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African Studies 2017

Eurospan's latest titles in African Studies


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Growth Traps and OF APARTHEID
Opportunities AND THE DAWN
for Six African OF DEMOCRACY
Economies IN SOUTH
AFRICA, 1993
Edited by Haroon Bhorat
& Finn Tarp John C. Eby
& Fred Morton
2016 270pp
9780815729495 Paperback Mar 2017 186pp
£29.95 / €37.00
9781469633169 Paperback
Examines the economic
growth experiences of £31.50 / €37.00
six fast-growing and/or
economically dominant Focuses on the
African countries. Expert African researchers offer unique problem of
perspectives into the challenges and issues in Ethiopia, transitioning a society conditioned to profound
Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, and South Africa. inequalities and harsh political repression into a more
democratic, egalitarian system. Readers will carefully
Brookings Institution Press ponder the meaning of democracy as a concept and may
find that justice and equality are not always comfortable
partners with liberty.

The University of North Carolina Press

Military-Sponsored Travel in Ghana, the United Towards Solutions for the Migrant Crisis
States, and the World, 1959-1992
Edited by Bertelsmann Stiftung
John V. Clune
May 2017 300pp
Jun 2017 288pp 9783867937498 Paperback £29.50 / €35.00
9780826521514 Hardback £57.50 / €68.00
The Cold War in Global Perspective Conflict and war are driving massive numbers of people from
the Middle East and North Africa, Central Africa, Ukraine and
Merging newly discovered documents from Ghana's Central Asia to leave their homes in search of safety.
armed forces and declassified sources on American military
assistance to Africa, this work argues that military-sponsored In these essays, authors analyse the crisis at Europe’s front
travel made individual Ghanaians' outlooks on the world door and make concrete and practice-oriented proposals to
more international, just as military assistance planners hoped improve and/or change the situation there.
they would, but the Ghanaian state struggled to turn that
new identity into political or economic progress. Brookings Institution Press

Vanderbilt University Press FEES MUST FALL
Decolonisation, Higher Education
BESTSELLER and Governance in South Africa

A Personal Account
2016 300pp
Ezra Sabiti Suruma 9781868149858 Paperback £32.95 / €39.00

2014 213pp #FeesMustFall, the student revolt that began in October
9780815725893 Paperback £35.95 / €42.00 2015, was an uprising against lack of access to, and financial
exclusion from, higher education in South Africa. This book
Offers a first-hand look at the remarkable policy changes maps the contours of student discontent a year after the
that took place between 1986 and 2012 in Uganda, and start of the #FeesMustFall revolt. Student voices dissect
their effect in contrast with the turbulent events after coloniality, improper compromises, feminism, worker rights
independence. and meaningful education.

Brookings Institution Press Wits University Press


MACHINE Learning to Compete in Industry
A Genealogy of
South Africa's Truth Carol Newman et al
and Reconciliation
Commission 2016 306pp
9780815728153 Paperback £31.95 / €38.00
Adam Sitze
Outlines a new industrialisation strategy to help Africa
2016 392pp compete in global markets. This book draws on case studies
9780472036585 Paperback and qualitative research to understand what drives firm-level
£41.95 / €49.00 productivity in low income countries. The results show that
9780472118755 Hardback while traditional concerns such as infrastructure, skills, and the
£78.50 / €92.00 regulatory environment are important, they alone will not be
sufficient for Africa to industrialise.
Traces the origins of
South Africa's Truth and Brookings Institution Press
Reconciliation Commission back to two well-established
instruments of colonial and imperial governance: the BESTSELLER
jurisprudence of indemnity and the commission of inquiry.
This genealogy provides a fresh, though counterintuitive, MANAGING ETHNIC
understanding of the TRC's legal, political, and cultural CONFLICT IN AFRICA
importance. Pressures and
Incentives for
University of Michigan Press Cooperation

Seeking Justice after Genocide
1997 360pp
Bert Ingelaere 9780815775935 Paperback
£18.50 / €22.00
2016 272pp, 2 figures, 1 map, 14 tables
9780299309701 Hardback £63.00 / €72.60 Ethnic conflict in Africa
Critical Human Rights is reaching critical levels.
Governments are being
After the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, the country as a whole toppled. National economies are collapsing. And the potential
struggled to deal with the legacy of the mass violence. for civil unrest – even violent encounters –throughout the
The government responded by creating a new version of a continent threatens to engulf not only Africa, but much of
traditional grassroots justice system called gacaca. Here, Bert the world.
Ingelaere offers a comprehensive assessment of what these
courts set out to do, how they worked, what they achieved, Brookings Institution Press
and how they affected Rwandan society.
The University of Wisconsin Press The Political Consequences of the Fight Against
AIDS in Lesotho
South Africa's Post-Apartheid Military
Jul 2017 264pp
L. Heinecken 9780826521552 Paperback £31.50 / €37.00
9780826521545 Hardback £73.50 / €86.00
May 2017 240pp
9781775822103 Paperback £29.95 / €35.00 In Lesotho, which has the world's second highest HIV
prevalence, HIV treatment has had unintentional but
Examines how the South African National Defence Force has pervasive political costs, distancing citizens from the
adapted to the new security, political and social environment government, fostering distrust of health programs, and
since 1994. This book presents an overview of the security disrupting the social contract. Based on ethnographic
environment, how the mission focus of the military has observation between 2008 and 2014, this book anticipates
changed and the implications for force procurement, force the political violence and instability that swept through
preparation, force employment and force sustainability. Lesotho in 2014.

UCT Press Vanderbilt University Press


AFRICA AND BEYOND Desiring the Post-Apartheid

Edited by Sally Matthews Edited by Maurits van Bever Donker et al

May 2017 220pp May 2017 334pp

9781869143282 Paperback £25.50 / €30.00 9781776140305 Paperback £32.95 / €39.00

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) are regarded These essays engage with what "the social" might mean
by many as vital role players in improving the lives of the after apartheid, a condition referred to as "the post-apartheid
poor and bringing about social justice. This book includes social". The volume grapples with apartheid as a global
contributions from NGO workers, academics and social phenomenon that extends beyond the borders of South Africa
movement activists in order to provide varying perspectives and foregrounds the tension between the weight of lived
on what possible role NGOs can rightly play in popular experience that was apartheid, the structures that condition
struggles. that experience, and a desire for a "post-apartheid social".

University of KwaZulu-Natal Press Wits University Press

STATE IN AFRICA Edited by Firoz Khan et al
Fifty Years of
Independence, 2016 288pp
1960–2010 9781775822080 Paperback £27.95 / €33.00

Crawford Young The inspiration for this book was a Summer School on State,
Governance and Development presented by distinguished
2012 424pp academics from the School of Oriental and African Studies,
London. Written by young African scholars, the chapters here
9780299291440 Paperback focus on state, governance and development in Africa as seen
from the authors' vantage points and positions in different
£33.50 / €39.00 sectors of society.

Offers an authoritative UCT Press
comparative overview of fifty
years of African independence, THINKING FREEDOM
drawing on decades of IN AFRICA
research and first-hand experience. Young identifies three Subjective Excess,
cycles of hope and disappointment common to many of Historical Sequences
the African states: initial euphoria at independence in the and Emancipatory
1960s followed by disillusionment and a lapse into single- Politics
party autocracies and military rule; a period of renewed
confidence, radicalisation, and state expansion in the 1970s Michael Neocosmos
preceding state crisis and even failure in the 1980s; and a
phase of reborn optimism during the continental wave of Mar 2017 600pp
democratisation beginning around 1990. 9781868148660 Paperback
£41.95 / €52.00
The University of Wisconsin Press
This book's concern is the
PROTEST NATION development of concepts
The Right to Protest in South Africa for an understanding of
emancipatory politics in Africa
Jane Duncan in particular, and in the Third World in general. "Politics" here
means consciousness, ideology, practice, choices and thought.
2016 256pp The two core concepts which the book develops are the idea
of "excess" and that of "political sequence".
9781869143237 Paperback £29.50 / €35.00
Wits University Press
Bringing together data gathered from municipalities, the
police, protestor and activist interviews, as well as media
reports, the book analyses the extent to which the right to
protest is respected in democratic South Africa. This book is
a call to action to defend the right to protest: a right that is
clearly under threat.

University of KwaZulu-Natal Press


Left Thought Under Criminal Politics in
Apartheid Rwanda,
Edited by Edward Webster &
Karin Pampallis André Guichaoua
Translated by
Apr 2017 336pp Don E. Webster
9781776140220 Paperback Foreword by Scott Straus
£32.95 / €39.00
Jun 2017 478pp
Examines the way in which 9780299298241 Paperback
various strands of left thought £28.50 / €33.00
have addressed the National Critical Human Rights
Question, especially during the apartheid years, and goes
on to discuss its relevance for South Africa today and in In April 1994, Rwanda
the future. Contributors have defined the question as they exploded in violence, with political, social, and economic
believe appropriate, which has resulted in a rich tapestry of divisions most visible along ethnic lines. The ensuing
interweaving perceptions about the unresolved National killings resulted in the deaths of as much as 20% of
Question. Rwanda's population. André Guichaoua unfolds a
complex story with multiple actors, including three
Wits University Press major political parties that each encompassed a
spectrum of positions, all reacting to a rapidly evolving
Lessons from Cape Town The University of Wisconsin Press

Edited by M. New, D. Scott & H. Davies HIGHLIGHT

May 2017 298pp UNSETTLED
9781775822172 Paperback £35.95 / €42.00 HISTORY
Making South
The city of Cape Town is integrating climate change into its African Public Pasts
urban policy-making. This book presents initiatives across
a range of municipal departments, from environmental Leslie Witz, Gary Minkley
resource management, reducing greenhouse gas emissions & Ciraj Rassool
and energy management to spatial planning. It shows how
these departments have shifted from "business as usual" and Feb 2017 328pp
mainstreamed climate change. 9780472053346 Paperback
£31.50 / €37.00
UCT Press 9780472073344 Hardback
£62.95 / €74.00
WE, THE PEOPLE African Perspectives
Insights of an Activists Judge
Examines how South
Albie Sachs African society and
its public pasts were constructed and presented from
2016 250pp Nelson Mandela's release in 1990 to South Africa's
9781868149988 Paperback £32.95 / €39.00 hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. This volume
focuses on how the processes and locations of
This stirring collection of essays, talks and extracts by activists historicising shifted and categories of framing history
and former judge Albie Sachs marks more than 25 years were unsettled in post-apartheid South Africa.
of thinking about constitution making and non-racialism.
Following the Constitutional Court's landmark Nkandla University of Michigan Press
ruling in March 2016, it serves as a powerful reminder of the
tenets of the Constitution, the rule of law and the continuous
struggle to uphold democratic rights and freedoms.

Wits University Press


Christian Visual Culture in the Chicaba, an African Nun in
Kingdom of Kongo Eighteenth-Century Spain

Cécile Fromont Edited by Sue E. Houchins & Baltasar Fra-Molinero

2014 352pp, 37 colour plates, 3 drawings, 52 halftones, 1 map Dec 2017 312pp
9781469618715 Hardback £47.50 / €55.00 9780826521033 Hardback £67.95 / €80.00
Published for the Omohundro Institute of Early American History and
Culture, Williamsburg, Virginia Teresa de Santo Domingo was a slave captured in the territory
known as La Mina Baja del Oro. Her life story is known to us
Between the sixteenth and the nineteenth centuries, the west through a document entitled Compendio de la Vida Ejemplar
central African kingdom of Kongo practiced Christianity and de la Venerable Madre Sor Teresa Juliana de Santo Domingo. This
actively participated in the Atlantic world as an independent, volume, the first English translation of the Compendio, is a
cosmopolitan realm. Drawing on an expansive and largely hagiography, an example of a biographical genre that recounts
unpublished set of objects, images, and documents, Cécile the lives and describes the spiritual practices of holy people.
Fromont examines the advent of Kongo Christian visual
culture and traces its development across four centuries. Vanderbilt University Press

The University of North Carolina Press COUNTING THE
CARIBBEAN, 1570-1640 Story

David Wheat Toyin Falola

2016 336pp, 15 halftones 2014 360pp, 25 halftones
9781469623412 Hardback £47.50 / €55.00 9780472036561 Paperback
£29.50 / €35.00
David Wheat is the first scholar to establish this early phase of 9780472119486 Hardback
the "Africanisation" of the Spanish Caribbean two centuries £52.50 / €61.00
before the rise of large-scale sugar plantations. With African
migrants and their descendants comprising demographic Examines a crucial turning
majorities in core areas of Spanish settlement, Luso-Africans, point in Nigerian history, the
Afro-Iberians, Latinised Africans, and free people of colour Agbekoya rebellion ("Peasants
acted more as colonists or settlers than as plantation slaves. Reject Poverty") of 1968-
70, as chronicled by Toyin Falola, reflecting on his first-hand
The University of North Carolina Press experiences as a teenage witness to history. Falola, the
foremost scholar of Africa of this generation, illuminates the
ATLANTIC BONDS complex factors that led to this armed conflict and details the
A Nineteenth-Century unfolding of major events.
Odyssey from
America to Africa University of Michigan Press

Lisa Lindsay CRADOCK
How Segregation and Apartheid Came to a
Feb 2017 328pp South African Town
9781469631127 Hardback
£36.95 / €43.00 Jeffrey Butler
H. Eugene and Lillian Youngs Edited by Richard Elphick & Jeannette Hopkins
Lehman Series
Nov 2017 272pp, 23 b&w illustrations, 9 maps, 5 tables
A decade before the American 9780813940588 Hardback £41.50 / €49.00
Civil War, James Churchwill Reconsiderations in Southern African History
Vaughan (1828-93) set out
to fulfil his formerly enslaved This work, the product of more than twenty years of research
father's dying wish that he should leave America to start is a vivid history of a middle-sized South African town in the
a new life in Africa. Tracing Vaughan's journey from South years when segregation gradually emerged, preceding the
Carolina to Liberia to several parts of Yorubaland, Lisa Lindsay rapid and rigorous implementation of apartheid.
documents this "free" man's struggle to find economic and
political autonomy. University of Virginia Press

The University of North Carolina Press


AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH The Royal African Company and the Politics of
the Atlantic Slave Trade, 1672-1752
African Methodist Episcopal Church
William A. Pettigrew
Mar 2017 200pp
9781469633251 Paperback £26.50 / €31.00 2016 272pp, 4 halftones, 4 figures, 4 tables
9781469629858 Paperback £29.50 / €35.00
Published in 1817, The Doctrines and Discipline of the African Published for the Omohundro Institute of Early American History and
Methodist Episcopal Church was the first definitive guide to Culture, Williamsburg, Virginia
the history, beliefs, teachings, and practices of the African
Methodist Episcopal Church. Beginning with a brief history, In the years following the Glorious Revolution, independent
the book moves into a presentation of the "Articles of slave traders challenged the charter of the Royal African
Religion", and then offers a four-part catechism that explicates Company by asserting their natural rights as Britons to trade
the meanings of the doctrinal statements. freely in enslaved Africans. In this comprehensive history of
the rise and fall of the RAC, William A. Pettigrew grounds
The University of North Carolina Press the transatlantic slave trade in politics, not economic forces,
analysing the ideological arguments of the RAC and
DOMAINS OF FREEDOM its opponents.
Justice, Citizenship and Social Change in
South Africa The University of North Carolina Press

Edited by Thembela Kepe, Melissa Levin & Bettina von Lieres FROM PROHIBITED PERSONS TO
2016 320pp Origins of Citizenship and Nationality in
9781775822042 Paperback £33.50 / €39.00 South Africa

This collection of essays acknowledges the enormous J. Klaaren
expectations placed on the shoulders of the South African
revolution to produce an alternative political regime in May 2017 224pp
response to apartheid and global neo-liberalism. It does not 9781775822097 Paperback £29.95 / €35.00
lament the inability of South Africa's democracy to provide
deeper freedoms, or suggest that since it hasn't this is some Explains the making of South African citizenship. It traces
form of betrayal. and provides the history of the mobility-related laws for the
constituent South African populations in the early 1900s:
UCT Press European, Indian (Asian) and African. This study intriguingly
and uniquely argues that the legal culture of South African
BESTSELLER citizenship has its origins in the Asian population and its
encounters with the emerging South African state.
How 17 Countries Are UCT Press
Leading the Way
Steven Radelet From German Southwest Africa to the
Third Reich
2010 169pp
9781933286518 Paperback Elizabeth R. Baer
£17.50 / €21.00
Nov 2017 208pp, 30 b&w photos
Describes the too-often- 9780814343852 Paperback £34.50 / €41.00
overlooked positive changes 9780814344385 Hardback £57.50 / €68.00
that have taken place in much
of Africa since the mid-1990s. The first genocide of the twentieth century, though not
The countries discussed in well known, was committed by Germans between 1904-
the book are Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Ethiopia, 1907 in the country we know today as Namibia, where they
Ghana, Lesotho, Mali Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, exterminated thousands of Herero and Nama people. In this
Rwanda, São Tomé and Principe, Seychelles, South Africa, work, Elizabeth R. Baer uses the trope of the gaze to trace
Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia. linkages between the genocide of the Herero and Nama and
that of the victims of the Holocaust.
Center for Global Development
Wayne State University Press
Brookings Institution Press


The Breakdown of a Moral Order Havana, Washington, Pretoria, and the Struggle
for Southern Africa, 1976-1991
Jelmer Vos
Piero Gleijeses
Oct 2017 234pp
9780299306243 Paperback £19.95 / €25.00 2015 672pp, 31 halftones, 9 maps
Africa and the Diaspora: History, Politics, Culture
9781469628325 Paperback £31.50 / €37.00
This richly documented account of the arrival of rubber The New Cold War History
traders, new Christian missionaries, and the Portuguese
colonial state in the Kongo realm is told from the perspective During the final fifteen years of the Cold War, southern Africa
of the kingdom’s inhabitants. underwent a period of upheaval, with dramatic twists and
turns in relations between the superpowers. Piero Gleijeses
The University of Wisconsin Press uses archival sources, particularly from the United States,
South Africa, and the closed Cuban archives, to provide an
NEW DIRECTIONS IN THE STUDY OF unprecedented international history of this important theatre

Edited by Beverly Tomek & Matthew J. Hetrick The University of North Carolina Press

9780813054247 Hardback £105.00 / €120.00 Unfinished, Open-Ended, Global
Southern Dissent
Dana Rush
Closely examines the movement to resettle black Americans
in Africa, an effort led by the American Colonization Society Aug 2017 244pp
during the nineteenth century. Contributors link the
movement to other historical developments of the time, 9780826519085 Paperback £36.95 / €43.00
revealing a complex web of different schemes, ideologies, Critical Investigations of the African Diaspora
and activities behind the relocation of African Americans to
Liberia. Centred on the former slaving port of Ouidah, Benin, Dana
Rush's research extends through Togo to Ghana, a region
University Press of Florida where exchanges of histories, ideas, and belief systems are
given material forms. This is a land where Shango, Jesus, and
RECAPTURED AFRICANS the Buddha are all gods of Vodun; where Hindu and Vodun
Surviving Slave Ships, Detention, and deities co-exist in symbiosis; where the spirits of people
Dislocation in the Final Years of the Slave Trade enslaved 150 years ago are paid tribute by the children of their
long-lost masters; and where Haitian, Brazilian, and Cuban
Sharla M. Fett images, artists, and spirits remain relevant to contemporary
West African practices.
2016 352pp
9781469630021 Hardback £36.95 / €43.00 Vanderbilt University Press

In the years just before the US Civil War, during the most
intensive phase of American slave-trade suppression, the
US Navy seized roughly 2,000 enslaved Africans from illegal
slave ships and brought them into temporary camps at Key
West and Charleston. In this study, Sharla Fett reconstructs
the social world of these "recaptives" and recounts the
relationships they built to survive.

The University of North Carolina Press



The Depiction of Post-2000 Land Invasions in
Irikidzayi Manase AND RESISTANCE
2016 150pp WOMEN'S
9781868888252 Paperback £17.95 / €21.00 WRITINGS

The post-2000 period in Zimbabwe saw the launch of a Donna Aza Weir-Soley
fast-track land reform programme, resulting in a flurry of
accounts from white Zimbabweans about how they saw the Apr 2017 296pp
land, the land invasions, and their own sense of belonging and 9780813054780 Paperback
identity. In White Narratives, Irikidzayi Manase engages with £27.95 / €33.00
this fervent output of texts seeking definition of experiences,
conflicts and ambiguities arising from the land invasions. Donna Weir-Soley
builds on the work of
UNISA Press previous scholars who
have identified the ways that black women's narratives
WINNING OUR FREEDOMS TOGETHER often contain a form of spirituality rooted in African
African Americans and Apartheid, 1945-1960 cosmology, which consistently grounds their characters'
self-empowerment and quest for autonomy. What she
Nicholas Grant adds to the discussion is an emphasis on the importance
of sexuality in the development of black female
Nov 2017 304pp, 12 halftones subjectivity.
9781469635286 Paperback £34.50 / €41.00
9781469635279 Hardback £94.50 / €110.00 University Press of Florida
Justice, Power, and Politics
In this account of black protest, Nicholas Grant examines
how African Americans engaged with, supported, and were MATERNAL
inspired by the South African anti-apartheid movement. METAPHORS OF
Bringing black activism into conversation with the foreign POWER IN
policy of both the US and South African governments, this AFRICAN
study questions the dominant perception that US-centred AMERICAN
anticommunism decimated black international activism. WOMEN'S
The University of North Carolina Press From Phillis
Wheatley to
Toni Morrison

Geneva Cobb Moore
Foreword by
Andrew Billingsley

Mar 2017 368pp
9781611177480 Hardback £62.95 / €74.00

Offers insight into the historical black experience from
slavery to freedom as depicted in the literature of nine
female writers across several centuries. Geneva Cobb
Moore traces black women writers' creation of feminine
and maternal metaphors of power in literature from the
colonial era work of Phillis Wheatley to the postmodern
work of Paule Marshall, Alice Walker, and Toni Morrison.

The University of South Carolina Press


The Poetics of a Modern Nation, 1950-1979
AFRICAN CINEMA Valérie K. Orlando

Valérie K. Orlando Feb 2017 344pp
9780813939629 Paperback £36.95 / €43.00
Apr 2017 160pp 9780813939612 Hardback £78.50 / €92.00
9780813579566 Paperback
£14.95 / €19.00 Disputing the claim that Algerian writing during the struggle
9780813589954 Hardback against French colonial rule dealt almost exclusively with
£58.95 / €68.00 revolutionary themes, The Algerian New Novel shows how
Quick Takes: Movies and Algerian authors writing in French actively contributed to the
Popular Culture experimental forms of the period.

Examines the social, University of Virginia Press
cultural, economic, and
historical issues explored A HISTORY OF THE IZIKO SOUTH AFRICAN
by African filmmakers NATIONAL GALLERY
from the early post-colonial years into the new Reflections on Art and National Identity
millennium. Offering an overview of the development of
postcolonial African cinema since the 1960s, Valérie K. A. Tietze
Orlando highlights the variations in content and themes
that reflect the socio-cultural and political environments May 2017 220pp
of filmmakers and the cultures they depict. 9781775822165 Paperback £27.50 / €32.00

Rutgers University Press Considers questions of artistic and cultural identity through
a history of the South African National Gallery from the late
HIGHLIGHT 19th century to the present day. It explores the question of
how the gallery has understood its function and its public.
SEVEN PLAYS OF These questions are explored through a study of the gallery's
KOFFI KWAHUL administration, collection and exhibition practices, as well as
In and Out of Africa the public response to exhibitions.

Judith G. Miller UCT Press

May 2017 296pp
9780472053490 Paperback
£31.50 / €37.00
9780472073498 Hardback
£78.50 / €92.00
African Perspectives

The work of renowned
Ivoirian playwright
Koffi Kwahulé has been
translated into some
15 languages and is performed regularly throughout
Europe, Africa, and the Americas. For the first time, Seven
Plays of Koffi Kwahulé makes available to an Anglophone
audience some of his best and most representative plays.

University of Michigan Press


A Zulu Epic The African Undercurrent in
Twentieth-Century Jazz Culture
Mazisi Kunene
Gerhard Kubik
May 2017 528pp
9781869143152 Paperback £20.95 / €25.00 Nov 2017 464pp
9781628462302 Hardback £69.95 / €83.00
Mazisi Kunene is the much-celebrated author of epics, poems, American Made Music Series
short stories, nursery rhymes and proverbs. In UNodumehlezi
KaMenzi (Emperor Shaka the Great), which he wrote during a Takes the reader across the Atlantic from Africa to the
period in exile, he positions Shaka as a legendary thinker, who Americas and then back in pursuit of the music we call
had great skill as a strategic and military genius. This vision jazz. This first volume explores the term itself and how
acknowledges and re-imagines Shaka as a unifying cultural jazz has been defined and redefined. It also celebrates
and political force. the phenomena of jazz performance and uncovers
hidden gems of jazz history.
University of KwaZulu-Natal Press
University Press of Mississippi
Conversations with Douglas Livingstone JAZZ
Michael Chapman Volume II
Jazz Derivatives
2016 264pp and Developments
9781869143190 Paperback £19.95 / €24.00 in Twentieth-
Century Africa
In conversations - serious, humorous, ironic, ribald -
internationally acclaimed poet-scientist Douglas Livingstone Gerhard Kubik
and leading literary critic Michael Chapman struck up a
warm, at times iconoclastic friendship. Their conversations Dec 2017 272pp
- recollected in this book - take readers through the times of 9781496806086 Hardback
political turbulence in South Africa to a climate more attuned £69.95 / €83.00
to Livingstone's abiding concern: how, as both scientist and American Made Music
poet, to heal the Earth, our only home. Series

University of KwaZulu-Natal Press Gerhard Kubik extends
and expands the epic exploration he began in Jazz
Transatlantic, Volume I. This second volume amplifies
how musicians influenced by swing, bebop, and post-
bop influenced musicians in Africa from the end of
World War II into the 1970s were interacting with each
other and re-creating jazz.

University Press of Mississippi

Crime, Reality and Fiction in
Postapartheid Writing

Leon de Kock

2016 288pp
9781868149643 Paperback £32.95 / €39.00

Scholar and writer Leon de Kock offers a lively and wide-
ranging analysis of post-apartheid South African writing
which, he contends, has morphed into a far more flexible and
multifaceted entity than its predecessor.

Wits University Press


Globalization and the Emergence of Asian and Black Women's Hauntings of
African Literature in Spanish Contemporary Horror

Adam Lifshey Kinitra D. Brooks

Mar 2017 336pp Dec 2017 216pp, 10 illustrations, 17 maps
9780472036851 Paperback £36.95 / €43.00 9780813584614 Paperback £23.95 / €28.00
9780813584621 Hardback £86.95 / €105.00
Argues that literature in Spanish from Asia and Africa, though
virtually unknown, reimagines the supposed centres and Highlights the unique position of Black women in horror
peripheries of the modern world in fundamental ways. as both characters and creators. Kinitra D. Brooks creates
a racially gendered critical analysis of African diasporic
University of Michigan Press women, challenging the horror genre's historic themes and
interrogating forms of literature that have often been ignored
THE MUDIMBE READER by Black feminist theory.

V. Y. Mudimbe Rutgers University Press
Edited by Daniel Orrells & Pierre-Philippe Fraiture
2016 280pp SOUTH AFRICA
9780813939117 Paperback £36.95 / €43.00 Past and Present
9780813939100 Hardback £78.50 / €92.00
Edited by Janet Remmington, Brian Willan &
For the first time The Mudimbe Reader offers a ground-breaking Bhekizizwe Peterson
work of modern intellectual African history that includes new
translations of essays which had previously been in French and 2016 300pp
out of print. 9781868149810 Paperback £32.95 / €39.00

University of Virginia Press First published in 1916, Sol Plaatje's Native Life in South Africa
was written by one of the South Africa's most talented early
PERFORMING WHITELY IN THE 20th-century black leaders and journalists. Plaatje's pioneering
POSTCOLONY book arose out of an early African National Congress
Afrikaners in South African Theatrical and campaign to protest against the discriminatory1913 Natives
Public Life Land Act.

Megan Lewis Wits University Press

9781609384470 Paperback £57.50 / €68.00 Postcolonial Texts, Queer Sexuality, and
Studies in Theatre History and Culture Cosmopolitan Fluency

What does it mean to perform whiteness in the postcolonial Evan Maina Mwangi
era? To answer this question – crucial for understanding
the changing meanings of race in the twenty-first century – Jul 2017 320pp
Megan Lewis examines the ways that members of South 9781606353219 Hardback £62.95 / €74.00
Africa's Afrikaner minority have performed themselves into, Translation Studies
around, and out of power from the colonial period to the
post-colony. Explores the intersection of translation, sexuality, and
cosmopolitan ethics in African literature. Evan Maina
University of Iowa Press Mwangi illustrates how such texts allude to various forms of
translation to depict the ethical relations to foreigners and the
powerless, including sexual minorities. He also explains the
popularity of fluent models of translation in African literature.

The Kent State University Press

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CHILDREN AS Emerging Sexual and Reproductive
CAREGIVERS Technologies in the Middle East and
The Global North Africa
Fight against
Tuberculosis and Edited by L.L. Wynn & Angel M. Foster
HIV in Zambia
May 2017 264pp
Jean Hunleth 9780826521286 Paperback £29.50 / €35.00
9780826521279 Hardback £73.50 / €86.00
Jan 2017 224pp
9780813588032 Paperback Reproductive health technologies are often particularly
£31.50 / €37.00 controversial because of their potential to reconfigure kinship
9780813588049 Hardback relationships, gender roles, and the way life is conceptualised.
£85.95 / €99.00 This collection of ethnographic research covers a wide
Rutgers Series in range of technologies, including emergency contraception,
Childhood Studies medication abortion, gamete donation, hymenoplasty,
erectile dysfunction,
In Zambia, due to the rise of TB and the connected HIV and gender transformation.
epidemic, a large number of children have experienced
the illness or death of at least one parent. This study Vanderbilt University Press
examines how well intentioned practitioners fail to
realise that children take on active caregiving roles when AFRICAN PRINT CULTURES
their guardians become seriously ill and demonstrates Newspapers and Their Publics in the
why understanding children's care is crucial for global Twentieth Century
health policy.
Edited by Derek R. Peterson, Emma Hunter & Stephanie Newell
Rutgers University Press
2016 440pp
HIGHLIGHT 9780472053179 Paperback £29.95 / €35.50
9780472073177 Hardback £84.50 / €97.00
SPIRIT CHILDREN African Perspectives
Illness, Poverty,
and Infanticide in Broad-ranging essays on the social, political, and cultural
Northern Ghana significance of more than a century’s worth of newspaper
publishing practices across the African continent. By focusing
Aaron R. Denham on the creative work that African editors and contributors did,
this volume brings an infrastructure of African public culture
Mar 2017 216pp into view.
9780299311209 Hardback
£67.95 / €80.00 University of Michigan Press
Africa and the Diaspora:
History, Politics, Culture ASIFUNDE ISIZULU

Refusing to generalise Anne Shimwell et al
or oversimplify, Aaron
R. Denham offers an May 2017 208pp
ethnographic study 9781869143695 Paperback £16.50 / €19.00
of the spirit child phenomenon in Northern Ghana
that considers medical, economic, religious, and Provides content that gives the new language learner an
political realities. He examines both the motivations insight into the language structure, culture and basic history
of the families and the structural factors that lead to of isiZulu. It is written in an easy-to-grasp style with many
infanticide, framing these within the context of global practical activities that make the manual an accessible and
public health. useful learning tool. The content is structured into fourteen
units. Each unit is based on a theme that covers current topics.
The University of Wisconsin Press
University of KwaZulu-Natal Press


African American Culture and the Crisis of the
BEING AT HOME Colonial State
Race, Institutional
Culture and Ira Dworkin
Transformation at
South African Higher Jun 2017 432pp
Education Institutions 9781469632711 Paperback £36.95 / €43.00
The John Hope Franklin Series in African American History and Culture
Edited by Pedro Tabensky &
Sally Matthews Examines black Americans' long cultural and political
engagement with the Congo and its people. Through studies
2015 304pp of George Washington Williams, Booker T. Washington,
9781869142902 Paperback Pauline Hopkins, Langston Hughes, Malcolm X, and
£25.95 / €31.00 other figures, Ira Dworkin brings to light a long-standing
relationship that challenges familiar presumptions about
While there are many reasons African American commitments to Africa.
to be despondent about the
current state of affairs in the South African tertiary sector, this The University of North Carolina Press
collection is intended as an invitation for the reader to see
these problems as opportunities for rethinking the very idea of CROSSING THE DIVIDE
what it is to be a university in contemporary South Africa. Precarious Work and the Future of Labour

University of KwaZulu-Natal Press Edited by Edward Webster, Akua O. Britwum & Sharit Bhowmik

BIRTHMARK Jun 2017 336pp
9781869143534 Paperback £ 19.95 / €25.00
Stephen Clingman
While work-related insecurities and worker vulnerability
2016 256pp induced by neoliberal globalisation are undeniably affecting
9781625342287 Paperback £26.50 / €31.00 an increasing number of workers around the world, Crossing
the Divide reveals that the history and legacy of colonialism
Explores the questions raised by living with divided vision in is shaping the response of the Global South in ways that are
a divided world - the world of South Africa under apartheid, quite different from that of the North.
where every view was governed by the markings of birth, the
accidents of color, race, and skin. But what were the effects on University of KwaZulu-Natal Press
the mind? Clingman's book engages a number of questions.
How, in such circumstances, can we come to a deeper kind of FINDING VOICE
vision? How can we achieve wholeness and acceptance? How A Visual Arts Approach to Engaging
can we find our place in the midst of turmoil and change? Social Change

University of Massachusetts Press Kim Shelley Berman

THE CALL OF BILAL Dec 2017 232pp, 40 figures, 2 tables
Islam in the African Diaspora 9780472053667 Paperback £26.50 / €31.00
9780472073665 Hardback £73.50 / €86.00
Edward E. Curtis IV
Demonstrates how Kim Berman was able to use visual arts
2014 224pp, 6 halftones training in disenfranchised communities as a tool for political
9781469618111 Paperback £29.50 / €35.00 and social transformation in South Africa. Using her own
Islamic Civilization and Muslim Networks fieldwork as a case study, Berman shows how hands-on work
in the arts with learners of all ages and backgrounds can
How do people in the African diaspora practice Islam? This contribute to economic stability by developing new skills, as
work is a penetrating account of the rich diversity of Islamic well as enhancing public health and gender justice.
religious practice among Africana Muslims worldwide.
Covering North Africa and the Middle East, India and Pakistan, University of Michigan Press
Europe, and the Americas, Edward E. Curtis IV reveals a
fascinating range of religious activities.

The University of North Carolina Press


The Ngoma Healing Tradition in South Africa Haitian History, Memory, and the Cultural
Robert Thornton
Toni Pressley-Sanon
May 2017 304pp
9781776140183 Paperback £32.95 / €39.00 Jan 2017 192pp, 22 b&w photos
9780813054407 Hardback £78.50 / €92.00
Explores the Ngoma healing tradition as practised in
eastern Mpumalanga, South Africa. "Bungoma" is an active Gathering oral stories and visual art from both sides of the
philosophical system and healing practice consisting of Atlantic, Istwa Across the Water stitches together fragmented
multiple strands that is based on the notion that humans are parts of the African diaspora. Toni Pressley-Sanon challenges
intrinsically exposed to each other; while this is the cause of the tendency to read history linearly and recovers the
illness, it is also the condition for the possibility of healing. submerged histories of Haiti through alternative methods
rooted in the island's spiritual and cultural traditions.
Wits University Press
University Press of Florida
Nasser's Egypt Then JAH KINGDOM
and Now Rastafarians, Tanzania, and Pan-Africanism in
the Age of Decolonization
Mériam N. Belli
Monique A. Bedasse
2016 304pp
9780813054094 Paperback Oct 2017 272pp
£31.50 / €37.00 9781469633596 Paperback £34.50 / €41.00
9781469633589 Hardback £94.50 / €110.00
Using an extensive array
of sources, ranging from From its beginnings in 1930s Jamaica, the Rastafarian
official archives and press movement has become a global presence. While the existing
reportage to fiction, public studies of the Rastafarian movement have primarily focused
rituals, and oral interviews, on its cultural expression through reggae music, art, and
Belli’s findings penetrate iconography, Monique A. Bedasse argues that repatriation
issues of class, religion, to Africa represents the most important vehicle of Rastafari's
and social and political activism. She shows that personal international growth.
testimonies and public representations allow us a deep
understanding of Egypt’s construction of the modern in its The University of North Carolina Press
many sociocultural layers.
University Press of Florida Black Women, Style, and the Global Politics
of Soul
A History of the Indigenisation of Blueprint in Tanisha C. Ford
South Africa
Aug 2017 272pp, 26 halftones
Juliette Leeb-Du Toit 9781469636139 Paperback £24.50 / €28.00
9781469625157 Hardback £31.50 / €37.00
May 2017 448pp Gender and American Culture
9781869143145 Paperback £61.95 / €73.00
Explores how and why black women in places such as
The cross-cultural usage of a particular cloth type – blueprint Johannesburg incorporated style and beauty culture into
– is central to South African cultural history. Known as their activism. Focusing on the emergence of the "soul style"
seshoeshoe or isishweshwe, South African blueprint movement - represented in clothing, jewellery, hairstyles, and
originated in the Far East and East Asia. In this beautifully more - Liberated Threads shows that black women's fashion
illustrated book, Juliette Leeb-du Toit traces the origins of choices became galvanising symbols of gender and political
the cloth, its early usage and cultural, adaptations, and its liberation.
emerging regional, cultural and aesthetic significance.
The University of North Carolina Press
University of KwaZulu-Natal Press


Reciprocity and Respect among Young Men COMMUNICATION
in Liberia A South African Perspective

Abby Hardgrove Edited by Russell H. Kaschula, Pamela Maseko &
H. Ekkehard Wolff
Mar 2017 192pp
May 2017 336pp
9780813573472 Paperback £27.50 / €31.00
9781776140268 Paperback £37.95 / €45.00
9780813573489 Hardback £85.95 / €99.00
Rutgers Series in Childhood Studies To date, there has been no published textbook which
takes into account changing sociolinguistic dynamics that
Explores how ex-combatants and other post-war youth have influenced South African society. This volume breaks
negotiated a depleted and difficult social and cultural new ground in this arena. Its scope ranges from macro-
landscape in the years following Liberia's fourteen-year sociolinguistic questions pertaining to language policies and
bloody civil war. Unlike others who study child soldiers, Abby their implementation to microsociolinguistic observations of
Hardgrove's ethnography looks at both former combatants actual language use in verbal interaction.
and also the youth who were not recruited to fight.
Wits University Press
Rutgers University Press

Social Cohesion in a Future South Africa UNCERTAINTY
Women's Agency in a South African HIV
Edited by Christopher Ballantine et al Prevention Trial

May 2017 208pp Eirik Saethre & Jonathan Stadler
9781869143329 Paperback £19.95 / €24.00
May 2017 256pp
The essays, which are short, incisive, at times provocative, 9780826521408 Paperback £36.95 / €43.00
in this collection tackle issues that are pertinent to both 9780826521392 Hardback £73.50 / €86.00
living together and living apart: equality/inequality, public
pronouncement, xenophobia, safety, chieftaincy in modernity, Telling the story of a clinical trial testing an innovative gel
gender-based abuse, healing, the law, education, identity, designed to prevent women from contracting HIV, Negotiating
sport, new 'national' projects, the role of the arts, and South Pharmaceutical Uncertainty provides new insight into the
Africa in the world. complex and contradictory relationship between medical
researchers and their subjects.
University of KwaZulu-Natal Press
Vanderbilt University Press
A History of Sapelo Islanders, Race, and the RELIGION, TRADITION, AND RESTORATIVE
American Imagination JUSTICE IN SIERRA LEONE

Melissa Cooper Lyn S. Graybill

Feb 2017 320pp Feb 2017 272pp
9781469632681 Paperback £31.50 / €37.00 9780268101893 Hardback £49.95 / €59.00
The John Hope Franklin Series in African American History and Culture
In this ground-breaking study of post-conflict Sierra Leone,
This wide-ranging history upends a long tradition of Lyn Graybill examines the ways in which religion and local
scrutinising the Low Country blacks of Sapelo Island by tradition supported restorative justice initiatives such as the
refocusing the observational lens on those who studied them. national Truth and Reconciliation Commission and village-
What emerges is a fascinating examination of Gullah people's level Fambul Tok ceremonies. Graybill uncovers a trove of
heritage, and how it was reimagined and transformed to serve perspectives about the meaning of reconciliation, the role of
vastly divergent ends over the decades. acknowledgment, and the significance of forgiveness.

The University of North Carolina Press University of Notre Dame Press


Youth Struggle in South Africa Before and
Beyond Soweto '76 Edited by Carolyn Hamilton & Nessa Leibhammer

Edited by Anne Heffernan & Noor Nieftagodien Apr 2017 644pp

2016 224pp Volume 1
9781868149193 Paperback £28.50 / €34.00
9781869143374 Paperback £45.50 / €53.00
The Soweto Student Uprising of 1976 was a decisive moment
in the struggle against apartheid. Drawing on research and Volume 2
writing by leading scholars and prominent activists, Students
Must Rise takes Soweto ‘76 as its pivot point, but looks at 9781869143381 Paperback £44.50 / €52.00
student and youth activism in South Africa more broadly
by considering what happened before and beyond the Two Volume Set
Soweto moment.
9781869143398 Paperback £81.95 / €96.00
Wits University Press
Tracks how the domain of the tribal and traditional was marked
A SURVEY OF SOUTH AFRICAN out and came to be sharply distinguished from modernity,
CRIME FICTION how it was denied a changing history and an archive and was
Critical Analysis and Publishing History endowed instead with a timeless culture. These volumes also
offer strategies for engaging with the materials differently.
Sam Naidu & Elizabeth le Roux
University of KwaZulu-Natal Press
Jun 2017 208pp
9781869143558 Paperback £24.95 / €30.00 A VOICE FROM THE SOUTH
By a Black Woman of the South
Crime fiction continues to be a burgeoning literary category
in post-apartheid South Africa, with more new authors, Anna J. Cooper
titles and themes emerging every year. This book is the
first comprehensive survey of South African crime fiction. It May 2017 318pp
provides an overview of this phenomenally successful literary 9781469633312 Paperback £31.50 / €37.00
category, and places it within its wider social and
historical context. Published in 1892, A Voice from the South is the only book
published by one of the most prominent African American
University of KwaZulu-Natal Press women scholars and educators of her era. In it, Anna Julia
Haywood Cooper engages a variety of issues, including women's
TIES THAT BIND rights, racial progress, segregation, and the education of black
Race and the Politics of Friendship in women. Cooper also discusses a number of authors and their
South Africa representations of African Americans.

Edited by Shannon Walsh & Jon Soske The University of North Carolina Press

2016 288pp
9781868149681 Paperback £32.95 / €39.00

What does friendship have to do with racial difference,
settler colonialism and post-apartheid South Africa? While
histories of apartheid and colonialism in South Africa have
often focused on the ideologies of segregation and white
supremacy, Ties that Bind explores how the intimacies of
friendship create vital spaces for practices of power
and resistance.

Wits University Press



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