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32 International Music Legends Discuss Their Careers
James Arena
Foreword by Mel Brooks

Jun 2017 240pp, 32 photos
9781476671420 Paperback £29.95 / €33.00
A massive dance music revolution swept across Europe during the 1980s. Merging rock, new
wave, disco and worldbeat sounds, an explosion of exciting and increasingly electronic dance-
pop music caused a sensation. In this book of interviews, 32 of the era’s most celebrated
singers, songwriters, producers and industry professionals share memories of their lives and
careers during this extraordinary time.



Adoption, Emulation, and Creativity
Andrew Kellett

Sep 2017 256pp
9780472036998 Paperback £25.50 / €28.00
9780472130528 Hardback £64.95 / €70.00
Examines the role of British narratives of masculinity and power in the postwar era of
decolonization and national decline that contributed to the creation of a network of British
musicians influenced by African-American blues music, and how its members used the
tropes, vocabulary, and mythology of African-American blues traditions to forge their own
musical identities.
University of Michigan Press



The Musical Voyage from Scotland and Ulster to Appalachia
Fiona Ritchie, Doug Orr & Darcy Orr

2014 448pp, includes CD with 20 tracks, 124 illustrations, 7 maps
9781469618227 Hardback £34.95 / €42.00
Throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, a steady stream of Scots migrated
to Ulster and eventually onward across the Atlantic to resettle in the US. They brought with
them a wealth of traditional ballads and tunes from the British Isles and Ireland. From ancient
ballads at the heart of the tradition to instruments that express this dynamic music, Ritchie
and Orr chronicle the details of an epic journey.
The University of North Carolina Press


Academica Press American Library Association


Jewish Musicians in Los Angeles, 1887-1927 Essential Scores and Sound Recordings,
Jonathan Friedmann Fourth Edition
Compiled by the Music Library Association
Sep 2017 277pp Intended to offer suggestions for anyone who is seeking
9781680530360 Hardback £102.00 / €114.00 to develop music collections in libraries of all kinds, this
reference work remains a benchmark of its kind.
Covers a crucial but overlooked period of music history and
Jewish life in Los Angeles through five case studies of nearly Volume 1: Popular Music
forgotten musicians. In their own ways, large and small,
Leopold M. Loeb, Alfred Arndt, Victor Rosenstein, Abraham May 2017 752pp
Frankum Frankenstein, and Walter Henry Rothwell helped 9780838910399 Paperback £274.00 / €310.00
lay the difficult groundwork for what would become a
musical Mecca and home to the US’s second largest Jewish Volume 2: World Music
Feb 2018 368pp
Academic Studies Press 9780838915301 Paperback £265.00 / €295.00

TANGLE OF MATTER & GHOST Volume 3: Classical Music

Leonard Cohen’s Post-Secular Songbook of Apr 2018 688pp
Mysticism(s) Jewish & Beyond 9780838915318 Paperback £265.00 / €295.00
Aubrey Glazer ALA Editions

Aug 2017 336pp The University of Alabama Press
9781618115812 Paperback £27.95 / €31.00
New Perspectives in Post-Rabbinic Judaism BEAUTIFUL POLITICS OF MUSIC

Analyses the lyrical poetry of Leonard Cohen through a Trova in Yucatán, Mexico
post-secular lens. The volume fuses sophisticated theory and Gabriela Vargas-Cetina
popular culture with critical analysis that is lacking in most of
the rock n’roll biographies about Leonard Cohen. Oct 2017 216pp, 14 b&w images, 3 maps, 1 table
9780817319625 Hardback £51.50 / €57.00
The first book on Yucatecan trova, this volume offers an
insider’s view of the history and practice of a treasured
cultural heritage. A central theme of Gabriela Vargas-
Cetina’s ethnography is what she refers to as the “beautiful
politics of music”practiced by Yucatecan trova patrons and
organisations, which is a way of asserting the importance of
groups and issues through non-confrontational means.


Auckland University Press PHIL GERNHARD, RECORD MAN

Mar 2018 176pp
The Songs and Sounds of New Zealand’s 9780813056777 Hardback £25.95 / €29.00
Great War
Chris Bourke Tells the story of a self-made music mogul who created
nearly fifty years’worth of chart-topping songs. Through
Nov 2017 320pp, colour illustrations interviews with Gernhard’s musicians, business partners,
9781869408718 Paperback £53.95 / €60.00 family members, and ex-wives, Bill DeYoung offers an
Be it “Tipperary”or “Pokarekare”, the morning reveille or intimate portrait of a brilliant yet troubled man who
the bugle’s last post, concert parties at the front or patriotic channelled his talent, ego, and ambition into the success of
songs at home, music was central to New Zealand’s others.
experience of the First World War. In Good-Bye Maoriland, the
acclaimed author of Blue Smoke introduces us the songs The University of Georgia Press
and sounds of World War I in order to take us deep inside the
human experience of war. DEVELOPMENT DROWNED AND
Australian Academic Press
The Blues and Bourbon Restorations in
Clyde Woods
Intuition and Science Edited by Laura Pulido & Jordan Camp
Joseph Talia
Apr 2017 376pp, 1 b&w image
Mar 2017 652pp 9780820350929 Paperback £33.50 / €37.00
9781922117816 Paperback £71.95 / €80.00 9780820350912 Hardback £90.50 / €101.00
In this ground-breaking work, Joseph Talia, takes us on an Geographies of Justice and Social Transformation Series,
inspiring journey through 450 years of history tracing such Vol. 35
important topics as the development of voice production
and vocal science, the transition from the sostegno system of Presents a “Blues geography”of New Orleans, one that
breath management to the appoggio system, the debate on compels readers to return to the history of the Black freedom
vocal registers, and the importance of vocal elements such as struggle there to reckon with its unfinished business. Clyde
posture, messa di voce, portamento, and trills. Woods explores how Hurricane Katrina brought long-
standing structures of domination into view. In so doing,
University Press of Florida Woods delineates the roots of neoliberalism in the region
and a history of resistance.
From Ray Charles to KC and the Sunshine
Band Community Singing in the American Picture
John Capouya Palace
Esther M. Morgan-Ellis
Sep 2017 368pp, 60 b&w photos
9780813054520 Hardback £25.95 / €29.00 Jan 2018 288pp, 98 b&w and colour illustrations
Alongside Memphis, Detroit, New Orleans, Macon, and 9780820352046 Hardback £47.50 / €53.00
Muscle Shoals, Florida has a rich soul music history – an
important cultural legacy that has often gone unrecognized. Despite the popularity and ubiquity of community singing,
Florida Soul celebrates great artists of the Sunshine State there has been scant research on the topic. This volume is
who have produced some of the most electric, emotive soul the first dedicated account of community singing in the
music America has ever heard. picture palace and includes nearly one hundred images,
such as photographs of the movie houses’opulent interiors,
reproductions of sing-along slides, and stills from the original
Screen Songs “follow the bouncing ball”cartoons.


SMILE WHEN YOU CALL ME A University of Hawai’i Press
Country Music’s Struggle for Respectability,
1939-1954 Many Voices, One Horizon
Jeffrey J. Lange Edited by Brydie-Leigh Bartleet et al

Apr 2017 336pp, 8 b&w photos May 2018 344pp, 10 b&w illustrations
9780820352565 Hardback £85.95 / €95.00 9780824867003 Hardback £74.50 / €83.00

In his analysis of changing performance styles and alterations Makes a distinctive contribution to the field of community
in the lifestyles of listeners, Jeffrey Lange illuminates the music through the experiences of music education,
acculturation of country music and its audience into the ethnomusicology, music therapy, and music performance of
American mainstream. Dividing country music into six the volume editors and contributors. Covering a wide range
subgenres (progressive country, western swing, postwar of perspectives, the essays raise common themes in terms
traditional, honky-tonk, country pop, and country blues), of the pedagogies and practices used, pointing collectively
Lange discusses the music’s expanding appeal. toward one horizon of approach.

An Unprecedented Life in Country Music
Bill Anderson The Music and Magic
of the Sanguma Band
Jul 2017 352pp, 44 b&w photos Denis Crowdy
9780820352916 Paperback £23.95 / €27.00
Music of the American South Series Oct 2017 198pp,
25 b&w illustrations
Presents a revealing portrait of Bill Anderson, one of the most 9780824875138 Paperback
prolific songwriters in the history of country music. A follow- £26.95 / €30.00
up to his 1989 autobiography, this honest and revealing Music and Performing Arts of
book tells the story of a man with an unprecedented gift, Asia and the Pacific
holding on to it in order to share it.
During the turbulent decades
WIDESPREAD of the 1970s and 1980s,
PANIC IN THE Papua New Guinea gained political independence. It was an
STREETS OF exciting time for a diverse group of pioneering musicians
ATHENS, GEORGIA who formed a band they named “Sanguma”. Australian
ethnomusicologist Denis Crowdy argues that the Sanguma
Gordon Lamb band’s music was a vital form of cultural expression in sync
Apr 2018 128pp with sociopolitical change then taking place in PNG.
9780820354132 Paperback
£19.50 / €22.00 JAVAPHILIA
Music of the American South
Series, Vol. 3 American Love Affairs with Javanese
Music and Dance
This deeply researched and Henry Spiller
richly sourced book follows
every stage of the concert’s Nov 2017 296pp, 41 illustrations
development from the spark of an idea to approximately one 9780824875220 Paperback £28.95 / €32.00
hundred thousand people from all over the world packing Music and Performing Arts of Asia and the Pacific
the streets of a legendary music town. Taking us back to
1990s Athens through vibrant, on-the-scene writing, Lamb Fragrant tropical flowers, opulent batik fabrics, magnificent
gives us the story of a band on the verge of greatness and a bronze gamelan orchestras, and, of course, aromatic coffee.
town reckoning with its significant place in music history. Such are the exotic images of Javas. Through close readings
of the careers of four “javaphiles”, Javaphilia explores a
century of American representations of Javanese performing
arts by North Americans.


MAKING WAVES University of Iowa Press

Traveling Musics in Hawai’i, Asia, and the FINDING BIX
Edited by Frederick Lau & Christine R. Yano The Life and Afterlife of a Jazz Legend
Brendan Wolfe
Feb 2018 240pp, 16 b&w illustrations
9780824873769 Hardback £53.50 / €60.00 Mar 2017 272pp, 4 images
Music and Performing Arts of Asia and the Pacific 9781609385064 Paperback £25.95 / €29.00

This volume attempts to position music as at once ritual and Bix Beiderbecke was one of the first great legends of
entertainment, esoteric and exoteric, tradition and creativity, jazz. After writing a newspaper review of a book about
within the cultural geographies of Hawai`i, Asia, and the Beiderbecke, Wolfe unexpectedly received a letter from the
Pacific. In doing so, it situates music at the very core of global late musician’s nephew scolding him for getting a number of
human endeavours. facts wrong. This is where Finding Bix begins: in Wolfe’s good-
faith attempt to get the facts right.
Connecting People, Places, and Past in
Contemporary China Marcus, Guralnick, No Depression, and the
Levi S. Gibbs Mystery of Americana Music
Timothy Gray
May 2018 256pp, 28 b&w illustrations, 1 map
9780824869908 Hardback £66.95 / €75.00 Apr 2017 252pp
Music and Performing Arts of Asia and the Pacific 9781609384883 Paperback £21.95 / €24.00
New American Canon
Examines the life and performances of “Folksong King of
Western China”Wang Xiangrong (b. 1952) and explores Roots rock, Americana, alt country: what are they and why
how itinerant performers come to serve as representative do they matter? Americans have been trying to answer these
symbols straddling different groups, connecting diverse questions for as long as the music bearing these labels has
audiences, and shifting between amorphous, place-based existed. In It’s Just the Normal Noises, Timothy Gray examines
local, regional, and national identities. a wide array of writing about roots music from the 1960s to
the 2000s.
Female Voices of Asian Modernities
Edited by Andrew N. Weintraub & Bart Barendregt ALWAYS BEEN A RAMBLER

Jun 2017 352pp, 35 b&w illustrations G.B. Grayson and Henry Whitter, Country
9780824869861 Hardback £66.95 / €75.00 Music Pioneers of Southern Appalachia
Music and Performing Arts of Asia and the Pacific Josh Beckworth

The emergence of modernity has typically focused on Jan 2018 166pp
Western male actors and privileged politics and economy 9781476667294 Paperback £25.95 / €29.00
over culture. The contributors to this volume successfully
unsettle such perspectives by emphasizing the social G.B. Grayson and Henry Whitter were two of the most
history, artistic practices, and symbolic meanings of female influential artists in the early days of country music.
performers in popular music of Asia. Featuring never before published photographs and using
interviews from friends and relatives, as well as contemporary
scholarship, this book is the first to fully explore their lives
and songs. It also examines the Southern Appalachian world
that shaped their music.


Gospel Music Broadcasting and the Making
Rick Simmons of Evangelical Culture, 1920-1960
Jan 2018 231pp Mark Ward Sr.
9781476667676 Paperback £51.50 / €57.00
Oct 2017 271pp
Through extensive research and exclusive interviews with 9781476667348 Paperback £41.50 / €46.00
many of the people who wrote and performed the music,
this book presents for the first time a thorough library-quality With the arrival of radio, evangelicals flocked to the airwaves.
reference work on the music and people who contributed For the first time, they developed their own mass culture as
to the genre of classic Carolina beach music. This volume evangelicals nationwide, across denominational lines, heard
includes more than 200 photographs, and biographical the same popular preachers and music. This volume captures
background on more than 200 artists. the evangelical media and music culture of this pivotal mid-
century era as evangelicals left behind the fundamentalism
THE COMPOSER ON SCREEN of the early twentieth century.

Essays on Classical Music Biopics THE MUSICAL

Mar 2018 205pp Martin E. Connor
9780786499656 Paperback £56.95 / €63.00 Nov 2017 164pp
9780786498987 Paperback
Explores the many and varied ways in which composers £30.95 / €35.00
have been depicted on the cinema screen. Beginning with Poses challenging questions
some of the very earliest silent films examples, these essays to the public understanding
range in subject from the 12th century abbess, Hildegard of rap music with an analytical
of Bingen, through the great classical and romantic eras of foundation that’s firmly built
Verdi, Wagner, Berlioz and Strauss, up to the 20th century, on a corpus of 135 songs from
and Elgar, Delius, Gershwin and Blitzstein. a group of over 50 artists.
Building on Martin Connor’s
EUROPE’S STARS OF ’80S DANCE POP decade of experience in both the journalism and scholarly
arena, the answers that he arrives at are likely to be the
32 International Music Legends Discuss Their motivating factors behind any ongoing discourse that tries
Careers to explain and describe rap.
James Arena
Foreword by Mel Brooks O MA CARMEN

Jun 2017 240pp, 32 photos Portrayals of Bizet’s Fateful Gypsy from
9781476671420 Paperback £29.95 / €33.00 1875 to the Present
Victoria Etnier Villamil
For full details of this title, see page 1.
Jul 2017 146pp
FIELD RECORDINGS OF BLACK 9781476663241 Paperback £41.50 / €46.00
“Che cos’?”(What is it?) mezzo-soprano Celestine Galli-Marié
An Annotated Discography of Artists from asked when offered the title role in the 1875 premier of
West Africa, the Caribbean and the Eastern Bizet’s new opera, Carmen. This book explores the history
and Southern United States, 1901-1943 of operatic portrayals of Bizet’s elusive enchantress, tracing
Craig Martin Gibbs the development of vocal and dramatic interpretations from
generation to generation around the globe.
Feb 2018 272pp
9781476673387 Paperback £97.95 / €109.00 Click on titles for
more information
A discography bringing together recordings that could be
considered part of the African-American musical experience
and that played some part in the emergence of blues and
jazz music.


Musical Explorations of Space, Technology
and the Imagination, 1967-1982 The Lives of Songwriters George Cory and
Robert McParland Douglass Cross
Bill Christine
Dec 2017 208pp
9781476664705 Paperback £36.50 / €40.00 Nov 2017 156pp
Critical Explorations in Science Fiction and Fantasy, Vol. 59 9781476669007 Paperback £36.50 / €40.00

This is the first book to bring together the imagination George Cory and Douglass Cross wrote just one song that
and energy of rock music with its sources in mythology was successful. They were unknown before they wrote it,
and science fiction. The mythological roots of classic rock and unknown after it became a hit. Until now. They eked out
music artists from David Bowie, the Jefferson Airplane, and a meagre living for fifteen years before Tony Bennett came
Pink Floyd, to Rush, Blue Oyster Cult, and Iron Maiden are across “I Left My Heart in San Francisco”– Bennett’s recording
explored, along with the stories they tell and the critiques of revived his career, and made the songwriters enormously
contemporary society that their songs carry. rich.

THE SEX PISTOLS University of Michigan Press
The Fateful U.S. Tour, NOTATION
January 1978
Mick O’Shea The Music of Earle
Mar 2018 132pp Rebecca Y. Kim
9781476669397 Paperback
£30.95 / €35.00 Oct 2017 424pp, 111
illustrations, 93 images, 10 tables
By January 1978, the Sex 9780472130580 Hardback
Pistols were the most talked £72.50 / €79.00
about band on the planet. This
book covers the Pistols 1978 Earle Brown (1926-2002)
tour of America from varying was a crucial part of the
perspectives - with many people sharing their experiences seminal group of experimental
for the first time. The book also endeavours to separate fact composers known as the
from the many fallacies that still surround those twelve days New York School, and his work intersects in fascinating ways
of mayhem when the Sex Pistols wended their way across an with that of his colleagues John Cage, Morton Feldman,
unsuspecting USA. and Christian Wolff. This book seeks to expand our view
of Brown’s work, addressing his practices as a painter and
STARS OF 21ST CENTURY DANCE POP composer as well as his collaborations with visual artists.
33 DJs, Producers and Singers Discuss
Their Careers Adoption, Emulation, and Creativity
James Arena Andrew Kellett

Jun 2017 163pp, 50 photos Sep 2017 256pp
9781476670225 Paperback £29.95 / €33.00 9780472036998 Paperback £25.50 / €28.00
9780472130528 Hardback £64.95 / €70.00
Dance music has seen an unprecedented explosion in the
21st century as a stampede of subgenres, such as dance-pop For full details of this title, see page 1.
and EDM (electronic dance music), have come to define the
pop music scene worldwide. In this collection of original
interviews, 33 hitmakers from 11 countries discuss their lives
and careers in this still-unfolding new age.



Imaging the City in Song Music, Race, and American Culture in
Dominic Symonds Weimar Germany
Jonathan O. Wipplinger
Dec 2017 312pp, 50 illustrations
9780472130597 Hardback £68.50 / €75.00 Apr 2017 328pp, 16 b&w Illustrations
9780472053407 Paperback £41.50 / €46.00
A guide to Manhattan like nothing you’ve ever read. Author 9780472073405 Hardback £82.50 / €92.00
Dominic Symonds calls it a performance cartography, and Social History, Popular Culture, and Politics in Germany
argues that the city of New York maps its iconicity in the
music of the Broadway songbook. A series of walking tours Examines jazz music and the jazz artists who shaped
takes the reader through the landscape of Manhattan, Germany’s exposure to this African American art form from
clambering over rooftops, riding the subway, and flying over 1919 to 1933. Jonathan O. Wipplinger explores the history
skyscrapers. of jazz in Germany as well as the roles that music, race
(especially Blackness), and America played in German culture
HEARING HARMONY and follows the debate over jazz through the fourteen years
of Germany’s first democracy.
Toward a Tonal Theory for the Rock Era
Christopher Doll University Press of Mississippi

Jun 2017 368pp, 81 illustrations BOOM’S BLUES
9780472053520 Paperback £41.50 / €46.00
9780472073528 Hardback £92.95 / €103.00 Music, Journalism, and Friendship in Wartime
Tracking Pop Wim Verbei

Offers a listener-based, philosophical-psychological theory Apr 2017 352pp
of harmonic effects for Anglophone popular music since 9781496805119 Hardback £70.50 / €78.00
the 1950s. It begins with chords, their functions and American Made Music Series
characteristic hierarchies, then identifies the most common
and salient harmonic-progression classes, or harmonic Stands as both a remarkable biography of J. Frank G. Boom
schemas. (1920-1953) and a recovery of his incredible contribution
to blues scholarship. Wim Verbei tells how and when the
I HEAR A SYMPHONY Netherlands was introduced to African American blues music
and describes the equally dramatic and peculiar friendship
Motown and Crossover R&B that existed between Boom and jazz critic and musicologist
J. Andrew Flory Will Gilbert.

Jun 2017 368pp, 22 musical examples, 25 illustrations, 6 tables THE GAITHERS AND SOUTHERN
9780472036868 Paperback £41.50 / €46.00 GOSPEL
9780472117413 Hardback £92.95 / €103.00
Tracking Pop Homecoming in the Twenty-First Century
Ryan P. Harper
Opens new territory in the study of Motown’s legacy, arguing
that the music of Motown was indelibly shaped by the ideals May 2017 272pp
of Detroit’s postwar black middle class; and that Motown’s 9781496810908 Hardback £60.95 / €68.00
creative personnel participated in an African-American American Made Music Series
tradition of dialogism in rhythm and blues while developing
the famous “Motown Sound”. Examines songwriters Bill and Gloria Gaither’s
“Homecoming”video and concert series - a gospel music
franchise that, since its beginning in 1991, has outperformed
all Christian and much secular popular music on the
American music market. Harper reveals how the Gaithers
negotiate a tension between traditional and changing
community norms as they seek to maintain and expand
their audience.



Place, Race, and Musical Performance in Jim Dickinson
Contemporary Cuba Edited and with an introduction by Ernest Suarez
Rebecca M. Bodenheimer Mar 2017 248pp
9781496810540 Hardback £23.50 / €26.00
May 2017 328pp American Made Music Series
9781496813152 Paperback £28.50 / €32.00
Caribbean Studies Series Chronicles Jim Dickinson’s life in the Memphis music scene
of the fifties and sixties and how he went on to play with
Argues that regional identity exerts a significant influence and produce a rich array of artists, including Aretha Franklin,
on the aesthetic choices made by Cuban musicians. Through the Rolling Stones, Ry Cooder, Duane Allman, Arlo Guthrie,
the examination of several genres, Rebecca M. Bodenheimer and Albert King. This memoir recounts a love affair with
explores the various ways that race and place are entangled Memphis, the blues, and rock’n’roll through Dickinson’s
in contemporary Cuban music. She argues that racialized captivating blend of intelligence, humour, and candour.
notions which circulate about different cities affect both the
formation of local identity and musical performance. JAZZ TRANSATLANTIC

FIDDLING Volume I, The African Undercurrent in
Twentieth-Century Jazz Culture
Chris Goertzen
Aug 2017 256pp Aug 2017 464pp
9781496814272 Hardback £60.95 / €68.00 9781628462302 Hardback £70.50 / €78.00
American Made Music Series American Made Music Series

George P. Knauff’s Virginia Reels (1839) was the first Takes the reader across the Atlantic from Africa to the
collection of southern fiddle tunes and the only substantial Americas and then back in pursuit of the music we call
one published in the nineteenth century. Chris Goertzen jazz. This first volume explores the term itself and how
uses this seminal collection as the springboard for a fresh jazz has been defined and redefined. It also celebrates the
exploration of fiddling in America, past and present. phenomena of jazz performance and uncovers hidden
gems of jazz history.
Volume II, Jazz Derivatives and
Morris Levy Developments in
Richard Carlin Twentieth-Century Africa

Jul 2017 312pp Dec 2017 272pp
9781496814807 Paperback £23.50 / €26.00 9781496806086 Hardback £70.50 / €78.00
American Made Music Series American Made Music Series

Tells the story of one of the most notorious figures in the Gerhard Kubik extends and expands the epic exploration
history of popular music, Morris Levy (1927-1990). At age he began in Jazz Transatlantic,Volume I. This second
nineteen, he cofounded the nightclub Birdland in Hell’s volume amplifies how musicians influenced by swing,
Kitchen, which became the home for a new musical style, bebop, and post-bop influenced musicians in Africa from
bebop. In 1957, he founded a record label, Roulette Records. the end of World War II into the 1970s were interacting
Roulette featured many of the significant jazz artists who with each other and re-creating jazz.
played Birdland but also scored top pop hits.

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Panny Flautt Mayfield An Illustrated History
Jul 2017 196pp Ronald D. Cohen & David Bonner
9781496813749 Hardback £42.50 / €47.00
Jan 2018 176pp
Showcases a rare collection of photographs and stories 9781628462159 Hardback £70.50 / €78.00
about musicians from Robert Plant, B.B. King, and ZZ Top American Made Music Series
to local guitarists playing gigs on the weekend. Panny Flautt
Mayfield, an award-winning journalist, documents multiple Presents the public face of folk music in the United States
decades of blues and gospel music in her native land. Her first through its commercial promotion and presentation
book collects over two hundred photographs from a long through much of the twentieth century. Included are concert
career of photographing live music. flyers; sheet music; book, songbook, magazine, and album
covers; concert posters and flyers; and movie lobby cards and
MUSIC IN DISNEY’S ANIMATED posters, all in their original colours.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to
The Jungle Book The US Navy Steel Band, 1957-1999
James Bohn Andrew R. Martin

May 2017 288pp Jul 2017 272pp
9781496812148 Hardback £56.50 / €63.00 9781496812407 Hardback £60.95 / €68.00
Caribbean Studies Series
Investigates how music functions in Disney animated films
and identifies several vanguard techniques used in them. Today, steelbands have become a global phenomenon; yet,
In addition, he also presents a history of music in Disney in 1957 the exotic sound and the unique image of the US
animated films, as well as biographical information on Navy Steel Band was one-of-a-kind. Steelpan Ambassadors
several of the Walt Disney Studios’seminal composers. uncovers the lost history of the US Navy Steel Band and
provides an in-depth study of its role in the development of
NEW ORLEANS REMIX the US military’s public relations.

Sep 2017 240pp
9781496815262 Hardback £26.50 / €30.00 Bob Dylan and the Twenty-First Century
American Made Music Series Edited by Nina Goss & Eric Hoffman

Since the 1990s, New Orleans has been experiencing its Jul 2017 208pp
greatest musical renaissance since Louis Armstrong. Brass 9781496813329 Hardback £60.95 / €68.00
band, funk, hip hop, Mardi Gras Indian, zydeco, and other American Made Music Series
styles are rocking the city. Jack Sullivan shines a light on
superb artists little known to the general public, a surge of Participates in the creation of the postmillennial Bob Dylan
female, Asian, and other previously marginalized groups, and by exploring three central records of the twenty-first century
artists who have broken into the national spotlight. - Love and Theft (2001), Modern Times (2006), and Tempest
(2012) - along with the 2003 film Masked and Anonymous,
QUINCY JONES which Dylan helped write and in which he appears as an actor
and musical performer.
His Life in Music
Clarence Bernard Henry University of Missouri Press

Jul 2017 208pp FIDDLER’S DREAM
9781496814883 Paperback £23.50 / €26.00
American Made Music Series Old-Time, Swing, and Bluegrass Fiddling in
Twentieth-Century Missouri
Quincy Jones (b. 1933) is one of the most prolific composers, Howard Wight Marshall
arrangers, bandleaders, producers, and humanitarians
in American music history and the recording and film Jun 2017 448pp, 111 illustrations
industries. Jones’s career has spanned over sixty years, 9780826221216 Hardback £30.95 / €35.00
generating a substantial body of work with over five hundred
compositions and arrangements. This book focuses on this Uses oral history, archival photographs, and transcriptions
material as well as many of Jones’s accomplishments. of selected tunes to trace the evolution of traditional fiddle
music in Missouri from the early 1920s through the abrupt
changes in American society and traditional music in the


The University of North Carolina Press MAY WE FOREVER STAND

BEYOND THE A History of the Black National Anthem

The Devil and the Blues Feb 2018 280pp, 2 illustrations
Tradition 9781469638607 Hardback £26.95 / €30.00
Adam Gussow The John Hope Franklin Series in African American History
and Culture
Jun 2017 416pp, 6 illustrations,
2 maps, 1 table The twin acts of singing and fighting for freedom have
9781469633664 Paperback been inseparable in African American history. May We
£30.95 / €35.00 Forever Stand tells an essential part of that story. In this rich,
9781469633657 Hardback poignant, and readable work, Imani Perry tells the story of
£92.95 / €103.00 the Black National Anthem as it travelled from South to
New Directions in Southern North, from civil rights to black power, and from countless
Studies family reunions to Carnegie Hall and the Oval Office.

In this groundbreaking study, Adam Gussow takes the full TALKING GUITAR
measure of the devil’s presence in the blues. Working from
original transcriptions of more than 125 recordings released Conversations with
during the past ninety years, Gussow explores the varied uses Musicians Who Shaped
to which black southern blues people have put this trouble- Twentieth-Century
sowing, love-wrecking, but also empowering figure. American Music
Jas Obrecht
NORTH CAROLINA Mar 2017 320pp, 28 illustrations
9781469631646 Hardback
A Guide to Music Sites, Artists, and £36.50 / €40.00
Traditions of the Mountains and Foothills,
Second Edition In this lively collection of
Fred C. Fussell & Steve Kruger interviews, music writer Jas
Obrecht presents a celebration
Feb 2018 304pp, 155 colour plates, 7 maps of the world’s most popular
9781469641461 Paperback £22.95 / €26.00 instrument as seen through the words, lives, and artistry of
some of its most beloved players. Readers will read accounts
The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina are the heart of of the first guitarists on record, pioneering bluesmen, gospel
a region where traditional music and dance are performed greats, jazz innovators, country pickers, rocking rebels,
and celebrated as nowhere else in America. This guide puts psychedelic shape-shifters, singer-songwriters, and other
readers on the trail to discover many sites where the unique movers and shakers.
musical legacy thrives.
University of North Texas Press
Rediscovering Hip-Hop’s Early Years
Joseph Ewoodzie True Heroes of Texas Music
Michael Corcoran
Jun 2017 240pp, 30 illustrations, 5 maps
9781469632759 Paperback £28.95 / €32.00 Jun 2017 304pp, 80 b&w illustrations
9781469632742 Hardback £87.50 / €97.00 9781574416688 Hardback £30.95 / €35.00
North Texas Lives of Musician Series, Vol. 11
The origin story of hip-hop - one that involves Kool Herc
DJing a house party on Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx - has A lavishly illustrated collection of forty-two profiles of Texas
become received wisdom. But Joseph C. Ewoodzie Jr. argues music pioneers, most underrated or overlooked, All Over the
that the full story remains to be told. In vibrant prose, he Map: True Heroes of Texas Music covers the musical landscape
combines never-before-used archival material with searching of a most musical state. The first edition was published in
questions about the symbolic boundaries that have divided 2005 to wide acclaim.
our understanding of the music.


Rutgers University Press Texas A&M University Press


Choral Musicking for Social Justice Austin’s Legendary Honky-Tonk
Julia Balen Donna Marie Miller

Nov 2017 224pp, 15 illustrations Mar 2017 352pp, 50 photos
9780813588384 Paperback £20.50 / €24.00 9781623495190 Hardback £25.95 / €29.00
9780813588391 Hardback £78.50 / €88.00 John and Robin Dickson Series in Texas Music

Examines how choral singing can be both personally James and Annetta White opened the Broken Spoke in 1964,
transformative and politically impactful. Comparing queer then a mile south of the Austin city limits, under a massive
choral performances to the uses of group singing within the live oak, and beside what would eventually become South
civil rights and labor movements, Julia “Jules”Balén maps Lamar Boulevard. For more than fifty years, the Broken Spoke
the relationship between different forms of oppression and has served up cold beer, whiskey, the best chicken fried steak
strategic musical forms of resistance. in town and good country music. This book tells the story of
this iconic venue.
University of Tennessee Press
One of the Fortunate Few
Collected Writings of Joe Wilson Diana Finlay Hendricks
Edited by Fred Bartenstein
Dec 2017 232pp, 30 colour & 30 b&w photos
Mar 2017 277pp 9781623495886 Hardback £30.95 / €35.00
9781621903154 Paperback £30.95 / €35.00 John and Robin Dickson Series in Texas Music, sponsored by
the Center for Texas
Joe Wilson served for twenty-eight years as executive
director of the National Folk Festival and National Council for Today, more than sixty years after he first stepped onto a
Traditional Arts. Throughout his impressive career, Wilson stage, Delbert McClinton shows no signs of slowing down.
wrote extensively and colourfully about many facets of He continues to play sold-out concert and dance halls,
vernacular music in North America. This volume compiles theatres, and festival events across America. This book offers
Wilson’s best writings on musical topics, including some readers a soundtrack to some of the most pivotal moments
previously unpublished works. in the history of American popular music - all backed by a
cooking rhythm section.


Watt M. Casey
Nov 2017 224pp, 190 photos
9781623495589 Hardback £36.50 / €40.00
John and Robin Dickson Series in Texas Music, sponsored by
the Center for Texas

With a foreword by Steve Miller, this rich visual history of the
vibrant live music scene in Austin and beyond during the
1970s and early 1980s allows Watt M. Casey’s lens to reveal
both the stage, awash in spotlights and crowd noise, and the
more intimate backstage moments, where entertainers hold
forth to interviewers and friends.

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more information


Texas Tech University Press West Virginia University Press


Recordings and History of an American The Creative Life of Nashville Session
Culture, 10th Anniversary Edition Musician Charlie McCoy
Ruben Molina Charlie McCoy & Travis D. Stimeling

Nov 2017 277pp May 2017 256pp
9780896729964 Paperback £35.95 / €40.00 9781943665716 Paperback £23.50 / €26.00
Sounding Appalachia
In 2007, Ruben Molina published the first-ever history of
Mexican-American soul and R&B music in his book, Chicano From Ann Margret to Bob Dylan and George Jones to Simon
Soul: Recordings and History of an American Culture. Ten years & Garfunkel, Charlie McCoy has contributed to some of the
later, Chicano Soul remains an important and oft-referenced most successful recordings of country, pop, and rock music
study of this vital but often overlooked chapter of the greater of the last six decades. Fifty Cents and a Box Top offers rare
American musical experience. firsthand insights into life in the recording studio, on the
road, and on the small screen as Nashville became a centre of
Vanderbilt University Press popular music production in the 1960s.

Architects of American Roots Music on
Record Patrick W. Gainer
Brian Ward & Patrick Huber Dec 2017 264pp
9781946684035 Paperback £23.50 / €26.00
May 2018 446pp Sounding Appalachia
9780826521750 Hardback £41.50 / €46.00
First published in 1975 and long out of print, Folk Songs
Offers the first comprehensive account of the diverse group from the West Virginia Hills is a major work of folklore poised
of men and women who pioneered artists-and-repertoire to reach a new generation of readers. Drawing on Patrick
(A&R) work in the early US recording industry. Resourceful, Ward Gainer’s extensive ethnographic fieldwork around
innovative, and, at times, shockingly unscrupulous, they West Virginia, it contains dozens of significant folk songs,
scouted and signed many of the singers and musicians who including the internationally famous and the distinctively
came to define American roots music between the two West Virginian.
world wars.
The University of the West Indies Press WEST VIRGINIA

REGGAE STORIES Profiles and Reflections
Travis D. Stimeling
Jamaican Musical Legends and Cultural
Legacies Jun 2018 288pp, 22 illustrations
Edited by Donna P. Hope 9781946684271 Paperback £27.50 / €31.00
Sounding Appalachia
Nov 2018 140pp
9789766406691 Paperback £46.50 / €52.00 The first book dedicated to telling the stories of West
Virginia’s extensive community of songwriters. Based on
Provides a range of perspectives on the development of oral histories conducted by Stimeling and told largely in the
Jamaican popular music and culture, in particular reggae songwriters’own words, these profiles offer a lively overview
and dancehall, and opens the door to new debates on these of the personalities, venues, and networks that nurture and
music forms and their producers and creators. It moves sustain popular music in West Virginia.
through early musical debates and incendiary intellectual
contributions in Jamaican reggae to trace Jamaican popular
music in new geographical locales.


The University of Wisconsin Press Ian Randle Publishers


Songs and Songcatching in the Masculinities in Jamaican Dancehall
Lumberjack Era Donna Hope
Edited by Franz Rickaby, Gretchen Dykstra &
James P. Leary 2010 188pp
9789766374075 Paperback £18.95 / €21.00
Jun 2017 328pp, 21 b&w photos
9780299312640 Paperback £26.95 / €30.00 Explores Jamaican masculinity through the male-dominated
Languages and Folklore of the Upper Midwest dancehall space that is at once a celebration of the
As the heyday of the lumber camps faded, Franz Rickaby set marginalised poor and also a challenge to social inequality.
out to find songs from shanty boys, river drivers, and sawmill
hands in the Upper Midwest. Travelling mostly on foot, he REGGAE ROUTES
collected not just the words of songs, but the tunes, making
careful notes about his informants and their performances. The Story of Jamaican Music
Pinery Boys incorporates, commemorates, contextualizes, Kevin O’Brien Chang
and complements Rickaby’s early work.
1998 258pp
BESTSELLERS 9789768100672 Paperback £13.50 / €15.00

The University of Georgia Press From Kumina to Mento, Ska to Rocksteady, Reggae to
Dancehall, Roots to Ragga – this is the authentic story of
SAM HENRY’S SONGS OF THE PEOPLE Jamaican popular music, told for the first time by Jamaicans.

Edited by Gail Huntington & Lani Herrmann PETER TOSH
2010 672pp
9780820336251 Paperback £38.95 / €44.00 Edited by Ceil Tulloch
Comprising nearly 690 selections, this thoroughly annotated 2014 133pp
and indexed collection is a treasure for anyone who performs, 9789766376512 Paperback
composes, studies, collects, or simply enjoys folk music. £7.50 / €9.00

University of Hawai’i Press This book is filled with
engaging remembrances from
THE UKULELE colleagues of Peter Tosh and
gives insight into the man
A History Peter Tosh really was - both on
Jim Tranquada & John King and off the stage. Little known
facts about Tosh are revealed
2012 336pp, 62 illustrations in anecdotal fashion, sprinkled with images of Tosh at work
9780824836344 Paperback £21.95 / €24.00 and at play.
Drawing on a wealth of previously untapped sources, Jim
Tranquada and John King tell the surprising story of how an University Press of Kansas
obscure four-string folk guitar from Portugal became the
national instrument of Hawai’i, of its subsequent rise and fall HIP-HOP REVOLUTION
from international cultural phenomenon to the ‘Dangerfield
of instruments’, and of the resurgence in popularity. The Culture and Politics of Rap
Jeffrey O.G. Ogbar

2007 236pp, 20 photos
9780700616510 Paperback £18.50 / €21.00

Deftly balancing an insider’s love of the culture with a
scholar’s detached critique, the author traces hip-hop’s rise as
a cultural juggernaut and challenges widely held notions that
hip-hop is socially dangerous - to black youth in particular.



THE BEATLES AND THE HISTORIANS A Biography and Complete Career Record
Malcolm MacFarlane & Ken Crossland
An Analysis of Writings About the Fab Four
Erin Torkelson Weber 2012 310pp, 73 photos, discography
9780786471669 Paperback £25.95 / €29.00
2016 268pp
9781476662664 Paperback £36.50 / €40.00 For full details of this title, see page 38.

Examines the historiography of The Beatles, exploring the University of Michigan Press
four major narratives that have developed over time: the
semi-whitewashed “Fab Four”account, the acrimonious JOHN COLTRANE
breakup-era Lennon Remembers version, the biased
“Shout!”narrative in the wake of John Lennon’s murder, and His Life and Music
the current Mark Lewisohn orthodoxy. Lewis Porter

THE BEYONCÉ EFFECT 2000 448pp, 18 b&w photos, 104 music examples
9780472086436 Paperback £21.95 / €24.00
Essays on Sexuality, Race and Feminism The Michigan American Music
Edited by Adrienne Trier-Bieniek
Presents interviews with John Coltrane, photos, genealogical
2016 228pp documents, and musical analysis that offers a fresh view of
9780786499748 Paperback £20.95 / €23.00 Coltrane’s genius. It explores the events of Coltrane’s life and
offers an insightful look into his musical practices.
Presents a detailed study of the music and persona of
Beyoncé - arguably the world’s biggest pop star. Topics KRAUTROCK
include the body politics of respectability, feminism,
empowerment and gender in Beyoncé’s lyrics, black female German Music in the
pleasure, and the changing face of celebrity motherhood. Seventies
Ulrich Adelt
2016 232pp, 5 photos
A History of the Band 1968-2001 9780472053193 Paperback
Scott Allen Nollen £25.50 / €30.00
Tracking Pop
2002 368pp, photos
9780786411016 Paperback £30.95 / €35.00 Among other topics, individual
chapters of the book focus on
Written by a personal acquaintance of several of its members, the redefinition of German
this is a history the band, Jethro Tull, through to 2001. A identity in the music of
chronology of all the band’s recordings as well as information Kraftwerk, Can, and Neu!; on
on all accompanying tours is included. community and conflict in the music of Amon Düül, Faust,
and Ton Steine Scherben; on “cosmic music”and New Age;
MUSIC FOR THE SUPERMAN and on Donna Summer’s and David Bowie’s connections to
Nietzsche and the Great Composers
David Huckvale LEE KONITZ

2016 232pp, 35 illustrations Conversations on the Improviser’s Art
9781476663401 Paperback £41.50 / €46.00 Andy Hamilton

Explores Friedrich Nietzsche’s relationship with Wagner, the 2007 352pp, 9 musical examples, 19 b&w photos
influence of his writings on the music of Strauss, Mahler, 9780472032174 Paperback £29.95 / €33.00
Delius, Scriabin, Busoni and others, his place in Thomas Jazz Perspectives
Mann’s critique of German Romantic music in Doctor Faustus
and his impact on 20th-century popular music. The preeminent altoist associated with the “cool”school
of jazz, Lee Konitz was one of the few saxophonists of his
generation to forge a unique sound independent of the
influence of Charlie Parker. Based on numerous interviews,
this book offers a look at the story of Lee Konitz’s life and


Gender and Theatricality in Popular Music MUSICAL
Philip Auslander
Robert L. McLaughlin
2006 272pp, 7 photos 2016 312pp
9780472068685 Paperback £30.95 / €35.00 9781496808554 Hardback £60.95 / €68.00
The musicals of Stephen Sondheim and his collaborators
Explores the ways in which glam rock, while celebrating the have challenged the conventions of American musical
showmanship of 1950s rock and roll, began to undermine theatre. This text places Stephen Sondheim’s work in
rock’s adherence to the ideology of authenticity in the late two contexts: the exhaustion of the musical play and the
1960s. postmodernism that, by the 1960s, deeply influenced all the
American arts.
The University of North Carolina Press
FEATURES The Musical Voyage from Scotland and Ulster
to Appalachia
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Fiona Ritchie, Doug Orr & Darcy Orr
The Jungle Book
James Bohn 2014 448pp, includes CD with 20 tracks, 124 illustrations, 7 maps
9781469618227 Hardback £34.95 / €42.00
May 2017 288pp For full details of this title, see page 1.
9781496812148 Hardback £56.50 / €63.00
Rutgers University Press
Investigates how music functions in Disney animated films
and identifies several vanguard techniques used in them. BLACK PEARLS
In addition, he also presents a history of music in Disney
animated films, as well as biographical information on Blues Queens of the 1920s
several of the Walt Disney Studios’seminal composers. Daphne Duval Harrison

THE ORIGINAL BLUES 1990 314pp, photos, discography
9780813512808 Paperback £27.95 / €32.00
The Emergence of the Blues in African A contribution to the history of the blues and of Afro-
American Vaudeville American culture in general. Writing from a black/feminist
Lynn Abbott & Doug Seroff standpoint, Harrison shows the joys, trials, heartbreaks and
enduring influence of such singers as Victoria Spivey and
Feb 2017 480pp Alberta Hunter.
9781496810021 Hardback £79.95 / €89.00
American Made Music Series Wayne State University Press

In this volume, Lynn Abbott and Doug Seroff complete TECHNO REBELS
their groundbreaking trilogy on the development of African
American popular music, authoritatively connecting the The Renegades of Electronic Funk
black vaudeville movement with the explosion of blues that Dan Sicko
2010 176pp, 13 illustrations
RAGGED BUT RIGHT 9780814334386 Paperback £23.95 / €27.00
An history of techno music, dealing with its roots in Detroit.
Black Traveling Shows, “Coon Songs”, and It focuses on Detroit’s role in the birth of techno and takes
the Dark Pathway to Blues and Jazz readers on an insider’s tour of techno’s past, present,
Lynn Abbott & Doug Seroff and future in an account filled with firsthand anecdotes,
interviews, and artist profiles. It examines the underground
2012 472pp 1980s party scene in Detroit.
9781617036453 Paperback £37.50 / €42.00
American Made Music Series

The commercial explosion of ragtime in the early twentieth
century created previously unimagined opportunities for
black performers. However, every prospect was mitigated
by systemic racism. This volume investigates black musical
comedy productions, sideshow bands, and itinerant tented
minstrel shows.


Tahir Lodhi
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