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2018 Religious Studies

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World Religions · BUDDHISM 1

Buddhist Art in Medieval China
Hsueh-man Shen
HIGHLIGHT Oct 2018 392pp,
132 illustrations, 113 in colour
FROM INDRA’S 9780824867058 Hardback £68.50 / €77.00
NET TO INTERNET Deftly weaving together data and research from several
Communication, disciplines, including Buddhist studies, archaeology,
Technology, and and art history, Authentic Replicas vividly conveys how
the Evolution of replication lay at the heart of Buddhist worship in medieval
Buddhist Ideas China, offering a new understanding of how religious belief
guided the artistic output of an entire age.
Contemporary Buddhism
University of Hawai’i Press SUTRA

University of Hawai’i Press Translated by A. Charles Muller
& Kenneth K. Tanaka
ARCHITECTS OF Feb 2018 111pp
BUDDHIST LEISURE 9781886439658 Hardback
Socially Disengaged £33.95 / €39.00
Buddhism in Asia’s The Brahma’s Net Sutra plays
Museums, Monuments, an important niche role in the
and Amusement Parks development of East Asian
Mahayana Buddhism. It is the
Justin Thomas McDaniel primary extant Vinaya text
Apr 2018 282pp, that articulates the precepts
41 b&w illustrations from a Mahayana perspective.
9780824876753 Paperback That is, it takes its main audience to be “bodhisattva
£26.95 / €30.00 practitioners”, mainly householders who remain engaged
Buddhism, often described with society rather than becoming renunciant monks or
as an austere religion that nuns.
condemns desire, promotes denial, and idealises the
contemplative life, actually has a thriving leisure culture in BDK America
Asia. Justin McDaniel looks at the growth of Asia’s culture
of Buddhist leisure - what he calls “socially disengaged THE BUDDHA IN
Buddhism” - through a study of architects responsible for LANNA
monuments, museums, amusement parks, and other sites. Art, Lineage, Power,
and Place in Northern

Angela S. Chiu
Apr 2018 256pp,
19 b&w illustrations
9780824876821 Paperback
£26.95 / €30.00
For centuries, wherever Thai
Buddhists have made their
homes, statues of the Buddha
have provided testament to the role of Buddhism in the
lives of the people. The Buddha in Lanna offers the first
in-depth historical study of the Thai tradition of donation
of Buddha statues. The book reveals the key roles that Thai
Buddha images have played in the social and economic
worlds of their makers and devotees.

2 World Religions · BUDDHISM

BURMA “A Mahayana Demonstration on the Theme
A History of of Action,” “Essays of Sengzhao,” and “The
Dhammasattha Texts Treatise on the Origin of Humanity”
and Jurisprudence,
1250–1850 Translated by John P. Keenan, Rafal Felbur & Yün-hua Jan
Feb 2018 450pp
D. Christian Lammerts 9781886439665 Hardback £58.50 / €66.00
Aug 2018 296pp Collects three brief and important explorations in
9780824872601 Hardback Mahayana Buddhism: A Mahayana Demonstration on the
£61.95 / €70.00 Theme of Action, Essays of Sengzhao, and The Treatise on the
Provides an intellectual Origin of Humanity.
and literary history of the BDK America
dynamic jurisprudence of
the dhammasattha legal genre between the thirteenth ISEAS Publishing
and nineteenth centuries. Based on a critical study of
hundreds of little-known surviving dhammasattha and BUDDHISM IN ASIA
related manuscripts, Buddhist Law in Burma demonstrates Revival and Reinvention
the centrality of law as a crucial discipline of Buddhist
knowledge in precolonial Southeast Asia. Edited by Nayanjot Lahiri &
Upinder Singh
Communication, Technology, and the 9789814762069 Paperback
Evolution of Buddhist Ideas £25.95 / €30.00
Showcases the expansion
Daniel Veidlinger of Buddhism’s contours and
Aug 2018 344pp popularity in Asia in modern
9780824873400 Hardback £64.95 / €73.00 times. Focusing on India, Sri
Contemporary Buddhism Lanka and China, the essays
For more information on this title, see page 1. in the book highlight the
cross-fertilisation between Buddhism and contemporary
FROM THE discourses which makes the phenomenon of Buddhist
MOUNTAINS TO revival in Asia unambiguously modern.
A History of Buddhist McFarland
Propagation in
Zombies, Mortality and Buddhist Philosophy
Mark A. Nathan
Jul 2018 248pp Christopher M. Moreman
9780824872618 Hardback May 2018 213pp
£59.50 / €67.00 9781476672496 Paperback £38.50 / €43.00
Contemporary Buddhism Contributions to Zombie Studies
Ambitious and meticulously With the increased popularity of the zombie, many
researched, From the scholars have begun to consider just why it has captured
Mountains to the Cities will find a ready audience among the attention of audiences today. In this text, the zombie
researchers and scholars of Korean history and religion, can be viewed as a meditation on death, a memento mori
modern Buddhist reform movements in Asia, and those that can help us learn to live with the fact of our own
interested in religious missions and proselytisation more individual mortality.

World Religions · BUDDHISM 3

The Impermanence of
University of Hawai’i Press Religion in Colonial
Alicia Turner
Peter D. Hershock 2017 240pp
2004 208pp 9780824872861 Paperback
9780824828356 Paperback £27.50 / €31.00
£16.50 / €19.00 Southeast Asia: Politics, Meaning,
Chan Buddhism has become and Memory
paradigmatic of Buddhist Explores the dissonance
spirituality. This work between the goals of the
expresses the meaning of Chan colonial state and the Buddhist
as it developed in China more worldview that animated Burmese Buddhism at the turn
than a thousand years ago of the twentieth century. Saving Buddhism contributes
and provides insights into the to ongoing studies of colonialism, nation, and identity
distinctive aims and forms of in Southeast Asian studies by working to denaturalise
practice associated with the nationalist histories.
ISEAS Publishing

Meaning and Practice in MARITIME ASIA
Shikoku Networks of Masters,
Texts, Icons
Ian Reader
2004 350pp, Edited by Andrea Acri
22 illustrations, 2 maps 2016 482pp
9780824829070 Paperback 9789814695084 Paperback
£29.50 / €34.00 £69.50 / €78.00

This study involves a Advocates a trans-regional,
1400-kilometer-long and maritime, approach
pilgrimage around Japan’s to studying the genesis,
4th largest island, Shikoku. In development and circulation of tantric (or Esoteric)
traveling the circuit of 88 Buddhist temples, pilgrims make Buddhism across Maritime Asia from the seventh to the
their journey together with Kobo Daishi (774-835), the thirteenth centuries CE. The book lays emphasis on the
holy miracle-working figure at the heart of the pilgrimage. mobile networks of human agents (Masters), textual
Ian Reader examines contemporary practices and beliefs of sources (Texts) and images (Icons) through which tantric
the pilgrimage. Buddhist traditions spread.

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4 World Religions · CHRISTIANITY

CHRISTIANITY The University of Alabama Press

African American Evangelicals and
MOTHER TERESA Fundamentalism Between the Wars
Toward a Renewal Mary Beth Swetnam Mathews
of Spiritual Feb 2018 216pp
Theology 9780817359188 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00
Religion & American Culture
The Catholic University of America Press Examines the history of African American Baptists and
Methodists of the early twentieth century. By presenting
Academica Press African American Protestantism in the context of white
A HISTORY OF THE ORTHODOX CHURCH Protestant fundamentalism, this study demonstrates that
IN HAWAII African American Protestants were acutely aware of the
Two Hundred Years on the Road manner in which white Christianity operated and how they
Amir A. Khisamutdinov & V. Rev. Anatole Lyovin could use that knowledge to justify social change.

Mar 2018 164pp ISAAC TAYLOR
9781680530629 Hardback £95.50 / €107.00 TICHENOR
Recounts the many attempts to establish an Orthodox The Creation of the
religious community in the Hawaiian islands. Today, both Baptist New South
the Greek Orthodox and Russian Orthodox churches in
Honolulu are well established, and the Orthodox Church Michael E. Williams
in America (OCA) has recently established mission was May 2018 252pp, 7 b&w figures
established on the Big Island of Hawaii. 9780817359249 Paperback
£28.50 / €32.00
Religion & American Culture
A full-length study of the
influential role Tichenor
played in shaping both the
Baptist denomination and
southern culture. Michael E.
Williams provides a comprehensive analysis of Tichenor’s
life, examining the overall impact of his life and work. This
volume also documents the methodologies Tichenor used
to rally Southern Baptist support around its struggling
Home Mission Board.

The Catholic University of America Press


Eusebius of Caesarea
2017 328pp
9780813229911 Hardback £38.50 / €43.00
Fathers of the Church, Vol. 135
This is the first English translation of the last two
theological works of Eusebius of Caesarea, Against
Marcellus and On Ecclesiastical Theology. Long overlooked
for statements at odds with later orthodoxy, even written
off as heretical, recent scholarship has demonstrated
the tremendous influence these texts had on the Greek
theological tradition in the fourth century.

World Religions · CHRISTIANITY 5

SCHOLARS Short Writings on the
Essays in Honor of Holy Spirit
Robet J. Araujo, SJ
Yves Congar
Edited by S. Hendrianto 2017 304pp
Feb 2018 277pp 9780813229935 Hardback
9780999513422 Paperback £61.95 / €70.00
£28.50 / €32.00 Yves Congar was the most
Robert J. Araujo, SJ, is a significant voice in Catholic
Catholic legal scholar. This pneumatology in the
volume brings together twelve twentieth century. This new
essays by noted scholars in collection of short pieces
honour of Fr. Araujo. The makes his thought accessible
volume displays the influence of the Catholic intellectual to a broad range of readers -
tradition across issues such as natural law, Catholic social scholars, teachers, ecumenists and laity - and thus helps
teachings, constitutionalism, religious freedom and public to ensure that an important theological voice, one that
international law. influenced many of the documents of the Second Vatican
Council, continues to be heard.
SAINT-DENIS A History of Franciscan
Media in the United
Translated by Richard Cusimano States
& Eric Whitmore
Jan 2018 312pp Raymond Haberski Jr
9780813229973 Hardback Mar 2018 277pp
£61.95 / €70.00 9780883822654 Paperback
Suger, the twelfth century £23.95 / €27.00
abbot of Saint-Denis, has 9780883822661 Hardback
not received the respect and £38.50 / €43.00
attention that he deserves. Where do we find religion?
Suger’s texts provide a wealth For many, it can be found
of information about the events of his era as well as a large in the activities of daily life.
amount of biographical material on his accomplishments. How do historians write this history? How do they record
This translation of his writings intends to enhance his the significance of religious culture expressed through
reputation and make his name better known to students the mundane and the extraordinary - from letters to
at all levels. magazines to praying for miracles at shrines? This study
offers more than a century’s worth of religion lived
A SERVICE BEYOND ALL RECOMPENSE through media, particularly Franciscan media.
Studies Offered in Honor of
Msgr. Thomas J. Green WHOLE FAITH
The Catholic Ideal of Emilia Pardo Bazan
Edited by Kurt Martens
Feb 2018 277pp Denise DuPont
9780813230146 Hardback £71.50 / €81.00 Mar 2018 280pp
Six people with different backgrounds, but all related 9780813230030 Hardback £76.50 / €86.00
to Monsignor Thomas J. Green in one way or another, Emilia Pardo Bazán, the most important female author
have written a laudation - a short congratulatory letter of Spain’s nineteenth century, was a prolific writer of
- in honour of Monsignor Green. No less than fifteen novels, short stories, critical articles, chronicles of modern
contributions on various topics by colleagues, canon law life, and plays. Whole Faith is an analysis of how this early
scholars, clearly relate and reflect upon the honouree’s feminist put her unique talents to work for her nation, and
scholarly contributions to canon law. blended into the worshipping body of Spain by creating a
sacramental vision that enriched daily life.

6 World Religions · CHRISTIANITY

University Press of Florida ORDINARY WONDERS
Stories of Unexpected Grace
CHARISMATIC Olesia Nikolaeva
CATHOLICISM IN May 2018 320pp
LATIN AMERICA 9780884654230 Paperback £17.50 / €20.00
In this collection of stories as whimsical as their titles,
Edward L. Cleary award-winning author Olesia Nikolaeva poignantly
Aug 2018 324pp recounts life for Christian believers in Soviet and post-
9780813064765 Paperback Soviet Russia. In a manner reminiscent of the bestselling
£25.95 / €29.00 Everyday Saints these tales reveal a common theme - the
Much has been made of the subtle, sometimes imperceptible movement of Divine
dramatic rise of Protestantism Providence at work in the lives of saints and sinners alike.
in Latin America. Overlooked
by journalists and scholars THE SUNFLOWER
has been the parallel growth Conforming the Will of Man to the Will of God
of Charismatic, or Pentecostal, Catholicism in the region.
Edward Cleary offers the first comprehensive treatment of John Maximovitch
this movement, revealing its importance to the Catholic May 2018 352pp
Church as well as the people of Latin America. 9780884654605 Paperback £20.95 / €24.00
A thoroughly practical manual of the spiritual life focusing
SACRAMENTS OF MEMORY on the central goal of every Christian: learning the will
Catholicism and Slavery in Contemporary of God and struggling to mold our life to it, just as Christ
African American Literature “humbled Himself and became obedient.” (Phil. 2:8) Even
more fundamentally, St John addresses the question of
Erin Michael Salius why we should care about God’s will.
May 2018 224pp
9780813056890 Hardback £76.50 / €86.00 Marquette University Press
Argues that Catholicism informs a major genre of African
American literature in ways and with a significance that LUTHER’S
has gone largely unrecognised. Sacraments of Memory CHRISTOLOGICAL
thus proposes a new framework for understanding the LEGACY
revisionist aims of these works, contextualising the Christocentrism and the
scepticism they exhibit towards historical realism in terms Chalcedonian Tradition
of a Catholic counter-tradition in American literature.
Johannes Zachhuber
Holy Trinity Publications Feb 2018 148pp
9781626005068 Hardback
The Père Marquette Lecture in
Averky Taushev Theology
Edited by Vitaly Permiakov Addresses the continuing
Apr 2018 368pp importance of the
9781942699187 Hardback £34.95 / €39.00 Reformation and its ongoing relevance for theology today
Commentary on the Holy Scriptures of the through an exploration of Luther’s understanding of
This third and final volume of Archbishop Averky’s New Christology, the doctrine of the person of Jesus Christ.
Testament commentary elucidates the moral and pastoral
aspects of the Pauline and Universal Epistles and the Book
of Revelation. Discussion of each New Testament book is
preceded by an analysis of the authorship, time and place
of composition, and major themes within.

World Religions · CHRISTIANITY 7

McFarland WALTER
An Overview of Scientific Research with WRITINGS
Interviews with Witnesses and Experts Volume I,
Christianity and
Sergio A. Rueda the Social Crisis and
Apr 2018 2226pp Other Writings
9781476673844 Paperback £33.50 / €38.00
Explores the issues of exorcism and demonic possession WALTER
and its meaning on this new twentieth century. The author RAUSCHENBUSCH:
presents leading experts in the field of mental health, PUBLISHED WORKS
sociologists and theology which face off the classic battle AND SELECTED
royale of science versus religion and good versus evil. WRITINGS
Volume II,
SAINT JAMES THE Christianizing the
GREATER IN HISTORY, Social Order and
ART AND CULTURE Other Writings

William Farina
May 2018 228pp
9781476669175 Paperback
£52.50 / €59.00
Among the 12 disciples of
Jesus, perhaps none has
inspired more magnificent
art - as well as political
upheaval - than Saint James
the Greater. Portrayed in the
New Testament as part of
Jesus’ inner circle, he was the first apostle to be martyred.
Today, he remains the patron saint of pilgrims to the shrine
of Santiago de Compostela, and his legacy has bequeathed
a magnificent tradition of Western art.

Mercer University Press

Identity, Politics, and Theology in Radical
Baptist Perspective

Ryan Andrew Newson
May 2018 277pp
9780881466492 Paperback £30.50 / €35.00
Perspectives on Baptist Identities
Argues that resources contained in the “baptist vision”
of Christian life are uniquely helpful in describing how
Christians might transformatively and receptively inhabit
the world as it now is. Ryan Newson unpacks the contours
of a Christian identity centred around listening-to oneself,
to others, and to the wild voice of God.

8 World Religions · CHRISTIANITY

University of New Mexico Press STRANGERS AND
The Art of William Hart Contemporary
McNichols Christianities in the
American South
John D. Dadosky &
William Hart McNichols James Hudnut-Beumler
Mar 2018 176pp Apr 2018 288pp,11 illustrations
9780826359131 Paperback 9781469640372 Hardback
£33.50 / €38.00 £33.50 / €38.00
Iconography is undergoing a
revival in twenty-first-century In this fresh and fascinating
American Catholicism. William chronicle of Christianity in
Hart McNichols, who paints the contemporary American
in his studio in New Mexico, is one of the most popular south, historian and minister James Hudnut-Beumler
iconographers of this renaissance, and this book comprises draws on extensive interviews and his own personal
a selection of his icons and sacred images. The book journeys throughout the region over the past decade to
presents images of holy women and holy men as well as present a comprehensive portrait of the south’s long-
images of Mary and Jesus. dominant religion.

NewSouth Publishing University of Notre Dame Press

A Cultural History AND WEST

Meredith Lake John C.H. Wu
Apr 2018 448pp Jan 2018 412pp,
9781742235714 Paperback £38.50 / €43.00 2 illustrations
Tells the revelatory story of the Bible in Australia, from 9780268103668 Paperback
the convict era to the Mabo land rights campaign, Nick £25.95 / €29.00
Cave, the Bra Boys and beyond. At a time when public 9780268103651 Hardback
discussion of religion is deeply polarised, Meredith Lake £71.50 / €81.00
reveals the Bible’s dynamic influence in Australia and offers When John C. H. Wu’s spiritual
an innovative new perspective on Christianity and its autobiography Beyond East and
changing role in society. West was published in 1951,
it became an instant Catholic
The University of North Carolina Press bestseller. This new edition,
including a foreword written
COMMON THREADS by Wu’s son John Wu, Jr., makes this profoundly beautiful
A Cultural History of Clothing in American book by one of the most influential Chinese lay Catholic
Catholicism intellectuals of the twentieth century available for a new
generation of readers.
Sally Dwyer-McNulty
2017 272pp, 37 halftones GOD, COUNTRY, NOTRE DAME
9781469642239 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00 The Autobiography of Theodore M. Hesburgh
An illustrated cultural history of the apparel worn by
American Catholics, Sally Dwyer-McNulty’s Common Theodore M. Hesburgh
Threads reveals the transnational origins and homegrown Feb 2018 360pp, 34 halftones
significance of clothing in developing identity, unity, and a 9780268088033 Paperback £28.95 / €33.00
sense of respectability for a major religious group that had “I have travelled far and wide, far beyond the simple parish
long struggled for its footing in a Protestant-dominated I envisioned as a young man. My obligation of service has
society often openly hostile to Catholics. led me into diverse yet interrelated roles: college teacher,
theologian, president of a great university, counsellor to
four popes and six presidents… But deep beneath it all, … I
have always and everywhere considered myself essentially
a priest.” - from the Preface

World Religions · CHRISTIANITY 9

MEDITATIONS ON THE Rutgers University Press
Apostasy and Ex-
Edited by Sarah McNamer Mormonism among the
Jan 2018 520pp Latter-day Saints
9780268102852 Hardback
£61.95 / €70.00 E. Marshall Brooks
The Meditations on the Life of Aug 2018 254pp, 9 b&w photos
Christ was the most popular 9780813592183 Paperback
and influential devotional work £26.95 / €31.00
of the later Middle Ages.This 9780813592190 Hardback
volume is a critical edition, £73.50 / €83.00
with English translation and Provides an intimate, in-depth
commentary, of a hitherto- ethnography of religious
unpublished Italian text that McNamer argues is likely to be disenchantment among ex-
the original version of this influential masterpiece. Mormons in Utah. Showing that former church members
were once deeply embedded in their religious life, Brooks
QUILL AND CROSS IN argues that disenchantment unfolds as a struggle to
THE BORDERLANDS overcome the spiritual, social, and ideological devotion
Sor María de Ágreda and ex-Mormons had to the religious community.
the Lady in Blue, 1628
Anna M. Nogar The YWCA of the USA and the Maryknoll Sisters
Jun 2018 468pp, 29 photos
9780268102135 Hardback Amanda Izzo
£57.50 / €65.00 Feb 2018 256pp, 16 b&w photos
Examines nearly four hundred 9780813588476 Paperback £22.50 / €26.00
years of history, folklore, 9780813588483 Hardback £73.50 / €83.00
literature, and art concerning Religiously influenced social movements tend to be
the seventeenth-century characterised as products of the conservative turn in
Spanish nun and writer Sor Protestant and Catholic life in the latter part of the
María de Jesús de Ágreda, identified as the legendary “Lady in twentieth century. Amanda L. Izzo argues that, contrary to
Blue” who miraculously appeared to tribes in colonial-era New this view, liberal wings of Christian churches have remained
Mexico and taught them the rudiments of the Catholic faith. an instrumental presence in US and transnational politics.

ROMAN SOURCES FOR Southeast Missouri State University Press
CATHOLICISM, Medieval and Early Modern Religious
1763–1939 Manuscripts in the Charles Luce Harrison
Collection, Kent Library,
Matteo Binasco Southeast Missouri State University
May 2018 300pp
9780268103811 Hardback Joni M. Hand
£71.50 / €81.00 May 2018 148pp
9780997926231 Hardback £52.50 / €59.00
A comprehensive reference A look at medieval and early modern religious manuscripts
volume, researched and in the Charles Luce Harrison Collection, Kent Library,
compiled by Matteo Binasco, Southeast Missouri State University. The book explores
that introduces readers to the the history of the collection and presents full colour
rich content of Roman archives and their vast potential photographs of many of the images.
for US Catholic history in particular. Binasco offers a
groundbreaking description of materials relevant to US
Catholic history in fifty-nine archives and libraries of Rome.
Detailed profiles describe each repository and its holdings.

10 World Religions · CHRISTIANITY

University of Tennessee Press CHRISTIANITY BESTSELLERS

POWERHOUSE FOR GOD The Catholic University of America Press
Speech, Chant, and Song in an Appalachian
Baptist Church, Second Edition EXPOSITION OF THE
Jeff Todd Titon
Apr 2018 277pp Tyconius of Carthage
9781621904182 Paperback £38.50 / €43.00 2017 277pp
The Fellowship Independent Baptist Church was a group of 9780813229560 Hardback
fundamental Christian believers broadly representative of £38.50 / €43.00
southern Appalachian belief and practice. Jeff Todd Titon Fathers of the Church
worked with this community to determine the nature The Exposition of the
of language in the practice of their religion. He traces Apocalypse by Tyconius of
specialized vocabulary and its applications through the acts Carthage (fl. 380) was pivotal
of being saved, praying, preaching, teaching, and singing. in the history of interpretation
of the Book of Revelation.
The University of Utah Press Tyconius interpreted John’s
visions as figurative of the
DECOLONIZING struggles facing the Church throughout the entire period
MORMONISM between the Incarnation and the Second Coming of Christ.
Approaching a
St. Augustine’s Teaching on Divine Power and
Edited by Gina Colvin & Human Freedom
Joanna Brooks
May 2018 360pp Gerald Bonner
9781607816089 Paperback 2007 192pp
£23.95 / €27.00 9780813214740 Paperback £23.95 / €27.00
This volume seeks nothing St Augustine’s exposition of the Eucharistic unity of
less than to shift the focus the elect in the Body of Christ, his Christology, and his
of Mormon studies from emphasis on love as the principal mark of the Godhead
its historic North American, have provided a pattern for Christian devotion and
Euro-American “centre” to the critical questions being spirituality down through the ages. This book seeks to
raised by Mormons living at the movement’s cultural and explain this paradox in Augustine’s theology.
geographic margins.
Wayne State University Press AND REASON
Foundation of Christian
A History of the Catholic Archdiocese of
Detroit Robert Sokolowski
1995 175pp
Leslie Woodcock Tentler 9780813208275 Paperback
Dec 2017 616pp, 28 b&w images £19.50 / €22.00
9780814344002 Paperback £26.95 / €30.00 The prime purpose of this work
Great Lakes Books Series is to identify what is most
Presents a history of the Catholic Church and community radically distinctive about
in southern lower Michigan from the 1830s to the Christian belief. Addressed
1950s. More than a chronicle of clerical successions to a non-technical audience,
and institutional expansion, the book also examines the book helps the reader to
those social and cultural influences that affected the think himself or herself back into the most basic questions
development of the Catholic community. concerning Christian faith.

World Religions · CHRISTIANITY 11

CATHOLIC SOCIAL An Introduction to
TEACHING Catholicism
A Guide for Christians in
the World Today Thomas Joseph White
2017 328pp
Edited by Martin Schlag 9780813229713 Paperback
2017 277pp £19.95 / €25.00
9780813229324 Paperback Provides an accessible
£21.95 / €25.00 presentation of Catholicism
Employs a question and that is grounded in traditional
answer format to better theology, but engaged with
accentuate the response a host of contemporary
of the Church’s message to questions or objections.
the questions Catholics have about their social role and Inspired by the theologies
what the Church intends to teach about it. It is the first of Iranaeus, Thomas Aquinas and John Henry Newman,
short book on Catholic Social Teaching to ground itself and rooted in a post-Vatican II context, Fr. Thomas Joseph
thoroughly in the longer and authoritative Compendium of White presents major doctrines of the Christian religion in
the Social Doctrine of the Church (2004). a way that is comprehensible for non-specialists.

An Introduction to Catholic Doctrine on the
Rufinus of Aquileia Triune God
2017 504pp
9780813229027 Hardback £38.50 / €43.00 Gilles Emery & Matthew Levering
Fathers of the Church, Vol.133 2011 248pp
Rufinus of Aquileia’s History of the Church, published in 9780813218649 Paperback £23.95 / €27.00
402 or 403, is a translation and continuation of that of Thomistic Ressourcement Series, Vol. 1
Eusebius of Caesarea. Eusebius’s history tells the story Provides a much-anticipated introduction to Catholic
of Christianity from its beginning down to the year 325. doctrine on the Trinity. The extensive research combined
Rufinus carries the story forward to 395, the year of the with lucid prose provides readers a resource to better
death of Theodosius I. understand the foundations of Trinitarian reflection. It is
addressed to all who wish to benefit from an initiation to
JUSTICE AND MERCY Trinitarian doctrine.
Pope Francis and the Cognella Academic Publishing
Reform of the Marriage
Nullity Process CATHOLIC AND
Edited by Kurt Martens The Essentials
2017 388pp
9780813229676 Paperback John Mizzoni
£33.50 / €38.00 2015 138pp
Pope Francis addressed 9781631895289 Paperback
the calls during the Third £39.50 / €45.00
Extraordinary General Provides students a concise
Assembly of the Synod of synopsis of the Catholic and
Bishops (October 5-19, 2014) for a simplified procedure Franciscan ethical traditions.
for the declaration of the nullity of marriages. The School The chapters examine the two
of Canon Law of The Catholic University of America separately, yet also show how
organised a March 2016 Workshop on the very topic of they are historically entangled
this important procedural reform. These articles are here and related and how together they create a rich, multi-
brought together in one volume. dimensional ethical framework.

12 World Religions · CHRISTIANITY

DOCUMENTS An Adaptation of the Classic Miles Coverdale
Reading the Bible Again Translation, Augmented by Prayers and
for the First Time, Instructional Material Drawn from Church
Revised Second Edition Slavonic and Other Orthodox Christian Sources

Wayne Brouwer Translated by
2014 410pp David Mitchell James
9781631891908 Paperback 2016 368pp
£67.50 / €76.00 9780884654186 Hardback £13.50 / €15.00

Looks behind the familiar The Psalms of David are the foundation of Christian
pages of the Bible to find worship and integral to its form and content. This edition
historical, literary, and contextual information that of the classic Coverdale translation is accompanied
bring new vibrancy to old words. Part introduction, part by prayers and rubrics from the Liturgical Psalter of
overview, part handbook, Covenant Documents serves as a the Russian Church, adapted to conform to the Greek
great textbook for introductory courses in biblical literature Septuagint text, and subdivided into the twenty traditional
and Christian doctrine. Orthodox liturgical kathismata.

A Catholic Introduction to Religious Studies
Martin X. Moleski John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, and the
2012 236pp Extraordinary Untold Story of the 20th Century
9781621311492 Paperback £62.95 / €71.00
Examines the Judaeo-Christian tradition at length; Paul Kengor
Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Zen, and 2017 624pp
Islam are introduced in a rudimentary fashion, with just 9781610171434 Hardback £26.50 / €30.00
enough detail to give some sense of the history, culture, In this fascinating new book, Paul Kengor tells the untold
philosophy, and theology of these religions. story of the partnership between Pope John Paul II and
President Ronald Reagan and how together they changed
Holy Trinity Publications the course of world history. Kengor shows that the bonds
between the pope and the president ran deeper than
PRAYER BOOK anyone has suspected, and that these bonds drove them to
Fourth Edition confront what they saw as the great evil of the twentieth
century: Soviet communism.
Holy Trinity Monastery
2003 403pp Marquette University Press
9780884651758 Hardback
£17.50 / €20.00 PSALMS NIGHT AND DAY
Perhaps the most popular
Orthodox prayer book Paul Beauchamp
published in the English 2015 271pp
language, frequently referred 9781626007062 Paperback £25.95 / €29.00
to as The Jordanville Prayer Marquette Studies in Theology, Vol. 84
Book. It contains morning and This is one of Paul Beauchamp’s most popular books,
evening prayers and much and has been translated into several languages. It is here
more besides. Traditional English is used throughout. offered for the first time in English. Peter Rogers, rector of
Beautifully bound in maroon colour with a gold the Jesuit community in New Orleans, has devoted much
embossed cover. time and attention to the translation. The result of his
dedication is this beautiful presentation and appreciation
of selected Psalms in ways accessible to everyone.

World Religions · CHRISTIANITY · HINDUISM 13

University of Notre Dame Press HINDUISM

Spirituality and the Incarnation in HINDUGODS INAN
Hans Urs von Balthasar AMERICAN LANDSCAPE
Changing Perceptions of
Mark Allen McIntosh Indian Sacred Images in
2000 212pp the Global Age
9780268023546 Paperback £27.95 / €31.00 E. Allen Richardson
Studies in Spirituality & Theology, Vol. 3
McIntosh’s examination of the unique Christological May 2018 157pp
thought of 20th-century theologian Hans Urs von 9780786499441 Paperback
Balthasar provides an example of how Christology and £52.50 / €59.00
spirituality can come together to offer a more humanistic Explores changes in perception
idea of Christ. of Hindu icons in the United
States where second and third
MANAGING AS IF generation Hindu Americans
FAITH MATTERED have increasingly adopted American attitudes toward
Christian Social sacred objects. The text describes the traditional path in
Principles in the Modern India where Hindu images have been cast for millennia
Organization through the lost wax process. It also explores the origins of
western attitudes toward sacred objects as symbolic.
Helen Alford &
2001 344pp, illustrations
9780268034627 Paperback The University of South Carolina Press
£33.50 / €38.00
Catholic Social Tradition
This text, the inaugural
volume in the Catholic Social
Tradition series, defines the proposed thrust of the new
series: to study the very best of what the Catholic social
tradition has to offer in response to the pressing issues and
problems of our times.

Nunavut Arctic College Media SONIC THEOLOGY
Hinduism and

Victor Tungilik & Rachel Uyarasuk Guy L. Beck
1999 198pp 2009 312pp
9781897568095 Paperback £16.95 / €19.00 9781570038433 Paperback
The transition to Christianity in Nunavut occurred in £30.95 / €35.00
the first half of the twentieth century. It was a long Studies in Comparative Religion
and complex process that deeply affected Inuit life. But
Inuit were not just passive recipients in the process of The Hindu world is permeated
Christianisation. They played an active role in it and helped by sound: drums, bells, gongs,
to shape Christianity in the North. In this book, two Inuit cymbals, conches, flutes,
elders share their memories of the Inuit conversion to and an array of vocalizations
Christianity. play a central role in worship.
This title contends that the traditional Western focus
on Hinduism’s visual component has often been at the
expense of the religion’s most important feature - its
emphasis on sound.

14 World Religions · ISLAM

ISLAM University of Hawai’i Press

Mahathir Mohamad on
JOURNEY INTO Religion and Modernity
EUROPE in Malaysia
Islam, Immigration,
and Identity Sven Schottmann
Sep 2018 296pp
9780824846749 Hardback
£64.95 / €73.00
Mahathir Mohamad’s legacy
as Malaysia’s longest serving
prime minister (1981–2003)
is deeply controversial. Sven
Schottmann argues that
Mahathir’s transformative
effect on Malaysia can only be fully appreciated if we also
take him seriously as one of the postcolonial Muslim
world’s most significant political thought leaders.

Brookings Institution Press Lynne Rienner Publishers

EUROPE Jocelyne Cesari
Traditions Jan 2018 215pp
of Reform in 9781626376922 Hardback
Eighteenth-Century £63.50 / €71.00
Islamic Thought Is political Islam decipherable
through the tenets of the
Islamic tradition – or is it a tool
of secular actors who misuse
religious references? Is it an
expression of modernity,
or a return to the past?
Jocelyne Cesari demystifies
the continuous process of interaction between secular
and religious actors and institutions that is at the core of
political mobilisation in the name of Islam.

Islamic Civilization and Muslim Networks

The University of North Carolina Press

World Religions · ISLAM 15

Rutgers University Press ISLAM BESTSELLERS

FOREVER SUSPECT Brookings Institution Press
Racialized Surveillance of Muslim Americans in
the War on Terror THE ISLAMIC STATE
A Brief Introduction
Saher Selod
Jun 2018 174pp Charles R. Lister
9780813588346 Paperback £22.50 / €26.00 2015 110pp
9780813588353 Hardback £73.50 / €83.00 9780815726678 Paperback
Shows how a specific American religious identity £14.95 / €17.00
has acquired racial meanings, resulting in the hyper What is the Islamic State? Is it
surveillance of Muslim citizens. Drawing on forty-eight a threat as potent and large as
in-depth interviews with South Asian and Arab Muslim Al Qaeda in the early 2000s?
Americans, Saher Selod investigates how Muslim Charles R. Lister provides
Americans are subjected to racialised surveillance in both answers to these and other
an institutional context by the state and a social context by questions in The Islamic State.
neighbours and co-workers. He shows that IS is not a new
phenomenon but has long historical roots and has evolved
Society Publishing from a small terrorist group into a functional state.

ISLAMIC MARKETING Cognella Academic Publishers

Oct 2018 300pp Attempts to Rectify
9781773611549 Hardback £129.00 / €146.00 Misperceptions and
Provides an essential guide to those who study and those Misrepresentations of
who participate in Muslim branding and marketing, Islam
offering wide-ranging perspectives on the influence of
Islam on consumer behaviour, the travel industry, product Abdul Karim Bangura
development, and the promotion of goods and services, 2011 324pp
focusing on current trends and tools. 9781609278557 Paperback
£12.95 / €15.00
The University of Wisconsin Press Attempts to rectify some
of the misperceptions and
EXPRESSIONS OF SUFI CULTURE IN misrepresentations of Islam
TAJIKISTAN and Muslims that resulted
from the terrorist attacks of 9/11. This book is a collection
Benjamin Gatling of original essays that were written over the years by
Jul 2018 216pp, 9 b&w illustrations Abdul Karim Bangura. These essays were not compiled to
9780299316808 Hardback £60.95 / €69.00 defend Islam – a deen, meaning in Arabic a complete way
Folklore Studies in a Multicultural World of life. Rather, it seeks to dispel common misperceptions
Reveals the daily lives and religious practice of ordinary and misrepresentations of Islam that can lead to prejudice
Muslim men in Tajikistan as they aspire to become Sufi and racism.
mystics. Benjamin Gatling describes in vivid detail the
range of expressive forms - memories, stories, poetry,
artifacts, rituals, and other embodied practices - employed
as they try to construct a Sufi life in twenty-first-century
Central Asia.

16 World Religions · ISLAM

Lynne Rienner Publishers The University of North Carolina Press

Arye Oded The Veneration of the
2000 215pp, 1 map Prophet in Islamic Piety
9781555879297 Hardback £36.95 / €42.00
This work analyses the role of Islam in contemporary Annemarie Schimmel
Kenyan politics and society and the role of Kenya’s 5 1985 389pp
million Muslims - an increasingly important minority 9780807841280 Paperback
group in a largely Christian country. £39.95 / €45.00
Studies in Religion
ISLAMISM The important role of the
A New Totalitarianism Prophet Muhammad in the
everyday lives of Muslims is
Mehdi Mozaffari usually overlooked by Western
2017 352pp scholars and has consequently never been understood by the
9781626376557 Paperback Western world. Using original sources in the various Islamic
£31.50 / €36.00 languages, Annemarie Schimmel explains the central place
9781626376540 Hardback of Muhammad in Muslim life, mystical thought, and poetry.
£82.50 / €93.00
What exactly does Islamism MYSTICAL DIMENSIONS OF ISLAM
mean? And what explains its 35th Anniversary Edition
violent expansion? Are there
similarities between Islamism Annemarie Schimmel
and classical totalitarian 2011 544pp
regimes and ideologies? Will it fail, or can it adapt to 9780807899762 Paperback £38.50 / €43.00
changing realities? Addressing these questions, Mehdi Thirty-five years after its original publication, Mystical
Mozaffari provides an important new framework for Dimensions of Islam still stands as the most valuable
understanding the full impact of Islamism in the Middle introduction to Sufism, the main form of Islamic
East and beyond. mysticism. This edition brings to a new generation of
readers Annemarie Schimmel’s historical treatment of the
Markus Wiener Publishers transnational phenomenon of Sufism, from its beginnings
through the nineteenth century.

THE HISTORY OF Syracuse University Press
From Muhammad to the WOMEN IN MUSLIM
Second Edition
Tilman Nagel
2006 420pp John L. Esposito
9781558762039 Paperback 2002 195pp
£37.50 / €42.00 9780815629085 Paperback
£19.50 / €22.00
A study of Islam. Using the An exploration of family law
Koran and other primary as it pertains to women with
sources, Tilman Nagel delves regard to marriage, divorce
into Islamic history as he traces and inheritance in the Middle
the development of Islamic East. This second edition is
doctrine. He explores the revised to update its coverage
centrality of the Koran in Islamic theology and examines its of family law reforms that
canonisation process and the themes of its message. have taken place throughout the Middle East, North Africa,
and South and Southeast Asia.

World Religions · JUDAISM 17

JUDAISM Academic Studies Press

THE ORIGIN OF “A Major Attack on Jewish Freedoms”
WRITER Apr 2018 300pp
Romance and Reform 9781618117427 Hardback £106.00 / €119.00
in Victorian England North American Jewish Studies
The book examines historical attempts by animal welfare
Wayne State University Press groups, in Australia, Canada, England, Scotland, and the
United States, to ban the Jewish method of slaughter
HIGHLIGHT (shechita). For the first time, the book studies these
prosecutions, brought in the name of “humanity”, that
WHITECHAPEL reveal, an underlying, unrelenting, and inescapable
NOISE antisemitism.
Jewish Immigrant
Life in Yiddish Song CLOSED DOORS,
and Verse, London OPEN MINDS
1884-1914 British Jewry’s Secret

Meir Persoff
Jan 2018 258pp
9781618117564 Paperback
£30.50 / €34.00
9781618117557 Hardback
£80.50 / €90.00
In an exclusive glimpse into
a shrouded arena, Closed
Doors, Open Minds presents
an important new chapter in Meir Persoff’s acclaimed
series on the British Chief Rabbinate, deftly unravelling the
manifold theological and ideological strands of its multi-
hued tapestry.


Edited by Simcha Fishbane & Eric Levine
Jan 2018 350pp
9781618117137 Hardback £97.50 / €109.00
Touro College Press Books
The dynamics of Jewish religious continuity and change are
presented in this book through a group of distinguished
scholars from the fields of sociology, history, medicine,
religion, and Jewish studies, who examine key cases and
themes in religious life, emphasising illustrations of the
maintenance of tradition and facing of trends pressing for
Touro College Press

Wayne State University Press

18 World Religions · JUDAISM

Purdue University Press Wayne State University Press

DEMOCRATIC? A Twentieth-Century
Reflections from Jewish Life
Theory and Practice
Throughout the Ages Meri-Jane Rochelson
Jun 2018 288pp, 68 b&w photos
Leonard J. Greenspoon 9780814340219 Paperback
Oct 2018 277pp £27.50 / €31.00
9781557538338 Paperback 9780814344941 Hardback
£33.50 / €38.00 £73.95 / €82.00
Studies in Jewish Civilization Presents the biography of a
As government by the people, Jewish doctor who survived
democracy has always had and triumphed over the
its proponents as well as horrors of the Holocaust.
opponents. What forms of government have Jewish The book tells the story of a man whose life spanned two
leaders, both with and without actual political power, world wars, several migrations, an educational odyssey,
favoured? This volume is required reading for anyone the massive upheaval of the Holocaust, and finally, a
interested in how religion and politics have interacted, and frustrating yet ultimately successful effort to restore his
continue to interact, in Judaism and among Jews. professional credentials and identity, as well as re-establish
family life.
An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies JEWISH MOROCCAN
Edited by Ranen Omer-Sherman & Eugene Avrutin FROM ISRAEL
Mar 2018 160pp
9781557538253 Paperback £28.95 / €33.00 Aliza Shenhar &
Publishes original, scholarly work and reviews a range of Haya Bar-Itzhak
recent books in Judaica. First published in 1981, Shofar is 2017 208pp, 37 b&w images
indexed widely, by the Arts and Humanities Citation Index 9780814344521 Paperback
(Thomson Reuters), Scopus (Elsevier), ERIH, and others. £21.95 / €25.00
Raphael Patai Series in Jewish
Rutgers University Press Folklore and Anthropology
Focuses on two central
WOMEN OF VALOR elements: textual research to
Orthodox Jewish Troll Fighters, Crime Writers, examine the aesthetic qualities
and Rock Stars in Contemporary Literature of the narrative, their division into genres, the various
and Culture versions and their parallels, and acculturation in Israel, as
well as contextual research to examine the performance
Karen E.H. Skinazi art of the narrator and the role of the narrative as a
Aug 2018 315pp, 15 b&w figures communicative process in the narrating society.
9780813596013 Paperback £29.50 / €34.00
9780813596020 Hardback £73.50 / €83.00 ON JEWISH FOLKLORE
Media portrayals of Orthodox Jewish women frequently
depict powerless, silent individuals who are at best naive Raphael Patai
to live an Orthodox lifestyle, and who are at worst, coerced 2017 512pp, 6 b&w images
into it. Karen E. H. Skinazi delves beyond this stereotype 9780814344217 Paperback £23.95 / €27.00
to identify a powerful tradition of feminist portrayals of Spans a half-century of scholarly inquiry by the noted
Orthodox women in media and culture. anthropologist and biblical scholar Raphael Patai. The
essays collected in this volume, some of which are
presented for the first time in English translation, provide
a rich harvest of Jewish customs and traditional beliefs,
gathered from all over the world and from ancient to
modern times.

World Religions · JUDAISM 19

Romance and Reform in Victorian England Cognella Academic Publishing

Michael Galchinsky ELEMENTARY
Dec 2017 280pp, 4 b&w illustrations BIBLICAL HEBREW
9780814344446 Paperback £21.95 / €24.00 An Introduction to
For more information on this title, see page 17. the Language and its
The Havurah in 2016 100pp
American Judaism 9781631892110 Paperback
£36.95 / €42.00
Riv-Ellen Prell Gives students a general
Dec 2017 336pp, 12 b&w images overview of the language
9780814344460 Paperback and focuses on its main
£20.95 / €24.00 characteristics. While many
Riv-Ellen Prell spent eighteen standard textbooks assume that students plan to study the
months of participant language academically and in-depth, Elementary Biblical
observation field research Hebrew avoids a heavy-handed academic approach and
studying a countercultural instead emphasises the basics of general understanding.
havurah to determine why
these groups emerged in the United States during the MODERN JUDAISM
1970s. In her book, she explores the central questions An Introduction to the
posed by the early havurot and their founders. She also Beliefs and Practices of
examines the havurah as a development of American Contemporary Judaism
Rabbi Rifat Sonsino
The Halakhah from Ezra to Judah I 9781621314370 Paperback
£16.95 / €19.00
Alexander Guttman A modern, up-to-date
Dec 2017 344pp introduction to Judaism as a
9780814344026 Paperback £21.95 / €25.00 culture and as an expression
Through the ages, theology in Judaism has played roles of faith. It begins with a survey
of varying importance. But the role of theology is minor of Jewish history in order to
compared with that of law and observance. This book is provide a context for the thoughts and practices of Judaism
devoted to a study of the evolution of normative Judaism today. It provides an excellent introduction to a centuries
from the time of Ezra (ca. 400 B.C.) to Judah I, the Prince old religion and culture, and it thoughtfully expresses how
(ca. 200 A.D.). Its focus on law represents a realistic this religion and culture can be, and are, meaningfully
approach to the history of applied Judaism. expressed in today’s society.

Jewish Immigrant Life in Yiddish Song and
Verse, London 1884-1914

Vivi Lachs
May 2018 312pp, 40 b&w images
9780814343555 Paperback £32.50 / €36.00
9780814344880 Hardback £84.50 / €94.00
For more information on this title, see page 17.

20 World Religions · JUDAISM · OTHER RELIGIONS

Wayne State University Press OTHER RELIGIONS

THE HEBREW The Chinese University Press
Third Enlarged Edition CHINA’S GREAT
Raphael Patai Selected Essays
1990 369pp, illustrations on Confucianism,
9780814322710 Paperback Modernization and
£26.95 / €30.00 Democracy
Demonstrates that the Jewish
religion, far from being pure Ambrose Y.C. King
monotheism, contained Mar 2018 210pp
from earliest times strong 9789882370159 Hardback
polytheistic elements, chief £42.95 / €49.00
of which was the cult of the Any consideration of China’s
mother goddess. Lucidly cultural modernity must begin
written and richly illustrated, this third edition contains with a rethinking of traditional
new chapters of the Shekhina. Chinese civilisation in its orientation and the problems that
it has to face in the modern age. This book examines how
RESPONSE TO Confucian traditions have shaped modernity in East Asia
History of the Reform University of Hawai’i Press
Movement in Judaism
Michael A. Meyer
1995 508pp Edited by Roger T. Ames & Jia Jinhua
9780814325551 Paperback Jul 2018 464pp, 7 diagrams
£27.95 / €31.00 9780824872892 Hardback £68.50 / €77.00
Reform Judaism is today one Confucian Cultures
of the three major branches For more than a century scholars have undertaken the
of the Jewish faith. This project of modernising Confucianism, but few have been
is a history of the Reform as successful or influential as Li Zehou (b. 1930). Although
movement, tracing its changing configuration and self- the authors of this volume hail from different regions and
understanding from the beginnings of modernisation in a variety of academic backgrounds, they are unanimous
late 18th-century Jewish thought and practice to American in their appreciation of Li’s contributions to an evolving
renewal in the 1970s. Confucian philosophy, and also world philosophy.

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MAGIC IN BRITAIN A History of Medieval and Earlier Practices

Robin Melrose
Apr 2018 190pp
9781476674001 Paperback £38.50 / €43.00
Magic, which is probably as old as humanity, is a way
of achieving goals through supernatural means, either
benevolent (white magic) or harmful (black magic). It has
been used in Britain since at least the Iron Age (800 BC-
AD 43). The volume offers an examination of its history.

World Religions · OTHER RELIGIONS 21

An Introduction
Facts On File
Mar 2018 195pp DEMONOLOGY
9781476673141 Paperback Rosemary Ellen Guiley
£28.50 / €32.00
Provides a comprehensive 2009 320pp, 85 b&w photos & illustrations
overview of today’s Pagan 9780816073153 Paperback £23.95 / €27.00
religion and philosophy, The conflict between good and evil can be found in every
whose roots go back to the culture, mythical tradition, and religion throughout history.
Celtic tribal societies of ancient In some traditions demons are believed to be the direct
Britain and Ireland. The author opposite of angels, working against the forces of good. This
covers Druidism’s mythology, title explores this dark aspect of folklore and religion and
history and important figures and its beliefs and moral the role that demons play in the modern world.
system, and describes practices, rituals and ceremonies.

University Press of Mississippi

THE YORUBA GOD OF DRUMMING University of Hawai’i Press
Transatlantic Perspectives on the
Edited by Amanda Villepastour The Inner Chapters
Aug 2018 288pp
9781496818348 Paperback £26.50 / €30.00 Harold D. Roth
2002 152pp
Despite the growing volume of literature about the orishas, 9780824826437 Paperback £17.50 / €20.00
surprisingly little has been published about the ubiquitous Monographs of the Society for Asian & Comparative Philosophy, No.20
Yorùbá music spirit. This groundbreaking collection Angus C. Graham’s most significant work is his corpus of
addresses the gap in the research with contributions from publications onTaoism.This text gathers together Graham’s
a cross-section of prestigious musicians, scholars, and writing on the textual criticism and philosophy of the Chuang
priests from Nigeria, the Americas, and Europe who have Tzu. Harold Roth presents an edited version of Graham’s
dedicated themselves to studying Yorùbá sacred drums. notes along with other essays, philosophy and translation.

The University of North Carolina Press DAOISM AND CHINESE CULTURE

Afro-Creole Spiritualism in 2005 218pp
Nineteenth-Century New Orleans 9781931483001 Paperback £27.50 / €31.00
The work offers an integrated vision of the Daoist tradition
Emily Suzanne Clark in its historical and cultural context, establishing connections
Aug 2018 280pp, 6 halftones with relevant information on Confucianism, Chinese
9781469645650 Paperback £26.95 / €30.00 Buddhism, popular religion, and political developments.
In the midst of a nineteenth-century boom in spiritual
experimentation, the Cercle Harmonique, a group SHINTO
of African-descended men, practiced Spiritualism in The Way Home
Catholic New Orleans from just before the Civil War to the
end of Reconstruction. In this history of the Cercle, Emily Thomas P. Kasulis
Suzanne Clark illuminates how highly diverse religious 2004 208pp, 12 illustrations
practices wind in significant ways through American life, 9780824828509 Paperback £18.50 / €21.00
culture, and history. Shinto is presented as a nature religion, an imperial state
religion, a primal religion, or a folk amalgam of practices and
beliefs.Thomas Kasulis’ approach to Shinto explains with
clarity and economy how these different aspects interrelate.

22 Theology

THEOLOGY The University of Alabama Press

Alfred Russel Wallace and His Evolution from
JESUS BECOMING Natural Selection to Natural Theology
A Theological Michael A. Flannery
Interpretation Aug 2018 280pp, 1 b&w figure
of the Synoptic 9780817319854 Hardback £42.95 / €48.00
Gospels Provides a critical reassessment of Alfred RusselWallace’s path
to natural theology and counters the dismissive narrative
thatWallace’s theistic and sociopolitical positions are not to
be taken seriously in the history and philosophy of science.

The Catholic University of America Press The Catholic University of America Press
SIN A Theological Introduction
A Thomistic
Psychology Thomas G. Weinandy
Feb 2018 277pp
The Catholic University of America Press 9780813231143 Paperback £33.50 / €38.00
“Weinandy offers a summary of Athanasius’ central works
and a balanced assessment of his theology’s merits and
contemporary significance . . . No student of Athanasius
should overlook this reliable guidebook to the little
Alexandrian’s great life and works.”
- Religious Studies Review


Edited by Christopher A. Beeley & Mark E. Weedman
Dec 2017 272pp
9780813229959 Hardback £71.50 / €81.00
CUA Studies in Early Christianity, Vol. 5
Based on a multi-year consultation in the Society of Biblical
Literature, The Bible and Early Trinitarian Theology brings
new insights to the relationship between patristic exegesis
and current strategies of biblical interpretation, specifically
with reference to the doctrine of the Trinity.

Gaudium et spes Fifty Years Later

Edited by Antonio López
Jul 2018 277pp
9781948195003 Paperback £33.50 / €38.00
What does it mean for the Church to be “open” to the
modern world? How can the world be receptive to the
novel life the Church offers? How does the Christian
navigate this dialogue? The essays gathered in this volume
explore the theological anthropology of Gaudium et spes
for answers to these questions.

Theology 23

THEOLOGY The Responses to Thalassios

Guy Mansini St. Maximos the Confessor
Jan 2018 304pp May 2018 277pp
9780813229850 Paperback 9780813230313 Hardback £38.50 / €43.00
£23.95 / €27.00 Fathers of the Church
Sacra Doctrina, Vol. 2 Maximos the Confessor’s penetrating theological vision
Examines the light by which found expression in an unparalleled synthesis of biblical
the mysteries of Christ and exegesis, ascetic spirituality, patristic theology, and Greek
the Church, the Trinity and the philosophy. On Difficulties in Sacred Scripture, presented
Sacraments, are revealed to us. here in a complete English translation, contains Maximos’s
That light we call “revelation,” theological interpretations of sixty-five difficult passages
and fundamental theology from the Old and New Testaments.
examines in the first place what this light shows about
itself, and how it is sustained in the world. THE ONE CHRIST
St. Augustine’s Theology of Deification
The Theology and David Vincent Meconi
Poetry of the Eucharist Feb 2018 277pp
in Thomas Aquinas 9780813231167 Paperback £33.50 / €38.00
Provocative passages on deification abound in St.
Jan-Heiner Tück Augustine of Hippo. He relies on the term “deification” far
Jun 2018 277pp more than other Latin fathers do. Even more important, the
9780813230399 Hardback reality of the deified life runs throughout every major aspect
£71.50 / €81.00 of Augustine’s presentation of Christianity. By tracing how
Explores the sacramental deification and related metaphors appear throughout
theology, lived spirituality, Augustine’s writings, David Meconi corrects generations of
and Eucharistic poetry of the faulty readings on this crucial patristic theme.
Church’s doctor communis,
Although Aquinas’ Eucharistic poetry has long occupied
an important place in the Church’s liturgical prayer and Edited by Kevin M. Clarke
her repertoire of sacred music, the depth of these poems May 2018 240pp
remains hidden until one grasps the rich sacramental 9780813230214 Paperback £19.50 / €22.00
theology underlying it. Sayings of the Fathers of the Church
The capital vices are the gateway drugs to countless
INVESTIGATING sins. The path of this book descends through the vices,
VATICAN II culminating with their queen ruler, pride. The words of the
Its Theologians, Fathers will assist the reader in being more realistic about
Ecumenical Turn, and the attacks upon the soul. The text should also be edifying
Biblical Commitment and medicinal.

Mar 2018 277pp Revelation - Inspiration - Canon
9780813230474 Paperback
£28.50 / €32.00 Denis Farkasfalvy
Presents a collection of Fr. Jared Jul 2018 277pp
Wicks’ recent articles on Vatican 9780813230290 Paperback £33.50 / €38.00
II, and presents the Second Argues that divine revelation, the inspiration and
Vatican Council as an event to canonisation of Scripture should be viewed as “sequentially
which theologians contributed linked movements” of a single process wherein God reveals
in major ways and from which Catholic theology can gain his Word in history and ensures permanent accessibility of
enormous insights.Taken as a whole, the articles take the revelation for his People, both of Israel and of the Church.
reader into the theological dynamics of Vatican II at key
moments in the Council’s historical unfolding.

24 Theology

UNDERSTANDING THE DIACONATE University of Notre Dame Press
Historical, Theological, and Sociological
W. Shawn McKnight SCRIPTURE
Jul 2018 277pp
9780813230351 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00 Richard S. Briggs
Adds the resources of sociology and anthropology to the Jun 2018 356pp
theological sources of scripture, liturgy, patristic era texts, 9780268103736 Hardback £52.50 / €59.00
theologians, and magisterial teachings to conclude that Reading the Scriptures
the deacon can be understood as “social intermediary and How should Christian readers of scripture hold appropriate
symbol of communitas” who serves the participation of and constructive tensions between exegetical, critical,
the laity in the life and mission of the Church. hermeneutical, and theological concerns? This book seeks
to develop the current lively discussion of theological
Cognella Academic Publishing hermeneutics by taking an extended test case, the book of
Numbers, and seeing what it means in practice to hold all
THE EARLY CHURCH these concerns together.
Socrates, and Evagrius
The Catholic University of America Press
David Miano
Jan 2018 720pp ESCHATOLOGY
9781631897559 Paperback Death and Eternal Life
£57.95 / €65.00
Introduces readers to English Joseph Ratzinger
translations of what may be 2007 328pp
the three most important 9780813215167 Paperback £16.50 / €19.00
histories of the early Church: Presents a balanced perspective of the doctrine at the
those of Eusebius Pamphilus center of Christian belief - the Church’s faith in eternal life.
of Caesarea, Socrates Scholasticus of Constantinople, This work brings together recent emphasis on the theology
and Evagrius Scholasticus of Antioch. The book includes of hope for the future with more traditional elements of
explanatory footnotes, maps, and a glossary of important the doctrine. It also includes a preface by Joseph Ratzinger/
names and terms to provide important background Pope Benedict XVI.
information and enhance comprehension.
University of New Mexico Press MORAL THEOLOGY

9780813210704 Paperback
Michael R. Candelaria £23.95 / €27.00
Mar 2018 272pp Catholic Moral Thought
9780826358790 Hardback £61.95 / €70.00 The encyclical “Veritatis
Querencias Series splendour” established certain
This exploration of Iberian, Latin American, and US- directions for doing Christian
Hispanic representations of Christ focuses on outliers in ethics from a Catholic
art, literature, and theology: Spanish painter Salvador Dalí, perspective. This text explores
Mexican muralist José Clemente Orozco, Argentine writer elements of the theological
Jorge Borges, Spanish existentialist Miguel de Unamuno, thinking behind the encyclical. It considers issues and
Brazilian theologian Leonardo Boff, and Mexican questions that shape any moral theology in the post-
philosopher José Vasconcelos. Veritatus period.

Theology 25

THE PINCKAERS Cognella Academic Publishing
Renewing Thomistic THE BIBLE IN
Moral Theology CONTEXT

Servais Pinckaers Edited by Paul Mirecki
Edited by John Berkman & 2015 214pp
Craig Steven Titus 9781626615298 Paperback
2005 424pp, illustrations £43.50 / €49.00
9780813213941 Paperback An anthology of 142
£33.50 / €38.00 important political and
This volume features twenty religious writings from the
essays written by Servais ancient Mediterranean and
Pinckaers, O.P., one of the pre- Near East. These works provide
eminent Catholic moral theologians. Rather than taking historical, political, cultural
a simply historical approach to Aquinas, Pinckaers seeks and religious context for the
the basis of the intelligibility of the moral life, providing writings in the Bible, and help students better understand
spiritual and theological insights along the way. the time and the world that produced the biblical texts.

SAINT THOMAS University of Notre Dame Press
Spiritual Master
Thomas G. Weinandy
Jean-Pierre Torrell 2000 320pp
2003 432pp 9780268008901 Paperback £33.50 / €38.00
9780813213163 Paperback The author of this book challenges the contemporary
£28.50 / €32.00 view of God and suffering. Calling upon scripture, and the
This work lays out the philosophical and theological tradition of the Fathers and
theoretical background Aquinas, he advocates the incarnational truth that the Son
to Saint Thomas Aquinas’ of God actually does experience human living, including
spirituality. It shows that his suffering.
theology is clearly oriented
towards contemplation and is as deeply spiritual as it is

SHARING IN CHRIST’S Rutgers University Press
For the Renewal of A THEORY OF
Moral Theology in Light RELIGION
of Veritatis Splendor
Rodney Stark &
Livio Melina William Sims Bainbridge
2001 211pp 1996 388pp
9780813209906 Paperback 9780813523309 Paperback
£23.95 / €27.00 £23.95 / €27.00
This work on the sociology
This text proposes a blueprint of religion begins with basic
for organising moral theology, statements about human
one that is in harmony nature, and then, employing
with the directions given principles of logic and
in “Veritatis splendor” and philosophy, builds towards
one that likewise respects the requirements of both the complex pronouncements on societies and their religious
“theological” and the “scientific” character of the discipline. institutions.

26 Religious Philosophy

RELIGIOUS PHILOSOPHY The Catholic University of America Press

Tolstoyan Lessons ITS DEMISE
of Life For Every
Day, Volume I Stewart Umphrey
Aug 2018 277pp
THE KEYS TO 9780813230412 Hardback
FREEDOM £71.50 / €81.00
Tolstoyan Lessons Examines the emergence of
of Life For Every Aristotle’s account of species,
what Schoolmen such as
Thomas Aquinas and William
of Ockham did with this
account, and the tacit if not explicit rejection of all such
accounts in modern scientific theory. By tracing this history
Stewart Umphrey shows that there have been not one but
two relevant “scientific revolutions” or “paradigm shifts” in
the history of natural philosophy.

The Drama of the
Question of Being

Ferdinand Ulrich
Sep 2018 277pp
9781948195010 Hardback
£66.95 / €75.00
One of the most significant
works of Catholic philosophy
in the twentieth century. In
this speculative appropriation
of Aquinas, Ferdinand Ulrich
lays out a vision of being
as an image of divine goodness, drawing out as-yet-
undiscovered treasures from Aquinas’s texts through a
fundamental engagement with modern philosophy, above
all Hegel and Heidegger.

Reading the Present in Light of the Past

Jude Dougherty
Jan 2018 176pp
9780813229898 Paperback £19.50 / €22.00
A collection of essays produced by the distinguished
philosopher Jude Dougherty over the past decade, written
to inform or to provide commentary on contemporary
issues. In probing the past to interpret the present they
draw upon a perspective that one may call classical,
the perspective of Plato, Aristotle, the Stoics, and their
followers across the ages, notably Thomas Aquinas, and his
modern disciples.

Religious Philosophy 27

James V. Schall
Juan Manuel Burgos Mar 2018 224pp
Jan 2018 288pp 9780813229751 Paperback £23.95 / €27.00
9780813229874 Paperback This volume arises from a tradition of realism, both
£33.50 / €38.00 philosophical and political, a universe in which the
Much has been written common sense understanding of things is included in our
about the great personalist judgement about them. The scope is both vast and narrow
philosophers of the 20th – vast because it is aware of the reality of things, narrow
century, but few books cover because it is the individual person who can and wants to
the personalist movement know them.
as a whole. An Introduction to
Personalism fills that gap, and WRITING AND
presents an engaging anthropological vision capable of FREEDOM
taking the lead in the debate about the meaning of human From Nothing to
existence and of winning hearts and minds for the cause of Persons and Back
the dignity of every person.
William Myers
SIN Jul 2018 277pp
A Thomistic Psychology 9780999513408 Hardback
£57.50 / €65.00
Steven J. Jensen Defends (a strong version
Jun 2018 277pp of) free will as necessarily
9780813230337 Paperback £33.50 / €38.00 interpersonal: my freedom is
For more information on this title, see page 22. nothing but my acceptance
of yours. This is how Milton,
THOMAS AQUINAS Rossetti, and Dickinson treat
AND HIS their readers, and how scientists and philosophers ideally
PREDECESSORS treat each other. The book’s open-ended essays model
The Philosophers and freedom so understood.
the Church Fathers in
His Works University of Notre Dame Press

Apr 2018 277pp OF LAW
9780813230276 Hardback Rebuilding Law in the
£71.50 / €81.00 Classical Tradition
Takes us on a voyage through
the history of philosophical Brian M. McCall
thought as present in the May 2018 612pp
works of Thomas Aquinas. This is a synthetic presentation 9780268103330 Hardback
of the works and thought of the great predecessors of £66.95 / €75.00
Aquinas, as he knew and used them. It is the first time that What is law? How should law
a comprehensive survey of the works of these influential be made? Using St. Thomas
thinkers that were quoted by St. Thomas Aquinas is Aquinas’s analogy of God as an
presented in a readable form. architect, Brian McCall argues
that classical natural law
jurisprudence provides an answer to these questions far
superior to those provided by legal positivism or the “new”
natural law theories.

28 Religious Philosophy

Examining the Self in Hampton Press
Past and Present
Edited by Willemien Otten & Towards an Epistemology of the Sacred
Susan E. Schreiner
May 2018 476pp Gregory Bateson & Mary Catherine Bateson
9780268103453 Hardback 2004 240pp
£66.95 / €75.00 9781572735941 Paperback £26.50 / €30.00
In the massive literature Advances in Systems Theory, Complexity & the Human Sciences
on the idea of the self, the This is a re-issue of Gregory Bateson’s and Mary Catherine
Augustinian influence has Bateson’s work, which has been out of print for the past 20
often played a central role. years, 2004 is the G. Bateson centennial and this work, in
Augustine Our Contemporary, starting from the compelling collaboration with his daughter, Mary Catherine Bateson,
first essay by David W. Tracy, addresses this influence from sets out Bateson’s natural history of the relationship
the Middle Ages to modernity and from a rich variety of between ideas.
perspectives, including theology, philosophy, history, and
literary studies. University of Notre Dame Press

Phenomena and Theories An Essay on the Hidden Role of Religious Belief
in Theories
Hendrik G. Stoker
Mar 2018 466pp Roy A. Clouser
9780268103170 Hardback £57.50 / €65.00 2005 392pp, illustrations
First published in German in 1925 as a dissertation 9780268023669 Paperback £42.95 / €49.00
under the title Das Gewissen: Erscheinungsformen und Written for undergraduates, the educated layperson,
Theorien, Stoker’s study offers a detailed historical survey and scholars in fields other than philosophy, The Myth
of the concept of conscience from ancient times through of Religious Neutrality offers a radical reinterpretation
the Middle Ages up to more modern thinkers, including of the general relations between religion, science, and
Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Freud, and Cardinal Newman. philosophy. This new edition has been completely revised
and updated by the author.
Stephen F. Austin State University Press
The University of Wisconsin Press
An Inquiry into John
Dewey’s Aesthetics, the Franz Rosenzweig
Community, and the 2005 480pp
Local Church 9780299207243 Paperback £21.95 / €25.00
Fusing philosophy and theology, this book assigns both
Paul R. Shockley Judaism and Christianity distinct but equally important
May 2018 200pp roles in the spiritual structure of the world and finds in both
9781622881857 Paperback biblical religions approaches to a comprehension of reality.
£24.95 / €28.00
Explores how aesthetics affects
a church and its community.
Using the aesthetic principles
of John Dewey, Paul Shockley
gives insight into what aesthetic deficiencies churches face,
and how these churches can engage with people to provide
a richer, deeper, and more fulfilling worship experience.
This work offers a description of local church types, and the
challenges these church communities face.

General & Comparative 29

The Catholic University of America Press Evolutionary Theory
and Religion in
G. Clinton Godart
Edited by Geoffrey M. Vaughan Mar 2018 336pp,
May 2018 277pp 12 b&w illustrations
9780813230436 Hardback 9780824876838 Paperback
£71.50 / €81.00 £27.95 / €31.00
Examines the work and Presents a history of
influence of Leo Strauss in a evolutionary theory in Japan.
variety of ways that will be of Bringing to life more than
interest to readers of political a century of ideas, G. Clinton Godart examines how and
philosophy. It will be of why Japanese intellectuals, religious thinkers of different
particular interest to Catholics faiths, philosophers, biologists, journalists, activists, and
and scholars of other religious ideologues engaged with evolutionary theory and religion.
traditions. This volume brings
together work by scholars from two continents, some of THE FORESIGHT OF DARK KNOWING
whom knew Strauss, one of whom was his student at the Chŏng Kam nok and Insurrectionary
University of Chicago. Prognostication in Pre-Modern Korea

A WORLD ON FIRE John Jorgensen
Sharing the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises Jun 2018 520pp
with Other Religions 9780824875381 Hardback £68.50 / €77.00
Korean Classics Library: Philosophy and Religion
Erin M. Cline Korea has long had an underground insurrectionary
Feb 2018 312pp literature. The best-known example of the genre is the
9780813229775 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00 Chong Kam nok, a collection of premodern texts predicting
Analyses the prospects for adapting the Spiritual Exercises the overthrow of theYi Dynasty. In his introduction to this
of St. Ignatius of Loyola in order to make them accessible first English translation, John Jorgensen notes that the work
to members of other faith traditions while still maintaining employs forms or codes of political prediction allied with
their core meaning and integrity. Erin Cline examines Chinese geomancy but in a combination unique to Korea.
why this ought to be done, for whom, and what the aims
of such an adaptation would be, including the different FOUND IN
theological justifications for this practice. TRANSLATION
Many Meanings on
University of Hawai’i Press a North Australian
Laura Rademaker
Edited by Halvor Eifring Apr 2018 240pp,
Jan 2018 312pp, 16 b&w illustrations 15 b&w illustrations
9780824876678 Paperback £27.95 / €31.00 9780824872656 Hardback
Meditation has flourished in different parts of the world £64.95 / €73.00
ever since the foundations of the great civilisations Indigenous Pacifics
were laid. It played a vital role in the formation of Asian Offers a rich account of
cultures that trace much of their heritage to ancient India language and shifting cross-
and China. This volume brings together for the first time cultural relations on a Christian
studies of the major traditions of Asian meditation as well mission in northern Australia during the mid-twentieth
as material on scientific approaches to meditation. century. This book explores how translation shaped
interactions between missionaries and the Anindilyakwa-
speaking people of the Groote Eylandt archipelago and
how each group used language to influence, evade, or
engage with the other.

30 General & Comparative

Edited by Patrick Alcedo, Sally Ann Ness & Hendrick M.J. Maier THE KIOWAS
Jan 2018 272pp The Ghost Dance, Peyote, and Christianity
9789715507592 Paperback £32.50 / €36.00
Explores embodied narratives in which the connections Benjamin R. Kracht
between religion and nationalism, globality and locality, Apr 2018 354pp, 8 photos, 3 illustrations
tourism and politics are drawn. Emphasising the 9781496204585 Hardback £58.50 / €66.00
Philippines, the essays demonstrate how religious festivals Framed by theories of syncretism and revitalization,
are windows into the identity of their observers as well as Religious Revitalization Among the Kiowas examines
their participants. changes in Kiowa belief and ritual in the final decades of
Ateneo De Manila University Press the nineteenth century. It examines the historical and
sociocultural conditions that spawned the new religions
University Press of Mississippi that arrived in Kiowa country at the end of the nineteenth
century, as well as Native and non-Native reactions to them.

SPIRITUALISM IN NINETEENTH-CENTURY The University of North Carolina Press
The Life and Times of Henry Louis Rey BEYOND CHRISMUKKAH
The Christian-Jewish Interfaith Family in the
Melissa Daggett United States
May 2018 208pp
9781496818379 Paperback £24.50 / €28.00 Samira K. Mehta
Modern American Spiritualism blossomed in the Jan 2018 272pp, 8 illustrations
1850s and continued as a viable faith into the 1870s. 9781469636368 Paperback £26.95 / €30.00
Because of its diversity and openness to new cultures 9781469636351 Hardback £85.95 / €97.00
and religions, New Orleans provided fertile ground to The rate of interfaith marriage in the United States has
nurture Spiritualism. Melissa Daggett focuses on Le Cercle risen so radically since the sixties that it is difficult to recall
Harmonique, the francophone séance circle of Henry Louis how taboo the practice once was. Drawing on ethnographic
Rey, a key civil rights activist, author, and Civil War and and historical sources, Samira K. Mehta provides an analysis
Reconstruction leader. of wives, husbands, children, and their extended families
in interfaith homes, religious leaders, and the social and
University of Missouri Press cultural milieu surrounding mixed marriages.

JOURNALISM Histories of Sexuality and Religion in the
The Pulpit Versus the Press, 1833-1923 Twentieth-Century United States

Ronald R. Rodgers Edited by Gillian Frank, Bethany Moreton & Heather R. White
Apr 2018 366pp Jan 2018 320pp, 6 illustrations
9780826221582 Hardback £38.50 / €43.00 9781469636269 Paperback £31.50 / €36.00
Journalism in Perspective 9781469636252 Hardback £85.95 / €97.00
Examines several narratives involving religion’s historical At a moment when “freedom of religion” rhetoric fuels
influence on the news ethic of journalism: its decades- public debate, it is easy to assume that sex and religion
long opposition to the Sunday newspaper as a vehicle of have faced each other in pitched battle throughout
modernity that challenged the tradition of the Sabbath; modern US history. Yet, by tracking the nation’s changing
the parallel attempt to create an advertising-driven religious and sexual landscapes over the twentieth century,
Christian daily newspaper; and the ways in which religion this book challenges that zero-sum account of sexuality
pressured the press to become a moral agent. locked in a struggle with religion.

General & Comparative 31

Theological Analysis of Cyberspace Broadview Press
Ayse Kok An Atheist Defends Intelligent Design
2017 125pp
9788793609570 Hardback £64.95 / €70.00 Bradley Monton
River Publishers Series in Information Science and Technology 2009 180pp
Provides a brief theology of technology, rooted in the 9781551118635 Paperback £20.95 / €23.00
Islamic tradition and oriented around the grand themes The doctrine of intelligent design has been maligned by
of creation, redemption and new creation. The book atheists. This book intends to get people to take intelligent
combines a concise, accessible style with penetrating design seriously. It discusses the issue of what exactly the
cultural and theological analysis. doctrine of intelligent design amounts to.

Society Publishing

SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP Cognella Academic Publishing

Oct 2018 300pp Selections from Religious Wisdom Traditions
9781773613369 Hardback £129.00 / €146.00
Provides an innovative framework for understanding the Edited by Thomas Jerome Burns
role of spirituality in people’s lives and its relevance. This 2011 234pp
book will help you know the fundamentals of spiritual 9781609270537 Paperback £58.95 / €66.00
leadership. It will point readers toward training and The first anthology of its kind that serves as an entry
educational resources. point for students into some of the most profound ideas
of the ages. This collection of readings of sacred texts is
The University of Wisconsin Press drawn from the central canons of religious traditions from
around the world. Selections from Hinduism, Buddhism,
GIVEN UP FOR YOU Confucianism, Taoism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and
A Memoir Native Traditions are compiled for their readability.

Mar 2018 208pp Differences, Commonalities, and Community,
9780299318208 Hardback Second Edition
£23.50 / €27.00
Living Out: Gay and Lesbian Fritz Wenisch
Autobiographies 2014 188pp
In this candid and revelatory 9781621311454 Paperback £46.50 / €52.00
memoir, Erin O. White shares Provides a guided examination of what unites and divides
her hunger for both romantic the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic communities. It argues
and divine love, and how these that the hostility between the three religions is misplaced.
desires transformed her life. In The argument is grounded on the existence of a shared
the late 1990s, she spent Saturday nights with her girlfriend belief in the same one and only God and reverently looking
and Sunday mornings in Catholic confirmation classes. But back to Abraham, as well as the fact that disagreements
when the Church closed its doors to her, she was faced with do not result from ill will, but from alternative convictions
a question: What does a lesbian believer do with her longing held in good faith.
for God?

32 General & Comparative

The Study of Religions CIVILIZATIONS
Select Readings
Suchismita Sen
2015 168pp Edited by Kim Woodring
9781631890963 Paperback 2017 276pp
£51.95 / €59.00 9781516500611 Paperback
£89.95 / €101.00
Helps readers recognise and
explore the nature of the Addresses the importance of
religious phenomenon and religion in ancient civilisations
its diverse expression across and encourages readers to
cultures. In a fresh, innovative evaluate these civilisations both historically and critically.
approach, the book blends The selected readings help readers understand civilisations
classical studies of religion with contemporary knowledge as whole systems with not only social and political
about the human mind and human behaviour. characteristics, but also religious ones.

RELIGIONS OF THE University of Notre Dame Press
Expressions of Faith and Stephen M Barr
Pathways to the Divine,
Second Edition 2006 328pp
9780268021986 Paperback £27.95 / €31.00
Edited by F.C. La Spina Explains modern physics to general readers without
2017 208pp oversimplification. Using the insights of modern physics,
9781516511778 Paperback this book reveals that modern scientific discoveries and
£77.95 / €88.00 religious faith are deeply consonant. It is aimed at anyone
with an interest in science and religion.
This anthology explores
the twelve most common The University of Wisconsin Press
expressions of religious faith in our world today, and
introduces students to religions which may be unknown
to them. It shows them how the customs of differing faith
traditions relate to familiar aspects of American culture
and religious expression.

An Introduction to Women, Men and the Zar
Concepts, Approaches, Cult in Northern Spain
and Traditions
Janice Boddy
Ibigbolade Aderibigbe 1989 424pp
2012 180pp 9780299123147 Paperback
9781609272036 Paperback £22.95 / €26.00
£57.95 / €65.00 New Directions in
Anthropological Writing
Provides a comprehensive
overview of the phenomenon Adherents to the “zar” cult in
of religion. Based on over thirty years of teaching, this northern Sudan encounter
single, concise volume offers students of religion and spirits that are parallels of
religious philosophy everything they need to effectively historically relevant figures in the known human world.
learn about the study and practice of religion. Based on nearly two years of ethnographic fieldwork in
a Muslim village this study offers a multidimensional
interpretation of the “zar”.



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