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Paediatrics 2018

Eurospan's latest titles in paediatrics







2015 Report of the Committee on
Infectious Diseases
30th Edition
American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Committee on
Infectious Diseases
Edited by David W. Kimberlin et al

2015 1,058pp
9781581109269 Paperback £129.95 / €145.00
Each successive edition of this incomparable one-
stop guide to preventing, controlling, and managing
infectious diseases in children has set new standards of
quality, authority, and value.
Like its distinguished predecessors, the 30th edition is
custom-built for efficient patient problem solving. At
its heart are expert recommendations on the clinical
manifestations, etiology, epidemiology, diagnosis, and
treatment of more than 200 different diseases.
Created by the AAP Committee on Infectious Diseases
and reviewed by the CDC and FDA—with contributions
from hundreds of expert physicians—it is the clinical tool
you will consult often and with complete confidence. The
new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to
help you stay in step with the latest developments and

Red Book® 2015 product highlights:
• All chapters and sections have been updated.
• Key developments in combination vaccines.
• 2015 AAP standards for child and adolescent immunization practices.
• Important findings on drug interactions.
Content includes:
• Summary of Major Changes in the Red Book®
• Section 1: Active and Passive Immunization
• Section 2: Recommendations for Care of Children in Special Circumstances
• Section 3: Summaries of Infectious Diseases
• Section 4: Antimicrobial Agents and Related Therapy
• Section 5: Antimicrobial Prophylaxis

American Academy of Pediatrics


American Academy of Pediatrics AM:STARS LGBTQ YOUTH

2018 NELSON’S PEDIATRIC Enhancing Care for Gender and
American Academy of Pediatrics Section on
24th Edition Adolescent Health
Edited by John S. Bradley & John D. Nelson Edited by Michelle Forcier, Joanna D. Brown &
Robert T. Brown
Dec 2017 258pp
9781610021098 Paperback £39.95 / €48.00 May 2018 200pp
9781610021364 Paperback £61.95 / €69.00
Provides instant access to reliable, up-to-the-minute Adolescent Medicine: State of the Art, Vol. 29
recommendations for treatment of all infectious diseases
in children. For each disease, the authors provide a Addresses special issues facing sexual and gender
commentary to help health care providers select the best minority youth in areas such as primary care,
of all antimicrobial choices. Drug descriptions cover all behavioural health, substance abuse, medical
antimicrobial agents available today and include complete management updates, surgical options, and changing
information about dosing regimens. health care laws. Additional information is provided
on working with schools, teams, churches, and the
DEVELOPMENTAL AND BEHAVIORAL community at large for the benefit of LGBTQ and
PEDIATRICS youths in other vulnerable populations.

AAP Section on Developmental and Behavioral DIABETES IN THE ADOLESCENT
Edited by Robert G. Voigt Edited by Christopher F. Bolling & Michael Dedekian
Sep 2017 250pp
Apr 2018 750pp 9781581109375 Paperback £61.95 / €69.00
9781610021340 Paperback £92.50 / €103.00
This title features a discussion on obesity and diabetes in
Expanded and fully updated, the second edition of this the adolescent, including topics such as Type I and Type
popular resource provides essential information to help II diabetes, insulin resistance, overlooked complications
primary paediatric care providers to more confidently of obesity, genetics of obesity, and behavioural
evaluate and care for children with developmental and approaches in adolescent weight management.
behavioural concerns.


A Handbook of Inpatient Pediatrics,
Second Edition
Edited by Jeffrey C. Gershel, & Daniel A. Rauch

Sep 2017 896pp

9781610021142 Paperback £61.95 / €69.00

Offers practical, authoritative guidance in the hospital setting
for safe, effective inpatient care from initial evaluation
through hospital discharge management. It provides
chapters on eating disorders, acute adrenal insufficiency,
hyperthyroidism, inborn errors of metabolism, ovarian
torsion, neutropenia, and sepsis. Includes two new sections
on genetics and metabolism rheumatology.


Edited by American Academy of Pediatrics
Cases from NeoReviews Index of Suspicion in Oct 2017 164pp
the Nursery and Visual Diagnosis 9781610021692 Paperback £49.95 / €56.00
Edited by Dara Brodsky & Josef Neu Pediatric Collections

Jun 2018 300pp More data continues to emerge on teen use of
9781610021401 Paperback £61.95 / €69.00 eCigarettes that leads to smoking. Renowned
AAP journal editors have created this new, first-in-
Showcases 50 unique, real-life cases from NeoReview’s series, Pediatric Collection with high-impact articles that
popular “Index of Suspicion in the Nursery”and “Visual address the public health trend among adolescents and
Diagnosis”. These 50 cases cover rare conditions or unusual young adults, and the unintended nicotine poisonings
clinical manifestations of common conditions that medical among younger children.
professionals see every day.
Edited by American Academy of Pediatrics
Edited by Jonathan N. Johnson & Deepak M. Kamat Nov 2017 160pp
Jun 2018 400pp 9781610021708 Paperback £50.50 / €56.00
9781610021449 Paperback £77.50 / €86.00 Pediatric Collections

Learn from leading experts the latest information on cardiac The number of children and adolescents affected by
issues seen most often in a paediatric office. The scope firearm violence is staggering. This print compendium
of focus includes signs and symptoms, management of of AAP editor-curated articles provides quick access
patients with acquired or congenital heart disease, cardiac to the latest, most salient studies to give a better
implications of common infectious diseases, preventive understanding of the public health impact of firearm
cardiology strategies, and other issues that are frequently injuries.
managed or evaluated by the primary care clinician.
GUIDELINES & POLICIES Edited by American Academy of Pediatrics
Dec 2017 91pp
A Compendium of Evidence-Based Research 9781610021791 Paperback £50.50 / €56.00
for Pediatric Practices, 18th Edition Pediatric Collections
American Academy of Pediatrics
What is the risk of use or secondary exposure, including
May 2018 1599pp accidental ingestion, to marijuana or synthetic
9781610021487 Paperback £143.00 / €160.00 cannabinoids? What factors are associated with use
or secondary exposure? What are the implications for
Keep current with the latest clinical practice guidelines children and teens who use marijuana or synthetic
and policies from the American Academy of Pediatrics. cannabinoids? This volume examines these questions.
This evidence-based decision making tool for managing
common paediatric conditions has been revised and updated
for 2018.


Evaluation and Management for Newborn,
A Quick Reference Guide Genetic, Neurologic, and Developmental-
American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Behavioral Disorders
Pulmonology, Asthma, and Sleep Medicine Leonard G. Feld & John D. Mahan
Edited by Dennis C. Stokes et al
Oct 2017 536pp
Apr 2018 500pp 9781610021241 Paperback £92.50 / €103.00
9781610021425 Paperback £102.00 / €114.00 Succinct Pediatrics

Obtain practice-focused guidance on the diagnosis, Addresses topics of the newborn, genetic, and
evaluation, and treatment of the most commonly neurodevelopmental disorders such as sepsis, obsessive
encountered paediatric respiratory conditions, asthma- compulsive disorders; neuromuscular cases of weakness, and
related difficulties, and sleep disorders. Starting with more. This book comprises short chapters supplemented
the signs, symptoms, and conditions most commonly with key figures and tables. Includes new content on apnoea,
encountered in primary pulmonary care, the book provides birth injuries, respiratory distress syndrome and turner
advice for appropriate testing, treatment plans, and syndrome.
common complications.
PEDIATRIC CARE 2015 Report of the Committee on Infectious
Diseases, 30th Edition
Second Edition American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Committee on
Edited by Deepak M. Kamat Infectious Diseases
Edited by David W. Kimberlin et al
Sep 2017 1,248pp
9781610021111 Paperback £128.00 / €143.00 2015 1,058pp
9781581109269 Paperback £129.95 / €145.00
Significantly revised and updated, the second edition of this
popular quick reference guide provides information and For full details of this title, see page 1.
advice on 190 areas of current paediatric care, everything
from abdominal pain and ADHD, to herpes infections and American Society of
headache to weight loss and wheezing. This indispensable Health-System Pharmacists – ASHP
resource delivers practical, action-orientated, clinical
solutions for healthcare professionals to use during or PEDIATRIC INJECTABLE DRUGS
between patient encounters. Authoritative content is (THE TEDDY BEAR BOOK)
presented in a concise outline format that helps speed and
simplify decision-making. Eleventh Edition
Stephanie J. Phelps et al
9781585285396 Paperback £150.00 / €170.00
A Multimedia Case-Based Text with Video,
Second Edition For more than two decades, Pediatric Injectable Drugs (The
Jordan D. Metzl Teddy Bear Book) has served an important and continuing
need for reliable evidence-based information specific to
Nov 2017 238pp paediatric injectable drugs, including all drugs commonly
9781610021227 Paperback £102.00 / €114.00 used in the treatment of infants and children, with age-
specific dosing and administration guidelines throughout.
Provides step-by-step demonstrations of the examination This classic reference is now fully revised.
and evaluation techniques for common sports injuries. This
volume includes multi-media case-based text with video
and covers physical examination keys; when to order x-rays,
CT scans, MRIs; treatment plan and development; and case-
based cover of common injuries and concussion preventative



Angelia Trujillo et al
An Interprofessional and Collaborative
Approach Jan 2018 135pp
Heather Atkinson, Kim Nixon-Cave & Sabrina Smith 9781936590193 Paperback £77.50 / €86.00
Provides self-directed exercises that guide readers through
Sep 2017 350pp the process of identifying documented injuries and
9781617116186 Hardback £82.50 / €92.00 developing a plan of action for evidence collection and
An interdisciplinary and invaluable resource for students subsequent medical care unique to each case. Readers will
and clinicians to understand and apply effective evidence- have the opportunity to analyse case histories of child sexual
based practice and treatment approaches for childhood abuse and accompanying photographs of the patients’
stroke. The text will also be of interest to healthcare physical examinations.
professionals, specifically physical therapists, occupational
therapists, speech-language pathologists, physicians, BESTSELLERS
neuropsychologists, nurses, and educators, who work with
children who have experienced a stroke. American Academy of Pediatrics

STM Learning

A Primary Care Approach, Fifth Edition
SANE/SAFE Forensic Learning Series, Carol D. Berkowitz
Second Edition
Diana K. Faugno et al 2014 850pp
9781581108460 Paperback £89.95 / €99.00
Jan 2018 160pp
9781936590780 Paperback £77.50 / €86.00 This fifth edition is custom-built for efficient primary care
problem-solving. It provides concise, practice-oriented
Allows readers the opportunity to analyse fifteen case guidance on all the most common issues – both clinical and
histories of sexual assault and accompanying photographs psychosocial – you’re likely to encounter. Here’s hands-on
of the patients’physical examinations. Self-directed exercises help on topics ranging from temper tantrums and thumb-
will guide readers through the process of identifying sucking to childhood cancer, kidney disease, and diabetes.
documented injuries and developing a plan of action for
evidence collection and subsequent medical care unique to PEDIATRIC NUTRITION
each case.
Seventh Edition
CHILD ABUSE QUICK REFERENCE Edited by Ronald E. Kleinman & Frank R. Greer

For Health Care, Social Service, and Law 2013 1,477pp
Enforcement Professionals, Third Edition 9781581108163 Paperback £128.00 / €143.00
Randell Alexander, Diana K. Faugno & Patricia M. Speck
Prepared by the AAP Committee on Nutrition with
Jun 2017 236pp contributions from more than 100 experienced practitioners,
9781936590346 Paperback £87.50 / €97.00 this seventh edition puts today’s most current nutrition-
related information at your fingertips. It provides the latest
Completely revised and expanded, with new and emerging information about nutrient metabolism and nutrition to
science for the multidisciplinary response to child abuse. This support the normal development and health of infants and
third edition features updated models for the investigation, children who are well, those born with congenital anomalies
diagnosis, and treatment of child abuse, as well as three or disorders of metabolism, and those with acute and
all-new chapters on non-fatal strangulation in children, chronic illnesses.
pregnancy in sexually abused minors, and prevention of child



Edited by Scott R. Schoem & David H. Darrow MANUAL OF NEONATAL SURGICAL
9781581106046 Paperback £61.95 / €69.00
Third Edition
This ENT ready-reference has been created expressly for Anne R. Hansen & Mark Puder
paediatric primary care providers. It will quickly become the
first place to turn for expert help with the myriad of ear, 2016 650pp, 54 images, 26 figures, 28 tables
nose, and throat disorders seen every day. It explains how to 9781607951940 Paperback £61.95 / €70.00
evaluate ear, nose, and throat disorders promptly, manage
them effectively, and refer them appropriately for specialist The perioperative management of newborns with surgical
intervention. conditions is an interdisciplinary effort. These infants
generally spend less than a day in the operating room, but
PEDIATRIC PULMONOLOGY require days, weeks, or even months of complex pre- and
postoperative care. The Manual of Neonatal Surgical Intensive
Edited by Michael Light et al Care will be useful to both medical and surgical clinicians who
2011 900pp are taking care of newborn infants with surgical conditions.
9781581104929 Paperback £102.00 / €114.00
Springer Publishing Company
Provides the latest AAP findings and recommendations;
assessment and testing how-tos; proven therapeutic COMPREHENSIVE NEONATAL
strategies; procedures, and techniques; home care and NURSING CARE
monitoring considerations; and much more. Powerful
problem-solving features in each information-rich chapter Fifth Edition
include illustrative case reports, key point summaries; and Edited by Carole Kenner & Judy Wright Lott
definitions of pulmonary-specific terms.
2013 1064pp, 80 line drawings & graphic figures, 40 photos
RED BOOK® ATLAS OF PEDIATRIC 9780826109750 Hardback £133.00 / €149.00
The only text to combine comprehensive physiology of the
Third Edition neonate with nursing management, this has been used
Edited by Carol J. Baker worldwide for education, orientation, and training since its
original publication in 1993. Thoroughly updated, this new
2016 784pp, 1,200 photos & radiographs edition incorporates the most up-to-date research findings
9781610020602 Hardback £99.95 / €120.00 and strategies for providing cost-effective and evidence-
based care. Completely new chapters address emerging
Provides must know information for diagnosing, evaluating, infections, the late preterm infant, and neonatal care from a
and treating more than 100 paediatric conditions. The global perspective.
content is a concise distillation of Red Book® 2015. Key
features include 800 detailed clinical photos and radiographs. MEDICATIONS & MOTHERS’ MILK
Succinct captions note crucial aspects of patient presentation 2017
and disease processes, and offer valuable insights for
differential diagnosis. Thomas W. Hale & Hilary E. Rowe
2016 1095pp
KEY BESTSELLER 9780826128584 Paperback £57.95 / €68.00

TEXTBOOK OF NEONATAL The worldwide bestselling drug reference on the use of
RESUSCITATION medications in breastfeeding mothers, providing the most
current, complete, and evidence-based information. This
Seventh Edition 17th edition features a massive update with hundreds
American Academy of Pediatrics & American Heart of new drugs, diseases, vaccines, and syndromes. It also
Association provides numerous changes to hundreds of existing drugs.

2016 328pp, 140 illustrations
9781610020244 Paperback £59.95 / €65.00

The Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) is an educational
programme designed to teach an evidence-based approach
to resuscitation of the newborn to hospital staff who care
for newborns at the time of delivery. Significantly revised
and updated, the new seventh edition reflects the revised
guidelines for neonatal resuscitation and emergency
cardiovascular care.


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