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Published by WILLIAM YEOWARD, 2019-12-11 05:59:01

WY SS20 Rugs

WY SS20 Rugs





Every season it is a real joy to work on new rug designs. As always we only work with the very
best artisans who are true masters of their trade to make our beautiful luxurious rugs and it
really matters that all we do is of the highest quality. This season we are particularly pleased
to introduce three new designs, each with a clear purpose and point of view. Meriel Citron

shimmers in a new palette of greys and yellows, while Kalata offers a new take on our favourite
blues and Piedra is just fabulous in charcoal. New patterns, new colours, new rugs! We hope

you love them as much as we do!

Kalata Indigo

WYR05032X 160x260cm, WYR05031X 200x300cm, WYR05033X 250x350cm

Almost a herringbone! This modern take on a favourite Yeoward pattern has an undulating yet softly graphic quality
to it. Rich shades of blue and neutral colour are perfectly balanced and soft matt pure wool and lustrous mottled

viscose yarns combine to perfect effect. Handtufted.

Meriel Citron

WYR05027X 160x260cm, WYR05028X 200x300cm, WYR05029X 250x350cm

Vibrant shades of yellow and citron float over a neutral background of slate, dove and palest grey to form a truly
beautiful rug. Handknotted in shimmering bamboo to create a glamorously modern design. Versatile, stylish and


Piedra Charcoal

WYR05034X 160x260cm, WYR05030X 200x300cm, WYR05035X 250x350cm

Imagine a fossil hunting day trip to Dorset’s Jurassic coast and the excitement felt by young and old alike as you
search for ammonites! This most ancient of forms has been translated to create a modern and sophisticated rug to
suit any home. Hand tufted in pure wool, the charcoal ground has been double dyed to create the wonderful shad-

ing effect and then tufted again to form the pattern.

Draxon Grass

WYR05022X 160x260cm, WYR05023X 200x300cm, WYR05018X 250x350cm

This will always be a favourite design! Draxon is utterly timeless and completely versatile. Here it is given a new twist with
highlights of grass green, slate and dove, hand tufted in lustrous yarns against a luxurious pure wool ground.

Fontanetta Silver

WYR00086X 160x260cm, WYR00080X 200x300cm, WYR00087X 250x350cm

This exquisitely hand-knotted rug reflects the intricacy of plumage. Beauty surrounds us everywhere, the eye just
needs to look. Layers of neutral colour and texture combine to create this sophisticated and versatile pattern
designed to be timeless.

Amitta Slate

WYR00060X 160x260cm, WYR00061X 200x300cm, WYR00062X 250x350cm

When pattern, texture and colour meet as perfectly as this, you have the recipe for a rug that will slide effortlessly
into both neutral and colourful schemes in a way that will ensure its decorative success.

Rockpool Peacock

WYR05024X 160x260cm, WYR05025X 200x300cm, WYR05016X 250x350cm

Originally a hand painted document. This organic pattern retains all the movement of shape and colour that we felt was so
important. Clever use of wool and viscose yarns and the wonderful shades of peacock, denim, indigo and ink combine in

masterly fashion to create this versatile and beautiful rug.

Astia Indigo

WYR05019X 160x260cm, WYR05020X 200x300cm, WYR05021X 250x350cm

Astia grew from the smallest of seeds, a scrap of fabric in our archive whose scale was quite tiny. We blew the design up
again and again and again until it was just right. The result is almost geometric but with a softness to the forms that makes
it most usable. We then washed it in shades of favourite blues and set the pattern against a clean neutral ground. Voila! A

wonderful rug hand tufted in pure wool that will suit any space.

Draxon Indigo

WYR00054X 160x260cm, WYR00055X 200x300cm, WYR00056X 250x350cm

Long one of our favourite designs, we are thrilled to now offer it in indigo and peacock. The new arrangement of
colours is perfectly balanced and quite divine!

The Big Blue

WYR00050X 160x260cm, WYR00051X 200x300cm, WYR00053X 250x350cm

As the name suggests our 'Big Blue' is all about ocean and sky. About abstract and layers, about colour on colour
and the eternity of space. The Big Blue is a watercolour of nature at her most natural. Hand knotted.

Mariah Indigo

WYR00057X 160x260cm, WYR00058X 200x300cm, WYR00059X 250x350cm

Inspired by an exquisite hand dyed indigo fabric discovered in a market a long time ago. It is always so exciting
when years later a treasured design finds its moment to shine. This exquisite hand tufted rug has been double dyed

to recreate the original document quite perfectly!


WYR00025X 160x260cm, WYR00068X 200x300cm, WYR00026X 250x350cm

Pebbles can of course be only that! The seaside in summertime, the reflection of the blue sky bounces off the
supporting sand and the pebbles have an infinite pattern that neither begins or ends which is why the rug works so

very well in a decorative environment.

Raggs Denim

WYR00011X 160x260cm, WYR00012X 200x300cm, WYR00001X 250x350cm

In the second World War of 1939-1945 every scrap of everything was made into something. Waste was, and still is,
sinful. Raggs is the most exquisite example of what can be done with nothing!

Flavia Blues

WYR00042X 160x260cm, WYR00043X 200x300cm, WYR00044X 250x350cm

The greyish blues of the tufted recycled denim contrast wonderfully with the pure neutral wool ground. This luxurious
rug is rich in texture, while the free flowing nature of its pattern lends it great character and versatility.

Stromboli Desert

WYR00085X 160x260cm, WYR00084X 200x300cm, WYR00083X 250x350cm

The vibrant colours in this wonderful rug reflect the rich hues and shades of the desert as the sun starts to sink in
the sky. Hand tufted in pure 100% wool with a luxuriously deep tactile pile.

Katsuku Desert

WYR00081X 160x260cm, WYR00082X 200x300cm, WYR00078X 250x350cm

Imagine the outlines of an ancient city that has long since been lost to time, reclaimed by nature and is now only visible
from high above. Undulating shades of warm colour are traced across a luxurious neutral looped wool ground. Hand tufted.

Amitta Cloud

WYR00017X 160x260cm, WYR00066X 200x300cm, WYR00018X 250x350cm

Amitta was inspired by a sketch of frogs spawn in the early summer drifting on a simple pond. The ease with which
this rug slides into both neutral and colourful schemes will ensure its decorative success.

Rhoscolyn Cloud

WYR00033X 160x260cm, WYR00034X 200x300cm, WYR00035X 250x350cm

Cloudy skies on the North Wales sands brought us naturally to the decision to add Rhoscolyn in cloud on cloud

Draxon Russet

WYR00019X 160x260cm, WYR00067X 200x300cm, WYR00020X 250x350cm

Reminiscent of childhood memories lining up stones on the beach during sumer holidays. Draxon is a grown up
version of this favourite pastime. Dashes of colour and punctuations of black makes Draxon both decorative and


Rhoscolyn Biscuit

WYR00015X 160x260cm, WYR00069X 200x300cm, WYR00016X 250x350cm

Rhoscolyn came from the rigid sands of the North Wales coastline, both natural and biscuit give both colours
obvious relevance.

WYR05032X 160x260cm, WYR05031X WYR05019X 160x260cm, WYR05020X WYR05024X 160x260cm, WYR05025X WYR00057X 160x260cm, WYR00058X
200x300cm, WYR05033X 250x350cm 200x300cm, WYR05021X 250x350cm 200x300cm, WYR05016X 250x350cm 200x300cm, WYR00059X 250x350cm
Hand tufted 100% wool, double dyed
Hand tufted 75% wool 25% viscose Hand tufted 100% wool Hand tufted 65% wool, 35% viscose

WYR00050X 160x260cm, WYR00051X WYR00054X 160x260cm, WYR00055X WYR00042X 160x260cm, WYR00043X WYR00011X 160x260cm, WYR00012X
200x300cm, WYR00053X 250x350cm 200x300cm, WYR00056X 250x350cm 200x300cm, WYR00044X 250x350cm 200x300cm, WYR00001X 250x350cm
Hand knotted 90% bamboo, 10% cotton
Hand tufted 50% wool 50% viscose Hand tufted 60% cotton, 40% wool Hand tufted 100% cotton

WYR00025X 160x260cm, WYR00068X WYR00017X 160x260cm, WYR00066X WYR00015X 160x260cm, WYR00069X WYR00086X 160x260cm, WYR00080X
200x300cm, WYR00026X 250x350cm 200x300cm, WYR00018X 250x350cm 200x300cm, WYR00016X 250x350cm 200x300cm, WYR00087X 250x350cm
Hand knotted 90% bamboo, 10% cotton
Hand tufted 60% viscose, 40% wool Hand tufted 80% viscose, 20% wool Hand tufted 75% viscose, 25% wool

WYR05027X 160x260cm, WYR05028X WYR05034X 160x260cm, WYR05030X WYR00060X 160x260cm, WYR00061X WYR05022X 160x260cm, WYR05023X
200cmx300cm, WYR05029X 250x350cm 200x300cm, WYR05035X 250x350cm 200x300cm, WYR00062X 250x350cm 200x300cm, WYR05018X 250x350cm
Hand knotted 90% bamboo, 10% cotton Hand tufted 100% wool double dipped
Hand tufted 80% viscose, 20% wool Hand tufted 50% wool 50% viscose

WYR00033X 160x260cm, WYR00034X WYR00019X 160x260cm, WYR00067X WYR00081X 160x260cm, WYR00082X WYR00085X 160x260cm, WYR00084X
200x300cm, WYR00035X 250x350cm 200x300cm, WYR00020X 250x350cm 200x300cm, WYR00078X 250x350cm 200x300cm, WYR00083X 250x350cm

Hand tufted 75% viscose, 25% wool Hand tufted 50% wool 50% viscose Hand tufted 65% wool 35% viscose Hand tufted 100% wool


ACE are the market leaders in protective coatings. They use advanced nanotechnology to protect carpets and rugs. They have
developed a treatment called `Aquadefence’, an eco-friendly, non-toxic formula that creates an easy clean protective coating. This
coating prevents damage from everyday spills and stains. An invisible barrier effectively repels liquids, mud, dirt and prevents alcohol,
oil and water stains. This treatment is suitable for all types of cut, loop and woven natural and synthetic rugs. Key Benefits:

- Water and oil resistant. Repels most household liquids such as tea, coffee, wine, mud etc.
- Eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-flammable. Uses a fluorine-free water based formula.
- Odourless and non-aerosol. Can be applied indoors.
- UV resistant - reduces effects of fading.
- Completely child and pet safe during and after application. No harmful chemicals whatsoever.
- Invisible coating - no change at all to the look, feel or breathability of the rug.
- Extremely durable and longlasting - ACE provides a 12 month guarantee when applied and maintained by ACE.

Once a rug has been treated with Aquadefence it must be kept free from everyday dirt and grime by being vacuumed regularly. If a
spill does happen, it must be dealt with immediately by gently blotting the spill using white kitchen towel or a white terry towel.

If you are interested in applying this treatment to your order then please simply ask our Customer Service team who will quote
accordingly and advise leadtime.


CALL: +44 (0) 20 7349 7828 EMAIL: [email protected]


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