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Eurospan's latest titles on the organisation and management of education

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2018 Organisation & Management of Education

Eurospan's latest titles on the organisation and management of education








In Pursuit of A Practical Guide
Educational Equity Pamela Macklin & Vic Zbar
Edited by Marisa
Saunders, Jorge Ruiz de Nov 2017 176pp
Velasco & Jeannie Oakes 9781742864730 Paperback £56.50 / €63.00

Nov 2017 300pp This volume is designed to support school leaders in
9781682531068 Paperback meeting their improvement challenge in ways that can
£30.95 / €35.00 be contextualised to their circumstances. The focus is on
Explores how education implementation, and it therefore contains tools, activities
time can be expanded, and pro-formas that have been used successfully in a range
reimagined, and of schools.
reorganised in an effort to
enhance the educational opportunities and outcomes Brookings Institution Press
of disadvantaged students. The editors and contributors
address questions of educational equity and opportunity REACHING FOR THE SKY
by considering how best to extend learning time in
high-poverty schools. Empowering Girls Through Education
Harvard Education Press Urvashi Sahni

Academica Press Oct 2017 200pp
9780815730385 Hardback £23.50 / €26.00
Focuses on how gender equality can be achieved in a
Reviewing School Suspension Policy patriarchal society through education. This book shows how
Jonathan Beckett girls learn to be equal and autonomous persons in school and
how they use this learning to transform their lives and those
Nov 2017 164pp of their families. The book’s argument is that education can
9781680530469 Hardback £102.00 / €114.00 be truly transformative if it addresses the everyday reality of
This book considers the issue of school suspension and girls’lives and responds to their special needs.
expulsion. In doing so, it examines the factors contributing to
a suspension or expulsion, and uses literature and narrative THE TRANSFORMATION OF TITLE IX
interview data from a range of participants, including staff
and students, to elicit some responses from those involved Regulating Gender Equality in Education
in this process. R. Shep Melnick

Feb 2018 250pp
9780815732228 Paperback £29.95 / €34.00

Intended to give girls and women greater access to sports
programs and other courses of study in schools and
colleges, Title IX has since been used by judges and agencies
to expand a wide range of antidiscrimination policies.
In this comprehensive review of how Title IX has been
implemented, R. Shep Melnick analyses how interpretations
of “equal educational opportunity”have changed over
the years.


Building a Curriculum for Liberation,
Moving from Revised First Edition
Exploration Edited by Brittany Aronson & Thomas S. Poetter
to Integration
Edited by Elizabeth Berquist Sep 2017 342pp
9781516521340 Paperback £76.50 / €85.00
Nov 2017 244pp
9781930583009 Paperback Developed to help educators become leaders for critical social
£28.50 / €32.00 justice, this anthology blends teacher reflection with social
justice and policy to position teachers as active leaders in
This is the first book interdisciplinary curriculum development.
to consider scaled-up
implementation of Universal TRANSFORMING
Design for Learning in STUDENT AND
schools, districts, and even LEARNING
states. In this collection of case stories, educators and SUPPORTS
administrators share their stories, tips, and lessons learned
from implementing UDL in a variety of settings. Developing a Unified,
Comprehensive, and
Cognella Academic Publishing Equitable System
Howard Adelman &

Second Edition Sep 2017 258pp
Abul Pitre 9781516512782 Paperback
£44.95 / €50.00
Sep 2017 114pp
9781516506651 Paperback £24.95 / €28.00 Transforming student
and learning supports is key to school improvement and
Explores the educational ideas of Louis Farrakhan and enhancing equity of opportunity. This book examines the
demonstrates how these ideas could transform education. marginalization and fragmentation of student and learning
The book highlights human development and education supports, and offers a design, prototypes, guides, and more
— both focused on ongoing transitions through which for system change.
individuals can attain the highest degree of personal
achievement. This achievement is more than academic. As Harvard Education Press
this book shows, Louis Farrakhan believes such achievement
must also be spiritual. ARE CHARTERS
STRATEGIES FOR Public Education,
EDUCATIONAL Teachers, and the
ADMINISTRATORS Charter School Debate
Zachary W. Oberfield
Andrew Greene
Sep 2017 126pp Jun 2017 272pp
9781516510894 Paperback 9781682530672 Paperback
£34.95 / €39.00 £30.95 / €35.00
Education Politics and Policy
This book shares strategies,
protocols, and ideas that Investigates the question
extend and refine the tools of whether charter schools
administrators use to enhance cultivate different teaching
the culture and functioning of climates from those found in traditional public schools.
their organizations. Emphasizing application over theory, the To answer this question, Zachary W. Oberfield examined
book features numerous vignettes, examples, and authentic hundreds of thousands of teacher surveys from across
documents that effectively model the target concepts and the US. The result is a trenchant analysis that deepens our
demonstrate how to implement them. understanding of what the charter experiment means for the
future of US public education.



A New Architecture for K-12 Schooling In Pursuit of Educational Equity
Rose L. Colby Edited by Marisa Saunders, Jorge Ruiz de Velasco &
Jeannie Oakes
Oct 2017 224pp
9781682531006 Paperback £29.50 / €33.00 Nov 2017 300pp
9781682531068 Paperback £30.95 / €35.00
Introduces educators to a new model for anytime, anywhere
schooling and provides tools and curriculum resources for Please see page 1 for further details.
redesigning the traditional structures of K-12 schools. This
book shows how educators can design central elements of IGI Global
competency-based education - including performance tasks,
personal learning plans, and grading systems - to meet the ADMINISTRATIVE LEADERSHIP
needs and interests of all students. IN OPEN AND DISTANCE
Edited by Koksal Buyuk, Serpil Kocdar & Aras Bozkurt
Grassroots Organizing in Education Jul 2017 400pp
Edited by Barbara Ferman 9781522526452 Hardback £174.00 / €194.00
Advances in Mobile and Distance Learning
Oct 2017 200pp
9781682530955 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00 Discusses emerging issues surrounding the administration
Education Politics and Policy of non-traditional education practices. Highlighting relevant
topics that include policy development, quality assurance,
Investigates how parents, communities, teachers, unions, accreditation, and assessment systems, this publication is
and students are mobilizing to oppose market-based reforms an ideal reference source for educators, academics, graduate
in education. Drawing on a series of rich case studies, the students, and researchers interested in the progression of
book illustrates how disparate groups can forge new alliances open and distance education.
to work together toward common goals.

The Pathways to Prosperity Network Edited by Evan G. Mense & Mindy Crain-Dorough
Nancy Hoffman & Robert B. Schwartz Dec 2017 300pp
9781522531883 Hardback £174.00 / €194.00
Sep 2017 184pp
9781682531112 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00 Explores techniques and processes of educational data
analysis and its application in developing solutions and
Provides a comprehensive account of the Pathways to systems for instructional concerns and next-generation
Prosperity Network, a project that offers urgently needed learning. This publication provides extensive research
career pathways for young Americans who do not have a covering areas such as data-driven culture, student
four-year college degree. accountability, and data dissemination.


Edited by Siu Challons-Lipton & Richard Emanuel
Nov 2017 158pp
9781522525813 Hardback £152.00 / €169.00
Advances in Educational Marketing, Administration,
and Leadership

Features the most recent scholarly information on fiscal
changes that support the financing of the humanities in
national and international education. Including extensive
coverage on a number of topics and perspectives such as
strategic planning, school reform, and teacher training, this
book is ideally designed for academics, researchers, teachers,
and administrators.



CHARTING A NEW COURSE Narratives of Distinguished Global Scholars
Edited by Toni Fuss Kirkwood-Tucker
Reinventing High School Classes for the
New Millennium Nov 2017 460pp
Edited by Eric E. Castro & Paul Totah 9781641130660 Paperback £47.50 / €53.00
Teaching and Learning Social Studies
Jun 2017 124pp
9781681238968 Paperback £47.50 / €53.00 Offers portraits of thirteen scholars and their lifelong
professional accomplishments in and contributions
Argues that the current model of education falls short in to teaching, service, and research in global
preparing students to think creatively, to work collaboratively international education.
and to engage actively as problem solvers. An educational
sea-change is needed more than ever given the problems JOURNAL OF RESEARCH ON
that face our world now and that threaten to worsen in the ORGANIZATION IN EDUCATION
next few decades.
Edited by Patrick B. Forsyth
SCHOOL TURNAROUND 9781681239804 Paperback £61.95 / €69.00

Edited by Coby V. Meyers & Marlene J. Darwin Committed to scientific empiricism, this journal’s editors
May 2017 360pp and editorial board seek to coalesce and vitalize decades
9781681238876 Paperback £47.50 / €53.00 of theoretical work and research that holds promise for
Contemporary Perspectives on School Turnaround our understanding and improvement of organisations,
and Reform especially, but not only, schools.

This book is the first in a new series on school turnaround MODELS OF SUCCESS
and reform intended to spur ongoing dialogue among and
between researchers, policymakers, and practitioners on How Historically Black Colleges and
improving the lowest performing schools and the systems in Universities Survive the Economic Recession
which they operate. Edited by Shametrice Davis & Walter M. Kimbrough

ENVISIONING Nov 2017 148pp
SCHOLAR-PRACTITIONER 9781681239910 Paperback £47.50 / €53.00
COLLABORATIONS Contemporary Perspectives in Race and Ethnic Relations

Communities of Practice in Examines the excellent management and leadership
Education and Sport practices currently taking place at historically Black colleges
Edited by Derek Van Rheenen & Jean Marie DeOrnellas and universities (HBCUs) in the context an economic
recession. Each chapter highlights successful operations at
Nov 2017 208pp HBCUs from management, leadership, and administrative
9781641130578 Paperback £47.50 / €53.00 standpoints in a manner that is not comparative of or overly
Research Focus on Education and Sport reliant upon dominant literature, standards, or theories.

Presents a collection of case studies of collaborations
between scholars and practitioners dedicated to both the
generation of new knowledge and innovative best practices
at the nexus of education and sport. This volume outlines
the intellectual and social work of scholar-practitioners at the
intersection of institutional sport and education at a variety
of sites, both in school and in non-school settings.


QUARTERLY REVIEW OF University of Massachusetts Press
Volume 18, 2 STRENGTHS AND
Edited by Michael Simonson & Charles Schlosser NATIVE
A rigorously refereed journal publishing articles, research
briefs, reviews, and editorials dealing with the theories, Voices from the
research, and practices of distance education. The Reservation Classroom
Quarterly Review publishes articles that utilise various Terry Huffman
methodologies that permit generalisable results which
help guide the practice of the field of distance education Feb 2018 192pp
in the public and private sectors. 9781625343031 Paperback
£28.95 / €32.00
Volume 18, 1
Sitting Bull’s vision - that
A rigorously refereed journal publishing articles, research cultural survival and personal
briefs, reviews, and editorials dealing with the theories, perseverance derive from
research, and practices of distance education. The tribal resilience - lies at the heart of Tribal Strengths and Native
Quarterly Review publishes articles that utilise various Education. Basing his account on the insights of six veteran
methodologies that permit generalisable results which American Indian educators, Terry Huffman explores how
help guide the practice of the field of distance education Native educators perceive pedagogical strengths rooted in
in the public and private sectors. their tribal heritage and personal ethnicity.

THE ROLE OF Melbourne University Publishing
Transforming Learning
Kathy L. Guthrie & Glyn Davis
Daniel M. Jenkins Nov 2017 277pp
9780522871746 Paperback £21.50 / €24.00
Nov 2017 378pp
9781641130981 Paperback In this powerful meditation on the need for institutional
£47.50 / €53.00 diversity, Glyn Davis argues that experimentation, innovation
Contemporary Perspectives on and resilience are the only way the public university
Leadership Learning will endure.
Provides resources for
leadership educators. The NO END OF A LESSON
first section sets the stage for leadership education and
the professional work of leadership educators. The second Australia’s Unified National System of
introduces a leadership learning framework, provides Higher Education
examples of strong leadership programs, and describes Stuart Macintyre, Andre Brett & Gwilym Croucher
the transformative practice of leadership education.
The third section offers specific instructional and Oct 2017 277pp
assessment strategies. 9780522871906 Paperback £37.95 / €42.00

A revolution swept through universities three decades ago,
transforming them from elite institutions into a mass system
of higher education. The Australian federal government
directed this transformation through the creation of a
Unified National System. How did this happen? What were
the gains and the losses? No End of a Lesson explores this
radical reconstruction and assesses its consequences.


Myers Education Press Part-Time Press

With a Critical Introduction by CLASSROOMS
Patricia H. Hinchey
Patricia H. Hinchey A Comprehensive
Apr 2018 176pp Patricia Adams &
9781975500207 Paperback £15.50 / €18.00 Happy Gingras
Timely Classics in Education
Dec 2017 128pp
Some hundred years after John Dewey worked to illuminate 9780940017146 Paperback
what it means to educate and how public education serves £18.95 / €21.00
as the bedrock of democracy, his seminal Democracy and Teaching & Learning in the
Education speaks urgently not only to critical contemporary Digital Age
educational issues but to contemporary political issues
as well. Flipped and blended learning allows teaching faculty to
combine their own creativity with technological tools.
GETTING TO WHERE WE MEANT TO BE Students in flipped and blended courses are more engaged,
prepared, and excited about the course materials that you
Working Toward the Educational World teach. This book provides all the information you will need to
We Imagine/d know to improve your students’outcomes using flipped and
Patricia H. Hinchey & Pamela J. Konkol blended learning techniques.

9781975500016 Paperback £44.50 / €49.00 AND TRAINING PROGRAMS FOR
9781975500009 Hardback £155.00 / €175.00 ADJUNCT FACULTY

This book is the perfect text for both undergraduate A Practical Guide
and graduate classrooms devoted to the study of public Thomas Grady
education. Questions at the end of each chapter point
to ways for preservice and inservice teachers, as well as Mar 2018 160pp
administrators and other education personnel, to advance 9780940017382 Paperback £18.95 / €21.00
their thinking about choices in their own contexts. In
addition, suggested readings, websites and videos offer more Adjunct faculty need instructional support. If you are
food for thought. wondering how best to provide that support, Thomas Grady
shows faculty development professionals, department
The University of North Carolina Press chairs and others how to design, develop, fund, implement,
and assess a variety of development, orientation, and
COLOR AND CHARACTER training programs.

West Charlotte High and the American MANAGING ADJUNCT &
Struggle over Educational Equality PART-TIME FACULTY
Pamela Grundy
Second Edition
Sep 2017 240pp, 43 halftones, 4 maps Edited by Donald E. Greive & Catherine A. Worden
9781469636078 Hardback £26.95 / €30.00
Feb 2018 288pp
At a time when race and inequality dominate national 9780940017191 Paperback £27.95 / €31.00
debates, the story of West Charlotte High School illuminates
the possibilities and challenges of using racial and economic Offers the best in management ideas as well as examples
desegregation to foster educational equality. Drawing on of successful and exemplary programs. This updated
interviews with students, educators, and alumni, Pamela and expanded second edition is a collection of 15 essays
Grundy uses the history of the school to tell a broader has been written by administrators for administrators. It
American story of education, community, democracy, provides expert guidance and advice on topics such as the
and race. management of adjunct faculty on branch and off-campus
sites, exemplary models of orientation, and the effective
development and evaluation of adjunct/part-time faculty.



INSIGHTS ON EDUCATION REFORM How to Reframe the Core Functions of
IN CHINA Higher Education
Angelo J. Letizia
Zhiying Nian, Qinhua Zheng & Li Chen
Nov 2017 158pp Mar 2018 186pp
9788793379640 Hardback £66.95 / €70.00 9780813587349 Paperback £28.95 / €33.00
River Publishers Series in Innovation and Change
in Education Provides an instructive guide for how faculty members can
engage in servant leadership with administrators, students,
Since the late 1970s, China has initiated landmark reforms in and community members. By utilizing a wide range of
education resulting in great strides in international rankings. research and through a series of case studies, Angelo J. Letizia
Unlike many recent books on Chinese educational reform, demonstrates how, with a bit of creative thinking, the ideals
which examine macroscopic policies, this book examines the of servant leadership can work even in the fractious, cash-
universalization of pre-school education, school selection strapped world of contemporary higher education.
in elementary education, attractiveness of vocational
education, the operational mode of university charters, the Society Publishing
development of open universities, the credit bank system in
building the learning society, and other aspects of education. BIG DATA IN EDUCATION

Rutgers University Press Emelyn Cereno Wagan
Nov 2017 271pp
DEVELOPING FACULTY IN LIBERAL 9781773613307 Hardback £143.00 / €159.00
Addresses the issues that are faced by researchers in the
Aligning Individual Needs and field of big data in education, such as increasing the
Organizational Goals effectiveness of the educator, harnessing insights from
Vicki L. Baker, Laura Gail Lunsford & Meghan J. Pifer learning experiences wisely, making sure quality education is
delivered which is tailor made according to the needs of an
Nov 2017 298pp, 2 line drawings, 8 tables individual learner, and ensuring that students well equipped
9780813586809 Paperback £28.95 / €33.00 with the relevant skills required for their future careers
The American Campus needs. Overall this book will help to provide guidance on the
complete structure of big data problems and its solution in
Analyses the career stage challenges these faculty members the education sector.
must overcome, such as a lack of preparation for teaching,
limited access to resources and mentors, and changing Springer Publishing Company
expectations for excellence in teaching, research, and service
to become academic leaders in their discipline and at these SCHOOL CONSULTATION FOR
distinctive institutions. STUDENT SUCCESS

A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach
Jeffrey M. Warren

Dec 2017 264pp
9780826177773 Paperback £66.95 / €75.00

Featuring an evidence-based, cognitive-behavioural
framework for delivering collaborative consultation in K-12
schools, this new book promotes the idea of equitable
educational opportunities for all students. Strategies for
promoting non-cognitive skills in students, career and
college readiness, and optimal learning environments along
with the general theories of consultation are presented.



LIVING-LEARNING A Framework for Integrating Disciplinary
COMMUNITIES Knowledge and Intercultural Development
THAT WORK Amy Lee et al.

A Research-Based Aug 2017 160pp
Model for Design, 9781620363805 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00
Delivery, and
Assessment Provides faculty and instructors with a theoretical
Karen Kurotsuchi Inkelas foundation, practical tools, and an iterative and reflective
et al. process for designing, and implementing an intercultural
pedagogy. The authors offer a responsive, integrative
Jun 2018 200pp framework to develop and continually refine a pedagogy
9781620366011 Paperback that both promotes deep disciplinary learning and supports
£36.50 / €40.00 intercultural outcomes for all students.
9781620366004 Hardback
£97.95 / €109.00 Teachers College Press

This book thoughtfully combines research and field-tested WHY WE DROP OUT
practice to document the essential components for best
practices in living learning communities and presents them Understanding
as a clear blueprint –the LLC best practices model – for and Disrupting
LLC design. Student Pathways to
Leaving School
PASSPORT TO CHANGE Deborah L. Feldman,
Antony T. Smith &
Designing Academically Sound, Culturally Barbara L. Waxman
Relevant Short Term Faculty-Led Study
Abroad Programs Sep 2017 277pp
Edited by Susan Lee Pasquarelli 9780807758625 Paperback
£34.95 / €39.00
Nov 2017 208pp
9781620365489 Paperback £30.95 / €35.00 These engaging narratives
9781620365472 Hardback £97.95 / €109.00 and unique insights will help
readers to better understand the interplay of school-related
Provides a detailed framework and guidance on how to and personal factors that lead students to drop out of school.
plan and implement a faculty-led study abroad program. It is essential reading for K–12 educators, school principals,
Seasoned faculty leaders and administrators describe an counsellors, psychologists, and everyone concerned with our
overall program development process, comprehensively nation’s “dropout crisis.
identify the elements for designing the curriculum, and offer
advice and solutions to unique challenges inherent in various University of Virginia Press
types of programs.

A Handbook of Research and Practice Edited by Ross C. Alexander
Edited by Heather Barclay Hamir & Nick J. Gozik Sep 2017 270pp, 15 b&w illustrations
9781942695080 Paperback £30.95 / €35.00
Dec 2017 248pp
9781620365564 Paperback £33.50 / €38.00 Online teaching and learning has surged in recent years,
9781620365557 Hardback £97.95 / €109.00 and faculty who normally teach in face-to-face settings are
increasingly called upon to teach blended, hybrid, and fully
Framed within the concept of “inclusive excellence”, with online courses. This book provides insights from experienced
the objective of promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity in university teachers and scholars across multiple disciplines
higher education as foundational to educational excellence, who share their innovative practices, pedagogies, and
the contributors to this volume present research and instructional design techniques.
practices that have been proven successful in improving George Mason University
participation among groups of students traditionally
underrepresented in education abroad.



The Rise of Nontraditional Leaders ACER Press
in Academia
Sep 2017 272pp, 6 b&w photos, 2 figures, 26 tables
9780813940533 Hardback £30.95 / €35.00 Stephen Dinham
2009 277pp
Offers a new vision of leadership for today’s higher 9780864319319 Paperback £42.50 / €47.00
education. Grounded in the author’s own inspirational story Shows what research has revealed about what really works
of leaving McKinsey & Company in pursuit of a new source and adds value to Australian schools in the twenty-first
of meaning in his professional life, Higher Calling employs century. It highlights research from educators and students in
research gathered from search firm executives who now play many schools across a variety of countries.
king or queen maker in presidential and dean searches.
Brookings Institution Press
The University of the West Indies Press
Evidence for the World’s Best Investment
The Jamaican School Experience Gene B. Sperling & Rebecca Winthrop
Edited by Disraeli M. Hutton & Beverley Johnson Foreword by Malala Yousafzai

Oct 2017 292pp 2015 288pp
9789766406158 Paperback £36.50 / €40.00 9780815728603 Paperback £18.50 / €21.00
Offers hard-headed evidence on why the returns from
The inspiring stories from seventeen seasoned professionals investing in girls are so high that no nation or family can
along with the supporting pieces by the editors in this afford not to educate their girls.
volume will resonate with current principals, and educators
across the spectrum will appreciate the experiences shared Cognella Academic Publishing
in this volume. This collection is an ideal resource for the
aspiring principal as it provides the framework for making the CRITICAL ISSUES IN EDUCATION
transition to a leadership role.
A Reader
World Bank Group Publications Edited by Kisha R. Cunningham

9781634872904 Paperback £113.00 / €126.00
Building a Smart Education Data System This anthology analyzes major issues in education within the
Husein Abdul-Hamid conceptual framework of educational reform. The selected
readings examine how educational trends are shaping the
Sep 2017 400pp future and discuss the role schools play in society.
9781464810992 Paperback £41.50 / €47.00
Directions in Development - Human Development GENDER AND EDUCATION

Sheds light on challenges in building a data system and Edited by Felecia Carter Harris
provides actionable direction on how to navigate the 2016 452pp
complex issues associated with education data for better 9781516504510 Paperback £78.95 / €87.00
learning outcomes and beyond. This volume details the key Discusses the impact of education on women and people of
ingredients of successful data systems. colour at the intersection of gender, race, class, culture, and
political and generational variables.

Learning to Realize Education’s Promise
World Bank Group

Sep 2017 200pp
9781464810961 Paperback £32.95 / €37.00

Every year, the World Bank’s World Development Report takes
on a topic of central importance to global development. The
2018 report, Learning to Realize Education’s Promise, is the first
ever devoted entirely to education.


Seventh Edition
Cognitive Principles, Strategies, Tools Donald Greive
Edited by Klaus Petritsch
2011 160pp
2016 285pp 9780940017368 Paperback £18.95 / €21.00
9781680958911 Hardback £129.00 / €144.00
With over 265,000 copies sold, this book is one of the most
This is a special collection of recent research and proven trusted faculty development resources available today. More
guidelines for effective learning and instructional design. than just a teacher’s manual, this powerhouse helps readers
After a brief overview of present and future educational tackle the day-to-day challenges associated with teaching
challenges, and ways to influence the teaching practice part-time.
at universities, several methods to maximize cognitive
performance are described. Teachers College Press

An Innovative Approach to Early
A Handbook for Part- Childhood Education
Time Faculty Who Louise Boyd Cadwell
Teach Undergrad
and Grad School 1997 176pp
Business Courses 9780807736609 Paperback £28.95 / €32.00
Bruce A. Johnson Early Childhood Education Series

2015 192pp Integrating the experiences of one American teacher on
9780940017252 Paperback a year-long internship in the preschools of Reggio, with a
£18.95 / €21.00 four-year adaptation effort in one American school, this text
includes many “mini-stories”of journeys of learning.
Bruce Johnson shares tips,
tools, techniques and adult FINNISH LESSONS
learning theories to help new and experienced faculty 2.0
effectively facilitate classes, engage with their course
materials in more meaningful ways, and design business What Can the
courses that integrate active learning strategies and improve World Learn
student success. from Educational
Change in Finland?
Pasi Sahlberg
A Handbook for Part-Time & Adjunct Faculty
Who Teach Online, Revised First Edition 2014 264pp
Evelyn Beck & Donald Greive 9780807755853 Paperback
£22.95 / €28.00
2008 96pp Series on School Reform
9780940017023 Paperback £13.95 / €16.00
Sahlberg has thoroughly
Whether you’re just thinking about teaching online, a updated his ground-breaking account of how Finland built a
first-time online course facilitator, or you are an experienced world-class education system during the past four decades.
distance educator, Going the Distance will help you sharpen In this international bestseller, Sahlberg traces the evolution
your online teaching skills, and develop and deliver more of Finnish education policies and highlights how they differ
richly-structured distance education courses. from the United States and much of the rest of the world.


Tahir Lodhi
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Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine,
UK & Republic of Ireland Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, SOUTH EAST ASIA
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[email protected] Raymond Lim
London, South & Key Accounts [email protected]
Phil Prestianni AFRICA
[email protected] Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia,
Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Laos, Philippines, Thailand,
David Atiyah Melvin Choo
Denmark, Finland, Iceland, [email protected] [email protected]
Norway, Sweden Angola, Cameroon, Ethiopia,
David Towle Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mauritius, FAR EAST
[email protected] Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania,
Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe China, Hong Kong, Taiwan
Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Guy Simpson Benjamin Pan
Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, [email protected] [email protected]
Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho,
Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Swaziland Japan
Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine Chris Reinders Tim Burland
László Horváth [email protected] [email protected]
[email protected] Mark Gresham
ASIA-PACIFIC [email protected]
Austria, Belgium, France, Germany,
Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, CENTRAL ASIA South Korea
Portugal, Spain, Switzerland ChongHo Ra
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[email protected] Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan,
Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan AUSTRALASIA & OCEANIA
Greece Marc Bedwell
Charles Gibbes [email protected] Australia, New Zealand, Oceania
[email protected] Emma White
SOUTH ASIA [email protected]
All other European countries
Michelle Zappa Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, LATIN AMERICA &
[email protected] Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka THE CARIBBEAN
Vinod Vasishtha
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