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Eurospan's latest titles in ethics and moral philosophy

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Ethics & Moral Philosophy 2017

Eurospan's latest titles in ethics and moral philosophy


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Essays on Domestic
Place, Space and Life K. E. Løgstrup’s
Edited by Philosophy of
Juliette C. Kitchens Moral Life
Edited by Hans Fink &
Sep 2017 197pp Robert Stern
9781476667027 Paperback
£36.95 / €43.00 Jan 2017 396pp
9780268101855 Hardback
Joss Whedon’s work £62.95 / €74.00
collectively offers audiences
the opportunity to This collection of essays
question the ways we relate to and inhabit homes. by leading international philosophers considers central
Focusing on his television series, films and comics, this themes in the ethics of Danish philosopher Knud Ejler
collection of new essays explores the diversity of home Løgstrup (1905-1981). Løgstrup was a Lutheran
spaces in Whedon’s many ‘verses, and the complexity theologian much influenced by phenomenology and
these spaces afford the narratives, characters, objects and by strong currents in Danish culture, to which he himself
relationships within them. made important contributions.

McFarland University of Notre Dame Press

HIGHLIGHT Broadview Press

Legal and Clinical Case Studies
Animal Gary E. Jones & Joseph P. DeMarco
Animal Pain, Jun 2017 400pp
and Science, 9781554813575 Paperback £32.95 / €39.00
Second Edition
Bernard E. Rollin Offers a case-based introduction to ethical issues in health
care. Through seventy-eight compelling scenarios, the
Jul 2017 348pp authors demonstrate the practical importance of ethics,
9780826221261 Paperback showing how the concerns at issue bear on the lives of
£27.50 / €32.00 patients, health care providers, and others. Each chapter
includes a selection of important legal cases as well as clinical
How can science teach case studies for critical analysis.
us that animals feel no pain when our common
sense observations tell us otherwise? Bernard Rollin RETHINKING WILDERNESS
offers welcome insight into questions like this in his
groundbreaking account of the difficult and controversial Mark Woods
issues surrounding the use of animals. Jul 2017 300pp
University of Missouri Press 9781551113487 Paperback £28.50 / €34.00

The concept and values of wilderness have been under attack
for the past several decades. Mark Woods responds to seven
prominent anti-wilderness arguments. He offers a rethinking
of the received concept of wilderness, developing a positive
account of wilderness as a significant location for the
other-than-human value-adding properties of naturalness,
wildness, and freedom.


The University of Georgia Press THE ELUSIVE THOMAS JEFFERSON

CONSCIENTIOUS THINKING Essays on the Man Behind the Myths
Edited by M. Andrew Holowchak & Brian W. Dotts
Making Sense in an Age of Idiot Savants
David Bosworth Sep 2017 214pp
9781476669250 Paperback £52.50 / €61.00
Jan 2017 272pp
9780820350653 Hardback £28.95 / €34.00 Jefferson’s writings on morality and the moral sense have
Georgia Review Books Series typically been ignored by scholars. Why? His thoughts,
never fleshed out fully in any formal work, are said to be
Cuts through all the noise of today’s political dysfunction and unsystematic, inchoate, or confused. This volume argues
cultural wars to sound the deeper causes of our discontent. that Jefferson was not confused and his moral thinking was
We are living, he argues, in a profoundly transitional era, systemic and consistent, not fluctuant.
one in which the commonsense beliefs of the first truly
modern society are being undermined by the still crude but THE ETHICS OF POKER
irreversible forces set loose by technology’s drastic revision of
our everyday lives. Todd M. Furman
Jun 2017 277pp
Marquette University Press 9781476664613 Paperback £31.50 / €37.00

SELF AND OPPOSITION Is it morally permissible to plunder a drunken player’s riches
at the poker table? Is it morally permissible for casinos to
A Theory of Self provide free alcoholic beverages to patrons while they
Piotr Hoffman gamble? This book is the first text of its kind, asking and
answering the ethical questions related to playing poker for
May 2017 114pp real money.
9781626006102 Paperback £17.95 / €21.00
Marquette Studies in Philosophy, Vol. 90 University of Missouri Press

Argues that the individual and continuing self emerges from UNCOVERING THE CONSTITUTION’S
human interactions and that the interactions at issue are MORAL DESIGN
the relations of opposition. The argument then proceeds to
show how the same relations of opposition constitute the Paul R. DeHart
self as endowed with free will. Jun 2017 312pp, 5 illustrations
9780826221308 Paperback £41.95 / €49.00
The US Constitution provides a framework for US laws,
AT HOME IN THE WHEDONVERSE but what does it have to say about morality? Paul DeHart
ferrets out that document’s implicit moral assumptions,
Essays on Domestic Place, Space and Life demonstrating that the Constitution presupposes a natural
Edited by Juliette C. Kitchens law to which human law must conform. His argument works
toward resolving current debates over the Constitution’s
Sep 2017 197pp normative framework.
9781476667027 Paperback £36.95 / €43.00
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Animal Consciousness, Animal Pain, and
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Jul 2017 348pp
9780826221261 Paperback £27.50 / €32.00

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Naval Institute Press SPIRITUAL GUIDES

THE U.S. NAVAL INSTITUTE ON Pathfinders in the Desert

U.S. Naval Institute Wheel Book Dec 2017 176pp
Edited by Timothy J. Demy 9780268102586 Hardback £47.50 / €55.00

Jun 2017 192pp Challenges the “desert character”of modern culture.
9781682470060 Paperback £20.95 / €25.00 Political and economic corruption, incessant warmongering,
Wheel Book spoliation of natural resources, and, above all, mindless
consumerism and greedy self-satisfaction are all symptoms
Focuses on naval leadership and ethics with respect to the of what Fred Dallmayr contends is an expanding wasteland
individual leader and how his or her values and actions affect or desert where everything creative and nourishing decays
military cohesion, mission success, and the profession of and withers.
arms. Moving beyond the “right and wrong”of personal
ethics to examine the broader field of professional military WHAT IS ETHICALLY DEMANDED?
ethics, this collection recognises the range of experience,
perspectives, and opinions that are found in the sea services. K. E. Løgstrup’s Philosophy of Moral Life
Edited by Hans Fink & Robert Stern
University of Notre Dame Press
Jan 2017 396pp
THE CHRISTIAN MORAL LIFE 9780268101855 Hardback £62.95 / €74.00

Directions for the Journey to Happiness For full details of this title, please see page 1.
John Rziha
Northwestern University Press
Apr 2017 480pp, 8 tables
9780268101824 Paperback £41.95 / €49.00 PERCEPTION IN ARISTOTLE’S ETHICS
9780268101817 Hardback £105.00 / €125.00
Eve Rabinoff
A handbook for moral theology that uses the theme of 2018 176pp
a journey to explain its key ethical concepts. Based on an 9780810136427 Paperback £36.95 / €43.00
examination of the moral methodology in the bible, the 9780810136434 Hardback £105.00 / €125.00
book discusses the importance of participating in divine
nature through grace in order to attain eternal happiness. Demonstrates that living an ethical life requires a mode of
It further notes the role of law, virtue, and the gifts of perception that is best called ethical perception. Specifically,
the Holy Spirit in guiding and transforming humans into drawing primarily on Aristotle’s accounts of perception and
friends of God. ethics in De anima and Nicomachean Ethics, Eve Rabinoff
argues that the faculty of perception, which is often thought
MORAL DISCOURSE IN A PLURALISTIC to be an entirely physical phenomenon, is informed by
WORLD intellect and has an ethical dimension.

Daniel Vokey University of Pittsburgh Press
2016 384pp
9780268159986 Paperback £41.95 / €49.00 THE MATTER OF EMPIRE

How shall we collectively confront the global problems we Metaphysics and Mining in Colonial Peru
face? In this work, Daniel Vokey argues that it is possible for Orlando Bentancor
people from very different religious, political, philosophical,
and cultural traditions to talk productively about the issues Mar 2017 448pp
that divide them. 9780822944607 Hardback £57.50 / €68.00
Illuminations: Cultural Formations of the Americas

Examines the philosophical principles invoked by apologists
of the Spanish empire that laid the foundations for the
material exploitation of the Andean region between 1520
and 1640.


Southern Illinois University Press University of Notre Dame Press


The Unending Obligation of Communication A Study in Moral Theory, Third Edition
Ethics Alasdair MacIntyre
Ronald C. Arnett
2007 312pp
Mar 2017 320pp 9780268035044 Paperback £30.50 / €36.00
9780809335695 Paperback £41.95 / €49.00
Examines the historical and conceptual roots of the idea of
Philosopher Emmanuel Levinas’s ethics as first philosophy virtue, diagnoses the reasons for its absence in personal and
explicates a human obligation and responsibility to public life, offering a tentative proposal for its recovery.
and for the Other that is an unending and an imperfect
commitment. In this work, Ronald C. Arnett underscores the BACK TO THE ROUGH GROUND
profundity of Levinas’s insights for communication ethics.
Phronesis and Techne in Modern Philosophy
BESTSELLERS and in Aristotle, Second Edition
Joseph Dunne
Broadview Press
1998 512pp
THE MORALITY OF WAR 9780268007058 Paperback £47.50 / €55.00
Revisions: A Series of Books on Ethics
Second Edition
Brian Orend A philosophical investigation of practical knowledge, with
major import for professional practice and the ethical life in
2013 300pp modern society. It intends to clarify the kind of knowledge
9781554810956 Paperback £32.95 / €39.00 that informs good practice in a range of disciplines such as
education, psychotherapy, medicine, management, and law.
The first edition of The Morality of War was one of the most
widely-read and successful books ever written on the topic. THE ETHICAL DEMAND
This second edition builds on the strengths of the first,
adding important new material on cyber-warfare; drone Knud Ejler Logstrup
attacks; the wrap-up of Iraq and Afghanistan; conflicts in 1997 344pp
Libya and Syria; and protracted struggles. Updated and 9780268009342 Paperback £41.95 / €49.00
streamlined throughout, the book offers new research tools
and case studies, while keeping the blend of theory and This text presents an alternative understanding of
history featured in the first edition. interpersonal life, not only from utilitarianism and
Kantianism, but also with Kierkegaard’s Christian
University of Massachusetts Press existentialism and forms of subjectivism. For Logstrup there
is no Christian or secular morality, only human morality.
Joseph Dunne


A Seminar with Michel Foucault

1998 176pp
9780870235931 Paperback £24.50 / €28.00

Contains essays by Foucault-scholars and Foucault himself. It
concentrates on Foucault’s later works, where there is a shift
of focus from the power/knowledge axis to the axis of ethics.
This collection should be of interest to anyone interested in
Foucault’s work on ethics and subjectivity.



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