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Published by WILLIAM YEOWARD, 2018-12-07 06:54:59

SS19 Upholstery & Bespoke Brochure

SS19 Upholstery & Bespoke Brochure





Handmade in England

At William Yeoward we always strive for excellence. Meticulous attention to detail and traditional
craftsmanship have gained us a reputation for benchmade upholstery of the finest quality. Every piece

has been designed by William with the discerning customer in mind. Style, form and comfort are
all essential ingredients. Every sofa, chair and stool is made by hand in England, created by skilled
craftsmen in our dedicated workshop in Kent. Each frame is constructed of sustainable European
hardwood with dowelled, screwed and glued joints. The interiors are traditionally hand webbed and
hand sprung using British products and fillings. Where appropriate legs are hand polished and finished
with handmade castors and individual nail head trimming. Each piece is custom made to order for the

individual client with their personal choices catered for.

The pursuit of excellence in both design and construction, the use of the finest materials and the
application of traditional methods all ensure that every piece reflects the uncompromising level of quality

for which William Yeoward is renowned.

‘My reasons for being so proud of our range of bespoke upholstered furniture are the slender forms that I
so admire from the 19th century. To see these shapes upgraded and updated to having a valid use today

makes me very glad that we have enduring success with this collection.'
- William Yeoward


Christian Sofa 3 seat W: 218cm Percy Sofa W: 183cm Percy Sofa W: 220cm
WYU00860X D: 100cm 2.5 seat D: 97cm 3 seat D: 97cm
H: 87cm WYU00236A H: 86cm WYU00828X H: 86cm

Kent Sofa 3 seat W: 213cm Houdan Sofa W: 200cm Houdan Sofa W: 231cm
WYU00152X D: 100cm 2.5 seat D: 104cm 3 seat D: 104cm
H: 90cm WYU00812X H: 86cm WYU00866X H: 86cm

Sylvie Curved Sofa 2 seat W: 167cm
WYU00833X D: 104cm
H: 94cm

Rocca Sofa 3 seat W: 185cm
WYU00915X D: 77cm
H: 88cm

Palmer Curved Sofa 2 seat W: 153cm
WYU00115X D: 92/101cm
H: 89cm

Versus Nova Sofa 3 seat W: 197cm
WYU00911X D: 86cm
H: 80cm

Malbia Sofa 3 seat W: 230cm Oliver Sofa 3 seat W: 230cm
WYU00948X D: 94cm WYU00851X D: 110cm
H: 75cm H: 84cm


Houdan Chair W: 104cm Lutesse Chair W: 78cm Christian Chair W: 71cm
WYU00556X D: 79cm WYU00913X D: 95cm WYU00863X D: 96cm
H: 86cm H: 92cm H: 87cm

Percy Baby Chair W: 71cm Emerald Chair W: 87cm Palmer Chair W: 64cm
WYU00470B D: 94cm WYU00110C D: 92cm WYU00114X D: 71cm
H: 84cm H: 90cm H: 83cm
Percy Chair W: 87cm Palmer Chair
WYU00470X D: 104cm Large W: 74cm
H: 85cm WYU00114L D: 84cm
H: 89cm

Versus Nova Chair W: 66cm Cushion chair W: 60cm
WYU00550B D: 82cm WYU00111X D: 78cm
H: 79cm H: 91cm

Club Chair W: 75cm Marissa Wing Chair W: 79cm
WYU00190X D: 70cm WYU00862X D: 87cm
H: 77cm H: 112cm

Micki Wing Chair W: 67cm Obecca Chair W: 62cm
WYU00954X D: 88cm WYU00686X D: 84cm
H: 119cm H: 86cm

Bertie Library Chair W: 75cm Pila Chair W: 74cm Marts Chair W: 87cm
WYU00999X D: 74cm WYU00855X D: 70cm WYU00150X D: 75cm
H: 108cm H: 100cm H: 118cm

Till Chair W: 74cm Daria Chair W: 80cm Poppy Chair W: 70cm
WYU00192X D: 80cm WYU00937X D: 70cm WYU00912X D: 83cm
H: 102cm H: 104cm H: 101cm


Pavane Side Chair W: 56cm Hammerhead Side Chair W: 56cm Nantes Side Chair W: 47cm
WYU00609S D: 59cm WYU00763X D: 59cm WYU00861X D: 56cm
H: 91cm H: 95cm H: 82cm

Launay Chair Cushion Seat W: 63cm Hammerhead Carver W: 62cm Nantes Carver W: 58cm
WYU00797X D: 64cm WYU00764X D: 58cm WYU00867X D: 56cm
H: 96cm H: 96cm H: 82cm

Nantes Barstool W: 46cm
WYU00940X D: 54cm
H: 101cm

Nantes Barstool Carver W: 55cm
WYU00939X D: 54cm
H: 101cm

Alice Carver Chair W: 58cm
WYU00130A D: 66cm
H: 92cm

Alice Side Chair W: 56cm
WYU00130S D: 66cm
H: 92cm


Fentice Stool W: 148cm Fentice Stool Dover W: 148cm Elka Stool - Double W: 117cm
WYU00675X D: 80cm WYU00005D D: 80cm WYU00466X D: 53cm
H: 45cm H: 45cm H: 53cm

Elka Stool - Triple W: 145cm
WYU00467X D: 52cm
H: 55cm


Chestnut Rosewood Dark Oak Black Light Oak Cherry

Walnut Medium Oak New Light Vole Driftwood Antique White
Grey Acajou

Nickel Plated Antique Brass
Nickel Plated
Polished Brass
Standard Antique

French Natural
Antique on Brass
Bronze Renaissance


Handmade in England

'Designed by William, Created by Hand, Made in England.'

At William Yeoward we have always been immensely proud of our bespoke furniture. All of our pieces are the epitome
of great craftsmanship. Skilled artisans produce every individual piece by hand in our traditional workshop in Norfolk.

All William Yeoward bespoke furniture can be created in a variety of timbers and finishes as standard. Bespoke
premium finishes are also offered to suit the individual client’s taste, scheme and project. As a bespoke piece of

furniture we can of course adjust the size and finish to suit requirements.

Bespoke at William Yeoward sets the standard for excellence both in terms of design and quality. The production of
our range also plays a key role in keeping the centuries old traditions of fine British furniture making alive in a world

that too often forgets the magical skills of the past.

'When I sit at my dining table I so enjoy the matched veneers of the beautiful starburst top. It has come to my notice
that our bespoke collection really is just that - bespoke in every sense of the word'
- William Yeoward


Barramundi Dining Table Seating Layout (Closed)

Barramundi Dining Table W: 183cm
Shown here in Chestnut D: 183cm
WYY00679X H: 74cm

Barramundi Dining Table Seating Layout (Extended)

Barramundi Extending Dining Table W: 160/220cm
Shown here in Chestnut D: 160cm
WYY00802X H: 74cm

Barramundi with Nickel rings

Marseilles Dining Table Seating Layout

Marseilles Dining Table W: 220cm
Shown here in Chestnut D: 155cm
WYY00843X H: 75cm

Asti Dining Table Seating Layout (Closed)

Asti Dining Table Seating Layout (Extended)

Asti Extending Dining Table W: 100/180cm
Shown here in Walnut D: 100cm
WYY00782X H: 74cm

Marseilles Asti

Capstan Oval Dining Table Seating Layout

Capstan Oval Table W: 150cm
Shown here in Chestnut H: 74cm
WYY00788X D: 102cm

Capstan 54" SeatinCgaLpaysotuat n 54" Dining Table Seating Layout Drawing Number: Y307-1 SL
Date: 24/02/2017 Initials KP


Description: Capstan Seating Layout William Yeoward - 270 Kings Road, London. SW3 5AW Quote No: WY Job No?

Job No: No?

Capstan 68” Dining Table Seating Layout

Capstan Dining Table 54” W: 137cm
Shown here in Chestnut H: 74cm
WYY00307X D: 137cm
Capstan Dining Table 68” W: 173cm
WYY00308X H: 74cm
D: 173cm

Capstan Chestnut Capstan Elephant Grey

Mereworth Dining Table W: 280cm
Shown here in Oak D: 100cm
WYY00840X H: 75cm

Mereworth Dining Table Seating Layout

Arman Table W: 203cm Mereworth
Shown here in American Walnut D: 91.5cm Mereworth
WYY00614X H: 74cm
Arman Dining Table Seating Layout



860Arley Console Table W: 108.5cm Arley Sideboard W: 194cm * Arley Side Table W: 44.5cm Drawing Number: Y817-1
434Shown here in ChestnutD: 44.5cm PlanShown here in D: 43.5cm also available D: 44.5cm Date: 01/03/2017 Initials KP
WYY00094X H: 76cm Chestnut H: 87cm WYY00092X H: 76cm

694 Description: Breakfront Arley Cabinet William Yeoward - 270 Kings Road, London. SW3 5AW Quote No: 90487/58960

End Elevation Front Elevation Mirror To Centre Area Job No: 12586A
Of Quatrefoils Only.

Arley Console Table Arley Sideboard


Cire Chest 2 Door Buffet With Mirror W: 102cm
Shown here in American Walnut D: 40cm
WYY00827X H: 86.5cm

Hyme Chest W: 183cm
Shown here in Chestnut D: 56cm
WYY00565X H: 86.5cm

Hyme Chest Line Drawing

Lennox Console Table W: 137cm
Shown here in Dark Chestnut D: 44.5cm
WYY00297X H: 91.5cm

Meed Console Table W: 135cm Lennox
Shown here in Chestnut D: 58.5cm Meed
WYY00778X H: 86.5cm Fisher

Fisher Console Table W: 137cm
Shown here in Walnut D: 51cm
WYY00621X H: 81cm


Cherington Bookcase W: 218cm
Shown here painted D: 46cm
WYY00202X H: 306cm

Cherington Painted

Merchant Cabinet W: 112cm
Shown here in Chestnut D: 56cm
WYY00564X H: 178cm

Mirrored Brick Cabinet W: 112cm
Shown here in Chestnut D: 56.5cm
WYY00720X H: 180.5cm


Lit Irene Bed Including Mattress W: 168cm
Shown here in Chestnut with Nickel D: 200cm
WYY00678X H: 230cm

Lit Irene Bed Lit Irene Bed


Sooma Bedside Table W: 100cm Meed Dressing W: 135cm *Meed Bedside W: 58.5cm
Shown here in Chestnut D: 50cm Table D: 58.5cm Table With Drawer D: 58.5cm
WYY00924X H: 70cm WYY00779X H: 76.5cm also available H: 71cm
Shown here in WYY00777X

Sooma Dressing Table W: 127cm Sooma Chest of Drawers W: 101.5cm
Shown here in Chestnut D: 61cm Shown here in Chestnut D: 60cm
WYY00785X H: 75.5cm WYY00786X H: 93cm

Sooma Chest of Drawers Sooma Dressing Table Sooma Bedside Table


Bleeker Table W: 51cm Architect’s W: 120cm Architect’s W: 70cm Bleeker Table With Drawer W: 51cm
Shown here in Chestnut D: 51cm Coffee D: 50cm End Table D: 51cm Shown here in Chestnut D: 51cm
WYY00238X H: 71cm Table Small H: 51cm WYY00134X H: 72.5cm WYY00765X H: 71cm


Both shown here in Chestnut

Architect’s Coffee Table Large W: 140cm
Shown here in Chestnut D: 70cm
WYY00137X H: 51cm

Architect's Coffee Table Bleeker Table With Drawer
Architect's Coffee Table


Celia Coffee Table W: 152cm
Shown here in Silver Birch D: 102cm
WYY00096X H: 46cm


Celia Desk W: 167cm
Shown here in Silver Birch D: 75cm
WYY00097X H: 75cm


Bacca Writing Desk Double W: 160cm
Shown here in Chestnut D: 90cm
WYY00799X H: 77cm

Partners Desk W: 198cm Bacca Writing/Dressing Desk W: 127cm
Shown here in Chestnut D: 91.5cm Shown here in Chestnut D: 61cm
WYY00571X H: 75cm WYY00681X H: 76.5cm

Matrix Desk W: 163cm
Shown here in Chestnut D: 69cm
WYY00639X H: 74cm

Bacca Writing Desk Double Bacca Writing Desk Bacca Writing Desk


Axis Card Table With Reversible Top W: 82cm Axis Card Table Reverse

Shown here in Walnut D: 82cm

WYY00674X H: 76cm

Volta Games Table With Scrabble, Draughts & Chess W: 82cm
Shown here in Walnut & Nickel D: 82cm
WYY00736X H: 76cm

Volta Games Table Reverse

Axis Games Table


CALL: +44 (0) 20 7349 7828 EMAIL: [email protected]


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