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2018 Archaeology & Ancient History

Eurospan's latest titles in archaeology and ancient history








Academic Studies Press The University of Arizona Press


Archaeology and Aesthetics in the Culture of Networks, Identity, and Social Change in
Russian Modernism the Ancient Cibola World
Michael Kunichika Matthew A. Peeples

Dec 2017 348pp Nov 2017 296pp, 48 b&w illustrations, 15 tables
9781618116642 Paperback £32.95 / €37.00 9780816535682 Hardback £57.50 / €65.00
Studies in Russian and Slavic Literatures, Cultures,
and History For more than a century, the Cibola region on the Arizona-
New Mexico border has been the focus of archaeological
The modernists central to Our Native Antiquity located their interest. Matthew A. Peeples examines archaeological data
antiquity in the Eurasian steppes, where they found objects generated during a century of research through the lens of
and sites long denigrated as archaeological curiosities. The new and original social theories and methods focused on
book follows the exemplary careers of two objects - the exploring identity, social networks, and social transformation.
so-called “Stone Women”and the kurgan, or burial mound
- and the attention paid to them by Russian and Soviet FOOTPRINTS OF HOPI HISTORY
archaeologists, writers, artists, and filmmakers.
Hopihiniwtiput Kukveni’at
The University of Alabama Press Edited by Leigh J. Kuwanwisiwma, T.J. Ferguson &
Chip Colwell
AMERICAN SOUTHEAST Mar 2018 304pp, 78 b&w illustrations, 3 tables
9780816536986 Hardback £57.50 / €65.00
Approaches to Bridging Health and Identity
in the Past The fourteen chapters in Footprints of Hopi History: at focus
Edited by Shannon Chappell Hodge & Kristrina A. Shuler on Hopi footprints as they are understood through a variety
of research techniques, including archaeology, ethnography,
Aug 2018 264pp, 58 b&w figures, 7 maps, 32 tables documentary history, plant genetics, and educational
9780817319915 Hardback £71.50 / €80.00 outreach. The editors and contributors offer a fresh and
innovative perspective on Hopi archaeology and history.
Building on the 1991 publication What Mean These Bones?
Studies in Southeastern Bioarchaeology, this new edited THE LIVES OF STONE TOOLS
collection from Shannon Chappell Hodge and Kristrina A.
Shuler marks steady advances over the past three decades in Crafting the Status, Skill, and Identity
the theory, methodology, and purpose of bioarchaeology in of Flintknappers
the southeastern United States and across the discipline Kathryn Weedman Arthur

CAHOKIA’S COMPLEXITIES Apr 2018 336pp, 78 b&w illustrations, 19 tables
9780816537136 Hardback £61.95 / €70.00
Ceremonies and Politics of the First
Mississippian Farmers Gives voice to the Indigenous Gamo lithic practitioners
Susan M. Alt of southern Ethiopia. Anthropologist Kathryn Weedman
Arthur offers insights from her more than twenty years
Apr 2018 168pp, 55 b&w figures, 3 maps, 7 tables working with the Gamo. She deftly addresses historical
9780817319762 Hardback £47.50 / €54.00 and present-day experiences and practices, privileging the
Archaeology of the American South: New Directions Gamo’s perspectives.
and Perspectives

In the United States, Cahokia has been the focus of intense
archaeological work to explain its mysteries. As one of the
foremost experts on Cahokia, Susan M. Alt addresses long-
standing considerations of eastern Woodlands archaeology
- the beginnings, character, and ending of Mississippian
culture (AD 1050-1600) - from a novel theoretical and
empirical vantage point.


TEN THOUSAND YEARS University Press of Florida
The Archaeology of Wealth Differences PSYCHOACTIVE SUBSTANCES
Edited by Timothy A. Kohler & Michael E. Smith
Edited by Scott M. Fitzpatrick
Apr 2018 384pp, 43 b&w illustrations, 25 tables Nov 2017 288pp
9780816537747 Hardback £66.95 / €75.00 9780813056708 Hardback £90.50 / €102.00
Amerind Studies in Archaeology
Tracing evidence of mind-altering substances across a
Presents the first set of consistent quantitative diverse range of ancient cultures, this collection explores
measurements of ancient wealth inequality. The authors are how and why past civilizations harvested, manufactured,
archaeologists who have adapted the Gini index, a statistical and consumed drugs. Case studies examine the use of
measure of wealth distribution often used by economists to stimulants, narcotics, and depressants by hunter-gatherers
measure contemporary inequality, and applied it to house- who roamed Africa and Eurasia, prehistoric communities in
size distributions over time and around the world. North and South America, and Maya kings and queens.

Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press THE ANCIENT URBAN MAYA

IMAGES IN ACTION Neighborhoods, Inequality, and Built Form
Scott R. Hutson
The Southern Andean Iconographic Series
Edited by William H. Isbell et al Jan 2018 280pp, 33 b&w illustrations
9780813064796 Paperback £23.95 / €27.00
Jun 2018 680pp Ancient Cities of the New World
9781938770142 Hardback £132.00 / €149.00
Cotsen Advanced Seminars, Vol. 6 Ancient cities were complex social, political, and economic
entities, but they also suffered from inequality, poor
Presents interpretations of a large corpus of art and sanitation, and disease - often more than rural areas. Scott
iconography from the Southern and South-Central Andes, Hutson examines ancient Maya cities and argues that,
bringing together some of the most esteemed scholars despite the hazards of urban life, these places continued to
in the field. More than thirty authors examine artefacts, lure people for many centuries.
artworks, textiles, archaeology, and architecture to develop
creative new insights on the cultural interactions between THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF GENDER IN
people in prehistoric western South America. HISTORIC AMERICA

AND COLONIAL ARCHAEOLOGY May 2018 192pp, 5 illustrations, 17 b&w photos
9780813064772 Paperback £20.95 / €24.00
Vocabulary, Symbols, and Legacy American Experience in Archaeological Perspective
Edited by Bonnie Effros & Guolong Lai
From domestic spaces to the public realm, Deborah Rotman
Apr 2018 400pp contextualizes gender and the associated social relationships
9781938770135 Paperback £80.95 / €91.00 from the colonial period to the twentieth century. By
Ideas, Debates, and Perspectives, Vol. 8 exploring how individuals and families negotiated and
mediated these relationships, she sheds light on how
Spanning the globe with case studies from East Asia, Siberia, prescriptive gender categories affected those expected to
Australia, the Americas, Europe, and Africa, contributions follow them.
written by archaeologists, art historians, and historians
from four continents offer unusual breadth and depth in
the assessment of various claims to patrimonial heritage,
contextualized by the imperial and colonial ventures of the
last two centuries and their postcolonial legacy.



Jerald T. Milanich Archaeological and Historical Perspectives
Dec 2017 497pp Edited by Christopher R. DeCorse & Zachary J. M. Beier
9781947372702 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00
Florida and the Caribbean Open Books Series Mar 2018 304pp
9780813056753 Hardback £80.95 / €91.00
This record of precolumbian Florida brings to life the
12,000-year story of the native American Indians who lived While the military features of historic forts usually receive the
in the state. Using information gathered by archaeological most attention from researchers, this volume focuses on the
investigations, Jerald Milanich describes the indigenous people who met and interacted in these sites. Contributors to
cultures and explains why they developed as they did. British Forts and Their Communities look beyond the defensive
architecture, physical landscapes, and armed conflicts
THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF UTOPIAN AND to explore the complex social diversity that arose in the
INTENTIONAL COMMUNITIES outposts of the British Empire.

Oct 2017 256pp, 37 b&w illustrations, 4 maps IN BIOARCHAEOLOGY
9780813056593 Hardback £76.50 / €86.00
American Experience in Archaeological Perspective Bioarchaeological Interpretations of
the Human Past: Local, Regional, and
Utopian and intentional communities have dotted the Global Perspectives
American landscape since the colonial era, yet only in recent Edited by Patrick Beauchesne & Sabrina C. Agarwal
decades have archaeologists begun analysing the material
culture left behind by these groups. The case studies in this May 2018 416pp
volume use archaeological evidence to reveal how these 9780813056807 Hardback £104.00 / €118.00
communities upheld their societal ideals.
As researchers become increasingly interested in studying
BIOARCHAEOLOGY AND BEHAVIOR the lives of children in antiquity, this volume argues for
the importance of a collaborative biocultural approach.
The People of the Ancient Near East Contributors draw on fields including physiology,
Edited by Megan A. Perry archaeology, sociocultural anthropology, paediatrics, and
psychology to show that a diversity of research methods is
Jan 2018 226pp, 22 b&w photos, 15 illustrations the best way to illuminate the complexities of childhood.
9780813064789 Paperback £23.95 / €27.00
Bioarchaeological Interpretations of the Human Past: EARLY HUMAN LIFE ON THE
Local, Regional, and Global SOUTHEASTERN COASTAL PLAIN

While mortuary ruins have long fascinated archaeologists Edited by Albert C. Goodyear & Christopher R. Moore
and art historians interested in the cultures of the Near East May 2018 416pp
and eastern Mediterranean, the human skeletal remains 9781683400349 Hardback £118.00 / €134.00
contained in the tombs of this region have garnered less Florida Museum of Natural History: Ripley P. Bullen Series
attention. In this volume, Megan Perry presents a collection
of essays that aim a spotlight on the investigation of the Bringing together major archaeological research projects
ancient inhabitants of the circum-Mediterranean area. from Virginia to Alabama, this volume explores the rich
prehistory of the Southeastern Coastal Plain. Beginning
50,000 years ago, contributors consider how the region’s
environment has long been optimal for the habitation of
people. They highlight demographic changes and cultural
connections across this wide span of time and space.


Toward a Unifying Theory of Ancient and
Julie J. Lesnik Contemporary Migrations
Aug 2018 272pp Edited by Brenda J. Baker & Takeyuki Tsuda
9780813056999 Hardback £76.50 / €86.00
Apr 2018 362pp, 6 tables, 26 b&w illustrations
Researchers who study ancient human diets tend to focus on 9780813064734 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00
meat eating, since the practice of butchery is very apparent
in the archaeological record. In this volume, Julie Lesnik Migration has always been a fundamental human activity,
brings a different food source into view, tracing evidence that yet little collaboration exists between scientists and
humans and their hominin ancestors also consumed insects social scientists examining how it has shaped past and
throughout the entire course of human evolution. contemporary societies. This innovative volume brings
together sociocultural anthropologists, archaeologists,
FLORIDA’S LOST GALLEON bioarchaeologists, ethnographers, paleopathologists, and
others to develop a unifying theory of migration.
The Emanuel Point Shipwreck
Edited by Roger C. Smith MOBILIZING HERITAGE

Mar 2018 256pp Anthropological Practice and
9780813056760 Hardback £33.50 / €38.00 Transnational Prospects
Kathryn Lafrenz Samuels
In 1559, Spanish explorer Tristan de Luna led a fleet of ships
from Mexico to Pensacola Bay. His objective was to settle the Feb 2018 240pp
Florida frontier for Spain. But a hurricane soon after his arrival 9780813056647 Hardback £76.50 / €86.00
destroyed the small colony. Few significant remains were
uncovered for more than 400 years - until a ship was found Mapping out emerging areas for global cultural heritage,
underwater off Emanuel Point. This volume documents this this book provides an anthropological perspective on
discovery, the earliest shipwreck found in Florida. the growing field of heritage studies. Kathryn Lafrenz
Samuels adopts a dual focus - looking back on the
HERITAGE AT THE INTERFACE anthropological foundations for cultural heritage research
while looking forward to areas of practice that reach beyond
Interpretation and Identity national borders.
Edited by Glenn Hooper
Oct 2017 240pp, 13 b&w illustrations INTERACTION IN
9780813056579 Hardback £85.95 / €96.00 ANCIENT BORDERLANDS
Cultural Heritage Studies
Edited by Ulrike Matthies Green & Kirk E. Costion
Bringing together high-profile cultural heritage sites from Apr 2018 208pp
around the world, this volume shows how the term heritage 9780813056883 Hardback £80.95 / €91.00
has been used or understood by different groups of people
over time. These case studies are taken from America, Introduces the Cross-Cultural Interaction Model (CCIM),
Britain, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, India, China, and a visual tool for studying the exchanges that take place
the Caribbean. between different cultures in borderland areas or across
long distances. The model helps researchers untangle
INVESTIGATING THE ORDINARY complex webs of connections among people, landscapes,
and artefacts, and can be used to support multiple
Everyday Matters in Southeast Archaeology theoretical viewpoints.
Edited by Sarah E. Price & Philip J. Carr
Nov 2017 272pp, 23 b&w illustrations, 4 maps
9781683400219 Hardback £80.95 / €91.00 A View from the Maya Lowlands
Florida Museum of Natural History: Ripley P. Bullen Series Edited by M. Kathryn Brown & George J. Bey III

Focusing on the daily concerns and routine events of people Mar 2018 277pp, 58 b&w illustrations, 30 maps
in the past, Investigating the Ordinary argues for a paradigm 9780813054841 Hardback £95.50 / €107.00
shift in the way southeastern archaeologists operate. Instead Maya Studies
of dividing archaeological work by time periods or artefact
types, the essays in this volume unite separate areas of Synthesizes a wealth of new archaeological data to illuminate
research through the theme of the everyday. the origins of Maya civilization and the rise of Classic Maya
culture. In this volume, prominent Maya scholars argue
that the development of social, religious, and economic
complexity began during the Middle Preclassic period (1000-
300 BC), hundreds of years earlier than previously thought.


The Granary C123
The Bioarchaeology of Mass Burials at Arthur Verhoogt & Graham Claytor
Kilkenny Union Workhouse
Jonny Geber Jun 2018 216pp, 75 images, 9 tables
9780472130870 Hardback £90.50 / €102.00
Mar 2018 312pp Michigan Papyri
9780813064673 Paperback £23.95 / €27.00
Bioarchaeological Interpretations of the Human Past: Local, The twenty-first volume of University of Michigan papyri and
Regional, and Global Perspectives the fourth devoted to texts from the University’s excavations
at Karanis. The volume offers a contextualized edition of
By examining the physical conditions of inmates that might thirty-seven documents found in a single structure, a large
have contributed to their institutionalization, as well as to granary originally built in the first century CE, in addition to
the resulting health consequences, Jonny Geber sheds new an analysis of the archaeology and history of the structure.
and unprecedented light on Ireland’s Great Hunger.
Familiar Works Reconsidered
Jonathan Kaplan & Federico Paredes Umana Brenda Longfellow & Ellen Perry
Jun 2018 400pp
9780813056746 Hardback £118.00 / €134.00 Feb 2018 288pp, 45 figures, 19 plates, 2 tables
Maya Studies 9780472130658 Hardback £71.50 / €81.00

Brings the often-overlooked southern Maya region of The work gathered in Roman Artists,Patrons,and Public
Guatemala into the spotlight by closely examining the “lost Consumption displays the breadth and depth of scholarship in
city”of Chocola. Jonathan Kaplan and Federico Paredes the field. The first five essays approach individual objects and
Umana prove that Chocola was a major Maya polity and artistic tropes, as well as their cultural contexts and functions,
reveal exactly why it was so influential. from fresh and dynamic angles. The latter essays focus on
case studies in Pompeii.
University of Michigan Press
University of New Mexico Press


Juvenal and the Anxieties of the Individual Landscape Archaeology in the
Christopher Nappa Llanos de Mojos
John H. Walker
Feb 2018 236pp
Apr 2018 232pp
9780472130665 Hardback £71.50 / €81.00
9780826359469 Hardback £71.50 / €81.00
Writing during the reign of emperors Trajan and Hadrian, Archaeologies of Landscape in the Americas Series
Juvenal drew on Roman legend and the history of preceding
imperial dynasties as a means of scrutinizing cultural Archaeologists have long associated the development of
upheavals in the Rome of his day. This book locates Juvenal’s agriculture with the rise of the state. But the archaeology of
targets among the matrices of birth, wealth, class, gender, the Amazon Basin, revealing traces of agriculture but lacking
and ethnicity and walks through a number of his most evidence of statehood, confounds their assumptions. This
arresting vignettes in order to show not only what, but how, study of the Bolivian Amazon addresses this contradiction,
he satirizes. examining the agricultural landscape and analysing the
earthworks from an archaeological perspective.


SPOOKY ARCHAEOLOGY Texas A&M University Press

Myth and the Science of the Past CLOVIS MAMMOTH BUTCHERY
Jeb J. Card
The Lange/Ferguson Site and Associated
May 2018 360pp Bone Tool Technology
9780826359650 Hardback £71.50 / €81.00 L. Adrien Hannus

Follows a trail of clues left by adventurers and professional Mar 2018 288pp, 55 colour, 30 b&w photos, 58 line art,
archaeologists that guides the reader through haunted 10 maps, 13 figures, 30 tables
museums, mysterious hieroglyphic inscriptions, fragments 9781623495923 Hardback £57.50 / €65.00
of a lost continent that never existed, and deep into an Peopling of the Americas Publications
investigation of magic and murder.
The Lange/Ferguson site is the earliest dated archaeological
The University of North Carolina Press site in South Dakota and one of the few North American
sites that provides evidence of a Clovis-period mammoth
THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF SANITATION butchering event. L. Adrien Hannus provides a
IN ROMAN ITALY comprehensive look at one of the few New World Clovis-era
sites with in-place buried deposits exhibiting evidence for an
Toilets, Sewers, and Water Systems expedient bone tool technology.
Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow
The University of Utah Press
Aug 2018 312pp, 36 drawings, 64 halftones
9781469645537 Paperback £33.50 / €38.00 PETROGLYPHS, PICTOGRAPHS,
Studies in the History of Greece and Rome AND PROJECTIONS

The Romans developed sophisticated methods for Native American Rock Art in the
managing hygiene. Through the archaeological record, Contemporary Cultural Landscape
graffiti, sanitation-related paintings, and literature, Ann Olga Richard A. Rogers
Koloski-Ostrow explores this little-known world, offering
unique insights into Roman sanitation, engineering, urban May 2018 384pp, 38 illustrations, 2 maps
planning and development, hygiene, and public health. 9781607816188 Paperback £33.50 / €38.00

BLACKBEARD’S SUNKEN PRIZE Recent decades have seen an upsurge in visitation to rock
art sites as well as an increase in commercial reproduction
The 300-Year Voyage of of rock art and attempts to understand the meaning and
Queen Anne’s Revenge function of that art. Focusing on the southwestern US, this
Mark U. Wilde-Ramsing & Linda F. Carnes-McNaughton book critically examines the contemporary implications of
the interpretation, appropriation, commodification, and
Jun 2018 288pp, 181 colour plates, 27 halftones, 14 maps, management of indigenous rock art.
3 graphs, 4 tables
9781469640525 Paperback £26.95 / €30.00 POTTERY ETHNOARCHAEOLOGY IN
In 1717, the pirate Blackbeard captured a French slaving
vessel off the coast of Martinique and renamed it Queen Michael J. Shott
Anne’s Revenge. But in June 1718 Blackbeard reportedly Jun 2018 336pp, 67 illustrations, 2 maps
ran the ship aground off the coast of North Carolina. When 9781607816225 Paperback £42.95 / €49.00
divers discovered the wreck in 1996, it was heralded as a Foundations of Archaeological Inquiry
major find in maritime archaeology. Now the story of Queen
Anne’s Revenge is revealed in full detail. Although most ceramic studies describe vessel production
and use, the causes and rates of pottery discard are often
neglected in archaeological studies. Michael Shott presents
analytical methods for determining pottery use life and
demonstrates why use life should not be overlooked.


BESTSELLERS Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press

Cognella Academic Publishing THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF RITUAL

THE CLASSICAL FOUNDATION Edited by Evangelos Kyriakidis
2012 319pp
Ancient Western Primary Sources 9781931745475 Paperback £14.50 / €16.00
That Shaped Our Culture Cotsen Advanced Seminars, Vol. 3
Edited by David Lincoln A wide spectrum of scholars, historians, art historians,
anthropologists, students of performance and of religion,
2014 340pp archaeologists, cognitive scientists, and linguists explore how
9781626618534 Paperback £93.95 / €106.00 ritual can be traced in archaeology and possible directions for
Introduces students to the western tradition through quality ritual research in the discipline.
recent translations of primary sources such as Aristophanes,
Euripides, Homer and Virgil. It pairs these with later western POMPEIAN HOUSEHOLDS
sources to show how the Classical Age relates to the Early
Modern and Modern Ages. An Analysis of the Material Culture
Penelope M. Allison
2004 255pp
An Ancient Egypt Sourcebook 9780917956966 Paperback £42.95 / €49.00
Edited by David Miano Monographs, Vol. 42
This book is concerned with contextualised Pompeian
2014 480pp household artefacts and their role in deepening
9781631890062 Paperback £62.50 / €70.00 understanding of household behaviour at Pompeii.
Helps students understand the world of the ancient
Egyptians by introducing them to primary sources that cover University of Michigan Press
a broader spectrum, both temporally and geographically,
than most ancient Egyptian readers. HONOR AMONG THIEVES

PREHISTORIC WORLD CULTURES Craftsmen, Merchants, and Associations in
Roman and Late Roman Egypt
Second Edition Philip F. Venticinque
Renee B. Walker
2016 288pp
2016 192pp 9780472130160 Hardback £63.95 / €75.00
9781516508150 Paperback £65.50 / €74.00 New Texts from Ancient Cultures
Provides a broad overview of world prehistory while The analysis presented here concentrates on how craftsmen,
highlighting significant events, developments, and cultures merchants, and associations interacted with each other and
through time. Organised chronologically and geographically, with elite and non-elite constituencies; managed economic,
it gives students a clear understanding of changes from political, social, and legal activities; represented their concerns
the evolution of our species to the development of to the authorities; and acquired and used social capital.
complex civilizations.
Edited by Werner Riess & Garrett G. Fagan
Select Readings 2016 432pp, 14 halftones, 3 tables
Edited by Kim Woodring 9780472119820 Hardback £72.95 / €85.00

2017 276pp Examines how topography shaped the perception and
9781516500611 Paperback £89.95 / €101.00 interpretation of violence in Greek and Roman antiquity. No
Addresses the importance of religion in ancient civilizations other book either adopts the spatial theoretical framework
and encourages readers to evaluate these civilizations both or pairs the examination of different classes of violence in
historically and critically. classical antiquity in this way.


The University of North Carolina Press The University of Wisconsin Press

The Republic and Its Spaces
Daniel J. Gargola Towards a Christian Empire
Peter Brown
2017 320pp
9781469631820 Hardback £42.95 / €49.00 1992 192pp
Studies in the History of Greece and Rome 9780299133443 Paperback £16.50 / €19.00
In this innovative, systematic approach, Daniel J. Gargola
demonstrates how important the concept of space was to Traces the growing power of early Christian bishops as
the governance of Rome. they wrested influence from the philosophers who had
traditionally advised the rulers of Graeco-Roman society,
University of Pittsburgh Press transforming the Roman empire from an ancient to a
medieval society.
J. R. Hamilton
1974 The Decline of the Western Empire
9780822960843 Paperback £19.50 / €22.00 E.A. Thompson
In taking account of recent research and in reassessing the
markedly contradictory contemporary sources, J.R. Hamilton 2002 344pp, maps
presents a far less attractive but no less compelling portrait of 9780299087043 Paperback £21.95 / €25.00
Alexander than Tarn’s classic study.
Presents the fall of the Roman Empire from the barbarians’
The University of Utah Press perspective. This book is an attempt to penetrate the minds
and attitudes of the barbarians.

Michael Brian Schiffer Judith Lynn Sebesta & Larissa Bonfante
2002 448pp 2006 191 illustrations
9780874805130 Paperback £33.50 / €38.00 9780299138547 Paperback £30.50 / €35.00
Embodies a vision that the cultural past is knowable, but only
when the nature of the evidence is thoroughly understood. Drawing on archaeology, anthropology and history this
It shows how the past is accessible in practice by identifying guide explores Roman costume, looking at everything from
variability introduced by the diverse effects of people and hairstyles and jewellery to literature and geography.
nature that in some sum, form the archaeological record.


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Phil Prestianni United Arab Emirates, Yemen
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