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Published by WILLIAM YEOWARD, 2017-06-20 10:29:30




Autumn 2017

Valid from 1st of July 2017
[email protected]
020 7349 7828
270 Kings Road, London SW3 5AW



made to order 3
Handcrafted Bespoke Furniture 10
Bench Made Upholstery made to order 14
Lighting sold from stock

Mirrors sold from stock

Rugs sold from stock

Cushions sold from stock

Collected Furniture sold from stock

Terms & Conditions

All pricing is ex works. For everything Made To Order (including bespoke sized rugs), Collected Furniture and large mirrors shipping charges
will be quoted upon order. For everything else the following shipping rates apply per box:

Zone 1 Zone 2

Cushions (up to 5kg) £12.95 £16.95

Cushions (up to 20kg) £19.95 £24.95

Rugs 160x260cm £19.95 £24.95

Rugs 200x300cm £24.95 £29.95

Rugs 250x350cm £29.95 £34.95

Table Lamps £12.95 £16.95

Floor Lamps £19.95 £24.95

Lamp Shades £12.95 £16.95

Small Collected Sorbati Mirrors, £19.95 £24.95
Collected Monforte Sconce, All Nickel Mirrors
except Vence Nickel Mirror Large

Express delivery is available, rates quoted upon order.

Zone 1 – UK Mainland including N.I (except for those areas in Zones 2)

Zone 2 – Scottish Highlands and Islands covering the following postcodes: AB31-AB38, AB40-AB56, IV1-IV28, IV30 – IV32,
IV36, IV40, IV52-IV54, IV63, KW1 – KW 14, PA21-PA38, PH4 -PH41, PH49 –PH50, HS, IV41-49, IV51, IV55-IV56, KA27-
KA28, KW15-KW17, PA20, PA41-PA49, PA60-PA78, PH42-PH44, ZE, IM (Isle of Man), Channel Islands & Eire.


Made in England, all our bespoke pieces are the epitome of great craftsmanship. All William Yeoward bespoke furniture can be
crafted in a variety of timbers and finishes as standard. Bespoke premium finishes can be offered and will be quoted on upon
request. As a bespoke piece of furniture we can adjust the size to suit your requirements, please contact us to discuss in further
detail. All bespoke furniture is made to order.



Y614 Arman Table £7,350.00 £7,735.00
£7,770.00 £7,990.00
Y782 Asti Extending Dining Table £12,995.00 £13,500.00
£15,750.00 £15,990.00
Y679 Barramundi Dining Table £7,880.00 £8,200.00
£10,999.00 £11,500.00
Y802 Barramundi Dining Table - Extending £8,575.00 £8,990.00
Y307 Capstan Dining Table 54" £16,270.00 £16,950.00
Y308 Capstan Dining Table 68" £11,965.00 £12,950.00

Y788 Capstan Oval Table

Y843 Marseilles Dining Table

Y840 Mereworth Dining Table


Y94 Arley Console Table £4,095.00 £4,590.00
Y817 Arley Sideboard £15,850.00 £16,500.00
Y92 Arley Side Table £3,450.00 £3,790.00
Y827 Cire Chest 2 Door Buffet With Mirror £8,995.00 £9,350.00
£3,490.00 £3,990.00
Y621 Fisher Console Table £11,760.00 £11,990.00
Y565 Hyme Chest £3,350.00 £3,690.00
Y297 Lennox Console Table £4,250.00 £4,690.00
Y778 Meed Console Table


Y202 Cherington Bookcase* £30,288.00 not available
* also available as painted: £24,995.00


Y720 Mirrored Brick Cabinet OAK / CHESTNUT WALNUT
Y564 Merchant Cabinet RRP INCL VAT RRP INCL VAT

SIDE & COFFEE TABLES £12,598.00 £12,850.00
£10,395.00 £10,950.00
Y137 Architect's Coffee Table - Large
£3,495.00 £3,850.00
Y136 Architect's Coffee Table - Small £3,350.00 £3,650.00
£3,495.00 £3,850.00
Y134 Architect's End Table - Small £2,600.00 £2,990.00
£3,300.00 £3,650.00
Y238 Bleeker Table £4,900.00 £5,190.00

Y765 Bleeker Table with Drawer £21,900.00 £23,500.00
£3,775.00 £3,975.00
Y924 Sooma Bedside Table £5,795.00 £6,100.00
£7,400.00 £7,790.00

Y678 Lit Irene Bed including Mattress £5,995.00 £6,310.00
£13,400.00 £13,900.00
Y777 Meed Bedside Table with Drawer £4,890.00 £5,250.00
£15,745.00 £15,995.00
Y779 Meed Dressing Table
£4,790.00 £4,990.00
Y786 Sooma Chest of Drawers £13,500.00 £14,200.00

Y785 Sooma Dressing Table


Y681 Bacca Writing Desk

Y799 Bacca Writing Desk - Double

Y639 Matrix Desk

Y571 Partners Desk


Y674 Axis Card Table with Reversible Top

Y736 Volta Games Table with Scrabble, Draughts and Chess



Made by hand in England. Each frame is constructed of sustainable European hardwood with dowelled, screwed and glued
joints. The interiors are traditionally hand webbed and sprung using British products and fillings. Where appropriate legs are
polished and finished with handmade castors and individual nail head trimming. Each piece of our upholstery is custom made for
the individual client with their choice of wood and fabric. Please contact us for further information. All upholstery is made to
order. Prices exclude fabric.


Y860 Christian Sofa 18m £5,495.00
17.5m £5,750.00
Y812 Houdan Sofa 2 1/2 Seat 19.5m £6,450.00
20m £5,985.00
Y866 Houdan Sofa 3 Seat 22m £6,150.00
20m £6,295.00
Y152 Kent Sofa 17m £4,395.00
15m £5,395.00
Y948 Malbia Sofa 3 Seat 19.5m £5,995.00
13.5m £4,429.00
Y851 Oliver Sofa 3 Seat 16.5m £4,440.00
16.5m £4,950.00
Y115 Palmer Curved Sofa

Y236 Percy Sofa 2 1/2 Seat

Y828 Percy Sofa 3 Seat

Y915 Rocca Sofa

Y833 Sylvie Curved Sofa

Y911 Versus Nova Sofa


Y999 Bertie Library Chair 8m £2,995.00
6m £2,100.00
Y190 Club Chair 5m £1,595.00
8.5m £3,150.00
Y111 Cushion Chair 8.5m £2,690.00
10m £3,155.00
Y937 Daria Chair 9.5m £2,625.00
7.5m £2,735.00
Y110C Emerald Chair 8.5m £2,655.00
7.5m £3,125.00
Y556 Houdan Chair 5m £1,850.00
6m £2,100.00
Y913 Lutesse Chair 7m £2,690.00
9.5m £2,915.00
Y862 Marissa Wing Chair
Y150 Marts Chair

Y954 Micki Wing Chair

Y686 Obecca Chair

Y114 Palmer Chair

Y114L Palmer Chair Large

Y470 Percy Baby Chair

Y855 Pila Chair
Y912 Poppy Chair 9.5m £2,915.00
Y192 Till Chair 7.5m £2,755.00
Y550B Versus Nova Chair 6m £2,820.00
8m £2,755.00
STOOLS 7m £2,630.00

Y466 Elka Stool - Double 3.5m £1,970.00
4m £2,300.00
Y467 Elka Stool - Triple 3.5m £3,950.00
3.5m £4,150.00
Y675 Fentice Stool 5.5m £6,770.00

Y675/D Fentice Stool Dover 2.5m £1,659.00
2.5m £1,165.00
Y944 Girda Ottoman 3.5m £1,675.00
3m £1,525.00
DINING CHAIRS 4.5m £2,290.00
2m £1,420.00
Y130A Alice Carver Chair 2.3m £1,635.00
3.5m £1,475.00
Y130S Alice Side Chair 2.5m £1,260.00
2.5m £1,495.00
Y764 Hammerhead Carver
Y763 Hammerhead Side Chair £104.00
Y797 Launay Chair Cushion Seat £360.00
Y940 Nantes Barstool

Y939 Nantes Barstool Carver

Y867 Nantes Carver

Y861 Nantes Side Chair

Y609S Pavane Side Chair


BARRA Barrier Cloth - Armchair
BARRD Barrier Cloth - Dining Chair
BARRR Barrier Cloth - Run Up
BARRS Barrier Cloth - Sofa
LP Special Leg Polish


NAILA Nailing - Armchair
NAILD Nailing - Dining Chair £184.00
NAILS Nailing - Sofa £108.00
SKIRT2 Skirt - 2 Seat Sofa £83.00
SKIRT3 Skirt - 3 Seat Sofa £158.00
SKIRTA Skirt - Armchair £360.00
SKIRTR Skirt - Run up £418.00


A beautiful range of lighting to suit any space. Amazing crystal lamps are hand made in England and come in beautiful jewel
like colours . Hand forged bronze table lamps are art forms in their own right and bring a different dimension to any interior.
Contemporary metal floor and table lamps in antiqued bronze and brushed and polished nickel finishes complete the offer.
Shades available in crisp cream card to suit your choice of lamp. All lighting is sold from stock.

XMB07D Gable Table Lamp Antique Bronze £799.00
XMB07C Gable Table Lamp Brushed Nickel £995.00
XMB07B Gable Table Lamp Polished Nickel £995.00
XMB04AB Isabella Floor Lamp Antique Bronze £995.00
XMB04BN Isabella Floor Lamp Brushed Nickel £995.00
XMB04PN Isabella Floor Lamp Polished Nickel £995.00
XMB03AB Mara Floor Lamp Antique Bronze £995.00
XMB03BN Mara Floor Lamp Brushed Nickel £799.00
XMB03PN Mara Floor Lamp Polished Nickel £799.00
XMB05B Mara Table Lamp Polished Nickel £799.00
XMB05D Mara Table Lamp Antique Bronze £995.00
XMB05C Mara Table Lamp Brushed Nickel £995.00
XMB01AB Rooftop Floor Lamp Antiqued Bronze £995.00
XMB01BN Rooftop Floor Lamp Brushed Nickel
XMB01PN Rooftop Floor Lamp Polished Nickel


XMB06D Rooftop Table Lamp Antique Bronze RRP INCL VAT
XMB06C Rooftop Table Lamp Brushed Nickel
XMB06B Rooftop Table Lamp Polished Nickel £799.00

XMU002 Cara Floor Lamp Bronze £1,995.00
XMU006 Milla Table Lamp Bronze £1,450.00
XMU005 Milla Table Lamp Bronze in Gilded Finish £1,450.00
XMU001 Noilla Table Lamp Bronze £1,850.00

XL20 Alfie Table Lamp 11 standard colours £1,350.00
4 standard colours £850.00
XL34 Aragoa Table Lamp 4 standard colours £1,095.00
4 standard colours £1,290.00
XL21 Elfreda Table Lamp 4 standard colours £1,095.00
5 standard colours £895.00
XL38 Fulvia Table Lamp 6 standard colours £1,450.00
4 standard colours £1,450.00
XL39 Matilda Table Lamp Midnight £1,450.00
Amethyst £950.00
XL22 Muffy Table Lamp Amber
3 standard colours £95.00
XL23 Nerys Table Lamp £95.00
top x slope x base £95.00
XL29 Ninevagh Table Lamp £95.00
13 x 13 x 20" 33 x 33 x 51cm
WYL001 Percy Table Lamp 17 x 11x 17" 43 x 28 x 43cm
9 x 12 x 13" 23 x 30 x 33cm
WYL002 Percy Table Lamp 15 x 9 x 15" 38 x 23 x 28cm

WYL003 Percy Table Lamp

XL35 Sebastian Table Lamp

*studio art lamps exclude lamp shade


WEMP01 Empire Shade
WSD03 Large Straight Drum Shade
WLTD01 Large Tapered Drum Shade
WSD01 Straight Drum Shade



A beautiful and elegant range of mirrors including wall and free standing styles all finished to the highest possible standard  as
you would expect from William Yeoward. All mirrors are sold from stock.


Y159N Nickel Landscape Dressing Mirror £1,750.00
Y157LN Nickel Tilt Dressing Mirror - Large £1,320.00
Y157S Nickel Tilt Dressing Mirror - Small £2,580.00
Y158N Nickel Triple Dressing Mirror £2,310.00

Y605 Round Nickel Dressing Mirror

Y611 Vence Nickel Mirror - Large

Y649 Vence Nickel Mirror - Small

Y4235 Abottsworth Mirror Washed Acacia £1,750.00
Y4067 Arlington Mirror Washed Oak £1,100.00
Y4249 Barrique Mirror Washed Acacia £1,550.00
Y4084 Chirk Mirror Faux Bronze £1,200.00
Y4232 Keste Rectangular Antique Silver Mirror £1,250.00
Y4234 Keste Round Bronze Mirror £1,750.00
Y4233 Keste Square Bronze Mirror £550.00
Y4197 Leicester Mirror Venetian White Oak £2,100.00
Y4164 Monforte Sconce Antiqued Greige £2,295.00
Y4161 Rothesay Mirror Venetian White Oak £1,500.00
Y4241 Sarno Mirror Washed Acacia £1,150.00
Y4229 Sorbati Bronze Large Mirror £850.00
Y4227 Sorbati Bronze Medium Mirror £1,150.00
Y4225 Sorbati Bronze Small Mirror £850.00
Y4228 Sorbati Ocean Medium Mirror £950.00
Y4226 Sorbati Rouge Small Mirror £2,250.00
Y4085 Wickens Mirror Faux Bronze £1,980.00
Y4107 Wrenbury Rectangular Mirror Vintage Oak
Y4102 Wrenbury Round Mirror Vintage Oak



Charming and space defining the rug has fast become an essential piece of our offer. Texture, colour and form are the lead
elements in this collection based on so many elements of everyday life. All rugs are sold from stock and available in 3 standard


WYR017 Amitta - Cloud 160cm x 260cm £995.00
Y5001A Amitta - Cloud 200cm x 300cm £1,495.00
WYR018 Amitta - Cloud 250cm x 350cm £2,195.00
WYR027 Carlotta - Brick 160cm x 260cm £995.00
WYR028 Carlotta - Brick 200cm x 300cm £1,495.00
WYR029 Carlotta - Brick 250cm x 350cm £2,195.00
WYR030 Carlotta - Clementine 160cm x 260cm £995.00
WYR031 Carlotta - Clementine 200cm x 300cm £1,495.00
WYR032 Carlotta - Clementine 250cm x 350cm £2,195.00
WYR019 Draxon - Russet 160cm x 260cm £995.00
Y5002A Draxon - Russet 200cm x 300cm £1,495.00
WYR020 Draxon - Russet 250cm x 350cm £2,195.00
WYR025 Pebble - Woad 160cm x 260cm £995.00
Y5010 Pebble - Woad 200cm x 300cm £1,495.00
WYR026 Pebble - Woad 250cm x 350cm £2,195.00
WYR011 Raggs - Denim 160cm x 260cm £690.00
WYR012 Raggs - Denim 200cm x 300cm £995.00
WYR001 Raggs - Denim 250cm x 350cm £1,450.00
WYR015 Rhoscolyn - Biscuit 160cm x 260cm £995.00
Y5000B Rhoscolyn - Biscuit 200cm x 300cm £1,495.00
WYR016 Rhoscolyn - Biscuit 250cm x 350cm £2,195.00
WYR033 Rhoscolyn - Cloud 160cm x 260cm £995.00
WYR034 Rhoscolyn - Cloud 200cm x 300cm £1,495.00
WYR035 Rhoscolyn - Cloud 250cm x 350cm £2,195.00
WYR013 Rhoscolyn - Cobalt 160cm x 260cm £995.00
Y5000A Rhoscolyn - Cobalt 200cm x 300cm £1,495.00
WYR014 Rhoscolyn - Cobalt 250cm x 350cm £2,195.00
WYR002 Riviere - Biscuit 160cm x 260cm £995.00
Y5003B Riviere - Biscuit 200cm x 300cm £1,495.00


WYR003 Riviere - Biscuit 250cm x 350cm RRP INCL VAT
WYR021 Riviere - Marine 160cm x 260cm
Y5003A Riviere - Marine 200cm x 300cm £2,195.00
WYR022 Riviere - Marine 250cm x 350cm £995.00
WYR036 Ronalsay - Sky 160cm x 230cm £1,495.00
WYR037 Ronalsay - Sky 200cm x 290cm £2,195.00
WYR038 Ronalsay - Sky 240cm x 340cm £490.00
WYR005 Teidi - Ruby 160cm x 260cm £790.00
WYR007 Teidi - Ruby 200cm x 300cm £1,090.00
WYR006 Teidi - Ruby 250cm x 350cm £995.00
WYR008 Teidi - Woad 160cm x 260cm £1,495.00
WYR009 Teidi - Woad 200cm x 300cm £2,195.00
WYR010 Teidi - Woad 250cm x 350cm £995.00
WYR023 Venezia - Slate 160cm x 260cm £1,495.00
Y5007B Venezia - Slate 200cm x 300cm £2,195.00
WYR024 Venezia - Slate 250cm x 350cm £995.00


Our handmade couture cushions are grouped in colours more enticing and beautiful than ever imaginable then layered with
interesting print techniques on great textures and embellished with exquisite embroidery and appliqué work. All cushions are sold
from stock.

XM4670KA Alfred - Blood Orange 60cm x 40cm £95.00
XM4670V Alfred - Charcoal 60cm x 40cm £95.00
XM4670C Alfred - Citrine Lime 60cm x 40cm £95.00
XM4670A Alfred - Damson 60cm x 40cm £95.00
XM4670T Alfred - French Navy 60cm x 40cm £95.00
XM4670B Alfred - Mustard 60cm x 40cm £95.00
XM4670M Alfred - Olive 60cm x 40cm £95.00
XM4670S Alfred - Poppy 60cm x 40cm £95.00
XM4670J Alfred - Raspberry 60cm x 40cm £95.00
XM4670Q Alfred - Tobacco 60cm x 40cm £95.00
XM4627B Amelie - Blood Orange 50cm x 35cm £100.00


XM4627V Amelie - Charcoal 50cm x 35cm RRP INCL VAT
XM4627I Amelie - Damson 50cm x 35cm
XM4627T Amelie - French Navy 50cm x 35cm £100.00
XM4627G Amelie - Mustard 50cm x 35cm £100.00
XM4627AC Amelie - Olive 50cm x 35cm £100.00
XM4627S Amelie - Poppy 50cm x 35cm £100.00
XM4627AD Amelie - Raspberry 50cm x 35cm £100.00
XM4627AE Amelie - Tobacco 50cm x 35cm £100.00
W3297 Barbara - Denim 50cm x 50cm £100.00
XM4627AE Amelie - Tobacco 50cm x 35cm £100.00
W3297 Barbara - Denim 60cm x 60cm £110.00
XPM14 Bindi - Indigo 60cm x 40cm £100.00
XPM13 Bindi - Rose 60cm x 40cm £110.00
W3292 Candide - Denim 60cm x 40cm £125.00
XPM21B Casablanca - Natural Blue 60cm x 40cm £125.00
XPM21A Casablanca - Spice Market 60cm x 40cm £89.00
XM4679 Change Of Scene 60cm x 40cm £139.00
WYC020 Claudine- Indigo 60cm x 60cm £139.00
XM4677 Come Cruise 60cm x 40cm £95.00
W3299 Conchita - Denim 60cm x 40cm £110.00
WYC022 Delilah - Celery 60cm x 60cm £95.00
WYC021 Delilah - Rose 60cm x 60cm £89.00
WYC013 Floria - Rose 50cm x 50cm £110.00
WYC007 Frida - Blood Orange 50cm x 50cm £110.00
WYC005 Frida - Charcoal 50cm x 50cm £79.00
WYC006 Frida - Citrine Lime 50cm x 50cm £110.00
WYC004 Frida - French Navy 50cm x 50cm £110.00
WYC009 Frida - Raspberry 50cm x 50cm £110.00
WYC008 Frida - Tobacco 50cm x 50cm £110.00
W3296 Inchara - Indigo 60cm x 40cm £110.00
WYC019 Isabel - Indigo 60cm x 60cm £110.00
XM4678 Let's Go 60cm x 40cm £89.00
WYC001 Mandine - Midnight 50cm x 50cm £110.00
WYC017 Marina - Denim 50cm x 50cm £95.00
12 £95.00

XPM17 Marsha 60cm x 40cm RRP INCL VAT
XPM26B Ogden - Bleu 60cm x 40cm
XPM26A Ogden - Red 60cm x 40cm £95.00
WYC016 Ondine - Celery 50cm x 50cm £119.00
WYC015 Ondine - Coco 50cm x 50cm £119.00
WYC014 Ondine - Denim 50cm x 50cm £89.00
XM4640KA Paddy - Blood Orange 50cm x 50cm £89.00
XM4640V Paddy - Charcoal 50cm x 50cm £89.00
XM4640C Paddy - Citrine Lime 50cm x 50cm £79.00
XM4640P Paddy - Damson 50cm x 50cm £79.00
XM4640T Paddy - French Navy 50cm x 50cm £79.00
XM4640G Paddy - Mustard 50cm x 50cm £79.00
XM4640M Paddy - Olive 50cm x 50cm £79.00
XM4640S Paddy - Poppy 50cm x 50cm £79.00
XM4640J Paddy - Raspberry 50cm x 50cm £79.00
XM4640Q Paddy - Tobacco 50cm x 50cm £79.00
XM4640I Paddy Turquoise 50cm x 50cm £79.00
XPM22 Palma 60cm x 60cm £79.00
XPM28 Ruby 60cm x 40cm £79.00
W3293 Rufus - Patchwork 60cm x 40cm £120.00
WYC003 Tizzia - Midnight 60cm x 40cm £85.00
WYC002 Tizzia - Rose 60cm x 40cm £140.00
XPM27 Willard 60cm x 40cm £105.00
WYC018 Yvette - Indigo 60cm x 60cm £105.00
XPM051 Zafora - Ocean 60cm x 40cm £85.00
XPM052 Zafora - Ochre 60cm x 40cm £110.00
WYC012 Zanie - Celery 60cm x 40cm £95.00
WYC010 Zanie - Midnight 60cm x 40cm £95.00
WYC011 Zanie - Mocha 60cm x 40cm £100.00



Our range of handmade  furniture offers an expansive range of stories, styles, shapes and finishes that are
current, considered and completely vital. Whilst traditionally inspired the collected line has been brought

bang up to date for decorating today. All Collected furniture is sold from stock.

MIRRORS… width x depth x height RRP INCL VAT

Y4235 Abottsworth Mirror Washed Acacia 57cm x 3cm x 120.5cm £1,250.00
Y4067 Arlington Mirror Washed Oak 71cm x 3cm x 140cm £1,100.00
Y4249 Barrique Mirror Washed Acacia 102cm x102cm x 9cm £1,750.00
Y4084 Chirk Mirror Faux Bronze 72cm x 5cm x 105cm £1,100.00
Y4232 Keste Rectangular Antique Silver Mirror 90cm x 5.5cm x 107cm £1,550.00
Y4234 Keste Round Bronze Mirror 90cm x 5.5cm x 90cm £1,200.00
Y4233 Keste Square Bronze Mirror 75cm x 5.5cm x 75cm £1,250.00
Y4197 Leicester Mirror Venetian White Oak 77cm x 4cm x 137cm £1,750.00
Y4161 Rothesay Mirror Venetian White Oak 102cm x 13cm x 142 cm £2,100.00
Y4241 Sarno Mirror Washed Acacia 81cm x 11.5cm x 159cm £2,295.00
Y4229 Sorbati Bronze Large Mirror 122cm x 122cm x 8cm £1,500.00
Y4227 Sorbati Bronze Medium Mirror 79cm x 79cm x 5cm £1,150.00
Y4225 Sorbati Bronze Small Mirror 56cm x 56cm x 3.6cm £850.00
Y4228 Sorbati Ocean Medium Mirror 79cm x 79cm x 5cm £1,150.00
Y4226 Sorbati Rouge Small Mirror 56cm x 56cm x 3.6cm £850.00
Y4085 Wickens Mirror Faux Bronze 80cm x 6cm x 80cm £950.00
Y4107 Wrenbury Rectangular Mirror Vintage Oak 107cm x 6cm x 137cm £2,250.00
Y4102 Wrenbury Round Mirror Vintage Oak 101cm x 6cm x 101cm £1,980.00

CHAIRS, SOFAS, STOOLS… width x depth x height RRP INCL VAT

Y4169 Barbaras Chair Cloudy Oak 66cm x 72cm x 118cm £2,890.00
Y4015 Bellingham Double Bench Country White 152cm x 41cm x 64cm £1,250.00
Y4016 Bellingham Single Bench Country White 96cm x 41cm x 64cm £950.00
Y4103 Belton Armchair Grey Fruitwood 67cm x 62cm x 89cm £1,890.00
Y4002 Bodiam Armchair Washed Oak 55cm x 58cm x 95 cm £789.00
Y4001 Bodiam Armchair Greyed Oak 55cm x 58cm x 95 cm £789.00
Y4005 Bodiam Bench Greyed Oak 152cm x 41cm x 47cm £1,090.00
Y4003 Bodiam Side Chair Greyed Oak 55cm x 58cm x 95 cm £685.00
Y4004 Bodiam Side Chair Washed Oak 55cm x 58cm x 95 cm £685.00


Y4194 Elliston Chair Sunwashed Mahogany 68cm x 70cm x 97cm £1,950.00
Y4146 Eva Armchair Cloudy Oak 60cm x 59cm x 96cm £965.00
Y4147 Eva Side Chair Cloudy Oak 58cm x 59cm x 96cm £790.00
Y4010 Glendurgan Armchair 59cm x 54cm x 94cm £789.00
Y4011 Glendurgan Side Chair 54cm x 52cm x 94cm £685.00
Y4021 Gunby Armchair Grey Fruitwood 60cm x 91cm x 96cm £1,200.00
Y4020 Gunby Dining Chair Grey Fruitwood 57cm x 61cm x 96cm £980.00
Y4013 Halwell Upholstered Chair Grey Fruitwood 62cm x 64cm x 89cm £1,420.00
Y4248 Jacob Chair Antique Country Painted 53cm x 55cm x 102cm £1,450.00
Y4177 Lewellen Armchair Grey Fruitwood 58cm x 56cm x 94cm £1,250.00
Y4176 Lewellen Armchair Greyed Oak 58cm x 56cm x 94cm £960.00
Y4179 Lewellen Side Chair Grey Fruitwood 55cm x 56cm x 94cm £1,150.00
Y4178 Lewellen Side Chair Greyed Oak 55cm x 56cm x 94cm £860.00
Y4138 Lucca Double Bench Cloudy Oak 164cm 53cm x 75cm £2,800.00
Y4137 Lucca Single Bench Cloudy Oak 88cm x 50cm x 75cm £1,760.00
Y4247 Lucillo Carver Armchair Washed Acacia 54cm x 59cm x 96cm £1,250.00
Y4246 Lucillo Side Chair Washed Acacia 48cm x 60cm x 96cm £990.00
Y4158 Marshfield Amchair Greyed Oak 61cm x 64cm x 99cm £1,095.00
Y4159 Marshfield Sofa Greyed Oak 150cm x 64cm x 101cm £1,950.00
Y4140 Montbard Chair Greyed Oak 68cm x 68cm x 109cm £2,150.00
Y4139 Nicola Armchair Charcoal Wash 69cm x 80cm x 80cm £2,490.00
Y4192 Rupert Dining Chair Sunwashed Mahogany 59cm x 61cm x 89cm £1,300.00
Y4144 Tarporley Stool Large Greyed Oak 152cm x 102cm x 48cm £4,740.00
Y4124 Toby's Sofa Greyed Oak 206cm x 65cm x 90cm £3,850.00
Y4224 Toby's Sofa Washed Oak 206cm x 65cm x 90cm £3,850.00

TABLES… width x depth x height RRP INCL VAT

Y4149 Collamore Table Charcoal Oak 62cm x 54cm x 57cm £1,790.00
Y4237 Collana End Table Washed Acacia 51cm x 49cm x 70cm £1,595.00
Y4070 Dalkeith Table Washed Oak 91cm x 91cm x 82cm £2,900.00
Y4099 Delamere Bronze Table Large Black Antique 69cm x 48cm x 61cm £1,570.00
Y4098 Delamere Bronze Table Small Black Antique 58cm x 38cm x 54cm £1,450.00
Y4218 Gennesso Night Table Greyed Oak 53cm x 49cm x 71cm £1,900.00
Y4165 Gennesso Side Table Greyed Oak 76cm x 42cm x 65cm £1,500.00
Y4045 Godwyn Side Table Country White 83cm x 55cm x 72cm £2,325.00


Y4052 Godwyn Side Table Greyed Oak 83cm x 55cm x 72cm £2,325.00
Y4101 Huxley End Table Seasoned Burr 76cm x 51cm x 71cm £1,790.00
Y4083 Keswick End Table Antique Bronze 61cm x 61cm x 66cm £1,090.00
Y4063 Leyburn End Table Natural Light Acacia 69cm x 50cm x 61cm £1,070.00
Y4062 Leyburn Mini Table Natural Light Acacia 48cm x 35cm x 43cm £670.00
Y4105 Malpas Table Grey Fruitwood 66cm x 51cm x 72cm £2,090.00
Y4157 Marshfield End Table Greyed Oak 60cm x 60cm x 66cm £1,690.00
Y4200 Minnas Table Langkawi Oak 50cm x 33cm x 69cm £790.00
Y4126 Moxby Table Greyed Oak 76cm x 76cm x 73cm £1,950.00
Y4034 Overbury Table Greyed Oak 80cm x 80cm x 71cm £1,450.00
Y4100 Ruthin End Table Vintage Oak 66cm x 66cm x 71cm £1,650.00
Y4130 Saragossa Table Wyatt White Oak 106cm x 53cm x 72cm £6,775.00
Y4049 Strathraven Dressing Table Ebonised Acacia 127cm x 61cm x 76cm £1,890.00
Y4104 Tarporley Table White Oak 66cm x 66cm x 70cm £2,150.00
Y4058 Tenbury Games Table Navy Oak 80cm x 80cm x 72cm £3,340.00
Y4188 The Drancy Table Grey Fruitwood 84cm x 46cm x 72cm £1,685.00
Y4187 The Rosston Table Grey Fruitwood 81cm x 56cm x 66cm £1,320.00
Y4027 Tormarton End Table Grey Fruitwood 84cm x 45cm x 73cm £1,750.00
Y4033 Yarne Table Greyed Oak 75cm x 50cm x 70cm £1,450.00

DINING TABLES… width x depth x height RRP INCL VAT

Y4142 Broby Dining Table Cloudy Oak 285cm x 110cm x 76cm £4,950.00
Y4065 Havelock Table Kitchen Oak 67cm x 167cm x 79cm £4,995.00
Y4064 Hawford Dining Table Kitchen Oak 253cm x 110cm x 76cm £4,450.00
Y4079 Lacock Dining Table Washed Oak 180cm x 180cm x 75cm £4,495.00
Y4088 Longwood Oval Dining Table Grey Mahogany 137-194cm x 137cm x 76cm £4,340.00
Y4040 Longwood Oval Dining Table Greyed Oak 137-194cm x 137cm x 76cm £4,340.00
Y4039 Longwood Table Grey Mahogany 120cm x 120cm x 76cm £3,690.00


Y4038 Longwood Table Greyed Oak 120cm x 120cm x 76cm £3,690.00
Y4035 Overbury Breakfast Table Greyed Oak 137cm x 137cm x 75cm £3,325.00
Y4031 Pilsden Dining Table Fruitwood 180cm x 180cm x 75cm £4,460.00

CONSOLE TABLES… width x depth x height RRP INCL VAT

Y4037 Allerdale Console Grey Fruitwood 123cm x 41cm x 85cm £1,790.00
Y4036 Allerdale Console Greyed Oak 123cm x 41cm x 85cm £1,790.00
Y4069 Armadale Console Washed Oak 127cm x 46cm x 81cm £1,640.00
Y4041 Artaross Console Greyed Oak 127cm x 49cm x 86cm £2,230.00
Y4109 Broxton Console Vintage Oak 168cm x 60cm x 86cm £2,500.00
Y4023 Eden Console Ebonised Oak 174cm x 69cm x 77cm £3,950.00
Y4022 Eden Console Greyed Oak 174cm x 69cm x 77cm £3,900.00
Y4217 Gennesso Console Greyed Oak 107cm x 43cm x 84cm £2,200.00
Y4046 Godwyn Console Greyed Oak 161cm x 65cm x 76cm £3,995.00
Y4054 Godwyn Console Washed Oak 161cm x 65cm x 76cm £3,995.00
Y4206 Grotto Three Tier Console English Antique Brass 97cm x 46cm x 82cm £2,490.00
Y4250 Karinta Console Table White Oyster 140cm x 43cm x 85cm £3,450.00
Y4231 Luccata Antique Country Painted 87.5cm x 38.5cm x 85cm £3,950.00
Y4180 Marquette Console Table Grey Fruitwood 141cm x 56cm x 81cm £2,490.00
Y4025 Purbeck Console Greyed Oak 169cm x 65cm x 87cm £4,450.00
Y4121 Tarporley Serving Table White Oak 154cm x 53cm x 86cm £5,730.00
Y4131 York Console Venetian White 198cm x 71cm x 88cm £5,950.00

COFFEE TABLES… width x depth x height RRP INCL VAT

Y4106 Biddulph Coffee Table Kitchen Oak 143cm x 77cm x 46cm £2,200.00
Y4238 Collana Coffee Table Washed Acacia 1399cm x 701cm x 508cm £2,250.00
Y4242 Haygrove Marquetry Coffee Table Painted 143cm x 86cm x 48cm £2,300.00
Y4251 Karinta Coffee Table White Oyster 153cm x 76cm x 48cm £3,350.00


Y4082 Keswick Coffee Table Antique Bronze 152cm x 102cm x 46cm £2,100.00
Y4061 Leyburn Coffee Table Natural Light Acacia 125cm x 78cm x 48cm £1,650.00
Y4108 Ruthin Coffee Table Vintage Oak 117cm x 76cm x 47cm £2,380.00

BRONZE & COCKTAIL TABLES… width x depth x height RRP INCL VAT

Y888 Cara Side Table Bronze Dia40cm x H78.5cm £2,200.00
Y4203 Kathleen Cocktail Table Langkawi Oak 76cm x 47cm x 83 cm £2,390.00
Y882 Kier Side Table Bronze Dia40cm x H78.5cm £1,950.00

CHESTS, BUFFETS & BUREAUS… width x depth x height RRP INCL VAT

Y4029 Aberfoyle Chest of Drawers Grey Fruitwood 110cm x 50cm x 89cm £3,325.00
Y4057 Alnwick Bureau Washed Acacia 143cm x 57cm x 251cm £8,970.00
Y4167 Belleville Buffet Washed Acacia 184cm x 56cm x 87cm £5,470.00
Y4110 Bickerton Commode Washed Acacia 127cm x 50cm x 89cm £4,630.00
Y4112 Chester Buffet Vintage Oak 184cm x 56cm x 86cm £5,650.00
Y4240 Clifton Chest Of Drawers Light Grey Wenge 127cm x 51cm x 75cm £3,650.00
Y4230 Ferdinand Buffet Cloudy Oak 185cm x 50cm x 87cm £5,700.00
Y4155 Hewlett Buffet with Bronze Greyed Oak 183cm x 56cm x 81cm £6,990.00
Y4156 Hewlett Glazed Cabinet with Bronze Greyed Oak 93cm x 56cm x 78cm £4,490.00
Y4175 Kenosha Chest of Drawers Dark Santos 127cm x 50cm x 82cm £3,300.00
Y4172 Midmoor Chest of Drawers Blue Painted 117cm x 56cm x 96cm £4,500.00

ACCESSORIES… width x depth x height RRP INCL VAT

Y4090 Barton Stick Stand Grey Fruitwood 28cm x 28cm x 72 cm £620.00
Y4164 Monforte Sconce Antiqued Greige 38cm x 24cm x 81cm £550.00
Y4243 Octavian Screen Panels Painted Blue & White 135cm x 2cm x 109cm £2,390.00

DESKS & BEDS… width x depth x height RRP INCL VAT

Y4173 Arles Desk Greyed Oak 155cm x 79cm x 99cm £4,490.00
Y4122 Morris Bed Queen Greyed Oak 171cm x 217cm x 240cm £8,989.00
Y4123 Morris King Bed Greyed Oak 202cm x 217cm x 240cm £9,512.00




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