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Theatre 2018

Eurospan's latest titles in theatre


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Theatre and Reality
Marvin Carlson

Apr 2018 160pp
9780472037247 Paperback £20.95 / €23.00

Examines recent and contemporary work by such groups as Rimini Protokoll, Societas
Raffaelo Sanzio, the Gob Squad, Nature Theatre of Oklahoma, and Foundry Theatre, while
revealing the deep antecedents of today’s theatre, placing it in useful historical perspective.
While many may consider it a post-postmodern phenomenon, the “theatre of the real”, as it
turns out, has very deep roots.
University of Michigan Press



How a Blockbuster Musical Is Restaging America’s Past
Edited by Renee C. Romano & Claire Bond Potter

Mar 2018 288pp, 25 colour and 6 b&w illustrations
9780813590295 Paperback £20.50 / €24.00
9780813590301 Hardback £61.95 / €70.00

Everyone has gone Hamilton crazy. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tony-winning musical has
spawned sold-out performances, a triple platinum cast album, and a score so catchy that it
is being used to teach US history in classrooms across the country. But just how historically
accurate is Hamilton? And how is the show itself making history? This work brings together
a collection of top scholars to explain the Hamilton phenomenon and explore what it might
mean for our understanding of America’s history.

Rutgers University Press

The University of Alabama Press THEATRE SYMPOSIUM

THEATRE HISTORY STUDIES 2017 Volume 25,Cross-Cultural Dialogue on the
Global Stage
Volume 36 Edited by Becky K. Becker
Edited by Sara Freeman
Nov 2017 112pp, 4 b&w images
Dec 2017 368pp, 12 b&w images
9780817371111 Paperback £35.95 / €40.00 9780817370121 Paperback £35.95 / €40.00
A peer-reviewed journal of theatre history and scholarship
published annually since 1981 by the Mid-American Theatre Addresses the ways that theatre both shapes cross-cultural
Conference. Theatre History Studies is devoted to research in dialogue and is itself, in turn, shaped by those forces. In what
all areas of theatre studies, with special interest in archival ways have theatre practitioners, educators, and scholars
research, historical documentation, and historiography. worked to support cross-cultural dialogue historically? And
in what ways might theatre embrace the complexities and
contradictions inherent in any meaningful exchange? The
essays in this volume reflect on these questions.


The University of Arizona Press TRAVELER, THERE IS NO ROAD

OUTSIDE THEATER Theatre, the Spanish Civil War, and the
Decolonial Imagination in the Americas
Alliances That Shape Mexico Lisa Jackson-Schebetta
Stuart Day
Apr 2017 252pp, 15 images
May 2017 224pp, 2 b&w illustrations 9781609384906 Paperback £66.95 / €75.00
9780816535453 Hardback £56.95 / €63.00 Studies in Theatre History & Culture

Taking a cue from influential French philosopher Jacques Offers a unique perspective on 1930s theatre and
Ranciere, Stuart A. Day’s goal in Outside Theater is to highlight performance, encompassing the theatrical work of
written words and performances that exemplify effective the Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Spanish diasporas in the
strategies, past and present, to reveal and promote civic United States, as well as the better-known Anglophone
engagement, to provoke disruptions, or to highlight fissures communities. Lisa Jackson-Schebetta situates well-known
- and opportunities - in oppressive social structures. figures, such as Langston Hughes and Clifford Odets,
alongside lesser-known ones, such as Erasmo Vando, Franca
University of Iowa Press de Armiño, and Manuel Aparicio.

LONDON IN A BOX The University Press of Kentucky

Englishness and Theatre in Revolutionary ANNE BANCROFT
Odai Johnson A Life
Douglass K. Daniel
May 2017 294pp, 3 images
9781609384944 Paperback £66.95 / €75.00 Sep 2017 400pp, 44 b&w photos
Studies in Theatre History & Culture 9780813169682 Hardback £35.95 / €40.00
Screen Classics
In this remarkable feat of historical research, Odai Johnson
pieces together the surviving fragments of the story of the In the first biography to cover the entire scope of Anne
first professional theatre troupe based in the British North Bancroft’s life and career, Douglass K. Daniel brings together
American colonies. In doing so, he tells the story of how interviews with dozens of her friends and colleagues, never-
colonial elites came to decide they would no longer style before-published family photos, and material from film and
themselves British gentlemen, but instead American citizens. theatre archives to present a portrait of an artist who raised
the standards of acting for all those who followed.

Jun 2017 260pp
9781609385088 Paperback £66.95 / €75.00 The Life and Work
Studies in Theatre History & Culture Peter Shelley

Analysing plays from the early Trifles (1916) through Springs Nov 2017 187pp 25 illustrations
Eternal (1943) and the undated, incomplete Wings, author 9781476662428 Paperback £41.50 / €46.00
Emeline Jouve illustrates the way that Susan Glaspell’s
dramas addressed issues of sexism, the impact of World A biography of Anne Bancroft (1931-2005) - American film,
War I on American values, and the relationship between television and stage actress, stage producer and film director.
individuals and their communities, among other concerns. Respected for her acting prowess and versatility, she won
the “Triple Crown”- an Oscar, a Tony and an Emmy. This title
includes a filmography/videography and information about
DVD availability.

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Interviews with Directors, Performers and CHARLES LUDLAM LIVES!
Aleksandar Sasha Dundjerovic & Luiz Fernando Ramos Charles Busch, Bradford Louryk, Taylor Mac,
and the Queer Legacy of the Ridiculous
Nov 2017 171pp Theatrical Company
9781476671062 Paperback £51.50 / €57.00 Sean Edgecomb

One of the most thriving, vibrant and exciting theatre Jun 2017 246pp, 7 illustrations
cultures in the world is Brazil, offering plurality of various 9780472053551 Paperback £21.50 / €24.00
forms of theatrical expression. Brazilian Collaborative Theater 9780472073559 Hardback £59.95 / €66.00
presents fifteen interviews with leading contemporary Triangulations: Lesbian/Gay/Queer Theater/Drama/
theatre directors, performers and choreographers, Performance
investigating their creative approaches and experiences of
theatre making processes. Playwright, actor and director Charles Ludlam (1943-1987)
helped to galvanize the Ridiculous style of theatre in New
FOR THE GAY STAGE York City starting in the 1960s. Although his Ridiculous
Theatrical Company shut its doors, the Ludlamesque
A Guide to 456 Plays, Aristophanes to Ridiculous has continued to thrive. Sean F. Edgecomb
Peter Gill focuses on neo-Ridiculous artists to trace the connections
Drewey Wayne Gunn between Ludlam’s legacy and their performances.

9781476670195 Paperback £66.95 / €75.00
Fifty Years of La MaMa Experimental Theatre
Explores the total sweep of gay plays published in English, Cindy Rosenthal
not just those that were produced on Broadway and
in London’s West End. In addition to Off- and Off-Off- Sep 2017 208pp, 133 illustrations
Broadway and regional theatre offerings, plays from Ireland, 9780472117420 Hardback £37.95 / €42.00
Scotland, Wales, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India,
Puerto Rico and South Africa are inlcuded. Translations from Founder of La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club, Ellen
other languages are also given their due place. Stewart was responsible for a staggering array of productions
and for fostering the early work of directors, playwrights,
SCRIPTING DETENTION actors, composers, and performance artists. Theatre scholar
Cindy Rosenthal relates the history of La MaMa through
A Project in Theater and Autoethnography its performance posters, capturing the irreverence and the
with Incarcerated Teens aesthetic of La MaMa over five decades.
Nandita Dinesh

Nov 2017 167pp
9781476669052 Paperback £66.95 / €75.00

Documenting a theatre project for incarcerated youth in a
New Mexico juvenile detention facility, this book presents
the script of a play about prison life, and interweaves the
author’s creative, self-reflective text. The collaborative
experience of writing and staging such a play enacted by
prisoners frames a discussion of larger social and political
themes in the criminal justice system.


Three Centuries of Racial Impersonation in
Philadelphia Ric Knowles
Christian DuComb Sep 2017 272pp, 14 b&w Illustrations
9780472053605 Paperback £25.50 / €28.00
Jun 2017 208pp, 25 b&w Illustrations 9780472073603 Hardback £64.95 / €70.00
9780472053582 Paperback £21.50 / €24.00 Theater: Theory/Text/Performance
9780472073580 Hardback £59.95 / €66.00
Theater: Theory/Text/Performance In 1971, Canada became the first country to adopt an official
policy of multiculturalism. Performing the Intercultural City
Explores the history of racial impersonation in Philadelphia explores how Toronto - a representative global city in this
from the late eighteenth century to the present day. The multicultural country - stages diversity through its many
book focuses on select historical moments, such as the intercultural theatre companies and troupes.
advent of the minstrel show and the ban on blackface
makeup in the Philadelphia Mummers Parade. PERFORMING UNIFICATION

HIDEOUS CHARACTERS AND History and Nation in German Theater
Matt Cornish
Performing Jewish Identity on the
Antebellum American Stage Sep 2017 264pp, 15 b&w Illustrations
Heather Nathans 9780472130450 Hardback £64.95 / €70.00

Apr 2017 296pp, 8 b&w illustrations Since the moment after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989,
9780472130306 Hardback £72.50 / €80.00 the most important German theatre artists have created
plays and productions about unification. Performing
Examining play texts, theatrical reviews, political discourse, Unification examines how German directors, playwrights,
and public performances of Jewish rights and rituals, Hideous and theatre groups have represented and misrepresented the
Characters and Beautiful Pagans argues that Jewish stage past, confronting their nation’s history and collective identity.
types shed light on our understanding of the status of Jewish
Americans during a critical historical period. SEVEN PLAYS OF KOFFI KWAHUL

MICRODRAMAS In and Out of Africa
Judith G. Miller
Crucibles for Theater and Time
John H. Muse Jun 2017 296pp, 8 photos
9780472053490 Paperback £30.95 / €35.00
Sep 2017 256pp, 11 illustrations 9780472073498 Hardback £77.50 / €86.00
9780472053636 Paperback £25.50 / €28.00 African Perspectives
9780472073634 Hardback £64.95 / €70.00
Theater: Theory/Text/Performance The work of renowned Ivoirian playwright Koffi Kwahulé has
been translated into some 15 languages and is performed
Argues that tiny plays (shorter than twenty minutes) deserve regularly throughout Europe, Africa, and the Americas. For
sustained attention, and that brevity should be considered a the first time, Seven Plays of Koffi Kwahulé: In and Out of Africa
distinct mode of theatrical practice. This book explores four makes available to an Anglophone audience some of his best
episodes in the history of very short theatre, all characterized and most representative plays.
by the self-conscious embrace of brevity.

Theatre and Reality
Marvin Carlson

Apr 2018 160pp
9780472037247 Paperback £20.95 / €23.00

For full details of this title, see page 1.


10,000 NIGHTS Northwestern University Press

Highlights from 50 Years of Theatre-Going AESTHETIC CITIZENSHIP
Marvin Carlson
Immigration, Theater, and Embodiment in
Oct 2017 296pp, 6 Illustrations Twenty-First Century Paris
9780472130504 Hardback £37.95 / €42.00 Emine Fisek

Esteemed scholar and theatre aficionado Marvin Carlson Sep 2017 192pp
has seen an unsurpassed number of theatrical productions 9780810135666 Paperback £35.95 / €40.00
in his long and distinguished career. 10,000 Nights is a lively
chronicle of a half-century of theatre-going, in which Carlson Presents an ethnographic study of the role of theatrical
recalls one memorable production for each year from 1960 performance in questions regarding immigration, citizenship,
to 2010. and the formation of national identity. Focusing on Paris
in the twenty-first century, Emine Fisek analyses the use
WENDY WASSERSTEIN of theatre by immigrant-rights organisations there and
examines the relationship between aesthetic practices and
Jill Dolan the political personhoods they negotiate.
Aug 2017 208pp
9780472053629 Paperback £21.50 / €24.00 ARCHITECTURAL INVOLUTIONS
9780472073627 Hardback £59.95 / €66.00
Michigan Modern Dramatists Writing, Staging, and Building Space,
c. 1435-1650
Playwright Wendy Wasserstein (1950-2006) wrote topical, Mimi Yiu
humorous plays addressing relationships among women
and their families, taking the temperature of social moments Jan 2018 336pp, 75 b&w images
from the 1960s onwards. This volume provides a critical 9780810136595 Paperback £35.95 / €40.00
introduction and a feminist reappraisal of the significant Rethinking the Early Modern
plays of one of the most famous contemporary American
women playwrights. Taking the reader on an inward journey from façades
to closets, from physical to psychic space, Architectural
The University of North Carolina Press Involutions offers an alternative genealogy of theatre by
revealing how innovations in architectural writing and
THE BARTER THEATRE STORY practice transformed an early modern sense of interiority.
The book situates Alberti, Shakespeare, Jonson, and others
Love Made Visible within a landscape of spatial and visual change.
Mark Dawidziak

Jul 2017 144pp, 2 drawings, 52 illustrations
9781469638133 Paperback £16.50 / €19.00

Published in 1982, The Barter Theatre Story: Love Made Visible
tells the colourful history of a remarkable American cultural
institution. Opened by native Virginian Robert Porterfield in
1933, the Barter Theatre offered the people of Abingdon,
Virginia, and the surrounding area entertainment and a
much-needed escape from their Depression-era working
Appalachian State University


The Offstage in English Renaissance Drama
Women Dramatists of the Black Arts Jonathan Walker
La Donna Forsgren Jun 2017 200pp, 18 b&w images
9780810135017 Paperback £35.95 / €40.00
Apr 2018 240pp, 15 b&w images
9780810136939 Paperback £35.95 / €40.00 Explores the key role of dramatic episodes that occur offstage
9780810136946 Hardback £102.00 / €114.00 and beyond the knowledge-generating faculty of playgoers’
sight. Does Ophelia drown? Is Desdemona unfaithful to
The Black Arts Movement (1965-76) consisted of artists Othello? Does Macbeth murder Duncan in his sleep? Site
across the United States deeply concerned about the Unscene considers how the drama’s non-visible and eccentric
relationship between politics and the black aesthetic. In elements embellish, alter, and subvert visible action on the
Search of Our Warrior Mothers examines how the Black Arts stage.
Movement provided a forum for black women playwrights
to express feminist attitudes from within black nationalist THEATERS OF THE EVERYDAY
Aesthetic Democracy on the American Stage
Apr 2018 248pp
Patricia A. Ybarra 9780810136663 Paperback £35.95 / €40.00
Nov 2017 256pp, 8 b&w images 9780810136670 Hardback £102.00 / €114.00
9780810136458 Paperback £35.95 / €40.00
9780810136465 Hardback £102.00 / €114.00 Examines a vital but little-recognised current in American
theatrical history: the dramatic representation of the
Traces how Latino theatre in the United States has engaged quotidian and mundane. Jacob Gallagher-Ross shows how
with the policies, procedures, and outcomes of neoliberal twentieth-century American theatre became a space for
economics in the Americas from the 1970s to the present. negotiating the demands of innovative form and democratic
Patricia Ybarra examines IMF interventions, NAFTA, shifts in availability.
immigration policy, the escalation of border industrialization
initiatives, and austerity programs, and the response of TIME SLIPS
Latino artists.
Queer Temporalities, Contemporary
THE SCENE OF FOREPLAY Performance, and the Hole of History
Jaclyn Pryor
Theater, Labor, and Leisure in 1960s
New York Jun 2017 192pp
Giulia Palladini 9780810135307 Paperback £35.95 / €40.00
9780810135314 Hardback £102.00 / €114.00
Jul 2017 296pp
9780810135222 Paperback £35.95 / €40.00 This bold book investigates how performance can transform
9780810135239 Hardback £102.00 / €114.00 the way people perceive trauma and memory, time and
history. Pryor introduces the concept of “time slips,”
In a study that spans the fields of theatre history, moments in which past, present, and future coincide,
performance studies, and cultural studies, Giulia Palladini moments that challenge American narratives of racial and
analyses artistic performances, social performances, archival sexual citizenship.
remains, and memoirs of the underground theatre scene
in 1960s New York. She employs foreplay as a theoretical
term that refers to a form of labour that both anticipates and
postpones theatre production proper.

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THE UNFINISHED ART OF THEATER Southern Illinois University Press

Avant-Garde Intellectuals in Mexico and ADAPTURGY
Sarah J. Townsend The Dramaturg’s Art and Theatrical
Jul 2018 312pp, 35 b&w images Jane Barnette
9780810137400 Paperback £35.95 / €40.00
9780810137417 Hardback £102.00 / €114.00 Nov 2017 264pp, 10 illustrations
9780809336272 Paperback £41.50 / €46.00
A certain idea of the avant-garde posits the possibility of
a total rupture with the past. The Unfinished Art of Theater Dramaturg Jane Barnette has put together an essential guide
pulls back on this futuristic impulse by showing how theatre for theatre scholars and practitioners seeking to understand
became a key site for artists on the semi-periphery of and participate in the process of adaptation for the stage.
capitalism to reconfigure the role of the aesthetic between Employing the term “adapturgy”, Barnette redefines the
1917 and 1934. dramaturg’s role and thoroughly refutes the commonplace
point of view that adapted works are somehow less creative
VIRAL PERFORMANCE than “original”plays.

Contagious Theaters from Modernism to CALIFORNIOS, ANGLOS, AND THE
Miriam Felton-Dansky THE U.S. WEST

May 2018 216pp Andrew Gibb
9780810137158 Paperback £35.95 / €40.00 Jun 2018 264pp, 22 illustrations
9780810137165 Hardback £102.00 / €114.00 9780809336470 Paperback £46.50 / €52.00

Digital culture has occasioned a seismic shift in the discourse Argues that the mid-nineteenth-century encounter between
around contagion, transmission, and viral circulation. Anglos and californios— the Spanish-speaking elites who
Yet theatre, in the cultural imagination, has always been ruled Mexican California between 1821 and 1848—resulted
contagious. Viral Performance proposes the concept of the not only in the Americanization of California but also the
viral as an essential means of understanding socially engaged “Mexicanization”of Americans. Employing performance
and transmedial performance practices since the mid- studies methodologies in his analysis of everyday and
twentieth century. historical events, Gibb traces how oligarchy evolved and
developed in the region.
Rutgers University Press
How a Blockbuster Musical Is Restaging
America’s Past Noe Montez
Edited by Renee C. Romano & Claire Bond Potter Nov 2017 264pp, 13 illustrations
9780809336296 Paperback £46.50 / €52.00
Mar 2018 288pp, 25 colour and 6 b&w illustrations
9780813590295 Paperback £20.50 / €24.00 Considers how theatre can produce memory narratives that
9780813590301 Hardback £61.95 / €70.00 change the public’s reception to governmental policies that
address a previous regime’s human rights violations. Drawing
For full details of this title, see page 1. on contemporary research in transitional justice strategies,
memory studies, and theatre history, Noe Montez examines
the Argentine theatre’s responses to the numerous changes
in the country’s transitional justice policies.



Contemporary Performance Beyond McFarland

Sep 2018 200pp, 36 illustrations Works by Leila Buck, Jamil Khoury, Yussef El
9780809334704 Paperback £39.50 / €44.00 Guindi, and Lameece Issaq & Jacob Kader
Edited by Michael Malek Najjar
POWER 2013 200pp, 8 photos
9780786474868 Paperback £30.95 / €35.00
Repositioning the Latina/o Americas Offers a collection of plays by contemporary Arab American
Edited by Analola Santana & Jimmy A. Noriega playwrights - Leila Buck, Jamil Khoury, Yussef El Guindi, and
Lameece Issaq and Jacob Kader.
Feb 2018 320pp, 16 illustrations
9780809336319 Paperback £61.95 / €69.00 STAGE MANAGING CHAOS

Reconsiders geographical space and power and the ways A Diary of the Old Vic Production of Fernando
in which theatrical and performance histories have been Arrabal’s The Architect and the Emperor of
constructed throughout the Americas. Essays bridge Assyria
political, racial, gender, class, and national divides that have Jackie Harvey
traditionally restricted and distorted our understanding of
Latin American theatre and performance. 2016 204pp, 36 illustrations
9781476666648 Paperback £19.95 / €23.00
University of Virginia Press In the early 1970s, London’s National Theatre launched an
infamous avant garde production of The Architect and the
STAGING CREOLIZATION Emperor of Assyria. Laurence Olivier enlisted Jackie Harvey
to keep a diary of the often ludicrous, occasionally creative,
Women’s Theatre and Performance from always challenging rehearsals. Accompanied by recollections
the French Caribbean and photographs, the diary provides a snapshot of a crucial
Emily Sahakian period in the history of the National Theatre.

May 2017 312pp, 18 b&w illustrations University of Michigan Press
9780813940083 Paperback £36.50 / €40.00
9780813940076 Hardback £77.50 / €86.00 ANALYZING PERFORMANCE
New World Studies Modern Language Initiative
Theater, Dance and Film
Examines seven plays by Ina Césaire, Maryse Condé, Gerty Patrick Pavis
Dambury, and Simone Schwarz-Bart that premiered in the
French Caribbean or in France in the 1980s and 1990s and 2003 189pp, illustrations
soon thereafter travelled to the United States. Emily Sahakian 9780472066896 Paperback £30.95 / €35.00
argues that these late-twentieth-century plays by French Provides conceptual tools for understanding a range of
Caribbean women writers dramatize and enact creolization. performance, including theatre, dance, cinema, other
audiovisual media, and mime.


Modern Acting Theories in Perspective
Robert Gordon

2006 480pp, 10 illustrations
9780472068876 Paperback £41.50 / €46.00
Theater: Theory/Text/Performance
Analyses and synthesizes modern critical acting theories,
their historical evolution, and their relationship to one
another, enabling students, teachers, and professionals to
comprehend the different aesthetic possibilities for actors.


SEX, DRAG, AND MALE ROLES Northwestern University Press

Investigating Gender as Performance IMPROVISATION FOR THE THEATER
Diane Torr & Stephen Bottoms
Third Edition
2010 314pp, 19 b&w photos Viola Spolin
9780472051021 Paperback £29.95 / €33.00 Edited by Paul Sills

Performance artist Diane Torr has been teaching women how 1999 416pp
to dress and pass as men on city streets around the world. 9780810140080 Paperback £23.95 / €27.00
This book documents and contextualizes the development Spolin’s improvisational techniques have changed the very
of Torr’s internationally celebrated workshops, as well as her nature and practice of modern theatre. This third edition
experiments in performing gender-play in theatres, galleries, updates the more than 200 now-classic exercises and adds
and clubs. 30 new ones. It adds 30 traditional theatre games that are
frequently used as warm-ups.
Making Meaning in the Theatre ACTOR
Gay McAuley
A Handbook
2000 320pp, 21 photos, 8 line drawings Viola Spolin
9780472087693 Paperback £32.95 / €37.00
Theater: Theory/Text/Performance 2001 144pp
9780810140103 Paperback £18.50 / €21.00
Examines the way theatre buildings function to frame This handbook presents theatre games and side coaching
the performance event, the organisation of audience and for the solo player. It contains over 40 exercises which allow
practitioner spaces within the building, the nature of the actors to side coach themselves, at home, in rehearsal, or in
stage and the modes of representation it facilitates, and the performance.
relationship between real space and fictional place.
Southern Illinois University Press
Finding Hope at the Theater
Jill Dolan A Technical Manual for Reading Plays
David Ball
Mar 2006 248pp
9780472069071 Paperback £28.95 / €32.00 1983 112pp
9780809311101 Paperback £20.95 / €23.00
Taces the sense of visceral, emotional and social connection Considered an essential text since its publication thirty-five
that we experience at the theatre, connections that allow years ago, this guide for students and practitioners of both
us to feel for a moment not what a better world might look theatre and literature complements, rather than contradicts
like, but what it might feel like, and how that hopeful utopic or repeats, traditional methods of literary analysis of scripts.
sentiment might become motivation for social change.
University Press of Mississippi
Third Edition
MUSICAL 2007 320pp, 227 illustrations
9780809327416 Paperback £36.50 / €40.00
Robert L. McLaughlin Explains four main principles, which make up the core of this
2016 312pp book: know the rigging system; keep it in safe working order;
9781496808554 Hardback £60.95 / €68.00 know how to use it; and keep your concentration.

The musicals of Stephen Sondheim and his collaborators
have challenged the conventions of American musical
theatre. This text places Stephen Sondheim’s work in
two contexts: the exhaustion of the musical play and the
postmodernism that, by the 1960s, deeply influenced all the
American arts.


Tahir Lodhi
UK & REPUBLIC OF IRELAND Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, [email protected]
Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine,
UK & Republic of Ireland Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, SOUTH EAST ASIA
Phil Prestianni United Arab Emirates, Yemen
[email protected] David Atiyah Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore
[email protected] Raymond Lim
London, South & Key Accounts [email protected]
Phil Prestianni AFRICA
[email protected] Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia,
Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Laos, Philippines, Thailand,
David Atiyah Melvin Choo
Denmark, Finland, Iceland, [email protected] [email protected]
Norway, Sweden
David Towle Angola, Cameroon, Ethiopia, FAR EAST
[email protected] Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mauritius,
Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan
Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe Benjamin Pan
Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Guy Simpson [email protected]
Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, [email protected]
Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Japan
Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine South Africa, Swaziland Tim Burland
László Horváth Chris Reinders [email protected]
[email protected] [email protected] Mark Gresham
[email protected]
Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, ASIA-PACIFIC
Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, South Korea
Portugal, Spain, Switzerland CENTRAL ASIA ChongHo Ra
Michelle Zappa [email protected]
[email protected] Afghanistan, Kazakhstan,
Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, AUSTRALASIA & OCEANIA
Greece Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan
Charles Gibbes Marc Bedwell Australia, New Zealand, Oceania
[email protected] [email protected] Emma White
[email protected]
All other European countries SOUTH ASIA
Michelle Zappa LATIN AMERICA &
[email protected] Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, THE CARIBBEAN
Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka Craig Falk
Vinod Vasishtha [email protected]
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