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Published by WILLIAM YEOWARD, 2018-02-15 04:17:54

S18 Sales pack Export Sterling

S18 Sales pack Export Sterling





Dear Team,

2017 is rapidly drawing to a close! It has been a very
busy year for us all and now, as we start to turn our
thoughts to Spring 2018, it is a good moment to reflect
on the past twelve months.

For the last twelve months we have focussed on
product, pricing, systems and service. In addition we
have launched a brand new website with a new online
store and we have increased our social media activity
dramatically. A lot of time and energy has been spent
ensuring that our foundations are strong. This of course
has been essential and will enable us to grow as we move
forwards. Sales have grown nicely this year and we thank
you all for your support in achieving this! We are thrilled
with what has been achieved so far.

2018 is all about sales and all about growth! We have
a lot to do. We will continue to fine tune the service we
offer to our customers and we will continue to spread the
very positive messages about the William Yeoward brand
and the opportunities that this brand offers.

So we are very pleased indeed to be launching five
exciting new pieces of ‘...collected’ Furniture, two
exceptional new pieces of Bespoke Furniture as well
as a superb new modular group of upholstery called
‘Shoreville’. Three luxurious new rugs and 17 beautiful
new cushions complete the look and the offer for Spring

William Yeoward is going to go from strength to strength
in 2018! It is going to be an exciting year!

Good luck and good selling!

Your William Yeoward Team


1. Sales & Marketing Strategy
2. Product News
7. Marketing
11. Get The Look

15. Wholesale Range
22. Pricelist

Spring 2018

We have a busy Spring ahead! We need to build on all the good work done over the
last 12 months and we should not deviate from the strategy set out a year ago.
Our strategy is to continue to reinforce all of the strong and positive messages that we
have been communicating to our customers on product, pricing and service.

Let’s remind ourselves of what needs to be done:

GROW OUR CUSTOMER BASE – We have been opening a lot of accounts over the last
12 months and this needs to continue. We NEED a much broader account base across
the UK. There is still a huge amount of work to be done in terms of finding new
accounts, building stronger relationships and ensuring that we become a ‘go to Brand’.
YEOWARD PARTNERS – We have made a good start and now have 8 Partners. Our aim
in Spring 18 is to find and build another 6-8 Partners who will provide us with ‘Brand’
windows around the UK. These will be our VIP accounts.
STOCKISTS – We have made less headway here and this needs greater focus in Spring
18. In addition to our partners we need to be looking for customers who can stock and
display product, in particular lighting, cushions and rugs.
KNOWLEDGE – I have said it before and will say it again! Know our product inside out.
Know your pricing. Know your customer. Know the competition. Knowledge =
confidence = sales! Make this a personal mission please.
RELATIONSHIPS – It is vital that we continue to build stronger and broader
relationships with our customers. We want to be ‘front of mind’ whenever they are
working on a project.
THE YEOWARD MESSAGE – Again I repeat what I said last season ‘we need to continue
spreading word very proactively! Affection for the Brand is nice but not enough. Don’t
for a second think that customers know all that we offer and all that we can do to
support them. Enlightening them on our product offer, our pricing and our service is
something that must be repeated again and again and again…..until it becomes second
nature for our customers to turn to Yeoward first!’ . This is our daily mantra!




We are very excited to introduce the Shoreville, a new shape from WY for contemporary living.

We have teamed up with Andrew Paul to
produce this new model – the Shoreville.
Andrew Paul are at the forefront of
modern, high quality British furniture-
making. Frame-maker Andy Cooke and
upholsterer Paul Bradbery launched the
factory eight years ago in Nottingham,
which is known as a centre of furniture-
making excellence in the UK.

Furniture is all produced by hand from
scratch, using ethically sourced materials.
Hard wood timbers such as beech, birch
and oak come from Europe, feathers and
foam are all locally sourced and the
factory has a near-zero-carbon-footprint.

Every piece of Furniture is entirely produced in-house. Arriving at the end result requires a wood-cutter,
a frame-maker, a polisher, a fabric cutter, a fabric sewer, a person responsible for the cushioning and
then the upholsterer. Around 20 skilled craftsmen and women play a part in the making of each piece
of furniture.

The Shoreville adds an entirely new dimension to our Upholstery offer. It offers a new look and feel
and importantly new and very accessible price points.

The Shoreville has been designed as a modular group of sectional pieces that can be configured to
suit any space and any home. Comfortable, luxurious, versatile, less formal maybe but no less stylish
the Shoreville offers huge flexibility, whether for use in a family room, sitting room or indeed any other
space. It will be equally at home in an urban environment as it would in a country home. Clean lines
and exuding minimalist elegance the Shoreville is the ultimate in relaxed sophistication.

Important information:

- Available with straight or curved arm detailing.
- Seat cushion options include Qualifill (Fibre); Foam Feather

wrap and Feather & Down.
- 8 Leg colour options.
- Produced from order within 4-6 weeks.
- Included in the new Bespoke & Upholstery brochure for S18
- A huge and exciting new opportunity for sales!



Our ‘Bespoke’ range offers high-end Furniture of the very finest
quality, all produced in England by skilled artisans. For Spring 18
we are delighted to announce the launch of two stunning new
additions to the range.

The ‘Celia’ Desk and the ‘Celia’ Coffee table are exquisitely
designed pieces with a modern yet mid-century look and feel.
Beautiful lines and sophisticated detailing are the hallmarks of the

The success of the Bacca over many years formed the seed for a
new desk option. The ‘Celia’ has an inset leather surface with
stylish bronzed brass inlay surround and bronzed brass drawer

Over many years the Fentice Stool and Architects Coffee Table
have also enjoyed considerable popularity prompting the need for
a new design – the ‘Celia’ Coffee table with its inset glass top
and smart ebony stringing to the lower shelf is the result.

Available as standard in Oak, Chestnut and Walnut. Other timbers available as a bespoke option. Metal
work can be replaced by contrast wood finish as a bespoke option and of course the client can choose
the leather colour for the desk to suit their interior.

The ‘Celia’ represents the ultimate in luxury and fine craftsmanship.

Important information:

- No edits to the current range.
- No price increase
- A brand NEW ‘Bespoke and

Upholstery’ brochure packed with
inspirational photography, line
drawings and detailed
information will be available from
stock from December 19th.
- Full trade margin.


…Collected FURNITURE

Our sales of …Collected go from strength to strength! This season we add to our very substantial
range by offering three favourite pieces in new finishes, our best-selling Greyed Oak and Washed

It is always important that our customers know we listen and act on the feedback we receive…..and
that is exactly what we have done here!

The Hawford Dining Table is a substantial and excellently
priced piece of Furniture. NOW available in Greyed Oak. This
shape received a huge amount of interest last March during
Design Week in our pop-up showroom with customers asking
if it was available in the Greyed oak finish – well now it is!
This ‘soon to be best-seller’ works perfectly with our Bodiam
and Lewellen chairs.

The Biddulph Coffee Table is also now available in Greyed
Oak. We identified a gap in our range and acted upon it. We
now have a coffee table in our bestselling Greyed Oak
category – perfect with our Marshfield Sofa and Toby’s Sofa
in the same finish.

The Tormarton End Table is now available in Washed
Acacia. The phenomenal success of the Bickerton, the
Alnwick and the Belleville as well as the very positive
reactions to the new Collana pieces as well as the Barrique
and Abbotsworth mirrors launched in Autumn 17 have
stamped customer approval on this beautiful finish.

Last but not least we introduce two new mirrors for Spring 18. The Keste, launched in Autumn 17, has
been an instant hit in both the bronzed and the antique silver finish. As a result the Keste Square and
Round mirrors are being launched this Spring in Antique Silver.

Important information:

- The range has been edited to remove slower sellers and focus on the very best of Collected so
please study your brochure and pricelist carefully.

- Fantastic NEW 34 page brochure, full of beautiful inspirational imagery and a useful glossary
of the range at the back, will be available from stock from December 19th.

- No price increase
- Full trade margin for customers.
- Fully stocked.
- New pieces in stock from early February.



Sales of William Yeoward Rugs have doubled in the last twelve months! We are starting to establish
this category but there is much, much more to do! We need to significantly grow our customer base,
get more rugs on to floors for display and ensure that key rug accounts have rug samples to sell from.
We are introducing three exceptional new rug patterns for Spring 18.
‘The Big Blue’ is our very first hand knotted rug. This exquisite design, in a myriad of blue tones, is
the epitome of luxury. Bursts of tonal colour race across the surface of this wonderfully and organically
patterned rug. Modern and sophisticated, the pure viscose pile offers a subtly glamorous sheen. Hand
knotted rugs are the most labour intensive rugs to produce and in turn are one of the highest qualities
and most expensive type in the market. Every single knot is tied by hand by highly skilled artisans.
Nancy Multicolour is a graphic and vibrantly coloured rug with a truly modern feel. Interlocking rings
of bold colour sit against a rich neutral ground. Hand-tufted in the highest quality of matt wool and
lustrous viscose, this rug is a dramatic statement piece.
Lucia Stormcloud takes its inspiration from the same pattern as Nancy but is translated in a very
different way. Stylish shades of charcoal, slate and dove grey with contrasting flecks of colour combine
to create this neutral and eminently versatile modern rug design. Hand-tufted in luxurious wool and
viscose for matt and lustre effect. Perfect for the more ‘neutrally’ inclined customer.
Important information:

- No edits. We now have 18 rug designs in our collection!
- All are available from stock in three sizes.
- All rugs can be produced in bespoke sizes too and will be quoted upon individually.
- No Price increase on existing rugs.
- New price point for our first hand-knotted rug.
- Stock of new rugs from early February.
- Stock of rug samples for all NEW and all Carry Forward Rugs will be available from mid

January for sale to customers.
- Full trade margin for customers.
- A brand NEW 40 page Rug brochure will be available from stock from the 19th of December.



William Yeoward Cushion sales have also almost doubled in the last twelve months. A phenomenal

Spring 18 sees the introduction of 17 fabulous new cushions including great new printed patterns and
beautiful embroideries on a variety of luxurious and interesting grounds, including a new silk.

Important information:

- 17 new cushions and 52
carry forward designs.

- 20 cushions discontinued
- Total range = 69
- All NEW cushions will be

in stock from early-mid
- No price increase on
existing cushions.
- Cushions always supplied
with pad.
- Full trade margin for
- Brand NEW 24 page
Cushions, Lighting and
Mirrors Brochure in stock
and available from 19th


No NEW introductions but an integral part of our business so time MUST always be spent on this
category on every visit.


Two New Keste Mirror options as outlined previously. We have also edited some of the slower sellers to
consolidate our offer so please study your brochure and pricelist carefully.


No New Lighting introductions for Spring 18. Please note however that Lighting sales have increased
by over +60% in the last 12 months, which is fantastic. This is rapidly becoming a significant category
for WY.




We are aiming to have a new Spring 18 pricelist ready by Dec 19th. This will be valid from January 1st
2018. This will be emailed to all customers. We will also provide you with a link to a digital version.
You will also receive stock of printed hard copies in early January.


SS18 LAUNCH – We will be emailing all trade customers early January to announce the Spring 18
launch. This will include their NEW S18 Pricelist and digital versions of all NEW brochures.

WILLIAM YEOWARD PARTNERS – as soon as the new brochure and pricelists are in we will be
sending a personalised letter including hard copies of the brochures and pricelists to all of our
Partners. This way they are the very first to get information. Reps should follow this up to ensure it has
been received and so that these customers are ‘aware’ that they are VIP accounts.

B2B – Once the Launch email has been sent (as above) we will continue to email trade customers at
least once or twice a month with news on categories/stories/brand themes.

B2C – On the 26th of December we will email all retail customers to advise that we are on ‘soft sale’
in store and online. This will include 20% off all new furniture orders. SS18 will be installed in-store
towards the end of jan/early feb and we will then email all retail customers to ‘announce Spring 18’.
We will then continue to email once a week on relevant stories/themes/promotions etc.

SOCIAL MEDIA – Our email strategy will continue to be supported by posts on all social platforms.
SALE – we are planning a BIG SALE for late February. This is in the planning phase so watch this

London Design Week – Sunday March 4th to Friday March 9th. We will be ensuring that the store
looks fabulous with all new Spring 18 introductions. We will be open on the Sunday and reps will
need to be around for the Sunday through to the Wednesday. We will discuss nearer the time but
emails will be sent to save the date and encourage customers to visit. This MUST be followed up by all
sales people with calls and emails to make appointments and ensure that we see as many customers
as possible.


- NEW SS18 Brochures for all categories
- NEW SS18 Pricelist
- NEW Rug samples
- NEW Cushion Samples
- Additional mini crystal Strata sphere in Gold Ruby




We now have 8 partners and we are looking for another 6-8 new partners over the next six months.
These are our VIP accounts. The purpose of these accounts is to provide us with trusted partners
around the country who can represent the William Yeoward Brand in a cohesive and constructive way.
Each Partner and the space they have available will need to be considered individually in terms of how
much product they are able to show.

In principle a ‘Partner’ will display a number of pieces of collected, dependent on space, at least one
rug on the floor plus rug samples of all other designs, a selection of 8-10 cushions and at 2-3 lamps.
For larger spaces the amount of product may be greater than this and for smaller spaces it may need
to be less, just so long as we feel that a ‘vignette’ is being created, which tells the WY story. For
Partners with the potential to do so Upholstery would also ideally be included.

WY will support them as follows (to be discussed and decided at our sales briefing meeting):

- 20% discount on collected for display (once a season)
- 25% discount on a rug for display
- 50% discount on additional rug samples. These can be FOC if a customer takes two rugs for

- 10-20% on an initial cushion order.
- 25% discount on an initial lighting order.
- 50% discount on a set of mini strata votives or FOC if a customer takes 2 or more lamps.
- 10-15% on upholstery for display.
- We will liaise with the relevant DG rep to get them a good deal on fabric and wallpaper for

- Once ready – we will list them on our website as a key partner and we will direct traffic to their

- They will receive a fixed 5% discount on all orders – to be reviewed in June 2018.


These are accounts, generally retailers, wishing to display/stock specific product categories but who
are not able/willing to become a Partner i.e Lighting specialists or accounts who only want to carry
rugs and cushions.

WY will support them as follows:

o 25% display discount on rugs for display.
o 50% on rug samples or FOC if they take at least 2 rugs.
o 5% discount on subsequent rug orders.

o 10% on an initial cushion order (once a season). This is designed to encourage a
larger selection at the start of the season.
o 5% on subsequent cushion orders.


o 20% on lighting for display.
o 5% discount on subsequent lighting orders.

o 15% discount for display pieces at the start of the season
o 5% discount for subsequent orders of collected.

NB – The stockist deal should only be used to encourage greater volume of sales. Most accounts
should simply be buying product at full price and you should be using the above only when needed.



…Collected FURNITURE

No new sampling and you should retain all existing sampling (wood samples).


You will receive wood samples for the Shoreville. Please retain all existing sampling.


No new sampling and you should retain all existing sampling (wood samples).


As requested we will add a Strata globe in Gold Ruby to your kit. All colour discs, Strata Globes and
metal finishes you have stay current.


No new sampling and you should retain all existing sampling (set of pattern books)


You will receive rug samples of all new rug designs – The Big Blue, Nancy Multicolour and Lucia
Stormcloud. The samples will all be 30x60cm, same as your existing ones. Please retain all existing


There are 17 new cushions this season. You will receive samples of Rikki Indigo, Ronnie Rouge, Rosita
Crema, Triano Slate, Triano Terracotta, Birdie Denim, Plymton Blue and Plymton Ochre.


Please retain the following samples as they are carry forward: Frida Tobacco, Frida Raspberry, Tizzia
Midnight, Delilah Rose, Delilah Celery, Yvette Indigo, Ondine Denim, Ondine Celery, Zanie Midnight,
Zanie Mocha, Zanie Celery, Paddy French Navy, Alfred French Navy, Paddy Blood Orange, Paddy
Poppy, Paddy Citrine Lime, Bindi Rose and Casablanca Spicemarket.
Please remove the following samples from your kit as these have now been discontinued: Ogden Bleu,
Candide Denim, Rufus, Palma, Inchara, Willard, Come Cruise, Change of Scene and Amelie Charcoal.
These should be returned to Louise at the office.


Collected Furniture is our single biggest category of sales. It is therefore super important
that our customers understand what can be achieved in terms of look.
…Collected is many things. Some pieces are clearly more traditional, others are classic
with a modern twist. Some styles are perfect for an urban environment while others work
wonderfully in a country house. These messages must be made clear to our customers
on every visit. Overleaf we have grouped key designs in a visual format for you. These
visual themes are NOT the only way to translate our …Collected furniture range but
they do form a useful starting point.



Our Greyed Oak finish has proven to be a bestseller! Our pieces of ‘collected’ Furniture in greyed oak have a modern yet timeless feel. Versatile, smart and
completely on trend with the ‘grey movement’ of recent years. Greyed Oak works beautifully in a ‘country style’ environment providing a more contemporary twist

on classic shapes.

Y4261 Hawford Dining Table Y4124 Toby’s Sofa Y4034 Overbury Table Y4173 Arles Desk
Greyed Oak Greyed Oak Greyed Oak Greyed Oak

Y4046 Godwyn Console Y4262 Biddulph Coffee Table Y4126 Moxby Table Y4033 Yarne Table
Greyed Oak Greyed Oak Greyed Oak Greyed Oak

Y4003 Bodiam Side Chair Y4176 Lewellen Armchair Y4233 Keste Square Mirror Y4234 Keste Round Mirror
Greyed Oak Greyed Oak Bronze Bronze


‘Greyed Oak’ is a truly versatile finish. Teamed with bronze and antique silver, for instance, our ‘collected’ pieces become more urban in their look, feel and
application. Shapes in this group are more contemporary an the result is both sophisticated and relaxed at the same time.

Y4082 Keswick Coffee Table Y4155 Hewlett Buffet With Bronze Y4156 Hewlett Glazed Cabinet Y4217 Gennesso Console
Antique Bronze Greyed Oak With Bronze Greyed Oak
Greyed Oak

Y4041 Artaross Console Y4036 Allerdale Console Y4240 Clifton Chest of Drawers Y4038 Longwood Table
Greyed Oak Greyed Oak Light Grey Wenge Greyed Oak

Y4251 Karinta Coffee Table Y4232 Keste Rectangular Y4098 Delamere Bronze Table Small Y4229 Sorbati Mirror
White Oyster Mirror Antique Silver Black Antique Bronze


Many of our pieces are finished in paler woods. Washed Acacia and Cloudy Oak are particularly popular and have an almost Scandinavian feel to them. These
finishes are particularly beautiful and lend a ‘lightness’ to some of the most substantial pieces in our collection. These shapes can be used to suit any space,

whether in a city apartment or a country house.

Y4142 Broby Dining Table Y4247 Lucillo Carver Armchair Y4238 Collana Coffee Table Y4057 Alnwick Bureau
Cloudy Oak Washed Acacia Washed Acacia Washed Acacia

Y4230 Ferdinand Buffet Y4249 Barrique Mirror Y4110 Bickerton Commode Y4260 Tormarton End Table
Cloudy Oak Washed Acacia Washed Acacia Washed Acacia

Y4235 Abottsworth Mirror Washed Y4131 York Console Y4167 Belleville Buffet Y4241 Sarno Mirror
Acacia Venetian White Oak Washed Acacia Washed Acacia


Darker woods will always have their place in our collection. These pieces exude warmth and luxury in a way that may be deemed more traditional. Classic shapes
in classic finishes will always be popular and ensure that our range has real breadth.

Y4070 Dalkeith Table Y4010 Glendurgan Armchair Y4187 The Rosston Table
Washed Oak Washed Oak Grey Fruitwood

Y4224 Toby's Sofa Y4027 Tormarton End Table Y4188 The Drancy Table
Washed Oak Grey Fruitwood Grey Fruitwood

Y4112 Chester Buffet Y4069 Armadale Console Y4065 Havelock Table
Vintage Oak Washed Oak Kitchen Oak




Y678 Lit Irene Bed including Mattress
Y777 Meed Bedside Table with Drawer
BESPOKE FURNITURE Y779 Meed Dressing Table
Y786 Sooma Chest of Drawers
Y785 Sooma Dressing Table

Y678 Lit Irene Bed including Mattress
Y777 Meed Bedside Table with Drawer
Y779 Meed Dressing Table
Y786 Sooma Chest of Drawers
Y785 Sooma Dressing Table

DINING TABLES Y681 Bacca Writing Desk
Y799 Bacca Writing Desk – Double
Y614 Arman Table Y97 Celia Desk – NEW!
Y782 Asti Extending Dining Table Y639 Matrix Desk
Y679 Barramundi Dining Table Y571 Partners Desk
Y802 Barramundi Dining Table - Extending
Y307 Capstan Dining Table 54" GAMES TABLES
Y308 Capstan Dining Table 68"
Y788 Capstan Oval Table Y674 Axis Card Table with Reversible
Y843 Marseilles Dining Table Top
Y840 Mereworth Dining Table Y736 Volta Games Table with
Scrabble, Draughts and Chess

Y94 Arley Console Table SIDE & COFFEE TABLES
Y817 Arley Sideboard
Y92 Arley Side Table Y137 Architect' s Coffee Table - Large
Y827 Cire Chest 2 Door Buffet With Mirror Y136 Architect' s Coffee Table - Small
Y621 Fisher Console Table Y134 Architect' s End Table - Small
Y565 Hyme Chest Y803 Arman Coffee Table with Drawer
Y297 Lennox Console Table Y804 Arman Side Table
Y778 Meed Console Table Y238 Bleeker Table
Y765 Bleeker Table with Drawer
CABINETS Y96 Celia Coffee Table – NEW!
Y924 Sooma Bedside Table
Y202 Cherington Bookcase
Y720 Mirrored Brick Cabinet
Y564 Merchant Cabinet


Y130A Alice Carver Chair
UPHOLSTERY Y130S Alice Side Chair
Y764 Hammerhead Carver
SOFAS Y763 Hammerhead Side Chair
Y797 Launay Chair Cushion Seat
Y860 Christian Sofa Y940 Nantes Barstool
Y812 Houdan Sofa 2 1/2 Seat Y939 Nantes Barstool Carver
Y866 Houdan Sofa 3 Seat Y867 Nantes Carver
Y152 Kent Sofa Y861 Nantes Side Chair
Y948 Malbia Sofa 3 Seat Y609S Pavane Side Chair
Y851 Oliver Sofa 3 Seat
Y115 Palmer Curved Sofa THE SHOREVILLE – NEW!
Y236 Percy Sofa 2 1/2 Seat
Y828 Percy Sofa 3 Seat Y970 Shoreville Mod 2 Seater
Y915 Rocca Sofa Y969 Shoreville Mod 3 Seater
Y833 Sylvie Curved Sofa Y974 Shoreville Mod 4 Seater
Y911 Versus Nova Sofa Y971 Shoreville Corner section
Y972 Shoreville Chaise Longue
CHAIRS Y973 Shoreville Chair
Y975 Shoreville 2 Seater
Y999 Bertie Library Chair Y976 Shoreville 3 Seater
Y190 Club Chair Y977 Shoreville 4 Seater
Y111 Cushion Chair Y978 Barrier Cloth - Armchair
Y937 Daria Chair Y979 Barrier Cloth - Corner Section
Y110C Emerald Chair Y980 Barrier Cloth - Sofa
Y556 Houdan Chair
Y913 Lutesse Chair 16
Y862 Marissa Wing Chair
Y150 Marts Chair
Y954 Micki Wing Chair
Y686 Obecca Chair
Y114 Palmer Chair
Y114LPalmer Chair Large
Y470 Percy Baby Chair
Y235 Percy Chair
Y855 Pila Chair
Y912 Poppy Chair
Y192 Till Chair
Y550B Versus Nova Chair


Y466 Elka Stool - Double
Y467 Elka Stool - Triple
Y675 Fentice Stool
Y675/D Fentice Stool Dover
Y944 Girda Ottoman



XMB07D Gable Antique Bronze XMB04AB Isabella Antique Bronze
XMB07C Gable Brushed Nickel XMB04BN Isabella Brushed Nickel
XMB07B Gable Polished Nickel XMB04PN Isabella Polished Nickel
XMB05B Mara Polished Nickel XMB03AB Mara Antique Bronze
XMB05D Mara Antique Bronze XMB03BN Mara Brushed Nickel
XMB05C Mara Brushed Nickel XMB03PN Mara Polished Nickel
XMB06D Rooftop Antique Bronze XMB01AB Rooftop Antiqued Bronze
XMB06C Rooftop Brushed Nickel XMB01BN Rooftop Brushed Nickel
XMB06B Rooftop Polished Nickel XMB01PN Rooftop Polished Nickel


XMU002 Cara Floor Lamp Bronze
XMU006 Milla Table Lamp Bronze
XMU005 Milla Table Lamp Bronze in Gilded Finish


WYL001 Percy Table Lamp Midnight
WYL002 Percy Table Lamp Amethyst
WYL003 Percy Table Lamp Amber

XL20 Alfie Table Lamp: Amber, Amethyst, Gold Ruby, Sage, Clear, Turquoise, Steel
Blue, Aurora, Slate, Moss, Midnight

XL34 Aragoa Table Lamp: Midnight, Moss, Aurora, Slate

XL21 Elfreda Table Lamp: Gold Ruby, Turquoise, Moss, Midnight

XL38 Fulvia Table Lamp: Gold Ruby, Midnight, Slate, Steel Blue

XL39 Matilda Table Lamp: Gold Ruby, Midnight, Slate, Steel Blue

XL22 Muffy Table Lamp: Gold Ruby, Midnight, Moss, Sage, Steel Blue

XL23 Nerys Table Lamp: Amethyst, Gold Ruby, Midnight, Moss, Slate, Steel Blue

XL29 Ninevagh Table Lamp: Gold Ruby, Moss, Sage, Turquoise

XL35 Sebastian Table Lamp: Gold Ruby, Midnight, Slate




Y159N Nickel Landscape Dressing Mirror
Y157LN Nickel Tilt Dressing Mirror - Large
Y157S Nickel Tilt Dressing Mirror - Small
Y158N Nickel Triple Dressing Mirror
Y611 Vence Nickel Mirror - Large


Y4235 Abottsworth Mirror Washed Acacia
Y4249 Barrique Mirror Washed Acacia
Y4084 Chirk Mirror Faux Bronze
Y4197 Leicester Mirror Venetian White Oak

Y4232 Keste Rectangular Antique Silver Mirror
Keste Square Antique Silver Mirror – NEW!
Y4267 Keste Round Bronze Mirror

Y4234 Keste Round Antique Silver Mirror – NEW!
Keste Square Bronze Mirror
Y4266 Rothesay Mirror Venetian White Oak
Sarno Mirror Washed Acacia
Y4233 Sorbati Bronze Large Mirror
Y4161 Sorbati Bronze Medium Mirror
Y4241 Sorbati Bronze Small Mirror
Y4229 Sorbati Ocean Medium Mirror
Y4227 Sorbati Rouge Small Mirror
Y4225 Wickens Mirror Faux Bronze

RUGS Draxon - Russet
Pebble – Woad
The Big Blue - NEW! Raggs - Denim
Lucia - Stormcloud - NEW! Rhoscolyn – Biscuit
Nancy - Multicolour - NEW! Rhoscolyn - Cloud
Rhoscolyn - Cobalt
Amitta – Cloud Riviere - Biscuit
Carlotta – Brick Riviere – Marine
Carlotta – Clementine Ronalsay - Sky
Teidi - Ruby
Teidi - Woad
Venezia - Slate



XM4670KA Alfred - Blood Orange XM4640KA Paddy - Blood Orange
XM4670C XM4640C Paddy - Citrine Lime
XM4670T Alfred - Citrine Lime XM4640P
XM4670B Alfred - French Navy XM4640T Paddy - Damson
XM4670M XM4640G Paddy - French Navy
Alfred - Mustard XM4640M
XM4670S Alfred - Olive XM4640S Paddy - Mustard
XM4627B XM4640J Paddy - Olive
XM4627I Alfred – Poppy XM4640Q
XM4627T Amelie - Blood Orange XM4640I Paddy - Poppy
XM4627G Amelie - Damson WYC024 Paddy - Raspberry
XM4627S Amelie - French Navy WYC026 Paddy - Tobacco
XM4627AD Amelie - Mustard Paddy Turquoise
XM4627AE WYC025
W3297 Amelie - Olive Plymton – Ocean – NEW!
XPM14 Amelie - Poppy WYC042 Plymton – Slate – NEW!
Plymton – Terracotta – NEW!
XPM13 Amelie - Raspberry WYC041 Rikki – Indigo – NEW!
Amelie - Tobacco
WYC034 WYC031 Rikki – Rouge – NEW!
Barbara - Denim Ronne – Indigo – NEW!
WYC035 Bindi - Indigo WYC030 Ronnie – Rouge – NEW!
XPM21A Rosita – Crema – NEW!
WYC020 Bindi – Rose WYC033 Rosita – Rose – NEW!
WYC022 Birdie – Denim – NEW!
WYC021 Birdie – Greige – NEW! WYC032 Tizzia – Midnight
WYC013 Casablanca - Spice Market Tizzia – Rose
WYC007 WYC003 Triano – Denim – NEW!
Claudine- Indigo Triano – Sage – NEW!
WYC005 Delilah – Celery WYC002
WYC006 WYC037 Triano – Slate – NEW!
WYC004 Delilah - Rose Triano – Terracotta – NEW!
Floria – Rose WYC039 Yvette – Indigo
WYC009 Frida - Blood Orange Zafora - Ocean
WYC008 Frida – Charcoal Zafora – Ochre
Frida - Citrine Lime WYC040 Zanie – Celery
WYC019 Frida - French Navy Zanie – Midnight
WYC018 Zanie – Mocha
WYC001 Frida – Raspberry XPM051 Ziggy – Mocha – NEW!
Frida – Tobacco XPM052
WYC029 Isabel – Indigo
WYC017 Mandine – Midnight
Marielle Indigo – NEW! WYC010
WYC016 Marina – Denim
Ondine – Celery WYC011
WYC015 Ondine – Coco WYC036

WYC014 Ondine – Denim




MIRRORS Y4037 Allerdale Console Grey Fruitwood
Y4036 Allerdale Console Greyed Oak

Y4069 Armadale Console Washed Oak

Y4084 Chirk Mirror Faux Bronze Y4041 Artaross Console Greyed Oak
Y4232 Keste Rectangular Antique Silver Y4023 Eden Console Ebonised Oak
Mirror Y4022 Eden Console Greyed Oak
Y4266 Keste Round Antique Silver Mirror – Y4217 Gennesso Console Greyed Oak
NEW! Y4046 Godwyn Console Greyed Oak
Y4054 Godwyn Console Washed Oak
Y4234 Keste Round Bronze Mirror Y4206 Grotto Three Tier Console English Antique Brass
Y4233 Keste Square Bronze Mirror Y4250 Karinta Console Table White Oyster
Y4267 Keste Square Antique Silver Mirror – Y4231 Luccata Antique Country Painted
NEW! Y4121 Tarporley Serving Table White Oak
Y4131 York Console Venetian White
Y4197 Leicester Mirror Venetian White Oak
Y4161 Rothesay Mirror Venetian White Oak

Y4241 Sarno Mirror Washed Acacia
Y4229 Sorbati Bronze Large Mirror

4227 Sorbati Bronze Medium Mirror

Y4225 Sorbati Bronze Small Mirror COFFEE TABLES
Y4228 Sorbati Ocean Medium Mirror

Y4226 Sorbati Rouge Small Mirror

Y4085 Wickens Mirror Faux Bronze Y4262 Biddulph Coffee Table Greyed Oak – NEW!

Y4106 Biddulph Coffee Table Kitchen Oak

Y4238 Collana Coffee Table Washed Acacia

CHAIRS, SOFAS & STOOLS Y4251 Karinta Coffee Table White Oyster
Y4082 Keswick Coffee Table Antique Bronze

Y4015 Bellingham Double Bench Country White Y4242 Haygrove Marquetry Coffee Table Painted
Y4016 Bellingham Single Bench Country White Y4061 Leyburn Coffee Table Natural Light Acacia

Y4002 Bodiam Armchair Washed Oak

Y4001 Bodiam Armchair Greyed Oak

Y4003 Bodiam Side Chair Greyed Oak

Y4004 Bodiam Side Chair Washed Oak CHESTS, BUFFETS & BUREAUS
Y4194 Elliston Chair Sunwashed Mahogany

Y4146 Eva Armchair Cloudy Oak

Y4147 Eva Side Chair Cloudy Oak Y4057 Alnwick Bureau Washed Acacia
Y4010 Glendurgan Armchair Y4167 Belleville Buffet Washed Acacia
Y4011 Glendurgan Side Chair Y4110 Bickerton Commode Washed Acacia
Y4248 Jacob Chair Antique Country Painted Y4112 Chester Buffet Vintage Oak
Y4177 Lewellen Armchair Grey Fruitwood Y4240 Clifton Chest Of Drawers Light Grey Wenge
Y4176 Lewellen Armchair Greyed Oak Y4230 Ferdinand Buffet Cloudy Oak
Y4179 Lewellen Side Chair Grey Fruitwood Y4155 Hewlett Buffet with Bronze Greyed Oak
Y4178 Lewellen Side Chair Greyed Oak Y4156 Hewlett Glazed Cabinet with Bronze Greyed
Y4247 Lucillo Carver Armchair Washed Acacia Oak
Y4246 Lucillo Side Chair Washed Acacia Y4175 Kenosha Chest of Drawers Dark Santos
Y4159 Marshfield Sofa Greyed Oak Y4172 Midmoor Chest of Drawers Blue Painted
Y4139 Nicola Armchair Charcoal Wash
Y4124 Toby' s Sofa Greyed Oak
Y4224 Toby' s Sofa Washed Oak



Y4237 Collana End Table Washed Acacia ACCESSORIES
Y4070 Dalkeith Table Washed Oak
Y4099 Delamere Bronze Table Large Black Antique Y4090 Barton Stick Stand Grey Fruitwood
Y4098 Delamere Bronze Table Small Black Antique Y4243 Octavian Screen Panels Painted Blue &
Y4218 Gennesso Night Table Greyed Oak White
Y4165 Gennesso Side Table Greyed Oak
Y4045 Godwyn Side Table Country White DESKS & BEDS
Y4052 Godwyn Side Table Greyed Oak
Y4101 Huxley End Table Seasoned Burr Y4173 Arles Desk Greyed Oak
Y4083 Keswick End Table Antique Bronze Y4122 Morris Bed Queen Greyed Oak
Y4063 Leyburn End Table Natural Light Acacia Y4123 Morris King Bed Greyed Oak
Y4062 Leyburn Mini Table Natural Light Acacia
Y4157 Marshfield End Table Greyed Oak
Y4200 Minnas Table Langkawi Oak
Y4126 Moxby Table Greyed Oak
Y4034 Overbury Table Greyed Oak
Y4130 Saragossa Table Wyatt White Oak
Y4049 Strathraven Dressing Table Ebonised Acacia
Y4058 Tenbury Games Table Navy Oak
Y4188 The Drancy Table Grey Fruitwood
Y4187 The Rosston Table Grey Fruitwood
Y4027 Tormarton End Table Grey Fruitwood

Y4260 Tormarton End Table Washed Acacia –

Y4033 Yarne Table Greyed Oak


Y4142 Broby Dining Table Cloudy Oak
Y4065 Havelock Table Kitchen Oak
Y4261 Hawford Dining Table Greyed Oak – NEW!
Y4040 Longwood Oval Dining Table Greyed Oak
Y4039 Longwood Table Grey Mahogany
Y4038 Longwood Table Greyed Oak
Y4035 Overbury Breakfast Table Greyed Oak


Y888 Cara Side Table Bronze
Y4203 Kathleen Cocktail Table Langkawi Oak



Spring 2018
Export Sterling Pricelist

Valid from 1st of January 2018
[email protected]
020 7349 7828
270 Kings Road, London SW3 5AW

sold from stock 5
Lighting sold from stock
Mirrors sold from stock
Rugs sold from stock

All pricing is ex works.


A beautiful range of lighting to suit any space. Amazing crystal lamps are hand made in England and come in
beautiful jewel like colours . Hand forged bronze table lamps are art forms in their own right and bring a different
dimension to any interior. Contemporary metal floor and table lamps in antiqued bronze and brushed and polished
nickel finishes complete the offer. Shades available in crisp cream card to suit your choice of lamp. All lighting is
sold from stock.


XMB07D Gable Table Lamp Antique Bronze £462.00
XMB07C Gable Table Lamp Brushed Nickel £474.00
XMB07B Gable Table Lamp Polished Nickel £474.00
XMB04AB Isabella Floor Lamp Antique Bronze £427.50
XMB04BN Isabella Floor Lamp Brushed Nickel £435.00
XMB04PN Isabella Floor Lamp Polished Nickel £435.00
XMB03AB Mara Floor Lamp Antique Bronze £516.50
XMB03BN Mara Floor Lamp Brushed Nickel £526.00
XMB03PN Mara Floor Lamp Polished Nickel £526.00
XMB05B Mara Table Lamp Polished Nickel £456.00
XMB05D Mara Table Lamp Antique Bronze £448.50
XMB05C Mara Table Lamp Brushed Nickel £456.00
XMB01AB Rooftop Floor Lamp Antiqued Bronze £507.50
XMB01BN Rooftop Floor Lamp Brushed Nickel £521.00
XMB01PN Rooftop Floor Lamp Polished Nickel £521.00
XMB06D Rooftop Table Lamp Antique Bronze £447.00
XMB06C Rooftop Table Lamp Brushed Nickel £459.00
XMB06B Rooftop Table Lamp Polished Nickel £459.00

XMU002 Cara Floor Lamp Bronze £750.50
XMU006 Milla Table Lamp Bronze
XMU005 Milla Table Lamp Bronze in Gilded Finish


XL20 Alfie Table Lamp 11 standard colours £663.50
4 standard colours £540.00
XL34 Aragoa Table Lamp 4 standard colours £523.50
4 standard colours £363.50
XL21 Elfreda Table Lamp 4 standard colours £509.00
5 standard colours £563.50
XL38 Fulvia Table Lamp 6 standard colours £491.00
4 standard colours £400.00
XL39 Matilda Table Lamp Midnight £645.50
Amethyst £645.50
XL22 Muffy Table Lamp Amber £645.50
3 standard colours £445.50
XL23 Nerys Table Lamp

XL29 Ninevagh Table Lamp

WYL001 Percy Table Lamp

WYL002 Percy Table Lamp

WYL003 Percy Table Lamp

XL35 Sebastian Table Lamp

*studio art lamps exclude lamp shade


LAMP SHADES top x slope x base TRADE EX VAT

WEMP01 Empire Shade 13 x 13 x 20" 33 x 33 x 51cm £65.00
WSD03 Large Straight Drum Shade 17 x 11x 17" 43 x 28 x 43cm £65.00
WLTD01 Large Tapered Drum Shade 9 x 12 x 13" 23 x 30 x 33cm £65.00
WSD01 Straight Drum Shade 15 x 9 x 15" 38 x 23 x 28cm £65.00


A beautiful and elegant range of mirrors including wall and free standing styles all finished to the highest possible
standard  as you would expect from William Yeoward. All mirrors are sold from stock.


Y159N Nickel Landscape Dressing Mirror £843.50
Y157LN Nickel Tilt Dressing Mirror - Large £596.50
Y157S Nickel Tilt Dressing Mirror - Small £1,658.50

Y158N Nickel Triple Dressing Mirror £450.00
Y611 Vence Nickel Mirror - Large £413.50
Y4235 Abottsworth Mirror Washed Acacia £437.50
Y4249 Barrique Mirror Washed Acacia £420.00
Y4084 Chirk Mirror Faux Bronze £645.50
Y4232 Keste Rectangular Antique Silver Mirror £792.00
Y4266 Keste Round Antique Silver Mirror £818.00
Y4234 Keste Round Bronze Mirror £600.00
Y4267 Keste Square Antique Silver Mirror £438.00
Y4233 Keste Square Bronze Mirror £330.00
Y4197 Leicester Mirror Venetian White Oak £438.00
Y4161 Rothesay Mirror Venetian White Oak £330.00
Y4241 Sarno Mirror Washed Acacia £332.00
Y4229 Sorbati Bronze Large Mirror
Y4227 Sorbati Bronze Medium Mirror
Y4225 Sorbati Bronze Small Mirror
Y4228 Sorbati Ocean Medium Mirror
Y4226 Sorbati Rouge Small Mirror
Y4085 Wickens Mirror Faux Bronze



Charming and space defining the rug has fast become an essential piece of our offer. Texture, colour and form are
the lead elements in this collection based on so many elements of everyday life. All rugs are sold from stock and
available in 3 standard sizes.


WYR017 Amitta - Cloud 160cm x 260cm £361.00
Y5001A Amitta - Cloud 200cm x 300cm £521.00
WYR018 Amitta - Cloud 250cm x 350cm £759.50
WYR050 The Big Blue 160cm x 260cm £785.00
WYR051 The Big Blue 200cm x 300cm £1,135.00
WYR053 The Big Blue 250cm x 350cm £1,655.00
WYR027 Carlotta - Brick 160cm x 260cm £337.50
WYR028 Carlotta - Brick 200cm x 300cm £487.00
WYR029 Carlotta - Brick 250cm x 350cm £710.00
WYR030 Carlotta - Clementine 160cm x 260cm £337.50
WYR031 Carlotta - Clementine 200cm x 300cm £487.00
WYR032 Carlotta - Clementine 250cm x 350cm £710.00
WYR019 Draxon - Russet 160cm x 260cm £361.00
Y5002A Draxon - Russet 200cm x 300cm £521.00
WYR020 Draxon - Russet 250cm x 350cm £759.50
WYR039 Lucia - Storm Cloud 160cm x 260cm £258.00
WYR040 Lucia - Storm Cloud 200cm x 300cm £372.00
WYR041 Lucia - Storm Cloud 250cm x 350cm £542.50
WYR047 Nancy - Multicolour 160cm x 260cm £437.50
WYR048 Nancy - Multicolour 200cm x 300cm £631.50
WYR049 Nancy - Multicolour 250cm x 350cm £920.50
WYR025 Pebble - Woad 160cm x 260cm £323.50
Y5010 Pebble - Woad 200cm x 300cm £467.00
WYR026 Pebble - Woad 250cm x 350cm £680.50
WYR011 Raggs - Denim 160cm x 260cm £136.00
WYR012 Raggs - Denim 200cm x 300cm £196.00
WYR001 Raggs - Denim 250cm x 350cm £286.00
WYR015 Rhoscolyn - Biscuit 160cm x 260cm £295.50
Y5000B Rhoscolyn - Biscuit 200cm x 300cm £426.00
WYR016 Rhoscolyn - Biscuit 250cm x 350cm £621.50
WYR033 Rhoscolyn - Cloud 160cm x 260cm £295.50
WYR034 Rhoscolyn - Cloud 200cm x 300cm £426.00
WYR035 Rhoscolyn - Cloud 250cm x 350cm £621.50
WYR013 Rhoscolyn - Cobalt 160cm x 260cm £295.50
Y5000A Rhoscolyn - Cobalt 200cm x 300cm £426.00
WYR014 Rhoscolyn - Cobalt 250cm x 350cm £621.50
WYR002 Riviere - Biscuit 160cm x 260cm £361.00
Y5003B Riviere - Biscuit 200cm x 300cm £521.00
WYR003 Riviere - Biscuit 250cm x 350cm £759.50
WYR021 Riviere - Marine 160cm x 260cm £361.00
Y5003A Riviere - Marine 200cm x 300cm £521.00
WYR022 Riviere - Marine 250cm x 350cm £759.50
WYR036 Ronalsay - Sky 160cm x 230cm £107.00


WYR037 Ronalsay - Sky 200cm x 290cm TRADE EX VAT
WYR038 Ronalsay - Sky 240cm x 340cm
WYR005 Teidi - Ruby 160cm x 260cm £163.50
WYR007 Teidi - Ruby 200cm x 300cm £226.00
WYR006 Teidi - Ruby 250cm x 350cm £305.00
WYR008 Teidi - Woad 160cm x 260cm £440.00
WYR009 Teidi - Woad 200cm x 300cm £641.20
WYR010 Teidi - Woad 250cm x 350cm £305.00
WYR023 Venezia - Slate 160cm x 260cm £440.00
Y5007B Venezia - Slate 200cm x 300cm £641.20
WYR024 Venezia - Slate 250cm x 350cm £244.00


Our handmade couture cushions are grouped in colours more enticing and beautiful than ever imaginable then
layered with interesting print techniques on great textures and embellished with exquisite embroidery and appliqué
work. All cushions are sold from stock.

XM4670KA Alfred - Blood Orange 60cm x 40cm £32.50
XM4670C Alfred - Citrine Lime 60cm x 40cm £32.50
XM4670T Alfred - French Navy 60cm x 40cm £32.50
XM4670B Alfred - Mustard 60cm x 40cm £32.50
XM4670M Alfred - Olive 60cm x 40cm £32.50
XM4670S Alfred - Poppy 60cm x 40cm £32.50
XM4627B Amelie - Blood Orange 50cm x 35cm £36.50
XM4627I Amelie - Damson 50cm x 35cm £36.50
XM4627T Amelie - French Navy 50cm x 35cm £36.50
XM4627G Amelie - Mustard 50cm x 35cm £36.50
XM4627AC Amelie - Olive 50cm x 35cm £36.50
XM4627S Amelie - Poppy 50cm x 35cm £36.50
XM4627AD Amelie - Raspberry 50cm x 35cm £36.50
XM4627AE Amelie - Tobacco 50cm x 35cm £36.50
W3297 Barbara - Denim 50cm x 50cm £43.00
XPM14 Bindi - Indigo 60cm x 40cm £43.00
XPM13 Bindi - Rose 60cm x 40cm £43.00
WYC034 Birdie - Denim 60cm x 60cm £35.50
WYC035 Birdie - Greige 60cm x 60cm £35.50
XPM21A Casablanca - Spice Market 60cm x 40cm £50.50
WYC020 Claudine- Indigo 60cm x 60cm £36.00
WYC022 Delilah - Celery 60cm x 60cm £40.50
WYC021 Delilah - Rose 60cm x 60cm £40.50
WYC013 Floria - Rose 50cm x 50cm £29.50
WYC007 Frida - Blood Orange 50cm x 50cm £41.50
WYC005 Frida - Charcoal 50cm x 50cm £41.50
WYC006 Frida - Citrine Lime 50cm x 50cm £41.50


WYC004 Frida - French Navy 50cm x 50cm TRADE EX VAT
WYC009 Frida - Raspberry 50cm x 50cm
WYC008 Frida - Tobacco 50cm x 50cm £41.50
WYC019 Isabel - Indigo 60cm x 60cm £41.50
WYC001 Mandine - Midnight 50cm x 50cm £41.50
WYC029 Marielle Indigo 60cm x 40cm £36.00
WYC017 Marina - Denim 50cm x 50cm £40.50
WYC016 Ondine - Celery 50cm x 50cm £32.50
WYC015 Ondine - Coco 50cm x 50cm £34.00
WYC014 Ondine - Denim 50cm x 50cm £33.00
XM4640KA Paddy - Blood Orange 50cm x 50cm £33.00
XM4640C Paddy - Citrine Lime 50cm x 50cm £33.00
XM4640P Paddy - Damson 50cm x 50cm £27.00
XM4640T Paddy - French Navy 50cm x 50cm £27.00
XM4640G Paddy - Mustard 50cm x 50cm £27.00
XM4640M Paddy - Olive 50cm x 50cm £27.00
XM4640S Paddy - Poppy 50cm x 50cm £27.00
XM4640J Paddy - Raspberry 50cm x 50cm £27.00
XM4640Q Paddy - Tobacco 50cm x 50cm £27.00
XM4640I Paddy Turquoise 50cm x 50cm £27.00
WYC024 Plymton - Ocean 60cm x 60cm £27.00
WYC026 Plymton - Slate 60cm x 60cm £27.00
WYC025 Plymton - Terracotta 60cm x 60cm £34.00
WYC042 Rikki - Indigo 60cm x 60cm £34.00
WYC041 Rikki - Rouge 60cm x 60cm £34.00
WYC031 Ronnie - Indigo 50cm x 50cm £57.00
WYC030 Ronnie - Rouge 50cm x 50cm £57.00
WYC033 Rosita - Greige 50cm x 50cm £36.00
WYC032 Rosita - Rose 50cm x 50cm £36.00
WYC003 Tizzia - Midnight 60cm x 40cm £37.00
WYC002 Tizzia - Rose 60cm x 40cm £37.00
WYC037 Triano - Denim 60cm x 40cm £43.50
WYC039 Triano - Sage 60cm x 40cm £43.50
WYC038 Triano - Slate 60cm x 40cm £36.50
WYC040 Triano - Terracotta 60cm x 40cm £36.50
WYC018 Yvette - Indigo 60cm x 60cm £36.50
XPM051 Zafora - Ocean 60cm x 40cm £36.50
XPM052 Zafora - Ochre 60cm x 40cm £36.00
WYC012 Zanie - Celery 60cm x 40cm £36.50
WYC010 Zanie - Midnight 60cm x 40cm £36.50
WYC011 Zanie - Mocha 60cm x 40cm £40.50
WYC036 Ziggy - Mocha 50cm x 50cm £40.50



©WILLIAM YEOWARD is a registered trademark of William Yeoward Ltd. ©WILLIAM YEOWARD 2018

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