readers a series of original essays by prominent cinema
horror that lurks within each of us. scholars that explore the actor-director’s extensive career.

Third Edition Storytelling as Activism in Queer
Film and Media
Wheeler Winston Dixon & Gwendolyn Audrey Foster
David R. Coon
Mar 2018 496pp
9780813595122 Paperback £28.95 / €33.00 Jun 2018 210pp, 14 images
9780813593692 Paperback £22.50 / €25.00
For full details of this title, see page 9.
Combining a close analysis of specific films and video
programs with extensive interviews of industry
professionals, Turning the Page demonstrates how
queer storytelling in visual media has the potential to
empower individuals, strengthen communities, and
motivate social justice activism.


P eFrI LfMor&mTiVn·gMAUrStIsC

Drama at the Touch of a Lever
The University of Arkansas Press
Nick Hall
Apr 2018 188pp, 30 images A Discographic Biography of Johnny Cash
9780813587202 Paperback £22.50 / €25.00
Techniques of the Moving Image John M. Alexander

Traces the century-spanning history of the zoom lens Apr 2018 280pp, 47 photos
in American film and television. From late 1920s silent 9781682260517 Paperback £38.50 / €43.00
features to the psychedelic experiments of the 1960s
and beyond, the book describes how inventors battled There have been many books written about Johnny
to provide film and television studios with practical Cash, but The Man in Song is the first to examine Cash’s
zoom lenses, and how cinematographers clashed over incredible life through the lens of the songs he wrote and
the right ways to use the new zooms. recorded. Music journalist and historian John Alexander
has drawn on decades of studying Cash’s music and life,
Wayne State University Press to tell a life story through songs familiar and obscure.

A Transnational Art-Cinema THE COMPOSER ON SCREEN
Essays on Classical Music Biopics
Edited by Marco Abel & Jaimey Fisher
Paul Fryer
Mar 2018 432pp, 53 b&w images
9780814342008 Paperback £32.95 / €37.00 Mar 2018 205pp
Contemporary Approaches to Film and Media Series 9780786499656 Paperback £56.95 / €63.00

Examines the Berlin School as a fundamental part For full details of this title, see page 36.
of the series of new wave films around the globe,
especially those from the traditional margins of world THE SEX PISTOLS
cinema. The Berlin School and Its Global Contexts folds INVADE AMERICA
German-language cinema back into conversations The Fateful U.S. Tour,
with international as well as transnational cinema. This January 1978
volume will be of great interest to scholars of German
and global cinema. Mick O’Shea

TRANSFORMING Mar 2018 132pp
HARRY 9781476669397 Paperback
The Adaptation of £30.95 / €35.00
Harry Potter in the
Transmedia Age By January 1978, the Sex
Pistols were the most
Edited by John Alberti & talked about band on
P. Andrew Miller the planet. This book
covers the Pistols 1978
Jun 2018 224pp, 15 b&w images tour of America from varying perspectives - with many
9780814342862 Paperback people sharing their experiences for the first time. The
£28.95 / €32.00 book also endeavours to separate fact from the many
Contemporary Approaches to fallacies that still surround those twelve days of mayhem
Film and Media Series when the Sex Pistols wended their way across an
unsuspecting USA.
Looks at how the cinematic
versions of the seven
Harry Potter novels represent an unprecedented cultural
event in the history of cinematic adaptation. This books
gathers scholars who explore and examine the cultural,
political, aesthetic, and pedagogical dimensions of this
pop culture phenomenon and how it has changed the
reception of both the fi lms and books.


68 MPeUrSfICo·rmTHiEnAgTARErts

University of Michigan Press THEATRE

THE POP The University Press of Kentucky
Recorded Popular A Biography of Broadway’s Greatest Producer
Cynthia Brideson & Sara Brideson
Lori Burns & Serge Lacasse
Mar 2018 576pp, 76 b&w photos
Feb 2018 376pp, 36 musical 9780813175027 Paperback £30.95 / €35.00
examples, 47 photos, 18 tables Screen Classics
9780472130672 Hardback
£87.50 / €97.00 In this definitive biography, authors Cynthia Brideson
and Sara Brideson offer a comprehensive look at both
Tracking Pop the life and legacy of the famous producer. Drawing on a
wide range of sources, the Bridesons shed new light on
Within popular music there this enigmatic man, providing a lively and well-rounded
are entire genres, styles, account of Ziegfeld as a father, a husband, a son, a friend, a
techniques, and practices lover, and an alternately ruthless and benevolent employer.
that rely heavily on musical intertextuality and references
between music of different styles and genres. This
interdisciplinary collection of essays covers a wide range
of musical styles and artists to investigate intertextuality
- the shaping of one text by another - in popular music.

UNCHARTED  University of Michigan Press
Creativity and the Expert Drummer
Bill Bruford Feeling Around the Edges of the Human in
Mar 2018 296pp, 6 figures, 2 tables
9780472053780 Paperback £30.95 / €35.00 Marla Carlson
Tracking Pop
Jun 2018 264pp, 15 photos
For full details of this title, see page 9. 9780472053827 Paperback £30.95 / €35.00

Wayne State University Press Maps connections across performances that question the
borders of the human whose neurodiverse experiences
WHITECHAPEL NOISE have been shaped by the diagnostic label of autism, and
Jewish Immigrant Life in Yiddish Song and animal-human performance relationships that dispute
Verse, London 1884-1914 and blur anthropocentric edges. The book treats a diverse
selection of live performance and archival video and
Vivi Lachs analyses the ways in which they affect their audiences.

Jun 2018 312pp, 40 b&w images BUILDING CHARACTER
9780814343555 Paperback £33.95 / €38.00 The Art and Science of Casting

Archive material from the London Yiddish press, Amy Cook
songbooks, and satirical writing offers a window into an
untold cultural life of the Yiddish East End. Whitechapel Feb 2018 192pp
Noise positions London’s Yiddish popular culture in 9780472053766 Paperback £25.95 / €29.00
historical perspective within Anglo-Jewish history, English
socialist aesthetics, and music-hall culture, and shows its What can we learn about how we understand each other
relationship to the transnational Yiddish-speaking world. and ourselves by examining the casting we find on stage
and film - the casting we find perfect and the casting we
find wrong? Building Character examines how the process
of ”casting” an actor in a part creates a character and
how this can be usefully understood through deploying
theories from the cognitive sciences.

Performing Arts


PERFORMANCE, TRANSPARENCY, AND University Press of Mississippi

Feb 2018 312pp Robert L. McLaughlin
9780472037094 Paperback £35.95 / €40.00
Apr 2018 322pp
Placing the disciplines of performance studies and 9781496818324 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00
surveillance studies in a timely critical dialogue,
Performance, Transparency, and the Cultures of Surveillance From West Side Story to Road Show, the musicals of Stephen
not only theorizes how surveillance performs, but also Sondheim have challenged the conventions of American
how the technologies and corresponding cultures of musical theatre and expanded the possibilities of what
surveillance alter the performance of everyday life. musical plays can do, how they work, and what they mean.
This book places Sondheim’s work in two contexts: the
REACTIVATIONS exhaustion of the musical play and the postmodernism
Essays on Performance and its Documentation that, by the 1960s, deeply influenced all the American arts.

Philip Auslander Northwestern University Press

May 2018 160pp, 19 photos VIRAL PERFORMANCE
9780472053858 Paperback £25.95 / €29.00 Contagious Theaters from Modernism to
the Digital Age
Treats performance documentation as a specific
discursive use of media that arose in the middle of the Miriam Felton-Dansky
20th century. Philip Auslander explores the phenomenal
relationship between the spectator who experiences the May 2018 216pp
performance from the document and the document 9780810137158 Paperback £35.95 / €40.00
itself. The document is not merely a secondary iteration
of the original event but a vehicle that gives us Digital culture has occasioned a seismic shift in the
meaningful access to the performance itself. discourse around contagion, transmission, and viral
circulation. Yet theatre, in the cultural imagination, has
SHATTERING HAMLET’S MIRROR always been contagious. Viral Performance proposes
Theatre and Reality the concept of the viral as an essential means of
understanding socially engaged and transmedial
Marvin Carlson performance practices since the mid-twentieth century.

Apr 2018 160pp Rutgers University Press
9780472037247 Paperback £20.95 / €23.00
Examines recent and contemporary work by such groups How a Blockbuster Musical Is Restaging
as Rimini Protokoll, Societas Raffaelo Sanzio, the Gob America’s Past
Squad, Nature Theatre of Oklahoma, and Foundry Theatre,
while revealing the deep antecedents of today’s theatre, Edited by Renee C. Romano & Claire Bond Potter
placing it in useful historical perspective. While many may
consider it a post-postmodern phenomenon, the “theatre Mar 2018 288pp, 25 colour and 6 b&w illustrations
of the real”, as it turns out, has very deep roots. 9780813590295 Paperback £20.50 / €24.00

Brings together a collection of scholars to explain the
Hamilton phenomenon and explore what it might
mean for our understanding of America’s history. The
contributors examine what the musical got right, what
it got wrong, and why it matters. These short and lively
essays examine why Hamilton became an Obama-era
sensation and consider its continued relevance in the
age of Trump.

70 Philosophy


Broadview Press James V. Schall

ETHICAL THEORY Mar 2018 224pp
A Concise Anthology, Third Edition 9780813229751 Paperback £25.95 / €29.00

Edited by Heimir Geirsson & Margaret R. Holmgren This volume arises from a tradition of realism, both
philosophical and political, a universe in which the
Jun 2018 400pp common sense understanding of things is included in
9781554813988 Paperback £42.50 / €47.00 our judgement about them. The scope is both vast and
narrow - vast because it is aware of the reality of things,
This concise anthology collects important historical and narrow because it is the individual person who can and
contemporary readings on the central ethical theories, wants to know them.
including Divine Command Theory, Consequentialism,
Deontology, Virtue Ethics, and Feminist Ethics. This new University of Hawai’i Press
third edition offers expanded coverage of meta-ethics
through the addition of thought-provoking readings LI ZEHOU AND CONFUCIAN PHILOSOPHY
from Susan Wolf, Gilbert Harman, and others.
Edited by Roger T. Ames & Jia Jinhua
Fundamental Political Writings Jul 2018 464pp, 7 diagrams
9780824872892 Hardback £74.50 / €83.00
Jean-Jacques Rousseau Confucian Cultures
Edited by David Lay Williams & Matthew W. Maguire
For more than a century scholars have undertaken the
Jan 2018 420pp project of modernizing Confucianism, but few have been
9781554812974 Paperback £14.50 / €16.00 as successful or influential as Li Zehou (b. 1930). Although
the authors of this volume hail from different regions and
Includes the Social Contract, Discourse on the Sciences a variety of academic backgrounds, they are unanimous
and the Arts, Discourse on the Origins of Inequality, and in their appreciation of Li’s contributions to an evolving
Preface to Narcissus. Each text has been newly translated, Confucian philosophy, and also world philosophy.
and includes a full complement of explanatory notes.
The editors’ introduction offers students diverse points HSRC Press
of entry into some of the distinctive possibilities and
challenges of each of these fundamental texts. BIKO
Philosophy, Identity and Liberation
The Catholic University of America Press
Mabogo Percy More
Reading the Present in Light of the Past Jan 2018 320pp
9780796925718 Paperback £14.95 / €17.00
Jude Dougherty
Steve Biko was not only considered a “brilliant political
Feb 2018 176pp theorist”, but is also “formidable and articulate philosopher”.
9780813229898 Paperback £20.95 / €23.00 From Biko’s writings, speeches and interviews, Mabogo
More’s view is that philosophy is not a disembodied system
A collection of essays produced by the distinguished of ideas nor is it a mechanical reflection about the world;
philosopher Jude Dougherty over the past decade, rather, it is a way of existing and acting.
written to inform or to provide commentary on
contemporary issues. In probing the past to interpret the
present they draw upon a perspective that one may call
classical, the perspective of Plato, Aristotle, the Stoics,
and their followers across the ages, notably Thomas
Aquinas, and his modern disciples.

P hilosophy

The University Press of Kentucky Parmenides Publishing

Strategy, Ethics, and Theory On the Voluntary and on the
Free Will of the One
James M. Dubik
Kevin Corrigan & John D. Turner
Foreword by General Martin Dempsey
Jan 2018 501pp
Feb 2018 236pp 9781930972391 Paperback £42.50 / €47.00
9780813175010 Paperback £25.95 / €29.00
The Enneads of Plotinus
Battles and Campaigns
Provides access to the living mind of a long dead sage
James M. Dubik applies moral philosophy, political as he tries to answer some of the most fundamental
philosophy, and strategic studies to historical and questions we in the modern world continue to
contemporary case studies to reveal the inaccuracies and ask. Are we really free when most of the time we
moral bankruptcy that inform some of the literature on are overwhelmed by compulsions, addictions, and
military ethics. Dubik argues that political and military necessities? Can we trace this freedom through our own
leadership should be held accountable for the planning agency to the gods, to the Soul, Intellect, and the Good?
and execution of war in addition to the decision to How do we know that the world is meaningful?
initiate conflict.

Northwestern University Press University of Virginia Press

A Narrative Ethics of Exclusion
Eve Rabinoff
Josh Toth
Feb 2018 176pp
9780810136427 Paperback £35.95 / €40.00 Apr 2018 312pp
9780813941110 Paperback £40.95 / €46.00
For full details of this title, see page 19.
Cultural Frames, Framing Culture
Aesthetic Politics through Adorno, Foucault, We need look no further than Donald Trump’s 2016
and Rancière presidential campaign and victory for proof that early
twentieth-century anxieties about individualism, race,
Michael Feola and the foreign or intrusive “other” persist today. In
Stranger America, Josh Toth tracks and delineates these
Jul 2018 182pp anxieties in America’s narrative media.
9780810137462 Paperback £35.95 / €40.00

Explores the role aesthetic resources can play in an
emancipatory politics. Michael Feola engages both critical
theory and unruly political movements to challenge familiar
anxieties about the intersection of politics and aesthetics.

72 Politics & International Relations

POLITICS & Brookings Institution Press
The University of Arizona Press STRATEGY IN THE
Violence and Migration on the U.S.-Mexico Hal Brands
Jan 2018 200pp
Edited by Jeremy Slack, Daniel E. Martínez & Scott Whiteford 9780815732785 Paperback
Foreword by Josiah Heyman £21.50 / €25.00
Photographs by Murphy Woodhouse
American foreign policy
Apr 2018 280pp, 4 b&w illustrations, 13 colour photos, 20 tables is in a state of upheaval.
9780816535590 Paperback £36.50 / €40.00 The rise of Donald
Trump and his “America
For full details of this title, see page 54. First” platform have
created more uncertainty
Broadview Press about America’s role in the world than at any time
in recent decades. In this book, a leading scholar of
HOMES grand strategy helps to make sense of the headlines
A Refugee Story and the upheaval by providing sharp yet nuanced
assessments of the most critical issues in American
Abu Bakr al Rabeeah & Winnie Yeung grand strategy today.

May 2018 180pp BUCHAREST DIARY
9781988298283 Paperback £18.95 / €21.00 An American Ambassador’s Journey

In 2010, the al Rabeeah family left their home in Iraq in Alfred H. Moses
hope of a safer life. They moved to Homs, in Syria – just
before the Syrian civil war broke out. Homes tells of the Jun 2018 220pp
strange juxtapositions of growing up in a war zone: horrific, 9780815732723 Hardback £24.95 / €28.00
unimaginable events punctuated by normalcy - soccer,
cousins, video games, friends. This is an urgently necessary Offers an insider’s account of Romania’s emergence
book that provides a window into understanding Syria. from communist control. Bucharest Diary: An American
Freehand Books Ambassador’s Journey is filled with firsthand stories,
including colourful anecdotes, of the diplomacy, both
JEAN-JACQUES ROUSSEAU public and private, that helped Romania recover from
Fundamental Political Writings four decades of communist rule and, eventually, become
a member of both NATO and the European Union.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Edited by David Lay Williams & Matthew W. Maguire MELTDOWN
Inside the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster
Jan 2018 420pp
9781554812974 Paperback £14.50 / €16.00 Yoichi Funabashi

For full details of this title, see page 44. Mar 2018 400pp
9780815732594 Hardback
£32.95 / €37.00

Explores the human drama, and long-term lessons, of
the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Based on interviews
with more than 300 government officials, power plant
operators, and military personnel during the years since
the disaster, Meltdown is a meticulous recounting and
analysis of the human stories behind the response to the
Fukushima disaster.

Politics & International Relations

ORDER FROM ASHES University Press of Florida
New Foundations for Security in
Civil Rights, The Conservative Movement and
Edited by Michael Wahid Hanna & Thanassis Cambanis the Presidency from Nixon to Obama

Apr 2018 420pp Edited by Kenneth Osgood & Derrick E. White
9780870785504 Paperback £28.95 / €33.00
Aug 2017 298pp
Explores the possibilities for creating security architecture 9780813064536 Paperback £25.95 / €29.00
and institutions to facilitate cooperation and mitigate the
risks of conflict escalation in the Middle East. This book This pioneering collection of essays explores the
examines efforts to undertake regional security dialogue; paradoxical nature of civil rights politics in the
approaches to collective security; confidence-building years following the 1960s civil rights movement by
measures; non-Arab regional actors and outside parties; chronicling the ways in which presidential politics both
and the scope of a future regional security system. advanced and constrained the quest for racial equality in
the United States.
The Century Foundation

PUTIN’S COUNTERREVOLUTION The University of Georgia Press

Sergey Aleksashenko THE DECISION TO ATTACK
Military and Intelligence Cyber
Jul 2018 220pp Decision-Making
9780815732761 Paperback £31.50 / €36.00
Aaron Franklin Brantly
For full details of this title, see page 7.
Mar 2018 248pp
THE RISE OF THE ALT-RIGHT 9780820353791 Paperback £27.95 / €31.00
Studies in Security and International Affairs Series
Thomas J. Main
Investigates how states decide to employ cyber in military
May 2018 320pp and intelligence operations against other states and how
9780815732884 Hardback £20.95 / €24.00 rational those decisions are. In his examination, Brantly
contextualizes broader cyber decision-making processes
What is the Alt-Right, and how will it affect America? into a systematic expected utility-rational choice
Through careful research and analysis, this book traces approach to provide a mathematical understanding of
the movement’s history from the founding of modern the use of cyber weapons at the state level.
conservatism in postwar America to the current Trump
era. This is an important study for anyone interested in
the future of American politics and public life.


Edited by Jeffrey W. Knopf & Emma Belcher

Mar 2018 352pp
9780820353814 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00

Studies in Security and International Affairs Series

Explores the emergence of international cooperation
beyond the core global nonproliferation treaties. The
contributors examine why these other cooperative
nonproliferation mechanisms have emerged, assess their
effectiveness, and ask how well the different pieces of
the global nonproliferation regime complex fit together.

74 Politics & International Relations

Forms, Struggles, and Possibilities
Edited by Victoria Lawson & Sarah Elwood Leaders in Action and What They Face

Apr 2018 264pp Bruce Miroff
9780820353142 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00
Geographies of Justice and Social Transformation Series, Vol. 39 Jan 2018 208pp
9780700626489 Paperback £23.95 / €27.00
For full details of this title, see page 54.
How much power does a president really have? Theories
WHAT THEY WISHED FOR and arguments abound - pointlessly, Bruce Miroff says,
American Catholics and American Presidents, if we don’t understand the context in which presidents
1960-2004 operate. Borrowing from Machiavelli, Miroff maps five
fields of political struggle that presidents must traverse:
Lawrence J. McAndrews media, economic interests, political coalitions, the
politics of domestic policy, and the partisan politics of
Mar 2018 520pp foreign policy.
9780820353869 Paperback £33.50 / €37.00
The University Press of Kentucky
Roman Catholics constitute the most populous religious
denomination in the United States. With the election JUST WAR RECONSIDERED
of John F. Kennedy as president in 1960, they attained Strategy, Ethics, and Theory
a political prominence to match their rapidly ascending
socioeconomic and cultural profile. What They Wished James M. Dubik
For traces the role of American Catholics in presidential Foreword by Martin Dempsey
policies and politics from 1960 until 2004.
Feb 2018 236pp
Independent Institute 9780813175010 Paperback £25.95 / €29.00
Battles and Campaigns
Promises vs. Results in Achieving Limited For full details of this title, see page 45.
Ivan Eland Leadership and National Security, 1981-1989

Jan 2018 384pp Edited by Bradley Lynn Coleman & Kyle Longley
9781598133066 Hardback £23.50 / €26.00 Foreword by Jack Matlock Jr.

The American president is one of the most powerful May 2018 324pp, 8 b&w photos
people in the world. But to understand the presidency 9780813175546 Paperback £30.95 / €35.00
today we often have to learn from the past. Ivan Eland Studies in Conflict, Diplomacy, and Peace
offers a new perspective in Eleven Presidents on the
evolution of the executive office by exploring the For full details of this title, see page 13.
policies of eleven key presidents who held office over the
last one hundred years. Lynne Rienner Publishers


Raymond A. Zilinskas & Philippe Mauger

Mar 2018 370pp
9781626376984 Hardback £94.50 / €105.00

Ranging from the Soviet legacy to current doctrine, from
advanced weapons-development networks to civilian
biotechnology research, from diplomatic initiatives
to disinformation campaigns, this book documents
and analyses the build-up and modernization of
Russia’s biodefense establishment under the Putin

Politics & International Relations

A Double-Edged Sword
Shauna Reilly Two Paths of Tyranny

Mar 2018 200pp Andray Abrahamian
9781626377141 Hardback £75.50 / €84.00
Mar 2018 170pp
Direct democracy is lauded for putting power in the 9781476673707 Paperback £41.50 / €46.00
hands of the people. But is it really as democratic as it
seems? To what extent is it less about citizen power and North Korea and Myanmar (Burma) are Asia’s most
more about external influences seeking to manipulate mysterious, tragic stories. They were the region’s most
outcomes? Shauna Reilly draws on case studies of militarized and repressed societies, sitting out the
referendums, recall elections, and initiatives around greatest wealth creation project in the history of the
the world to investigate the complex realities of direct world, one that created a belt of middle classes, comfort
democracy in action. and security from Singapore to Japan. How did Myanmar
find its way out of this isolation? Why does North Korea
Managing Danger & Avoiding Disaster
Melbourne University Publishing
Stephen J. Cimbala
Mar 2018 250pp GOVERNMENT
9781626377127 Hardback £88.95 / €99.00
Daniel Baldino & Rhys Crawley
Can we avoid nuclear war? Why are we more at risk today
than at the end of the Cold War? Can the world powers Mar 2018 277pp
work together to ensure international stability? Stephen 9780522871999 Paperback £37.95 / €42.00
Cimbala provides a comprehensive assessment of these
complex issues, ranging from the prospects for nuclear Draws on a wide range experts including academics,
abolition, to the management of nuclear crises, to the former and current strategic advisers and members
imperative need for nuclear arms control worldwide. of government, private industry professionals and
intelligence community experts, to provide a diagnostic,
UNDERSTANDING CONTEMPORARY clear-eyed approach in explaining, accessing and
RUSSIA exposing the central foundations and frameworks
Second Edition necessary for effective practice of intelligence in Australia
as well as the shaping of intelligence expectations.
Edited by Michael L. Bressler
MUP Academic
May 2018 450pp
9781626377110 Paperback £22.50 / €31.00 SECURITY STRATEGIES OF MIDDLE
For full details of this title, see page 8.
Ralf Emmers & Sarah Teo

Feb 2018 277pp
9780522871180 Paperback £37.95 / €42.00

Drawing on the extant middle power literature, the
authors argue that the regional security strategies of
middle powers could take two forms - functional or
normative. A functional strategy means that the middle
power targets its resources to address a specific problem
that it has a high level of interest in, while a normative
strategy refers to a focus on promoting general
behavioural standards and confidence building at the
multilateral level.

MUP Academic

76 Politics & International Relations

University of Michigan Press TRUST AND HEDGING IN
Strategic Narratives and International Kendall Stiles
Feb 2018 320pp, 12 tables, 1 figure, 1 map
Alister Miskimmon, Ben O’Loughlin & Laura Roselle 9780472130702 Hardback £82.50 / €92.00

Jan 2018 352pp, 7 tables, 6 figures Do States trust each other? What are the political and
9780472037049 Paperback £41.50 / €46.00 ethical implications of trust? Drawing from a wide range
of disciplines, Trust and Hedging in International Relations
Brings together leading scholars in International Relations adds to the emerging literature on trust in international
and Communication Studies to investigate how, when, relations by offering a systematic measure of state-to-
and why strategic narratives shape the structure, politics, state trust.
and policies of the global system. Put simply, strategic
narratives are tools that political actors employ to Naval Institute Press
promote their interests, values, and aspirations for the
international order by managing expectations and altering DEGLOBALIZATION
the discursive environment. These narratives define “who The Fragmenting World Economy and the
we are” and “what kind of world order we want.” Impact on International Security

How Women Work Harder to Stay in Office
Apr 2018 320pp, 6 images, 8 graphs
Jeffrey Lazarus & Amy Steigerwalt 9781682472910 Hardback £27.50 / €30.00

Mar 2018 248pp, 32 tables, 28 charts, 1 b&w photograph For full details of this title, see page 65.
9780472130719 Hardback £72.50 / €80.00
Legislative Politics and Policy Making The University of North Carolina Press

Examines the factors that make women politicians more PUTINOMICS
electorally vulnerable than their male counterparts. These Power and Money in Resurgent Russia
factors combine to convince women that they must
work harder to win elections - a phenomenon that Jeffrey Chris Miller
Lazarus and Amy Steigerwalt term “gendered vulnerability”.
Mar 2018 240pp
IN THE RED 9781469640662 Hardback £28.95 / €32.00
The Politics of Public Debt Accumulation in
Developed Countries When Vladimir Putin first took power in 1999, he was
a little-known figure ruling a country that was reeling
Zsofia Barta from a decade and a half of crisis. In the years since,
he has reestablished Russia as a great power. In this
Mar 2018 224pp, 5 tables, 5 charts new analysis of Putin’s Russia, Chris Miller examines its
9780472130641 Hardback £72.50 / €80.00 economic policy and the tools Russia’s elite have used to
achieve its goals.
For full details of this title, see page 68.
REMAKING THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY Hollywood in American Political Life
Lyndon B. Johnson as a Native-Son
Presidential Candidate Kathryn Cramer Brownell

Pearl K. Ford Dowe et al Feb 2018 328pp, 11 halftones
9781469642246 Paperback £28.95 / €32.00
Feb 2018 440pp, 39 tables, 18 figures, 18 halftones
9780472037056 Paperback £46.50 / €52.00 Takes readers behind the camera to explore the
negotiations and relationships that developed between
A continuation of Hanes Walton’s work on Southern key Hollywood insiders and presidential candidates
Democratic presidents, Remaking the Democratic Party from Dwight Eisenhower to Bill Clinton, analysing how
analyses the congressional and presidential elections of entertainment replaced party spectacle as a strategy to raise
Lyndon Baines Johnson. This study builds on the general money, win votes, and secure success for all those involved.
theory of the native-son phenomenon to demonstrate
that a Southern native-son can win the presidency
without the localism evident in the elections of Bill
Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

Politics & International Relations

Rutgers University Press University of Virginia Press

Genocide in the Geopolitical Discourse of The President’s First Year
the Cold War
Edited by Michael Nelson, Jeffrey L. Chidester &
Anton Weiss-Wendt Stefanie Georgakis Abbott
Foreword by Douglas Irvin-Erickson
Jan 2018 336pp, 1 chart, 1 table
Mar 2018 246pp 9780813940960 Hardback £30.95 / €35.00
9780813594651 Paperback £28.95 / €33.00 Miller Center Studies on the Presidency
Genocide, Political Violence, Human Rights
Drawn from the Miller Center’s First Year project - which
For full details of this title, see page 15. seeks to provide a historical framework to guide future
presidents and their teams in the crucial first year of a
Syracuse University Press new administration - Crucible addresses core questions
of governance facing a new president, from navigating a
PEACEKEEPING IN SOUTH LEBANON broken political system to thriving in a changing media
Credibility and Local Cooperation environment.


Apr 2018 256pp, 3 colour illustrations Michael Nelson
9780815635895 Paperback £30.95 / €35.00
Syracuse Studies on Peace and Conflict Resolution Jan 2018 192pp
9780813941448 Paperback £20.95 / €23.00
Although the concept of credibility has been identified Miller Center Studies on the Presidency
by the United Nations as a significant factor in
successful peacekeeping operations, its role has largely For full details of this title, see page 7.
been ignored in the literature on peacekeeping at
the local level. In this book, Newby provides the first The University of Wisconsin Press
detailed examination of credibility’s essential place in
peacekeeping. THE MITKI AND THE ART OF
A Political Handbook Alexandar Mihailovic

Mehrzad Boroujerdi & Kourosh Rahimkhani Feb 2018 216pp, 15 b&w illustrations
9780299314903 Hardback £82.50 / €92.00
Jun 2018 277pp, 22 figures
9780815635741 Hardback £71.95 / €80.00 For full details of this title, see page 10.

For full details of this title, see page 15.

Vanderbilt University Press

Europe and its Critics in Spanish Culture

Luis Martin-Estudillo

Feb 2018 264pp
9780826521941 Hardback £36.50 / €40.00

For full details of this title, see page 15.

78 Religion

Sharing the Ignatian
The Catholic University of America Press Spiritual Exercises
with Other Religions
Feb 2018 312pp
Edited by 9780813229775 Paperback
Christopher A. Beeley & £30.95 / €35.00
Mark E. Weedman
Analyses the prospects
Feb 2018 272pp for adapting the Spiritual
9780813229959 Hardback Exercises of St. Ignatius
£77.50 / €86.00 of Loyola in order to
CUA Studies in Early Christianity, make them accessible to
Vol. 5 members of other faith
traditions while still maintaining their core meaning
Based on a multi-year and integrity. Erin Cline examines why this ought to
consultation in the Society be done, for whom, and what the aims of such an
of Biblical Literature, The adaptation would be, including the different theological
Bible and Early Trinitarian Theology brings new insights to justifications for this practice.
the relationship between patristic exegesis and current
strategies of biblical interpretation, specifically with Brookings Institution Press
reference to the doctrine of the Trinity.
Toward a Renewal of Spiritual Theology JOURNEY INTO EUROPE
Islam, Immigration, and Identity
Edited by Michael Dauphinais, Brian Kolodiejchuk &
Roger W. Nutt Akbar Ahmed

Jun 2018 277pp Feb 2018 600pp
9781932589818 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00 9780815727583 Hardback £25.95 / €30.00

Mother Teresa was one of those rare figures in history For full details of this title, see page 54.
who enjoyed a wide and solid reputation of holiness
during her lifetime. The first such assembly of scholarly The University of Georgia Press
work on the topic, this work offers readers the
opportunity to enter much more deeply into the interior WHAT THEY WISHED FOR
- even mystical - world of St. Teresa of Calcutta. American Catholics and American Presidents,
Lawrence J. McAndrews
Edited by Kevin M. Clarke
Mar 2018 520pp
May 2018 240pp 9780820353869 Paperback £33.50 / €37.00
9780813230214 Paperback £19.50 / €22.00
Sayings of the Fathers of the Church For full details of this title, see page 48.

The capital vices are the gateway drugs to countless
sins. The path of this book descends through the vices,
culminating with their queen ruler, pride. The text
gives special attention throughout to the thought of
Augustine of Hippo, Evagrius of Pontus, John Cassian,
Gregory the Great, and Maximus the Confessor.

R eligion

University of Hawai’i Press The University of North Carolina Press

THE CITIES Traditions of Reform
A History of Buddhist in Eighteenth-Century
Propagation in Islamic Thought
Modern Korea
Ahmad S. Dallal
Mark A. Nathan
Jun 2018 424pp
Jul 2018 248pp, 1 diagram 9781469641409 Paperback
9780824872618 Hardback £35.95 / €40.00
£63.95 / €71.00 Islamic Civilization and
Contemporary Buddhism Muslim Networks

Ambitious and Replete with a cast of
meticulously researched, giants in Islamic thought
From the Mountains to the and philosophy, Ahmad
Cities will find a ready audience among researchers and S. Dallal’s ground breaking intellectual history of the
scholars of Korean history and religion, modern Buddhist eighteenth-century Muslim world challenges stale views
reform movements in Asia, and those interested in of this period as one of decline, stagnation, and the
religious missions and proselytization more generally. engendering of a widespread fundamentalism. Far from
being moribund, Dallal argues, the eighteenth century
Holy Trinity Publications was one of the most fertile eras in Islamic thought.

THE SUNFLOWER Rutgers University Press
Conforming the Will
Will of God Apostasy and Ex-Mormonism Among the
Latter-Day Saints
John Maximovitch
Translated by Nicholas Kotar E. Marshall Brooks

Mar 2018 352pp Aug 2018 254pp, 9 b&w photos
9780884654605 Paperback 9780813592183 Paperback £28.95 / €33.00
£22.50 / €25.00
Provides an intimate, in-depth ethnography of religious
A thoroughly practical disenchantment among ex-Mormons in Utah. Showing
manual of the spiritual life that former church members were once deeply
focusing on the central embedded in their religious life, Brooks argues that
goal of every Christian: disenchantment unfolds as a struggle to overcome the
learning the will of God and spiritual, social, and ideological devotion ex-Mormons
struggling to mold our life to it, just as Christ “humbled had to the religious community.
Himself and became obedient.” (Phil. 2:8) Even more
fundamentally, St John addresses the question of why
we should care about God’s will.

80 Social Studies

SOCIAL STUDIES The University of Georgia Press

The University of Arizona Press RELATIONAL POVERTY POLITICS
Forms, Struggles, and Possibilities
Violence and Migration on the Victoria Lawson & Sarah Elwood
U.S.-Mexico Border
Apr 2018 264pp
Edited by Jeremy Slack, Daniel E. Martinez & Scott Whiteford 9780820353142 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00
Foreword by Josiah Heyman Geographies of Justice and Social Transformation Series, Vol. 39
Photography by Murphy Woodhouse
Examines the power and transformative potential of
Apr 2018 280pp, 4 b&w illustrations, 13 colour photos, 20 tables movements that fight against poverty and inequality.
9780816535590 Paperback £36.50 / €40.00 Editors Victoria Lawson and Sarah Elwood focus on the
politics of insurgent movements against poverty and
Mass deportation is at the forefront of political discourse inequality in seven countries. Contributors explore theory
in the United States. The Shadow of the Wall shows in and practice in alliance politics, resistance movements,
tangible ways the migration experiences of hundreds of the militarized repression of justice movements, global
people, including their encounters with US Border Patrol, counter-publics, and political theatre.
cartels, detention facilities, and the deportation process.
Hoover Institution Press

Brookings Institution Press INVISIBLE SLAVES
The Victims and Perpetrators of
How New Racial Demographics are
Remaking America W. Kurt Hauser

William H. Frey Jan 2018 244pp
9780817921057 Paperback £18.95 / €21.00
Feb 2018 224pp
9780815732846 Paperback £16.50 / €19.00 Discusses slavery around the world, with research and
firsthand stories that reframe slavery as a modern-day
Race is once again a contentious topic in America, as crisis, not a historical phenomenon or third-world issue.
shown by the divisive rise of Donald Trump and the Identifying four types of slavery - chattel slavery, debt
activism of groups like Black Lives Matter. Yet Diversity bondage, forced labour, and sex slavery - W. Kurt Hauser
Explosion argues that the current period of profound examines the efforts and failures of governments to
racial change will lead to a less-divided America than address them.
today’s older whites or younger minorities fear.
HSRC Press
Islam, Immigration, and Identity Lessons From Below

Akbar Ahmed Edited by Leila Patel & Marianne S. Ulriksen

Feb 2018 600pp Jan 2018 256pp
9780815727583 Hardback £25.95 / €30.00 9780796925510 Paperback £15.95 / €18.00

Offers a richly detailed, and clear-eyed exploration of How do citizens in poor communities benefit from and
Islam in Europe and the place of Islam in European perceive state interventions? How do citizens in poor
history and civilization. Along with an analysis of what communities interact with others in the community
has gone wrong and why, this urgent, unprecedented to promote the well-being of themselves and their
study, the fourth in a quartet of studies examining families? What are the implications of the above for
relations between the West and the Muslim world, community based research, policy and practice? This
features recommendations for promoting integration book addresses these questions based on rigorous and
and pluralism in the twenty-first century. multi-faceted research.

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