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2018 Asia-Pacific History

Eurospan's latest titles on Asia-Pacific history








in the Contemporary World
China Narratives
The Koreans of the in the
Russian Far East Contemporary
Jon K. Chang World
Edited by
Perspectives on the Franck Billé &
Global Past Sören Urbansky
Examines the history of the first Korean diaspora in a
Western society during the highly tense geopolitical Based on archival material and interviews, this
atmosphere of the Soviet Union in the late 1930s. collection supplements and often challenges
Jon K. Chang demonstrates that the Koreans of superficial journalistic accounts and top-down
the Russian Far East were continually viewed as studies by economists and political scientists. Yellow
a problematic and maligned nationality (ethnic Peril narratives, contributors find, constitute cultural
community) during the Tsarist and Soviet periods. vectors of multiple kinds of anxieties, spanning the
University of Hawai’i Press cultural, racial, political, and economic.
University of Hawai’i Press
Kim Lefévre POWERS,
In this evocative memoir, STRATEGIES
Kim Lefévre recounts
her childhood and The New Game
adolescence growing up in colonial Viet Nam. Set in the South
within a tumultuous period of Franco-Vietnamese China Sea
history - resistance and revolt, World War II and the Anders Corr
Japanese invasion, the first war for independence
against the French - White Métisse offers a unique Focuses on grand strategic approaches to the South
view of watershed events. China Sea dispute by major powers in the region
University of Hawai’i Press - those capable of projecting force to the South
China Sea and abroad. It explores international
dimensions of the South China Sea dispute, and
how military, diplomatic, and economic strategies of
global actors have both contributed to solutions and
exacerbated conflict.
Naval Institute Press


HIGHLIGHT Berkshire Publishing Group

Second Edition
What Happened Edited by Kerry Brown
and Why
Edited by M Hakan Jul 2018 3600pp, eight volumes
Yavuz, Bayram Balci 9781614721888 Hardback £1795.00 / €2015.00
A new edition of the Berkshire Encyclopedia of China is in
Focuses on the historical development, with print and digital publication scheduled
and sociopolitical for Spring 2018.
contexts of the Gülen Movement’s origins and
political ascendancy, along with its possible role The Chinese University Press
in the failed July 2016 coup in Turkey. This is a
comprehensive assessment of numerous dimensions STALIN AND MAO
of Gulenist activities, including its social and political
networks and the institutions that supported the A Comparison of the Russian and
movement as it became a major economic and Chinese Revolutions
educational force. Lucien Bianco
The University of Utah Press
Feb 2018 476pp
Baraka Books 9789882370654 Hardback £61.95 / €70.00
China’s ascent to the ranks of the world’s second largest
PATRIOTS, TRAITORS AND EMPIRES economic power has given its revolution a better image than
that of its Russian counterpart. Yet the two have a great deal
The Story of Korea’s Struggle for Freedom in common. This volume highlights the similarities between
Stephen Gowans the two Chinese revolutions.

Jun 2018 290pp University of Hawai’i Press
9781771861359 Paperback £21.95 / €25.00
Offers an account of modern Korean history, written from AKUTO AND RURAL CONFLICT IN
the point of view of those who fought to free their country MEDIEVAL JAPAN
from the domination of foreign empires. It traces the history
of Korea’s struggle for freedom from opposition to Japanese Morten Oxenboell
colonialism starting in 1905 to North Korea’s current efforts May 2018 240pp, 1 map
to deter the threat of invasion by the United States or 9780824872649 Hardback £60.95 / €69.00
anybody else by having nuclear weapons. Offers an in-depth analysis of an understudied phenomenon
in medieval Japanese history: the akuto (literally “evil
bands”). Employing chronicles, laws, and legal documents
from the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, and Japanese
scholarship, Morten Oxenboell examines the significance of
akuto in legal proceedings to provide an understanding of
how rural communities engaged in violent conflicts.



The Koreans of the Russian Far East James L. Huffman
Jon K. Chang Apr 2018 472pp, 24 b&w illustrations
9780824872915 Hardback £64.95 / €73.00
Feb 2018 288pp, 18 b&w illustrations, 3 maps, 6 tables
9780824876746 Paperback £26.95 / €30.00 A sweeping work of original scholarship, Down and Out in
Perspectives on the Global Past Late Meiji Japan examines the daily lives of Japan’s hinmin
For full details of this title, see page 1. (poor people), particularly urban slum-dwellers, in the late
1800s and early 1900s. James Huffman draws on newspaper
A CHINA SCHOLAR’S LONG MARCH, articles, official surveys, and reminiscences to recreate for
1978–2015 readers life as experienced by the poor themselves.

Reflections on a Changing China FAMILIAL PROPERTIES
Charles Horner
Gender, State, and Society in Early Modern
Mar 2018 300pp Vietnam, 1463-1778
9781937385859 Paperback £27.50 / €31.00 Nhung Tuyet Tran
9781937385903 Hardback £46.95 / €53.00
May 2018 280pp
Presents a collection of fifty pieces written between 1978 9780824874827 Hardback £64.95 / €73.00
and 2015 by Charles Horner, a China Scholar, a former US Southeast Asia: Politics, Meaning, and Memory, Vol. 6
government official, and the author of the two-volume work
Rising China and Its Postmodern Fate. The pieces originally Provides the first full-length history of Vietnamese gender
appeared in general interest publications. relations in the precolonial period. Nhung Tuyet Tran shows
how, despite the bias in law and practice of a patrilineal
MerwinAsia society based on primogeniture, some women were able to
manipulate the system to their own advantage.
A Memoir
Liang Xiao On the U.S. Conquest and the Writings of
Philippine History
Mar 2018 300pp Reynaldo C. Ileto
9781937385750 Paperback £27.50 / €31.00
9781937385781 Hardback £46.95 / €53.00 Feb 2018 376pp
9789715507783 Paperback £48.50 / €55.00
Novelist Liang Xiaosheng’s Confessions of a Red Guard relates
minor, intensely personal incidents affecting ordinary Shows us how to think about the American century in
people during this extraordinary historical period. In the the Philippines in another way. Colonial representations
author’s odyssey as a young Red Guard, he is witness of the revolution and resistance to US occupation have
to public humiliations of “counterrevolutionaries”; an been contested quite effectively. But the bigger challenge
execution; a budding romance; and stolen pleasures with is to interrogate some basic notions that undergird our
forbidden books. understanding of Philippine politics - notions that owe their
provenance to attempts by US officials and scholars to pacify
MerwinAsia the enemy.

CULTIVATING FEMININITY Ateneo De Manila University Press

Women and Tea Culture in Edo and
Meiji Japan
Rebecca Corbett

Dec 2017 208pp, 10 b&w illustrations, 3 colour plates
9780824872076 Hardback £64.95 / €73.00

The overwhelming majority of tea practitioners in
contemporary Japan are women, but there has been little
discussion on their historical role in tea culture (chanoyu).
Rebecca Corbett writes women back into this history
and shows how tea practice for women was understood,
articulated, and promoted in the Edo and Meiji periods.


The Estate System in Medieval Japan
Edited by Janet R. Goodwin, Joan R. Piggott Literature, Film, and Transnational Politics
Yuko Shibata
Jul 2018 464pp, 62 illustrations, 29 in colour
9780824872939 Hardback £70.50 / €79.00 Aug 2018 216pp
9780824867775 Hardback £59.50 / €67.00
From the tenth to sixteenth centuries, landed estates served
as sites of de facto government, trade network nodes, Juxtaposes literary and cinematic texts usually considered
developing agricultural technology, and centres of religious separately to highlight the “connected divides”in the
practice in Japan. This volume examines the system from production of knowledge on Hiroshima and Nagasaki,
three perspectives: the land itself; the power derived from shedding new light on both texts and contexts in
and exerted over the land; and the religious institutions and the process.
individuals involved in landholding practices.
OWNERSHIP IN SOUTHWEST CHINA Memory, Reinvention, and the Korean Wave
Ross King
State, Village, Family
Yi Wu Feb 2018 336pp, 60 b&w illustrations
9780824872052 Hardback £56.50 / €63.00
Apr 2018 296pp, 10 b&w illustrations, 2 maps, 2 tables
9780824876807 Paperback £26.95 / €30.00 Interrogates the contested history and physical remnants
Studies of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute, of Seoul, tacking between the city’s historiography and
Columbia University architecture, with attention to monuments, streets,
and other urban spaces. The book’s structuring device
Offers the first comprehensive analysis of how China’s is the dichotomy of erasure and memory as necessary
current system of land ownership has evolved over the preconditions for reinvention.
past six decades. Based on extended fieldwork in Yunnan
Province, the author explores how the three major rural SOUTHEAST ASIA’S COLD WAR
actors - local governments, village communities, and rural
households - have contested and negotiated land rights at An Interpretive History
the grassroots level. Ang Cheng Guan

9780824872571 Hardback £64.95 / €73.00
Fascism and Japanese Art During the
Second World War The historiography of the Cold War has long been dominated
Asato Ikeda by American motivations and concerns, with Southeast
Asian perspectives largely confined to the Indochina wars
May 2018 192pp, 33 colour, 12 b&w illustrations and Indonesia under Sukarno. Southeast Asia’s Cold War
9780824872120 Hardback £57.50 / €65.00 corrects this situation by examining the international politics
of the region from within rather than without.
Examines a set of paintings produced in Japan during the
1930s and early 1940s that have received little scholarly SPECTACULAR ACCUMULATION
attention. Asato Ikeda views the work of four prominent
artists of the time - Yokoyama Taikan, Yasuda Yukihiko, Material Culture, Tokugawa Ieyasu, and
Uemura Shoen, and Fujita Tsuguharu - through the lens Samurai Sociability
of fascism, showing how their seemingly straightforward Morgan Pitelka
paintings supported the war by reinforcing state ideology.
Jun 2018 240pp, 39 colour illustrations
9780824876814 Paperback £26.95 / €30.00

Investigates the significance of material culture and
sociability in late sixteenth-century Japan, focusing in
particular on the career and afterlife of Tokugawa Ieyasu
(1543-1616), the founder of the Tokugawa shogunate.
The story of Ieyasu illustrates the close ties between
people, things, and politics and offers us insight into the
role of material culture in the shift from medieval to early
modern Japan.


WHITE MÉTISSE Naval Institute Press

May 2018 352pp
9780824872670 Paperback £23.95 / €27.00 The New Game in the South China Sea
9780824872663 Hardback £59.50 / €67.00 Anders Corr
For full details of this title, see page 1.
Dec 2017 336pp, 1 map
YELLOW PERILS 9781682472354 Hardback £30.50 / €35.00
For full details of this title, see page 1.
China Narratives in the Contemporary World
Edited by Franck Billé & Sören Urbansky The University of North Carolina Press

Jul 2018 280pp, 6 b&w illustrations RUBBER AND THE MAKING
9780824875794 Hardback £64.95 / €73.00 OF VIETNAM

For full details of this title, see page 1. An Ecological History, 1897-1975
Michitake Aso
Apr 2018 320pp, 20 illustrations
NORTH KOREA 9781469637150 Paperback £31.50 / €36.00
AND MYANMAR 9781469637143 Hardback £85.95 / €97.00
Flows, Migrations, and Exchanges
Divergent Paths In this ground breaking study, Michitake Aso narrates
Andray Abrahamian how rubber plantations came to dominate the material
and symbolic landscape of Vietnam and its neighbours,
Dec 2017 170pp structuring the region’s environment of conflict and violence.
9781476673707 Paperback Aso demonstrates how postcolonial socialist visions of
£38.50 / €43.00 agriculture and medicine were informed by their colonial and
capitalist predecessors in important ways.
North Korea and Myanmar
(Burma) are Asia’s most NUS Press
mysterious, tragic stories.
They were the region’s most STUDYING SINGAPORE BEFORE 1800
militarized and repressed societies, sitting out the greatest
wealth creation project in the history of the world, one that Edited by Kwa Chong Guan & Peter Borschberg
created a belt of middle classes, comfort and security from May 2018 600pp
Singapore to Japan. How did Myanmar find its way out of 9789814722742 Paperback £49.50 / €56.00
this isolation? Why does North Korea remain stuck? This volume collects studies about Singapore before 1800,
bringing together different efforts across the 20th century at
University of Michigan Press reconstructing Singapore’s “missing years”. 


Beyond Resistance and Control Dealing With Leprosy in the
Juhn Young Ahn Dutch East Indies, 1816–1942
Leo van Bergen
Feb 2018 264pp, 13 b&w photos, 1 map
9780472053773 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00 Jun 2018 344pp, 4 bar graphs, 6 tables
9780472073771 Hardback £71.50 / €81.00 9789814722834 Paperback £34.50 / €39.00
Perspectives on Contemporary Korea The story of leprosy in the Dutch East Indies from the
Challenges the popular conceptions of transgression as beginning of the 19th century to the middle of the 20th
resistance to authority, the collapse of morality, and an reveals important themes in the colonial enterprise across
attempt at self-empowerment. Examples of transgression the territory that is today’s Indonesia. 
from premodern, modern, and contemporary Korea are
examined side by side to underscore the possibility of reading
transgression in more ways than one.


WORLD WAR II SINGAPORE The University of Wisconsin Press

The Chosabu Reports on Syonan EXPRESSIONS OF SUFI CULTURE
Edited by Greg Huff & Shinobu Majima IN TAJIKISTAN

Feb 2018 520pp Benjamin Gatling
9789814722629 Hardback £57.50 / €65.00 Jul 2018 216pp, 9 b&w illustrations
9780299316808 Hardback £60.95 / €69.00
For forty-four months during World War II, the Japanese Folklore Studies in a Multicultural World
occupied Singapore, setting out to drastically change life Reveals the daily lives and religious practice of ordinary
on the island. As part of the occupation, the Japanese Muslim men in Tajikistan as they aspire to become Sufi
produced detailed reports on the economy. The reports mystics. Benjamin Gatling describes in vivid detail the range
were notoriously difficult to read, and so this exceptional of expressive forms - memories, stories, poetry, artifacts,
translation by Gregg Huff and Shinobu Majima is a true rituals, and other embodied practices - employed as they try
linguistic accomplishment. to construct a Sufi life in twenty-first-century Central Asia.

University of Pittsburgh Press IN PLAIN SIGHT

Rights in Thailand
Literacy, Language, and Power, 1914-2014 Tyrell Haberkorn
Victoria Clement
Oct 2017 312pp, 1 table
Jun 2018 302pp, 16 b&w Illustrations 9780299314408 Hardback
9780822964636 Paperback £27.95 / €31.00 £69.50 / €78.00
Central Eurasia in Context New Perspectives in South East
Asian Studies
Examines the ways in which the iconography of everyday Following a 1932 coup d’état in
life - in dramatically different alphabets, multiple languages, Thailand that ended absolute
and shifting education policies - reflects the evolution monarchy and established a
of Turkmen society in Central Asia over the past century. constitution, the Thai state that emerged has suppressed
Learning to Become Turkmen is the first book in a Western political dissent through detention, torture, forced
language to draw on Turkmen archives, as it explores how reeducation, disappearances, assassinations, and massacres.
Eurasia has been shaped historically. In Plain Sight shows how these abuses, both hidden and
occurring in public view, have become institutionalized.
Power and Famine in Kazakhstan
Robert Kindler Cognella Academic Publishing

Jun 2018 328pp, 14 b&w Illustrations THE HISTORY OF JAPAN
9780822965435 Paperback £27.95 / €31.00
Central Eurasia in Context Ura and Omote
Edited by Eric Messersmith
Provides a comprehensive and unsettling account of the
Soviet campaign to forcefully sedentarize and collectivize 2012 218pp
the Kazakh clans. Viewing the nomadic life as unproductive, 9781609272654 Paperback £125.00 / €141.00
and their lands unused and untilled, Stalin and his inner circle An anthology that provides readers with a fresh and
pursued a campaign of violence and subjugation, rather than interesting look at Japanese history. It brings together, in one
attempting any dialogue or cultural assimilation. The results volume, the narratives not typically included in academic
were catastrophic. texts and the familiar stories that are covered repeatedly
by scholars.
The University of Utah Press


What Happened and Why
Edited by M Hakan Yavuz & Bayram Balci

Mar 2018 360pp
9781607816065 Paperback £23.95 / €27.00

For full details of this title, see page 2.



John McKinstry & Harold Kerbo Material Culture and Social Status in Early
2011 274pp Modern China
9781609278854 Paperback £16.95 / €19.00 Craig Clunas

Japan has always seemed a puzzle to most westerners – so 2004 219pp, 8 illustrations
modern, so industrialized, yet somehow so different. This 9780824828202 Paperback £22.95 / €26.00
book seeks to initiate westerners to the learning process of Craig Clunas analyses “superfluous things”- the paintings,
making Japan seem a little less mysterious and a little more calligraphy, bronzes, ceramics, carved jade, and other
understandable. objects owned by the elites of Ming China - and describes
contemporary attitudes to them.
University of Hawai’i Press
The University of North Carolina Press
Fourth Edition
H. Paul Varley Jian Chen
2001 416pp
2000 400pp, 72 illustrations 9780807849323 Paperback £35.95 / €41.00
9780824821524 Paperback The New Cold War History
£23.95 / €27.00 This comprehensive study of China’s Cold War experience
reveals the crucial role Beijing played in shaping the
An introduction to Japanese orientation of the global Cold War and the confrontation
history and culture. This fourth between the United States and the Soviet Union.
edition includes expanded
sections on samurai values, Zen NUS Press
Buddhism, the tea ceremony,
Confucianism in the Tokugawa A HISTORY OF MODERN SINGAPORE,
period, the story of the 47 “ronin”, and mass culture in 1819-2005
contemporary times.
C. Mary Turnbull
JAPAN TO 1600 2009 520pp, illustrations, maps
9789971693435 Paperback £28.95 / €33.00
A Social and Economic History Seeks to provide a general framework, giving due weight
William Wayne Farris to the origins, early development and each of the various
periods of Singapore’s history.
2009 264pp, 29 illustrations, 6 maps
9780824833794 Paperback £24.95 / €28.00 Pentagon Press

Traces Japanese historical development from the first KISHTWAR CAULDRON
evidence of human habitation in the archipelago to the
consolidation of political power under the Tokugawa The Struggle Against ISI’s Ethnic Cleansing
shogunate at the beginning of the seventeenth century. G.D. Bakshi

ODYSSEY 9788182747364 Hardback £24.50 / €30.00
This is an explosive and insightful account of Pakistan`s
A Short History Proxy War in Jammu and Kashmir in general and the
Michael Edson Robinson counter-terrorist operations in the killing fields of Kishtwar,
in particular.
2007 232pp, 30 illustrations
9780824831745 Paperback £23.95 / €27.00

Beginning with a description of late-nineteenth-century
imperialism, this work shows how traditional Korean political
culture shaped the response of Koreans to multiple threats to
their sovereignty after being opened to the world economy
by Japan in the 1870s.


AUSTRALASIA NewSouth Publishing

University of Hawai’i Press THE SYDNEY WARS

BREAKING THE SHELL Conflict and Warfare on the Cumberland
Plain 1788–1817
Voyaging from Nuclear Refugees to People of Stephen Gapps
the Sea in the Marshall Islands
Joseph H. Genz May 2018 304pp
9781742232140 Paperback £31.50 / €36.00
Feb 2018 264pp, 23 b&w illustrations, 5 maps Described by one early colonist as ‘this constant sort
9780824867911 Hardback £64.95 / €73.00 of war’, The Sydney Wars tells the history of military
Presents the journey of Captain Korent Joel, who, having engagements between Europeans and Aboriginal
been forced into exile after the thermonuclear Bravo test of Australians around greater Sydney.
1954, has reconnected to his ancestral maritime heritage and
forged an unprecedented path toward becoming a navigator. BESTSELLERS

HAWAIKI RISING Melbourne University Publishing

Hkle‘a, Nainoa Thompson, and the AUSTRALIA
Hawaiian Renaissance
Sam Low Mark McKenna
2017 277pp
Feb 2018 344pp, 64 b&w illustrations 9780522862591 Paperback £24.50 / €28.00
9780824877354 Hardback £28.95 / €32.00 Offers an imaginative and original new telling of modern
In 1975, a replica of an ancient Hawaiian canoe - Hokuleæa Australia through the history and stories of ten places,
- was launched to sail the ancient star paths, and help all revisited and explained by award-winning author and
Hawaiians reclaim pride in the accomplishments of their historian Mark McKenna.
ancestors. Hawaiki Rising tells this story in the words of the
men and women who created and sailed aboard Hokuleæa. THE HISTORY WARS

Melbourne University Publishing Second Edition
Stuart Macintyre & Anna Clark
OF PORT PHILLIP 2004 310pp
9780522851281 Paperback £22.50 / €25.00
Settler Ideology, Politicians, journalists, columnists, academics and
Violence, and Australians from all walks of life argue passionately about
Rhetorical Possession the significance of the national story. This book explores
Thomas James Rogers how this intense public debate has polarised the nation and
paralysed history departments.
Feb 2018 277pp
9780522870602 Paperback NewSouth Publishing
£34.95 / €40.00
9780522872385 Hardback THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FRONTIER
£48.95 / €55.00
Tracks the violent history of the first years of British Aboriginal Resistance to the European
settlement in the Port Phillip District, now the state of Invasion of Australia
Victoria. This book illuminates the underlying free-settler Henry Reynolds
rhetoric that advocated and abetted violence on the frontier.
For the first time, we hear the settlers tell us in their own 2006 256pp
words what the civilisation of Port Phillip really involved. 9780868408927 Paperback £20.95 / €24.00
MUP Academic Drawing from documentary and oral evidence, this book
describes the ways in which Aborigines responded to the
arrival of Europeans.


Tahir Lodhi
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Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine,
London, South & Key Accounts Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, SOUTH EAST ASIA
Phil Prestianni United Arab Emirates, Yemen
[email protected] David Atiyah Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore
[email protected] Raymond Lim
North East England, Scotland, Ireland [email protected]
Jim Chalmers AFRICA
[email protected] Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia,
Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Laos, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam
North West, Midlands, Tunisia Melvin Choo
South West England, Wales David Atiyah [email protected]
James Benson [email protected]
[email protected] FAR EAST
Angola, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana,
CONTINENTAL EUROPE Kenya, Malawi, Mauritius, Nigeria, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan
Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Benjamin Pan
Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Zimbabwe [email protected]
Norway, Sweden Guy Simpson
David Towle [email protected] Japan
[email protected] Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Tim Burland
South Africa, Swaziland [email protected]
Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Chris Reinders Mark Gresham
Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, [email protected] [email protected]
Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania,
Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, ASIA-PACIFIC South Korea
Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine ChongHo Ra
László Horváth CENTRAL ASIA [email protected]
[email protected]
Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, AUSTRALASIA & OCEANIA
Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan,
Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan Australia, New Zealand, Oceania
Portugal, Spain, Switzerland Marc Bedwell Emma White
Michelle Zappa [email protected] [email protected]
[email protected]
Charles Gibbes Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Craig Falk
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